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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Santino Fontana Exits Midway Through Season 2

Greg is headed back to school… and Santino Fontana is leaving with him.

Fontana, who plays Rebecca’s sarcastic love interest Greg on The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, is leaving the show midway through its current second season. The episode that aired Friday will be his last. The actor confirmed the news to Vulture on Friday, saying that he only signed a one-year contract with the series, and was faced with a hard choice when it was picked up for Season 2: “It was a really tough decision, and it had a lot to do with my family and my base in New York.”

The exit isn’t all that surprising after this week’s episode, the fourth of Season 2, which saw Greg leave West Covina to pursue his degree at Emory University in Georgia. That removes one side of the show’s Rachel-Josh-Greg love triangle. Showrunner Aline Brosh McKenna says that she and star Rachel Bloom “knew their love triangle was going to be working its way out the door in Season 2, so that’s why when his contract came up, it was perfect.”

Could Greg come back? McKenna says probably not this season, but “it’s definitely something we’re open to. Greg the character doesn’t disappear down the line — he’s still a part of their life.”

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend airs Fridays at 9/8c on The CW.

Will you miss Greg? Or were you more #TeamJosh anyway? Hit the comments and pick a side.

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  1. webly3 says:

    I am so unbelievably mixed on this decision. A part of me loves it and thinks that this makes complete sense for the plot and for Greg’s character. The other part of me just wants to see him stay in the show because I really like his character. I hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Greg because he still has many friends and family in West Covina that he’d surely come visit occasionally.

    • Rook says:

      100% the same. Very sad Greg is gone but loved the storyline. I’m also looking forward to other characters be more prominent and getting fleshed out because of this like Heather, Darryl, White Josh, and Valencia.

    • Big Cheddar says:

      Same here. I adore Santino and will miss Greg tremendously, but this storyline exit completely makes sense. And man, did they send him out on a high note! His last two songs are among the best the show has produced so far.

  2. Cathy says:

    Team Greg! Vincent Rodriguez is a fine actor but josh is a terrible character.

  3. Melanie says:

    I’m done with the show. It was fun while it lasted! It’s crazy but this news, the show without Greg, just completely ruined all enthusiasm I had for it.

    • Alexa says:

      What are you even talking about? We haven’t yet seen the first post-Greg episode. You don’t trust the writers who created the character enough to be able to continue to write a brilliant series in his absence?

  4. abz says:

    I really hope the CW renews the show even for just one season so that we may see Greg again. This season has been pretty great so far. I understand why they moved it to Fridays but the show feels like more of a great fit with Jane the Virgin. I really want Greg and Rebecca together in the end and I can’t imagine this show without Santino Fontana. I’ll miss his singing as well. “Sh*t Show” was such a great song. The whole episode was great.
    I really don’t like Josh’s character. He has his moments, but I just don’t see the appeal and I don’t want Rebecca to reunite with him. Team Greg all the way.
    It was nice to see Valencia back although the preview for the next episodes didn’t look that great. We’ll see. At least we’ll get some more Heather :)

  5. MRD says:

    Sorry to hear this as Santino was one of the best singers obviously given his Broadway background and played one of the most fleshed out male characters on the show. Josh is portrayed as being dim and easily malleable to Rebecca’s machinations. They need another male character the intellectual equal to Rebecca introduced to the show. Also, why is Michael McMillian who was great in True Blood playing such a teeny role on the show? Would like to see more of Tim in the office.

  6. Eliza says:

    I understand this, but also: Greg is a recovering alcoholic going to COLLEGE, which is a VERY stressful situation and he is going like, a month after he started treatment? I know his sponsor cleared him, but it felt SO RUSHED. Yes, Rebecca and Greg weren’t a great fit for each other RIGHT NOW, but I do hope he comes back. I feel, tho, that this show will end with her alone (romantically) because she learned to be happy all on her own, which, ok, super cool, but I watch shows for escapism and not being realistically reminded that real life sucks. It’d be v. cool if they fixed this, thanks.

  7. Ian says:

    I doubt this gets a 3rd season. Oh well.

  8. spindae2 says:

    Really sad about Greg leaving but I understand they hadn’t enough money to offer to Santino.

    I can’t wait for Michael to enter the story, he was great in Blood and Oil and Chasing Life.

    • Simon Jester says:

      He said in the interview that during the long hiatus while they were awaiting news of renewal, he got offered other film and stage work (the latter in New York, where is family is). I’ve no idea where you’re getting the “not enough money” idea.

      • spindae2 says:

        They’ve got an early renewal like all CW shows, mid March. They barely finished filming.

        And of course he would stay if they’d offer him more money why did he search for other projects than money.

        • Simon Jester says:

          Do you have some sort of reading impediment? From the interview: “What happened at the end of shooting last season was that there was a lot of time where we didn’t know if the show would be coming back. A LOT of time. In that interim I had some opportunities both with films and theater and writing that presented themselves, and I had no idea what was going to happen. Also keep in mind, I didn’t know my future with the show regardless, and I didn’t know if the show would be coming back. So when we did get picked up, I was in a really tricky spot because I had a bunch of things that I already committed to and I couldn’t in good conscience back out of them. ”
          Hilarious to think you know more about what happened than he does.

  9. asm says:

    Come on people! He left the show because he has a family in newyork. I love his characters and his voice, but if he isn’t happy with the work situation, why are mad about it?

  10. Regina says:

    I haven’t really been feeling this season much anyway. This makes me want to stop watching entirely.

  11. Margo Elle says:

    He had great chemistry with the entire cast, and he balanced all of the other men in the group. I don’t like Josh, he’s just a bro. Santino gave Greg depth, as well as give the show so much. The ratings are SO low on this show already (they only gave them 13 episodes), so I think this will sink the show. The writers said “it was the best decision for us”. The FANS keep the show on the air, and I think with that, they just doomed the show.

  12. loveunderkey says:

    Team Santino Fontana’s voice 😍😭

  13. Margo Elle says:

    Oh, and four episodes out of 13 is NOT “midway” through the season. Not even close.

  14. Et al. says:

    He only had a 1 year contract but stayed to do four more which shows it’s on good terms. I’ll miss him but let’s be honest the love triangle can’t go on forever. This will help them find ways to keep the show fresh and expand it beyond Rebecca’s love interests.

  15. J says:

    He was my favorite character on the show. I’m devastated he’s gone. The show will not be as good without him. 😥😥😥

  16. Sheena says:

    I really thought Rebecca and Greg were a good fit. She put him through so much in the beginning of season one. I was getting excited for a Rebecca/Greg pairing.

  17. ninergrl6 says:

    Bummer. I’ve loved Santino since I saw him on Broadway years ago, and I love what Greg added to the show — cynicism, snarkiness, a counterpoint to Josh’s naïveté, a foil for Rebecca’s ridiculousness. I totally understand Santino’s decision, and I’m glad he came back for enough of season 2 for them to write him out in a logical way. Sending Greg away to Emory makes sense for his character even though it leaves a big void in the show.

  18. Max says:

    Santino deserves his own series.

  19. Kimberly Mlejnek says:

    I totally loved Greg.. . If he is really gone. I am out too

  20. westwingwolf says:

    I’m Team Greg, but I mostly watch the show for Rebecca & Paula’s friendship. Add in seeing more of Heather & exploring her friendship with Rebecca, Darryl & White Josh’s relationship, Darryl’s friendship with Rebecca & Paula, and seeing where Rebecca & Valencia’s interactions will go; this show has more than enough to keep me interested. As for Rebecca’s relationship, I’d like to see her clear her head and get a further from idealizing Josh. If she does that and he grows up on his own, then maybe it could work out for them. Or maybe a new, better guy will come into Rebecca’s life when she’s starting to get better. If the show goes past S2, I’m always going to hope Greg will come back. Not just for Rebecca, but because he was a great character on the show, and I’ll miss him even though I believe the show can survive without him. The show is not just about who Rebecca ends up with. It is so much more than that. Team Rebecca all the way!

  21. I was hoping Rebecca would end up with Greg

  22. Yane says:

    I’m on team greg..i am not really into josh character..i hope he will come back soon..i kinda hope rebecca n greg will end up together

  23. Benjamin says:

    It is better for Josh to go. Without serious therapy that neither of them appear ready to pursue, their love will never work. The show is about Rebecca getting better.

  24. Emr says:

    I love Greg, he’s probably my favourite character on the show, but for his sake I’m glad he’s got out of town.
    As much as I loved Greg and Rebecca, he was right, it was a sh*tshow. They were never going to end up together, happily ever after. She’s not going to end up with Josh either, that’s not what this show is about.
    My endgame would be Rebecca getting help with her mental health issues and finding happiness in herself, not because of some guy.

  25. Lexsy says:

    What? Oh no!! What a sad decision. I love Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and a big reason for that love is Greg. His character is truly compelling, and he and Rachel have incredible chemestry. It has elevated the triangle and I think made it clear that Greg and Rachel would be made for each other if they weren’t held back by their respective issues. And lastly Santino Fontana is such a great singer! His exit will make it difficult for me to continue finding the show compelling, and I just don’t believe that another love interest will fill that void. This is really sad news…

  26. J says:

    The show can survive without Greg, he was great but Rebecca is the reason I tune in. Also nice that the love triangle won’t be done to death.
    This decision was more about the actor being too busy than the writers deciding to get rid so people responding negatively towards the writers should take a breath

  27. N!loofar says:

    I really hoped Josh would leave, he’s very unlikeable.

  28. Ruff says:

    Soon sad Greg is gone, he was my fav!

  29. Holy s this is the worst thing I have heard about this show. Absolutely shocked right now. I was sure the last episode was telling us her eventual endgame was Greg?! WOW.

  30. Kate Gallagher says:

    Shame her chemistry was better with him than Josh. Hell it’s better with Heather and Paula than Josh now that I think about it. Well I hope they drop the Josh love thing now and she just moves on with someone else, anyone else, or creates a girl gang because I don’t think I can get behind the Josh thing he’s just way too immature for her he reminds me of a lost kid that really needs to grow up.

  31. Ashley says:

    Nooooooooooooooo. This is terrible, heartbreaking news. I’m super disappointed. He was my favorite part of the show!

  32. janika says:

    i really want greg back, i wish he reconsider

  33. Danni Boyce says:

    Oh no! I’m team Greg all the way! The character Josh doesn’t seem like a good guy at all. Greg, I’ll miss you! Please come back! It also doesn’t help that I am in love with Santino’s voice.

  34. Spike says:

    I LOVE Greg! The story line makes sense but please bring him
    Back for season 3 or something. His musical numbers are always the best in the show!! I can’t wait for him to come back he’s my favorite!

  35. tatahgoes says:

    This really terrible! My favourite character was him, he is such a great actor. I think the show is loosing a lot without him. It’s a pitty. I don’t know even if I keep watching. There is no point without him. Very very very sad.

  36. Leti says:

    He’s the reason i watch the series. Now i have no reason.

  37. Lisa says:

    I am so sad Greg is leaving.. he was a perfect fit of Becca. I loved the episode when he danced and sang about giving her a UTI. lol so funny. I will miss him!! :(

  38. I never was a Josh and Rebecca fan. I always loved the connection between Greg and Rebecca. It was pretty sad to see him leave. I haven’t watched it since he left… still haven’t. Not sure if I’ll catch it up on Netflix or not. Just so you know, I stopped watching TWD after Glenn died, too. There are lots of good shows out now so I can pick what gets my time. If a good character gets killed off or leaves and I don’t like it, then I move to a new show.