The Blacklist Fall Finale Answers That Question About Liz and Red... Right?

All together now, The Blacklist fans: “Finally!”

Even though the NBC drama loves to toy with its viewers (see: the “death” of Liz Keen), Thursday’s fall finale seemed, at long last, to reveal the mysterious connection between Liz and Red.

And if Reddington is to be believed, he is Liz’s father, something that has been suspected since the series’ first episode.

To recap: Thursday’s episode found Liz once again taken hostage by Alexander Kirk, who was desperately seeking a way to stave off his life-threatening disease. But Red, hoping to save Liz and reunite her with baby Agnes, offered Kirk his life for Liz’s — a trade that Kirk easily accepted.

The Blacklist Season 4As Kirk tortured Red with all kinds of injections and suspect medical treatments, he remained incredulous that he was somehow not Liz’s father, as he’d been led to believe for years by Katarina Rostova. Still reeling from the news, Kirk began to interrogate Red, asking him again and again, “Are you her father?”

It seemed that Red would remain tight-lipped for the rest of the hour, but as he quickly descended into a delirious state, he admitted, “What do you want me to say? Yes. Yes, Elizabeth is my daughter.”

Later, after Red’s health had been restored, he paid Liz, Tom and Agnes a visit. “I really wanted my dad here to see [Agnes] grow up,” Liz confessed, to which Red replied, “He would’ve wanted that, too.” Symbolism.

Of course, knowing The Blacklist, it’s impossible to tell if Red is actually speaking the truth, or if his confession to Kirk was just one part of his mysterious master plan. But Daniel Cerone, a writer and executive producer for the series, took to Twitter on Thursday to assure viewers that this long-awaited reveal was legitimate.

What do you think, Blacklist fans? Even if Red is Liz’s father, is this reveal too little, too late? Drop all of your thoughts on the fall finale in the comments section below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. wrstlgirl says:

    Annnnnd we’re right back where we started, good lord.

  2. steve says:

    But is he ?? that was a yes with a gigantic question mark over it. He knew his only way out of that torture was to say yes

  3. Called it on the first five episodes, they spend three seasons denying it, and now what? It’s one of the few shows I’ve let fall behind because it’s been so boringly predictable. Oh, NBC. I miss you four years ago!

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Dang near everybody “called it” years ago. Does it even matter anymore? True or just another ploy, this has gone way past ridiculous.

      • Right? I don’t need to be surprised by tv shows. Like, really! Everyone knew Liz’s death was fake from day one. Everyone knows Hunt’s sister is going to turn up alive once Riggs and Meredith finally get to together. I read play by play spoilers of every show. But if it is not interesting anymore, I won’t stay. The Blacklist was good when there was an actual list and it wasn’t all about personal issues. Catchibg bad guys, working together and maybe a little personal here and there.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Agree, and even if it is true it’s still a secret so what really has changed? It’s just more of the same. Still was a pretty good fall finale, I actually watched the whole thing. Lately I’ve been ff through a lot of it.

        • GambitGrey says:

          It would be really a suprise if Red was Elizabeth mother.

          • Theresa Webb-Gonzalez says:

            In most other shows I’d say no not likely,but Spaders known for his “unusual” roles so this concept could possibly be.I don’t think so..but possible.

        • JustSaying says:

          It reminds me of Red John and The Mentalist. Even when you thought you found out who Red John was, you hadn’t.

    • Paul Thibault says:

      Everyone called it in the first episode. Lol

  4. The truth is, even if he isn’t… he kinda is. Red’s pretty much been filling the “Dad” role in Liz’s life since the beginning. Even when they’re at each other’s throats the relationship between the two of them can only be described as familial. After all, no one can hurt you like family.

  5. Sandman says:

    Oh.. Was this suppose to be a mystery…

  6. Kevin says:

    After four long years Red is Liz’s father and now the whole daddy issue is finally over. Can’t wait for the series’ return on January 5th where the episode finds a mole in the FBI.

    • JTD says:

      A mole — really? What a fresh storyline.

      Next we’ll be seeing Agent Malik’s identical twin sister.

    • Paul Thibault says:

      It’s really not over though. We all knew already. It was obvious. Liz still doesn’t know. So nothing has really changed from a story point of view.

  7. Bummer for Liz. Red is kinda of an a-hole.

  8. justsomeguy says:

    I love James Spader in this role, but the writers have really killed the momentum of this show. This is a question that should have been answered long ago.

    • B. Brady says:

      I, too, love James Spader! He deserves a shout out for his performance all season long and especially in last night’s episode. He really seemed to be in pain when Kirk was torturing him. What a tremendous actor!!

  9. B. Brady says:

    Red never said he was Liz’s father. He said Liz is his daughter. What if Raymond Reddington (Liz’s biological father) is dead and the person we know as Red is actually Katrina — Liz’s Mom? Think about it: she was supposed to be extraordinary so anything (even a sex change) is possible; they never found Katrina’s body; in last season’s Cape May episode Red — though alone — seemed to be talking to himself yet the viewers saw him talking to Katrina; Red told Kirk tonight that Katrina was dancing after climbing the fence to a house she admired, but Red wasn’t there at the time; and in an episode from last season, an old acquaintance commented on how dramatically Reddington had changed. It might be far-fetched, but it’s just the kind of wild twist typical of The Blacklist.

    • Coop says:

      I know that theory has been thrown around a lot on the internet, but you’d have to make giant leaps scientifically for that to be even remotely believable.That kind of “twist” would just drive me away as a viewer.

    • Barbara Dugas says:

      I just don’t know anymore. I’m more confused than I was from the beginning who is Liz father that’s all I want to know

    • PatriciaLee says:

      I thought, last year, that the love of Red’s life could have been Liz’s real father, maybe whom Red met in that hellish prison he referenced to, maybe saving his life and sanity at that time. That did seem to be the storytelling setup. Later from comments on this board, the mother/father body changed did seem possible being Spader likes odd spins to his characters, but that seemed too complicated with Mr. Kaplan in the mix. How can the writers live up to all this buildup? They will deserve an Emmy, if they satisfy us, the fans.

    • Delirious says:

      Talk about jumping the shark…

    • Yohanes says:

      the problem with that is, they took Red’s DNA test in the pilot to confirm it was him

      • SweetPea says:

        They could’ve switched her DNA for the DNA they had on file for Raymond Reddington, right?

      • Jooshua says:

        Remember The Alchemist? He had the ability to change people’s DNA to be someone else. And the plastic surgeon from the episode General Ludd mentioned that Red had work done at some point in the past.

    • Persephone says:

      That’s been my feeling, too! Red is Lizzie’s MOTHER. That episode in the first season with the plastic surgeon who nearly pissed himself when Red went to see him and made sure to tell Red that he never told anyone anything about their association. That’s a deliciously awesome twist. Only a mother would be so rabidly willing to protect like Red does.

      • B. Brady says:

        YES! I forgot about the plastic surgeon scene!

      • Laurel says:

        I’m thinking the plastic surgeon was because of the burns on his back – remember that part? Liz’s father was supposed to have been burned in a fire and we saw the burns on Red’s back. More mysteries…

    • Ana Peres says:

      Yes!!! That’s why Red has severe scars in his back. Biological dad Reddington (Katarina wrote on her diary about him) dies in the shooting / fire, and Katarina took his ID.

      • SweetPea says:

        Yes, but didn’t she remember Redington being there? Leading her out of the fire? Was it the real Redingtons ghost? This is the only part that confuses me. Can anyone clarify?

    • JKClarke says:

      I keep going back to the painting. Reddington is dead. Masha has blood on her hands. Masha killed her father. Reddington is father. How did he know Katarina was dancing. Kirk looked stunned. Redding must be Katarina. It’s logical. He has to be her parent either way I will be satisfied. Also being a woman is huge secret. Perhaps she nearly died in fire. Masha killed her lover. She was KGB she knew all about Reddington and wanted hide fact and protect daughter. Maybe it’s a realistic mask. Or plastic surgery. Her face was unricgnizable frim burns. don’t know how but this makes most sense to me.

    • SweetPea says:

      I’ll have to admit, this idea is not one I’ve thought of, but is definitely interesting to think about! It fits too, other than I can’t see that beautiful woman who played Katerina looking anything like Reddington after a sex change… Though if the real Reddington died in the fire, and she took on his exact identity, plastic surgery and such, it makes sense. There did seem to be something between Kirk and Reddington there at the end, I almost thought they were secret lovers. That moment could be explained as Kirk sensing something familiar about Red. Also Reddington asking Kirk to tell him about Katerina, like he wanted to hear how Kirk saw her, as a woman, fits too. Red misses the woman he once was. He has had to do so much he’s lost touch with that part of himself. Plus I’ve always thought Red puts off a bit of a feminine vibe. It also explains why Elizabeth is in so much danger. If Katerina had to go thru a complete body and sex change because the danger she was in, I’d imagine that danger is still out there… I thought v he said he wasn’t her father because Sam was her father, and he said her father would’ve liked to see Agnes grow up because he felt a part of him that was her father died a long time ago.

    • Donna says:

      I thought Kirk told Red that Katrina was dancing not the other way around.

      • jade says:

        Kirk was telling the story and redding ton finished the sentence by saying she was dancing. A man that knew her well could have guessed that. If Red turns out to be Katerina, I would be so turned off from to series. I would be done for sure.

    • An Ancient Inherited Shame says:

      Red can be Katarina only if Madeline Pratt and Josephine (from Alistair Pitt) cannot tell the difference between male and female.

      • B. Brady says:

        Unless they didn’t meet Red until after Katarina assumed his identity. Perhaps they ever met young naval officer Raymond.

    • Hajer says:

      I agree with you ,,,

    • I like it – as far fetched as it may seem ( but not really in these days ) and he knows so many people who do so many things – unusual things and for me the cherry on top was when Red whispered something in Kirk’s ear -which really took Kirk aback and speechless !!! I like this theory !! ( I wish I had thought of it !!)

    • Just had another thought – when Red returned -Tom said “it worked” and as Red said yes and passed by him to Liz – Tom said something akin to ‘well a thank you would be nice” in the background – Dembe smiled slightly …..something else is “afoot’ I think !! Unless Tom knows abt Red ????? aaaahhhh ! and did Mr Kaplan really leave / who picked her up ???

    • Dude come on! You legit stole the guys Blacklist Podcasters idea (I think his name is Troy) and tired to pass it off as this “BIG” idea YOU thought of when your explanation is verbatim what Troy has said many times. Get out of here Brady B. How about you come up with your own “twist!”

      • B. Brady says:

        What are you getting worked up about? This is just supposed to be a friendly discussion about a TV show. I didn’t claim to have a “big idea” and I never saw any podcasts. I just posted a theory…..a theory that many people have criticized as being stupid. So, if someone suggested this theory before my post, that’s terrific! Good for them! They can have all the credit and criticism, too. Who really cares? It’s not like they’re giving a prize to predict this storyline!

    • Theresa Webb-Gonzalez says:

      So how did he have so much compassion to save Naomi,he ex-wife.I think when Naomi said he looked different was because he use to be a farmer? Remember the scene from the Boilermaker??
      “A farmer comes home one day to find that everything that gives meaning to his life is gone. Crops are burned, animals slaughtered, bodies and broken pieces of his life strewn about. Everything that he loved taken from him – his children. One can only imagine the pit of despair, the hours of Job-like lamentations, the burden of existence. He makes a promise to himself in those dark hours. A life’s work erupts from his knotted mind. Years go by. His suffering becomes complicated. One day he stops – the farmer who is no longer a farmer – sees the wreckage he’s left in his wake. It is now he who burns, he who slaughters, and he knows in his heart he must pay.” IMO

  10. PatriciaLee says:

    NBC starts these great weekly formats, like with Grimm’s weekly wesen and Blacklist’s weekly number, then devolves into hodgepodges of plot spinning wheels. The husband and I agree that The Mentalist was best when they, finally, got off the Red John thing and worked for the FBI. (a different channel, but the same point)

    • John says:

      That’s what makes a good television show great. If you’re happy with mindless procedurals there are plenty on ABC, NBC, FOX, and most of all CBS. There is a big difference between a show that makes you use your mind and one that doesn’t. It seems like the shows with deeper stories have been nominated for Emmy awards while I don’t think any of the NCIS or CSI types have been nominated.

  11. Michael Summerset says:

    Red may not be her father but he could be her uncle. That angle doesn’t seem to get much consideration. He could also be a step father, although that’s less likely.

    • Jon segotti says:

      I agree totally. How come nobody is mentioning if Kirk is dead or not? All red said was he was gone. Twice! And when Liz asks him if he’s dead Red just says gone.

  12. Brenda says:

    Is it possible that Mr. Kaplan going “far, far away” by chance leads her to Blacklist: Redemption! Also, anyone else out there have the idea that the fight that Liz remembers seeing between her parents could have been because her mother found out about an affair between her father (Kirk) and another woman (Scottie perhaps?), and that Tom’s father is Alexander Kirk? Maybe Red whispers to AK that he has a son!

    • PatriciaLee says:

      I’d love to see Kaplan’s expertise show up on redemption. Here’s hoping. I’m totally bummed at her getting injured in the woods, etc.

  13. SolidGuesser says:

    It’s going to be a play on the name. He just says he’s “Elizabeths” father, not this person specifically.

  14. frederic says:

    In a stunning turn of events, we find out in season 5 that Red is in fact Liz’s mother !!! Who knew !!!

  15. VALERIE J BELL says:

    Great. Always wanted Red to be her father. Now lets get on with THE BLACKLIST and gef some crims locked up. Also want to see Mr Kaplan back in the fold.

  16. Cfolliot says:

    I’m totally over it, and possibly the show as a whole, because her whether he is her father or not was maybe a fun mystery for the first couple of seasons, but it shouldn’t be what drives the show.

  17. Delirious says:

    “I know what you’re thinking. Red NEVER lies. He said he wasn’t her father. But it will all make sense in end. #TheBlacklist @NBCBlacklist” – because he wasn’t there to be her father as she grew up. So, in practice, he really wasn’t her father, “wasn’t” being the key word there. Isn’t that kind of obvious?

  18. Beezers says:

    Red actually said “What do you want me to say? Yes? Yes, Elizabeth is my daughter.” The question mark after the first Yes makes all the difference. He was saying what Kirk wanted him to say. Red told Liz that she killed her father. He said he’s never lied to her. Therefore, he can’t be her father because she killed her father.

    I’m getting sick of this show! At least it looks like they’re going back to the Blacklist when the show returns in January.

    I’m glad that the guy who was holding Mr. Kaplan didn’t turn out to be a psycho. She really needs to come back. I’m glad that Denbe gets a little more to do on the show now.

  19. Nootnoot says:

    Red is her mother. She took over Red’s identity after Liz shot him? That’s why Kirk didn’t inject the needle.

  20. Robin says:

    I don’t mind the show sometimes but I really dislike the whole mystery behind Red/Liz thing. It is SOO tiresome by this stage. I think the “relationship” should have been clarified in the first six episodes and just gone from there. Instead we have seasons and seasons of… nothing. But that said, many of you are still debating this here. So some people still care about the relationship. I suppose the show is doing something right to have your interest still.

  21. spdavid says:

    Lizzie is in fact Red’s daughter but in a cruel twist of fate Red is Alexander Kirk’s son.

  22. Disappointed_In_Shameless_EP says:

    I guess all of you must come from the standard nuclear family…perhaps red is her biological paternal parent but since he did not raise her he doesn’t consider himself her father…I mean, how many times do you see that nonsense on tv and movies

  23. As a long time viewer of soap operas, I knew Reddington (if that is his real name) was Liz’s father from the beginning and that she wasn’t dead last season. Interesting that they never took a DNA test … but the point is too drag things out. I also believe Kate (Mr. Kaplan) is a relative – Red’s sister or mom as she appears to be in her 70’s. Also think Caterina is alive and in hiding to enter the show at some point. They messed up when they had her read her letters out loud as she would at least have a Russia accent – English was not her first language. Would like to see more about the Cabals …

  24. meow says:

    well .. i think red is katarina..and the real red is already dead long time ago for katarina to dissapear for liz safety .. she take over red face and identity .. @@ that shd b the only reason why kirk dint kill red and why red so protective of liz

    • B. Brady says:

      Right! The “real Red” — the naval officer — probably was Liz’s father. And it may be true the Lizzie shot him when she was a child. Then Kataina assumed Red’s identity to protect Liz.

  25. N!loofar says:


  26. marcia dolan says:

    I still hope he is not her Father..They had such chemistry together..let them get romantically involved..Hate the 6 weeks off..

  27. donholley77 says:

    I think a lot of you are missing the point! If Red is indeed Liz’s father, there’s a lot more to the story! Like why does Red have to keep it secret! So much more to know!

  28. HAP says:

    They really have to get beyond this parenthood stuff for the show to survive. It has become very tedious. How about- Red is Agnes’s father??

  29. Zee Zee says:

    what did Red whisper in Kirk’s ear when he gave Red the shot in the neck? Seemed to be important enough for him to give Red the antidote. Did Red tell Kirk that Katarina is alive? Wasn’t she alive at one point in the present day? I forget all the little twists and secrets. And why did Kate leave after she said that she would never be safe if Red found out she was alive?

  30. Liz says:

    I think this is still one of the best shows out there and I am so happy we know Red is her father. He didn’t raise and he gives her other father kudos for that. He has to leave her to keep her safe. I think there is a lot more to develop in this show. Once Liz finds out the truth there will be a new dynamic between her and Red as well as the rest of the crew.

  31. KT says:

    I have to disagree with the executive producer. There is just no way they know their destination. They are taking way too many wrong turns and odd routes to know where they are going.

  32. Pat says:

    I think we all kind of knew Red was Liz’s father but we just wanted to hear him say it. I absolutely love the show. The writer Daniel Cerone is amazing. Thanks to NBC for another season. James Spader you’re #1

  33. You don't need to know says:

    Sooo many people hating on the blacklist it is ridiculous. You guys lead such horrible lives. You guys love hating on things, don’t you? Because it makes you feel good about yourself? If you don’t like the blacklist then STOP watching it! Why the f do you watch if if you don’t like it? Just so you can hate on it over the Internet? That’s ridiculous.

  34. Kaliera says:

    Something isn’t right with that. Didn’t the first episode say he had two children with his wife? Why would be be soooooo obsessed with Liz and so indifferent to his other kids?

  35. SgtMajH says:

    Ok, I think Red IS Liz’s father. He has never lied to Liz. He told Liz her father is died. Red told Kirk dying isn’t so bad he died once before. When he was brought back, he considers himself a different man! Red whispered in Kirks ear that Katarina was alive! But, if NBC is going to make this a sex change operation it will be the biggest hoax on every single viewer in TV history! Being NBC though, I could believe it!.

  36. Deidre says:

    I knew he was her father well i was hoping they make a great team but what did red say to Kirk at the end he whisper something?

  37. JustAsking says:

    But how did Red survive the torture? Did he somehow have antidote?
    He seemed to raise his had as Kirk came at him with the last needle? It looked like Kirk got the needle into Red’s neck. Is that What happened?

    • SweetPea says:

      I watched the scene over and over, I think he stuck him in the neck, but then Red whispered something (like “I am Katrina”) and so he couldn’t push the plunger in. Anyone else see it differently?

  38. Eva Goodman says:

    This question is receiving much more attention than it deserves. Biological or filling the role of father, Red can claim fatherhood either way. The real question is: what did Red whisper into Kirk’s ear that caused Kirk to let him live? IMHO, Katarina is alive and well in hiding. Disclaimer: I couldn’t read all the posts so that this subject may have been already broached.

  39. fiberlicious says:

    Nope, nope, nope. What he said was “What do you want me to say?” and then said what Kirk wanted to hear. THE MYSTERY IS NOT SOLVED.

  40. Tony says:

    He is not her father, that’s the reason Krik wanted to kill him, thinking that he was the father even if it meant he would die. Red had to have whispered something to him, about who the father was. They were both played by Katarina and Kirk wanted to belive he was the main man. Once he found out Ray wasn’t, he had to trade Red’s life to save his own to pursue Masha’s true father.

  41. Ruby Ostrander says:

    Don’t forget Red said he had died…doesn’t say how.
    Structure built next to kirk, belongs to Red. That’s why he knew she was dancing !
    Red and Kirtland are brothers !!
    That is my take !!

    • When Kirk was saying he was still going to kill Red – That’s the first thought that came to my mind ( with the close-ups and all ) – they’re brothers ! – ok – now I am going to go back and binge all seasons – only paying xtra attention ! I love everyone’s theories and insights ! I love the show – but we better get rewarded at the end – with a very very good conclusion .and wrapped up with no loose ends !!!!…and I do remember that at the very beginning -when Red “came in” – we did learn 1 thing – that no one understood why Raymond Reddington – the man with a fabulous career ahead of him a Naval Officer etc etc – all of a sudden became Red the “enemy” the traitor – like no one could explain this logically – all of a sudden -he turned into someone else !!! we need Sherlock….

  42. benny says:

    In previous episodes Red said I will never lie to you I am not your father, so he is not her father, I mean red would never lie to his daughter would he ! I’m betting he promised the love of his life he would always protect her daughter, so is just fulfilling his promise ?

  43. Lawrence Brownell says:

    This is getting ridiculous. Here’s what’s going to happen. The big answer won’t be answered at all. The producers will keep dragging the secret out until the ratings drop, and then it will be on the cancellation bubble, or it will be cancelled. At that point, they will have to put an ending to this much sooner than expected (Person of Interest), or, it gets cancelled, and there is no conclusion. If you’re smart, you’ll watch a couple episodes in January, and if their still jerking us around, you’ll shut them off.

  44. Jon segotti says:

    a sex change Would be a great twist but it wouldnt give her such a deep voice right? Just my opinion.

    • B. Brady says:

      Not sure. Would hormone therapy deepen a voice?

      • I pleed da fiff says:

        Hormone therapy would definitely deepen a voice. And that would make sense, if it weren’t for Reds mutating DNA. Liz has some of it, which is why she could pass a test as the daughter of them both. Spontaneous adaptive bioheredity. Her body was in danger so her DNA changed. I have watched all the episodes over and over, pausing it often and rewinding. The proof can be found in the episode where the director dies. A set of gills can be seen opening in Reds neck, allowing him to breath the oxygenated air that is poison to his species.

        Also Tom is the result of a alien test involving the cross fertilization of that lady from the third season, with a weasel. That’s all you need to know about that. A spinoff with Tom as the star would fall apart, as he is actually the progeny of 5 parents of various species and dimensional plane. Hell we wouldn’t know who his first father was until he chases Solomon into the zoo in Season 19 and finally sees the orangutan.

        It all makes sense, if you just accept the premise that aliens are behind everything, always. You think Resler actually maintains that hair style while fighting? Invisible alien stylists follow him everywhere.

        And the real surprise will come when Bob Blueman lands. Reds brother will look like an alien. You’ll see.

  45. Jon segotti says:

    I pretty much missed this whole season too so can somebody please explain who the old lady walking with the cane at the end was and who might have picked her up in the pickup truck? Thanx

    • Lucky100 says:

      The old Lady name is Mr. Kaplan. She works for Red, he shot her because he felt betrayed by her. She helped in faking Lizzy’s death. You can catch up on Netflix, season one to three is on it.

  46. Jon segotti says:

    How come nobody is mentioning if Kirk is dead or not? All Red Says was he’s gone and when Liz asks him if he’s dead Red just says he’s gone! So frustrating. He is so good at deflecting!

  47. Because Red attempted to kill Kate – and almost did – I think his character is too flawed to survive the last episode *whenever that happens*. In the end, Elizabeth, Tom, & their baby will live their lives, but Red will get killed off – and ironically, perhaps by Kate! My 2 cents. :

  48. sa'ad says:

    i read most of the comments , and i have a point or a proof that might support the “red is katrina” theory , if you remember the first episode of this show , when red was in that container ,he told liz (every thing about me is a lie )

  49. Lucky100 says:

    When Red held Agnes and Liz said she would have loved to see her father watch her grow. Red could have told her that her grandfather is alive. Red visited him in season 3, to tell him that Liz died. This would have provided her some comfort. Red is just determined to hold on to all the secrets.

  50. Jan Wallace says:

    Well if Red isn’t Liz’s bio-father, he has to be her uncle! No non-relative, even on TV, would go through so much for a former love interest’s child! However, Red is so cool I WANT him to be Liz’s father, but I know “something” is up cause Red always has another plan in action. Just like I think Kirk isn’t dead and deal or no deal he’s a scumbag so he’ll be back after he’s thought about Red and Katerina together. He will want revenge. I can’t wait till 2017! Love me some Blacklist!