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If Jon Stewart Had Not Stepped Down From The Daily Show, Hillary Clinton Would Most Likely Be President

Jon Stewart stepped down from The Daily Show in August 2015. Donald Trump was elected president of the United States in November 2016.

Why can’t I stop feeling like the two are related?

Allow me to preface this argument with some transparency: I’m a registered Democrat, and I voted for Hillary Clinton. If those two attributes incense you before we even get going, just skip directly to the comments and have at it.

If you’re still here, you might be marveling at the insane idea that a comedy series could muster the kind of groundswell that could change a national election’s outcome. Screw it, these are crazy times: Had Stewart still been host of The Daily Show, Clinton would’ve had a much better shot at grabbing the requisite 270 Electoral College votes to become commander in chief.

Trump won Wisconsin by fewer than 28,000 votes. Is it that far afield to think that Daily Show viewers there, along with the friends they might’ve shared Daily Show videos with, could’ve turned the state for the Democratic candidate?

For starters, Stewart’s Daily Show had a spark and vigor that is just plain missing under Trevor Noah’s command. With Stewart behind the desk, The Daily Show spoke truth — often peppered with f-bombs — to power in a way that resonated. Stewart exuded an Everyman frustration with government and politics that educated as it mocked. Noah has continued on his predecessor’s path, but the new host’s unruffled charm at times lends him a distance Stewart never showed.

That might be why, to the former host’s repeated chagrin, Stewart’s Daily Show served as a news source for at least part of its nightly audience. In a 2014 Pew Research Center report, 12 percent of Americans online said they got their news from the Comedy Central show. Those numbers aren’t knock-you-down amazing, but they’re up there with USA Today and The Huffington Post: aka not smart to ignore. And the people who watched Stewart’s half hour each night — as well as channel-mate Stephen Colbert’s The Colbert Report — skewed young (in their mid-30s) as opposed to those who regularly viewed nightly network and cable news broadcasts.

Now think about how voter turnout at the polls Tuesday was incredibly low; the United States Elections Project projections show that 43.2 percent of Americans eligible to vote this year chose not to. I very strongly believe that Stewart, whose audience averaged 1.7 million viewers in 2011-2012, might’ve swayed some of the on-the-fencers to get out and make their voices heard, if only to have complaining rights in the years to come.

This isn’t to say that Stewart’s spiritual heirs — most notably Last Week Tonight‘s John Oliver and Full Frontal‘s Samantha Bee — didn’t put impassioned, pointed, funny-as-hell, make-you-think effort into derailing Donald Trump’s candidacy. But being politically educated and aware is a practice akin to brushing your teeth or taking your vitamins: Doing it every once in a while doesn’t cut it.

Ideally, that practice involves getting your news from various sources, weighing what you see against what you know to be true, asking questions and seeking answers. But if you weren’t doing that, at least The Daily Show (and The Colbert Report) offered some point of contact with the political realm. It may not have been perfect, or told the whole story, but it was something — four nights a week.

Maybe this is all an exercise in escapism. Maybe I’m just trying to make sense of how the country I love could choose such an unqualified man to lead it. Maybe I’m despondent over how many people have felt emboldened this week alone to spew hate at those they perceive as different from themselves — and how our president-elect has yet to condemn those actions.

So I end with an appeal to the man who coined the name “F–kface Von Clownstick”: Jon, please return to regular political commentary. Now, more than ever, America could use a Moment of Zen.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sam says:

    I get what you’re saying Kimberly, but I disagree. Sexism and stupidity were the major factors in Trump winning this election. I’m not sure even Jon Stewart could have talked people out of voting for Trump when their heels were already dug deeply in.

    • jtrattray says:

      No, it was all racism. He said he was a racist running on racist policies. That’s exactly what white people thought they were voting for.

      This is actually what people wanted, racists, misogynists, homophobes are emboldened. That’s what they voted for because they want an America where they’re free to be bigots.

      • Jean says:

        So 50% of us are bigots.. really? There would be no other reason to vote for a successful business man that has great relationships within the country and internationally except for the hate they all have. How can you be so single minded? Why is there only one reason you see and how can you so easily throw those terms around? The people who are struggling to feed their families and pay their bills don’t have the luxury of sitting around and criticizing others life choices. They are too busy worrying about their own lives and their families future.

        • K says:

          Well said Jean. For all the talk of tolerance and being open minded that gets preached, those same people preaching are sure quick to judge and make assumptions when they don’t get their way. I actually know a lot of people who voted for Trump simply because they were sick of the smug know-it-all attitudes of people like Jon Stewart and the media, along with the people who soak up everything they put out.

          • Anjali Patel says:

            I understand what you mean and I am sure some were tired of feeling patronised by the media/politicAl elite, BUT these people voted for a smug, know-it-all billionaire, who ran on a platform of undisguised hate, not policy, hate. Every vote validated that platform and emboldened every racist, misogynist etc whether they intended to or not.
            We need to learn how to discuss the issues again.

        • Runako says:


          At least 100% of you tolerated bigots though.

          You saw the things that he’s said about women, Mexicans, Muslims, African-Americans, and you put that all aside to vote for him, because you thought that he’s a successful businessman who could do the same for struggling families. You put aside that what we thought were the remnants of the Klan decided to endorse him. You put aside the fact that ISIL used his words in their propaganda. You put aside the women who had come forth after the release of an Access Hollywood hot mic. There’s actually several reasons to throw the term bigot around.

          Never mind that he never proved that he was under audit, audits can only happen for a certain number of years, he had several failed businesses, he had a loss so big in the leaked tax return that he wouldn’t have to pay taxes for decades (and admitted to it twice), he had to get million dollar loans from dad, and who knows what else we’ll probably never see because he’s not releasing his tax returns?

          Great international relationships? They turned down his golf course in Scotland. His Canadian hotel is tanking so hard they had to rename it. Germany is not happy. He’s getting nowhere near China (except to buy steel to build instead of here in the US). His friends internationally seem to be Putin, who has no problem with invading Ukraine and annexing Crimea, while supporting the government in Syria and bombing citizens. ISIL is celebrating his win, because he’ll either bring war which will mobilize Muslims because of his rhetoric, or divide the US even further.

          How about his charitable giving of which there is scant evidence of? How about his charity which he used to buy giant paintings of himself? How about having to go through THREE campaign managers, one who had definite ties to Russia, one who was still getting paid by him while working on CNN, and one who got lucky enough to rise to the level of an SNL skit? How about his running mate who would be happy to strip funding to help people cope with AIDS to fund reparative therapy for LGBT citizens?

          That said, maybe Larry Wilmore could have mobilized the black vote, but he predicted the Unblackening a long time ago.

          • Michelle Baker says:

            Well said. By voting for Trump despite everything horrible that he stands for and has shouted for the world to hear, a vote for him is unspoken, implied agreement. His supporters can tell themselves they’re not racist or bigoted but when you ‘overlook’ it for the ‘better good’ they are just as guilty as he is. There are millions of people literally living in fear right now. As a woman, I have no idea how any woman could vote for him. Sexual assault is NOT okay. Ever. Never mind all the choices he wants to take away that have taken decades of hard work to get. I sure do miss Jon Stewart. Maybe he couldn’t have swayed the election, but I would not have bet against it. Intelligence with humor – a class act.

          • K says:

            Runako, it might make you feel better to label people like that, but you won’t change many minds. Try going back over what you’re saying and then look up the word bigot that you have been throwing around. You might be surprised if you’re honest with yourself. Instead of being so sure of yourself, maybe use this huge loss as a chance to step back and reexamine your own beliefs and where the come from. You might just learn something and you’ll certainly have a better chance of influencing people who think different than you than with the approach you’re using now.

          • Angela says:

            Thank you. Could not have said it better. Way too many people weren’t paying attention, and now we’re all going to pay the price for their ignorance.

          • Swear says:

            And I saw what Hillary’s supporters do when they don’t get their way. Last night in Portland was a good example…..

          • PatriciaLee says:

            Someone referenced Hillary supporters and not getting their way…in Portland…last night as an example. For the record, most likely those would be Bernie Sanders supporters. This town went bonkers for him (including the 91-year-old mother, so I’ve heard it all). The Hillary supporters, also, like making deals and are waiting peacefully, and with dignity at home, for the next chapter (that I do know something about in Portland).

          • Charissa29 says:

            Incredibly well said!

          • Charissa29 says:

            Runako what you said was spot on! Exactly right.

          • Susan Congliero says:

            Runako, your comment summed up so concisely almost the totality of Donald Trump. May I cite your comment on a post I am working on?

          • Amber J. says:

            This explains everything.

            I can understand that people don’t want to be labeled racists and bigots. But they saw how he targeted their fellow Americans, and chose him anyway. So maybe we just need a new word to describe people like that.

          • kath says:

            Well said.
            Those who don’t oppose evil condone it.

          • Je says:

            And Hollywood isn’t hypocritical? How many tv shows portray Muslims as the enemy? How many reality shows portray women as desperate enough to degrade themselves all in hopes on getting “engaged” to a man that they barely know. How about shows like teen mom that rewards young girls for bad behavior. If anything Hollywood hurt Hilary Clinton. Who is Jon Stewart to tell me what it’s like to struggle why he has no idea what it’s like to be diagnosed with cancer at age 40 and have to worry about being able to keep a job because the family leave act guarantees the safety of your job for 12 weeks. Perhaps if HC spent more time listening to people like me instead of taking selfies with Kim kardashian or having a fun raiser with jay z and Beyoncé maybe she would have one. Last time I looked Hollywood makes just as much money as corporate America and most have forgotten their lives before fame when they had to struggle.

          • Ton says:

            So all the blacks (12%) and latinos (30%) are racist bigots too?

          • Emme says:

            @ Amber
            I don’t think we need a new word. There’s a word that’s been around for a long time for people who choose to not care less about the hate. It’s called apathetic. IMO, that’s worse than the hate.

          • Dave says:

            Runako, you are so hurt by Hillary’s loss that you cannot think rationally. The loss of your dear Hillary was in fact, a vote by the people who are fed up with lies that the politicians spread every day of their lives. Hillary cared not one iota for you or me. She only won the nomination because of a very weak Democratic field. Same for Trump, as the Republican choice was not much better. The thing Trump had going for him was the fact that he refused to pander to the Republican establishment. Look at how many Republicans didn’t really support him. As far as the ‘racist and bigoted’ nonsense, give it a rest. Please stop using the ‘he hates the gays’ rhetoric. The gays are a small minority, and if they want to be truly accepted, they will stop acting like fools in public with their parades where all they do is incite people with outlandish antics. Try acting normal and you will be treated with respect. The people didn’t want Bill and his slimey personality in Washington anymore. If Hillary had divorced him years ago, instead of turning a blind eye and enabling him, maybe she could have squeaked the election out. On the other hand, her reputation was too much for a lot of people to swallow. She proved to be more un-electable than Trump except in the 3 states that are traditionally Democratic, California, New York and Illinois.
            Trump might not be the best option, but he is still the winner. Get over it and try to heal yourself and your friends, as this country needs to be brought together, not further torn apart.

        • betsy says:

          *successful businessman with multiple bankruptcies under his belt, but you know


        • ami says:

          I think that’s the crux of it right here. While it’s undeniable that a percentage (probably a not-insignificant percentage, at that) of DT’s supporters rallied around him because of racism, sexism and prejudice against various other groups, there’s probably also a different set of people who voted for him, who were voting against the financial and economic climate we’re currently in.

          Is DT the best person to change that climate? *I* don’t think so, and there’s pretty heavy evidence that his proposals will hurt more than help (and I’m only talking about those proposals that don’t specifically make targets of people — don’t even get me started on the rest, ugh). BUT, not everyone who voted has the time or habit or whatever to go fact-check and critically evaluate what they hear him say, and I guess even if they did the sources are actually pretty varied, depending on what you read. So probably at least some small portion of his support came from voters who believed he had actual solutions for their everyday problems, not just from those who were just sitting around waiting for someone to make hatred and racism okay. Getting into arguments where either side calls the other names only deepens the divide, and that’s not really what is going to improve the climate of fear and hate right now…

          • sunshine says:

            These are the blue collar, middle class, union members who were always respected as stalwart Democrats, never ever expected to sway from being good dependable Democrat votes. Now that they repudiated Clinton and Obama’s lack of attention to their job needs they are suddenly knuckle draggers. The system isn’t working, Clinton is the system, Trump is not at all the system, I don’t know why Progressives fail to see the real pain the middle class has had to live with since Obama is anti business.

            Trump is pro business, business means jobs, jobs lift the middle class, skilled trades become in demand, these people saw him empathize with workers while Hillary empathizes with women’s rights and political correctness stuff. You can’t worry about PC when your family is hungry. The Democrats as a party left their blue collar origins behind and forgot who they are supposed to be, Hillary called them deplorables but then expected their votes.

        • Z says:

          Yeah you just supported someone who just incited hate crimes all over the country. Someone who made it okay to harrass minorities but it’s fine because it doesnt affect you or your family. Cool.

          • Susannah says:

            Don’t forget that he publicly mocked disabled people as well, add that to the list of reasons I’m astonished anyone could vote for Trump and sleep well at night.

          • Ton says:

            The only hate crimes being committed right now are those groups participating in riots and protests. Groups like Clinton and Sanders supporters, racist groups like “La Raza” (a Latino group whose name literately means ‘the Race”, BLM, and all the rest. Don;t forget the felon vote the Democrat governor of Virginia and former Clinton aid. Peopel who voted to return a serial rapist to the White House. Love trumps hate unless you call for the assassination of your political rival or set his effigy on fire and support the serial rapist’s wife, then it’s ok.

          • Dave says:

            The only people who are inciting hate crimes are the Clinton supporters that can’t realize that the people didn’t wan’t another ‘business as usual’ President. There were no protests or rioting when Obama won because real Americans vote and then accept the results, not like the Clinton people who are throwing a collective tantrum because America really doesn’t want a corrupt, lying President in Washington anymore. That includes his wife Hillary, too!

        • Brett says:

          Apparently jean is a racist. If you support his rherotic, you ARE his rhetoric. Welcome Jean, the racist, to 2016 America.

        • Gina Rosar says:

          If you voted for a man who espoused racists themes. Who has said he will require Muslims to be registered, their places of worship monitored. Who has called a nation of people rapists and murders then you agree with his sentiments. That is enabling a racist.

        • Ben says:

          You are so right, Jean. The ‘left’ loves to label people because they have no valid arguments. They simply want things to be their way.

        • Charissa29 says:

          You know that saying; dogs. . .fleas. Welcome to the new world order. Maybe it will be fine, at least until muslims, Mexicans and gays are forced to wear a yellow star.

        • Hermon Johnson says:

          The people who built this country and watch the majority constantly change rules to continue stealing, have less of a luxury to not point out a racist, evil, narcissist, when we are one. Those of us who lived in and remember the civil rights era are appalled that so many supposedly sensible Americans ignore the gains we have made and decide to take the country back to it’s ignorant and backwards days.

        • kath says:

          I don’t think everyone who voted for Trump is a bigot but a lot of people didn’t do their homework on him.
          I understand struggling and being unable to pay bills but Trump is not a good business man. Warren Buffet doesn’t think so, Charles Bronfman (Seagram’s etc.) said he would never work with him again. He’s left hundreds of people without paying their bills, he got $1 million from his dad to start and still managed to go bankrupt 5 times.
          He doesn’t have a plan for the country, he makes up things as he goes along and contradicts himself. He thinks global warning is a Chinese plot and he can use nuclear weapons in Europe. He stirs up hatred and discrimination and feels good about being able to rile up people.
          I completely understand needing a better economic life but not even many Republicans (like David Frum) think that Trump is the man to make it happen.

        • Suzanne says:

          Then you voted for Trump despite the accusations of sexual assault, the denigration of women, and the hate mongering? Cool. I hope that ultra-high level of compassion toward and willingness to overlook the despicable pays off for you. Trump’s ability to declare bankruptcies and ruin other people’s businesses through frivolous lawsuits and declining to pay for services rendered should serve you well in feeding your families and finding you jobs through wall-building. If this wasn’t so horrific it would be ridiculous.

      • Joe Tonelli says:

        92% of Blacks voted for o.
        60% of whites voted for T and we are racists.

        • cozygal36 says:

          If Obama was spouting racist garbage then the people who voted for him would be racist but Obama didn’t do that. Trump said racist things and was endorsed by the KKK so, yes, the people who voted for him are agreeing with what he says. That makes them racist.

        • cozygal36 says:

          Not to mention when Obama was associated with Rev. Wright, every single republican was up in arms because he attended his church so that had to make Obama racist by association, right? But you guys actually voted a racist into office but yet you don’t think you should be labeled a racist? Why do you get a pass?

      • Martin Fee says:

        95% of black ppl voted for Obama
        55% of white ppl voted for Trump. So would you really like to talk racism?
        Also please show where he has been or encouraged homophobic or racist behavior?
        He has supported the gay community longer than Hillary.
        And dont mention Mexico or Islam as neither are races. Were his 12 yr old comments on women horrid? Yea, however he apologized for them, he disavowed the klan ( unlike Hillary who took 20k in donations and kept the money which IS documented)
        So your hope that racism is the cause falls flat when confrobted with facts

        • Maria says:

          I am not even american but with those excuses I hope you sleep well at night. He is bigoted, racist, mysoginist and over all a joke in the rest of the world. But what can we expect of a country who once voted an actor? That is the only excuse I can think right now. And I dont remember Reagan as bad as Trump

        • Ton says:

          Hillary also worshiped the ground on which Sen. Robert Byrd of WV the former KKK grand poobah walked.

          But Martin, you forget that in the leftist alternate reality women aren’t racist. Only white men can be racist. Even if you belong to a group called La Raza which is a Latino group whose name literally mean “The Race” you can’t be racist.

      • Mengelele says:

        You are right. And there is nothing you can do about it.

      • Ipso Phakto says:

        “He said he was a racist running on racist policies.”.

        That’s patently false.

      • clarencewhorley says:

        Yes racism, the same poeple who voted Obama twice became racists. LOL

      • keepprojectingurselfhate says:

        keep plying your hypocritical, self-hating failed narratives. dig your own hole. dig it deep. then read madison’s federalist #51 for comprehension.

    • Jim says:

      I think he may have even had enough of an effect to stop him from winning the primary through one simple factor: Jon Stewart was excellent at making us feel embarrassed over our politics. He was excellent at exposing things for the embarrassment they were. I think he may have embarrassed the media to stop empowering Trump for ratings in time to stop the effect it had of legitimizing him. Because by the time they realized what they’d done and tried to course correct by pulling hard for Hillary, it was way too late. And by the way, these people know. They know what’s up. They’re in this day after day, news cycle after news cycle. When you’re engaged with it that closely you can’t help but know. There’s always what you know and what you can report. In most unsolved homicides the cops know who did it they just can’t prove it. Same thing with reporters. And when literally all of them say Trump can’t be president, even all but the very worst of the single-minded partisans at Fox News, how could people decide not to listen to that? I’ll just never understand.

      • K says:

        Sorry Jim, but nothing about the media and how they’ve conducted themselves lately leads me to trust or even slightly value their opinions. I think that, expect for certain groups of people who eat out of their hand, this election showed many people have come to the same conclusion.

        • Jim says:

          You know better, don’t you? Your distance from these campaigns and what these people are saying and doing, how they’re acting and what they’re really like, is all the way to your living room from where it’s all happening, but you know better. Better than the people who are in it day after day, hour after hour. Yeah. You really know better. Excellent critical thinking skills, that. Listen. It wasn’t just a preponderance of the media, the people really close to everything that was going on, that said Trump should never be president. It was nearly all of them. All except a few publications that most blatantly exhibit their biases a certain way, including many publications that put aside those biases to come out against Trump because he’s THAT bad. When that happens, and you don’t pay attention, and you think it’s because you know better and they’re all trying to fool you? I hope you possess enough self-awareness to take a step back, examine, and then feel ashamed at this line of thinking of yours.

        • Ton says:

          Besides, John Stewart and the alums of The Daily Show are not journalists, as even they’ll tell you. They are comedians. Only an irresponsible fool would get their “news” from a comedian, even one that’s not funny.

      • Dave says:

        You forgot the ‘single minded partisians’ an CNN, CNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS and every other mainstream media who coddled Hillary and her husband, who by the way, in case you forgot, LIED to congress in an official investigation. That said, Stewart and his followers are all crying like a bunch of spoiled babies. Why did nobody protest or riot when Obama won? Because real Americans vote and accept the results. The left wing liberals are a bunch of hypocrites. They preach tolerance and inclusion and diversity but as soon as they don’t get their way then rioting and protesting seem to be their go-to move. They have no room in their little world for a different view. If you don’t absolutely follow their mantra, then you are branded a bigot or sexist or worse. Diversity? Where? Tolerance? Where? Inclusion? Where? They don’t want to make things better by accepting things or working on a solution, they only make things worse.

    • James says:

      No Sam,

      Simply put people are fed up with your crazy PC culture. Where you preach acceptance and tolerance but if someone has a different opinion than you, they’re immediately labeled. You just called half of America sexist and stupid. The person below you called them racist.

      This election was a gigantic f u to people like you.

      • Ton says:

        Which is why two-thirds of the governors offices are Republican. Almost 2/3 of state legislative chambers are Republican. Just think….the country is only 1 state chamber away from passing a Constitutional amendment making abortion illegal, requiring identification to vote, outlawing dual citizenship, defining marriage as being only between one man and one woman, and making cannabis illegal …so if there are any Liberals whose head hasn’t exploded yet….think about all this. How does your Liberal future look now???

    • Dave says:

      Sexism? What about Hill’s hubby? Trump looks like a virgin compared to Bill. People are tired of the same old thing in Washington and the election showed it. Obama blew it by hiring Clinton people to work in his White House in his very first term and he didn’t do anything he promised to do at all. All he did was increase the defecit and incite racists on both sides with comments like ‘Trayvon could be my son’, and his use of executive orders to bypass congress to get what he wanted. Lets not forget the famous ‘If you like your insurance, you can keep it’ lie. Obamacare has increased by 17% in 2016 and is projected to increase by 25% in 2017. Affordable?, not at all. Lets not forget the millions paid to Iran either, and Michele’s vacations every month, when that money could have been used on social programs. People wanted a change in the way the government is run, and they voted for it.

  2. LO says:

    Seriously?? Come On.

    • SameTruth says:

      Boo hoo Americans need a white man to tell them who to vote for. Get over yourselves!! Trump’s bigotry, racism and vile nature was on display 24/7 for anyone with pulse to see/hear so why did you need that reiterated by a 30 min comedic show. There’s no logic to this article, even my 4th graders can make more sense than this. Honestly this is the mentality that has led your country into this mess. If you think that Americans would listen more to a white man rather than a black immigrant even though they are conveying the same exact message and truth then maybe ya’ll deserve that orange clown as a president after all. Trevor Noah has done an excellent job with this election coverage.

      • Ton says:

        You’re a teacher who gets your news from a comedian? You’re not fit to teach.

        • Mengelele says:

          She is not a teacher, she is a brainwasher directly responsible for the trigglypuff terrorists that are terrorizing now the streets of America.

          • Random Internet Nobody says:

            You failed to notice that SameTruth is not American? He/she also never said anything about getting the news from The Daily Show, just that Trevor Noah has done an excellent job hosting the show throughout this awful election campaign, a sentiment I agree with. I feel so bad for all of my American friends right now, having to live through this. So much hate on both sides, it will never end well.

  3. jtrattray says:

    The racists wouldn’t have voted for the racist if the white man and his mostly white correspondents had said so.

    The fact these people don’t want to listen to Trevor Noah, a man whose birth was illegal because of a racist regime, is part of the problem. Trevor was wise to Trump way before John. Remember John Stewart wanted Trump to run, he celebrated it.

    White people face facts, racism is the reason you prefer John over Trevor and racism is why Trump got elected.

    • Sam says:

      I was pretty much with you until you said that racism is the reason people preferred Stewart to Noah. That might be the case in some instances, but I don’t think that’s why most people tuned out. Jessica Williams was most peoples’ choice to take over!

      • jtrattray says:

        I’m not sure about that. But you would’ve heard the same thing if Jessica has]d taken over ‘it’s just not as good’ ‘too much talk about race’ ‘I don’t connect with her in the same way’ it’s polite tv viewer racism.

    • Bob says:

      You’re obviously a wack job so I won’t they to argue with you but I will say this; forget about different leagues, Noah isn’t even playing the same sport as Stewart did. He’s a cheap knock off with half the talent wrapped up in a smug millennial coating.

    • Bill says:

      Oh the classic liberal : whine and cry and riot until we get our way or just for the hell of it, if that fails everyone is racist.

  4. Kevin says:

    How will America is going to survive in the next four years now that Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States? Jon Stewart stepping down as host of The Daily Show still makes me sad and why nobody ever watched The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore even though it was cancelled due to low ratings. Is Trevor Noah Comedy Central’s saving grace?

    • Seaturtle15 says:

      Kevin, I don’t think Trump will last four years. He’ll either resign or face impeachment. Also, he’s going to be spending a lot of time fighting lawsuits because the line out there to file against him is growing longer by the hour!

      • Kevin says:

        What will TV do in the next four years? The Price is Right getting cancelled? The View finally coming to an end? The future of WWE? Long running reality competition shows putting into retirement?

      • dman6015 says:

        He won’t get impeached because the Republicans control Congress, and they don’t eat their own, even someone horrible like Trump.

  5. instantchalice says:

    No offense to Trevor Noah, but boy do I miss Jon Stewart!

  6. he definitely would have helped!

  7. Seaturtle15 says:

    Amen, Kimberly! You are so correct in your assessment of Jon Stewart’s former influence. I was so disappointed when he said goodbye during a presidential election cycle, ESPECIALLY this one. We needed Jon now more than ever and sorely miss him. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the election. I love this site!

  8. MrMank says:

    Waiting for the day TVLine starts reporting on TV again, instead of coming up with the stupidest articles ever. I miss you guys.

    • Sam says:

      I’m sure they’re sorry to interrupt their never-ending Gilmore Girls coverage for something that actually matters.

    • Esteban says:

      Open your eyes and look around, they write plenty about tv. And this IS about the former (better) host of a tv show. Your piss and vinegar is misdirected.

    • thesheepeoplearestupid says:

      i second that. That article is just ridiculous. She tried she lost let s move on.

  9. Kevin says:

    Hillary lost Wisconsin not because of Jon Stewart being off the air— she lost it because even though it was seen as a solid Dem state …. she NEVER bothered to even visit there. She took Wisconsin, the Media (see article above), Women/Latinos/African Americans voters, and most of everything else in the last three years — for granted. Good riddance, Madame Secretary. And congrats Kimberley Roots!– you’ve discovered yet ANOTHER reason to blame her loss on anything and anybody but Hillary Clinton.

    • LT says:

      The rest of us didn’t need Hillary Clinton to bring us cookies and sit down with us at the local coffee shop. We knew right from wrong in both of these candidates.

  10. pammiesioux says:

    This is a ridiculous assumption. One persons opinion does not a presidency make.

  11. GuessWhat says:

    nah — Trump supporters weren’t watching the DAILY SHOW with Jon either

  12. ncmacasl says:

    to quote “The Good Place” — BULLSHIRT. Lick your wounds and move on, Kim!!

  13. Phil says:

    seriously? How much time did you waste on this ridiculous argument.

    • Danyelle says:

      Seeing so much of Trump’s America in these comments. God help us until January 2021.

      • Meghan says:

        That’s an offensive comment to you? An earlier comment called all people who voted for trump idiots. Is that a tolerant comment?
        People from metropolitan areas need to look outside their bubble and realize that their are blue collar middle class families in middle America that are having trouble feeding their families. Their not bigots and they’re not idiots. They’re people that didn’t have the luxury of voting for social issues. They’re voting to increase jobs in America and be able to provide for their children.
        What a sad place this country has been. Why does everything have to be black and white? Why can’t we try to meet in the middle. I think you’d find that most trump supporters aren’t racists. They’re middle class people struggling to get by. They’ve been ignored by both sides of government for too long and finally made their voices heard

        • Cat says:

          Every person who bought a Make America Great Again hat or other similar product is a hypocrite because they were not made in America neither are any of Donald or his family’s products made in America and not once during the campaign did he say he would bring the things that make him money back to be produced in America.

          • Meghan says:

            You ignored my entire post. He’s talked about creating jobs. People need to be able to work to feed their kids. Do you know how that feels? Have you ever had to scrape together money to make sure your kids could eat? Fortunately, I haven’t, but the thought of it makes me sick. He spoke to those people, Hillary Clinton did not.

        • Ton says:

          Don’t forget the 12% of blacks and 30% of Latinos who voted for Trump. Someone should tell them that are are white supremacists too. And the 40% of women who voted for Trump must not realize that they are sexist either.

      • EyesWide2U says:


  14. jacjones says:

    Lord knows I adore Jon Stewart and have missed him greatly, but I think this is a stretch. And in fairness, while Trevor Noah had a rocky start, he has done some really fine work in the last couple of months. His background gives him a unique perspective and I think he’s finally figuring out how to apply it effectively. He’s done some blistering rants on DJT.

    • KatsMom says:

      Thank you! You saved me some time by summing up what I was thinking while reading this very well. :)

    • tvloverSA says:

      True that he didn’t get the best start but he just had too big shoes to fill but I feel he has found his show enjoyed the aftermath of trumps rule episode that was a classic. ..

  15. s-k-s says:

    I think you are vastly overestimating the influence of TDS. Its audience has always been people who want to and believe in its message before they hear it. It doesn’t change minds. The people that voted for Trump watch other (ahem, FOX) shows.

  16. Amanda Blum says:

    Not helpful.

  17. Patty O'Shea says:

    Can’t say that “The Daily Show” was something that I watched with or without Jon Stewart. However, if the show didn’t tell the whole story as you have said, then it would not have educated voters any more than the main stream media did. There are many reasons why voters chose Trump over Clinton. Three that immediately come to mind are infanticide, treason, and corruption. Some people actually compared the two party platforms and decided that the Republican platform was more in line with their values and the direction that they wanted to see the country take. Trump certainly was not my first choice but the platform that he represents is more in line with my values. I’m not fully confident that he will follow the precepts in the platform, but I know that Clinton and the Democrat platform were simply going to continue policies and ideas with which I have not agreed. Despite what the mainstream media kept pushing, not all college-educated, white women were voting for Clinton. And, yes I am a registered Republican.

    • KatsMom says:

      We’ve seen the stats. We’ve seen all the college-educated white women that decided that they’re fine with a man who admits to walking into women’s dressing rooms of his pageants while contestants were changing (including the teen contestants), is being sued for rape by a woman who was 13 at the time of the alleged incident, has a litany of sexual harassment lawsuits against him dating back to the late ’90s, raped his first wife (although she backed off from labeling his actions with that word, the description she gave clearly fits), and just plain sees women as sexual objects rather than people. That’s our leader. That’s the guy that my pre-teen daughter will see as a role model and an example of how powerful men are supposed to treat her. And it’s the role model that the boys her age have for how they’re allowed to treat women. I truly appreciate you looking at the bigger picture, and voting for the loose cannon that you’re not even sure shares your political values. You’ve certainly made american greater.

      • KatsMom says:

        ^America, not american…bad app…

      • CC says:

        Katsmom, I understand your concern over such terrible allegations. I’m genuinely curious: are you equally disturbed by Bill Clinton’s long history of mistreating women as well, both before and during his Presidency? What about Mrs. Clinton lying/denying her husband’s bad behavior? I know it was a long time ago, but it’s the same as what Trump has been accused of. And President Clinton served two terms in spite of this! That doesn’t make it ok for any man to act in such a way, but in my mind, they essentially cancel each other out. There is no moral high ground for either family to claim. If Katsmom doesn’t reply perhaps someone else can chime in. I’m not looking to argue, just seeking to understand another person’s thought process on this.

    • CC says:

      Well then I guess there are at least two college-educated white women that voted for Trump who are not racists. How dare I, a woman, not vote for a woman because she’s a woman! The horror! I thought for myself and evaluated the candidates, who were both terrible, by the way, and made a choice. I agree with you, Patty, and you articulated it well. Some of us used our brains and decided that he was the lesser of two evils. This does not imply we endorse any of his bad behavior. We’re not voting for him to be the Pope here. And Clinton is no saint either.

      The above commenters blaming the results on “racism/sexism/bigotry” demonstate clearly that they are not paying attention, don’t get it, and don’t want to. They are only capable of seeing their own point of view and refuse to give anyone the benefit of the doubt. This is the problem with people like Jon Stewart. Their attitude of “I’m right and educated and I understand how it is, and anyone who disagrees with me is stupid and wrong and a bigot and racist” is reductive and smug and exactly how we got ourselves into this mess in the first place. Get out of your bubble and talk to someone who doesn’t agree with you for a change. Make an effort and show the compassion for others you claim “they” are lacking.
      I’d also like to point out that the people currently protesting by setting fires and breaking windows and generally terrifying their neighbors are the “enlightened, tolerant” far leftists. Give me a break. Pot, meet kettle.

      • chris says:

        I do not agree with you. I do not think you are a racist, sexist or bigot. I think that by voting for Trump you made a foolish choice. From Trump’s own Rhetoric my fears for the constitution rose. The GOP put all their focus on the 2nd amendment but the first is just as important. Trump’s hateful rhetoric toward Mexicans Muslims and Women have validated other’s hate. Already we are seeing the seeds of the Hate he channeled to get elected take root. Minorities are being harassed and assaulted. Hillary for all the forked tongued two headed snake in the grass shifty eyes never once told her supporters it was okay to hate others. I am disappointed in the democrat party for choosing Hillary as their nominee, disappointed with Hillary for not being transparent. and disappointed in America all together.

        • CC says:

          I appreciate your point of view, Chris, and am glad not everyone who disagrees with me assumes the worst about me. I hope there will be less violence and more honest dialogue across the country. I am waiting for those at the top to speak out publicly against the harassment and violence from both sides. That is not going to solve anything, and it is very disappointing and disturbing. I, too, wish there had been more honorable candidates to choose from. Maybe we will have better ones in 4 years. Things are not good now, but I am still hopeful that we can come together as Americans and move forward in a positive way. That will only happen if we start listening to each other.

      • KLM says:

        I don’t think everyone who voted for Trump is racist. I know for a fact that at least one family member voted for him because he can’t stand the idea of Hillary being president; he considered Trump only slightly less unfit. I believe most people voted against Hillary (although I don’t think the cost will be worth it).

        I could not have voted for Donald Trump under any circumstances. I consider him completely unqualified (his track records of bankruptcies, failing to pay contractors, and housing discrimination lawsuits does not constitute an appropriate resume). That would have been enough even without his unspeakable behavior and rhetoric. But combine the two, and he becomes even more repellant to me. I have spoken to sexual assault victims. Trivializing and minimizing that behavior as he and his surrogates did is unforgivable (the hypocrisy of invoking Bill Clinton’s reprehensible record of accusations while saying anyone who accused Trump is a liar is also infuriating).

        When I tried to explain my objection to his rhetoric on race to someone who voted for him, I was told “I didn’t read the whole thing cause I’m tired but you just called all white folk racist” despite the fact that I had explicitly said I believed some, BUT NOT ALL, the people who voted for him held those views. So I understand the need for dialogue, but I’m getting a little tired of being told that pointing out one person’s or a few people’s racist behavior is the same as saying everyone is racist. Open-mindedness has to go both ways.

  18. william says:

    They’re giving waaaay too much credit to Jon Stewart. If what they are suggesting is true. Then you can blame Trevor Noah, a black man, for Hillary’s downfall.

  19. Tee says:

    I would disagree about Trevor Noah – yes he is not John Stewart but he is hilarious and I love co-stars better than I liked any of John’s. The difference is I am a Canadian living in Europe with South African friends……

    I think a big part of this election was as well – you privileged, lefty, socialist foreigners won’t tell us who to vote for – we are better than you and know better. I think it is hard to suck up when an outsider makes fun of your home even if they live there. I am a dual citizen and made a remark and a friend born in that country flipped although I had lived there and paid taxes for 10 years. Another example is unless you lived in my home town I will not accept any negative comments.

    So I think you are on to something – the show didn’t help voting but I did wonder if those undecideds or Hillary haters were going to be told what to do by a ‘foreigner’ and indeed they weren’t.

  20. Greg Cantin says:

    Clap trap. I watched Jon for years. His left bias was always there but I over looked it because he was sincere. I watched Trevor for a few months until I could no longer stomach his Bullshirt bashing every thing and every one EXCEPT Hillary. I sensed it came from his Network even more than from himself. Trevor was just another MSM Mouthpiece. Not happy Trump won… but Very happy Hillary lost.

  21. Tony Lang says:

    Ah! Freedom of Speech, I shall miss you so….

  22. kate says:

    Perhaps not directly related, but, well maybe if Samantha Bee had been selected as new host, it would have been fine. Yes, she and her husband have taken over TBS, but I find her show hard to remember about. Its only on once a week and at 10:30. I am still in drama mode. I tend to watch it on You Tube the next morning

    John Oliver was fine, but same issues.

    I appreciated that Seth Meyers started doing his Closer Looks more often but he is on very late and it was only in the week lead up to the election that he’d post that night’s bit on YouTube much earlier in the day.

    Trevor is much too nice, and there was something about not knowing him at all. I mean, at this point one of his two correspondents (Michelle Wolf or Hassan, I will mess up last name), I already know better and I swear the show would pick up under them (and Comedy Central should think about that 11:30 time).

    Colbert is fine, but he is more genteel than his persona.

  23. Oz says:

    Give me a break. If Jon Stewart was around, Hilary Clinton would never have had such an easy time pulling the rug from under Bernie Sander. Once Bernie was done, many people were not interested in the corporate status quo that Hillary represented. Stewart was a Bernie supporter. At the end of the day Hillary running against Trump and not Bernie against trump was the problem

  24. Gary5066 says:

    Jon Stewart is a MENTALLY SICK NARCISSIST that should be LOCKED UP in a Psychiatric Ward where he belongs!!

  25. HenryP says:

    Sorry guys you need to get over it. I am not from the USA and I watched on as the unthinkable happened but… as far as I can see there was no shortage of young skewing media coverage which completely skewered Trumps campaign at every turn. You are kidding yourself if you think one more would have made a difference. The problem was all the people who did not and never would watch stuff like that.

  26. Et al. says:

    Fantastic article Kimberly. I don’t blame you one bit for asking these questions. This country and many of its people are about to face unimaginable horrors. It’s healing to examine what went wrong. Perhaps next time we can keep history from repeating itself at the hands of dullards who’ve never even read a history book.

    • K says:

      Yes, all people who don’t think exactly like you must be dullards who have never opened a history book. Comments like that are exactly why a lot of people voted for Trump. You don’t change hearts and minds by being condescending to others, but so many people lamenting the loss they just suffered obviously still haven’t figured that out yet.

  27. cuius says:

    If anything, his recent appearances on Colbert, etc., have probably been responsible for those 28,000 stopping at home. Loved him on The Daily Show, but the recent efforts have been an embarrassment – obviously spent too much time talking to animals, and the vegetarian diet can’t have helped

  28. Carlos says:

    I’m a gay, Latino, liberal, democrat that feels that celebrities may have the opposite effect (of that intended) on the elections. I don’t think the average American gives a rat ass if Stewart, Beyoncé or whoever supports a candidate. Stewart’s audience was basically a niche who would not have changed their vote either way. Please, sop the non-sense and let’s accept that Mr. Trump won. I don’t like him nor voted for him but he is our President.

    • Wendy says:

      Well said Carlos! I didn’t vote for him either, and he was definitely not my idea of the perfect president, but as Hillary herself said we need to give him a chance. And to all the people out there protesting and getting violent, you are becoming what you thing you are protesting against: small close minded individuals who are giving into hate.

  29. “Maybe I’m just trying to make sense of how the country I love could choose such an unqualified man to lead it.”

    I didn’t vote for Trump, but I know many people who did, and I’ve found that the best way to make sense of their vote is to sit down with them, buy them a cup of coffee or a beer, and ask them why they voted the way they did.

  30. This has to be the dumbest thing ever posted on this site. Stick to tv and stay out of politics.

  31. Luffy says:

    I got an email that said Breaking News. This isn’t breaking news but an opinion piece. A little peeved that THIS is labeled breaking news. I voted for Clinton not because I love her but because I only thought she would have more experience suited to the Oval Office.

  32. As a Democrat myself, to all the other Democrats here demonizing Trump and everyone who voted for him: Please, stop. The kind of rebukes and name-calling we’re now hurling are a large factor in why Trump voters chose him in the first place.
    If “love trumps hate,” then it’s time to show that we walk the walk. Peaceful protests, standing up for equality and justice, that’s what’s required of us. But we have to do it in a way that doesn’t denigrate the other side. We have to exalt positive values without attacking those who disagree with us. We can’t fight fire with fire; anger with anger; hate with hate.
    Democrats have been calling Republicans all sorts of ugly names for a long time. And I know a lot of Trump voters feel they’ve been backed further and further into a corner they truly don’t feel they belong in. You or I might think that Republican policies are biased, but none of us has a right to say we know another person’s mind and can stand in judgment of their basic moral character. Rather than attacking Republicans themselves, we need to fight for better legislation, and better clarity on policy amid this mire of misinformation and shoddy reporting.
    Democrats have many ideas that could prove beneficial to most Americans — perhaps even more beneficial when tempered with bipartisan compromise. However, if WE, the Democratic constituents, continue to bray our righteous indignation, to talk down our noses, holier-than-thou to the moon, and we expect our politicians to continue echoing that rhetoric, then we will have failed all of America, because we will go on alienating our own American brothers and sisters. And we need each other, to get anything done, to make any progress at all.
    The polarization has to end. We need explanations, not recriminations. When confronted with people who disagree with our views, we have to keep our cool, and calmly explain why we feel that our preferred set of policies is more beneficial to more Americans. Being raucous or angry just provides an excuse for us to be discounted. Personally, I believe VP Elect Pence’s anti-LGBT legislation is unconstitutional, and I would argue against it based on that, rather than saying anyone who disagrees is, “deplorable.” Waging moral warfare got us here in the first place.
    Remember what Michelle Obama said. We have to take the high road. We can’t let her down. Republicans aren’t the enemy, and we have to stop casting the average conservative voter as having bad intentions. Republicans are like those relatives we might disagree with at the holidays. Now matter how much we rage and clamor at each other, we all have to make it through this long Thanksgiving dinner that is our great democracy, together. We owe them the same respect and dignity that all people deserve — the very values that liberals spend far too often preaching about, in my observation, and not enough time practicing.

    • taran63 says:

      Thank you for sharing this. I had to scroll pretty far down in the comments to find a single post that was not hateful. What you wrote was very thoughtful, and I appreciated it.

    • CC says:

      Thank you, Dan. I hope more Democrats will start sounding like you. We are not enemies, democrats and republicans. We are supposed to be on the same team. The mudslinging has to stop. Keep speaking up for peaceful discord. We have to listen to each other if we’re going to work together. We all want what we think is good for our country. We just have different ideas of how to go about it.

      • Well said, CC. We must keep our discourse focused around ideas, and not allow it to descend into personal attacks. Democrats are probably more guilty of this behavior than Republicans, at least in my experience.
        My observation has been that it’s just easier to call someone a bad name, than it is to self-educate on policies and even conservative religious principles, in order to hold a robust debate focused around issues. As a person of faith myself, I feel that my liberal principles are upheld by the Bible, and I look forward to having amicable conversations with conservatives and evangelicals where we trade and explore our differing views with mutual respect. We need both liberal and conservative minds coming together in order to work out our biggest future challenges.

      • Mengelele says:

        WRONG! The democrats want the genocide of white working class people. Don’t fall for this fake peace offer, if Hillary would have won now there would be plans for millions of immigrants to replace the whites that voted for Trump.

      • Patricia Rushing says:

        I love it. “The mudslinging has to stop!” … now that our guy won. Your guy is the mud-slinger-in-chief, and he set the tone for this election, and it is his hatefulness and ugly rhetoric and divisive hate speech that is the reason people are in the streets and burning him in effigy. Trust me, no one would be marching and burning anything if Romney had won in 2012 or if Rubio or Kasich had won this year. As one comedian said, “It’s like we elected the angry comments section of the internet.”

    • Brenda says:

      I agree with you, but honestly I am TERRIFIED.

      • geegee says:

        Terrified of what exactly? Either you have a democracy, and institutions and laws, or you don’t, in which case it doesn’t matter who is sitting in the WH.

        Are you telling me your country is so weak that one single man can undo centuries of written and unwritten laws?

        You are being terrorized, by fear-mongering and mass-hysteria, and it isn’t only coming from the Trump side.

        • To be fair, Trump has used some rather scary rhetoric about his foreign policy — over which Congress has very little oversight. While the actuality of Trump initiating a nuclear conflict seems unlikely, if he renegotiates our Pacific agreements and withdraws protections from Japan and South Korea, we could see a nuclear arms race in the Far East. Those nations would scramble to protect themselves from North Korea and potentially Russia and China.
          And whether or not you agree, it’s actual fact that ISIS has used Trump for their anti-American propaganda. The world became a more dangerous place for Americans, any way you look at it, with his election. I certainly won’t be living in fear, but I’ll be living in awareness of that reality.
          I’m not blaming Trump or Republicans for anything, of course. We must work with the cards we’re dealt. But to say there’s nothing to be afraid of belies a lack of knowledge on what exactly a president can do, in my opinion. While yes, his powers on domestic policy will be limited by the framework of our Constitution, the international complications he could cause by following through with some of his campaign pronouncements could be profound. They are worth considering.

    • randomdude says:


  33. s.q. says:

    Ultimately a high level of anti- Hilary vitriol among older white voters led to the result we had in this election. Additionally, apathy by some voters( both young and old) led to lower voter turnout particularly in the swing states. It has also been noted that voters in what ended making traditionally “blue” states turn “red” were essentially ignored by the democratic campaign with little to no voter outreach or campaign stops.

  34. Vince Appolonio says:

    Left media in their little bubble always thought Stewart had more sway than he really did. His ratings were nothing; it was left media who made clips from his show go viral. And his audience was mostly bubbled leftists/progressives/democrats.

  35. jericho says:

    While I may agree that your premise COULD be true. The larger idea that “if people realized that this country can NEVER support more than 2 parties”, Hillary would have won. In every battleground state she lost by a margin that was smaller than the amount of votes that Gary Johnson won. Until such time as the electoral college is abolished, there should never be more than 2 candidates on the Presidential Ballot. Everyone of those Johnson voters need to realize that they did NOT vote for Johnson, they voted for Trump.

    • ThatBob says:

      You could just as easily say that every vote for Hillary instead of Johnson was a vote for Trump. Or do you think your favored party owns the electorate, like in some one party banana republic? Maybe you should try running a candidate people want to vote for next time (look at the exit surveys: many of the votes for Trump were actually just voyes against Hillary).

    • geegee says:

      So, what you are saying is that all Johnoson voters would have voted for Hilary if there was no 3rd option? How exactly do you know this? Both DT’s and HRC’s policies and political values are so far away from libertarian that what you are claiming escapes logic.

      As a libertarian, I would have stayed home and refused to vote at all if both candidates were equally disgusting as they were in your elections this year.

    • Juraj says:

      Most libertarians would have supported Trump. They have nothing in common with Democrats, and everyone hates Clinton anyway.

  36. If Bernie Sanders wasn’t stolen the nomination then he would be president.

  37. Nancy says:

    Hello…Voters didn’t elect Trump, but the Electoral College will. Hillary won the popular vote, so Trumpsters stop thinking your guy won. He didn’t.

  38. Jimmy says:

    This is a funny article. HRC had a ton of celebrity supporters who were publicly campaigning for her and she still lost. JS wouldn’t make a difference. It was up to HRC to convince the public to vote for her and it didn’t work. HRC has to know it wasn’t Comey or Obama that led to her losses although those are the 2 people she blames. She wasn’t a strong candidate. Both candidates were weak. The people who voted for DT were most likely going to vote for him regardless. Remember most of the pundits pronounced HRC the winner over DT in all three debates. DT did not do enough to convince the true undecided voters to lean to his side. Basically, DT’s supporters were going to vote for him because they believed in his platform or did not like HRC.

    The celebrity supporters are only going to sway the really young voters. The problem is alot of the young voters were supporting Bern. They were still angry of how everything played out. Bern had a real chance to win, but lost unfairly. Perhaps, Bern would have lost anyway, but HRC really unfairly won the primary election. I don’t think I need to get into how she won unfairly because the evidence is all over the Internet.

    Basically, any other dem candidate would’ve won over DT. But the main reason HRC lost was her long time in the spotlight. She’s been in the public eye for a long time so a lot of people already had an opinion of her whether good or bad. She truly was not a good candidate for president. If she was, a relative unknown, Obama, would not have been able to beat her. Then someone with no political experience and significant weaknesses beat her. There’s a reason for that and I don’t think it’s a glass ceiling.

    • Chiguy says:

      I think you hit the nail on the head at the end there, Jimmy. Hillary is a flawed candidate who most in the country already have an opinion of. Between her getting beaten by President Obama in ’08 and her difficulty securing the nomination without the help of super delegates this cycle, the DNC should’ve recognized this. That empty chair Eastwood was talking to in ’12 could’ve beaten Trump, but because it was “her turn” the DNC just rolled over and let her through. It’s easy to point at Trump and see how unfit a candidate he was, but if you step back and look the other way without the blinders she was just as bad (in much more acceptable ways.) I’m hopeful that after all the protesting comes to an end, we can all start to come together on both sides over how difficult the next four years will be and start listening to each side instead of both digging our heels in and not budging. In this manner, Trump might not be the president we deserve, but the president we need to all start working together.

      • Cat says:

        Even without the super delegates she was way ahead of votes required in the primary to win.

        • Julie says:

          Bernie never stood a chance because the democrats and the media didn’t want him. Did you read any of the emails from the DNC email leak? If not, you should. It was absolutely disgraceful the way they conducted themselves. The head of the DNC basically called media outlets to reprimand them if they, god forbid, said anything positive about Bernie and negative about Hillary.
          Well, the DNC only has themselves to blame. Bernie made it clear from the beginning that his poll numbers against trunonwete better than Hillary’s. Bernie had the working class vote, which trump won, and Hillary ignored.

          • Andrea says:

            I agree, the Democratic Party did this to themselves. Hillary was not popular back in 2008 when Barack Obama won the nomination. This time around, sections of the Democratic base that did come out for Obama did not do so in similar numbers for Hillary. Yet, months before the general election, the Democratic Party didn’t want to hear that Hillary was not a candidate that many wanted. The Democratic primary was much smaller than the Republican field, and I believe there was some heavy suggestion to not encourage anyone who might usurp Hillary like Barack Obama did. Bernie came along, ignored that, and almost broke through anyway. In its zeal to ensure that Hillary was nominated, the DNC limited its options and in so doing, its future success in the general election. I believe that in a Trump/Sanders election, Bernie very well could have been victorious.

  39. ThatBob says:

    You’re really grasping at straws here, Jon Stewart has always relied on preaching to the choir — an arched eyebrow or take to the camera is not an argument and only works on those who already agree with him. His little show didn’t reach outside the bubble (sending Youtube links to his bits around to friends on Facebook who all think in lockstep may have made everybody feel smugly superior, but it didn’t win any converts). Clinton outspent Trump on advertising and had plenty of opportunities to make her case, but she couldn’t change what and who she ultimately is and even Jon Stewart wouldn’t have been able to mask the stench of corruption.

  40. paula says:

    If you want to pick one person, I think James Comey is a more appropriate target.

  41. Umad says:

    Hey, Kimberly, how’s the weather in fantasy land?

  42. Joe Tonelli says:

    The RUST belt who voted for the POS obama, are the SAME people who voted for Trump.

  43. JMT says:

    Seriously? You think the problem was we didn’t have enough stand up comedians pretending to read the news while making faces in front of a live studio laugh track?

    Are you it isn’t that Hillary didn’t put the ex-Miss Universe out in front enough?

    Most. Important. Election. Ever.

  44. steve says:

    LMS (liberal meltdown syndrome) is a joy to watch.

  45. Jacob says:

    Liberal stupidity don’t you love it ?

  46. Akand says:

    America and the West are steadily losing their military dominance and economic status to rising powers like India, China and others. Though this has not reached its logical conclusion as yet, the first effects have been felt by the white male middle class who have had their cushy jobs in manufacturing list to China and others. The first reaction of a retreating society is to blame it on others. Hence the appeal of Trump who openly espoused racist, misogynist and protectional policies. America cant build cars and other things which other nations can and in most cases build better. America must innovate new things and manufacture new stuff that the rest of the world can’t copy, adapt and make better. Until this is done, expect a more racist and protectional America and other Western countries.

    • SteveB says:

      Akand hits it on the head. There’s no point in bashing each other people – move on to how we actually fix the mess we are in with rational discussion. The issue is jobs and the US’s place in a more competitive world. Post WWII we were the last man standing. Now the rest of the world is catching up – and real fast due to tech. The jobs DT claims to be bringing back don’t exist any more. They aren’t coming back folks.. The only hope is to invest in becoming a world leader in new technologies – solar being one of them. Internet companies are great but there’s nothing to manufacture. Please watch closely this week as DT has little interest in actually running things and has already handed the reigns over to Pence. Pence is packing appointments with people who have zero interest in making changes for the working people who put DT over the top in Michigan and other rust belt states.

  47. Anc Cain says:

    I love Alternate history and this actually has a small ring of truth to it..

    His numbers where at a decent level and he did inject humor.. It might have been interesting.. He might have changed a few things with his humor.. Not so much with DT supporters.. But, he might have forced HRC’s campaign to change its tactics.

    Called out Debbie WS
    Different Treatment of Bernie Sanders

    That would be a major butterfly..

    I will give you credit for original thinking here..

  48. Looking at the first few comments I can honestly say that many people that identify as liberal are the biggest hypocrites ever. You judge, generalize and label 50% of America and then call them the narrow minded ones (sexist, racist, etc.). – ? Isn’t the foundation of liberal ideology that you accept everyone for who they are regardless of their differences (race, sexuality, POLITICS, etc.)?

    Also, so by voting for Trump, I a gay man myself, apparently hate gay people now, then what would that make people that voted for Hilary under this logic? Does it mean that you tolerate and accept cheating, shaming rape victims, corruption, terrible decisions making (helping to create ISIS and let if spread to over 30 countries which has killed 10’s of thousands)? Two terrible candidates, but I’ll stick with the “racist” vs. the one with the deaths of 10’s of thousands. #ActionsMatterMoreThanWords

    • S says:

      “Does it mean that you tolerate and accept cheating, shaming rape victims, corruption, terrible decisions making?” Sounds like you are describing Trump to me.

      Anyway, Hillary Clinton has tried to and has done more GOOD for this country than TRUMP has and that is a fact.

  49. To answer your question, Kimberly – because you’re an idiot, a loser who can’t accept ‘facts.’

    Your girl lost. Get over it.

    ‘If only’ are what eightgraders say…..

  50. Bob Jones says:

    “If Jon Stewart Had Not Stepped Down From The Daily Show, Hillary Clinton Would Most Likely Be President”

    This is the stupid shet that rots millennials brains.

    Oh yeah, people didn’t vote for Hillary because she’s corrupt, untrustworthy and Democrats screwed over so many Americans with Obamacare, taxes, regulation and sending their jobs out of the country. Nah, it was because that Juggernaut and bastion of liberalism Jon Stewart wasn’t around to brain wash the precious snowflakes properly.

    This must be the Wizard of Oz, because I definitely see a straw-man and someone without a brain.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      With my painful flexible arches, I have been unable to buy a pair of shoes that fit me since the 80’s, when the shoe manufacturers got together and sent the shoe production overseas all at the same time, and there they got rid of the steel shanks, woman’s lathe, size A heel, and woman’s size 10 1/2. I get so bewildered with the sending jobs overseas harping, since big businesses did it themselves, and now they are pointing fingers?

      • Julie says:

        Of course big businesses made the decision to move over seas. You’re reading things too literally. Democrats didn’t pick up these businesses and personally move them overseas. They did however refuse to give incentives to get these businesses to stay, so many Americans lost their manufacturing jobs.