Conviction: ABC Opts Against Ordering More Season 1 Episodes

The verdict is in on ABC’s Conviction: The freshman drama won’t get an order for more episodes this season.

There is a silver lining for fans, however, as the eight remaining episodes of the initial 13-episode order will air. And our sister site Deadline is reporting that ABC still holds Season 2 options on the show and the cast (including star Hayley Atwell), so we’re not ready to call it “cancelled” just yet.

The legal drama, starring Atwell (Agent Carter) as a wild-child political daughter taking on the cases of the wrongly convicted, has gotten off to a slow start on Monday nights, underperforming what Castle did in that 10 pm timeslot. In fact, although the remaining eight episodes will air, ABC may decide to move the show to a more compatible (i.e., less desirable) night.

Conviction joins Notorious on ABC’s chopping block, as the network cut that freshman show’s episode order to 10 last month. But ABC had better luck with Designated Survivor, Speechless and American Housewife; each has already earned a full-season order.

Will you miss Conviction? Hit the comments and give us your take on Season 1 so far. 

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  1. Kayla says:

    Please dont cancel it! i was starting to like this show :((

  2. Mark says:

    She’s great but the show is too much of a procedural. It would have worked better on NBC. ABC shows need a bit more spark. Any chance that Agent Carter might return for Season 3?

    • Lysh says:

      I agree. ABC usually does great stuff and this was too predictable. Even Castle was a procedural but it had charm. Here’s hoping for more Agent Carter.

  3. Kels says:

    I like this show. I will only accept its cancellation if it means that Agent Carter comes back!

    • Rachel Undercover says:

      I agree I miss Agent Carter so much! It was a great show and filled a gap most period dramas are fairly dull but agent carter was action packed with great storylines!

  4. Sara says:

    Is this the first show to be “cancelled”? I’m impressed the networks waited so long

  5. Anne says:

    UGgggggh. I really like Conviction!! It’s interesting. And they cancelled Agent Carter for this.

  6. Claire says:

    If you won’t call it cancelled, how come the link says it is?

  7. Emma says:

    No! I love that show! Hayley Atwell is amazing!

  8. Lauren says:

    No I love this show! :( Hayley Atwell is a genius, and the chemistry between the whole cast is great. Netflix pickup?

    • PatriciaLee says:

      It is wonderful, and I’m heartbroken along with you. You are right, excellent work by the cast and crew! This pickup would get me to pay Netflix.

    • Trumpmeister says:

      God I wish people would stop asking if their favorite cancelled show will be picked up by netflix. It ain’t gonna happen!

    • Lindsay says:

      If you don’t keep it please put on freeform or someone pick n it up! Loved the show!

  9. Tanya says:

    awww i like this show!!

  10. wvugirl2007 says:

    I was really starting to like this show. Great cast.

  11. So Happy says:

    I love Haley Atwell! I need her on my TV as Agent Carter if ABC doesn’t pick Convictions up for a second season.

  12. BrianR says:

    Lets see it ran two episodes ten a two week break, another episode and then another two week break/ Pretty hard to watch something when its not on.

  13. kmw says:

    Sorry there is no way ABC can bring this show back with the numbers its doing. it is indeed essentially cancelled

  14. MoshiMoshi says:

    Can we get Agent Carter back now?!?!?!!

  15. Karma. They canceled Castle for this. Every time ABC cancels a show with decent ratings its successor always bombs.

  16. Kevin says:

    Another failed series for Hayley Atwell. Now ABC must decide on which hour long drama would definitely fill the void in the 10 pm Monday night time slot. Wonder if Quantico moves from Sundays to Mondays.

    • Maria Eksteen says:

      They cancel Conviction but leave Quantico on? Sad! I really like Conviction. Quantico seriously sucks both in plot and performances.

  17. Cindy says:

    I really enjoy the show – it is one that I eagerly look forward to each week. I hope they don’t cancel it!

  18. Dominique says:

    this is really disappointing, i’m loving conviction and it’s really getting better. and hayley atwell is fantastic in it.

  19. Chuck says:

    The producers say it was only ever supposed to be a 13-episode season.

  20. Crystal says:

    I love Haley Atwell and she deserves better! Bring her back as Agent Carter or leave the show alone.

  21. Carlos Lee says:

    Sad to hear. Can she be zapped to “Agents of SHIELD” via time portal from the 1940s?

  22. christopher bee says:

    this is one of the shows, of whitch i can always point out the “who´s done it” within the first 5 Minutes, so lazy and dumb. Yes it´s a great main cast but stupid scripts and stereotype guest actors (it´s a casting problem) who are not that talented ruined my viewers experience a lot.

    So good luck to Ashmore, Kinney, Montana, Cahill and Atwell, you all deserve better.

  23. Debbie says:

    Conviction is a great show, i was deverstated when i read it had been cancelled last night. But here’s hoping abc will have a rethink and realise just how crazy it would be to end it. I love Eddie Cahill and anything he’s in
    deserves a second chance.

  24. Suzy says:

    Atwell deserves better than another cancelled show. Amazing actress

  25. Couch Mom says:

    If they cancel, can we get Agent Carter back? If it’s only 13 eps a season, can we get them both?

  26. Cat says:

    This show is just hitting its stride! Love It! Notorious is the one that needs to be cancelled!

  27. Conviction is really smart and I love it. They have a great cast with really amazing chemistry. I look forward to watching this every week! I hope they don’t cancel this show and honestly, ABC owes us because of what they did to Castle. Please give this a chance.

  28. Johnny Styles says:

    Let’s hope this means that we can look forward to new episodes of Agent Carter. I wonder if Netflix would be an option if ABC isn’t interested?

  29. Megz says:

    I love this show :( I think the cast has great chemistry and there’s a lot of story left to be told!

  30. Rick Katze says:

    Watched Notorious but found it boring. Conviction I liked and hoping that Haley will do a third season of Agent Carter get another vehicle. She is to good to lose.

  31. KLS says:

    Watched the first 2 eps, but couldn’t really get into this show. Atwell isn’t good enough to carry this thing by herself and the writing was predictable/poor.

  32. liame says:

    She’s annoying.

  33. marcus starkey says:

    i like the show it’s just on too late to watch for me with work

    • John NYC says:

      I record everything anyway so there’s never a “late”. Plus the show itself takes a lot less of my time to watch.

  34. grys03 says:

    Conviction started slowly but improved greatly by the 3rd & 4th episodes. Will be sorry to see this go if it get’s cancelled. The only lack I was finding was around the back stories of the rest of the team & too much, too early about Hayes & her family’s background.
    The last few years have seen way too many shows cancelled too early – Player, Rush Hour, Second Chance, Minority Report, Mysteries of Laura etc
    Just wish the networks would at least give shows a chance to find their feet – Conviction is certainly in this group.

  35. Traci says:

    I love this show as well as Nortorius , they always cancel the good shows!

  36. Crysta says:

    It’s a great show. I would define try miss it

  37. popeye013 says:

    I like this show, just hope ABC give it the chance it needs and deserves!

  38. Raven says:

    Too bad I really like the show and it is just hitting its stride.. rethink this one!!!!

  39. margaret zastawecky says:

    Love the show s conviction and notorious why always do met works do this sometimes a show needs more time to catch on

  40. Christina Stotts says:

    The only television series I’ve watched in years is Scandal. Conviction and Notorious are great. Let them find their audience!

  41. Roselyn says:

    Love love love the show please don’t cancel I’ll be happy if you just move it to Friday sounds good instead of canceling

  42. B says:

    Bring back Agent Carter

  43. Debra says:

    I’m going to start waiting for ABC new series to begin airing ON DEMAND. It seems as though every time I get interested in a new series, BAM it’s cancelled!

  44. Carol C says:

    I love this show and am sorry to see it go.

  45. Glenda Harjo says:

    I love this show…it needs a better time and more exposure. Acting is superb

  46. Harmony Cipollina-Dreven says:

    I really hope that ABC doesn’t cancel Conviction, it’s such an amazing show.

  47. Laura says:

    Why would they cancel it? They haven’t even really given it a chance, and it’s actually a brilliant show.

  48. Viktoriya says:

    This show is fantastic! I can’t believe they’re thinking about cancellation. So many great shows are canceled after only one season. Recently, Stalker and Eye Candy. Also, Freaks and Geeks. Not to mention all of the shows that end on a cliffhanger and I for one need closure. Please vote for Conviction in the People’s Choice Awards 2017.

  49. Ruthie Clark says:

    I love the show! Don’t cancel it.

  50. Rachel Undercover says:

    Conviction is a great show, it has made me feel and connect to so many different stories and has let me see Hayley Atwell in a very different light that I love! The rest of the team have very different personnelles and their own back stories, which should be investigated, that create a great dynamic for the show. If it does get cancelled I believe it would be a mistake on ABC’s part, I know the viewing numbers aren’t that great – probably due to the lack of advertising!