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HTGAWM Recap: Trigger Warnings — Plus: Charlie Weber Breaks Down That Frank/Annalise Explosion

Well, we finally know who’s under the sheets on How to Get Away With Murder.

Please note, however, that I said “sheets” plural, not “the sheet” beneath which some unidentified corpse — Frank? Nate? the slap-worthy Mr. Drake? — is in the early stages of rigor mortis during the ABC drama’s flash-forward “Fire Night.”

Allow me, though, to pause here, take a shot of Fireball and praise the TV gods (or at least HTGAWM creator Pete Nowalk): “Woohoo! My beloved Connor isn’t covered in Keating-residence soot and ready to retreat to his final resting place!” Sure, dude really needs a date with a can of Barbasol and a disposable razor, but as this week’s final scene reveals, Impish McSexyface is alive and well and doing all kinds of beautiful nasty with the current crush of his recent ex (aka Hirsute van Pantsdown, the dude who broke Ollie’s heart). #IDidNotSeeThatComing (pun intended)

Meanwhile, the disturbingly clean-shaven Frank remains the show’s No. 1 candidate for a dirt nap, as he ends the hour pointing a gun to his chin in an effort to gain forgiveness from Annalise, only to hear her sceam “Do it! Pull it! Do it for me!” (And here we thought the nanny in The Omen was disquieting!)

We caught up with Frank’s portrayer, Charlie Weber, for his insights into the hour, but before we get to that, let’s recount the other big moments from Season 3, Episode 8, “No More Blood.”

SIX DEGREES OF SUBTERFUGE | Annalise and Bonnie want the Keating Five to help Wes avoid the legal ramifications for lying to NYPD detectives about what went down the night he saw his secret biodad take a bullet to the head in front of his office. Michaela and Connor are, not unjustifiably, all “Bye, bitches — midterms are upon us!” And thus, Annalise finds herself requesting help from estranged Frank to clear the name of her favorite student/personal rehabilitation project/surrogate son.

“You gonna take Frank back? He’s responsible for you losing your baby,” huffs the ever ungrateful Wes. To which Annalise shoots back, “And you killed Sam.” Fetch some Bacitracin, folks, ’cause that retort burns!

With involvement from Nate (who can never, ever seem to give a hard “no” to Annalise or her surrogates — and makes me wonder if he’ll wind up paying for it), Team Keating gets a burner phone to Charles Mahoney, calls it from a phone from inside the home of his main alibi (more on her in a sec), and completely undermines the prosecution’s portrayal of said chica as some casual hookup who hasn’t seen Frank for months. It’s a fun little ride — just as long as the show’s producers don’t fall back on the corniest, least emotionally satisfying mid-season finale and make Charles the #UnderTheSheet victim.

THE BEARD RESTS | Frank begins the hour much the same way he ended last week’s installment: As a weepy, vulnerable man with no plan. “I’m scared what I’ll do if I’ve got to be alone tonight,” he pleads to Laurel, trying to land overnight accomodations both ritzier and less expensive than the delapadated flophouse I imagine he’s booked 20 blocks away. After Annalise (via Bonnie) enlists Frank in clearing Wes’ name, though, dude’s creepy side re-emerges, and he follows Charles’ attorney to a nail-salon meetup with THAT BITCH (aka the redhead who convinced Frank way back when to sell out Annlise for cash, resulting in the death of her unborn child). Frank winds up sneaking into the woman’s house — and hiding in her toddler daughter’s bedroom — but while he consider’s an “eye for an eye” revenge strategy, Annalise ultimately gives him different directions, resulting in the aforementioned discrediting of Charles Mahoney’s main alibi witness.

Like a proud cat coming home with a dead mouse, Frank shows up at Annalise’s doorstep, but finds her as far from forgiveness as Bernie Sanders from a position in Donald Trump’s cabinet. When he finally puts a gun to his head, Annalise wonders aloud if he’s trying to guilt her into taking him back… and let’s just say she’s not here for his brand of drama. “Do it! Pull it! Do it for me!” she rages, just as Bonnie sneaks into the room with all the noise of an infant mouse meekly seeking crumbs from the banquet-hall feast — and postpones the trigger-pulling.

IN OTHER NEWS… | Oliver and Connor share the world’s unsexiest shower — mainly because the hacker hottie can’t stop asking questions about Connor’s latest top-secret work for Annalise. The duo finally has a nasty skirmish about Connor’s secretive ways (which, as we know, serve mainly to protect Ollie) and Oliver’s suspicion that Connor’s lack of forthrightness means he’s not capable of true love. “And I kept telling myself that I was the jerk this whole time,” seethes Connor — and he’s got a point here! Of course, he loses his moral high ground at the end of the hour when we catch him at the climax of a sex act with Ollie’s most recent mancrush. Way to hit below the belt*, Connor. (Pun intended)

Meanwhile, Asher makes a mistake that will almost surely go brutally punished when he answers an incoming call from Michaela’s estranged mother. This, after she opens up and reveals her mother only calls when she’s seeling money — or legal advice “for a meth-y cousin.” Oh, and also… Annalise agrees to represnt Hargrove in her divorce proceedings. Future besties alert?!

Below, Weber’s take on that explosive scene with Annalise — and much more.

TVLINE | Walk me through Frank’s intense showdown with Annalise — where he has a gun to his head and is threatening to pull the trigger? How did you feel when you first read the script — and got wind of Annalise’s response?
It was a not shock to read it, because I knew that was coming. From a creative standpoint, the scene was great. And preparing for it was its own challenge — to be that far gone, to go to that place. But actually doing the scene, hard as it was to live in that space, when you’re across from Viola Davis, it just comes together because of what she does. Then Bonnie comes in and you have these three forces — and while the scene was heartbreaking and difficult, it was really lovely in its own way.

TVLINE | Annalise essentially tries to call Frank’s bluff, saying his behavior is calculated just to make her feel guilty — a stance she does not accept. I wonder, though, is she onto something. Are Frank’s tears genuine?
Well, it’s definitely a ploy. He wants her to stop him. He wants her to want him to live. But he is willing to [kill himself].

With Frank, you’re definitely seeing an emotionally stunted person falling back into horrible times that he’s experienced. But this is ten-fold. He found a place and a purpose — and now he has nothing. And he will do whatever it takes to get that back.

TVLINE | Including hiding in the closet of an innocent child’s bedroom — and seemingly pushing for the idea of eye-for-an-eye! Did you think Frank might kill that little girl?
Again, Frank is just so far gone. I’m starting to wonder if there’s any line he wouldn’t cross — with this instance being the ultimate line — so Annalise would realize he’d do anything for her. It was a very frightening scene.

TVLINE | What can you say to us about the “Under the Sheet” reveal?
Buckle up. It’s intense. And it’s hard to watch — but in a great way.

Do you think Frank will survive the Season 3 mid-term finale? If not, who’s doomed? Sound off in the comments  below!

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  1. Sp says:

    That little girl couldn’t be his, right?

    • M says:

      So glad someone else thought the same thing as me. Frank did sleep with the mother all those years ago, and there didn’t appear to be any father in the pictures in the house. Certainly made me wonder if she’s Frank’s.

      • Macy says:

        Remember Wes was really young when his Mom died, so it’s been at l 15 years since then. So it can be Frank’s unless they are employing day time soap rules.

        • Grey'sFan says:

          It’s been 10-11 years based on the S2 timeline. The girl was too young to be 10 years old. She looks more like a five or six year old.

          • Shahar says:

            Yah but the person representing Wes asked whether the daughter knew Charles or not and I thought that meant at the time of when she was working for Father Mahoney? So she’d be way older….?

          • Shahar says:

            Yah but the person representing Wes asked whether the daughter knew Charles or not and I thought that meant at the time of when she was working for Father Mahoney? So she’d be way older….?

          • jj says:

            She was claiming she just recently met Charles and was having a relationship with him. The lawyer was asking if her daughter saw him at the house.

      • John says:

        I think Frank being under the sheet seems to be what the writers want us to think. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the Dean/President of the University. It just seams highly unlikely that Shonda would introduce her, show some sort of budding relationship, and not have her being a key part of this arc. Not to mention she has Oliver clean her phone so imho she is the one that dies. I’m not ruling out Frank or Nate. I mean she could have had Oliver going survellience on any of these characters and whoever seemed poised to attack she attacked first. I think they’ve made it pretty clear this year that she cherishes her position as a Professor of Law…anyone who could really put that in danger is dead.

      • Sarah says:

        He did not sleep with her. She offered him the money instead.

    • But before they could sleep together, she offered him the money to take Annalise down.

  2. TvPeong says:

    I still think it’s Nate

    • I think it could be Nate as well. We still have story to explore with Frank. Why did he try to kill his father? Even though Lauren said no, did they sleep together and we’ll have whose the daddy shenanigans? What about the bond between Frank and Bonnie? Speaking of Bonnie, wouldn’t she be more upset if it were Frank who is dead? Wouldn’t Analise be LESS upset if Frank is dead?

  3. Martin says:

    “just as Bonnie sneaks into the room with all the noise of an infant mouse meekly seeking crumbs from the banquet-hall feast.” I’m screaming right now!!

  4. Z says:

    I feel like he’s the one Under the Sheet. I mean, he’s too far gone. And honestly, I dont think anyone wants another Huck on a SHondaland show.

  5. Coach Taylor says:

    I don’t think it’s a male and it’s a cover up. I think it’s going to be Eve or her tears are fake ?

    • M says:

      I think the news report a few episodes ago said “unidentified male found dead”, so I suppose it’s either Frank or Nate. Unless there’s a big curveball and it’s randomly someone else.

  6. Coconuts says:

    Can someone plz tell me if laurel slept with frank or not?! That scene when frank was fixing his pants at her place? Because omg!!

    • Grey'sFan says:

      It was stated if they did or didn’t, but Laurel’s telling Wes later that they didn’t was very unconvincing. Something definitely happened between Frank and Laurel that night they spent alone at her apartment…

      • Coconuts says:

        And the way that bonnie looked at laurel omg. That means Whos the father ofnthe baby? Since we find out shes pregnant 1 week later its probably wes. Too soon to be franks.

    • Lisa Lisaa says:

      I dont think they slept together she loves wes and would not do that to him.

      • Just as a note. Wes and Laurel haven’t said they have a monogamous relationship. Plus sleeping with someone when you haven’t promised to be monogamous isn’t “doing something” to Wes. Laurel did care for Frank and he’s sexy. She shouldn’t have sex with him if she doesn’t want to but as of now, she doesn’t owe it to Wes to not have sex with Frank.

  7. Angela says:

    First off, LOL at “Hirsute van Pantsdown” :D.
    Second, HUGE sigh of relief that Connor’s alive! Whew. If he’s hoping to sort things out with Oliver, though, sleeping with Thomas is definitely not going to help matters. I am glad they finally got a few things off their chests to each other tonight, though-Oliver had a lot of good points, and yet I also still understand Connor’s desire to want to protect Oliver from all the craziness that surrounds Annalise. I hope they can sort their stuff out eventually.
    On the note of Annalise, I don’t know if her retort about Sam really balances out Wes’ anger over Frank-Wes killed Sam in self-defense, didn’t he? He didn’t PLAN to murder the guy. Frank actively got involved in a plot that led to the death of Annalise’s baby. Whole different ballgame.
    And good lord, Frank was super creepy lurking around that woman’s house tonight and standing over her child’s bed. If it is him who dies next week, I’m not going to be broken up about it. No disrespect meant to Charlie Weber, mind-he’s playing a villain perfectly. But at the rate Frank’s going with his downward spiral, it’s only a matter of time before it destroys him. The promo for next week sounds INTENSE and I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

    • Grey'sFan says:

      I don’t know I found Frank kinda hot when he was lurking around the house. :) Frank/Laurel so had to have sex the night they spent together — can’t believe the reviewer didn’t mention the possibility of it.

      • Angela says:

        I hope they didn’t. Laurel getting back with Frank would not be a good idea, not with him in the state he’s in.

      • Milo says:

        Laurel did not have sex with Frank she’s not the type to do it and lie about it…not to Wes anyway. If she had done it she would have told him. Plus Frank seems to be too far gone at this point. I’m not sure how the show can redeem him

        • herman1959 says:

          I also feel like Frank needs to go because he is too far gone, but then the Huck character was kept on Scandal, so…

        • Coconuts says:

          I think they had sex watch the scene again. Look at bonnie looking at laurel and laurel looking away awkwardly as frank fixes his pants. I think they sex. And that laurel lied to wes.

      • Gerri says:

        And Frank looked hot when he was getting dressed at Laurel’s the morning after. Hello Abs!!!
        And speaking of hot shirtless scenes. Did Connor always have that hairy a chest? It is a bit of a contrast to Oliver seeing them lathering up in the shower together.

    • jj says:

      Frank didn’t PLAN to murder Annalise’s baby either.

  8. kristen torres says:

    two interviews with Frank in one day?? i THINK hes the one under the sheet. Otherwise wudnt be he busy busy filming?

  9. Frankie says:

    What about Annalise/Frank/Bonnie plan the fire ? It seems Bonnie and Annalise knew something about the fire before hand. So Annalise tears are just a show? Could it be there is a third person involved that noone knows? What if Frank will be the bait and he will be part of the plan of making everyone assume he is the one under the sheet, but he manages to get away. What if they bring an already dead body (but who) and place it in the house to make it look like it is a male but still unidentified. I know this is far fetch but did Sam had a proper burial, I already forgot about it or not? If that is the case who will it be then? Frank/Laurel spend the nite togehter, even if it is implied they did not have sex, but Laurels answer to Wes did not seem that convicing dont you think? so Tehre goes the possibility Frank is the father of Laurels baby but of course Laurel also slept with Wes so now it is kind of tricky to know who the real father is.

    Do you all think Charlie Weber will leave the show or written off the show so he be the one under the sheet? Just wondering.

    What about Nate? What if he goes to Annalise house and see Annalise/Bonnie/Frank arguing and he as a cop trying to stop the heated arguement and something happen there?

    • Grey'sFan says:

      I kine of find the idea of Nate being the victim a bit anticlimactic because he’s a regular character, but not really a major character.
      Oh and Sam’s body was chopped up into little pieces and burnt by the Keating 5 (minus Asher). A bit surprised about the “alive” reveal tonight, I thought Connor was being set-up to be killed off.

    • Icetea44 says:

      You know what, you got a point there. Does Frank knows about Laurel/Wes? I still think it’s Nate under the sheet.

      • Sissy says:

        I thought that Frank was in Laurel’s apartment when she and Wes had a little under the sheet party in the previous episode.

  10. Nona says:

    Charlie Weber said when asked the reveal under the sheet. He said in the interview

    “Buckle up. It’s intense. And it’s hard to watch — but in a great way.”.

    Do you think the actor could be this calm to say that if his characterr was the one who is going to die How can he say ” hard to watch but in a great way”, I mean what death is great? Is he implying that maybe the one under the sheet is someone we arenot expecting but happy that person is dead because this person did a lot of damage in the pas and involved everyone there at the houset and this person paid for what he did, or the person under the sheet will be a total surprise for everyone but neither Frank or Nate are the one under the sheet but someone else then? Totally confusing hehe!!

    • Grey'sFan says:

      Could it be the son (Wes’ half brother) Charles Mahoney #underthesheet? Would that be a cop-out of a major character? Charles was on the back half of S2… Annalise’s scream could’ve been in horror that someone died in her house. Did Wes find out about Frank and Laurel or catch them together at the house and set the fire in rage?
      Did Connor hook-up and did Asher get wasted to give themselves alibis?

  11. Chloe says:

    I’m still hoping they placed those scenes of Wes [making the deal] to appear that they were after the fire and that in reality, the scenes were before and Wes is actually the one under the sheet. He’s boring & I wouldn’t miss him. If not, I think it’s Nate. He’s been sidelined this year, since he broke up with Annalise & has become reluctant to keep helping with her problems. That’s made him ‘disposable’, which is a shame because I like him.

  12. Lee says:

    I must be slow, but I just realized tonight that of all the main characters on the show Annalise, Bonnie, Frank, Nate (his dying wife), and the Keating five – the only character we have seen absolutely nothing about his backstory is Connor. Nothing about his family, where he’s from. He went to boarding school with Michaela’s former fiance but that’s all I can remember as far as any back story detail. I guess he’s safe, but this hit home for me tonight.

    Nate’s story has pretty much played out, so he’s my pick now for the dirt nap.

    • Salma says:

      There was the episode where they showed him at his family home, at a party. His sister brought him a guy as a present but he told her he had a boyfriend and not to tell his mom cuz she’d probably start planning a wedding.

  13. Milo says:

    I’m seriously worried for Wes. He did not feature in any of the post-fire scenes again today. I really hope he makes it out alive.

    • Krista says:

      Last week they showed Wes alive at the police station ready to rat Annalise out. I suspect it’s part of a plan but Wes is definitely alive.

      • Crystal says:

        Thank God that Wes is alive. He is one of my favorite characters. Of course, I love all of them. I love the pairings of Conner and Oliver & Wes and Laurel. I hope that Nate doesn’t die, either. He is one hot, hot man.

    • dan says:

      We were told at the beginning of the season that each week they would reveal one person who was alive. Last week the reveal was Wes because he was the anonymous source. That leaves Nate and Frank as the two contract players who haven’t been accounted for yet after the fire. It is possible that the producers pulled a fake-out on us and the Wes scene with the police was before the fire meaning he could be dead, but I’m banking on Frank being under the sheet. His storyline has played out and they’ve almost written him into a corner (he killed Lila, Bonnie’s father, Mahoney). My guess is that Frank is under the sheet but it will turn out that Laurel’s baby is his (meaning they did have sex even though Laurel told Wes they didn’t). Soap operas always do this kind of “circle of life” stuff. If it turns out that Nate is under the sheet then I think it will be anti-climactic because he hasn’t figured into this season’s plot very much.

      • jj says:

        That’s the issue I’m having. Frank was the obvious choice from the beginning and Nate is so irrelevant that it won’t have an impact. The who’s under the sheet has been so built up, that either option (Frank or Nate) will feel anti-climatic.

      • Milo says:

        My thoughts exactly on the fake out scenes. Wes and Connor are the only characters whom we’ve not seen talking to or being around the rest of K5 in hospital meaning their scenes may have happened prior to the house burning down and one of then could actually be the victim. Frank is to obvious at this point..and Nate had barely been in this season that his death is going to be a real cop out. My money is on Connor and Wes right nwo

        • Philip says:

          Connor’s phone was at Michaela’s. so there is no way and no reason for him to go back to the house after his hook up. So after the reveal Connor is pretty safe that he is not under the sheet!

  14. Matt C. says:

    That final scene with Frank and Annalise left me completely breathless. The whole episode was incredible, but that ending…oh my. Next week’s episode might just be the death of me!

  15. Beth says:

    It seems they are leading us to believe it is Frank under the sheet, so. . .it’s not Frank under the sheet. So it has to be Nate. . .who else is left?

    • dan says:

      But Nate being under the sheet results in an “oh well” from most fans. He isn’t integral to the storyline this year and his death wouldn’t affect the story going forward. He may be the easy way to kill off a regular character without affecting the show, but in terms of drama Nate’s death is somewhat meaningless (by the way, I like Billy Brown and the character of Nate, I just don’t think his death would have an impact on the show moving forward based on his lack of storyline this season; if he and Annaliese were still together than that would be different). Either way, we’re down to Frank or Nate so the excitement isn’t as heightened. I would’ve preferred to find out who was under the sheet at the end of last night’s episode and then next week we’d find out where the others were. But this method builds up the marketing excitement even if we know its 50/50 for Frank and Nate.

  16. Kari says:

    What if this were to happen… Frank really does kill himself and Analise has to find a way to hide his body so she burns her house down.. that may be way out in left field but you never know with this show lol.

    • jessj says:

      If he killed himself, she could have called the cops on him (because according to every crime show you can tell when a suicide is real or staged) and while shes waiting for the police the house burns down with someone in it. I think Annalise gets out of jail because Wes doesnt snitch on her, He blames everything on dead Frank. But Wes did say “if you wanna take her down” so who knows- just a theory.

  17. jessj says:

    I bet Frank kills himself and Annalise gets rid of the body with Bonnie because Frank disappears a lot so no one will be snooping around thinking he’s missing. Frank needs to go, he’s acting hella crazy and is a loose cannon for the show. I think someone else is under the sheet though, not Frank, maybe Nate, the president of the uni, eve, OR i think it might be that indian guy from their class and Annalise reacts shocked because she never wanted anyone to die. Who knows, can’t wait for the finale though!

  18. Zee Zee says:

    i think the big question is why was Laurel in the basement of the house when it caught fire? Could it be that he kidnapped Laurel and burned Annalise’s house down in a murder suicide? How long was Frank gone a few weeks maybe? If so, Laurel could have slept with Frank before he left and be pregnant with his baby. She might not even know she was pregnant when she slept with Wes. Who did Bonnie tell on the phone that Laurel was pregnant several episodes ago? Was it Annalise? Wes? Frank? Why is Wes willing to tell on Annalise? Why does he need immunity? Is it for the scam they pulled on Charles?

  19. Your commentary has my head spinning, I loved it.

  20. karin says:

    It would an absolute letdown, but could it be that Dean Hargrove kills her husband in Analise’s house now that Analise is representing her? I’ve always wondered where the story was going with the Dean..besides thinking she was going to hookup with Analise.

    All signs point to Frank but it just seems so obvious and i like him and Laurel. But who else could it be? What’s going to happen within the short time of one episode to explain someone else dying there? If it’s Nate, how would he end up dead there? Doesn’t make sense right now. Even tho i think the reveal will be a letdown i cant wait for next week!!

  21. Me says:

    Now I’m sudre it’s Wes under the sheet, and the scene where he is at the police took place before the fire. Pfff – so sad!

    • Leo says:

      That’s the kind of twist Peter Nowalk is capable of.
      Now to think of it…that must be why Laurel is so worried about Wes because Wes is also in the house. Good theory!

  22. mrmcgee says:

    We’re Thomas and Connor doing something extra. ..naughty? I was trying to make out what was on the nightstand beside the condom. And they are really trying to make me dislike Ollie with his back and forth.

  23. L says:

    Delapadated? Consider’s? C’mon Slezak, you’re better than this! :)

  24. Valerie says:

    Everyone keeps saying that Nate would be anti-climactic, but Frank is too obvious. AK wouldn’t be that upset over Frank dying IF she was sincere about him offing himself. Maybe Frank did end up killing himself and Annalise felt bad about it in the end, but again, it’s just too obvious and too neatly wrapped up for it to happen that way. Nate and Annalise had a thang. She would be devastated if something were to happen to him. She purposely pushed him away so he could be happy without her. That’s love. Nate wandered in the house when he wasn’t supposed to and got GOT.