HTGAWM Season 3 Episode 7

HTGAWM Recap: Mother Flogger — Plus: Luna Lauren Vélez Talks Wild But 'Not So Crazy' Fan Theories

Ooooh, so the puppy bites after all!

Indeed, How to Get Away With Murder‘s Wes finally bares his teeth in this week’s episode — but is he actually going for the kill or is it merely part of an elaborate act that will end with a handful of treats and a pat on the head from Annalise?

Season 3, Episode 7 finds The Student Sometimes Referred to as “Waitlist” dippin’ it and doin’ it with new crush Laurel, spontaneously lying to New York City cops about having witnessed Charles Mahoney at the scene of their mutual biodad Wallace’s murder and having a weird heart-to-heart with Annalise in which she perhaps tells him more about her relationship with his late mother than he wanted to hear.

“You don’t have the luxury of guilt,” she tells him, invoking Rose’s sacrifices on his behalf, after he confesses feeling responsible for all of the horrors in his mentor’s life. “Your job is to live as good a life as you can. We both owe her that.” But uh-oh, turns out Charles has an alibi for the night Daddie Dearest took a sniper’s bullet to his terrible, no-good, very bad noggin.

Later, in our “Fire Night” flash forward, we learn Annalise is being held on charges of murder and arson — and that “an anonymous source” is the one who’s put our anti-heroine in such a perilous position. As the hour ends, we see Wes sitting down with detectives and demanding a blanket immunity deal in exchange for helping to bring “her” down. And girl, we know he’s not talking about Lurky McChurchmouse or Meggie McSaccharine.

LIZA WEILThe other big plot developments from “Call It Mother’s Intuition”?

* Nate stokes Wes’ paranoia by telling him to “just watch your ass” when it comes to Annalise. (Maybe he’s just jellie about all the freaky teacher-student sexual tension from which he’s being excluded.)

* Oliver finally tells his hot, bearded beau that he’s HIV positive — at the exact moment they’ve stripped down to their skivvies — and dude responds in the exact opposite way we’d hoped. “I don’t know if I’m ready to deal with all this,” he says, as the collective HTGAWM fandom rolls our eyes and goes, “Boy, bye.” This heartbreak sends a drunken Oliver back to Connor, making googly eyes and saying he’s “not sure if it’s me being selfish… but I miss you.” BUT YA ARE, OLLIE! YA ARE BEING SELFISH! This doesn’t stop the ex-lovers from turning Michaela’s duvet upside down, of course.

* Frank creepily sneaks into Laurel’s apartment just in time to see her toss Wes’ legal briefs on the floor. This drives him crying and snivveling to Bonnie, who is not forgiving him for skipping out on their dreams of living a life under assumed aliases in Oregon. “I’m not mad, I’m just bored,” she sighs, but later, when she’s telling him he killed the idea of “them” the minute he abandoned her in a hotel room, it’s pretty clear that she’s not mad, she’s enraged. “GET OUT!” she screams over and over — and not in the kicky Elaine-from-Seinfeld type of way.

VIOLA DAVIS HTGAWM* The Keating Five lashes out at Annalise for lying about Charles Mahoney’s lack of alibi, to which she reasonably shoots back, “Sometimes I lie to protect you, to keep you from worrying.” When that doesn’t work, she takes the lessons learned in her AA sharing sessions and applies it to her home-work-conspiracy space. “Tell me all the ways you think I’ve ruined your life,” she challenges her students. And they tear into her (verbally speaking) like a flock of seagulls going after a clumsily dropped shawarma.

* The case of the week involves a mother from hell who, it turns out, is poisoning herself with antifreeze to punish her three kids for joking about their desire to turn her into a skin suit and/or cook her in a vat of chili. See, Middleton students? Annalise isn’t that bad.

VIOLA DAVIS, EME IKWUAKOR* Oh, and there’s a guy running Annalise’s AA meeting who’s so next-level hot that I had to flip on the air-conditioning on this day, Nov. 3, 2016, just to throw my internal temperature back into balance. “Show your face around here more often — I’ll hook you up one time,” he tells Annalise, when she suggests he mark her attendance, then let her escape during coffee break. Oh, Pete Nowalk, get thee to the writer’s room because I NEED TO SEE THAT HOOKUP.

Below, Season 3 newbie Luna (Lauren) Vélez breaks down President Hargrove’s emotional AA reveal, addresses the possibility of a hookup with Annalise and shares some theories about her character’s true agenda.

LAUREN LUNA VELEZTVLINE | This week, we got some real insight into President Hargrove’s character via her emotional share at the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. What did you think as you read the script and realized you’d get to go that deep?
[Creator] Pete [Nowalk] was wonderful about this speech. We talked about it a lot. I have some friends in AA, and I wanted it to be really honest and accurate. It was really hard, though. I forgot this meeting would happen in front of 50 extras. It built in a layer of letting go and discovery — which was awesome. I thought about what this woman must be going through, carrying all this weight and the feelings that come with it: Shame, regret, all the things that drove her to alcoholism. This pressure to be perfect and to achieve. She’s one of a handful of women who are university presidents. It didn’t come easy, but it’s taken a toll. And her speech captures all of that struggle.

TVLINE | After that share, Hargrove has a somewhat tense interaction with Annalise where she finally says, “Let’s consider a scenario where I’m not the enemy.” Is she trying to make peace, or deep down does Hargrove want Annalise gone from Middleton because she comes with so much baggage and maybe could threaten Hargrove’s own job?
I don’t see that. There really is something about being a woman in power — whatever color or ethnicity you are. And here is another woman, and Soraya is hoping they’ll get along, that she doesn’t have to be the only one, that Annalise might be an ally. It’s just been contentious from the beginning. Soraya tried really hard to smile her way through it, to be understanding and supportive, but at every turn, Annalise just slaps her down. Here we are, Soraya’s just given this speech and revealed that she’s losing her kids, she’s separated from her husband, she has blackout drinking bringes — and Annalise’s response is par for the course. That prompts Soraya to say, “Can we just stop for a moment? We don’t need to do that here. We’re all safe in this environment. Everyone’s raw and naked emotionally.” There’s maybe a sense of “Show a little respect for where you are.”

LAUREN LUNA VELEZTVLINE | Hargrove is enigmatic. She has a relationship with whatever board member found the recording of Annalise slapping her client — however that got recorded — and got Annalise in trouble with the Bar Association. Is Hargrove just trying to stay on top of any fires that need putting out or does she have a darker agenda?
I don’t know about a nefarious nature, but she for sure has an agenda. [Laughs] She’s the president. She has to have an agenda. This board member, Barry Lewiston, I’d love to know what that relationship is. I’ve made up a [back]story for myself. But clearly, he has a lot of power and reach. Who knows? Maybe he knows about her drinking or can threaten her job? That’s what I love about this show, connecting those dots. But I do think Soraya is very smart. She’s not manipulative at heart, but like I said, she does have an agenda.

TVLINE | Some TVLine readers have commented that there seems to be a sexual chemistry between Soraya and Annalise. Have you heard that from anyone, and do you have any thoughts about that?
I know! [Laughs] That door obviously opened up because of Annalise’s relationship with Eve. I’ve had people say that to me too, but I don’t feel like that’s where it’s going. Maybe this is Annalise’s first true friendship? That’s not something we’ve seen for her. But then again, I don’t know! [Laughs]

TVLINE | Your character is one of the few people to get a win against Annalise, or to get her against the ropes. Thanks to Hargrove’s moves, Annalise has to attend AA meetings, her tenure is not guaranteed, her law license is in jeopardy. And yet at the same time, Annalise extends an olive branch to her — giving her the name of a possible divorce attorney at the end of the hour.
The one thing Soraya does have is the element of surprise. Annalise thought initially, “This is gonna be easy. I can bulldoze my way through this interaction.” But part of Soraya’s M.O. is to let you get as close as she can, to really see your true colors, then deal with you accordingly. Annalise didn’t think Soraya could stand up to her, and she’s proven her wrong a few times. Soraya seems to be so even and such a good girl — and I’m hoping they forge a friendship or something dot-dot-dot. [Laughs]

TVLINE | This show makes me so paranoid that I start wondering: Is Soraya really an alcoholic? Did she inflitrate the AA meeting to gather intel on Annalise? Also, we know the person who is dead under the sheet is a man — could Soraya be transgender, and maybe the police misidentified her? What is this woman up to? When she drops little comments to Annalise like, “I heard you got your student a lawyer,” there’s an edge to it! Am I crazy to have a tingle of suspicion or conspiracy theory?
No! I don’t think so at all. When Soraya says “I heard you got your student a lawyer,” I was trying to figure out why she’d bring that up after her big [AA] share. She tells Annalise later, “Don’t be this way. This is a safe space.” But it’s Soraya who brings up that question. Is she trying to push buttons or is this just an awkward moment in which she reaches for something seemingly innocuous? I don’t know! But even if it’s not a conscious thing, there’s always an agenda — not in some Machiavellian way. But she’s a woman who’s always looking around to make sure there’s no attackers coming at her. She has this past that no one knows about —except for Annalise. So, there’s a level of paranoia she has. She’s lost her kids. She’s walking a tightrope — and she could fall off.

TVLINE | Can you safely say Soraya is not dead by the time the fire in Annalise’s house occurs?
All I can tell you safely is we don’t know what my character was doing that night. We don’t know a lot about that night. I remember Season 1 of this show, the big reveals, my mouth would be hanging open for weeks going, “What? What?! WHAT?!” I suspect it’ll be the same this time.

TVLINE | Soraya’s absence is indeed conspicuous in the flash-forwards!
Your theories are great! [Laughs] And maybe they’re not so crazy! You’d be surprised what people are coming up with — some incredible reaches that require a lot of thinking. You’re not alone, Mike. [Laughs]

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  1. Nika says:

    Excuse me but since when Bonnie really had the hots for Frank? I mean I know they knew each other from the past, but since when Bonnie really was falling in love with Frank for real or really love him but noone knew in order that hurt her so much he dumped her at the hotel? So she just played with Asher whenthey were together?

    • Angela says:

      I seem to remember there being a weird sort of tension between Frank and Bonnie back in season one, implying that maybe she might’ve had a bit of a thing for him at some point? I dunno, I’d have to go back and rewatch.
      I definitely don’t think she was using Asher when they were together, though, no. I think when she does get involved with someone, be it in a proper relationship or as a one night stand/brief fling, she lets her emotions get the best of her. She’s had a rough life and I think she’s just looking for someone to turn to and hold on to, someone she believes she can trust.
      Obviously, though, with this particular group of characters, that’s going to be an awfully hard search :p.

      • Cheyenne says:

        I loathe Frank. He’s a user and a player. He is incapable of loving anyone. He played Laurel, knowing she was in love with him, and he used Bonnie and then abandoned her in a cheap motel. The guy’s a jerk. He goes looking for Laurel and finds her with Wes so he backtracks and runs to Bonnie begging that he needs her. As soon as he had got what he wanted from Bonnie he would have double crosed her and run back to Laurel. He’s a typical sociopath, using people and them casting them aside when he no longer needs them. Good on Bonnie for throwing him out of her house. She’s tired of his BS and she doesn’t want his sloppy seconds any more. This is a time for her to grow up and take charge of her life. I see her as too emotionally dependent on Annalise and too damaged by Frank. She needs to stand tall on her own.

  2. KayCeeCee says:

    There’s no way Wes turned on Annaleise, they must have planned it to give him blanket immunity and get him off.

  3. M says:

    Season 3 Episode 7*

  4. Philip says:

    So it’s either Frank or Connor (or that annoying guy from the class that I forget his name). And most probably since Wes is where he is, Bonnie was talking to Frank on the phone at the hospital. So Connor or that guy?

    Really they are gonna kill Connor… I am gonna be sooooo mad :/

  5. Katie says:

    Wes and Laurel have zero chemistry. I’m still hoping they find a way to get rid of him. He really is the weakest link.

    • Nika says:

      I agree Laurel belongs with the crazed Frank hehe!! Wes and Laurel 0 chemistry but Im afraid Frank will do something terrible to Wes cause he saw his undiess in Laurels house

      • Chloe says:

        Wes is just bland and boring. I was so disappointed to find out that he’s not the one under the sheet.

      • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

        I agree, Frank and Laurel BELONG together. But now that we know Wes is the father of her baby I kinda still think it’s Wes that dies. Frank and Nate are also on the chopping block…but I have a feeling that MAYBE Frank started the fire at Annalise’s house and Wes happens to be there???……

    • tadtorque says:

      As far as chemistry, Frank and Bonnie have better chemistry than he and Laurel IMO.

      I don’t think Wes is going anywhere in that he’s probably Annalise’s best student advocate this season. Frank on the other hand has passed the point of no return and killed Annalise’s child. He can’t recover from this with Annalise. I think this season is devoted to his demise.

  6. You’re dissing a guy who didn’t want to have sex with a guy he found out is HIV positive on his second date?

    • Phillip says:

      Get informed. The guy, any anyone who thinks like him, deserves the dis.
      Anyone positive that is aware of it and has an undetectable viral load like Oliver does cannot transmit HIV.
      Glad this show is exploring this and raising awareness!

      • ChicagoDan says:

        I thought it was well-written that they guy backed out. As you recall, he was looking for more than hookup. Oliver should have disclosed before they were naked. Secretly Oliver wanted the rejection so he could get drunk and use Connor. It’s sad the turned Alpha Connor from s1 into this sad boy in waiting. Oliver I said a horrible person – from the Stanford emails, flaunting his hookups and now using Connor. Yuk.

      • Jim says:

        No he doesn’t. A risk with potential lifelong consequences, no matter how small a risk it is, is still something a person should be allowed to take a moment to consider before committing without criticism. Sheesh.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Sometimes the consequences are all too devastating. A woman I used to work with died of the disease after she got it from her boyfriend, who she never knew was on the down-low. She left two young children.

      • Vanessa says:

        Nobody deserves a diss for not wanting to have sex with someone who is positive. Period.

  7. laurelnev says:

    I think seeing Wes in the cop shop was some sort of red herring…either the deal scene took place BEFORE the fire, or this is all part of another elaborate plan. Wes could NOT implicate Ana without implicating all the rest of them…although he IS off enough to run and confess all if he came to check on Laurel and found her hooking up with Frank. So I’m thinking it all comes down to Wes and Frank–one is the arsonist and the other, the victim. Ollie is still WAY together when he sees the body for it to be Connor.

    Of course we still have the possibility that whomever is under the sheet is not really most sincerely dead, but more like Juliet before she stabs herself dead, and the Ambulance dudes are all part of some convoluted plan…

    • Angela says:

      I think seeing Wes in the cop shop was some sort of red herring…either the deal scene took place BEFORE the fire, or this is all part of another elaborate plan. Wes could NOT implicate Ana without implicating all the rest of them…although he IS off enough to run and confess all if he came to check on Laurel and found her hooking up with Frank.So I’m thinking it all comes down to Wes and Frank–one is the arsonist and the other, the victim.
      Oooooooh, this is a good theory. I like this. Especially the idea of Frank and Wes facing off.
      I won’t rule out the possibility another poster shared here where Annalise and Wes are in on this “ratting Annalise out” deal, though. I get the feeling she’s going to use this arrest to either distance herself from the students, if she truly believes what they say about her ruining their lives and feels guilty about doing so, as some sort of twisted attempt to protect them…
      …or it’ll be her own way of punishing them for their ungratefulness. And given how the rest of the gang kinda dumped on Wes and blamed him an episode or two ago, that’d be just the sort of motivation he’d need to join Annalise in getting back at them.

    • “Ollie is still WAY together when he sees the body for it to be Connor”

      This spoke to me. I completely forgot that Oliver saw who was under the sheet before he went back and dropped the phone on the ground. Had it been Connor…Ollie’d be in shambles!

  8. Jackie says:

    I thought the person under the sheet was a core character? So it could be the president or the newer annoying student?

    • abz says:

      I don’t think it’s them. It’d be pretty stupid of them to have all this mystery and build-up around two characters that people barely care about and barely have a connection to the core characters. Plus, would Annalise really scream like that over them?

      • Cheyenne says:

        I don’t think she’d scream over Connor either, and she wouldn’t care if it was that new student after tried to destroy her with those wanted posters, so it’s either Nate or Frank, unless it’s someone nobody has guessed yet.

  9. Larc says:

    I think Wes is doing something he and Annalise cooked up. With the new guy introduced at the AA meeting, there’s probably no need for Nate in the storyline anymore. So I think he’s the one under the sheet.

    • Nika says:

      But Nate is a pólice the guy on the AA meeting is not.

    • Grey'sFan says:

      Too much of a red herring regarding Nate/guy at the AA meeting. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nate wanders into the room to see Wes or Annalise in the flash forward next week…

      Could Wes be asking for immunity regarding Sam’s death? The apparent charges against Annalise “first degree murder and arson” could be about Sam and the fact his body was burnt to a crisp (ala the arson is just a tricky way of saying it).

      Hopefully Laurel and Frank hook-up again next week, and perhaps Annalise will be somewhat responsible for their reunion, which could tick Wes off when he finds out…

      I think it’ll come down to Connor or Frank. Just because the AA guy is too much of a red herring for it to be Nate (i.e.: they want you to believe it’s Nate and AA guy is her new male love interest).

      If it wasn’t established before it surly was in 3×07 that Annalise is a mother figure to the Keating 5 so a mother would react in horror to see the dead body of one of her “kids”… more evidence one of the Keating 5 is #underthesheet.

      It makes sense for Frank and Laurel to be together at the house, but remember as established by Asher, Annalise summoned him, Laurel and Connor to the house, which puts Connor in the house. Also, we know Connor doesn’t have his cell phone and Oliver doesn’t know where Connor is (despite the misconception in other posts, Oliver never saw who was under the sheet, only Annalise did).

  10. abz says:

    I really hope it’s not Connor under the sheet. I’m gonna be super bummed. I’m thinking this whole Wes thing might just be misdirect especially since this episode is just 2 weeks before the fire at Annalise’s house. I don’t know if Wes would turn on Annalise that quickly. Something serious would have to happen in the next two weeks for him to turn on her.

    “…as the collective HTGAWM fandom rolls our eyes and goes, “Boy, bye.””
    I didn’t roll my eyes. I get that there is still stigma behind HIV and it’s good the show is raising awareness, but I don’t see the need to hate on the guy. Something like that can be a big decision for a person. Some people need to take a moment and think about it and they may not be okay with it. Other people (e.g., Connor) might be okay with it. At least the guy wasn’t mean about it or anything. It sucks for Oliver that he has to deal with rejection over that, but I don’t think it’s necessary to hate on the guy for not being ready for it especially after two dates.

    • Angela says:

      Agree with your thoughts on the thing with the guy’s reaction to Oliver. Not only would some people worry about their own chances in that situation, but they’d also logically worry about the person who has HIV. Thankfully there’s been a lot of great strides made in battling HIV over the years, to where it’s not the death sentence it used to be. But even so, it’s still hard for a lot of people to hear those three letters and not freak out a little, and worry about watching someone have to potentially struggle with that.
      I do feel bad for Oliver, though, yeah. I can’t imagine how frustrating those kinds of conversations and rejections would be. It’ll be interesting to see if that guy does change his mind down the line-he does seem like a pretty nice and understanding sort, so…

    • Chloe says:

      I took the eye-rolling and the “Boy, bye” because people, including me, want Oliver back with Connor & felt that with Thomas out of the way, that might happen.

  11. Angela says:

    I’d be totally cool with Hargrove and Annalise becoming friends (and more, if the show did want to go that route, too). I think they’d make a pretty formidable team.
    So now we’re down to possibly Frank, Nate, and Connor being under that sheet, eh (and that Simon kid, if it turns out to be a total fakeout)? Hm. Out of the three, I’d be the least sad about it being Frank. I want Connor to survive for sure. That said, the fact that he and Oliver seemed to kiss and make up a bit tonight does have me a little nervous… Anytime someone’s happy on this show, it’s only a matter of time before crap goes down, after all.
    I’m really anxious to see what happens with Wes and Laurel that night as well. I’ve personally been rather enjoying seeing them get closer, and it’d be interesting to see what he does for her if and when he gets to the hospital the night of all the chaos.

    • dan says:

      Although I don’t want Connor to be under the sheet, it is a long-held storytelling trope especially with soap operas (and this show is a glorified soap) that as soon as an estranged couple gets back together something bad happens. Its like they aren’t allowed to be happy. So I’m worried that Connor is under the sheet. However, killing off Nate makes sense because the DA is having a relationship with him so that puts Anna in her cross hairs as the prime suspect (and they briefly introduced a new guy at the AA meeting). Also, killing off Nate fulfills the promise that a main character (on contract) is killed while keeping all the Keating 5. As for Frank being under the sheet: he brings too much drama and plot possibilities to the show so I doubt he’ll be killed off (but maybe the writers feel that they’ve written him into a corner so the logical step is to get rid of him).

  12. Cheyenne says:

    Query: Laurel wrote: Wes. So was she trying to say “call Wes”, or was she trying to say it was Wes who set the fire?

  13. Cheyenne says:

    Query: Laurel wrote: Wes. So was she trying to say “call Wes”, or was she trying to say Wes set the fire?

  14. Lala says:

    First of all not all of us rolled our eyes at Thomas…it’s a big decision and it was his to make. Nothing wrong with it. But Oliver going back to Connor after he was rejected that was an eye rolling moment…so he goes back because no one else will have him and Connor is ok with it. Wow.
    Anyway I’m glad Wes is alive, if Connor is under that sheet I won’t be too upset…

  15. Matt C. says:

    Ugh, I can’t stand Laurel and Wes together. I cringe everytime they’re fooling around. I’m so glad Frank is back in the picture now!

    Also, am I the only one who took that final scene with Laurel in the flash forward as her implying Wes started the fire? When she wrote his name on the pad, they seemed to imply that she was concerned about him, but what if she was actually trying to alert Meggy that Wes started the fire? Maybe Frank and Laurel get back together in next week’s episode, Wes gets pissed and decides to burn the house down with Laurel and Frank inside, and then tries to point the finger at Annalise to cover up his crimes? THAT would be an amazing twist!

    • JR9386 says:

      I called it last week with Wes turning on Annalise at some point in light of his suspicions over Rebecca’s disappearance which came up the last episode.

      Wes and Laurel really have no chemistry to make their relationship believable. I’d rather Wes be depressed and Laurel trying to get him out of the rut, but this…, no, just no. I half expect it to be some huge joke and him farting or something to which Laurel just starts laughing at how forced their relationship is.

      My money is on Frank being the victim of the fire. It’s most definitely all too obvious, but I suspect that the plot twist is Laurel warning them that Wes is the one who started the fire, and not her asking about him. I’m still curious as to Michaela’s reaction to the “text” that Annalise sent Asher,Connor, and Laurel (supposedly) to meet at her home. Why was Michaela excluded from that text if indeed it were Annalise? Frank wouldn’t attempt to kill off Laurel, so my money is on Wes doing so to get back at Frank for having killed his father. However, why would he attempt to rid himself of Connor, Asher, and Laurel, but not Michaela? I assume that Michaela didn’t receive the text because she appeared to be flabbergasted over the situation (I know that they’ve never been close, but what was the deal over the Laurel and Michaela “We’re not friends.” and why doesn’t Annalise like Laurel? Why does Annalise play into using Laurel as her puppet?).

      I suspect that Soraya is the one to step in to defend Annalise. I really don’ see any potential relationship beyond a friendship developing between them. The Eve relationship didn’t much help the story, and quite frankly it looked forced. So I’d be happy if they didn’t pursue that plot anew with President Hargrove. It’s okay for two women just to be friends.

    • Lala says:

      Wes does not have a cruel bone is his body, if anything he is the conscience of this show. Even though he hates Frank, last week Wes destroyed the tape that would implicate Frank because he knew Laurel cares for him. When K5 was yelling at Annalise, all Wes said was she knows how he feels about her…and I’m pretty sure it’s not hate that he feels judging from their heart to heart on the steps. If anything Annalise & Wes are in on this together and obviously this immunity is Annalise’s idea.

  16. NunayaBidness says:

    What I have come up with so far is that this will all come down to “he said, she said” between Annalise and Wes with him blaming her but lo and behold, she was at an AA meeting courtesy of the random AA hall monitor and President Hargrove, who will back this up as it would give her an alibi for that night as well; the finger can then be pointed at Wes who already has full blanket immunity due to he and A plotting behind the scenes. I am still trying to put the pieces together but something tells me that Nate is under the sheet. I have a sneaking suspicion that Nate is diddling the DA to keep an eye on her and not because he is truly interested so at some point I expect a Nate/Frank blowout.

  17. Paige says:

    I know I’m in the minority, but I love Wes and Laurel together! However, I couldn’t help but feel there was some major foreshadowing when Laurel said, “I don’t want to wake up and realize none of this was real.” Did anyone else get the same feeling? Maybe he set the fire knowing she was in the house!

    • lee says:

      Yeah I like Laurel and Wes together too. It’s kind of hilarious and annoying that people are so over the top with whining about them all the time. Like come on, as far as relationships go I understand why they are into each other. Also people thinking that Wes’ comment meant he was in love with her since day one? I took that as him having this small crush on a nice student who helped him on the first day but he didn’t pursue it and eventually got with Rebecca. Laurel and Wes’ relationship has obviously gotten much deeper over time.

  18. cherriyasz says:

    Sometimes i wonder what show people who think that Wes is capable of intentionally setting fire to a house where people are in or snitching on Annalise are watching. Wes is af far from that kind of person as day from night. Among the K5 Wes is the one with the most heart! And those saying there is no chemistry between him and Laurel, we get it, you guys are bummed that the Frank shipped sailed but give the devil its due. There is plenty between him and Laurel. I’ve seen the connection from day 1 whereas i have always found the Frank/Laurel relationship as unappealing to me. We all see what we want to see when it comes to characters we love.

    • Paige says:

      Half of the time I don’t know what to think of Wes. I agree that he seems to be a really good guy, but I think there’s something darker beneath the surface. I mean, he shot Annalise! But, maybe it would be far fetched for him to intentionally murder Laurel. But I still think their relationship will end badly, as much I don’t want it to.

  19. sharry says:

    I kinda like wes n laurel together and plz frank have to die.I hate that guy..

  20. Kimberly says:

    The ppl continuing to whine about Wes and Laurel having no chemistry need to really give it a rest. Uh chemistry is subjective I suppose but I personally think Wes and Laurel have some of the best chemistry on the show. They read each other’s body language and play off each other really well. Their chemistry/relationship was a huge focus in season 2 and only got stronger each episode. I don’t really see how them becoming a couple could be viewed as a surprise, forced, or ‘weird’ when it’s something the show quite heavily alluded to pretty much the entire second half of last season. To be honest I never really viewed Frank and Laurel’s relationship as anything more than a one dimensional physical infatuation mistaken for ‘love’.

    Where as at the same time the show was also allowing Wes and Laurel’s relationship to evolve from classmates, to friends, to best friends, to lovers. I prefer shows using that method over the previous as there’s just a more organic emotional connection with Wes and Laurel that Frank and Laurel never had. Honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Wes and Laurel were the endgame plan for the writers to begin with. I kind of got a sense of it the first time Wes and Laurel pretended to be a couple at the psych ward. That scheme worked a little too well for it not to actually happen lol. Just watch the pillow talk scene in last episode the way Wes puts his hands through Laurel’s hair, the way she hangs onto his wrist, they’re amazing together, their body language is in-sync, they’re clearly very comfortable shooting these type of scenes.They absolutely have romantic chemistry! And according to a recent interview with entertainment weekly done by the actors who play Laurel and Wes, their hookup won’t be a one and done sort of thing. Apparently their bond only gets stronger after sleeping together and they’re gonna depend on each other a lot more as a couple moving forward.

    This isn’t something that came out of nowhere, the show has been steadily building their relationship more and more every episode for a very long time now stop pretending that it hasn’t. Flaurel is DEAD and not coming back, accept it and stop being haters.

  21. bramblingon says:

    How about this?
    Lots of things are revealed next episode:
    Wes learns that Bonnie killed Rebecca.
    Everyone learns that Annalise had a hit man kill Mahoney and tried to kill Frank.
    Frank used hitman’s murder weapon to frame Charles Mahoney.
    Remember when Annalise says she used part of Sam’s insurance money to hire a hitman for Frank? I think she used the other part to kill Mahoney.

    NY Police have already contacted the person, probably Mahoney’s mistress, with whom Mahoney was talking on phone when Wes came up to him. So that person told the police that Wes thought Mahoney was his dad, and he mentioned Annalise before the shot. SO NY Police already know Wes is lying and are investigating him and Annalise for Mahoney.

    Nate is the informant on Annalise, not Wes. Remember when he was in the court and ran into Wes after a meeting with the DA? Nate warned Wes then about Annalise.

    The whole reason for the implausible break up and make up of Connor and Oli was so that the hanging clue of whatever was on Annalise’s phone would not be brought out for a long time. Plus good character development. I think Oli saved the data from the phone and it will be revealed later, showing that Annalise hired the hitman.

    Whoever finds out about Annalise killing Mahoney will be very upset, especially Wes.
    But we have never had real proof that Mahoney is Wes’ dad. Check the blood on We’s jacket, for Pete’s sake! Wes finding out that his surrogate mommy killed his absent daddy would cause him to go nuts.

    Laurel is 5 months prego by murder night. Do an amnio DNA test to see if it is Wes’ or Frank’s. She is not handling this well and this has been underplayed, but in last scene she is pretty drunk when she tells Wes “I love you.” Will she reveal to him or others that she is prego on or before murder night?

    It is the local police, not the NY police, who are offering Wes immunity. Is this before or after murder night? I could not tell. Thoughts? Does that definately mean he is not under the sheet?

    Perhaps, Wes is informing on Bonnie for killing Rebecca? Remember how Asher going to the police was a big fake out last season? When Wes says he will “help them bring her down”, we assume he means Annalise. But Bonnie is becoming unhinged, along with Frank. (I’m getting a little confused about Frank’s motivation at this point, but I think he will be the only good guy by the end.)

    If Wes is informing on Annalise after the murder night then it would be about the murder night and maybe about Mahoney, also ,then that means that he now realizes to what extent Annalise lies and manipulates him, (Watch the first episode again with this in mind.) This is the same fundamental relationship which got him to shoot her, also.

    Bonnie was abandoned by Frank and is now totally aligned with Annalise. Bonnie has told Annalise that she would understand if Annalise had hired a hitman for Frank. She is now in the same unhinged frame of mind where she killed Rebecca to protect Annalise.

    So in the huge upcoming scene where Annalise comes into her office and finds Frank, will Bonnie also show up? And Laurel and Wes? Will Frank attack Annalise and Bonnie kill him? Will Bonnie kill Laurel and Wes, if they are spilling the beans to the police?

    I will eat my hat if it is Connor under the sheet. I bet Frank, in a very tragic twist, when we all reveal that he has been the good person all along. Remember how in episode one, Annalise tells the Keating 5 that “We are the good people now. Say it to yourselves over and over until you believe it.” That’s what she’s been doing, and why she’s been drinking so much.

  22. bramblingon says:

    Another thought, Laurel’s dad will be coming back. I remember Laurel not talking on phone because of pop’s listening, and Annalise will need him for something to do with Frank again, as suggested last episode. He will have to show up at the hospital.

    Maybe we will finally know Meggie’s role as a doctor causing a plot twist. Perhaps she performs a DNA test on Laurel to find out if Wes is the dad. Maybe Laurel is not part of that decision. No, that’s too wierd for little Meggie, but that Laurel ends up on her watch is a big coincidence, so maybe.

    If Laurel’s Dad shows up, then Laurel’s preg will be blown up more. He does not like Frank.