Pitch Mark-Paul Gosselaar Season 1 Preview

Pitch's Mark-Paul Gosselaar Talks Mike's Past, Assures Fans the Baseball Drama Will 'Absolutely' Return

Pitch‘s Mike Lawson has made his living catching whatever comes his way, but tonight’s episode knocks him down like a Nolan Ryan fastball.

The Padres captain already is worried about aging out of professional baseball. He’s recently been dumped by his hook-up buddy, Amelia. He’s in physical pain most of the time. And when the team calls up hot, young catcher Livan Duarte from the minor leagues, series star Mark-Paul Gosselaar tells TVLine, it gets a little ugly.

“Any alpha male will be familiar with having another alpha male come in. You start puffing your chest up a little bit, and you’re wondering where this is going to go,” Gosselaar says. “Mike can see the light at the end of the tunnel and wants to continue being the Mike that everyone expects him to be. Bringing on this new guy, Livan, brings uncertainty to him.”

The addition to the roster means that Lawson gets moved out from behind home plate, something that doesn’t sit well with Ginny’s bearded teammate. “He’s a catcher. That’s all he ever wants to be,” he adds. “It’s what he’s good at. To move him to a new position is just something that he doesn’t do well with.”

Read on as Gosselaar previews the hour — which features some Mike-centric flashbacks — and weighs in on Pitch‘s prospects at Fox.

Pitch Season 1 Episode 7 SPoilers Mark Paul GosselaarTVLINE | The show has made a point of showing how broken Mike’s body has become after a career in baseball. How much is his physicality on your mind when you’re acting?
It’s interesting. Mike Lawson is 36. When you’re 36, you’re almost a godfather. [Major League Baseball catcher] David Ross is 39, and they call him “Grandpa.” He’s 39. I’m very much aware, speaking with guys like [MLB catcher] AJ Pierzynski that you get to a certain point in your career and your body just can’t do it anymore. It hurts to wake up in the morning. We’ve already played that with Mike, a couple of times, with Amelia, where she jumps out of bed and he unfolds himself like a rusty folding chair, but that’s legit. I mean I beat up my body from the sports that I’ve done, nothing to the capacity of being a Major League ballplayer, but I definitely understand waking up in the morning and creaking, and that’s something that I think they portray really well on Pitch.

It doesn’t mean that Mike won’t be able to play, it just means that it hurts to play, and that will be an interesting journey to follow on: You have the mental capacity to play but your body, physically, can’t.

TVLINE | This episode is the one where those hacked photos of Ginny from her ex-boyfriend’s computer show up again. It makes me wonder: If Mike had done something in his earlier years that could come back to haunt him, what do you think it might’ve been?
Oh, I don’t know. I mean, we all know that Mike is a bit of a playboy and had a past, but also you see the previous episode where he has this love, still, for his ex-wife. Honestly, sometimes I can’t even figure out Mike… You see him now, you know, his exterior being this gruff bear of a guy, but I think that’s just him putting on his armor every day because he is soft on the inside… I don’t know if we’ll ever see, in flashbacks, what Mike was like before he met his ex-wife, or even during the time that he was with her. I mean there was obviously a reason why she left him.

TVLINE | Pitch ends its 10-episode run on Dec. 8. Do you think there’ll be more episodes?
Absolutely. I’m not even entertaining the thought that we won’t come back. Mo [McRae] and Kylie [Bunbury] and myself, we’ve all said that we’ll give our bodies about a month break before we go into our preseason routine and begin training again for next season.

Pitch airs tonight at 9/8c on Fox. Hit the comments with your thoughts: Would you like to see the baseball drama continue past Episode 10?

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  1. markr says:

    he looks great with a beard

  2. Daisy says:

    This show deserves way more viewers than it’s getting. It’s so good.

  3. Michael Summerset says:

    With the ratings it’s been getting, there’s no way Pitch will return.

    • Crys says:

      I just got the Nielsen ratings call and I LOVE this show so maybe it’ll help it get another season. It is the best new show not many are watching. They need to move it to a better spot.

  4. kmw says:

    I hope he is right but with those numbers its hard to believe FOX will give it another chance.

    • Jbj says:

      Well they renewed Sleepy Hollow despite poor ratings and actual fans asking for it to be put out of its misery. Even Tom Mison was a bit surprised at the renewal, and claimed he performed his final scenes like they his story was ending.

  5. nika says:

    nICE BUFFED GUNS buT nb beard plizz

  6. Iakovos says:

    Good show. FOX has to stay course with this one. And MPG is hawt!

  7. Magali says:

    I sure hope he is right. This show is so much better than the ratings it is getting.

  8. maltru says:

    I really hope it gets more episodes; I’ve enjoyed it a lot, and there are so many stories left to be told!

  9. MMD says:

    I would love more episodes. I really enjoy the show.

  10. Joey Padron says:

    Great interview with Mark. Can’t wait to watch new episode tonight! Hope the show will get a season 2.

  11. RichieS says:

    Would absolutely LOVE a season2. Suggestions,,,
    Instead of casting Joanna Swisher – who granted is amazing in everything she appears in – maybe cast Tiffani Amber Thiessen. Speaking of stunt casting, how about Mario Lopez as a Dodger’s pitcher who is Mike’s “childhood buddy” ? And if they decide to put Mike and Amelia back together could they please reenact her whipped cream scene from Varsity Blues?

    • Katherine215 says:

      No thanks on the SBTB stunt castings. The show is excellent on its own.

      • herman1959 says:

        Ditto, too much stunt casting can be a show killer, and I want this show to live! It would be great if they could at least film another 10 episodes to show over the summer.

  12. absherlock says:

    Pitch is absolutely my favorite new show of the season. I really hope it comes back for a season 2. And when it does, I hope FOX actually schedules it ON THE HOUR rather than a minute before – it’s like they’re trying to make it hard to watch!

  13. Dominique says:

    i really hope he’s right. this is a great show, definitely one of the best new shows this fall, and i would hate it if fox cancelled it.

  14. Traci says:

    this is the best new show this year, i really hope they bring it back. Mark Paul is amazing !!!

  15. trista says:

    Better bring this show back! I love it!

  16. Annie says:

    This is one of the best shows on tv right now and definitely one of the best new ones. I wish more people were watching! I tell everyone I know to check it out. It is so, so good!

  17. Rylie says:

    I just finally watched this show over the weekend and I love it, definitely my favourite new show! I hope he’s right and it comes back for more

  18. Czal says:

    Absolutely love this show! I am definitely pulling for a full season pick up

  19. Marybeth says:

    Absolutely love Pitch. Great acting and story. Hope the show doesn’t get cancel!

  20. pitch is perfect writing & acting!!! it needs to come back season 2 !

  21. DmCo says:

    Honestly, this is one of the best new shows!! The writing is really good, the stories keep my interest and I don’t even like baseball.

  22. LT says:

    Decent show, but a great role for him. I’d like to see it continue.

  23. Jacks says:

    Best new show of the fall! I love it!

  24. Lana says:

    This show is so good. Can’t believe they might actually cancel it.
    Then another show gets the time slot and it gets even worse ratings and so we live in the tv vicious circle.

  25. Mel says:

    Great show. Well cast, well written, well acted, very good ensemble chemistry, and wonderful, refreshingly different storyline. And it’s context is baseball, not political or hospital or police work! What a refreshing change. Love it, and , along with various members of my family, haven’t missed an episode. Mike obviously can’t go – a wonderful central character.

  26. Tom Forbush says:

    Love this show. So unique and fresh. Well written and acted.