Trump vs. Clinton: Who Should You Vote For? Let Seth Meyers Help Decide

Seth Meyers on Wednesday addressed a problem facing millions of prospective voters ahead of the Nov. 8 presidential election. 

With both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton widely disliked by the American public, the Late Night host took a minute to point out each candidate’s grandest faux pas in an effort to make things a little easier for Ken Bone those still mulling their choice less than six days before casting their ballot. His long-winded breakdown went as follows:

[It’s] a problem for a lot of Americans. They just don’t love the two choices. I mean, do you pick someone who’s under federal investigation for using a private email server, or do you pick someone who called Mexicans rapists; claimed the president was born in Kenya; proposed banning an entire religion from entering the U.S.; mocked a disabled reporter; said John McCain wasn’t a war hero because he was captured; attacked the parents of a fallen soldier; bragged about committing sexual assault; was accused by 12 women of committing sexual assault [and] said some of those women weren’t attractive enough for him to sexually assault; said more countries should get nukes; said he would force the military to commit war crimes; said a judge was biased because his parents were Mexicans; said women should be punished for having abortions; incited violence at his rallies; called global warming a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese; called for his opponent to be jailed; declared bankruptcy six times; bragged about not paying income taxes; stiffed his contractors and employees; lost $1 billion in one year; scammed customers with his fake university; bought a six-foot tall painting of himself with money from his fake foundation; has a trial for fraud coming up in November; insulted an opponent’s looks; insulted an opponent’s wife’s looks; and bragged about grabbing women by the p—y?

“How do you choose?” Meyers asked in a facetious manner before catching his breath. “Because it’s so even.”

Press PLAY on the clip above to watch Meyers’ latest “Closer Look” (the aforementioned breakdown begins at the 6:16 mark), then tell us if he’s swayed your vote with a polite comment below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Bark Star says:

    Choose ? Choose ??? It is not a choice. Every american now has a duty to stop Trump from becoming president. It no longer matters how much you dislike Clinton. All personal preferances, agendas, goals, EVERYTHING need to be postponed for the safety of America and the entire world. We are watching, America. Time to act like grownups and do the right thing.

    • Gary says:

      Of course it’s not a choice. There’s only one of them who will make America great again. Trump!

      • Dave says:

        Exactly. So excited for Election night. Red is my favorite color and we are turning that electoral map red!

      • Mary says:

        Sad really that you and the Trumpster don’t think that America is great. Maybe you should go some where else then you might be able to appreciate what you have. Don’t you find it questionable that he want to make America great yet his stupid hates are from China. Every heard the expression practice what you preach.

        • Haz says:

          You are delusional if you do not realize things have went downhill under Obama. Obamacare is a MAJOR failure and all HRC is going to do is keep trying to push his failed policies. Also have you not seen how things have gone downhill in countries that have been accepting refugees? Hillary is just an ass kisser who sucks up to celebrities and does not care about the actual public.

          • Mary says:

            Not going to argue about a recession we had coming off from the Bush administration. Has it been a slow recovery, yes but if you actually take the time and educate yourself you will see that we are actually better off than we were. Wow I hope our Country is never is the position than many of these refugees who are coming in to save themselves will get turned away. I realize empathy is too much to ask for but maybe put yourself in their shoes and how would you feel. As far as Obamacare goes, yes it does need some improvement but then again if the GOP had done their job and worked with him maybe it could have been improved. Let me guess you are re-electing the same people into Congress and Senate aren’t you. If all you people who blame the Government for your failures then I guess that is your choice, but if you think by electing a clueless self center man is the answer, then you have no right to complain when it all falls down around you.

          • Jack says:

            Gas prices are down
            Unemployment down
            Stock market up

            Under Obama. I will take four more years of the above mentioned things.

        • AnnieM says:

          Mary, it’s pointless to try reasoning with Trumpettes. We can point out all of his lies followed by ACTUAL PROOF of said lies, and all we get back from them is pretty much the equivalent of a kindergardener with their fingers jammed in their ears, screaming “I CAN’T HEAR YOU, I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” smh…..

          • James C says:

            Both candidates are worthless. On one side you have a very brazen businessman who is a crowd favorite because he says what most people are thinking (even if they are too scared to say it out loud). On the other side you have a shady politician whose most notable accomplishment is being Bill’s wife. I don’t like the current system where only the rich or famous can run for president. We need a true leader that has the best interests of the people. Unfortunately, such a person is very rare in the current political scene. You are both voting for lost causes and I hope the US realizes its mistake in time to prevent its fall (not referring to this election; just the US’s future in general).

      • Freddie Goins says:

        You are so right.

    • TV Gord says:

      Yes, that was very well put. I’d rather have Hillary–with all of her flaws–because she knows how to use diplomacy. Trump will piss off Kim Jong Un or some other crackpot with the ability to fire rockets at America. Hillary will just be more of the same, but Donald would fulfill all of the prophecies of every post-apocalyptic movie ever!

      • James C says:

        You have very little faith in our military. The technology we currently possess can intercept missiles from other countries with ease. Our country should not be worried about a nuclear war; it should worry about becoming bankrupt. (not supporting Trump or Hillary)

        • TV Gord says:

          Oh well, then, let’s go ahead and put a hothead sociopath in the White House. President Trump it is!

        • Jack T says:

          “The technology we currently possess can intercept missiles from other countries with ease.” Wow!. Where’d you get this insane idea. We’re talking bout technology that has never actually been used (“tests” in which the target is transmitting a signal don’t even begin to cut it). Like did it occur to you that in an actual attack they’d try to fool our defense with decoys etc?

      • Wayne says:

        If Clinton wins, are the rest of us Americans exempt from obeying the law, or is the law only for us and not for elitist politicians like the Clintons.

        • TV Gord says:

          Democrats obeyed the law when Reagan and Bush won. It’s called being grownups, and accepting democracy, even when it doesn’t go your way.

    • Mary says:

      I agree 100%. An Experience Women over a clueless sexual predator who never once stops to think before he talks or tweets. I want our County to move forward instead of backwards. If nothing else think of the SJ seat and do you really want Trump and his bigot VP to have a say in that.

      • Gary says:

        Why should it move forward according to what “you” want? This vote is about the will of the people and what they collectively want. Again another point of the vocal minority forcing their opinion on everyone and how things should be done…

        • Mary says:

          Guess what you shouldn’t make assumption because it makes an a.. out of you. I don’t think I am the vocal minority when it comes to rights for ALL. I am not forcing my opinion I am stating it = bid difference. Trump however would be forcing his on us all if elected.
          Nice try though, but people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

          • James C says:

            “ALL” is stretching the truth a bit. The bulk of the US population are blacks and whites that go through their days having to listen to the FEW prattle on about their woes. For example (and this is only ONE example), the whole “racist” scene in larger cities is a joke. There is no race issue in the US. There is a race issue in a FEW select cities. I was born and raised in the southeast and I have NEVER come across racism in my 45 years on this planet. I am a white male in the lower-middle class whose best friends include: three white males, two black males, one Korean (with a wicked dart throw), a dike with more balls than most (despite her lack thereof), and a Guatemalan who speaks better English than my High School English teacher. We LAUGH at the problems of the FEW because our society has figured it out and have co-mingled for generations now. What rights are you missing; because you might want to rethink where you live. (not supporting Trump or Hillary; I just have an issue with people who cry over nothing)

          • Mary says:

            I laugh when people say there is no race issue because I have friends who are black and in the minority. I am talking about the rights of the LGBT community, Women’s right to choose etc. If you seriously listen to Trump spew and his VP stance not to mention the Republican party then you cannot honestly say that those rights will not be infringed on. If you really can’t see that there is injustice toward certain groups then you are part of the problem and not the solution.

  2. Cas says:

    But those emails….

    • Mary says:

      We have heard about those emails for the last 2 years. Several interrogations and hearings and still nothing that was criminal by LAW not public opinion who haven’t got a clue about the justice system or the Constitution for that matter. If nothing else everyone should recognize the strength and perseverance this lady has, unlike the other candidate who whines like a baby and spews BS conspiracy theories out there when proven he is wrong. Do you want a mature adult or a whiny bully – the choice should be a no brainer.

      • Gary says:

        Sorry, when you have the Department of Justice in your back pocket, of course they won’t find anything because then they would have to implicate themselves. Thanks for playing…

        • Mary says:

          Yep just like they didn’t find anything when Bush 22 million emails went kaput. I know you believe everyone is against you, but I still will take experience over clueless any day.

    • James C says:

      Who cares? I’m not interested in the fact that she had confidential information in her private email server. So what if she wanted the convenience of using her own server? I’m more interested in the bribes her organization took for favors.

  3. Dave says:

    Lol @ Seth. And lol @ every other late night doofus who are so damn left leaning that I’m shocked they don’t fall over.
    Listen up… Donald Trump will be our next President and he will make you all proud. Imagine an America where we prosper, instead of getting ripped off by the world. Imagine an America where you don’t have to worry about extreme Muslims killing you or your family. Imagine an America where a political leaders isn’t under investigation by the FBI. Imagine an America where you actually see job growth, debts go down, and the middle class can get by.
    Right now, it’s all just things you have to imagine. In 5 days, it becomes a reality. We are on the cusp of making this country great again and I couldn’t be more excited. Tell your family. Tell your friends. Get them to the polls. We will make history. Donald Trump will win in a landslide and we are all going to be rewarded with so much over the next four years.
    Thank you Mr. Trump. BLESS you.
    #trump2016 #maga

    • peterwdawson says:

      Thanks for your input Russian Dave. Say hi to Viktor, Yuri and Boleslava.

    • Mary says:

      So when Hillary is elected are you going to crawl under a rock to make sure you are safe from those immigrants you want to keep out? I hate to break it to you but Trump is under investigation also. Take the time to actually read his policy. The middle class will be screwed again. Also if you are one of the uneducated with no job skills you won’t be any better off under him, unless he hires you to build the “wall”. Guarantee that Companies will not be moving back here no matter what the clueless wonder claims. He can pass any law he wants but they will just pass it on to the consumer, you. but keep living in your fantasy world.

      • Melba says:

        Yes, perhaps Trump WILL hire him as unskilled labor! Then…he won’t pay him, because he’s not skilled enough, or he held his mouth wrong while performing the jib, our for any number of reasons! Lol!

        • Melba says:

          Yes, perhaps Trump WILL hire him as unskilled labor! Then…he won’t pay him, because he’s not skilled enough, or he held his mouth wrong while performing the job, or for any number of reasons! Lol!

      • James C says:

        The middle class will be screwed NO MATTER WHO ANYONE VOTES FOR EVER. We are too far gone in our economic system. The middle class has to pay for the lower class (to survive) and for the upper class (to make the gap larger). No president will ever have the power to fix that. Congress will make short work of that if they try because their pocketbooks will be at stake. GGWP USA

    • AnnieM says:

      If Trump wins, he won’t make us anything but DEAD by the inevitable nuclear war he would start following one of his many temper tantrums.

      • Gary says:

        OMG – The sky is falling, the sky is falling. If you believe that he would rather “push the button” than work things out you are in denial. He has far more resources than that to use. America will not be the first to “push the button” regardless of who the President is. He may cut off oil supplies, money, send in the troops, but if you believe for one second that he will start a war by going straight for nukes, you are more delusional than most and should get off the kool-aid.

      • Bernie says:

        That’s what they said why we should elect LBJ instead of Goldwater.
        Gee, I wonder what happened..
        Do you remember?

    • USA is too dumb to be a superpower says:

      But you’ll still be abe to worry about all those ‘crazy’ white people who commit mass murders with their legally bought guns, who don’t get labelled terrorists and are yet far more common/likely to occur. It’s okay though, they’re white so they just have mental health issues.

      • Gary says:

        Killings in Chicago just for 2016 thus far.

        Shot & Killed: 593
        Shot & Wounded: 3130
        Total Shot: 3723
        Total Homicides: 662

        This is supposed to be a gun free zone where only the cops carry guns?

        2016 Race of Victim/Assailant

        Race Victim Assailant
        Black 501 82
        Hispanic 107 27
        White/Other 35 5
        Self Defense – 9
        Police – 6
        Unknown 10 524

        Please tell me who’s crazy?

        • Gary says:

          sorry, the chart didn’t copy right, so let’s try this again.
          Black – Victims – 501 Assailant – 82
          Hispanic – Victims – 107 Assailant – 27
          White/Other – Victims – 35 Assailant – 5
          Self Defense – Victims – 0 Assailant – 9
          Police – Victims – 0 – Assailant – 6
          Unknown – Victims – 10 – Assailant 524

  4. Michael Summerset says:

    The strongest Democratic states are New York and California. These are the same places that TV shows such as these produced. Consider that when watching.

    • Dave says:

      Of course. That’s why I laugh when people make such a big deal out of endorsements from celebrities like Debra Messing or the leading ladies from Shondaland shows or Jennifer Lopez. Of course these people would be out of touch with real America. That’s why Trump has a lock on this election- his victory will come from real America.

      • Mary says:

        Really the joke is on you. Do you think that they don’t have a interest in what goes on in the Country that they live in? Your ignorance on what constitutes a real American is astounding. It really must annoy you that she has support from main stream and not the has been like Scott Biao. Just to let you in on a fact, the majority of intelligent people makes up there own mind and are not swayed one way or the other by celebrities.

        • Gary says:

          Who determines what main stream is? Do you even know what it is? From Websters: “the ideas, attitudes, or activities that are regarded as normal or conventional; the dominant trend in opinion, fashion, or the arts.” The dominant trend always seems to be those who have the loudest voice, the pulpit, or think that they are above everyone else and that everyone should follow your lead. Over the past 20 years America has been “ruled” by a very vocal minority, and not the majority. It is time for America to wake up, and she is doing so. It’s time for the majority to take a stand and start determining the fate of this country.
          You are right about one thing though. The majority of people is making up their own mind. Why do you think movie profits are down? Why are ratings down for NFL? Everyday people are getting tired of being told how they should think. We can think for ourselves thank you very much, and we choose not to be swayed by “celebrity” endorsements, and will make up out minds.

          • Mary says:

            I am one of those everyday people and I don’t look to celebrities or anyone else to be told what to think. I know many of you feel threaten and in the minority now because you cannot pass your judgemental beliefs on everyone, but guess what many of us have evolved and believe ALL should have the same rights.

      • Angela says:

        Don’t pull that “real America” BS. EVERY part of this country is part of the “real America”, for cripes’ sakes. I live in Iowa, and I don’t buy into that “we’re the real America, the people on the coasts are all fakes” crap. It’s stupid and insulting.
        And might I remind you that your beloved Trump lives in New York, where all those “out of touch” celebrities live. In fact, he’s a celebrity himself! And a super rich one at that! So tell me again why he gets a pass for spouting his political views, but the other celebrities are just “out of touch” by endorsing Hillary?

  5. Collette says:

    While I’m not thrilled with either candidate, I know that HRC should not be the one to appoint the next Supreme Court justices. The runaway gravy train for rotten apples, illegals and baby factories on welfare has to be derailed.

    • Mary says:

      So you want the sexual predator and bigot VP to have a say, umm interesting. I am the opposite I want to move forward not backwards and rights for ALL AMERICANS. If the Republicans had done thier job and held hearings that wouldn’t even be an issue. The President pick was middle of the road and quite frankly if she is elected I hope she picks the most liberal judge out there.

      • Collette says:

        Illegals are not Americans. Anchor babies should not expedite a path to citizenship. Everyone has a right to have children, but it shouldn’t be my obligation to pay to raise them. Anyone who has already been deported once and reentered illegally should be jailed. Able bodied people on welfare should be required to do community service hours commensurate to their benefits according to their state’s minimum wage. You’d see dramatic reductions in welfare claims. No more free lunch.

        • I agree completely. Well said.

        • Both candidates are horrible people and lack a moral compass. That being said, you need to vote based on policies that will actually happen. Neither will be able to implement their full tax plan, economic plans, achieve equal pay for woman, etc. as that is just the usual political promises.

          Under Hillary, Obamacare will continue to bleed money, at least 55,000 Syrian immigrants will be moved to the US costing us millions of dollars as most of them will live on welfare, food stamps, section 8 housing, etc. for the rest of their lives and she will continue her failed foreign policy that helped not only create ISIS, but allowed it to spread to over 32 countries in just 5 years and gave close to $150 BILLION dollars to our enemy Iran (not to mention the pay-for-play politics that she has approved of for the last 15 years by accepting money from foreign countries, including Middle Eastern countries).

          Trump will repeal Obamacare and involve the private sector in making healthcare more affordable (using HSA’s, etc.), his foreign policy will be shaped by experienced generals (he doesn’t have the extensive monetary ties that Hillary does to foreign countries), his immigration policies would at least do something about the 11-12 million illegals we had in this country (pending a cost-benefit analysis, his wall idea may provide better security and save money in the long run), he will help restore respect for the men and women who protect our communities for $60K a year as police officers (rather than chastise them like Obama/Clinton have) and his excise tax on companies that move their HQ’s out of the US, which will keep jobs here.

          As for abortion and gay marriage, despite the bluster from the Republicans, these will never be overturned. Trump doesn’t care about either, he just wants the best people in the job to make things work. Best of all, Trump is NOT a politician, so he can shake up Washington DC as he doesn’t have the complex incestuous relationships that politicians have with each other, the media, etc.

          Yes, Trump is an arrogant, misogynistic, sometimes racist ass-hat and shows too much emotion, but those are all character flaws and they don’t impact actual policy, which is what shaped this country. Also, if we had better options, I would take them, but unfortunately we are stuck with these 2 ridiculously flawed and not qualified to be president candidates.

          Whether you agree or disagree with me or others – please stop the insults and hate on this and other comment boards as it doesn’t solve anything. HAVE A NICE DAY!

    • Mary says:

      That wouldn’t be an issue if the GOP had done their job. The President pick was middle of the road. I want this Country to move forward not back. I believe in rights for ALL AMERICANS not a select few.

  6. Squirrelly says:

    Don’t look at me, I voted for Kodos!

  7. Mr. Smith says:

    Each American citizen has the responsibility to research each candidate. We MUST stop listening to the candidate’s half truths and the media’s biases and make our own decisions. If we would look at the real issues (not the accusations of the women against Trump or the possible criminal acts of Clinton), we would be able to make a definitive choice rather quickly as to which candidate is the best choice for America.

    Stop listening to others and do the research. It isn’t easy, but it is far more valuable.

  8. Tracy says:

    To all the people who support Trump know this: you are being laughed at around the world. Trump lies to you on a daily basis and you buy into his crap. I’m not an American, I have absolutely no stake in this election. If Trump is somehow elected then what people have been saying about Americans for years will finally ring true.

    • Collette says:

      Really? If America is so bad why are people from all over the planet trying to move here? Sweep around your own back door and let Americans make their choices.

      • Tracy says:

        Jeez Collette, I didn’t say America was bad. I love the United States. I have traveled to your great country many times. I simply suggested that the people voting for Trump were not very bright.

      • Joey says:

        By your statement here and above, I would assume that illegal immigration is one of your top concerns. It should be noted that illegal immigration is currently and has been for quite awhile now….a net negative. But I’m sure that you won’t allow pesky little facts to get in the way of your hate and vitriol.

  9. Bill says:

    So Seth picked Hilary? That is so shocking, as if we couldn’t tell by all these stupid articles published here daily, that is until the FBI re opened its investigation, then Seth and this site were silent

    • Mary says:

      You do realize that an investigation doesn’t mean guilty right. As of today One candidate has three court cases pending for fraud and rape of a 13 year old. That is Trump. Maybe one should think before they condemn someone.

  10. Zach says:

    Has anyone ever thought that Trump puts everything out there? So is it possible we’re seeing everything bad we’ll see from him, but we’ve only seen 10% of that from Hilary? I’d rather have all those things happen under Trump than go to WW3 w/ Russia and China under Hilary

    • AnnieM says:

      Are you out of your mind? Please explain how you come to the conclusion that Hillary Clinton would get us into WWIII, cause I think many of us would like to know.

    • Angela says:

      Nah, we’d go to WW3 under Trump because he’d go on a temper tantrum rant the first time a world leader dared to criticize him.

    • Mary says:

      You do realize that Trump wants to partner with Russia, who is not really a friend of the US, to go after Isis and stop the trade from China. I think you have that backwards on who will put us in war first. No he hasn’t put everything out there, his words I keep you in suspense. He has put his hatred and fear out there to attract the minions but no real sound policies on how he would accomplish anything.

    • Joey says:

      “Trump puts everything out there” except for his tax returns, medical records and numerous other files of enormous public interest.

  11. lex says:

    In 2008, he would of talked about how great Obama is. The first term Senator that spent billions on a failed health care plan that cost millions their insurance and doctors and sent costs way up. Fast and Furious, he way he barely seemed to care about his real work and a dozen other things have convinced me that I will not take Seth Myers advice.

    • Mary says:

      All of you are making this statement about health insurance taking away your doctors and costing you double must be a State thing. I have not lost any of my doctors due to Obamacare. Also we have had a rate increase, which we do every year, but not excessive. Maybe you should look into the state where you live and that might be where the problem is.

  12. Shaun Bates says:

    Well of course i knew how one sided this would be when i saw who said this B.S., I think seth meyers needs to watch a video called Clinton Cash. Its very enlightening, even to liberals

  13. Bernie says:

    I get it….setting up a private server to hide shaky deals in pay to play schemes and compromising national security is nothing to worry about.
    Meyers is s typical left-wing schmuck.

    • AnnieM says:

      Of course, Trump didn’t compromise national security *at all* when he called for Russia to hack into our government’s computer system… *sheesh*

  14. Roy says:

    I am not voting for Donald Trump I am voting for conservative judges in the Supreme Court , I am voting to protect the Second Amendment , I am voting for the rule of law , I am voting to get rid of Obamacare, I’m voting to stop abortion , I am voting to support the military and law enforcement, I am voting to close the borders, I am voting against the liberal media , I’m voting against a corrupt justice department, I am voting to stop corruption of the Democrat Party from running the United States of America I am voting to show the Republican establishment they do not run the party, I am voting to keep a liar a thief and a murderer named Hillary Clinton out of office .

  15. Terrance says:

    Look at the issues instead of their personalities. Do you support someone who thinks unlimited abortion is a “women’s right”, even in the 9th month of pregnancy? Do you feel we should be taxed more so the government can make more decisions with our money? Do you feel it is right for potential president to give away nuclear information during a debate, to other nations sharing how long it takes to decide to push the “red button”? Do you think it is acceptable to avoid answering questions, for the sake of political correctness, or offend someone while being honest?

  16. Published says:

    Look at the issues instead of their personalities. Do you support someone who thinks unlimited abortion is a “women’s right”, even in the 9th month of pregnancy? Do you feel we should be taxed more so the government can make more decisions with our money? Do you feel it is right for potential president to give away nuclear information during a debate, to other nations sharing how long it takes to decide to push the “red button”? Do you think it is acceptable to avoid answering questions, for the sake of political correctness, or offend someone while being honest?

    • Mary says:

      I agree and that is why I am voting for her. Yes I do believe it is a Women right to choose. Yes I do believe that ALL even the top 1% should pay their fair share. That is a bit of a exaggeration regarding nuclear weapons. I don’t call it political correctness, I call it human decency and diplomacy. I believe one should stop, think and look at all consequences and not respond like a two year old having a temper tantrum. I also look at experience and knowledge of the profession. If someone screws the little people in the private sector what does that say about them in the Public life. I also look at character and how well they respond to adversity because you will be confronted with that in office.

      • Citizen of the World says:

        Excellent points Mary! We can only hope there are more fair-minded, reasonable people like you who vote. It is a huge responsibility, and you must get it right.
        This is a frightening, worrying time for the whole world.

    • TV Gord says:

      Normally, I would agree with you to focus on the issues instead of the personalities, but not this time. Trump is a sociopath (never feels remorse for the crackpot things he says about other people, no matter how heinous and untrue) and he’s got the temper of an adolescent mean girl, tweeting in the middle of the night, etc. He’s as dangerous as Kim Jong Un. I’m convinced that if he becomes President, he’s going to piss off the wrong world leader and the blowback will be devastating…not on him, of course, but on the American people. He is a dangerous man.

  17. Freddie says:

    I think it’s ironic he stated one thing Hillary has done over the last 30 years, but a multitude of some fact and some hearsay of what Trump has done. Really? Hillary is clearly a scam artist. Do you all really think foreign governments donated to the Clinton foundation because it’s so special? Get your heads out of the sand.

  18. WTF America says:

    Chump and his supporters are deplorable.