No S.H.I.E.L.D. for Nic Cage? Is Kimmel's Candy Shtick Stale? Bernadette Got Big Quick? Pitch Pal a Hit? And More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Once Upon a Time, Supergirl, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Big Bang and Supernatural!Hawaii Five-0

1 | The way Hawaii Five-0‘s Kono and Adam seem to get terrorized a few times s a season, did you think/hope their latest ordeal would be revealed as an elaborate Halloween prank?

2 | Granted he’s only been in one episode, but is The Walking Dead‘s ridiculously over-the-top Ezekiel proof that what works on the pages of a comic book may not work on the TV screen? And at this point, doesn’t it just make you sad when the heroes arrive someplace as lovely as The Kingdom, since you know disaster cannot be far behind? On an unrelated note: How off-the-charts awesome was the kill in which the walker’s face got sliced open?

3 | Why did Quantico‘s Alex take her mask off, especially when it helped her to blend so well with the Citizens’ Liberation Front terrorists? And are we supposed to believe that a few overheard conversations suddenly made her fluent in Swahili?

| Isn’t itMasters of Sex NO DW awesome to see Masters of Sex‘s Libby so empowered this season? And can we all agree that Bill Masters should never wear a mustache ever again?

| Which lad was more petulant this Sunday: Once Upon a Time‘s Henry or The Strain‘s Zach? (Sorry, this was a rare trick question; no kid on Earth is as sulky as Zach.)

| When Westworld‘s Sylvester told Felix, “Personality testing should’ve weeded you out in the embryo,” was it a lame put-down or a hint that the future in which the story takes place is ruled by harsh eugenics?

7 | Is Timeless going to take a different trip every single week? Will the team ever just hang back for an episode, to deal with “life” stuff? Or have one adventure span multiple episodes?

| Wouldn’t it be a blast if the characters from Timeless and Legends of Tomorrow each traveled to — and bumped into each other — in 1890s England, to ensure that H.G. Wells writes The Time Machine?

| Would Supergirl‘s AlexSupergirl /Maggie, Winn/Mon-El and Kara/Lena bonding scenes be far more interesting — and the possible outcome of one of the pairings be more surprising — if it hadn’t been revealed over the summer that a DC TV character will be exploring his/her sexuality this season?

10 | Is it safe to say that, this many years into Jimmy Kimmel’s annual shtick, many of the “I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy” rugrats are getting coached by their folks, to make the cut for broadcast?

11 | Why was The Flash‘s Julian, who is a CSI, confronting and arresting a suspect himself, waving a firearm? (What is this, CSI?)

12 | Atlanta viewers: Who among you knew right away the reason why those people were dressed as cows in the season finale?

13 | Was Tuesday’s This Is Up the first episode of the freshman hit that didn’t feature a major character engaging in a thoughtful conversation while sitting on the floor with their back up against a wall?

14 | What, Nicolas Cage AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. wasn’t available to cameo on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as motorcycle-riding Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze? After all, as “Cage” has said on SNL, it had one of the classic elements he looks for in a role: “It exists.”

15 | Any other Arrow fans still getting used to “J.J.” being the name of Dig’s now-male kid?

16 | If American Horror Story: Roanoke‘s Lee wasn’t participating in Return to Roanoke in order to clear her name (as she initially insisted she was), why did she do the follow-up series? Also, we’re all hoping Sarah Paulson’s character survives purely so we can get a scene in which Paulson — as Asylum‘s Lana — does a follow-up interview with herself-as-Audrey, yes?

17 | Did we miss a Big Bang Theory time jump, or has Bernadette’s pregnancy timeline accelerated at an unnaturally fast rate?

18 | Sure, “numbers guys” have noted there’s actually little overlap between Pitch viewers and MLB baseball fans, but how does Fox not have series star Kyle Bunbury throw out a first pitch during the World Series?

19 | Grey’s Anatomy fans, GREY'S ANATOMYMinnick as a love interest for Arizona — thumbs up or down? And regardless of how you answer, how much would you not like to be a patient in an OR where she was pushing residents to practice on you?

20 | Can Pitch please make the waitress who partied with Ginny her new bestie? And speaking of the plucky cater-waiter, it OK to speculate that Cara is the great-granddaughter of Agent Carter‘s own waitress BFF, Angie?

21 | Is Legends of Tomorrow‘s Ray now a genius in all sciences, from physics to microbiology? Also, is Amaya almost always going to channel the strength of a gorilla? (Does the CW Seed’s Mari McCabe tap into a greater variety of beasts?)

22 | Did Supernatural case-of-the-week this week hit the human horror spot?

23 | Why aren’t more people watching the comedic blessing that is Loosely Exactly Nicole? (Other than the fact that MTV banished it to Friday nights?)

24 | What’s the over/under on the real Hillary Clinton and/or Donald Trump making a cameo on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live?

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other Qs you care to share!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. #1. They need to take it easy on Adam & Kono for awhile!

  2. Kevin says:

    #7 – what if NBC’s Timeless should do an episode where the trio travels back to 1908 where the Chicago Cubs last won the World Series?

  3. MrScreenAddict says:

    16. Just because Lee *did* kill her husband doesn’t mean she wouldn’t still want to clear her name. Whether she did it or not, she probably doesn’t want people thinking she’s guilty.

  4. skrable2a says:

    I was wondering why — with Walter and Paige kneeling in bat guano — there was no “bat guano crazy” joke

  5. Luis Roman says:


  6. Amber says:

    #12: Were they on their way to Chik fil a?

  7. Mary says:

    21. I thought I remembered Ray telling Felicity when he was on Arrow that he’d also studied medicine right around the time he was talking about nanites, which ended up saving his life.

  8. pattyg says:

    #2 – I would be way more annoyed about Ezekiel if he hadn’t come clean to Carol at the end. Plus I just freaking love tigers. And yes, the face slice-off was amazing.

  9. Hi All…Those Kimmel Halloween videos are beyond lame. Either the parents are coaxing the kids in order to their own 15 seconds of fame or they are just awful people.

    • JScout says:

      Awful people.

    • QYW says:

      Not a fan of Kimmel at all and have always felt this particular segment at Halloween to be crass and demeaning to the kids. It’s pass lame and full on bullying–but, hey, anything that gets a laugh is gold forever, right Jimmy? Ugh….

  10. Gerald says:

    # 13 Us – Not Up. Confused me for a second.

    #21 – seems more believable than Jax being a mechanical engineer – time ship repair man after being a car mechanic.

    #17 There was a time jump. We only got two episodes for 5 weeks of Sheldon and Amy living together.

  11. Max says:

    No.10 – Yes! Please make it stop.

  12. Jennifer says:

    1 | The way Hawaii Five-0‘s Kono and Adam seem to get terrorized a few times s a season, did you think/hope their latest ordeal would be revealed as an elaborate Halloween prank?

    I did!!! I really thought that Kono had set up some kind of Halloween trick/haunted house thing for Adam. Until they were tied/beaten. I didn’t think Kono would go that far after Adam got out of prison

  13. Jennifer says:

    8 | Wouldn’t it be a blast if the characters from Timeless and Legends of Tomorrow each traveled to — and bumped into each other — in 1890s England, to ensure that H.G. Wells writes The Time Machine?

    That would be awesome, but how rare is it to cross over networks?

  14. Slh says:

    Were a lot of shows moved this week? Seems some of my faves like NCIS, criminal minds, Chicago pd, et all aren’t showing as new???

  15. 3) Indians were brought over to East Africa to build railroads during the British empire. A lot stayed after until Idi Amin.
    It’s entirely possible her parents were fluent in Swahili and passed it down. ( i don’t watch Quantico , i presume Priyanka plays an American of Indian decent. )

  16. Daisy says:

    19. Right?! Who would want some newbie just trying out something to see if they get it right only to have a full surgeon have to fix what they broke.
    20. It would be very cool for Jenny to have a friend that has nothing to do with baseball. I think they made it clear that she needs it. Fingers crossed.

    • notfeelingencouraged says:

      Agree on 20. But, friend needs to make sure Ginny doesn’t go rogue again. Although I totally get why she did it, I probably would too with all that pressure on me.

  17. kate says:

    2. I don’t know, were you taking him seriously in the comics? And that’s kind of what community theater guys talk like on stage.

    3. They were speaking Hindi at that point not Swahili, the terrorists have been alternating between languages. The terrorist started it in Hindi because it would be reasonable that Alex is able to speak that in more than just a few phrases.

    5. Well Zach duh but Henry does get some credit for that being like totally out of the blue. Yes, Hook just started to live there, but its not like that was a huge step.

    6. I suspected eugenics too.

    11. I imagine that is why Barry was so shocked to see him pull it out in the first place.

    15. Not so much, but I did have to think who they were talking about. Plus, I’m suspecting we will possibly know him some day as Connor (though I don’t see the show taking a ten year time jump which is when John should die according to the Star City 2046 episode).

    17. We jumped about a month if you use Amy’s apartment plus two weeks as a reference.

    21. I don’t know what Ray has going on, I assume its similar to how Caitlyn on the Flash is a doctor in the sense that her degrees are biology based, but she’s not a medical doctor but has seemed to take over that role for the metahumans. On the CW Seed, yes, Mari can grab the spirit of any animal but she seems to tend to prefer a tiger (or a lion, I’ve never been sure) as her default form of fighting style. But when Mari was on Arrow, she did a couple different animals so its not like they only have the imagery for the gorilla. I guess she has seen strength as being the quality she needs in the brawls they have had.

  18. Rick Katze says:

    19. Having spent way too much time in the hospital, the scenes of her pushing the interns did strike a nerve and not a pleasant one.

    • bj says:

      At least they’d be learning something instead of standing there surgery after surgery watching the doctors argue or discuss their sex lives, usually till the alarms go off. No wonder no one is improving. As someone who’s been in surgery several times those scenes don’t bring me any sense of security either. We saw more “hospital ” action this week than we have in the past several months.

      • Anna says:

        Except Meredith, Alex, Bailey, Callie, Cristina, April, Jackson, etc. were all trained in this hospital, and they are all exalted as wonderful surgeons. They clearly all learned well under the old regime. The stunts that residents usually pull have little to do with what they are actually taught in the OR and more to do with them being crazy cowboys who think they have everything figured out (Izzie cutting Denny’s LVAD wire, Cristina performing surgeries for Burke, Ben doing that C-section in the hallway, etc.). The only exception is that year when Cristina refused to teach her interns so they started doing surgeries on themselves – but that’s because Cristina hated teaching.

        The crazy lady cutting open my artery on purpose to give the first year intern the opportunity to try and fix it is BS. Keep me far away from wherever this nutjob is working.

  19. dasein314 says:

    #21 : Here’s my question — How is the Flash himself not a time aberration that they need to address? Where are the time wraiths? And if they have Stein not know Eobard Thawne, I’ll be annoyed.

    • kate says:

      That’s a good point about the time wraiths, though Eobard has always said he knew how to avoid them. I might keep an eye out for Teddy Sears return as he seemed to being turned into, I think, the Black Flash which basically makes him the bounty hunter for speedsters so the time wraiths can concentrate on other things. Like why they aren’t actually trying to assist the Legends…

  20. dan says:

    #17) the season premiere (Leonard and Penny’s wedding) took place immediately after last season’s finale, and the second episode was set shortly thereafter, but the subsequent episodes seem to be several months later and we know that about five weeks have lapsed from the time Sheldon and Amy moved in together

  21. dan says:

    My question: on HTGAWM how come the depositions of the lady’s kids were taken at the same time and in public? It was not a court hearing. Depositions are usually open only to the parties and multiple witnesses are typically deposed separately (not to mention each of the defendants would have their own attorney). Then again, I’ve learned not to expect realism on this show’s court activities.

    • Jared S says:

      I don’t think they were open to the public. As Annalise said it’s a teaching clinic so those other people were most likely the students in class that we never get to know because they aren’t magnets for murder and mayhem.

  22. selinakray says:

    #21. I would ask the same thing about Barry Allen and the other scientists on The Flash. He’s a CSI. Just because he can do things faster doesn’t mean he suddenly has all this experience in other scientific fields, like computer programming, etc.

  23. Phun says:

    9 – Yeah, you have a point. It would have been more of a surprise if we didn’t know there was going to be a big reveal over the summer.

  24. Spence says:

    Completely disagree about Ezekiel. As someone who never read the comics, I found his character to be captivating and exciting. Negan was more of a charicature than Ezekiel in his introduction, imo.

    • Sarah94 says:

      Agree, I find him hilarious and in the end it showed why be put this act up and I like him even more.

    • LaDonna says:

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I love his character! And the line about community theater…I laughed so hard. It was so typical…he was an actor who found a role and just threw himself into it. Ezekiel, I love you, never change!

  25. Tom says:

    17 | Did we miss a Big Bang Theory time jump, or has Bernadette’s pregnancy timeline accelerated at an unnaturally fast rate?
    I think they kinda did a time jump and didn’t really say anything, because the season premiere was may and I think they’re current-ish now. That’s the problem with cliffhangers.
    20 | Can Pitch please make the waitress who partied with Ginny her new bestie? And speaking of the plucky cater-waiter, it OK to speculate that Cara is the great-granddaughter of Agent Carter‘s own waitress BFF, Angie?
    It’s fun to dream
    24 | What’s the over/under on the real Hillary Clinton and/or Donald Trump making a cameo on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live?
    I’m thinking Hillary is highly likely, I don’t think he’ll ever be back on

  26. Lala says:

    2. Ezekiel was great on screen. Not sure what tvline’s on about.
    4. Forget Libby, so happy that Masters and Johnson are back on track and together…hearing Ginny admit her jealousy and apologize to Bill for making him feel as she did was just what we Ginny/Bill fans have been waiting for so long.
    20.As long as they don’t make Ginny & the waitress lovers, I’m ok. They need to bring back Ginny’s real bff back though, the guy.

  27. absherlock says:

    #21 – concerning Vixen, she may use a less diverse set of animals because she comes from 70+ years ago when people knew less about animals. Perhaps we’ll see her doing some research on the Waverider and then using it in battle.

  28. Chance says:

    You’re COMPLETELY wrong about Ezekiel. It was great.

    Also, as obvious as it is that the same-sex pairing on Supergirl is going to be Alex/Maggie, Winn/Mon-El have had much better chemistry.

  29. Annie says:

    17. Of course there was a time jump, since Amy´s apartment was ready “a few weeks ago”.

  30. tara17 says:

    17 – Bernadette’s pregnancy is typical of most sitcom pregnancies. The actress looks the same until about the 6-7th month, when her character suddenly balloons up. Such as Rachel on Friends.

    • NewBeginnings16 says:

      I fully expect that baby to be aged up considerably soon after birth like they do on soaps – send the kid away to some Swiss boarding school at 5, have them return 6 months later at 13, wait a few months and suddenly the kid is legally of age at 18.

  31. Penny says:

    #17 – I’m more surprised people didn’t pick up on Penny’s hair growing 4 inches in a couple weeks. It was shoulder length in the premiere for her 2nd wedding and is back to being long in last nights episode.

    • NewBeginnings16 says:

      I missed an episode and assumed Penny (like Kaley) got hair extensions. One little line to that effect would have gone a long way.

  32. ninergrl6 says:

    6. I get so many Brave New World vibes from Westworld, which would 100% fit with that embryo genetic engeneering comment. I highly doubt it was random.

  33. Larc says:

    3- Alex could have spoken any language fluently via the magic of Hollywood. It’s very powerful magic, if not very logical.

    19- Minnick may work OK as Arizona’s SO, but I can’t believe those surgeons would have put up with her know-it-all mouth. The lead surgeon in the OR is like the captain of a ship, the final decision maker. The chief of surgery may decide who gets to go in there, but the lead surgeon decides who can stay. If Minnick comes on board and insists on being the sole director of surgical training, fine. But she has to report to somebody. That person should be a promoted Richard.

  34. Dee says:

    Yes to Amaya in 21… It’s gotten old…90% of the time she chooses gorilla. I liked when her granddaughter Vixen was on Arrow… She showed a lot more variety

  35. melaniedhi says:

    9- I thought the same. Wish they had not spoiled it. Would have been like The 100 and Gotham where I just root for those ship without knowing if its just me or ;)
    11- Hahaha loving this reference
    15- What!? Can it be JJ Conor DIggle? I mean there must be a reason for that change
    21- Noted the same thing regarding Amaya’s animal channelling. CGI budget maybe?

  36. MyExBFF says:

    A Big Bang time jump would also explain how quickly Penny’s hair has grown back…

  37. #4 – Never woulda pegged Ausiello as a Stache-ist – I would think the father of sex research would get a pass for sporting a pornstache. Personally, I thought it looked great.

  38. TV Gord says:

    I think things in the Presidential race for either Clinton or Trump to risk another appearance on SNL.

  39. Brent Clark says:

    18 | Sure, “numbers guys” have noted there’s actually little overlap between Pitch viewers and MLB baseball fans, but how does Fox not have series star Kyle Bunbury throw out a first pitch during the World Series?

    I think MLB lets the teams decide who throws out the first pitches and since San Diego Padres weren’t in the World Series. (And besides if they were – I doubt they would have Kylie do it.)

    What surprise me though FOX not having her on during the World Series at all. Could have done a interview with her promoting the show during one of FOX’s pre-game shows. Also surprised that Lethal Weapon sponsored the Fox’s post-game shows and not Pitch.

  40. Hollie says:

    #14- Do we WANT Nicolas Cage to be on AoS?! I honestly just thought that the Johnny Blaze cameo was for all the whiny fanboys who complained because Robbie Reyes wasn’t ‘The REAL Ghost Rider’.

  41. Jared S says:

    7. The Legends have already met H.G. Wells. Stein gave him a future vaccine for scarlet fever or something and saved his life.

  42. NewBeginnings16 says:

    #17: I’m right in there with you on this one regarding Bernadette’s more than a bump! Yikes. She looks at least 7 months along when last week looked like the pregnancy was just beyond showing.

  43. Jason says:

    2) I thought Ezekial was awesome. It’s not like he actually believes he’s a king. His conversation with Carol revealed his complexities. As far as expecting annihilation for any new community, the world is growing to expansive for that to be a given anymore. The days of desperately wandering the wastes are over.

  44. #1 – I definitely thought it was going to be a prank. No way Adam and Kono have that bad of luck, and no way a cannibal Halloween ritual is the B plot.

  45. #16 – I’m not convinced Lee did kill her husband. I thought her video message to Flora was just an attempt to stop Flora from any future attempts to find out the truth. She wouldn’t want Flora ever trying to visit the house again, or dig into what happened there, lest she end up exactly like her mom.

  46. dancmh says:

    Julian on the Flash is bad but Barry is the worst.

    And Amaya on Legends just spams that Gorilla button on the totem like a video game player who only knows one combo attack. Now I just call it Grodding.