Young Justice Revived: DC Comics Superhero Cartoon Will Get a Season 3

There is justice after all: The cult-favorite superhero series Young Justice will get a third season, three years after being cancelled by Cartoon Network.

Production on Season 3 of the animated series, about a Justice League-like squad of teenaged DC Comics superheroes like Robin, Superboy and Kid Flash, is already underway from Warner Bros. Animation, our sister site Deadline reports. No network has signed on to air the revival yet — Cartoon Network axed the original run in 2013 — but Netflix has been rumored as a possible destination, since the first two seasons of Young Justice are already available on the streaming service.

Creators Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman are back for the all-new third season of Justice, which earned a devoted fanbase during its original run. It won an Emmy in 2011 for individual achievement in animation, and boasted a strong cast of voice actors, including Jesse McCartney (Robin), Danica McKellar (Miss Martian) and Lacey Chabert (Zatanna).

“The affection that fans have had for Young Justice, and their rallying cry for more episodes, has always resonated with us,” Warner Bros. Animation president Sam Register said in a statement. “We are excited to bring the show back for this loyal fanbase and to provide an opportunity for new viewers to discover this excellent series.”

Excited for another season of Young Justice? Hit the comments and tell us why. 

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  1. xomar says:

    Who would’ve thought, good things come out of 2016 after all.

  2. CJH says:

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!! Best news ever!!!!

  3. A. D. says:

    Awesome! Now if they would bring back Batman the Animated series, Justice League, and Batman Beyond!

    • Ian says:

      Yeah, definitely bring back Justice League, and the original Teen Titans. Teen Titans Go! is just silly trash.
      And I’d LIKE to see Wiccan and Hulkling please. If I have to watch more seasons of nothing but straight teen romances, well I doubt I’ll feel much desire to watch Young Justice s3 and beyond at all.

      • Arthur says:

        Wiccan and Hulkling are part of the Young Avengers (a Marvel franchise) so… you know… i don’t really see them showing up at Young Justice (a DC franchise) anytime soon, but never give up!

      • Tai says:

        I’m all for Wiccan and Hulking but I doubt they would be in Young Justice. They’re Marvel characters.

      • Brodie Marschall says:

        Yeah, they definitely need to bring Justice League back, Maybe they can do the Rise of The Manhunters, Black Beetle, Blackest day, The Siege of Starro, Night of the Living Grundy, Hades and ares, Rock of the Ages, Return of the White Martians, And Crisis storylines. It would be so awesome!!

  4. ndixit says:

    That’s awesome. But they better bring back Wally West!!!! What they did to him in the finale was not cool.

    • Sara says:

      Feeling Whelmed!!!!!!!!!
      hope they bring back Wally and no more killing off characters for a bit ;-; ….. But I do want to see more Miss Martian and Superboy I didn’t like she was with the fish dude. Hopefully they do the next season even later so all the characters are even older (except superboy :( AND FOr GOD SAKE ADD THE LAST ROBIN!!! I WANA SEE BATMANS KID JOIN THE TEAM!!!!!!!!

      • Brodie Marschall says:

        Yeah, And if YJ S3 is a complete success, This could open the door for Marvel and DC to revive many shows like Beware the Batman, Batman: the Brave and the Bold, The Batman, Legion of Superheroes, Teen Titans Season 6, Constantine,Green Lantern: the Animated Series, Agent Carter, The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Spectacular Spider-Man, The Super Hero Squad Show, Wolverine and the X-Men and even Iron Man: Armored Adventures. This would start an animation arms race!!

        • Jonathan says:

          Might as well bring back Ultimate Spider-Man while we are at it. The show was finally getting to be one of the greatest Spider-Man related shows to date. Now, it is cancelled because the movie is coming out. Just imagine if Ultimate Spider-Man, Spectacular Spider-Man, and the new show were to have a massive crossover. USM already has a magical artifact that allows jumping between alternate realities (and artwork styles). USM could team up with SSM and the new Spider-Man, just like Spider-Man (90’s) teamed up with his alternate reality versions.

          • Brodie Marschall says:

            Yeah, And maybe even we could bring back Hulk and the Agents of Smash for a third season, there’s a lot more stories they can do, Betty Ross can become Red She-Hulk and join the team, Leader and Abomination can become villains again, Skaar can discover his origins, Ultron, Thanos, The X-Men, Daredevil, Punisher and the Infinity Stones can guest star in this season, There is so much they can improve on and they left on cliffhangers in the third season.

          • Brodie Marschall says:

            Hey, Jonathan, Did you get my message about how Hulk and the Agents of SMASH should come back for a Third season?

          • nalnoc says:

            I don’t know how they would top the ending of Hulk: Agents of SMASH.

    • Brodie Marschall says:

      Well, We’re just going to find out. The success of YJ S3 might convince Marvel to revive even Hulk and the Agents of SMASH and Ultimate Spider-Man and the endings of S3 and S5 might actually top the endings of S4 and S2. HATAOS has so much potential for a S3, The Intelligence, Mainly by evil genius humiliated by the Hulks. It would be made basically by the Leader,MODOk, Red Ghost and potentially Dr.DOom (Although the last one could betray them) Speaking of Dr.Doom, the Time Travel’s arc should have been explored again, Mainly the future with the the Tomorrow SMASHers and discover who really were those kids. The Leader becoming the Red Leader, Betty Ross Becoming the Red-She Hulk, I”m sure she would be the mother of the gamma twins, Betts and Thad. New villains would be introduced and following The FF’s tradition and their appearance in AA “U-Foes’ I would bet on The U-Foes. The Gamma Corps would’ve been introduced as recurrent enemies/Adversaries, More than anything, to discover Skaar’s real origins and discover how they adapt to the fact that he’s The Hulk. USM would’ve see the solving of some unsolved business in previous like what happened to Colonel John Jameson’s transformation into Man-Wolf after his debut, There would’ve been new recruits that will increase SHIELD’s new class, Between the candidates, we would’ve have the forgotten recruits (Speedball, Gravity and Echo) Reptil, Black Cat and Sliver Sable were rumoured to join the team too, There was also a big chance for Miss Marvel and Jessica Jones has been mentioned too, We could had another adventure through the Spider-Verse, where we could’ve explored not seen realities, like the ones of Robo Spider or Spider-Punk, The Ultimate Goblin (From Miles’s world) Could’ve caused big troubles in the future, He could’ve used the Siege Perilous to bring villains from his world to destroy Spider-Man. We could’ve had his world’s versions of Carnage,Lizard, Rhino and Vulture, It was said that this new Vulture would’ve been similar to the one that will appear in Spider-Man:Homecoming, As consequence of the Goblin’s actions, Spider-Gwen could be transferred to the main reality just like Miles and join the Web-Warriors. (personally, I think that would’ve be interesting) The Peter Parker from Miles’s world could still be alive and there has been rumours about “Captain Spider-Verse”.

      + “Spider-Island” would’ve be the main topic of the next season (either as Season 5 or new series). The bad guys would’ve be evil Spiders previously saw. Wolf Spider (changing his name to “Spider-King”), Carnage Queen (evolved as “Spider-Queen” but without a host), Kaine (now looking like Spidercide), and “new and improved” Spider Slayers (Ghost Spider, Goliath Spider and Bones Spider). There was also rumors about another alternative Spider-Man who is actually the Superior Spider-Man.
      + The real Spider Slayers (the killer robots) would’ve debut, but not created by Spencer or Alistair Smythe. Like in “Ultimate Comics”, they would’ve be creations of the Tinkerer, who will probably look like the character from the future movie.
      + There would’ve be finally be romance in the series. [I hope so, considering Peter and MJ at the end of the Symbiote Saga and the rumours of Black Cat]. It was also said that in case of appearing, Black Cat and Mary Jane could’ve be something like “frenemies”.
      + Doc Ock unmasking Spider-Man in the last episode of Season 4 will have consecuences. We could have a mini arc with Kraven the Hunter, based on either “Grim Hunt” or “The Last Hunt”.
      + Ultimate Jessica Drew could’ve debut in the series, as another clone of Spider-Man created by Octopus and Zola; just like in the Ultimate Comics. She could join the Web Warriors too.

      + Hydra Island could’ve return and be turned into “Spider Island”m working as the headquarters of the evil spiders of this story.
      + We could’ve have an arc based on “Ends of the Earth” with traces of “Spider-Island”. This could take us to meet Spiders in other countries. It’s rumored the debut of Spider-UK, Spider-India, Anansi, Mangaverse Spider-Man and Araña/Spider-Girl.
      + A potential arc about Peter Parker’s parents is not impossible.
      + Harry Osborn would’ve turn into Anti-Venom again, but keeping it under control. Somebody else would’ve then use the armor of Patrioteer.
      + The Spider-Virus of Spider-Island could’ve cause the debut of new heroes created by Spiders. There are possibilities with the Slingers (Prodigy, Ricochet, Dusk, Hornet) and Silk (Cindy Moon).
      + Some Spiders could’ve get “upgrades” and/or improvements, in the form of new abilities.

  5. Barb says:

    Excellent news indeed (it was cancelled way too soon along with Avengers EMH). Hopefully the animation style stays the same.

  6. Jeff hunter says:

    No Offense to Homer Simpson buuuuuut woohoo!jeff

  7. Ambiguouscake says:

    I’m super excited it’s coming back, hopefully this isn’t a joke and it comes to fruition. The entire was too sad not to be continued! #savewally

    • ndixit says:

      No joke. I got far more upset than anyone should ever be over an animated series with that finale. I think part of it was because at that time, YJ Wally West was the last remaining version of the character in any medium and it really hurt that they killed him off without even giving him a decent storyline for most of the show’s run. I would hope that Weisman is sensible enough to pick up on the character’s popularity. The popularity of the Flash tv show which has introduced a version of Wally and the fact that the original Wally West has reappeared in the DC comics should help in the cause.

  8. ndixit says:

    I am assuming that given the amount of time animation takes, this won’t be coming out till 2018 or something absurd like that.

  9. JC1 says:

    That is awesome. Can’t wait. The first two seasons were amazing. And yes #bringbackwally.

  10. ComeOn says:

    OMG! So happy that’s happening. I would watch it even it it’s YouTube subscription! Hope the original cast will return as well!

  11. cg1964 says:

    Congratulations to all the loyal fans who never gave up hope. To the administrator and the over 400,000 followers of the ‘Young Justice Needs a Season 3’ facebook page: YOU DID IT!

  12. MoshiMoshi says:

    It’s about damn time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Becca says:


  14. Goldenvibefan says:

    Omygoodness, it’s actually happening!!! YUSSSSSSS

  15. chicagorob says:

    FINALLY – an actual DC Cartoon that’s not the brain dead “Teen Titans”

    • nalnoc says:

      Teen Titans is NOT “brain dead”. You are thinking of “Teen Titans GO” a show that is an insult to fans of the Teen Titans show that came on before “TT GO”. I would highly recommend watching Teen Titans if you like Young Justice.

  16. jeff says:

    During season 3, Lets finally add the Teem Titan / Young justice leaguer “Lillith / Omen” to the group. so far she has never been on any show

    • Jonathan says:

      I would also like to see an accurate version of Secret and her evil older brother Harm. “Secret” was a great Halloween episode, but it was an accidental insult to all of the fans of the Young Justice comic. I loved the show, but did not like what they did to my favorite original characters.

  17. datdudemurphy says:

    This is the happiest news story I’ve seen in a long time

  18. Swashbucklist says:

    YES! This is the most fantastic news! I swear to Crom, I jumped up and did a stupid dance just now, and I’m not even slightly ashamed.

  19. Stonedog says:

    Good to see WB thinking for a change. I hope the reassemble the writers and voice actors from before. Very excited.

  20. Mrb8283 says:

    Now bring back avengers emh and all will be good with the world

    • nalnoc says:

      I agree with bringing back Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and I think they should tie it into Ultimate Spider-Man. USM has greatly improved since season one and became far darker, while remaining light enough to avoid whiny teen characters. Who needs to see another Peter Parker origin show next year?

      • Brodie Marschall says:

        Yep, Me too, I think This is starting to spark a gameschanger in Marvel so they can revive Spectacular Spider-Man, Wolverine and the X-Men, Iron Man: Armored Adventures and The Super Hero Squad Show along with EMH and YJ too.

  21. Darren Ferrell says:



  23. Dani Danny says:

    Finally, after showing our throat that freaking Teen Titans crap..

  24. Criss says:

    Yippeeee cant wait for season 3

  25. Lexie says:

    This gives me hope that one day Marvel will see the error of their ways and restore Avengers:EMH.

  26. Sarah94 says:

    Best news ever. It was a huge mistake to end this but know we can finally be happy it is coming back!

  27. Abishai says:

    Now how about picking up that Green Lantern series they dropped?!

  28. safistikaytdlayd says:


  29. i was so feeling the mode when it got cancelled, season 3? soo crash!

  30. Grace says:

    Really hope for more Nightwing!!! I preferred S1 over S2, cause it was better character development with just six characters (more than enough). I’d really like to Nightwing Vs Deathstroke, and for him and Wally to reunite!! And don’t get me started about Red Hood! I know everyone’s hoping for Teen Titans inclusion, but I kind of don’t, cause I can just see Starfire being there for the purpose of being a love interest (never liked her character in any media anyways). Raven and Cyborg are more than awesome, but yikes, Young Justice is getting crowded! Maybe if Nightwing doesn’t come back, he can have his own little storyline still, doing covert stuff against Deathstroke and-unknowingly, the main villain Darkseid :D. No more Arsenal though, hated him. His name is appropriate though.

    • nalnoc says:

      They could spin off Young Justice Season 3 into several other shows for a Season 4. Arsenal and the Outsiders (the kids who were experimented on, minus Static); the Titans (Nightwing and the Season One YJ team); and the Teen Titans/Young Justice (Season Two/Three characters + Secret as original character).

  31. nalnoc says:

    If there are any Ultimate Spider-Man fans here please let me know if you would love to see a DC (Young Justice) Marvel (USM) team-up.

  32. Leonor says:

    I want Starfire/Koriand’r in Young Justice!