Arrow Spoilers Oliver New Romance

Arrow's Stephen Amell: 'It's Time for Oliver to Have Another Relationship'

As Arrow‘s Oliver Queen said this week, just as ex-fiancee Felicity owes it to herself to find out if what she has with Detective Malone is “real,” he owes it to himself to “embrace whatever is next” for him when not wearing a vigilante’s hood.

Meaning, new romance soon may be in Oliver’s sights as well.

“I don’t know if he’s ready to move on, but it’s time for Oliver to have another relationship,” Stephen Amell said on Wednesday during TVLine’s visit to the CW series’ Vancouver set.

In addition to mirroring Felicity’s own path, Amell says that if Oliver starts dating around again, it’d help restore the “playboy” mantle he technically lost years ago, along with his “billionaire” billing.

“Earlier this year I was speaking with [showrunner] Wendy Mericle, and I was like, ‘Look, there’s two things that we’re no longer allowed to write about Oliver: We’re no longer allowed to call him a billionaire, because … he lost his family fortune. And we’re currently not allowed to say ‘playboy’ — he’s dated one woman since Season 2, and he had a fling with Isabel Rochev (played by Summer Glau). That’s it.’

“If you’d like him to be a playboy, then by all means, start writing him like one,” Amell recalled saying, “and then we can do it.”

Perhaps to such an end, viewers may have already met the next woman to strike a spark with Mayor Handsome — and “Human Target” Christopher Chance deserves some props for playing wingman, while wearing Oliver’s face.

“I’ve had a couple of scenes with Carly [Pope], who’s doing a great job as [reporter] Susan Williams,” Amell said. “I do think that there will be some exploration of a certain element of romance between the two of them, and I hope that people enjoy it, because I’ve found it to be really dynamic so far.” (Reporting by Vlada Gelman)

What do you think of Oliver, like Felicity, seeking out a new relationship — and should it be with Susan?

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  1. Sara Foster says:

    Using females characters as pawn is the new normal for this show. This new relationship of hers was never about her. It all happened off screen so that he can move on in present day. She didn’t even get to tell him. He found out from a man he met 3 seconds ago. And of course the whole fandom predicted this mess months ago when Carly Pope was first casted. Your first instinct shouldn’t scream “love interest” when they announce a female casting. Yet…

    So long Arrow. I’ve had enough.

    • Jennifer says:

      I am not interested in Oliver having a love interest or Felicity having a love interest because at the end of the day you can till see that they have so much chemistry just when they are talking to each other but it would be interesting to see how Felicity would act to see Oliver with that Susan Williams plus Felicity doesn’t like her.

    • Christine says:

      I am disappointed in felicity and Oliver’s break up. Take a time out yes. Start new relationships No! It’s time a tv program shoo some taste and class. Felicity and Oliver should be together. Reinforce commitment…not the same old same old. You would be doing something different from the rest. They were meant to be together and defacing them both the way you want to is the same old same old….everyone else is doing it. The familiar saying is IF everyone jumped off a bridge would you do it too? Too many programs are doing that (at the risk of being repetitive). It’s risky but also adds to the format of solid relationships, commuted friendships. Making Oliver a play boy would take away from his character as having felicity in floozyland takes from her character. Yes I am a romantic at heart. Heck have them get married and have kids. Have them go their own way as a couple committed to each other. People are hungry for stability even in the programs they watch.

    • Christine says:

      Exactly!! They need to concentrate on the asset of the program Oliver and felicity!!

  2. Betty Boop says:

    I don’t feel like we ever really saw Oliver ‘the playboy’ after the island.

    Even in season 1 when he had relatively short term relationships with Helena and Mckenna, he had significant feelings for them both and wanted his relationships with them to last.

    Isabel is literally the only one night stand he’s had since returning from the island, so if they’re going to write the new Mayor as a ‘playboy’, it’ll be the first time we’ve ever really seen it, which could be…interesting.

  3. Wordsmith says:

    Oliver Queen and Louis Litt – Carly Pope’s romantic prospects on TV are diverse, to say the least.

  4. Lyla says:

    Bvaaaah. I don’t mind Oliver not being with Felicity right now, but do we really have to literally watch them both enter meaningless rebounds at the same time? What is it with CW and boring filler love interests? I don’t know if anything trumps Alex for Thea last year, but Felicity’s… what’shisname? certainly might. And, of course, Amell has to push this. I remember how he ”loved” the Baby Mama story line last year – which was literally the worst thing to happen with this show (ok, that’s a tough competition with S4 flashbacks).
    I agree that this year is better in a sense that there is no magic, the show seems more grounded indeed. The cinematography seems better, the directors are more suited for their respective episodes. And for a lot of reviewers that seems enough. But character-wise this year has no heart. Team Arrow has to have heart. It did that in the beginnings with just Oliver, Dig and Felicity. My personal fave was when Roy joined them in S2. Even last year with Thea, Felicity, Diggle, Oliver and Laurel. Gooood, I’d never thought I’d miss Laurel. But I do. Artemis just doesn’t really have a place on the show screen-time wise, Curtis isn’t really entertaining anymore, Wild Dog is very close to being obnoxious. I might have a soft spot for Rory, but that’s it. And now let’s add more meaningless f*ck buddies to both leads of this show, because there aren’t enough people on the show yet. Sigh.

    • Brooke says:

      I totally agree with you. Until season 4, the team had “a heart”, but since Oliver and Felicity broke up the team started falling apart. Not literally, but you can not feel that they are a family anymore. Their treatment with each other isn’t the same thing. It seems that they are a team only because Oliver can’t do everything alone anymore (guess he never could). If wasn’t for this, I’m almost sure that they would follow their own ways. And add more people to the show isn’t exactly what’s going to fix this.

      • Christine says:

        Agree the heart and soul are gone….you need it back for dedicated viewers to stay. Keep it simple, bring the fam back together.

    • Christine says:

      Don’t care for other love interests and the show is losing its grounding. Felicity being played by anyone else would also cause more nosedive. JS

  5. Wordsmith says:

    Also, I’ve lost track: Is Oliver still technically married to Nyssa? Or did they officially undo that at some point?

    • CourtTV says:

      Good question. I don’t recall an official split but it didn’t seem to be an issue while being engaged to Felicity.

    • Foshoo says:

      Stephen said somewhere that it wasn’t a real wedding because it was a League wedding performed by some priestess woman.

    • M3rc_Nate says:

      How do you define the word “technically”? Because even getting married outside the U.S. (say India) isn’t recognized by the U.S. unless you do the proper paperwork. So do you think the U.S. would recognize a marriage from a assassin cult in Nanda Parbat aka Tibet? Do you think after being forced to get married Oliver and Nyssa went and did the official American paperwork to be “technically” married?

    • Lauren says:

      I thought it was stated in the show when Nyssa disbanded the League of Assassins, that also made their “marriage” null and void.

    • Jim says:

      Yes, he’s married to Nyssa, but only according to the customs and traditions of the League. Which supposedly no longer exists, but of course it does in some way.

  6. Ana says:

    I love olicity with all of my heart , but i would love to see Oliver trying to date, it’s not fair that Felicity can have a boyfriedn after giving up on their relationship way to quickly while Oliver has to cry in the corner because he loves her still. In fact, Even Emily think its to soon for a boyfriend. I just don’t understend the point. I hope they actually point it out the fact that she iS. LYING by choice to Malone and that’s the reason she broke up with OLiver and yet she’s doing the same thing, at least Oliver didn’t have a choice

    • Liz says:

      Lying to her boyfriend who she’s not sure about anything is not the same as Oliver lying to his future wife about having a kid. It’s so weird how people seem to match the two and they’re not the same thing.

      • Lexi says:

        There are two things you don’t lie about to your fiance/fiancee. One is your finances, and another is your children. Legally, your spouse can get hit for liability for both, so it’s not just deceptive, it’s unfair.

        Felicity not telling her boyfriend (NOT her fiance) about her work for the Arrow (which not only might cause her boyfriend a conflict of interest, but also might expose Oliver) is NOT in the same category at all. There is no justification for what Oliver did. None.

        On top of which, she came clean to the boyfriend, only to be called a criminal.

        Oliver, OTOH, was willing to ask a woman to marry him and NOT tell her what kind of responsibility she might be getting into, which is the part that annoyed me no end. It doesn’t matter who told him to do it. It wouldn’t even matter if he told Felicity, Baby Mama found out, and then tried to keep him from having custody. She can’t legally do that, and all it would take is one trip to a lawyer (which Felicity can well afford and absolutely would support, you know it) to put some pressure on Baby Mama to make visitation arrangements. Boom, done, legal, can even be kept quiet. No excuse at all, except that Oliver lies and denies, as Oliver reflexively does (and advises others to do – anyone see his advice to Barry in the first crossover?).

        Don’t get me wrong, it’s totally in character for Oliver to do so. He’s completely following Moira’s example. That said, it’s a terrible thing to do to a woman you intend to spend the rest of your life with and have children with as well. If nothing else, it’s a *horrible* thing to do to your potential kids with her. Say William shows up on the doorstep and Oliver and Felicity had had kids. What’s Oliver going to tell the kids? “Hi, kids, daddy’s lied to you all these years and you have a brother…” Yeah, THAT is going to go down just beautifully. What it’ll likely do is tear the family apart and at least damage the kids’ trust in their father.

        The point is, at the end of the day, you have to be honest with the person you’re going to marry, especially when, as with a child, your spouse may end up being responsible for them in some way. Say baby mama dies, or William suddenly takes it into his head to go see Dad and live with him — typical teenage thing to do. And boom, disaster.

        Besides which, it was completely hypocritical for Oliver to do and expect her to accept. Let’s turn it around. Let’s say Felicity had a child in college. She was told it was dead; the dad’s kept it. She finds out and the dad says, ‘Oh, no, you can’t visit unless you lie to Oliver, even though I have no way of checking out whether you do so or not.’ So, say Felicity does lie to Oliver, and Oliver then finds out a) she has a kid and b) *another man* told her to lie to him and *she obeyed him instead of Oliver*.

        Yeah, the refuse would hit the oscillator, and that right quick. If it’s not fair one way, people, it’s not fair another.

        So, no. I’m standing with Liz on this one. There wasn’t and never will be justification for Oliver’s lying as he did. Ever.

        • kath says:

          To make things even worse, once Oliver found out that Malcolm Merlyn knew (bringing the number up to three with Barry and Thea), it was idiotic not to tell Felicity at that point. Oliver couldn’t have known Malcolm would kidnap William and deliver him to Darhk but it was a good bet that Malcolm would use the information and Felicity’s ignorance of it against Oliver.
          Plus Felicity could have protected William with her tech. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

          No wonder Marc Guggenheim admitted the way the arc was written was the worst mistake on the show.

        • Christine says:

          This does not guarantee disaster…this is a tv program and they can make it or break it. We don’t live in a perfect world but sometimes having your child show up does not make it a bad thing. No relationship is perfect and felicity is giving up and she shouldn’t be. Her and Oliver should be together.

      • Medha Yemula says:

        I mean,I love Olicity with all my heart,and trust me,it breaks my heart to just think about their breakup.But if Oliver doesn’t date again,trust me,bye bye playboy.It kind of doesn’t make sense.They were the perfect couple.I seriously think that DC should hook them up again,don’t you think?I mean,Oliver isn’t getting any dates yet…………….

    • AMB says:

      That’s silly. They all lie about their superheroing, to AVOID GOING TO PRISON. Oliver lied to his family, Tommy, Diggle initially, Felicity initially, McKenna, Laurel, Quentin, Isabel, and others. Felicity lied to her mom…so did Oliver. They all lied to Ray, and Roy, and Walter. If they go around telling everybody they date that they’re part of Team Arrow, they’ll go to prison.

    • sev619 says:

      I just posted something similar. I get that a child is more important than a boyfriend/girlfriend but there is no reason he had to lie about having a son. His ex-girlfriend made it a condition if he wanted to see the little boy. It never made sense why he had to keep it from Felicity – to me anyway. Then they ended up moving anyway.

    • kath says:

      I get the impression that the only reason Felicity got a bf was so that Oliver would be justified in dating again.
      Just as the only reason Felcity had Havenrock angst was so that the show could introduce Rory, just as they used her to introduce Barry and then Ray.
      We’ve already seen more of Susan Williams than we have of Felcity’s relationship with Det. White Bread. We still have no idea of how they met, how long they’ve been together and even why she’s dating him But YAY! Oliver now has a reason to sleep with the reporter and all the other new female characters recently cast.

      • Mims6 says:

        BOO!! Bad choice for the show!

      • Susie Excell says:

        No, just fight crime … if he can’t be with Felicity then he doesn’t need to be with anybody. The writers need to Stop trying to put filler lovers in the storyline. Anyway there’s something up with that Susan girl. She’s up to something and I think it has to do with the Russians. I really don’t like this season. It’s the least favorite of mine picture of all the four seasons before it. 🤔🤔🙄🙄😞😞

      • Christine says:

        Which sucked….almost everyone else knew….I would be upset too…but I would also in time forgive with so much chemistry and love.

    • Christine says:

      Don’t agree

  7. Sandra Rossi says:

    Cual es el problema? acaso Felicity no está con otro y lo hizo rapidisimo? que sufra un poco ella, por no saber perdonar y amar. Que sienta lo que se puede perder cuando algo tan importante se puede perder por pensar en ella misma.

  8. Sue says:

    Olicity worked because Stephen and Emily have great chemistry together. Make it end game, b/c it will be anyway, and then we get back to the other story lines.

  9. Foshoo says:

    Who said they wanted him be a playboy billionaire again? That guy was a douche bag! I’ve never believed Oliver cared about any woman the way he cares about Felicity. I don’t think you spend as much time and effort tying his hero journey and regaining his humanity to his relationship with Felicity as these writers have and then just end it. These new “romances” are just a blip to reuniting a much loved and much hated relationship. You can’t look at anything Arrow related now without seeing people talking about this relationship. Love it or hate it people are talking and speculating about Olicity.

  10. Diane says:

    Oliver and Felicity works! I don’t know why he didn’t continue to pursue her and I don’t think any other women for him will work. I also don’t know why Felicity was pushed to begin another relationship. If they were together, the crime fighting would be paramount.

    • Sandra Rossi says:

      Ella me parece que queria provar un clavo saca otro clavo hasta que no pasa en realidad, en verdad hay que recordar de una conversación que tuvo ella con la madre que ella se desconocía en la temporada 4 cuando estaba Ray

    • Liz says:

      lol the pushed Felicity into a pointless relationship so Oliver didn’t look like a dick for moving on. It’s all orchestrated to make people feel sorry for him, even after he lied to her and was the one who broke their relationship in the first place. I can’t believe more people aren’t seeing how much they’re throwing Felicity under the bus for this.

      • soonerborn says:

        It was a Marc Guggenheim idiotic story line to slow down Olicity. It made no sense and actually did serious damage to the Oliver character. And instead of fixing it with flashpoint the idiot Guggenheim is doubling down on it with the stupidity of giving them other sex (not love) interest.

    • Mims6 says:

      I totally agree! Put them back together and then the crime fighting would be paramount! There chemistry together is just too good. Other relationships for either of them just leave me shaking my head! And I do not like the “billionaire” playboy either. He’s grown way past that!

  11. The Kaibosh says:

    Let me guess. Talia. And she’ll call him “beloved” Bat-Arrow flies again!

  12. Jason says:

    I say they let Huntress out of jail and she and Olly can have some fun fighting crime and otherwise.

    • parstl says:

      Even though I liked the Felicity relationship at first…in retrospect I think Helena was his most interesting love interest.

  13. Liz says:

    Haha, no thanks. I spent 4 seasons watching Oliver and Felicity (ups and downs and bad story choices included) and I’m invested in their relationship. I don’t want to see either of them with other people in the FIFTH season, especially not Oliver. Why they are insisting on regressing him to his season 1 sleep with anything state, I’ll never understand.

    • AMB says:

      He’s going to bang the reporter and Tina in present day and maybe Talia in flashbacks. IMO Steve wants to prove he can have sexual chemistry with someone other than EBR.

      I’m prepared to LOL my ass off at his attempts.

      • Liz says:

        This is the 2nd time you’ve responded to my comment today. Do you get a kick out of speaking like this to Olicity shippers? I get it, ok? Oliver’s gonna sleep with other people. Thanks for telling me what I already knew and dislike greatly. Good job.

    • vic says:

      I feel exactly the same as you. The show pushing their separate romantic relationship with other people is sooooo hard to watch, like water torture or nail on the chalkboard.

  14. Cas says:

    So people complain when Oliciry are together and they complain when they aren’t? I personally like Carly Pope and have since Popular. Lol.

    • AMB says:

      You realize that’s two different groups of people, right?

    • Sara Foster says:

      Define “people”. I want consistent and smart story-telling. I don’t want the writers to go out of their way to step on characters for the sake of drama, especially not female characters. The ones who complained when they were in a stable adult relationship in the first half of season 4 had nothing to complain about except the fact that their comic canon ship died before it begun.

  15. Sandun says:

    I commented earlier and it didn’t go through. Let me try again. Going back to playboy ways and killing again for no particular reason or explanation is not good. Furthermore it’s character regression. Feels like the character is killing now for the sake of being cool as well.. If they didn’t want to say “playboy or billionaire” they could have just stopped using it or added “Former” without destroying what the character has become over the last few seasons. I’ve lost trust in this show. And won’t be watching again.

    • Kelly says:

      I think they explained that he was killing again because he feels if he had killed Dark when he had the chance, Laurel would still be alive, and he doesn’t want to make that mistake again. Not sure about the playboy thing.

      • Sandun says:

        I’m not talking about killing bigbads. Just that there’s no point in killing the small crooks or whatever.

      • He’s killing pretty mercilessly. Laurel vs Tommy? They’ve said how Laurel wouldn’t want him to kill, and if she comes back and convinces him not to kill, they will lose the few viewers they have left. It is a terrible storyline, in which (once again) they throw logic and character out the window, turn to the audience and say “we are trying to keep the show alive and we think that pandering to comic fans and having Oliver be more aggressive again might work, so he’s going to kill and yell at everyone and act like he is the authority over anyone else’s agency. And hopefully, we’re going to have some better stunts.”

  16. brenna says:

    I hope they don’t completely abandon Olicity. They have awesome chemistry. After the second half of last season I am fine with them being great friends and taking some time before they find their way back to each other. I love the entire show and I would really like to see Oliver become a true hero this season. I really don’t know what to expect but I hope they don’t ruin all the best things about the show. The ratings have really declined and I would like for it to continue another 5 seasons.

    • Aculy Marc stattet that oliver hasnt given up on Felicity and tehr relationship! BUT he also tries to honor her! And Emely Rickards statet herself tehr still madly in love witheach otehr BUt tehr ned to come apart befor tehr can come together abd be better than in S4A

      • Mims6 says:

        I do hope they hurry up then. Lots of us are wanting that story line to heat up quickly. They are just good together and I think gives the show that romantic spark. Just do not make it the major story line.

  17. deborah says:

    I am completely turned off by what the show is doing to olicity… giving felicity a boyfriend to justify oliver sleeping or trying with other woman is disgusting if you ask me… olicity is beautiful, put them together and then concentrate on the action so everyone is happy… i cant blame oliver for trying to move on though because at the end of the day, felicity is the one putting roadblocks to the relationship (for no good reason if you ask me) not him… i hope with her constantly lying to detective not important here, she will get to understand oliver’s position and will want to get back together with him

  18. jbj says:

    I totally called it that Carly Pope would be playing Oliver’s rebound girl. However, it bothers me that Reporter Susan’s professional deceitfulness wouldn’t make her a risky choice. Like, is he really dumb enough to think that she wouldn’t investigate his flimsy excuses to go on Arrow adventures, or would he be thinking that she might become an ally who could cover his butt in the media? I mean, it’s obvious to me that she flirted with Oliver to try to get dirt on the Mayor (dimples aside). It’s fair to say that Oliver hasn’t been a playboy since he landed on the island, because he has been emotionally attached to all of his (onscreen) lovers (even Isobel, to an extent). If they want to revert him back to playboy mode, they better find a string of women who are too dumb or self-absorbed to ask questions. Side note, wasn’t he with both Sarah and Felicity in season 3? It still doesn’t make him a playboy, but it was definitely more than one.

  19. Pam says:

    The problem with the this show is that the woman are there for a loveline. Why couldn’t he just try to find his way as Oliver without being in a relationship? Doesn’t he have enough on his plate? He barely manages to keep two separate identities and now he wants to bring a 3rd element where he can’t tell the person what he is doing? This show has gone off its rocker.

    • Guest says:

      That’s what I want but, the solution to all of Oliver and Felicity’s life problems seems to be Olicity – to Olicity shippers. Then they deny being obsessed with Olicity but, later in the comment talk about them “finding their way back to each other”.

      • kath says:

        Don’t blame the viewers, the show has been teasing Oliver’s redemption coming with the love of a woman since the pilot episode. And don’t forget what station this show is on.
        If it had been written like NCIS where it was obvious from the beginning that the lead would never be in a relationship, it might be different and shippers would know they were non-canon shipping. But there has never been a time on this show when Oliver wasn’t either pining for or in a relationship with one woman or another.

      • Susie Excell says:

        Way in the world would Oliver need another love interest.. Remenber he can love anyone because of what he does… oh just because of sex.. right??? if he can be with Felicity then he needs to just be The green arrow and the mayor. Period. Nothing on the side!

  20. John NYC says:

    Date, have more of a life with fun and light, but that mouthbreathing juvenile “playboy”? Gods no.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Yes it should be Susan

  22. I really loved Human Target as Oliver Queen. He had that charisma the character lost last season. I also loved how he put the corporate dude on his place. I hope to see Oliver Queen being edgy again as himself.
    As for the romance, I’ve noticed that episodes 5 of each season is usually relationship episode, either end it or build it.
    Season two episode 5 is League of Assassins, Sara meets Oliver again and he tells her between him and Laurel everything is over and their share longing emotional look. So Arrow and Canary relationship starts and Laurel is officially out of the picture. This is something only retrospectively can be seen though.
    So I think now they are doing the same thing. Olicity is officially over, Oliver wants to move on. Susan Williams is not the best choice, because she is an enemy figure, but probably she will be the Isobel parallel.

  23. jj says:

    Really not care one way or the other whether Oliver has a new love interest. Just want Felicity to be gone.

  24. Maryann says:

    I have no interest in seeing Oliver with anyone but Felicity. The show doesn’t need romance, but Oliver and Felicity together was something special. A temporary breakup is fine, but unless they are endgame, I would rather the show forget about romance for either of them. Why couldn’t their relationship just have receded to the background and just pop up once in a while, like Diggle’s romance with his wife, rather than being ripped apart?

    • vic says:

      I agree. Oliver & Felicity are stronger together as a couple & in love than being “just teammates”. I rolled my eyes so hard when both Stephen and Emily said the dynamics was so good right now being separated (& trying soooo hard to sell that nonsense), coz they couldn’t be further from the truth!! (& I’d like to believe that they personally secretly don’t believe it either!)

    • MAS says:

      I agree and would add Oliver being a playboy would be yet another step backward. There is a big difference between dating and that, but this show was never about dating and romance so why couldn’t they just leave well enough alone?

  25. Virgie says:

    Nothing best tha an Olicity.

  26. Luis Roman says:

    If the ultimate goal of “Arrow” writers is to bring Oliver ad Felicity back together (and their oft-repeated praise for Stephen and Emily’s “chemistry” points in that direction,) new romantic partners for each of them is an almost obligatory step in that direction – that’s how couples on TV work. Get together, break up, date other people, realize no one else will ever be the same for you, get back together. Employing that formula in an action series is a tricky balance for “Arrow” writers.

  27. Id say at this point anything is better then MORE Olicity. Felicity and Oliver just don’t have a good dynamic or chemistry as a couple. They are not fun to watch.. and are really cringy. The show runners of Arrow have already wasted waaaay to much time on that relaintionship. It was a mistake to even let happen in the 1st place and this show is still stumbling from it.

    As a whole.. the only people who want Oliver and Felicity together are shippers.

    And most of those shippers don’t care about anyting on the show other then Olicity

    So ya.. its good to see Oliver back in playboy mode again… S5 is slowly making him ‘cool’ again.

    • MAS says:

      What is your definition of playboy? To me, it means conspicuous womanizer – which is what Oliver was – and that is not cool, not cool at all.

    • Iv says:

      What’s really cringy & totally not fun to watch was the forced Laurel Lance and Oliver romance.
      & fyi there is a legion of viewers who have never seen the word “shipper” nor know what “shipping” means (other than in the traditional Oxford dictionary sense) but could see the chemistry between Stephen (Oliver) & Emily (Felcity) jumping off the TV screen. So you shouldn’t be presumptuous.

  28. Tiffany Hill says:

    That’s right , because Arrow really needs is more relationship drama.. This show became less about superhero action and more about Tumblr bait..Seriously, who gives a damn about whether Oliver and Felicity can move on ? All i know is quite a few fans who’ve had enough of it doesn’t, including me … Wake Up

  29. Summer says:

    The best relationship that Oliver Queen could have would be with the inside of a coffin.

  30. Oliver has never been a playboy. Amell can’t play the “playboy.” And character regression is hard to justify, especially this season where all they’ve done is regress Oliver and then drop developing his character altogether. (Don’t even get me started about introducing 15 new characters and developing none of them, plus breaking up the team and giving none of them anything to do).

  31. mer654 says:

    Oliver is much more likeable because he no longer is a playboy. Don’t make him one again. Let’s keep going with his advancing maturity, wanting hope and valuing life. Being loyal to Felicity makes for good character development.

  32. Bing says:

    Having a new love interest for Oliver just because Felicity has moved on may not be necessary unless the new relationship will provide additional significance to who Oliver is as a person or what his character will become later on. What I liked with the relationship between Oliver and Felicity is that they both complimented and strengthened each other’s characters. Felicity redeemed Oliver from being just a vengeful vigilante into one who is more in touch with his humanity and maturing into somebody with a determined sense of purpose; while Oliver provided Felicity with motivation to contribute her skills to the accomplishment of honorable intentions.

  33. sev619 says:

    I am so tired of the Felicity drama. I’m sure someone already mentioned this but she left Oliver because he lied to her. But she avoided telling Oliver about dating this new guy – not technically lying but close. And I’m assuming she’s lying to this new guy about what she does.
    Honestly, I’d be glad to see Oliver happy with someone else and Felicity alone.

  34. kath says:

    Can someone tell me, Matt? Vlada? anyone?, why is it that even though everyone associated with television knows about the Moonlighting Curse, EPs still write that storyline?

    This stuff is pure Moonlight — put a popular couple together, break them up for a ridiculous reason, have them date other people. Watch the audience hate it.

    This show was at its best in the first part of season 4, when Oliver and Felicity were together, there was no ridiculous drama with Baby Mama, and the focus was on fighting the season’s Big Bad. I wish they would go back to that.
    I rooted for Oliver and Felicity to get together once. I am so done with that now.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      The “Moonlighting Curse” is largely myth, and often incorrectly trotted out to support an opinion on why a show downbturned. Here is one solid debunking of why “Moonlighting” really cratered:

      • kath says:

        Thank you for your reply. That article supports my argument though, that the real problem is not putting them together but bad writing after the couple is together.
        There was no reason to split up Oliver and Felicity in the second half of last season, especially with the terribly contrived “You can’t tell anyone you have a son, Oliver, or I’ll never let you see him again” and the even worse “Oliver and Felicity date other partners” which has never worked on any TV show I’ve ever watched.

        I think the EPs are trying to get back the magic of season 1 by replaying all the old beats (Oliver is a killer; Oliver fakes being a playboy; Oliver puts together a team; Oliver and Felicity have flirt but it goes nowhere) but it doesn’t work because there is four years of history between the characters and hopefully four years of growth on Oliver’s part. Things have changed.
        You can’t bathe twice in the same stream. Unless you’re NCIS.

  35. roses says:

    I’m cackklingg. …they need to kill off Olicity once and for all better yet kill off Felicity and be done with it.The most irrelevant, whiny and narcissistic character on the show. Bring back the season 1 greatness.Let Ollie be comic book canon and not a batman knock off.Stop with the soap opera and let the show be great again.

    • mayen says:

      you: “Ollie”
      me: Ah, that explains it.

      If you’re going to use his comics counterpart as an excuse against olicity, don’t. The closest his personality got to the one in the comics is when he was with Felicity in season 4. The funny and sarcastic optimist. Ironic, isn’t it?

  36. Mims6 says:

    Great chemistry with Stephen and Emily. Olicity all the way!

  37. lena says:

    truly breathing death on olicity now. wow so. oliver really could have ended up with laurel. if they hadn’t killed her off. so sick of this show’s wishy washy attitude towards everything.

  38. Susie Excell says:

    No!!!! I don’t want New love interest for these two Hotties!! I have rooted for them from the beginning… Because I love them together. It took Felicity and Oliver so long to get together and then you break them up because of something he didn’t even know happened.. HIS son. Felicity would have understood. And the baby mommy wasn’t going to let him see his son, if he told Felicity:( . You can tell the way they love each other and the way they are always talking about everything.They have so much chemistry..I don’t think he would have keep this from her!! What really was the point… Felicity wasn’t going to say anything or tell anyone..And I believe Oliver love her to much to lie to her. I don’t understand, if your going to break a super couple up make it for a better reason then this… I know in the end they will find their way back to each other. Even if they do have new interest. Super couples always do.. just don’t make us wait to long writers.

  39. Lady G says:

    season five sucks! New team arrow is really borimg and Oliver and Felicity breaking up just killed my interest in the show

    • jim papouchis says:

      i totally agree with you breaking up Oliver and Felicity was a big! big! mistake. I will quit watching if they don’t get back together.

  40. Ella says:

    Nothing will bring me back post-Laurel but it’s good to see the writers fixing their biggest mistake, which was putting Oliver and Felicity together in the first place. Stephen is also probably a little sick of playing the same old lovesick Oliver pining over a girl who is with someone else, first Laurel with Tommy, then Felicity with Ray and now whoever this newbie is…

  41. Iv says:

    Oliver needs to focus on mayoring & arrowing. While doing so, he needs to stay single & unattached till he wins back Felicity’s love. That’s how he can stop regressing. He must progress & grow as a true partner to Felicity, by looping her in to all his plans & whatever secrets he still has, to prove he deserves Felicity’s whole heart again!

  42. Iv says:

    I can perfectly understand why Felicity found it hard to tell Oliver she’s dating someone. Have you tried telling your ex(-fiance, at that) whom you still work daily with, that you now have a bf? Felicity was trying to spare Oliver’s feelings & avoid potential awkwardness.
    & as for those who immediately scream hypocritical abt her lying / keeping secret from bf, it’s not. This person she just started seeing & is completely unsure of. Plus he is a cop & GA is a vigilante still considered criminal in the eyes of the law.
    Oliver made a commitment to spend the rest of his life with Felicity, & he chose to keep his son secret from her based on a rubbish excuse of an ultimatum from his one-night stand. Plus evil Malcolm Merlyn knows about the child, that should be the only warning bell he needs to tell Felicity!!

  43. evelyn says:

    I love watching arrow since the beginning till now the season.but for me i want oliver and felicity together again in a relationship.
    I love watching them specially .oliver,felicity also diggle
    Goodluck guys love yah

  44. Candy says:

    Oliver and felicity needs to work everything out. Take their times but work things out and become a couple again! They have so much chemistry and this makes this show even better! Love arrow. Keep it coming !

  45. Carolina says:

    Nooooo…Felicity and Oliver should back together. ….there’s is no razon why I will be watching the show!!!!

  46. Charley says:

    I wish they would stop squandering what they HAVE (Amell’s gorgeousness, the Olicity chemistry-and following, the Diggle fanbase) IMO the show was at its best when they just let everyone ‘do’ or ‘be’ what they did best. Oliver was a slightly damaged hottie fighting his way to redemption, Diggle was the tough, wise voice of reason, Felicity was the quirky, happy glue that held it all together and lightened the dark material as needed. There is no denying the ridiculous chemistry between Amell and Rickards…and the storyline fiasco of 4th season feels like a terrible waste of that chemistry. Everything ‘forced’ and ‘contrived’ is what brought the show down so low. Unfortunately I believe that includes the Laurel character…which they are now ‘forcing’ back yet again. If they so desperately want to keep the Black Canary, then put her in one of the other storylines…she and Cisco (Flash) had a relatively cute and entertaining dynamic…and I could see some fun romantic potential with ‘Heat Wave’ (Legends)… just PLEASE stop flogging that romance on Arrow. It briefly felt like they were really going back to the formula that worked…until recently. So now again…forcing and contriving a chemistry, shoving Diggle in a basement, throwing an unlikable character as a love interest…It is a WASTE of what the show already HAS and doesn’t have to ‘create, build, or develop’ (it seems as though the writing has been working AGAINST the positive momentum they already own)… They need to ‘surf the waves’ they have, and use the writing to create, build and develop what they don’t have/still need. Kreisberg is very good at utilizing momentum, and his absence after the second season has been evident.

  47. Lacey Harris says:

    I am def bored this season.

  48. Mims6 says:

    Put oliver and felicity back together! Just don’t make it the absolute theme of the show. He’s a crime fighter who can go home to his love. Felicity!! Great chemistry!!

  49. Monique says:

    Felicity and Oliver need to get back together, because that’s what makes me love this show so much is their love throughout this. IT aight man us Byblos’s surprise but it all made so much sense at the same time

  50. Sandra says:

    I am losing interest in tv all together. Nothing last anymore. TV is desensitizing people about all morals. If you love someone you don’t run away at the first sign of trouble. What is tv teaching children if its broken don’t fix it just trow it away and move on. Name one show where a couple gets together and stay together. You can keep it interesting whit out breakups.