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Supergirl Recap

Supergirl EP Talks Alex's Discovery, Previews Mon-El's Future as 'Mike'

Monday’s Supergirl saw the rise of a new hero, the reveal of a dangerous connection, and the first steps to happiness for a member of Kara’s inner circle.

Here’s a quick rundown of the week’s events: Mon-El enjoyed his first (and last) day as CatCo intern Mike Matthews, which he mostly spent eating Twizzlers and banging Cat’s assistant; James, tired of feeling useless behind Cat’s old desk, made a hush-hush arrangement with Winn to protect the city under a new alias; the audience learned that Lena’s mother is the head of Cadmus; and Alex admitted that Maggie might not have been totally wrong when she assumed that Alex was into girls.

Below, TVLine discusses three of the episode’s key story lines with executive producer Andrew Kreisberg: The life and times of “Mike Matthews,” Lena’s apparent connection to Cadmus, and — of course — Alex’s big confession:

TVLINE | So, I love Mike. I know Mon-El is done at CatCo, but please tell me he keeps that persona.
He gets to be Mike a few more times this season. Chris Wood is so unbelievably charming and funny, and there’s a real danger when you write comedy in a show like this; it could fall flat very easily. But Chris is such a gifted comedian, and he has such an incredible sparring partner in Melissa [Benoist], that we just knew he was going to hit this out of the park. We were genuinely laughing out loud watching this episode, which is exciting for us, to think that this show could travel in different waters like that.

TVLINE | Well, she’s a sparring partner, but also — am I crazy for thinking there could be a romantic thing going on there?
Yeah, it could be. [Laughs] I mean, she’s not dating anyone right now. There’s definitely a little bit of Sam and Diane from Cheers in their relationship, her being the more mature, put-together one, and him being a lovable cad. Whether or not they’re going to get there is part of the fun of watching this season.

TVLINE | The chemistry is even stronger between Alex and Maggie, which is a relationship I’m really enjoying. Will her growth continue to happen organically in baby steps?
We take our responsibility as storytellers very seriously, and we wanted to make sure we were telling a story that was true and real and emotional and entertaining, being respectful of the journey that Alex is making. We didn’t want it all to happen in one episode, so it’s been happening at this pace very deliberately. Hopefully people are on board for Alex’s journey.

TVLINE | I have to imagine that Chyler Leigh was very much on board.
As an actress, she thought, ‘Great,’ because it’s more for her to do. She was fantastic about it, and she’s been turning in these heartbreakingly devastating performances week in and week out. I’m not sure we would have even tried it if we didn’t have someone as talented as Chyler playing the part. It’s those little moments, the way she looks at Maggie or doesn’t look at Maggie, when you can see everything that’s inside of her. We’re so proud that a show like Supergirl can be telling this kind of journey.

TVLINE | Are any of those “little moments” coming up in the near future?
Yeah, Episode 6 is a really big episode for Alex, and for that storyline. We’re so proud of that episode, which is called “Changing.”

TVLINE | Lastly, Lena and Cadmus! How much should we assume Lena knows? Anything?
We don’t want to give too much away. Part of the ongoing fun of the show is wondering just how in it Lena is. Where do her true allegiances lie? And will she resort to being a Luthor, like so many people expect from her? Or does she have a higher calling and a higher duty? Now that we know the connection between Lena and Cadmas, that’s going to be the fun of it.

Your thoughts on this week’s (many) revelations? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Jason says:

    …so nothing about James?? But we do get the very basic tween chemistry between Mon-el and Kara “we’re so different but we’re both hot so ovi we’re gonna hook up”

    • Karrie says:

      Kara and James made sense and had real chemistry, but I guess they’ve decided if they just pretend hard enough, fans who liked them will magically forget. Or be blinded by the mayo Mon-el.

    • Asia says:

      Chris Wood had better chemistry with that actress he was paired with on Containment. Kara and Mon-El is such a cliche vanilla pairing. It’s been done before and I doubt the writers are going to bring anything new to the table. The fact that they squashed Kara/James in one episode after spending an entire season building them up says everything. I can’t promise I’m going stick around for this.

      • Mary says:

        It says they weren’t going to work. Kara and James had no chemistry.
        I’d rather see Kara alone for a while. Talk about something that’s rarely done. A girl who isn’t always worried about who she is going to date.

    • Jc says:

      Lol please kara ans mon el have way more chemistry than james and kara
      ever did. Also mon has way more charisma than james ever did. And the writers agree. Be fortunate the writers are attempting to make james interesting.

    • Scooter says:

      I thought that relationship seemed forced and awkward. I’m actually glad it ended.

    • Milo says:

      Well obviously this is why TV hesitates to incorporate diversity into their shows… I was a serious Kara & Winn fan…and I saw more chemistry with Winn & Kara back then than I ever did with James and when the show did not take that route no one complained…but now that the James/Kara pairing crushed and burned people yell ‘racism’…and I’m sure ‘homophobia’ will be the thing yelled next if ever Alex/Maggie ‘die’ or break up. James was the weakest character of season 1, much like any character just cast in the light of being a Love interest just like Arrow’s seasons 1 & 2 Laurel and TF’s season 1 & 2 Iris West. LI characters always seem to exist solely for the ‘will they/won’t they’ factor and their development is somewhat stagnant. The path to becoming guardian is a great development for James. I’d rather see him kicking butt and holding his own rather than pine for Kara. White straight people on shows die/break up all the time on tv shows, it’s the nature of tv . Lets be wary of seeing discrimination were there’s none.

  2. TvPeong says:

    Winn and James were the best parts of the episode.
    I hope Lena is good. Is that just naive of me?

  3. Phun says:

    AWESOME Episode!
    Good to see Jame being beaten up a few times.
    Mon-El, the intern! OMG! Hilarious!
    A Luthor is always evil!
    And the last line! MOM! Holy sh*t! Brenda Strong is so awesome! From when I saw her Desperate Housewives to here in Supergirl!

  4. Ridhi says:

    I hope mon El will be more than a comic relief. Some insight to his inner turmoil and pain for being the last (?) survivor of his home planet destroyed years ago which he only came to know very recently . I like to believe that, beneath the carefree persona there is survivors guilt and also sadness. As it should be . All the carefree persona is just a facade(to an extent) to hide the pain. That’s what I like to see They can do so much with his character, I really hope, they would not make his character two dimensional by making it a comic alien sidekick of supergirl.

    • Ridhi says:

      Also writers must remember that he is a hero in comics. Sooner or later they must make him one. Also like to see mon El talk about the honorable Prince who saved his life and chose to die with his people.

  5. herman1959 says:

    This was a very well written episode; the change to CW has been good for the show. Oh, about Alex…I CALLED IT!

  6. Karrie says:

    Thank goodness there might be a romantic relationship with a white guy for Kara. No, I mean, that’s such a pile of crap after the forced and inorganic crushing of the Kara/James relationship. Why aren’t you holding these people accountable for this racist move to just arbitrarily end Kara and James? (which made no sense, didn’t work as a story, and continues to be a glaring blight on a show I used to enjoy.)

    • Tai says:

      Maybe because no reasonable person of color should see it as racist. There was no chemistry between Kara and James. But I can see it between her and Mon-El. Strangely enough I can also see chemistry between her and Lena. So it’s not that the cast is incapable of showing genuine chemistry. It’s just that CBS was pushing a relationship that felt forced. I personally think Mon-El and Kara could work just because they’re from rival planets and it has a hold less depressing Romeo and Juliet vibe going on.

      Again this is just my opinion as a black woman. But I don’t see anything racist about them ending the pointless relationship between James and Kara. I actually laud them for letting them go their separate ways so soon.

      • Jae says:

        I’m the fact that invalidates your argument. I’m a “reasonable person of color” and I couldn’t disagree more with your comment. EVERY fictional relationship is “pointless.” They’re made up. But, Hollywood resists casting black men in a romantic light, preferring white gay relationships as their ‘cutting edge.’ Look at TV, movies and you’ll see very few black men with white women, despite it being pretty common in everyday life. That is not accidental. TV shows plan months ahead and everything is examined. So, they intentionally try to diminish black male characters. Look at the most famous black actors: Denzel, Will Smith, Samuel L. Jackson, Eddie Murphy. They rarely get the girl in their movies. ANY girl, black or white. In fact, The Pelican Brief was supposed to have a romance in it until they cast Denzel with Julia Roberts. Julia was fine with onscreen love scenes, but they were written out. Why? Black guy can’t get white girl in movie. Notice how James and Kara ALMOST kissed? The writers, director and producers refused to let them touch lips. Heck, even the white wife in Empire was killed, just like the black husband in Heroes. We learn from movies. Anyone who denies that either has never seen a movie or is a liar. We don’t just learn slang and clothing styles, we are taught what’s attractive. So, neutering black men is the height of racism. And, all these “chemistry” students are simply showing their biases. Obviously, chemistry between characters isn’t objective. So, they’re telling others that James & Kara’s relationship is bad is just BS.

        • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

          Actually Kara and James did kiss at the end of the episode “Worlds Finest” just as James’ mind got taken over by Myriad. When James didn’t react to the kiss Kara asked “was it good, bad, too good?” Also they kissed near the ending of the episode “Better Angels.” right before Kara did the champagne trick.

    • KCC says:

      I don’t get the racism here. If the producers really are racist, they wouldn’t have made a character that was white in the comics, black on the TV show. Unfortunately they made him boring too. Other than being tall, dark and handsome, James has very little personality to hold my interest. He doesn’t have a sense of humor like Wynn or Hank’s interesting back story. I think the quick reboot of the James character is a good thing. They could have made it more “organic” (at lease in a TV sense) and had it play out over the course of this season. I, for one, wouldn’t want to endure that. They were a couple that had mutual crushes and went out a couple of times and it didn’t work. Ending it quickly is a sign of maturity to me. Continuing a relationship that both parties are not fully invested in is just stupid and what passes as drama on TV a lot of the time. Kara calling it quits after a couple of dates seems more realistic.
      At least now It appears they’re trying to make James a more interesting character by developing something other than just being a love interest for Kara. To me that’s much more meaningful than being arm candy for Kara and just being around to create romantic problems.

      • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

        Really it was the same situation as when Kara went out with Adam Grant. Kara and Adam tried to go on a couple dates and Supergirl kept getting between them so Kara decided to call it off.

  7. BadPenny says:

    Let us start with Mon El: he is vulnerable to lead in the same way that Superman is vulnerable to Kryptonite. While that means nothing in the 31st Century where the character lives (everyone uses ‘ray guns’ in the future) it’s a huge deal in the 21st Century where every bullet is made out of lead; not to mention building foundations, etc. Mon El would not survive a week in the 21st Century.
    Jimmy: It feels like the CW is trying to turn Supergirl into the same formulaic team series that is Arrow, Flash, and Legion. Arrow has a team of supers, Flash is becoming a team of supers, and now Supergirl has Martian Manhunter, Superman, Mon El, and Jimmy all doing super-stuff at different times. Please break the formula with Supergirl. There’s no reason a woman can’t carry a show on her own.
    Alex: making someone gay just to fill a demographic is stupid. The show about a female superhero, possibly the second most popular female superhero in the world, must have the hot lesbian chicks couple? Seriously? I am a lesbian, but anyone can see through the charade they are trying to pull off here. It is like they are shooting for the Xena demo-group. Just sad.

    • Luli says:

      Hey don’t forget Alex as part of the team! She is as much superhero as Kara. On the other hand, I’m not excited about James being a part of the superhero team, I’m not interested in his awakening as the Guardian…

    • Jim says:

      I wonder if they’re going to fudge the lead weakness thing and make it something else. Honestly, it’s kind of a bit too much Silver Age hokey anyway. Just as long as there’s ultimately some reason for him to end up in the 31st century and we get to see the Legion of Superheroes. I want that so bad, but I know it’d probably be better waiting ’til next season.

  8. Luli says:

    Loved the episode! This show has become one of my favorites. I’m loving the Kara/Mon-El interactions, and Alex and Maggie… Her storyline will be interesting to watch. I’m just pissed that we’ve had fewer scenes with the sisters this year. Today’s episode had one scene with them together, and was interrupted by Lena!! I want to see Alex leaning on Kara now that she is going through this unknown path for her…

    • Luli says:

      I want more focus on the sister relationship…. (in my opinion the heart of the show)

    • Zee says:

      I miss them too! Still, you can’t help but notice her first instinct on realizing she might be gay was to talk it out with Kara (even if that was interrupted :c). Quotes on other articles I’ve seen sound like it’s definitely addressed next episode! So I’m very excited about that :D

      • Luli says:

        Yes!! I noticed that too. And I’ve read those articles you mentioned, and I’m excited for more scenes with them! I read —–stop i you don’t want to know something about next episode—— that she comes out to Kara, and Alex thinks that she is not ok with it cause Kara starts acting a bit weird, but that is because she feels bad that she has overshadowed so much of her sister’s life, and that thanks to Kara Alex is just discovering this new part of her… but in reality Kara is super supportive of her coming out.

  9. parstl says:

    Ugh…trying to hang in there. Liked the James storyline and most of you hating on him need self ana lysis of your motivations. The potential lesbian thing feels contrived and out of place for this show.

  10. Malexfan says:

    I don’t think the lesbian “thing” as y’all are putting it, is out of place. I always thought Alex may have been gay. I thought her talk tonight with Maggie was very sweet and sounded like someone finally becoming her own and not just her sister’s keeper. I’m digging it! Besides they have off the charts chemistry and honestly I just love Chyler!

    • Tai says:

      I’m with you. I never thought Alex was straight or gay until this season and she was clearly flirting with Maggie. They have some clear chemistry between them and I’m interested in where this goes. I don’t see it as “out of left field”. It seems pretty in character for her really.

    • Jim says:

      Eh, I thought she was totally making sexy eyes at Maxwell Lord last season. But I don’t feel they’re writing this unrealistically. It’s not like the show wrote it so she woke up one morning and decided she was 100% gay. It fits because they’re showing the journey of it.

  11. Blah, blah. Kara and Lena though. omg!!! Supercorp is real!

  12. Robert says:

    Don’t know how it would’ve gone with James but there is chemistry with Mon-el. Also, is Winn still working at Catco. I don’t remember him quitting

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      I see more of a sibling love between Kara and Mon-El than a romantic love. Mon-El is the little cousin she never got to raise because by the time Kara got to Earth Kal-El had already grown up and become Superman.
      Winn was hired by the DEO and works full time for the DEO now. Supposedly he was fired from CatCo., according to the producers, but it was never mentioned on the show

  13. Red Snapper says:

    This was one of my favorite episodes so far this season. All the Kara and Mon-El interactions were great. They play off each other really well. I don’t normally ship but I am shipping these two hard. I also liked all the Maggie and Alex stuff. They are great together. I am glad that they are making it a journey for Alex and not a sudden transformation. James is just such a flat character. His new arc seems pretty forced to me, making him head of Catco and Guardian. I really don’t think they know what to do with him after the failed pairing with Kara.

  14. Milo says:

    Liked James’ plot the best, I can’t wait to see him come into his own as Guardian, there’s something authentic & exciting about vigilante heroes with no powers, much like Arrow…Loved Kara & Mon el as well. I hope their pairing is not rushed seeing as they have more chemistry than the one Kara & James ever heard.
    Alex & Maggie are still meh for me right now

  15. The Lena connection didn’t shock me at all considering her brother had his hands in it in the Justice League cartoon

  16. Partisan says:

    I love, Love, LOVE Katie McGrath! So I am hoping really hard that she turns out to be one of the good guys. I’m not optimistic about it but I hope the standard “pretends to be a good guy but really is a bad guy” trope is not where her character is going.

  17. mike says:

    Mon-El has been my favorite Legionaire since I could read comics many many years ago. Glad to see him realized, but not entirely pleased with the direction. He always struck me as being more serious. And will we ever see his lead poisoning weakness? Guessing not.

    Also, every comics show now has an openly gay character except Flash I think. I was fully expecting Cisco and wynn to go all googly on the crossover, but hopefully Flash will stay pandering free. Because that’s all it is..pandering.

    • Ashley says:

      Gay people exist in society. Why is having a cast that reflects that reality pandering? Is having an African American character pandering to that community? What about Asians or Latinos? OMG — every flippin’ show is pandering to the straight community.

    • flashrow says:

      The boss of Barry is gay

  18. Robert Cataldo says:

    I find it interesting that the “Discovery” of Alex is part of the story arc. 10-15 years ago this stuff would never be on a prime time show. There have been some F-F kissing on shows like Star Trek in its various renditions but that was always under the guise of science fiction. I applaud the producers for taking the time to see the evolution of Alex’s character over several episodes and not a 1 episode deal…or the courage to even attempt it with a prime character at all! How far we have come!

  19. Jae says:

    Soooo, Hollywood ‘business as usual’? Interracial romance is taboo (James & Kara don’t even kiss) but gay romance is fine? Hey, here’s an idea – do BOTH. There are millions of black/white relationships; in fact they far outnumber gay relationships. I know that Hollywood has more gay people than black people, but your bias is so blatant, it’s embarrassing. I understand this writer is gay, so of course, he’s happy to see a gay pairing. But, he’s part of the problem in that he was STRIDENTLY against James & Kara hooking up. Seriously, what’s your problem? It’s 2016.

  20. Scooter says:

    One thing that intrigued me was the spark between Lena and Winn. Depending on whatever the real story behind her is, that could be an interesting development.

    If she’s evil and they get together, she could convince him to follow in his father’s footsteps as Toyman. If she’s on the fence, he could nudge her to the good guys’ side.

  21. lrdslvrhnd says:

    I was kinda bugged that James is keeping his idea for a name from Winn. Mightn’t that affect the costume? “OK, here’s a suit of armor with a big shield.” “Great, I shall call myself The Offender! Wait, that doesn’t really fit, does it?”

  22. Cate says:

    Really enjoyed this episode, some light comedy with Mike at Catco, Kara doing a Mrs Doubtfire at the party. I think they’re handling the revelations about Alex exploring her sexuality well (shame in the homophobe commenters!) and not at all about trendy political correctness. Plenty of people come out later in life after not really thinking they are gay as many people follow the norms of their society. E.g. Dating the opposite sex as thtnis what those around them expect. Alex says herself, she has been so focussed on her mission to protect Kara and her work, she just hadn’t thought bout it.

    Loved the sister chat – Alex and Kara are the heart of the show – and the little insights into Alex trying to make Kara like her films and music, definitely can see Alex having a punk rock phase!

    So James wants to be a superhero cos he’s friends with Clark and Kara. Hmm.. remain to be convinced by this story line.