The Daily Show's Hasan Minhaj and Michelle Wolf Just Delivered TV's Best Post-Election Takedowns

The Daily Show on Wednesday refused to hide its disgust with the outcome of the presidential election.

Flummoxed by the idea that Hillary Clinton, an “experienced politician,” lost to Donald Trump, a “racist, fake gynecologist,” correspondents Michelle Wolf and Hasan Minhaj put voters on blast for electing the former Apprentice host.

Up first, Wolf was nearly brought to tears as she spoke of female voters who decided to cast their ballots for “the guy who said women who get abortions should be punished, who walks in on teen beauty queens changing, [and] who would ‘grab a p—y.”

She then fumed, “It’s not even about not voting for Hillary, it’s about people voting for Donald Trump,” before adding that the latter was “the worst thing to happen to women since yeast.

“We’ve always known that there are some men that are against women,” she continued. “What f—king blew my mind this election is that 42 percent of women voted for Trump… Some of those women didn’t want Hillary to become president because she’s a woman. That’s right: women can be misogynists, too, just proving that women can do anything that men can do — except be president.”

Minhaj, who spoke second, was concerned with just how fast the country seems to have forgotten Trump’s proposal to forbid Muslims from emigrating to the U.S.

“On Dec. 7, 2015, Donald Trump called for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States… Seriously, how is that not instantly disqualifying?” he asked. “Even if that’s not why most people voted for him, open racism should just be a deal breaker. You may not personally be a racist, sexist xenophobe, but that comes with the package… so if you take that deal, what you’re telling me is, ‘Hey man, I don’t hate you. I just don’t care about you.'”

Are you also angered by the outcome of the presidential election? Do you agree with Wolf and Minhaj’s disgust in the American electorate? Sound off below.

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  1. Annie Sisk says:

    God bless them. They’re utterly correct. I hope they’re strong enough for the next four years because we’ll need them.

    • K says:

      I hope there are many people who are strong and brave enough to stand up to Donald Trump for those who can’t and that they will all be safe. But I also kind of hope that there are some good and decent people really sucking up to him so he will listen to their advice. My thoughts are with all those who are terrified for their lives right now and I really hope that things don’t turn out as disastrous as we fear. And I hope that no decent person will ever choose to sit out an election again (I’m not just talking about presidential elections) or think it’s safe to vote for someone who has no chance of winning. If you want a third party you can not start with the presidency. Even if you feel it is a choice between two evils, the lesser evil is always preferable to the greater one. There are actual lives at stake.

      • Annie Sisk says:

        Amen. As I told my weeping daughter last night, who’s personally terrified over this as I am, “we need to stop being selfish. We need to fight for others who are even more threatened by this man’s presidency and the slightly less than half the US voting population who supported him.” And I totally include those who voted third party in that. They need to own what they broke and bought, just as much as all the outraged white people who don’t like being called out on supporting an open and unapologetic racist and sexual predator. A robust third party would be great, but that’s a movement that needs to start LOCALLY.

        • meleliot says:

          Why isn’t anyone talking about the “actual” rapist Bill Clinton who would be back in the White House terrorizing interns? What about Hillary and Bills foundation taking monies from countries where raping and killing women and gays is ok? I could go on ad nauseum, but I think I’ve made my point.

          • No. You haven’t made your point. If your point is that Bill Clinton should have been punished for doing the things you say, perhaps it’s too late to satisfy your need for revenge. Following you point: It should not be too late, listening to your advice, to keep that from happening again. If your “Ifs” are so, we put Clinton in the White House without the knowledge we have about Trump. Shouldn’t we take this then as forewarning?

  2. maregolden says:

    I doubt many of the people that voted for Trump watch the daily show, so the only people that saw this already know a terrible mistake has been made.

  3. CK says:

    I know that folks are going to complain and be like “he’s our president. respect him”, but you know atleast people aren’t pushing the theory that Trump was born in Kenya or is working with ISIS.

  4. Angela says:

    Pretty much sums it up. Still can’t believe how many people brought into Trump’s BS. It’s going to be a long, long four years.

  5. DJ Doena says:

    Wolf said she doesn’t get it. The question is, did she even try to get it? The problem with filter bubbles is that they not only exist on the internet but in the real life as well. How much contact does a metropolitan journalist have with lower middle class or working class people? When was the last time they truly tried to understand the problems that steelworkers and non-student-diner-waitresses have to face?

    When you live in a world where your biggest problem is that the new $600 iPhone doesn’t come with a headphone jack then you’re never going to understand why it’s more important for these people to not lose anymore jobs to Asia than to go headbutting Russia about a no-fly zone in Syria.

    • DJ Doena says:

      And on the topic of not everything shiny being gold, look up deportation statistics on Wikipedia and see how Barrack Obama truly treated illegal immigrants. It’s deeds not words that count!

    • Angela says:

      How much contact does a metropolitan journalist have with lower middle class or working class people? When was the last time they truly tried to understand the problems that steelworkers and non-student-diner-waitresses have to face?
      I’m about as lower working class as it gets and I don’t get how people in the same economic boat as me looked at “super rich, doesn’t pay federal taxes at all while us lower working class people get stuck picking up the slack, made millions even when his businesses went bankrupt and the people working under him got royally screwed, lives in fancy buildings with his name emblazoned everywhere and owns multiple properties” Trump and honestly thought, “Yeah, here’s the answer to our economic problems. Here’s a guy who gets what us average Joes are going through.” Just…WTF?
      Way too many lower working class people got conned by this guy to a truly embarrassing degree.

      • Patrick says:

        They didn’t get conned. Them saying what they are saying about why they voted for Trump is just cover. What are they going to do? Admit they voted for Drumph because they agreed with his stances on non-whites, women, the LGBT community. No one ever admits they did something for racist reasons.

      • DJ Doena says:

        Let me try to explain it this way: Life is like high school. There will always be the in-crowd and the cool kids. And there will always be the lepers.

        In the recent years being a straight white male has become the new leper. It’s something you’re born as but somehow it makes you guilty of every single problem in the world. You’re even blamed for things that happened hundreds of years ago.

        Despising a person just for being white and/or male has become socially acceptible, so much so that people like Rachel Dolezal rather be black than white.

        Now add that with being poor and you get “white trash” and no one will even object to that term.

        You can basically say anything about white people or man (and especially white men) without having to fear any social repercussion.

        When a young senator ousted an experienced politician in the democratic primaries in 2008 that was change we could believe in. When society as a whole doesn’t want that same polititian in the White House suddenly it’s misogynistic whiteslash.

        Donald Trump has also been ousted by the in-crowd. All the media that already had nothing but disdain for what’s condescendingly called “fly-over territory” have now decided DT also be labelled a leper.

        And suddenly you have unlikely allies. Because remember “Heroes”? Claire Bennett became Homecoming Queen, “because in this school, the unpopular are the majority”.

        • kayw4 says:

          So I’m wondering what it is in your life experience that makes you genuinely feel as if white (straight?) men in America are the “lepers” as you call them. Looking at statistics for legal, social, and economic changes in American lives in the past 40+ years don’t support that idea at all – so you must be thinking about something that’s harder to define and describe, right? Are you worried about your personal safety when you encounter people of a different gender, and/or a different ethnic background? Are you under the impression that non-white people are actually doing better in terms of earnings, job prospects and/or social prestige? If so, what in your own life experience gave you that impression? Do you in some way feel that the betterment of other groups will negatively impact your own chances to succeed? If so, why? These are crucial questions to ask right now – for example, who is it that you feel despises you for being white, as you say? As a white person myself, I’m asking it as a genuine question (and of course with some bafflement). Are non-white people, or women, over-represented in media? In politics and government? In corporate leadership? If not in these areas, then where are they and how are they making you feel “despised”?
          This is an entertainment site and may not be the right forum in which to have this conversation, but today I just feel like we need to be unafraid (if possible), and start actually having these conversations with each other – even if it’s just in some tiny comments thread on a tv site. Got to start somewhere, right?

          • DJ Doena says:

            Short answer from my side because you’re right. A) this isn’t the right site to properly discuss this and B) This particular comment software doesn’t really allow for a structured question-and-reply format where I could quote segments and reply to them specifically.

            I, personally, am not of the disenfrenchised. I have a well-paid job in IT. My mum’s part of the working poor though I try to help her whereever I can.

            As to your question of where you can feel despised. Try to enter a college campus where the first thing you are obliged to learn is what consent is because apparently our parents didn’t teach us that. After that you can take an overly simplistic social justice class in “how men ruined the world”. And then you get shouted down and get called all the insults in the book because you want to talk about male suicide rates.

            Because no one gives a rat’s anus if a man offs himself or doesn’t even manage to finish high school. But even if you are the unassuming overweight nerd in the corner, it’s still your fault because you make Star Trek jokes and that apparantly makes girls uncomfortable to get into STEM (yes, that’s a thing, google “star trek women stem”).

            Sure, white males still make up the top of the food chain, but if they get smack-talked to in any way, they’d rather not talk back in any way because then they “show their true colours” and how racist and mysogynistic and whatnots they are.

            Remember that guy who landed a satellite half a solar system away? He was publicy shamed and had to give an apology for wearing a shirt with sexily drawn women a female friend made for him.

            Just look at how many self-proclaimed progressives describe Trump voters: Fat, beer-belly wearing uneducated hillbillies and whatelse. Try to get away with categorizing any other group of people like that.

            Just listen what it is said and how it is said and imagine it being said about any other gender or skin colour. But progressives have a solution for that, too: It’s only racism when it’s not against white people, it’s only sexism if it’s not against men. Because whites and men are the privileged class (down to the hobo sleeping under the bridge apparantly) and you can’t be racist or sexist against them, no matter what you say.

            Comedian Neel Kolhatkar basically predicted the outcome of this election and aptly pointed out how we got here. Go to Youtube and search for “The Privilege Game”.

        • The only white men that get ‘despised’ are the ones who, for example, talk about and think stuff like some the things Trump says about (a handful of) minorities and women.
          Bernie, for example, is a white old straight male and a lot of people (and tons of young people) liked him, while the people that didn’t the ‘bad’ thing they could say about him was that he is a ‘socialist’ and they didn’t want that kind of government.

          I’ll give you that a group of people do generalize ‘white straight males’, but most people clarify when they’re talking about people who are racist -or whatever the topic is- that they’re referring to the people who think like the stuff they’re talking about.

          Also, did you just freaking compare Claire Bennett to Trump?? Lmao xD. That character was an actual hero that DID actually care about everyone and would not have agreed AT ALL about the stuff Trump + Mike Pence + the group of (not all! a group!! lol) his followers that are racist (and/or other things) have said about people in minorities and about women. Especially considering she was in a minority that would be in a REALLY(!!!) bad position in a Trump presidency lol.

          I wish everyone would get along with each other and weren’t a-holes and accepted people, but that’s not gonna happen; ever. Oh well lol.

          • DJ Doena-oops, you slipped troll. “My mum”? “True colours”?
            Working American middle class my tuchas. Where are you? Russia?
            People that are offended by calling the midwest flyover country don’t use British colloquilisms.

          • DJ Doena says:

            What? Never heard of a foreigner living in America? Or does it blow your mind that someone like me – an outsider – might have a different perspective? John Oliver and Trevor Noah aren’t from the US either, you know…

          • Let me bop in here with something that may get dinged because off-topic. We can go waaay back when God was a woman, following the religion, the leader was a woman because, aside from superior natural instincts of integrating with the Eco-system and with other tribes, was important because she produced other members of the tribe.

            Gradual ascendancy of man and a paternalistic society where might makes right and woman is relegated to system where she, depending on the culture, has less importance.

            Brings ust to today.

            Perhaps, if the foregoing is correct, after fact-checking, you’ll have to decide that(But do it after fact-checking, Fox News does not count as a source, nor does the Bible, you will have to count on gasp! science. I know, doomed from the start. Well, I tried.)I say, though. If it’s correct, perhaps this is a beginning of the next stage. What? I don’t know. I’m just “fictionalizing”, you know”futurizing” maybe “prophesying” maybe the beginnings of an amalgamation where the best qualities of the sexes are brought together.

            Like the slow development of geological time, there will be an interplay, friction and violence for what? Hundreds of years? Thousands? Never? All Bullpocky? Maybe? Anyway, unless we develop some thought processes beyond where we are, I don’t think we have a chance to find out.

            I hope this doesn’t get dusted. I type slowly and this took me a long time and I can’t wait to see the insults.

  6. n says:

    I don’t know how we’re going to survive this. He’ll pack SCOTUS with right wingers and get his choices propelled through on speed dial by this all-Republican Congress. Maybe he’ll decide to let Muslims and the undocumented stay to work as slave labor building his wall on the southern border. I mean, the guy agreed with Howard Stern that his own daughter is “a piece of ass”! We are in deep, deep poop.

  7. Whatevah8 says:

    A Reality Star that hasn’t paid taxes in 30 years is our President. I keep hoping it’s a horrible nightmare, but’s real.

  8. Tingo says:

    Fear is a very strong emotion. Republicans have made much of their progress playing off of the fears of its constituency.
    While we’re at it, let’s just be real here. More people voted for Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump in this election (if current counts hold). Trump as president, just like Bush in 2000, will become President because of the Electoral College, an antiquated system that has no place in the modern world. The Electoral College will not go anywhere anytime soon because that would require a significant number of Republicans to support the move. That has very little possibility of happening since the Electoral College system has benefited them and hurt Democrats.

    • Whatevah8 says:


    • Ash says:

      The electoral college is in place to protect the vote in smaller states. If it wasn’t in place, candidates would only have to campaign in New York, California and few larger cities. The votes of millions of Americans woud be nullified because of the concentration of the population. Clinton lost the election because she lost the vote of Democrats in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. The irony is those voters were likely two time voters of Obama. They either voted Trump, left it blank, on wrote in names that couldn’t win. Democrats screwed Democrats.

      • Tingo says:

        The Electoral College came into being as a way to maintain the integrity of the election and to ensure that the people electing the President (and Vice President) were knowledgeable. I do not remember ever reading or hearing about the Electoral College being in place to protect the votes of smaller states. Population already plays a huge role in the number of electors with California having 55 and Montana only having 3.
        To protect the interests of smaller states, the Senate provides each state with only 2 senators.

        • Ash says:

          I shouldn’t have said it protects the vote in smaller states it actually makes it more important. The electoral college was created as part of a compromise between large states and small states at the convention and is based on the amount of Representatives each state has. The argument for it today, though it is disputed, is that candidates could ignore large portions of the country and just focus their campaign on large urban centers. There is no way small states would agree to a constitutional amendment that would take away it’s power, and that has little to do with political affiliation. Vermont and New Hampshire are just as like as Wyoming and Montana to object to it.

    • JA903 says:

      @Tingo can I like your answer a million times?? You’ve just put your finger on the heart of this whole thing…

    • Brock Hard says:

      Trump called the Electoral College a “disaster for Democracy” four years ago when he thought Romney won the popular vote. Irony.

    • Temperance says:

      Even with all the extensive cheating on the GOP, trump still couldn’t win the popular vote. He’s illegitimate.

  9. Jake says:

    It is GLORIOUS seeing the Liberal media talking heads implode on themselves !😂

  10. Raul J says:

    I think we all need to take a deep breath, sit back, and realize the person we should feel most sorry for is Bill. After all, now Hillary will be home and he’ll be with her 24/7, and I can’t imagine she will be in a spectacularly good mood for the foreseeable future.

  11. Spence says:

    I really appreciated Samantha Bee’s post-mortem as well!! This is incredible too!

  12. HAP says:

    There were a number of polls that gave Hillary a nearly 99% chance of winning. Are no people that might consider that the results in several states were manipulated by a foreign government. Trump kept complaining that the election was rigged. Maybe he knew something. That you Vlad?

  13. Bella says:

    Republicans swept elections across the country because of the economy.

    • Whatevah8 says:

      Yeah that low unemployment rate really ticked them off.

    • Temperance says:

      The current – oh not anymore! – economy? The one Obama managed despite the Party of Treason?

    • Temperance says:

      Oh get a grip and stop lying. The Dems moved up in number in the Senate, Trump didn’t actually win (certainly not the popular vote, despite cheating, rigging, and billions of dollars of propaganda/. He’s illegitimate. They GOP only gained some governorships.The economy is actually humming – you just don’t know it because the GOP has set it up so only the super rich are prospering from it. I mean, seriously, you don’t even know that’s the job of Congress – and they failed.Again.

  14. Brad says:

    Can all of you people see into the future? Open your damn minds and give Trump a chance to prove you are right or possibly wrong. You are seriously all sounding crazy. It’s time to look forward and quit tripping over what’s behind us. There is a lot of repair work to be done and this kind of ranting and raving will not solve anything. Democracy had it’s say. People voted. This is the outcome and there isn’t a thing anyone can do to change it. Something drastic has to be done to keep us the best country in the world. If that means strong borders, legally immigrating, stomping out terrorism, adding jobs, getting people off their asses into work, and banishing the amount of entitlement, then so be it. Grow up.

    • Mary says:

      Maybe he will maybe he won’t time will tell. People are basing their opinions and reservations due to the fact he has no experience to back it up. There is a lot of repair work and that is on Trump for running a platform base on hate and fear. Look at the people he surrounded himself with that doesn’t instill confidence. No I think you might need to grow up and comprehend the facts. Trump never had concrete policies all he had was talking points.

      • Brad says:

        I value your point but all this naysaying and acting like it’s the Armageddon is never going to help us move forward. The man won and whether you or I like it or not he was elected and that is just something people are gonna have to find a way to deal with. I believe he can help us turn the tide. A failing business needs a CEO who won’t pussyfoot around. Clinton and Obama have both asked for all of us to rally behind him. It would be unpatriotic not to do so.

      • Brad says:

        I value your point but I was referring to repairing the mess of the last 8 years. All this naysaying and acting like it’s the Armageddon is never going to help us move forward. The man won and whether you or I like it or not he was elected and that is just something people are gonna have to find a way to deal with. I believe he can help us turn the tide. A failing business needs a CEO who won’t pussyfoot around. Clinton and Obama have both asked for all of us to rally behind him. It would be unpatriotic not to do so.

    • Temperance says:

      You’d have to have some real mental deficiencies to actually do that. Or to even think that. Trump Monster the illegitimate will never make a move not massively opposed. I hioe he never gets a single thing done, or better yet, goes away ASAP.

  15. liame says:

    Just imagine if Obama was running against Hillary and behaved the way Trump did during this campaign, OMG! His 1/2 privilege couldn’t save him, LOL!

  16. cuius says:

    Putting aside politics – think Trump has had a better outcome this year than Noah – at least the former has a gig for the next four years – bet the latter was as certain of his future given his ratings

  17. Subramani says:

    if you take that deal, what you’re telling me is, ‘Hey man, I don’t hate you. I just don’t care about you.’ — well looking at some core, non-nogotiable tenets of Islam. One can say the same thing about Muslims. “we don’t hate you, but our religion won’t respect you if don’t accept Allah and renounce your false GOD!” Here is another one, you can’t talk about freedom, decmocracy and then be part of a system that requires you to believe in Sharia! I am willing to accept “we can’t just throw muslims out despite..xxyz” but don’t use convenient arguments only when it suits you.
    American’s and the west in general has been fooled by Islam as they are gaming the justice system based on democracy that believes in proving wrong intent. Well, Dar-ul-Harb in Islam says that till you gain power, accept the laws of the Land to survive and grow, once you feel you can win, start the war!!.. How can someone who claims to live by free speech, democratic values find such an incompatible doctrine acceptable? Free thinkers born into conservative Christian hoises, openly declare themselves as NON-CHRISTIAN for causes they belive in, why can’t Muslims do the same? How about “I renounce Islam, till the leader in Saudi Arabia, say women are human beings and desrve to be respected just like any human?” Many of my muslim friends would hide in my house to drink beer or to escape the local mullah from dragging them to attend some Islamic function, but when they face the world a Muslims, they fear that if they say anything negative about Islam, they will be in serious trouble.
    Even Christianity+Modern world unity is synthetic, Christian views are in conflict with thoughts from Age of Enlightenment. You never find someone who says he is a devout christian AND a huge believer in the Age of ENglightenment movement do you (or the other way round)

  18. Subramani says:

    Some comedy for you.. I always wondered who the “Uneducated voters” were, after watching people smash their TV’s with Trump speaking, and burning flags, I understand who they are!

  19. Subramani says:

    A president-elect who makes Pakistanis in Pakistan worry is a good sign

  20. Subramani Ananthapadmanabhan says:

    Hasan– Aren’t muslims who say they are muslims accepting Sharia and the concept of Darul-Harb? i.e. saying we don’t care about democracy and western value! Let’s work towards a better world where muslims can also proudly show off their defiance for Sharia by drinking alcohol, women flashing by lifting their Burkha’s without fearing religious leaders. Today when you say muslims, you are talking about people who want to live a western lifestyle but not ready to denounce the very thing they ran away from (Sharia and problems arising from Sharia). Granted there is Islamophobia, but that is effectively countered in recent years by Saudi Arabia’s rich contributions to the sociology departments of Harvard ad Columbia. I am willing to fight for the right of any muslim, who accepts that I don’t believe in Allah, I believe in something else that is scaralegious in Islam, but I mean no mental, physical or social harm to the Muslim, and respect me for it, If yes, then the respect is mutual and I will even fight for him. THe tricky part is privately many muslims agree, but they are scared to speak up against the bigots who have them in theirpower by Islamic banking and other Islamic benefits, so then it again becomes a “its not worth standing up to the Mullah” thing, which in Hassans words is “I don’t care about you”

  21. Juxtapoz says:

    Oh please. TDS had EVERY opportunity to step up in its coverage of the election. They consistently chose to all but ignore the seriousness of what was at stake. Trevor Noah made a point of avoiding any in-depth political commentary, and telling people to get over his soft-touch approach to current events. They had a show with a massive audience filled with exactly the people who could have turned this around. They chose to just be silly and noncommittal to anything but easy laughs, soft jokes, and timid interviews.

    Only now, after seeing first hand what happens when you act like you couldn’t care less who wins, do they want to offer all these emotional appeals. Well, save all that for when we build a time machine to go back to when any of it might have mattered.

  22. anatoly arutunoff says:

    we thank Almighty God. which concept of course isn’t even in your lexicon. didn’t we ban all permanent immigration from 1924 to just after ww2? we get to decide who we let into our country

  23. Tom says:

    These people need to be kicked off tv

  24. I look at it this way. I can deal with a pssy grabber, but I can’t deal with no home, food or job.

    Got it?