The Vampire Diaries Recap

The Vampire Diaries Recap: Sybil War

Vanessa Lachey’s evil doppelganger continued her reign of terror on Friday’s Vampire Diaries, pitting Damon against Bonnie, Enzo and one more (newly bearded!) member of Team TVD.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve lost track of the number of times Damon and Bonnie have tried to kill each other on this show. But it also never gets old, because — as Sybil so astutely discovered — they’ve got a crap load of history between them. Perhaps even some unresolved feelings?

Bonnie insists that’s not the case, but it was about time someone addressed the elephant in the room. Honestly, all that time alone together in that prison world, and not so much as a peck on the cheek? (For what it’s worth, I really don’t think Kai would have minded watching.)

But the cherry on top of this Bon-ana split was Sybil’s ultimatum, forcing Bonnie to decide which of her man friends would continue walking the earth, and which one would literally go to hell. (I mean, she didn’t call it “hell,” but “an eternity of darkness and pain” can only mean one of two things — and I doubt Sybil was referring to an eternal Trump presidency.)

Surprisingly — or not, since I can never tell what’s going on in Bonnie’s head — she chose to spare Enzo’s life. “I know my friend is still in there, and I’m going to have to live with that,” she told Damon. “I just can’t let him die. I choose Enzo.” The next 10 minutes were kind of a blur, but here’s the important stuff: Enzo switched off his humanity (“If anyone can pull me back from the precipice, it’s you,” he said before planting one last kiss on Bonnie), Sybil was captured, and Damon rode off into the night after bidding his brother a fond “applesauce penguin.” I mean, a fond farewell.

Determined to meet his quota for the quarter, Damon went back to his old routine — you know, lying on the road and eating motorists — when he was greeted by a familiar face: Tyler Lockwood! With phenomenal facial hair! And a gun!

Unfortunately, this reunion didn’t end with Damon seeing the light and vowing never to feast again. Despite Tyler’s best attempt at reverse psychology, the episode came to a close with Damon slurping him up like a Capri Sun. (But is he really dead? Is his funeral what eventually brings Matt back to Mystic Falls?! For the record, I really hope I’m wrong.)

Elsewhere this week…

The Vampire DiariesTHE WEDDING PLANNER | Did you really think a psychotic siren and a brief fight to the death would keep Caroline Elizabeth Forbes from planning the #SterolineJuneWedding? I mean, she didn’t get very far — Damon, that little bouquet-snatcher, cut her shopping day short — but I’m really loving the idea of Caroline entering the ceremony on a unicorn. I also loved Caroline’s thoughts on Damon at the wedding (“He’s not sitting at the head table!”) and Bonnie fully acknowledging her position as runner-up for maid of honor. Hopefully, they’ll at least wheel in Elena’s coffin so she can be present for the big day and maybe get a piece of cake.

LET’S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN | How are you feeling about all these flashbacks? Personally, I think they’re really well done; it’s a nice way of honoring the past six seasons (Sheriff Forbes!), and from a production standpoint, it’s a convenient way of incorporating Elena into the story without, you know, actually having Nina Dobrev at the ready. (My only complaint: Isn’t this, more or less, just a reversal of Elena’s Season 6 storyline when she forgot about Damon?)

OK, let’s talk about this week’s episode: Do you think Tyler is really dead? Will we actually get the #SterolineJuneWedding? And how glad are you that someone finally asked Bonnie about Damon? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. phijenny says:

    I have no idea if this has been said, but why didn’t they cast Nikki Reed as the siren?

    • Andy Swift says:

      She’s a little busy on “Sleepy Hollow” at the moment.

    • Lauren says:

      At least at the end of this episode it left me intrigued unlike 8×01 & 8×02 which left me bored. Even though I don’t like Sybil taking Damon’s memories of Bonnie away I’m interested in seeing how Damon fights through this and I want to see what happens to Bamon. They are the only interesting parts for me and I miss their banter. I was so happy we keep getting Stefan writing to Elena wish we could get some flashbacks of them since this is the last season. I don’t think Tyler’s dead either because JP said he has information for the group and MT is still filming scenes.

  2. Angie says:

    Still waiting for Klaroline!

    • Vampie says:

      Sorry I think that will never happen in this final season and yes I miss Klaroline as well. I dont olike Carolinewith Stefan. They were good together as Friends not as a romantic couple

  3. Stacey says:

    Lol, Damon broke Caroline’s neck and presumably killed Tyler, and her biggest issue is him not sitting at the head table. Hope that neck snap and potential death of her ex, wakes her up. The writing is on the wall, that Stefan will push Care aside for Damon. Damon always come first. Hopefully, Care will choose herself and end this gross engagement. And good for Bonnie, I love Bonenzo! That’s a good ship with mutual love and respect and drives positive character growth!

    • Aurora Frost says:

      Well he’s the only family that Stephan has left. Wouldn’t you do everything you could to protect your family if someone was trying to end their life? If your boyfriend/husband told you not to save them and let them die, you would listen to your bf/husband or you would still do your best to protect your family?

      • Val M says:

        But didn’t Stefan said last week tjat Caroline was his ONLY family now, I guess Damon will always be tje number 1 choice for Stefan over every one.

        • Stacey says:

          Exactly Val! I consider my boyfriend family too, and I would put his safety and well being over a psychotic relative. And since they said they are going back to S1 themes; a main one for Care is that she was never picked first. That’s a huge issue for her, which is why I like her with Klaus, since he always puts her first. Still, looks like a SC breakup is on the horizon, thank goodness! Girl needs to think of herself and kiddos too! Would not want the twins in Damon’s crosshairs.

          • Venerette says:

            Blood relatives and “outside relations” are always 2 different things. Besides, caroline is not even in any serious danger. It’s just a wedding and wedding can always be postponed but help given to a brother who is related by blood being in danger cannot be postponed. And if caroline were to ever get upset at stefan for choosing his brother over her, i would actually be disgusted because if she truly loves him, she would be supportive and understanding which she is, in the most recent episode.

          • Stacey says:

            Well prepared to be disgusted because it’s happening. Guess you didn’t see that article last month about her being fed up. And getting her neck snapped is not her in danger? I can’t wait until this ugly ship is over. Caroline needs her own storyline away from this ridiculous wedding. She needs to think of herself and the twins and the further away from the Salvatores, the better she will be!

  4. Mery says:

    Can they just bring Klaroline back already?

    • Stacey says:

      I second that!

      • I find it hilarious that after all you have written, you like her with the one psycopath worse than damon. The man is toxic. Even to his own actual family members. Nothing ever ends well with him

        • Stacey says:

          At least he puts Care first unlike a certain Salvatore and when they are in scenes together they’re actually interesting. Plus it’s one of the few relationships that helped both characters grow. Right now I don’t even recognize Caroline. She went from beautiful, strong, and full of light to dull, dependent, and annoying. Her character was best when she was with Klaus, Steroline has brought down both Care and Stef. This ship needs to end to redeem them both.

  5. Val M says:

    I like your recaps Andy and I like even more thay you’re not overestimating this absurd wedding. :)

  6. Emily says:

    if tyler is really dead, then this show is just horrible. he’s one of the original main characters. he deserves a better ending than that. he got one minute of screentime and then damon kills him.. what kind of ending would that be?

    • Anna says:

      I honestly think this is either someone’s (Elena) dream/nightmare or it’s leading to a reversal of all the deaths. Whoever’s left standing maybe Bonnie, since she hasn’t gotten her magic yet, will use her magic to go back in time before the Salvatore’s came to MF. When asked if their series ending changed, Julie said about the only thing that mattered was the other side was destroyed so I think she has another way to bring everyone back. If not then the killing of characters that have been gone but then brought back to just die seems bizarre. If Julie wanted to kill useless people I can list at least three others that should come before Tyler like Alaric, Enzo and Matt. Oh and Steroline make that four!

      • Stacey says:

        Interesting concept! That would be pretty cool! I agree, I like Tyler, hope he survived somehow. And yes, why kill Tyler, when you can kill boring characters like Matt, Alaric, and Stefan. And yes, Steroline needs to die asap! Though I do like Enzo, so hope he survives.

    • Su Chan says:

      Theory: Damon killed Tyler because Tyler knows where Elena’s body is. Sybil will not be able to hurt Elena if Tyler is dead.

    • Desiree says:

      I’m wondering if Damon killing Tyler wasn’t just another thing Sybil is inserting into his mind. After all, we’ve seen her f%#& with his memories…it wouldn’t surprise me if she could completely mess with his perception of reality as well.

  7. Stacey says:

    We miss Klaroline! We trended tonight!

  8. Malachi says:

    Lol and Laurel’s death on Aroow was bad? TVD is worse. She wasn’t one of the main characters of TVD only to Be thrown aside like a death like that. Final season my ass. CW cancelled this horrible show.

  9. Malachi says:

    Lol and Laurel’s death on Arrow was bad? TVD is worse. He was one of the main characters of TVD only to Be thrown aside with a death like that. Final season my butt. CW cancelled this horrible show.

  10. luv2cook says:

    Oh God please, please, please let this once awesome show die already. I honestly can’t take this crap anymore!!!!

    • Aurora Frost says:

      You say that but then he keep coming back for more. If you can’t take the show anyone and don’t like the writing then why force yourself to watch it? You can just make up an ending in your head that pleases you or don’t think about the show at all and leave it at that.

      • Wes says:

        Why are you here? this is a comments section and if ppl want to say the truth and vent about how this show has been crap for the past 4 seasons and they should’ve gotten new writers then they can. I suggest if you don’t like it stay off the comments section.

    • Vicky McNeill says:

      Yes, this show was great and now what are they thinking.It is the last season,and it should being ending the story. I think they need new writers, or just end it.

  11. ayou23 says:

    why didnt tyler fight? where is his powers?

    • stephz says:

      was wondering the same thing

      • Tyler got reversed of being a werewolf. He hasn’t killed anyone yet again, to change him over once again, hence he is no longer a Hybrid

        • Frances says:

          He killed Liv at the end of season six and attacked Kai with a lethal bite (but Kai was able to siphon the venom off). In this case, Tyler could bite Damon in a very dangerous way

    • thanamezbanj says:

      Isn’t Tyler a werewolf? His powers manifest during a full moon and I’m pretty sure that wasn’t a night of the full moon.
      only hybrids can change at will and he’s not one anymore.

      • Steph says:

        Since when can a Vampire feed on a wolf and not die? Or is the venom only in a wolf bite?

        • Stacey says:

          I believe the venom is only in the wolf bite. Caroline drank from Klaus multiple times, and his blood cured the venom but his bite was still lethal.

      • Amber says:

        Actually guys he is human now, if you remember correctly he lost all his super natural abilities last season (which explains why he’s carrying a gun).

    • Venerette says:

      Because if he actually fight back, knowing his “wolf” personalities, he would have bitten damon which is lethal and with klaus being imprisoned, no one will be left to help him. and tyler is helping damon to redeem himself, he wouldnt try to hurt him.

  12. Karen says:

    About time useless Tyler got what he deserved! Better not be a fake out.

  13. Alicia says:

    I miss Caroline and Tyler’s chemistry. Still not feeling Steroline. Tyler was always sexy and second fiddle…but hotter than Stefan.

  14. Anna says:

    Damon has always been weak and I think that’s why Katherine never loved him. True, he’s the perfect sick puppy in love but other than that, he sucks at any form of human relationship.

  15. Reese says:

    My Bamon heart!! Im actually super happy that Sybil announced the enormous elephant in the room with Bonnie and Damon, but I seriously hate her! She’s whipping away the memories of Bamon 1994?? Come on! Can she get any lower?! Even though I dont care for Delena, those were season 1 memories, how does she just sweep those clean? Don’t even get me started on Tyler… 😭
    I want Bamon endgame
    Tyler still alive
    That monster Sybil dead
    Enzo dead (sorry not a huge fan of his either)
    And Bonnie’s freaking magic back!!
    Lol I wish I could say more but I will stop here.

    • Unfortunately Plec is making sure Bamon never ever happens! Bonnie chose Enzo over Damon! I mean at this point their friendship is pretty much dead! I give up. =/

      • Tammy4423 says:

        It doesn’t have to be dead. Damon has regretted not killing Bonnie to get Elena back and made her feel like the worse person on the planet before. He has done some horrible things to her in the past and she got through all that. They have both sacrificed for each other and both tried to hurt each other. I think there is a coming back from this. I’m hoping it’s what makes Damon realize maybe him and Bonnie are not just friends and he goes after her despite Enzo being in love with her. Can you imagine Damon flirting with Bonnie to get under Enzo’s skin and challenging how she feels about him. I think it would be much hotter then when he did it to Elena when she was with Stefan.

        • I wish I had the same optimism as you But I am all out of faith. This is the last season and not enough time to fix things. dullena has been so rammed up high that Plec won’t change her going down in flames path. She’s had a while to truly explore their insane chemistry for a couple of seasons now and stubbornly chose not to.

          • Tammy4423 says:

            That is all it is for me. Hopeful optimism. I know J.P. has no intentions of doing anything I stated.

    • Naima says:

      I am agree with you. I am not Enzo fan! He is annoying! I don’t like Enzo with Bonnie! I am Bamon fans! You know Julie never do that to her and Ian work as together in tv show because all is she focus on Delena!!😧😒😔😟

  16. ritabug30 says:

    This actually reminds me of when Klaus forced.Stephen to switch off his humanity

  17. Sharon says:

    Seriously Tyler had better not go out like that.

    Also its pretty sick hearing about Damon being Stefan’s best man after how completely horrible Damon has always been to Caroline. Of course Stefan doesn’t care about how Damon treats Caroline. Just please end Steroline now.

    • Kayla says:

      Sharon, don’t you know the women don’t actually matter on this show. Of course Stefan will ignore the reasons why Damon shouldn’t be best man just like Caroline ignores the fact that Stefan is a baby killer. What mother lets her children near someone like Stefan?

      • Mitch says:

        How exactly is Stefan a baby killer? Damon’s the one who PURPOSELY killed a mother who was pregnant. I get it you don’t like sterolose (don’t we all) but don’t lie.

        • Kayla says:

          I have never liked Stefan or Damon honestly but Stefan is called the Ripper of Monterey because he killed an entire town of men, women, and CHILDREN. This is not a lie.

        • Stefan killed entire towns and villages that consisted of Men, women and children. As the ripper and not with his humanity turned off. in the 1930’s he kept a wall of all the people he slaughtered when with Klaus. In reality Stefan has done more killing them Damon. The only difference is, once he started to suppress the ripper side, and feed only on animals he could reflect back and feel guilt over what he’d done. Damon’s killing spree started when he escaped from the foundation holding him prisoner in the early 50s and switched off his humanity which remained switched off until he came to Mystic Fall and met the gang, and even then it took time to switch back on again.

    • Stacey says:

      I know, it’s sick! Damon compelled Care, raped her, fed from her, and wanted to kill her when she turned. And just broke her neck!

  18. KLS says:

    I have a theory. I think this is moving towards Sybil trying to get Damon to kill Elena. But when he drinks her blood, he`ll turn human. End scene.

  19. Damon says:

    Sybil needs to die. Damon needs to get his self back to normal and Elena needs to wake tf up so they can be endgame. Bonnie and Enzo should also get a good endgame. Even if I don’t get a delena endgame I’ll be totally happy if they just make him happy and have a good ending even if it isn’t with Elena pleaseeee. People think Damon is a terrible person. Well yeah he is and he even knows it but he tried so hard to be a good person he even desiccated in a coffin for 3 years so he could be out of people’s way! But Stefan can’t live without him but Damon can. If your gonna kill Damon then please just give him a happy ending!

  20. Aurora Frost says:

    Elena returning is the only thing that will save Damon now.

  21. Way to officially kill Bamon! Ugh even their friendship is dead! She chose Enzo? Really??? I am officially done with TVD!

    • Bonnie and Damon have been down this road before. Bonnie has made many attempts to kill Damon even setting him on fire, and he has done the same at least twice but they have always come through it. That is the type of connection they have, and they still act as a good team when it comes to taking down the bad guys. this is nothing knew if they stayed connected when they were not as close, now they have bonded since the AU I don’t see that happening. And Damon has been in this exact position twice before. First with Katherine always choosing Stefan then with Elena doing the same, so Bonnie choosing Enzo took him by surprise, but I doubt it will change anything.

  22. stephz says:

    Maybe Tyler’s death will cause Jeremy to return. If he’s really dead,it’s kinda crappy how they killed him off. He deserved a better ending.

  23. sahil says:

    Can we just talk about what the heck “applesauce penguin” means?! Cause I’ve been sitting here for at least 20 minutes trying to come up with something…

    • Ashley says:

      It’s got to be some kind of off the wall clue that only Stefan will get. Hoping there is still a little of Damon in there. Honestly I think Elena is the only one to save him and I am really hoping Tyler isn’t actually dead. He deserves more than that. I guess I’m one of the few who love steroline and Bonnie and Enzo. I love Bonnie and Damon strictly on a best friend level. Don’t miss Matt and am I the only one wanting Alaric to get it on with Georgina?!?!?

      • Sahil says:

        I literally can’t agree with you more! I love Bonnie and Enzo I think it’s about time she deserves some kind of happy ending! And I’m totally fine with steroline and even Alaric moving on!! Ahh literally going to be counting the days til the next episode

    • Desiree says:

      THANK YOU! I can’t believe it hasn’t been mentioned yet. When he said it I had to rewind and turn on closed captioning because I thought I’d misheard. It must be code for something…right?

      • says:

        Same! I even searched it up but obviously came up with nothing…. BUT It is definitely code for something!! I guess we will just have to wait and watch :(

  24. Kay says:

    its now excruciatingly irritating

  25. Gina says:

    Blah. Steroline is the best fans get after all these years? I really hoped the writers wouldn’t go through with that story line but I ?guess so. Shoot even Matt and Caroline had more chemistry than those two. And hopefully bamon will happen at least a little at some point….

    • Reese says:

      I feel like everyone is forgetting what Bamon has been through to try and maintain the friendship that they have. Bonnie chose Enzo bc no one was fighting for him. Everyone probably would have picked Damon. Even Sybil knew she wanted to pick Damon! Anyway she did choose wrong and Im hoping Bamon will find their way back to each other.

      • Tammy4423 says:

        Yeah, I don’t think it’s that black and white with Damon and Bonnie. If anything that whole episode has me curious of where they will go from here with Bamon. Bonnie chose Enzo because she’s the only one willing to fight for him. She is also at the point where she believes there is no hope for Damon and why kill Enzo when there is still hope for him. Then there is the fact that they were strained a little because he left her for three years when he went in the coffin and that hurt her more then when she was left in 1994. There is some healing that needs to be done with Bamon and I don’t think this is the writers trying to pull them apart just because they don’t want them together this time. I actually think whether Bamon are a couple or just friends at the end, they will end on a good note.

        • Reese says:

          True. Im trying to not be baised bc I dont really care for Enzo lol but I just want Bamon at a good place before the series. My wish is for them to be endgame but I dont really know what’ll happen with them. And I know ppl are saying how good Enzo has been to bonnie which is true, but I cant see them lasting, especially imo they got together so fast (flashbacks were crap lol) So we’ll see. 😊

          • Tammy4423 says:

            I think I will always root for Bamon as a couple but I have settled in on Enzo. I think he’s a great second and has made Bonnie happier then any pairing that she’s had. Not that she’s had many. But Bamon will always be in the back of my mind. Julie P and her crew have never wavered in their decision to not have Bamon. I do not think they are smart enough to think past Delena. That is what they want. That is what they see as best for the characters and it doesn’t matter if it no longer fits the storyline. So, all I want now is for Bonnie to get her happy ending and I am content if it’s with Enzo. Enzo helped me get over my Bamon obsession because he is so good to Bonnie. At the end of the day would I want her with Enzo over Damon. I don’t know but I wish they would provide us a storyline where we could contemplate those two options.

      • You are correct, Sybil even taunted Bonnie in the car that she had already picked Damon and went on to explain how Enzo had no one, so by all appearances pushed Bonnie into making the decision she made.

    • Stacey says:

      It’s only episode 3, wait till the back half of the season. JP is known for this. Let SC enjoy their fanservice now, it’s not going to last. And no way is it endgame since most of us fans find it repulsive! No worries! KW will right this show in the end. I honestly think it’s going to be a Defan endgame.

      • Defan endgame is really the only one that matters to me at this point, wouldn’t mind a little Damon/Bonnie helping on the side but if that’s not possible, at least let them end on a positive note. Damon is forever the bad guy know Ian relishes the bad guy side of Damon although it’s sometimes hard to justify our love for the character. In the end it’s all fiction and who doesn’t need a little fiction or a lot in these crazy political times.

  26. Sarah says:

    All this hell talk makes me think one of our beloved characters is going to end up there. And I really hope they do because that will make up for some awesome scenes with some of our most beloved but dead characters.

  27. french5851 says:

    I’m not sure what is going on this season, feeling like they may be putting Damon so far gone, ya know? I hope not, I want this to end with some hope for eternal love so I can watch it again sometime.

  28. brianonrose says:

    I miss Matt!!

    I’m so glad Sybil brought up the bamon elephant! And her accent is so enchanting!

  29. Bob Wood says:

    Tyler being dead in only the 3rd episode in and only a quick cameo, I tend think he’s not, but if he is dead then that’s it Tyler is GONE! Deaths will be permanent since this is the final Season. However I would like to think that he’s still alive and that they would keep him around a little longer in the final run of the show, it would be silly to kill off this character so early on. As for the June wedding, lets face it something always goes wrong even if Caroline and Stefan do marry there’s no telling what will happen in the Finale if the Salvatore brothers lives. Also if Caroline does end up on the Originals it would not be this year. Her character could still go to the originals since the Originals has jumped 5 years, these events on TVD already happened by the time the originals returns TVD events would have taken place 2 years ago, so anything is possible. Also you have to consider if Candice Accula would want to continue to play her character and continue on the originals.

  30. Effie says:

    Does anyone else think that Applesauce Penguin is a clue? I’m thinking that Damon has a plan… not sure what that may be at this point. One thing I do hope is that at the end of the show, Mystic Falls will become the focal point again and be returned to it’s original splendor.

  31. This ride of Damens with letting go of everything because of the siren is getting old.No fight in Damen is getting old already too, i hope this is not what the whole finale season consist of .If so you did not do the show or the actors just.Very disappointed at this point.

  32. Bob says:

    Regarding the “applesauce penguin” comment from Damon… I don’t think it is a code, per se. Damon told Stefan that every time he tries to form the word to tell him what is going on, it comes out “applesauce penguin”, meaning, just gibberish.

    When Damon made that last reference to “applesauce penguin” before driving off, he as just saying that he couldn’t tell him Stefan what the “work” is that he ahs to do, even if he wanted to tell him, because it would just be gibberish.

    In sort, I don’t think it actually means anything.

  33. Mary says:

    We love Steroline

  34. Nelly says:

    So their plan for the last season is to have the most annoying tvd villan kill every returning force on us 2 of the most boring relationships..(bonnie/enzo,caroline/stefan)..and to destroy all of the progress that damon made trought the seasons..yeah sory i dont know if i will watch this..don’t get me wrong..i loved tvd..watched every episode..but the last 2,3 seasons were so bad..and this season will probably be the same.

    • Tammy4423 says:

      Cybil is pretty annoying. I can’t buy her as a villain. I keep thinking she should be on someone’s stage doing the Mrs. America wave.

  35. Jessica Gazick says:

    I don’t like steroline or Delena!!!! Although I have come to accept this is the way it might end, I will always be a Stelena shipper!!! I will be happy If (A.) Stelena comes back. (B.) Bonnie gets her magic back.

  36. Leesh says:

    BAMON ALL THE WAY!!! I just saw s8ep3 and the fact that it took longer for Damon to give up the Bonnie memories over Elena means he has more feelings for Bonnie that he probably knows. This is their last season and Bonnie and Damon have definitely been thru life together. She doesn’t try to change him the way Elena did and learned to work w/ him thru hell and back literally!!! I need to see them together and maybe Nina dobrev, can come back to tell Damon that is still ok for him to move on w/ Bonnie. Bonenzo is not as strong as Bamon!!

  37. Tammy4423 says:

    This was a really good episode. I’m torn on Bonnie’s decision. I expected her to choose Damon because Bonnie is selfless and she will always put others before her own happiness. I was surprised she chose Enzo, even though that probably was the right decision for the same reason above. Because she is selfless, it is time she fights for her own happiness if it meant losing her best friend. Also, beecause she is right, Enzo had no one to fight for him. I do wonder how this will put a strain on her relationship with Damon when he gets out of this Siren’s control. Bonnie and Damon have both sacrificed their own happiness for each other, Bonnie a bit more, and I wonder if Damon will feel betrayed. Especially, considering in this episode there were so many signs that Damon cares about Bonnie a whole lot more than on a friendship level. She is right next to Elena in women he cares about. If the writers really wanted to do something less typical, why not explore that. I know they will not but I would love to see a scenario where seeing her choose Enzo, wakes up feelings in Damon for Bonnie he did not realize he had. We saw him get jealous of that relationship last year. So, it would not be a stretch. Then once he realizes he just might love Bonnie, then bring Elena back. Oh well, this episode is probably the closest I will ever get to a Enzo/Bonnie/Damon triangle. They could do so much with what happened in this episode, it’s ridiculous to just ignore it like I know they will.

    • Sybil didn’t look too convinced that there was nothing going on between Damon and Bonnie. So you could be right on that score about a triangle, since last season it was Enzo who was jealous of the close bond Damon and Bonnie shared and wanted what they had. Plus the events that took place in the Armary where his actions caused Bonnie to get hurt and Damon finding himself unable to heal her, thus Bonnie ending up in hospital and Damon making that fateful vow to take himself out of her life, that ended up to be the wrong choice because even though it was not his intention it turned out to be the biggest hurt to Bonnie since she felt he had deserted her and left her alone. And I still believe that is her motivation for believing what she has with Enzo is love. And I believe that this is going to come into play in the near future.

      • Tammy4423 says:

        I agree with you. When Bonnie was left with Kai, that was her decision. She chose Damon over herself. But when he chose to leave her and get in that coffin, he did so knowing how much she needed him. How much it would hurt her. Bonnie has not gotten over him abandoning her like that. I did not think about that in terms of how it made her cling more to Enzo but you are right. Enzo was there when Damon left her. She may be seeing love where it could be rebounding from the pain she felt losing Damon. I never thought about that. Great observation.

        • Reaction says:

          I believe Damon got himself caged inside that coffin because he was scared he was beginning to care too much about Bonnie. He woulda given that letter to her in person you know but he didn’t. I don’t think Pec would explore Bonnie/Damon relationship because if the wanted to Damon wouldn’t have coffin-ed himself, he woulda just remained bests with Bonnie then stuffs would have started happening. Let’s watch and see what the rest of the episodes have for us though. Sincerely, I’m really gonna miss TVD

  38. Nemo says:

    It’s so good to see these characters back and I hope Tyler isn’t dead, that would be too cruel and without anny sence to kill him at the end of episode. I’m soooo happy that once again Bonnie showed Damon was always just her friend ( I mean from that time they became ). Development of Bonnie and Enzo wasn’t shown in the way other couples were, but everyone that wants to understand their story can see that they had years together and those flashbacks are just glimps of their relationship. They were atracted to each other even when Lily was alive. Now, they have most realictic relationship, beautiful scenes and their chemistry is wondeful.

  39. Netty says:

    Bonnie and Damon!! These have such a natural chemistry! It has been a great shame and disappointment that this show has its entire run of 8 years neglected such a huge thing that would’ve made the show spicy and much more exciting than having elena (even when character dead and actress gone) to shape the show and the storylines and now make caroline to be the girl instead of elena who now has been with almost all guys on the show.

  40. mrsw says:

    Looking at next weeks promo – Georgina is so clearly Sybil’s sister.

  41. Cindy says:

    Bamon ain’t platonic we all know that. Too much sexual tension between them and their chemistry is just electric and off the charts.

    Bamon need to happen right away !!!

  42. Melissa says:

    Can we have a Bamon & Steroline double wedding please ???

    Bamon is just so incredible. I need them to end up together !

  43. Sandra says:

    Sybil seems to be a Bamon shipper lol she was so interested in them because they have such a deep bond.

    I really hope these two will work their problems out coz even if Bonnie forgave Damon for dessicating she didn’t forget and still think he did it for Elena and not to protect her and Stefan from getting hurt or die because of him. Yeah I remember the speech Damon gave to an unconscious Bonnie Bennett in ep 14 of s7.

    I hope once Bamon make up they will realize their feelings for each other coz I’m sure they are in love with each other but just refuse to admit it.

    PS: I think the letter Damon wrote to Bonnie will be back in s8 and it will be the thing that will play a role into Bonnie knowing the truth behind Damon’s motivation to dessicate and Damon’s true feelings toward her. I’m sure this letter has a big revelation that will boost Bamon relationship to another level. It might be what will save Damon and bring him back to Bonnie and Stefen, his family.

  44. Leslie says:

    The ending scene of 8×03 could’ve easily been a DE scene, since Sybil was there as the replacement. However, a bamon scene, Bonnie, was chosen over DE and Elena. Damon could have easily been thinking about a replacement DE scene, but instead, thought about a time when he was with Bonnie.

    I think Bonnie has a stronger hold on Damon than Bonnie and Damon doesn’t yet realize the extent of it.

    The ending scene of 8×03 could’ve easily been a DE scene, since Sybil was there as the replacement. However, a bamon scene, Bonnie, was chosen over DE and Elena. Damon could have easily been thinking about a replacement DE scene, but instead, thought about a time when he was with Bonnie. Damons actions in that episode are confirming his feelings for Bonnie.

    Hope Bamon will be endgame they deserve it and are the best ship of this show and of TV history for me. It’s the first time I ship a couple this much and it’s kind of a miracle coz I don’t get invested like this into ships usually.

    Great job with this amazing pairing with a great history, develoment and chemistry. It would be such a waste if the show ended without Bamon getting their happily ever after together.

  45. Marie says:

    Don’t mess with the pancakes !!!

    Although it is pretty obvious with Sybil going this in depth that Damon must have romantic feelings for Bonnie.

    Bamon need a fair shot as a couple and endgame they are just soooo amazing together it hurts !!!

  46. Kendra says:

    We got a lot of Bamon hints, plus some heartbreaking scenes.
    I know some are mad, I was a couple of hours ago.
    But you see, I was mad because Sybil erased Bamon memories, because Bonnie chose Enzo.
    And now I see that in a different light.
    First. Damon is attacking Caroline and Bonnie, but he is so easily pushed down and gets stacked. When Sybil and Enzo arrive, Enzo laughs. Do you see where I’m going?
    Why did he laugh? Of course Sybil asks herself the same question, and checks in Enzo’s head.
    What does she see? That Damon really fortunately forgot to mention that he and Bonnie have a big story behind them.
    Then, why did Enzo laugh? Because he thought that the reason why Damon got stacked was because he let Bonnie go. He knew it and because of that he laughed like saying “this is so obvious for me man”
    Then we get Bamon flashbacks (something that, I must admit, broke my heart)
    Sybil asks Bonnie if she and Damon ever had something in the other world (because clearly, being four months together all alone makes anybody to wonder that) which parallels something that Katherine told Caroline in the past.
    “Don’t make me to do this” are Bonnie’s words.
    “I’m sorry Bon Bon” says Damon while he is trying not to kill her boyfriend
    “I choose Enzo” says Bonnie after seeing that Damon couldn’t stop, because she don’t want to see Enzo dead.
    With this I want to say that Bonnie made this decision under pressure. She was seeing someone dying, her boyfriend (even if that boyfriend doesn’t deserve that title), so of course she would say anything to save him.
    And then Damon looks at Bonnie heartbroken, saying “No no, Bonnie. Don’t do this to me”
    This literally broke my heart in to peaces and I thought, how could she? She is not my Bonnie! What, choosing someone over her best friend?
    But now I see she had no option in that moment. Without the pressure of someone dying I firmly think Bonnie would have chose Damon. Like, obviously.
    Another scene. Sybil replacing Bonnie in Damon’s memories with herself. That hurt, didn’t it? Mostly the pancakes scene. And it’s this scene what makes me think that that place, for Damon, was his safe place.
    But anyway I am maybe just dumb for being positive, but after this one I believe that Bamon have a real chance of being endgame. They are an healthy relationship.

  47. Carina says:

    Caroline throw the bouquet after saying that she will make sure that Bonnie and Enzo are happy, then once thrown over her head Damon caught it. I don’t know but I think Damon doesn’t want Bonnie and Enzo to find happiness. I feel like this scene was foreshading Bamon. Like Damon will be an obstacle to Bonnie and Enzo.

    This scene is sooo foreshadowing Bamon future wedding. You have here the future Miss Salvatore you all ^^ Even the wedding dresses in the background point to Bamon future wedding. Everything point to Bamon future wedding on this scene. Just look !

    PS: “Poor Bon Bon, always the bridesmaid never the bride”
    i’m pretty sure that’s how the most bomb ass love stories started off.

  48. Aakshii says:

    What I want is bonnie to become a that Elena comes back. I don’t think Tyler staying alive or dying will matter anymore.. I am just waiting for Stefan and caroline’s wedding..

  49. Glad to see the chemistry between Damon and Bonnie back on our screen, but it does appear that every villain have implied there is a little more to Bamons relationship then meets the eye. Kai did make hints along those lines that made me wonder if something did happen between them as witnessed by Kai. Vaughn on the Island held Damon prisoner hoping that it would prompt Bonnie to do as he wanted. Silas warned Damon to leave Bonnie alone, so it is not surprising that Sybil joins the list of villains that see through Bonnie and Damon’s nothing going on but the rent act. Good casting by the way of Nat Kelly as Sybil, excellent performance as the new evil on TVD. She really was put out that both Damon and Enzo were devoted to Bonnie. Keeping fingers crossed that Tyler somehow survived, and that Bonnie is the key to bringing Damon back from hell after she chose Enzo. Still have hopes for Bamon who have a long history, that they will see the light and end up as endgame. However, the only people seeing the Bamon light on TVD are the villains, Damon and Bonnie haven’t connected the dots as to why they have this connection.


    Honestly I am not feeling Stefan with Caroline, and Caroline better off with Klaus… but Dang, enough with that NECK SNAPPING SHT smh.. Damon man keep making things worse!! he’s kinda cute but he’s also annoying lol… but what’s more annoying some of them can’t seem to make up their mind when it come to relationship…bunch of Bozos.. I just rolling my eyes the whole time lol