Supergirl Spoilers

Supergirl Stars Talk Kara and Mon-El's Connection, Tease Guardian's Arrival

Mon-El takes his first (mostly sober) step into society on Monday’s Supergirl (The CW, 8/7c), allowing us to understand the Daxamite on another level — perhaps even a romantic one?

“[Mon-El] just likes fun. He likes going out and making out and hooking up and just being a dude,” Chris Wood told reporters during a recent visit to the show’s Vancouver set. “He really strikes me as the kind of guy who has just always gotten away with it. He’s never had to think about settling down or picking one girl to focus on. I don’t think he’s open to it because of that. He’s never met somebody that wowed him like that, so it’ll take a second to wrangle and get him to calm down.”

Kara will attempt to wrangle him this week — his Clark Kent look comes courtesy of Supergirl, who treats him “like her personal Ken doll,” according to Melissa Benoist — but that doesn’t mean he’ll necessarily follow orders.

At the very least, Benoist says this week’s episode “gives [Kara and Mon-El] a much broader profile to grow from as friends, as allies, even though they come from these warring planets.”

As for the possibility of a new romance for Kara, following her uncomfortable split from James in the season premiere…

“[Last season] was all about her trying to find her comfort zone as a superhero. And now, she’s learning how to be Kara, personally and professionally. I think it’s so important for her to just feel like she can truly stand on her own. I love that she’s not pining after anyone right now — but there are things on the horizon. It’s really lovely the way [that pans] out.”

And then there’s Guardian, James’ crime-fighting alter ego, whose big debut is now imminent. Though the cast is required to stay relatively tight-lipped about Guardian’s arrival, Benoist says the audience “might be surprised by the way” Kara responds to him.

Your hopes for Kara, Mon-El, James Guardian and the rest of the National City crew? Drop ’em in a comment below.

Reporting by Vlada Gelman

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  1. Jason says:

    it would really feel odd Kara getting with anyone this season after the whole backtracking of James and Kara on the basis that she needed to find herself but then again Mon-El is exactly the kind of guy the CW likes to hook up with girls. That “we’re so different it could never work” is basic CW dynamic for a relationship

  2. Phun says:

    Not too thrilled about this James-Guardian thing but I will give it a chance.

  3. Fan says:

    Chris Wood is amazingly hot as Mon-El. Woof!

  4. KM says:

    I”m not watching supergirl currently, not yet anyway, but can someone tell me who Mon el is? is he the a future son of superman? thanks in advance.

    • Mary says:

      No. He’s from a sister planet of Krypton, called Daxam. He has many of the same powers as a Kryptonian, though at the moment he can’t fly and doesn’t have heat vision or freeze breath.

    • YoStabbaStabba says:

      If they are true to the comics he comes from the 31st Century and is a main member of The Legion of Super Heroes.

      • Lee Carlson says:

        Actually, No! He came to Earth and was a friend of Superboy’s, but his Kryptonite is Lead! With so much of it here on Earth, he got Lead Poisoning and was dying and the only way to save him was to put him into the Phantom Zone. He stayed there for 1,000 years until Brainiac 5 cured him as part of his Legion of Super Hero’s Audition.

  5. The Kaibosh says:

    They’re obviously going to hook them up and do so for two reasons. The first is that Daxamites will play an integral part in the “Invasion” cross over coming up. This will drive drama between Kara and Mon-El as they land on opposite sides of the conflict. Secondly, Mon-El is a Clark surrogate. For those that would inject some Game of Thrones into the show and think that Superman and Supergirl look good together and in a more than cousins kind of way, here you go.

  6. Avery Friend says:

    I wasn’t a big Kara/James shipper but I found the way that they decided out of nowhere that the relationship wouldn’t work after an entire season building up to it very strange and uncomfortable. If they DO pursue a Kara/Mon-El romance, I’ll be deeply upset, because there’s really no way to look at that except as squashing an interracial romance with significant buildup in favor of pairing the hero up with a random new white guy. Supergirl does SO MUCH right, so I really, really hope that they find a way to make this better.

    • Jason Stein says:

      She had the most chemistry last season with Kat’s son, her former love interest in Glee. So far he is the only person I could see Supergirl hooking up with.

    • Vince says:

      Screw that diversity quota. There’s no chemistry with James and Kara. Kara had the best chemistry with Barry and Cat’s son.

      • Jason says:

        pretty telling you’re thinking james and kara only happened for diversity. That says a lot about you.

        • Vince says:

          Of course it is. All the way from the WB back then. There’s always that token black guy who had to be shoved and ended up getting written out. eg, Smallville’s Pete Ross
          Oh and don’t use Flash as an excuse since that has comics to back it up eg New52. James has nothing. Colossal failure. No chemistry. Grasping on straws for storylines. Only one ending is in sight and it’s the Laurel-like death.

      • edyn says:

        I agree with Vince. I am ok with some changes being made like having a black Jimmy Olsen or Nick Fury as long as they act well. I can even do Jimmy as the Guardian, but he needs some kind of ability, good fighter or some strength. Jimmy was just Jimmy, no special anything. A person or viewer can tell when people have chemistry and I felt like it was being forced between them. Kara had stars in her eyes because it was award -winning Jimmy Olsen, personal friend of her cousin who knew her secret.With Mon-El, I can see the chemistry, even though they may turn out to be only friends. It is cool that you know someone other than your cousin that has the same strength as you do. Someone new to the planet and just as confused as you were. If there is another relationship for Kara later on, I hope they do a better job at it.

    • Lala says:

      She had no chemistry with James, she even had more chemistry with Barry in 1 episode than she did with James the whole season. This has nothing to do with race/diversity. I’m all for Kara & Mon el as long as it’s not rushed. I am glad they are taking the guardian route with James because just being a LI made him so boring.

      • Kimberly says:

        Race was absolutely a factor in the decision to break up James and Kara no matter how much you deny it. Chemistry is subjective but the sad truth is a huge portion of ‘fandoms’ are inherently prejudice whether they’re consciously aware of it or not, especially when it involves a white MAIN character involved with a black person. They for whatever reason tend to have a far harder time seeing chemistry with I/R couples as oppose to white on white couples. Look at any show or movie featuring such a situation and try to tell me I’m wrong about the fandom reaction. The WesAllen hate on the Flash is well documented, in JJ there was a huge portion of fans actually rooting for Jess to be with Killgrave over Luke, freaking KILLGRAVE! Over on HTGAWM fans whine all day about how Laurel(white Hispanic) belongs with Frank not Wes, and do I even need to mention the Rey with Finn hate in Star Wars?

        Do ppl really think these patterns are just a coincidence? Fandoms all give the same coded language too like, “they’re better as friends”, “no chemistry”, “brother/sister vibes”, “weird”, “forced”, blah, blah, blah but the pattern of negatively is unmistakable and undeniable. Sure they’ll accept some I/R relationships from supporting characters but for the stars of the show? Absolutely not, very rarely(and by ‘rarely’ I mean 1/100) do we see such a situation that garners more positive fan reaction than negative ones and deep down we all know it. Obviously this won’t change since people will keep blindly denying it, afterall no one usually views themselves as racist or wants to ever publicly or privately admit to anyone even themselves that they might be prejudice or racist on that level. But yes even in 2016 it’s still very frequent in fandoms and it’s usually ppl claiming to be the most liberal of folks that are the biggest covert offenders. They just can’t bring themselves to admit it because doing so would cause them to reexamine themselves in ways they’re not comfortable with….

        • Andy says:

          EXACTLY and it seems the majority are too brain dead to understand it. Racism played a HUGE part of Kara and Jimmy splitting. Want proof? The White Supremacist site, “STORMFRONT” actually carried on about, how dare SuperGirl be romantically paired with a “N***er Also a few White Males made YOUTUBE video’s, complaining about Supergirl being with a Black Man, and how it’s “WHITE GENOCIDE” Not just SuperGirl, but I have noticed that shows dealing with BLACK MEN and WHITE WOMEN they usually get split up for Bullsh!t reasons, or one of them gets killed. It’s sickening and it’s a double standard. Notice that nobody seems to have a problem with Black Women/White Men on TV, which they are showing constantly. Barry and Iris are still going strong and no complaints. It appears the bigoted majority, are dancing, because Kara and Mon EL look to be a couple. I for one will stop watching this show.

        • liz says:

          I’m sure there are some racists who have a problem in general with interracial romance on-screen, but while I’m totally for the Barry/Iris relationship, I never thought Kara and James had the right chemistry. She was too innocent and didn’t know who she was or what she wanted, while he seemed older and more established and just on more of a different wavelength. And I’m a white girl about to marry a black man in 7 weeks. It can be about race, but it’s not always.

    • bobbie says:

      Regardless of what they do with Kara, I hope they bring back Lucy for James. Those two actors had great chemistry and there was plenty of potential for the character.

  7. Asia says:

    So they broke Kara and James up to throw her with a fratboy later down the line?

  8. Jason Stein says:

    Okay. So i thought they were going to introduce a character this season on Supergirl as being in a same sex relationship. I thought it was going to be Alex but after her cop friend introduced her GF last week I kind of gave up on that theory. But did anyone get a vibe between Winn and Mon’El? The way he basically manipulated him into taking him out and how it was mentioned more than once how the planet full of hedonist? So are Mon’El and Winn going to be the same sex couple?

  9. Mary says:

    I like it better that they haven’t been concerned about Kara being in a relationship and wish it would continue.
    What I’m not liking is that Kara and Alex haven’t yet had a chance for some nice sister moments. The one time they’ve had to just talk, Kara was talking about going to Metropolis.
    As for James and Catco, it’s already feeling unnecessary for Kara to even go to Catco and try being a reporter. And James is seeming like there’s no real reason for him to be around.

  10. Donald says:

    Kara and James had no chemistry, stop being so butt hurt they killed it. You cant throw a rock without hitting an interracial couple on TV now a days (which is a good thing) so please dont start some kind of false outcry that that was the reason they ended it. Sometimes plans just dont work out and you have to move on to a different one.

    • Mary says:

      Yeah. The Flash has Barry and Iris, while Arrow has Diggle and Lyla. So the argument that the it’s the producers who have a problem doesn’t work either.

    • Jason says:

      Disagree and agree. Chemistry is not a quantifiable thing. You’re saying they had no chemistry as if its a fact and its up to each person to see if they had chemistry or not. If they didn’t have chemistry the way the writers wanted to then its product of bad writing. Story dynamics create chemistry.

      • Vince says:

        Dear there’s what we call screen test. Grant Gustin did with Emily. That piece of wood called James has nothing.

        • Jason says:

          Screen test have nothing to do with an overall arc and how fans may or may not like it. if your character dynamic is written badly you will not see “chemistry”.

    • Lisa says:

      I don’t think it was the reason the producers ended it. They clearly have no problem writing interracial couples. However, I think the reason the producers killed it is because there was very little support for it from the audience and one reason some people didn’t support it is because James is black. (Obviously there were fans who disliked it because they just didn’t like the characters together, but race definitely played a factor for some fans. Some fans shipped Kara with every single white guy she interacted with, whether the story supported it or not.) That makes me think it’s still a race issue, just not from the people in charge.

      For what it’s worth, I liked Kara/James, but I also liked James with Lucy so I would’ve been happy with either pairing.

  11. lena says:

    he has better chemistry with winn

  12. YoStabbaStabba says:

    Mon-El in the comics was one of the most straight-laced characters in The Legion of Super Heroes and had a long relationship with Shadow Lass. Sorry to see them change the character so much. I know they have to change up stuff for TV but hope they don’t make him into a big joke.

  13. Lala says:

    Yes…I like this. She had not chemistry with James

  14. Magali says:

    I don’t care where they go with the character of Mon-El… I’m just happy Chris Wood is on my TV screen every week, in a show I actually like.

  15. Jc says:

    Omggg mon el is my favorite character on supergirl right now. Him and kara have so much potential i wouldnt mind them getting togeter just dont rush it. Oh and kara and james the general consensus was him and kara had no chemistry. Most of the audience didnt feel it the writers didnt feel it and thankfully they stopped trying to force them together.

  16. Dani says:

    So it is not going to Winn. Not going to be James. I don’t think it will be Mon-El. Didn’t Supergirl end up with future Brainiac? I’m hoping that these CW shows stick with their comic love interest, but given Arrow, it won’t happen.

  17. Michael Scheu says:

    Mon-El’s attitude would change if something really drastic and long-lasting were to happen to him.

  18. cool says:

    @dani, producers are not obligated copy everything from the comics, what is wrong putting a few changes since it’s 2016. My suggestion to u live in the present and not in the past.

  19. AllieB says:

    I love the fact that Kara and Mon El have such common interests that it creates a relationship between them already and one that nobody else can understand. I hope that they end up together because Kara can change Mon El and really create and worthy relationship between the two. My opinion with Kara and James is that they were okay I just did not see them ending up together and not for any racial reasons but the fact that Kara being supergirl would have affected James and she will always have to protect him since he can’t really protect himself. I hope that something does happen between Mon El becuase they are just right for each other!!

  20. Narah says:

    I think what happened with Kara and James was that during the build up of their relatioship they were great and (in my persoal opinion) had some chemistry (not too much but), but when they finally got to actually be together, their relatioship lost colour. They were just not right. I was shipping them before they got together but after they actually did it, i lost interest. So i don’t think it’s a racist deal, bcs i ship (hard) Barry and Iris from The Flash. After a while i was just not feeling their connection (Kara and James).

    • edyn says:

      Kara/Jimmy reminded me of a new toy. Looks good on the outside, but when you play with it for awhile and see it was not what you thought, you lose interest. Kara having abilities and Jimmy having none. Clark has Lois, but it took them awhile to be a couple. She is always where the action is where Jimmy fades into the background taking pictures. He does not fit.

    • Phyllis Steen says:

      But there never any actual relationship between Kara and James. They got together at the end of the Season 1 finale and broke up in the Season 2 premiere with nothing happening in between, supposedly because they were both too busy to even go out on an official date. It’s pretty obvious to me that the producers decided to add Mon-El to the show to be Kara’s love interest so they needed her to get rid of her current guy so they could get together quickly. Cue cursory breakup.

      I’m one of the few who liked Kara and James together while Kara and Mon-El seems to be your garden variety “Bad Boy tamed by the love of Good Girl” relationship so far.

  21. yosra says:

    i so want kara to end up with mon-el

  22. Maddy says:

    I really hope that Cara and Mon El will get together because I can see the chemistry and how much they care for each other but nothing is really happening between them.

  23. i rather see kata with mon el then jimmy

  24. just M's says:

    i would love to see Mon-El with Kara because they are so alike in many ways and they’ll look so cute together

  25. Angie says:

    James was more or a background guy and he took front place sometimes when things between him and Kara led to a romance. I think now his role as a Guardians is a replacement for that. Mon El is somewhat a project for Kara. He’s from a sister planet of Krypton and to my pleasant surprise, he’s not the instant hero, which gives Kara something to do. And in my opinion, his lack of knowledge about Earth and her understanding of their home worlds is a perfect mix. I’d like to see them as a real thing, the kind of couple that builds their relationship slowly, but strongly (kind of like Olicity, but with happy ending). I sure think one of main reasons I’m now so interested in the show is Kara/Mon El chemistry and hopefully future. I’m already shipping them!

    • Angie says:

      P.S – I think Chris Wood is absolutely ideal for this role. He looks right for the character that is being made and somehow (without the afiliation to Superman) he looks right for Kara. And I think he’s gonna be a surprising position in the team, just what they need.

  26. Ray Ruiz says:

    Every one knows that MonEl has the ability to fly soooo, Why doesn’t he & where’s his red suit & blue cape?

  27. Ray Ruiz says:

    I think it was dumb for them to do the gay thing on Supergirl. This is supposed to be a positive family show. Not the L word which was a good show.So is the Network trying to tell our kids to do experience sex with their friends (other girls or what?)

    • edyn says:

      My husband and I watch the same shows and if one of the characters is gay, he will not watch it. He almost did not finish the last season of Warehouse 13 because a new male character was gay. I know it was the last season, but we watched it from the beginning. He hated watching, but managed the last season.

  28. John says:

    So, did anyone else notice how she said “things on the horizon” after “she’s not pining for anyone right now.” “Things” potentially being multiple love stories. Implying different episodes where she’s pining for Mon-el, James, and Winn. Could I be wrong here?

  29. Paola says:

    To be honest I think Kara and Mon-El are better off as friends and staying that way. They are too different. And it looks like that they are going to use the same storyline that they used for Kara and James. And to be honest im kinda sick of it.

  30. Woodrow Goff says:

    Kara love black men!!!! You could see that the way she kiss the 2 black men!!!!

  31. Amia says:

    Kara and Mon El look so cute together

  32. i realy like kara $ mon-el together