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Hawaii Five-0: Alex O'Loughlin Weighs In on [Spoiler]'s Proposal Answer

The 150th episode of CBS’ Hawaii Five-0 crossed some t’s and dotted some i’s with regards to Steve and Doris’ complicated dynamic. But it also brought some closure to a thread that’d been dangling for well over a year.

Crashing McGarrett’s cozy home-cooked dinner date with Lynn, Catherine Rollins (played by Michelle Borth) stormed into the picture to deliver the news that Doris had been captured and imprisoned at a CIA black site in Morocco, in the course of trying to spring Wo Fat’s father. As Steve busily prepared to launch a rescue op, Catherine made wonderfully awkward small talk with Lynn, who let slip that a marriage proposal was imminent at the time Catherine bailed on Steve last season.

Catherine made no big, obvious deal upon hearing that she missed out on a proposal, though the topic eventually came up after Doris’ rescue was successfully pulled off (with help from Chin Ho, Kono and Grover) — as detailed in the dialogue sample shared below.

When Catherine revealed to Steve that she knew about the proposal, why did he push for what her answer might have been? “I think it’s an important piece of information,” Alex O’Loughlin tells TVLine. “I mean, [wanting to know] out of curiosity is one reason, but also, I think he wants to hear her say, ‘It wasn’t you, you weren’t the problem. I was the problem.'”

Indeed, the former couple’s discussion of this very delicate piece of personal business came just as Catherine was about to flit off to another covert assignment — one she didn’t give any thought to bailing on, even after admitting she would have said yes to being his wife.

Meanwhile,Hawaii Five-0 should fans of Steve’s comparatively nascent romance with Lynn (played by Sarah Carter) interpret his interest in Catherine’s hypothetical proposal response as any kind of slight, a red flag?

“Absolutely not. No f–king way,” O’Loughlin makes clear, adding that Catherine is not “the one who got away” but “the one who was not meant to be.”

“As far as I’m concerned, he was just curious,” the actor adds, “because for him to get serious with anyone else — really serious, if that’s what happens — he needs closure on [Catherine], and [hearing her answer] gives him that closure. He’s like, ‘OK. How ironic. I guess this just wasn’t in the cards,’ you know.”

Grade Episode 150 and then revisit McRollins’ (latest) good-bye below:

Do me a favor, tell me something —
are you happy, doing what you’re doing?

Yeah…. I am.

All right. Good. That’s good.

[They hug goodbye]

Thanks for coming to get me.

You know, just because I’m not in your life
doesn’t mean I don’t still care about you….

I know. I know.

See you around, sailor.
[Begins to climb steps, stops, turns, comes clean]
I know about it.


I know what you were going
to do before I left…. I’m sorry.

Just, you know, out of curiosity…. If I’d have
asked, what would you have said?

[Thinks for barely a moment]
I would have said yes.
[McGarrett processes, nods. Then, before they say goodbye]
Hey — Lynn, she seems like a nice girl. I hope that
works out. You deserve to be happy.

What did you think of H50 No. 150, which also included Chin Ho losing his bid to delay Sara’s adoption, and Grover comically enlisting his son to get the 411 on Grace’s boyfriend for Danny?

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  1. Heather says:

    I am putting my money on Grovers Son being the one who is dating Grace!!!

    Great episode!!!

  2. barbara says:

    I hope chin ho gets that little girl back. I hope Steve and Sarah make it

  3. Jason says:

    As much as I always liked Catherine, I think Lynn is great. I hope they stick with her and find a way to have Sarah Carter on the show more often.

  4. Chad says:

    Pretty sure Grover’s son will turn out to be Grace’s boyfriend.

  5. Barbara says:

    I have to recant. I hope Chin Ho gets Sarah back. I hope Steve and Lynn make it work.

  6. H50fannie says:

    Who you would cast then as Steve new love interest if not Lynn? If the writers find a new love interest then people will start to criticize that not relationship iin that show lasts, except for Kono and Adam, so better to keep Steve with her for a long time tan finding a replacement. I do agree her hair ont he episode was terrible. But Steve does not need to find a new Doris style gf, I mean someone in the Navy, or someone related to the polcie or navy or army. Too complicated. Steve needs another type of woman who has nothing to do with Law enforcement

    • PL said the steve and cath story isnt over so make of it what you will

      • Maria Quinn says:

        *I* think PL meant the Steve & Catherine story isn’t over in the sense that they’re still friends & we might see them in that context, or we might see them working together on another mission, if she needs Steve’s help/expertise, but “McRoll”–them as a couple–is (likely) over.

        • I think the only way McRoll will not come back to life, is if Catherine never comes back. If she does come back and it plays out in the context you just pointed out. ( which is also what I’m thinking), with the way they left things after this episode, its quite easy for the relationship to re ignite from under our eyes.

  7. Dee Ann korth says:

    It was a great episode! hopeful we will see Lynn again but what I really what to see is the action and the bromance of the show ! I love Danny and Steve !

  8. Grace says:

    Thanks for the recap! I read that scene more as leaving things open ended between Steve and Catherine, so it’s interesting to read Alex’s take on it. I wish Danny had been in the episode! But that aside I thought it was great.

    And I totally knew Grover’s son was the one Grace is dating before the preview aired! Can’t wait for next week’s episode.

  9. Joey Padron says:

    New episode was good. Glad Steve got his answer about his proposal to Catherine. Good Steve and his mom are good. Sad Sarah had to leave. Poor Chin. It was good to see Lynn again. Hope she comes back soon later in season 7.

  10. joyfuljaj says:

    I thought it was wonderful. I did feel like something was missing in the Steve/Doris story – like more was settled for him than we saw onscreen, but I loved him and his mother together – bickering while fighting for their lives.
    I am still McRoll all the way (for those who think it is a lost cause, Peter Lenkov has said their storyline is not over.), but if this were to be the end, I would be satisfied with the closure. I was satisfied with Steve simply asking Catherine if she were happy. I saw it as him letting himself free by knowing the woman he cared about was happy off doing her own thing. He would not want to take her away from something that truly fulfilled her. When they were able to discuss the proposal, I was taken aback in a good way because I had figured they weren’t going to get into that. Him asking her what her answer would have been floored me and crushed the already shattered pieces of my heart. Steve’s expressions this episode were simply heartbreaking as he confronted the betrayals he has experienced. AOl and Michelle played that scene perfectly.
    I don’t like the show seeming to bring a new woman every few episodes who gets “proposed” as a possible love interest. PL hinted that is a possibility with the FBI analyst (Claire Forlani’s character) who will come back later this season. Fans get so upset about who they do or do not see chemistry with. I liked Lynn better than i thought i would this episode (i liked her on the first blind date too). Her knew hairstyle “grew” on me a bit, from when i first saw the photos. It is a bit upsetting that the actors are so out of touch with what the producer seems to have in mind for the characters but i know they can only work with the scripts they have read.
    I hope we get to see Steve pull out his mom’s old diary again in the future. He has a lot of stuff to process and too often we don’t get to see him do that. His character has such depth that we don’t always get to enjoy fully.
    I do wish Steve could have talked to Doris about Wo Fat, but i guess their run in was a bit too long ago to bring up now. Maybe the topic of his need for a liver a few months ago would have been relevant.

    • Claire Forlani is perfect, though? She jas chemistry with everyone — and I don’t even follow her work or anything, she just pops into random places and is always so awesome. I wish they’d made her plot international and her an Interpol agent so she could use her accent.

      Also, can we acknowledge that it’s too bad she never met her twin abandoned at birth and taken in by Hetty and turned into agent and eventually killed, since, you know, NCIS:LA and Hawaii Five-0 are definitely in the same universe? :(

    • Maria Quinn says:

      What *I* think Peter Lenkov meant by Steve & Catherine’s story not being over was their story as a couple–as “McRoll”–is over (it seems to be, anyway). But they’re still friends, even if they’re not in each other’s life, & who knows? We might see Catherine back as Steve’s friend, &/or she might (probably more likely) come back when she needs help from an experienced hand at “black ops” type stuff on another CIA mission. Only, hopefully, not rescuing Steve’s Mom, Doris, again. But I’d be very surprised if “McRoll” got back together. Catherine did give her blessing to “McLynn” last night, as well.

    • I really do hope it was the Catherine storyline that Peter was referring to in that Tweet.

  11. kittycat925 says:

    Always thought Catherine and Steve were meant to be; don’t particularly care for Lynn!!

    • Maria says:

      Me too!! ❤️

    • Laura says:

      Me too! My heart is so sad lol!! …What does Alex mean she isn’t the one that got away?! Yes she is! and she’d better come back…that’s what I’m hoping for..but I’ll try not to be too optimistic. And yes Lynn’s hair was terrible. I liked her a lot better on their first date – but I’ll never like her as much as Catherine!!! Excited and scared to see what happens the rest of the season.

      • badgerly says:

        ‘What does Alex mean she isn’t the one that got away?’ …..Maybe he means that with time, and reflection, they weren’t meant for each other. BUT, having said that….Catherine did say she would have accepted his proposal. Given that Peter Lenkov supposedly likes Michelle Borth, he might bring Steve and Catherine back together, when the show ends, if they are both still unattached.

    • I’m particularly a shipper, as in, I’d rather romance didn’t have as much screen time on tv shows. On the other hand, I weirdly wish since Catherine can’t be it (love her character), Steve would end up with Alicia, even though the show makes her seem to be consirably older than him (although Claire Forlani is only five uears older than Alex O’Loughlin — obviously we’ve had this debate at my house).

    • well cath is coming back so theres plenty of time for steve to propose again he still has the ring so just be patient

      • Maria Quinn says:

        Cath isn’t coming back, that we know of right now. At the moment this is the only episode she’s scheduled to be in.

        • i didnt say she was coming back at this time PL said there story isnt over so i guees she will be back before the end of 7

          • Wendy says:

            It doesn’t really matter what PL says anymore. AOL, who usually doesn’t say much to the press, has made his feelings abudantly clear. Mulitple interviews in the same vein…. “Cath is not the one who got away, she is the one who was never meant to be”. “The way she left him, it was gnarly.” “He’d be an idiot if he jumped back into a relationship with her.” Alex going public to many different sources on his feeling about Steve and Cath spoke volumes. He feels that no man would ever go back to her after all she has done to Steve, that Steve’s military experience and security clearance made Cath’s lies totally unecessary. Since AOL has made Steve such a great character over these years, I think we all know now where he stands on Cath….it’s over. Thank you AOL for bringing closure to this ridiculous McRoll relationship!

          • Donna says:

            Has Michelle Borth. Had any comments since the show

      • Carol says:

        That definately so not what Alex wants to happen……..check out the interviews out this week. It’s pretty clear where he stands.

        • VJ Williams says:

          Last time I checked Alex is not the producer, the executive producer, nor the creator of this show. He is an actor and actors are told what to do. And it is very obvious who is in charge: PL. And when Alex is making all of his comments PL is making his, and I kinda think PL rules.

          • Sharon says:

            PL in charge? Maybe so, but it’s
            rather unfortunate. He’s a man to
            be taken with a pinch of salt, one who has no idea what he’s
            doing. It’s a crying shame when
            the genuine acting talents of this world have to lower their standards because certain people
            won’t raise theirs. Not that Alex
            is the first actor to not be taken
            seriously. Does anyone even see
            him? By that, I mean the actor, not the gorgeous hunk with a
            six-pack (yes, I’ve noticed, hard not to!). Because if all you can see is a “heartthrob” type, you’re missing the bigger picture. We tend to forget that actors and actresses are living, breathing, thinking (yes, some are capable of it. Amazing stories, huh?) human beings with feelings. Behind the facade there is a person. But I don’t think Alex necessarily wants others to know that. Over the years he seems to have become rather wary (and weary) of the media, because of a fear of being misquoted. It’s bad enough that he can’t take his children to the beach or the park or go out for a run without
            someone taking a picture (something anyone can do now, thanks to modern technology ). At least Mr Lenkov can live his
            life without being harassed in that manner (yes, what a lot of people in the public eye do have to contend with is harassment ).
            Not that anyone is a saint. But
            before judging, maybe some people should try living the life
            of a work-a-day actor and see how they handle it.

      • Wendy says:

        I think if they shot and killed Cath in the 150th episode, some people would find a way to believe she’s being reanimated and brought back to be with Steve!!

  12. Kaya says:

    I called that Grover’s son was the boyfriend even before the promo for next week! Love it!

  13. It was fantastic! The best yet! There is only one question that I can’t quite wrap my head around: In episode 2 of season 4, Catherine told Steve that she was happy about the way things were between them, and she did not need a job, even it were a perfect job, to get in the way. Yet when she was recruited by the Cia, she did not hesitate. I’m certain she must have known that her taking the offer would potentially get in the way. That is why I wish I could know from Peter Lenkov, whether Catherine was ever intended to be an end game, and if she was, is she still, or what made him change his mind? By the way, I must say, Steve is such an idiot when it cones to women. if he had just pulled that ring out and proposed anyway, Catherine would have said Yes, and most probably would have bailed on the Cia instead.

    • Maria Quinn says:

      I think/I’m pretty sure things changed for Catherine when Billy, her ex from the Navy, & she started working together as security/protection people, or private eyes, or whatever they were, after Catherine resigned her commission & left the Navy & Billy died during a job while Catherine survived with only a GSW to the arm. Among other things, she got “Survivor’s Guilt”. That’s when she started getting “restless” & apparently wanting more from life than a home & family with Steve.

  14. Adelaide Silva says:

    As much as Lynn is a nice lady, Catherine and Steve are soulmates. Catherine and Steve are like two jigsaw pieces that fit perfectly together – Lynn on the other hand she just isn’t cutting it for me at all. I know this is just a show it’s not real life but I reeaaaallllllllyyyy hope Steve and Catherine get back together . It would be sooo cute if Grover’s son and Grace got together and please make the next operation be the team go to Mexico to save Sarah as the uncle and aunt don’t turn out to be who they portray themselves to be on paper.

  15. Sue says:

    I hope Catherine comes back to stay. Steve and Catherine get married.

  16. Andrea says:

    It’s weird. I wouldn’t say Catherine is my first choice for Steve, but I think she’s the best choice for Steve. This episode showed that. He is his mother’s son in that he will go off to wherever at a moment’s notice, much like Doris and like Catherine. That’s how Steve is wired. He may love Lynn. He may want it to work with her, and it might in the short term for a few years, but ultimately, I think Lynn and Steve would end up like Doris and John. Steve would be like Doris and feel the call of a cause somewhere other than Hawaii. Lynn would remain back in Hawaii like John. Steve loves his dad and respects him, but he also carries the scars of Doris leaving him as a boy. I don’t think he’ll ultimately be as willing to potentially repeat his childhood in reverse by marrying and having children with Lynn. I like Lynn, but I don’t think it is to be in terms of her future with Steve. I don’t think Steve and Catherine are as much soulmates as they are puzzle pieces that fit together.

    • H50 fan says:

      I was on the fence about Lynn and figured I was just slow in warming to her like others have, but after seeing both Cath and Lynn with Steve last night all it did was make me miss the old days with Steve and Cath (which is strange because I was always on the fence about her too, lol).

      However, I agree with Alex’s thoughts that too much water has gone under the bridge and he would be a fool to take her back again. For me, it would leave Steve looking like a doormat and he’s better than that IMO.

      I didn’t see the closure that Alex described though. I got the impression Cath had moved on and was content in her life, but Steve is still pining. Maybe we’ll see the closure Alex described in the following episodes, but last night just left me feeling sad for him.

  17. Anne says:

    Steve & Catherine were meant to be together. I think she was the best partner for him out of all the potentials that have been on the show. I hope she comes back for good and he proposes, or she proposes and he says yes. I don’t think Steve & Lynn are a good match.
    I knew Grover’s son was the boyfriend the first time he asked his son to find out.
    There should be more of an in-depth story to Doris and her choices about Wo-Fat & his father to help Steve understand. We already knew Doris felt guilty about killing Wo-Fat’s mother. It didn’t seem plausible she would try to rescue Wo-Fat’s father after all this time when her assignment was to kill him. It seems like she should have felt guilty for raising Wo-Fat instead of her own son & daughter, since Wo-Fat, in the end, tried to kill her biological son.

    • Anne says:

      Chin should get Sarah back. A growing Five-0 family is a great, realistic, story-line and adds to the depth of the characters.

    • Andrea says:

      I wouldn’t want to go back in depth with Wo Fat. Tying up the storyline with some stuff about Doris and Wo Fat’s father is fine, but the last thing the storyline needs is more depth. It’s already convoluted, confusing, and tedious. In terms of Chin, I agree with others about Sarah. The poor man needs some joy in his life. Enough with the sorrow. I’d even be fine if he did it as a single parent. I get the serious vibe that Abby’s not into kids. I foresee a May Sweeps episode in which 5-0 takes a trip to Mexico to rescue Sarah after it is revealed that her aunt and uncle are indeed in bed with the cartels and Sarah is somehow in peril.

  18. Susie says:

    Sad to see Steve lose the two people in his life that meant the most to him, as we assumed they both are gone from him forever. Maybe he can get closure now. I loved McRoll. Would be a great finale for the series, if they ended up together after all. Don’t like Lynn with him at all. I guessed Gracie’s bf instantly at homework. Looks fun. Hope Chin gets his niece back forever.
    Love the show.

    • Yeah! I think Peter Lenkov realizes that some good has to happen in everyone’s life.

    • Andrea says:

      I don’t think Sreve’s lost Doris. I think that he’s finally on his way to accepting that she’s not the soccer-mom version of a mom just like he’s not a corporate guy who goes to work in a suit and tie. Yet, the journal shows that she loves and wanted him, and I think he loves her. Rather than losing her, I think he’s actually found her in a way.

  19. I actu ally afree with AOL on the interviews i’be read. He said the way she left ‘was pretty crappy.’ Steve would be ‘an idiot’ to take her back and obviously the above ‘she wasn’t the one that got away.’ Ignoring that it was Catherine, would you accept how she left with any other character? IF she came back it would be all on her terms, it would be when she was ready for it. She would expect it to continue like that. To be honest I don’t understand why they can’t be single, not everyone has to or wants to be in relationships. Catherine is way too like his mother.

  20. Ange says:

    I was a bit disappointed.

  21. Gail says:

    I hope Chin gets his niece back and I still want Steve and Catherine to get back together

  22. Regarding not even giving thought to bailing on her next assignment, I think, if there were no Lynn in the picture, if she had found out about the lmminent proposal in a different way, she would have given thought to staying behind.

  23. Sharon says:

    Not sure if Lynn is the right one for
    Steve either. He didn’t waste time
    moving on after Catherine left.
    Out of sight, out of mind. I can’t help suspecting Lynn is just a rebound relationship. Still, when you’ve got a mother like his who
    can’t stop lying, there’s no chance of knowing what real love is. I’m so glad Alex is nothing like Steve McGarrett. A man like that really would be a challenge.

  24. Its ironic that because a soccer ball was kicked too hard, two lives changed dramatically! Catherine says she is happy with what she is doing, Steve is not happy at all; and is in denial that he and Catherine are meant to be together. Neither of them will truly be happy without each other. So, if this was clousure, i really feel sorry for them.

  25. I still think Catherine is his true love and they belong together. He waited too late. Now that he knows she would have said yes, he should think about what he truly wants and stop leading the blonde bimbo on. He needs to go get Catherine.

    • Donna says:

      I agree. Lynn is terrible for Steve. No chemistry like he had with Catherine. I have lost interest in the show

      • Donna says:

        And Catherine was very family bonded with the whole team. Everyone loves her including his mom Doris and sister Mary. Can’t see this blending with bad hair bimbo. I mean what does she have to bring to the show?

        • Wendy says:

          Not so sure Danny Williams loved her

        • Amanda Lee says:

          Really? Calling a character “bimbo” because YOU don’t like her? Bit catty, aren’t you? Seeing how Catherine dusted Steve out of her hair when she left, I don’t see any connection at all. Whomever he ends up is 100% better than her. She treated him like a doormat so many times, I seriously doubt his mother and sister “loves” her, I just love it when people exaggerate things that are not in sight. SMDH

    • Peter Lenkov has confirmed that the Cath and Steve storyline is definitely not over yet; that this phase is just part of their story.

  26. AngD says:

    I was so not happy to see Catherine leave. I don’t like Lynn for Steve. Yes I get that this show is more about Danny and Steve but why can’t he have the one that’s better for him too? No one on this show gets to be happy it seems. Chin doesn’t get to be happy. Kono has had a long road. Danny? Good grief. Bring Catherine back already.

  27. Don’t like the new girlfriend at all. Sorry they decided to end the Catherine storyline. Hope chino ho gets his niece back.

    • Peter Lenkov has confirmed that the Cath and Steve storyline is definitely not over yet; that this phase is just part of their story.

      • Donna says:

        I didn’t see a comment where Peter confirmed that. Hmm. I would be interested in more. He and Alex pretty much ended the “Catherine ” storyline

        • He did, in an interview and in a reply to me on Twitter. As for Alex, he did say that in his opinion the Catherine storyline is closed. but then he doesn’t write the show, and he will take whatever is given him. He also mentioned that he’s not one to give suggestions to Peter and the writers; as he realized that if he did and they were heeded, they would probably be off the air by now.

  28. Rachel says:

    I was ssoooo excited to see Catherine back. But ssoooo disappointed at the outcome!! Terrible ” ending”!!! And the new gf, no way.She has nothing in common with Steve. I felt so bad for Steve at the end of this episode.His Mom and Love both leave Again. This just insults my intelligence. This fan is NOT happy, not watching anymore!!

    • Donna says:

      I am done too. I thought that perhaps since Doris and Catherine were reappearing In the same episode that perhaps Doris being in danger was the “one” on the phone that pulled Catherine away again. I thought Doris would explain she was the reason Catherine left to save her. So since I am no longer interested in the show I will check other sources to find out if Lynn is gone If so I will watch again. What is PL thinking??? Watch the ratings now

  29. Xavier Grier says:

    I believe Catherine needs to come back. Catherine was perfect for Steven. She made a very poor decision and she seems regretful. #BRINGBACKCATHERINE

    • I’m suspecting that this is how the storyline will continue. Steve will find out the decision to join the CIA wasn’t exactly voluntary. Remember when Steve was lying injured in Afghanistan and a CIA official kept pressing him for the source of his intel under threat of incarceration, and he wouldn’t budge? The interrogator gave him a pass; but now I’m thinking, it didn’t come for free. I’m thinking they located Catherine and recruited her; and if she refused they would have both been thrown in the slammer. this information will lead them back to each other.

  30. Ella says:

    I can’t stand either Catherine or Lynn. Hope Steve gets together with Alicia Brown.

  31. Ivy says:

    I find funny the double-standard on many of the comments below regarding Catherine. Yes, it is true she left him. I do feel bad for Steve. She should not have lied. But painting Steve as the victim? Give me a break. How many times did he leave Catherine for the job? How many times did he put his job first?. It took for her to leave for him to finally admit to her that he loved her. Fine, he showed that he loved her, but words carry a lot of weight too. Steve does not know how to express himself with words and that took a toll on his relationship with Catherine. When she said she was leaving, he could have proposed to her anyway, but he didn’t. He was too proud or scared, or both, to say anything and he LET her get away. He did not fight hard enough, and you can’t blame all the problems on Catherine. They are both to blame and both responsible for their own actions. It’s annoying that Catherine is the only one painted as the bad one in the story.
    Regarding Lynn, she does not seem like she could take Steve’s way of life for long. She is not cut out for this.
    And I agree with someone who said there was something that made PL change his mind regarding Catherine and Steve. From S1-4 they were written as endgame and Cath said multiple times she was happy in Hawaii, that Hawaii was home, she even left the Navy to stay there with Steve. She mentioned no job was more important than her happiness with Steve, and then the sudden change? it is inconsistent writing, like most of this show nowadays.

    • Donna says:

      Amen. Finally someone gets it right. How many times did Catherine put her job on the line to help Steve catch the bad guys? It took Steve six years to buy a ring. Surely the storyline doesn’t have him so into Sarah that he goes off the deep end so soon. I am beginning to think perhaps that over time something is not right with Alex and Michelle offscreen. He seemed pretty cold and indifferent.

    • Wendy says:

      I disagree that Cath was endgame in Seasons 1-4. She and Steve hooked up for sex when they were both in the Navy. For the longest time neither one of them would acknowledge that they were in a relationship. She wasn’t a regular until what, Season 3, when Grace Park got pregnant in real life and they needed another women on the team. Steve left the Navy and wants a real life, Cath likes being a spy, like Doris. Steve doesn’t want to marry his Mom.PL will continue to tease the McRoll machine, but AOL has made it clear that he thinks she and Steve are done.

  32. Cathy says:

    Catherine and steve really have a good chemistry…and i want them together again..

  33. Donna says:

    Me too! What Peter Lenkov doesn’t realize is that the chemistry and relationship between Steve and Catherine is just as important as the chemistry And relationship
    Between Steve and Danny. This is what the success of the show is about.

  34. Sharon says:

    How typically male. When are men going to wake up and realise
    that you can’t build or sustain a
    relationship based on physical attraction and sexual chemistry?
    Surely the right woman for the
    good Commander would make
    him wait for sex, let him sweat
    it out a little. He’s a smart man.
    Surely giving him a true love with substance and an actual brain in her head isn’t too much
    to ask for, is it? Because physical
    and sexual attraction will only
    get you so far. And that ain’t what I call love at all.

  35. Sharon says:

    This message is for Alex (not sure if he’ll see it, but here’s hoping!): You really shouldn’t put yourself down. You are so much better than you think you are. In fact,
    you’re worth all the rat-bags out there put together. Know what I thought when I first
    saw you on TV? No, it wasn’t “that guy takes his shirt off a lot” (okay, maybe for about a minute, but that’s it!); it was: “There’s someone who wants to make a difference, who just might be a difference in this world.” Unfortunately, our image and
    fame-obsessed world can only see the outside view. Believe me, you are no dummy.
    Anyone who would recommend a book such as Rilke’s “Letters To A Young Poet” (which wasn’t quite what I expected- it was better!) is obviously capable of thinking deeply. I know what it’s like to be made to feel like you’re less than what everyone believes. You’re a true character actor, Alex, but unfortunately, no one can see that
    because you’re not really given a chance to shine- given written material of substance
    to work with, seen as more than a “heartthrob” type. Yes, you have been noticed, but
    not necessarily for the right reasons (I think we both know what I’m referring to!). Please
    don’t give up acting before you get the chance to prove yourself to the world. I really
    want to see you do that. You can, I just know it. I believe that much.

  36. Alice says:

    I would love to see Catherine and Steve get together. I think they are such great match.

  37. Sharon says:

    So the good Commander is open
    to finding “a true love” is he? Yes , that’s all well and good, but
    you don’t find such a thing with
    someone who is merely “good in
    bed” or looks great standing next
    to someone. Maybe he should try
    raising his standards to meet those of a woman who is really
    worth it-namely, the type who
    would make him wait for sex and
    refuse to compromise herself or
    her standards. Sound old-fashioned to all you “modern” types? I don’t care. Enough is
    enough when it comes to pointless “relationships”. Or even
    pointless, hackneyed storylines
    which make no sense at all.

  38. Tad says:

    Does anybody know that catchy lil tune playing at the start of Ep150 with Stever a cookin’ and getting ready for his hot date? Who’s singing? Any details on that song? I was humming that tune for the next couple of days. Was driving me insane. STILL driving me insane. I gotta have it! LOL!

    Goes something like “. . . Fishy fishy you make for me, la la la, the Mahi Mahi . . .la la la . . . You know how much you likee likee . . .” HELP!

  39. LC says:

    I really enjoyed this episode, one of my favorite episodes. It started off as if Steve had moved on, but suddenly everything halted as soon as Catherine showed up. All those old feelings came rushing back and he ends up where he was a year ago. By the end of the episode it was more apparent how they truly love each other, but the job comes first for both of them. One of my favorite storylines is the one between Steve & Catherine. I can’t wait to see where this goes.

  40. Catherine was a love interest that never really kicked off. Hanging on a fence for 7 years, it’s time to get off it one way or other. I would like to see a true romance build again slowly over time but no cliffhanger, eveuntally a true match for Steve. Some one kickass sexy, like his mom but not a traveler.

  41. Sharon says:

    The way I remember it, there was talk in the media about McGarrett getting a new love interest. Obviously no one could be found, so he was stuck with
    the on/off one (note to Mr Lenkov: an ex is an ex for a very good reason!). Until they found rebound girl aka Lynn. Couldn’t find someone less plastic? Does such a woman actually exist? Honestly, what is it with women-
    older and younger- who can’t stop messing up their faces so much their foreheads don’t move
    (trust me, I’ve seen it)? Alex deserves better than this. But then I guess people just assume he can’t think. He doesn’t help matters when he constantly belittles himself. Wish he’d quit it. I for one can see there’s more to him than what others seem to see. Go Aussie go! Aussie, Aussie,Aussie! Oi, Oi, Oi! Show ’em what you’re made of, man from Canberra!

  42. Nobie says:

    Waiting for McRoll to be together again…forever!

    • Sharon says:

      Oh, what a pathetic little tragic you are! Don’t you realise that
      Navy SEAL Barbie has brought nothing of substance to this show (not that it has a lot as it is)? Jack Lord would never have stood for this garbage. Peter Lenkov- you have failed “Five-0”!
      Hang your head in shame, you talentless hack! I can’t wait till it’s over and then hopefully A O’L can move on to something else, something better.

  43. Nobie davlin says:

    Waiting for McRoll again!!! And forever!!

  44. Patrice R. says:

    Respectfully disagree with Alex’s comments. A person can have very brave and caring reasons and actions that someone else knows nothing about. Really trust and believe in the character of Catherine Rollins in all of the above. Thought Steve would probe deeper.

  45. Kellie says:

    Now that I know McGarrett & Catherine are not going to be together- I don’t want to watch the show anymore.