UnREAL Spoilers

UnREAL Season 3 Scoop: Everlasting Is Getting Its First Female Suitor

UnREAL has already savagely mocked The Bachelor… now it’s The Bachelorette‘s turn.

Season 3 of Lifetime’s reality-TV satire will feature a female suitor, stars Shiri Appleby (Rachel) and Constance Zimmer (Quinn) revealed in a Facebook Live video chat on Tuesday. Having Everlasting‘s first-ever female suitor — or should it be “suitress”? — choosing from 25 eligible men should make things interesting behind the scenes.

“There will be 25 men on set, and Rachel will hook up with all of them,” Appleby joked, adding in an interview with ET, “I think it will be great to add another strong female to the mix, someone to really battle with Quinn and Rachel… it will shake up the show and make everything feel really fresh.”

And UnREAL could definitely use some freshening up: After a critically acclaimed debut season that earned Zimmer an Emmy nomination, the show hit a sophomore slump in Season 2 with questionable plot twists and sinking ratings.

Season 3 of UnREAL, female suitor and all, is slated to debut next year.

Is a female suitor just what UnREAL needs to bounce back in Season 3? And who should play her? Hit the comments and share your thoughts.  

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  1. Elie says:

    “another strong female” That has to be a joke!

    • Wordsmith says:

      Congrats on cattiest comment. Rachel and Quinn may be spectacular hot messes much of the time, but they’re also strong female characters.

      • Elie says:

        The show’s depiction of “strong” female is highly questionable. I would agree that Quinn might qualify but not Rachel and since the comment was made by the actress playing her I just cannot take her seriously.

  2. Christian says:

    Damn I was hoping they would move away from the dating thing and move on to a Survivor/Big Brother type show.

    • TexMike says:

      Yes. I thought Everlasting Love would be cancelled because of scandal and Unreal would parody another genre this season.

  3. Lala says:

    Excited about this, I still have hope for this show…I’m just going to pretend season 2 never happened.

  4. Leo says:

    Darn I was hoping for the first bisexual suitor and they mix it up with men and women. That will be more juicy.

  5. Cornelius says:

    Wish Lifetime renewed Devious Maids rather than UnReal especially after that awful season 2.

  6. Garbo says:

    If Lindsay Lohan is ready for her close-up (= learned her lesson for the umpteenth try and is ready to earn back the trust of the industry), a meaty, memorable season-long arc on a critically acclaimed cult show like this, could be a nice first step in the right direction. If she could remind people of the promising, talented young actress she was and still could be, then a return to form (acclaim and an Emmy nomination) could be a real possibility because if there is anything I’ve learned over the years it’s that Hollywood sure loves a good comeback story. And there is nobody better suited for one of those than Lohan.

  7. Joey Padron says:

    Good news they’ll have a female suitor for season 3. Can’t wait to see who they cast to play female suitor!

  8. This is what I way expecting!

  9. tvwatcher35 says:

    Having a female suitor and 25 men was something I expected. They hinted at it for a while. However It’s not much of a shake up if they continue to focus on Rachel and Quinn aka soap part of the show more then everlasting. I am more interested in what Sarah Gertrude Shaperio’s role will be now that they have a new show runner. I am also interested in how they plan on getting back on track and back to what made this show great. Will they also bring in someone new or bring back a fan favorite like Anna or Faith? I would also love to see Jay or Maddison get some action. Rachel and Quinn are not the only ones that need some lovin.

  10. tvwatcher35 says:

    I hope Rachel does not hook up with anyone this season. Unless they plan on bringing back Adam. She needs to focus on her job and get her life back in order. Same goes for Quinn. In the real world not every woman has to be married with kids. You can be a successful strong independent woman who’s single and does not want a family. Can they also give us at least one character to root for?

  11. RichieS says:

    My pick for the bachelorette would be Kim Matula who played the finalist from S2 who had sex w/Chet. Also would’ve considered the actress who played “hot Rachel” but I think she’s in another show now. As for Rachel herself, no more sex for her unless Jason Behr somehow returns to acting.

  12. TJ. Church says:

    If you ask me, I really don’t know if this will help or hurt things. While I agree with many other comment-ers that Quinn & Rachel are strong females, I like the idea I like the idea of the outnumbered key person on the show being the one they face-off with (& vice-versa) while matching them in gender.

    One thing I believe would help the show is rip on reality shows like “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette” without also attempting the “Law & Order”-esque “ripped from the headlines” things… They lost me in the final few episodes with the 2 car accidents (including the season-ender) & the Rachel-created police event.

  13. Gerald says:

    Season two was Terrible. But I’m also going to try and forget most of it and start new. I always enjoyed the Bachelorette more than the Bachelor, I suspect it’ll be the same on this show. Hopefully Rachel is more together this season. So help me Jeremy better not be working on it.

  14. Margo Elle says:

    Just make it better than the horror that was season two. Thank you!

  15. Mm says:

    Season 2 was good. Why didn’t people like it?