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The Voice Recap: Chaka and Awe

Take it from a dad who popped more than the recommended daily allowance of mini Butterfingers during tonight’s Halloween festivities: You absolutely can get too much of a good thing.

Alicia Keys proved that point on the final night of The Voice‘s Season 11 Knockout Rounds — by pitting two of her very best singers in a duel to the death, with not a single “Steal” from a rival coach left in play.

One might argue — OK, OK, I might argue — that Alicia made the right decision by choosing Sa’Rayah’s sonic boom over Michael Sanchez’s gorgeous grit and groove. But how can we applaud any move on the big Voice chessboard that’s ommited Michael from the Top 20.

Aside from that egregious awfulness — plus some dubious wardrobe choices on Team Blake — it was a solid evening that added even more depth to the Season 11 roster.

So, with that in mind, allow me to rank tonight’s Knockout showdowns from least- to most-promising winner — bearing in mind I’ll be back overnight to update this URL with more detailed performance reviews.

7. TEAM ADAM: Brendan Fletcher, “Soulshine” defeats Nolan Neal, “Love Is Your Name” | Yeah, he once again betrayed a tendency toward “I’m trying to pop a blood-vessel” histrionics, but Nolan’s muscular tone and undeniable passion made his performance vastly more interesting than Brendan’s pleasant bar-band cover. Maybe if Brendan’s number had come with a side of potato skins and a Blue Moon, I’d have understood Adam’s choice, but otherwise, this was yet another Season 11 misstep for the Maroon 5 frontman.

6. TEAM BLAKE: Dana Harper, “You Give Me Something” defeats Karlee Metzger, “Invincible” | Karlee pretty much handed the win to Dana when the final third of her Kelly Clarkson cover collapsed like a half-baked soufflé tossed into a meat locker. But while Dana’s vocal was indisputably tuneful and elegant, there was a laid-backness to Dana’s approach that turned her performance into pleasant background noise, rather than essential ear candy.

5. TEAM MILEY: Shown in Hard-to-Fully-Judge Snippet Form: Sophia Urista, “I Can’t Stand the Rain” defeats Josette Diaz, performance not shown | Did Sophia eat the last Pringle in Mark Burnett’s cardboard tube, or was there some other reason she was the sole Top 20 finalist of Season 11 to not have her Knockout shown in full? What I heard sounded pretty promising — Sophia’s not afraid to have her way with a melody — but can she overcome a lack of screentime once the voting begins?

4. TEAM MILEY: Darby Walker, “Shake It Out” defeats Maye Thomas, “Closer” | I loved Maye’s quiet confidence and kicky dance moves so much, I was ready to name her (and her slightly wobbly vocals) the winner over Darby’s creative but often imperfect attempt to come off as more than a Florence + the Machine copycat. Still, the undeniable power of Darby’s airy, helium-balloon-reaching-for-the-horizon upper register — and her determination to take melodic risks — could make her a threat, especially if Miley can scrub away the teenager’s overly rehearsed tendencies and unlock something more genuine lurking beneath the surface.

3. TEAM BLAKE: Austin Allsup, “Breakdown” defeats Gabe Broussard, “It Will Rain” | Austin is as solid as a coffee table made from reclaimed barn beams and painstakingly crafted by a Brooklyn hipster artisan. (Completely extraneous side note: Tell me I wasn’t the only one who loathed Sex and the City’s Aidan.) I liked how the Billy Bob Thornton lookalike showed a rockier side of his range without losing the genuine bite of his emotions. By comparison, teengaer Gabe sounded like a high-school talent show contestant who’d been lured into a false sense of greatness by an overly kind panel of professionals. Which, come to think of it, might describe him perfectly. Kid, you seem really sweet, but don’t miss your SAT prep course for a weeknight gig, OK?

2. TEAM MILEY: Aaron Gibson, “Die a Happy Man” defeats Josh Halverson, “Whiskey and You” (Josh stolen back by Alicia) | Aaron’s voice is like a cocktail made of equal parts truth, warmth and grit. I’m not sure whether voters will warm to him in the live shows, but his post-Voice career could be legit promising. Josh’s voice, though, works its way into your brain and your heart and your soul like melted butter into the nooks and crannies of an English muffin. His every whisper speaks of past pain and future hope and something that’s painfully real. That he lost in both the Battles and the Knockouts hints that The Voice’s behind-the-scenes folks need to do a better job at vetting the coaches’ pairings, but the fact that he’s scored Steals after both eliminations reminds me that Alicia and Miley and Blake (though maybe not Adam) are taking their jobs very seriously.

1. TEAM ALICIA: Sa’Rayah, “Ain’t Nobody” defeats Michael Sanchez, “Just the Two of Us” | Season 11 may have more than the usual amount of soulful divas, but Sa’Rayah brought such brute force, emotional intensity and pinpoint precision to her Chaka Khan cover — and then upped the ante with an octave-climbing pre-chorus — that I wound up throwing my note-taking pen at the TV set. (OK, I actually threw it to the left of my TV set, since I’m not about to shatter the most expensive electronic device in my house, but you get the point…) Plus, her on-stage moves were like the literal interpretation of Sheena Easton’s “Strut” — and I say that as high praise. It’s just a shame that Michael’s gorgeous groovealiciousness and wicked ad-libbing didn’t get rewarded with one (or even three) Steals. I mean, we’ve got Riley Elmore and Josh Gallagher in the Top 20, but not Michael? That’s as messed up as the outfits Blake’s style guru put on Dana and Karlee this week!

Individual Rankings Based on Knockout Round Performances
8. Brendan Fletcher, “Soulshine”
7. Dana Harper, “You Give Me Something”
6. *Sophia Aurista, “I Can’t Stand the Rain” (*shown in snippet; difficult to fully judge)
5. Darby Walker, “Shake It Out”
4. Austin Allsup, “Breakdown”
3. Aaron Gibson, “Die a Happy Man”
2. Josh Halverson, “Whiskey and You”
1. Sa’Rayah, “Ain’t Nobody”

What did you think of Night 3 of The Voice Season 11 Knockouts? Who did you like best? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

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  1. Mge says:

    This was a pretty good evening overall, but I think that there were two really disappointing losses in Nolan and Michael. Additionally, I would put Dana and Brendan much, much higher (probably to second and third) and send Darby straight to the bottom of the list. She was easily the pitchiest “winner” of the night and I can’t believe that she moved on.

    • MamaLis says:

      Oh. Here Here. On a night of many great performances, Darby is like…somebody scratching a chalkboard. SO affected. Though even more intolerable than her voice is the fact that she’s permanently taken to hunching her head forward as if weighted down by her HAT. Literally she cannot stand straight and look forward; always peering over the brim of the dang hat. Ugh!

    • Smokey says:

      for just listening,,,, like on the radio,,,, Brendan, Dana, Josh and Aaron .. are all very pleasant to listen to…. Austin did a pretty good job on “breakdown” with a rock edge -…. Darby will soon be out when things go live voting. —

      and I do realize that very, very few of these talent show contestants, whether this show, Australia, Canada or the UK …….. ever have a solid lucrative good career in music after the show. A few are doin’ ok and I see them in the charts occasionally.

    • Meg says:

      If you have not watched Michael Sanchez on you tube singing Summertime, please do. Move over Fantasia! This is spectacular. So sad she made this terrible decision. There is no comparison to the typical diva type singer she picked. I believe he could have won this year.

      • JMark (formerly JM) says:

        Agree wholeheartedly. Big mistake by Alicia. I think Sa’Rayah will rub people the wrong way in the lives unless she tones it down.

      • Warbler says:

        Agree! There are already multiple big-belting divas on this season, whereas there was only one with the unique voice and talent of Michael Sanchez. I assume each judge will be able to bring one singer back and Alicia will bring Sanchez (and Adam, Nolan? Was shocked he ditched Nolan after going on and on about how Nolan could win the entire show).

      • Lemon says:

        Yes, Michael could have won, and Alicia wants We as her top contender. So Michael had to go. Too bad. I really like both We and Michael.

      • jr. says:

        Agree. But don’t they sometimes get to bring back, and give a contestant a second chance? If they do, I believe Michael is the one to bring back. He is so good and unique!

    • scott says:

      I thought it was obvious that Nolan defeated Brendan and throw in May over Darby and Michael over Saraya. Adam looked like he genuinely hated ridding Nolan from competition so maybe the decision came from higher up. Personally, I think the show wants We’ to win it all and they want her to have a path of least resistance. Look at who the show has featured in sneak peeks the past 3 seasons prior to their season premieres. All three have gone on to win. No small coincidence.

      • Lizzie says:

        I found Nolan’s performance to be boring, while Brendan’s voice was captivating from the get go, I want to listen to that.

      • analythinker says:

        Adam said it himself: there’s something about Brendan. I sure would listen to him. Not sure I’d feel the same about Nolan.

    • Lizzie says:

      When Miley put Darby through, I said out loud “and she is not going to get the votes.”

  2. Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

    Sarayah, josh, and Dana made the night for me!!! All three were exceptionally talented!!! Also enjoyed Aaron and Brendon!!!

  3. Andres says:

    Some of these eliminations left a bad taste in my mouth. I was not prepared for Micheal to leave and I definitely wanted Nolan to move on. Hopefully we get the coach’s come back and see Micheal, Nolan, Maye, and Ethan come back.

    • Fuschia says:

      According to another article posted today at tvline, there are no coaches comebacks this season.


    • MamaLis says:

      I agree Andres! I LOVE Michael. I know Sa’raya was big and impressive but.. that didn’t feel best to me. I’ve also been a big fan of Nolan. Love him; love his vibe.
      Adam is getting notorious for discarding great vocalists he makes big promises to in the blinds. (I’m still mad at him for that red-head last season.) I kept trying to think tonight, “Did he REALLY have to pair-up two of the best male vocalists on his team?” Couldn’t think of who else he has.
      >> Crossing fingers they BOTH come back.

    • analythinker says:

      Those are my pick for the comeback too, if we even have one this season.

  4. Melaniem says:

    Sorry, Michael-Sa’Rayah was way too much holleration for me. I thought Josh Halverson was the performance of the night and might have been my favorite performance of the entire Knockout rounds. Also really enjoyed Aaron and Austin. Thought Michael actually beat Sa’Rayah but was done in by a dated song choice

    • dlraetz says:

      Her performance felt old fashioned and loud to me

    • MC says:

      Chaka Khan was not known for singing songs with great melodies. They were disjointed and loud with ten second glory notes. Sa’Rayah gave us that kind of performance. It felt very much like a typical American Idol vocal. I’m not loving the talent this season. I think Dana is terrific, but she was a little underwhelming tonight. Darby had a great blind, but now she is trying too hard to be “quirky.” She needs to rely more on her natural voice. I think Brendan has some potential, although it was surprising that he was chosen over Nolan Neal.

    • Temperance says:

      I just thought her vocal was terrible. And both song choices were so. very. 70’s. horrible.

      • MC says:

        “Just the Two of Us” was 1981 and “Ain’t Nobody” was 1983. The 70’s had many beautiful melodies, as in Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles, Elton John, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, Heart, ELO, Queen, Boston, etc.

        • MC says:

          Let’s also remember the great 70’s songs of Peter Frampton, Foreigner, Wings (Paul McCartney’s post-Beatles group), and the early hits from Hall & Oates (such as “Sara Smile” and “She’s Gone”).

          • Temperance says:

            That’s a bit better list. The 70’s were really bad overall. Fleetwood Mac, Elton, and hall & Oats were some of the best of the lot. It’s not all vomotous, but you could happily delete 80% of it.

        • Temperance says:

          Yeah, I was there – I remember. And they’re still 70’s style songs… which were terrible, and half the people/groups you mention are really bad to awful.

  5. Jobless says:

    How are we living in a world where that Riley kid makes the lives but not Nolan or Michael? Wrap your head around that one.

    I was initially stunned when Alycia chose Sa’Rayah over Michael but after thinking about it more, singers like her get bypassed a lot on this show so I’m glad to see her get a shot. I think Alycia has a lot to do with that too so credit to her for valuing those kind of gospel-type singers, even if they aren’t necessarily my favorites.

    • Mge says:

      I know, it’s just tragic. Adam yet again makes a terrible mistake of getting rid of one of his best (Nolan) and keeping one of his worst (Riley) in the same round. Somehow he manages to do that quite often.

      • Lizzie says:

        I love Riley’s voice, but Nolan is boring to me, all one volume, all one effort level, although I absolutely loved his version of Tiny Dancer. There are some voices that make me sit up and lean in towards my expensive sound system from my TV, and those included Riley, Brendan, Austin, and Josh. I was blown away in a bad way – like blown backwards – by some of the diva antics this round, just so loud and unpleasant. In all of these shows, I do not want so much backstory on the contestants, I just want them to sing. And I want Miley not to talk.

    • Nolan VS Jason and Riley VS Brendan.

  6. OhMy says:

    Gosh no.

  7. Sue says:

    No wild cards this year. Michael deserved better for sure. I’m so happy Josh was stolen by Alicia, though. He could go far.

  8. Miranda says:

    Worst decision with eliminating Michael! Sarayah sounds like a lot of other contestantants this season. Michael made me make the stank face through his whole performance. So mad.

    • Memo Reyes says:

      I agree Alicia made a big mistake. Sa’Rayah has a good voice but hard to understand and too loud for my liking, although I don’t matter, Michael was so much better with a better voice.

    • JMark (formerly JM) says:

      Amen! I was so mad, punching my couch when he was eliminated. Sa’Rayah oversung with way too much drama for me.

  9. Juju bean says:

    What? Sarayah was literally stumbling.

  10. Mike says:

    I thought Josh stole the night. I’m so glad Alicia stole him back.

  11. Cheryl says:

    I’d switch Brendan with Darby’s spot on this list. And put Sa’Rayah somewhere in the middle. I prefer Aaron over Josh, but I could see either making it far.

  12. Gluglu says:

    It’s Sophia Urista, Michael.

  13. Ami says:

    I actually prefer Michael than Sa’Rayah. I could imagine listening to his voice/song over and over again.

  14. SaraPo says:

    I think this is my last season of the voice. The format of these battle/knockout rounds leaves a disappointing amount of talent leaving way too early, while mediocre performers advance through. When i think back of all the performers who advanced only because they were the weaker of two already weak performers, and some of the ones who left tonight, it just irks me. Nolan? Really Adam? I also thought Darby was downright painful to listen to…I have enjoyed all of Maye’s performances so far but she hasn’t gotten a lot of attention it seems. Tonight she chose a song from one of my favorite artists, which i was thrilled about, and did a great job. At least it was a newer, fresh song that hasn’t been done to death on these shows.

  15. Sun says:

    Tonight’s knockouts had nothing to do with the Voice. It was about which contestant the coach LIKED better.
    Disappointing all around.

  16. JPK says:

    TVline you need to get whose hearing is functionning to write these Voice recaps.

  17. laura c says:

    I really wanted Michael to advance. I like the gal he was paired with OK, but I don’t think everyone that can hit a high note is necessarily a shoe-in. I enjoyed Michael because he was different & unexpected. I was hoping he would get a steal but hope the show exposure helps him advance his career.

  18. My Ranking

    7. Darby
    6. Sa’rayah
    6. Austin
    5. Dana
    4. Aaron
    3. Brendan
    2. Sophia
    1. Josh

  19. NotVirgin Mary says:

    Sa’Rayah was clearly the better vocalist of the two. I’ve noticed that so many people harbor resentment towards her because she kicked Michael off. He is probably going to be someone’s Wild Card pick anyway. The double standards for black women are apparent again this season. Sa’Rayah deserved her win.

    And boy was Karlee a train wreck, I haven’t seen that botched a performance on The Voice in a while.

    • MC says:

      Karlee was the train wreck of the season. She was off pitch and/or off key for the entire song. The enunciation was also bad, exactly as Blake tried to warn her in the rehearsals. Dana got a free pass to some extent, but she has a lot of talent. I like Courtney Harrell much more than Sa’Rayah, but we’ll see how they do in the lives.

    • Lizzie says:

      I didn’t like SaRayah’s voice or the performance, and I would not buy her music. The best of the night were Josh, Brendan, Austin, and Dana. I also really enjoyed Michael’s performance and his whole attitude and skillset – but to me, from the way he was presented and packaged up said that was going to be the end of his run on the show.

    • Mge says:

      Thank you. I LOVE Michael, but I think it was clear that Sa’Rayah won the battle last night. She was more consistent and on pitch. I realize that she might not be as unique, but I think people need to realize that any talent deserves a chance.

    • Lizzie says:

      Remember when that one guy forgot his lyrics in the lives a couple of years ago, and how about when the alt-girl did the same and just about burst into tears on stage when she realized what an epic fail it was. Personally, I did not enjoy SaRayah or most of the other belters, regardless of race. Karlee had such a rough time that it seemed kind of heartless to have shown her performance, should have just been a montage.

  20. Angie_Overrated says:

    I’ll make a controversial statement by saying I thought Dana was the most memorable of the evening. That tone of hers is butter. I’m a fan. I don’t think she has any chance of winning, but I’ll happily enjoy this ride as long as it lasts.

    • MC says:

      I don’t think that’s controversial at all. Dana is in my top five for this season. She is one of my favorites, but she was very restrained tonight. I think that’s fine, but “restrained” rarely wins on these talent shows. She probably has to show more energy in the lives. Dana has a very beautiful tone and she may have known that Karlee was going to be just awful.

    • analythinker says:

      I may need to watch her again. Well, technically I only listened earlier and it sounded a bit too calculated in my ears, but we’ll see on second listen.

    • Barry says:

      Wow, I thought I was alone on this one, Josh, Sa’Rayah, Aaron, and her are my top 4 of the night. What did you think about the night?

    • Mge says:

      I agree, she made the biggest impression on me. She was basically perfect.

  21. 2Blessed says:

    I guess I’m really in the minority tonight because I THROUGHLY enjoyed Sa’Rayah’s performance…I think Michael did well, he’s just missing her star quality. A lot of the comments I see on YouTube and here are about her “holleration”…she sung a Chaka Khan song, y’all; it’s to be expected. Over the course of time, I think Sa’Rayah will make for better television performance-wise (I may eat my words if they do the comeback thing again this year, but whatever). I also enjoyed Darby’s performance. Even though it wasn’t perfect, she had some veeeeery interesting melodic choices that made me go “oooh!” at some points. I agree with Slez about Dana not having enough punch in her cover. Her voice is great, but she needs to up the ante if she wants to make it far into the competition.

    • MC says:

      I agree that Sa’Rayah has more star quality than Michael. I am glad that she won this round because she has more potential in the business imo. I don’t like those Chaka Khan songs, however, and this entire performance was just too OTT for me.

  22. Music In My Bones says:

    Number One for me is Brendan Fletcher, then Aaron Gibson, Josh Halverson, Sa’Rayah and Austin. Tonight’s show was exciting! Great work!

  23. Wes says:

    Just curious Michael but what is the very apparent problem that you have with Adam? You never miss an opportunity (and often times you will simply manufacture one) to take a shot at him. You also consistently place his artists at the bottom of your rankings in spite of the fact that the vast majority of the commenters here disagree. Everyone is certainly entitled to their opinions, however it just seems personal and that lyou genuinely don’t like the guy. I’m far from and Adam fanboy/fangirl. It’s just something I have noticed from you … Time and time again.

    • Justine says:

      I couldn’t agree more! My personal tastes in music lead to me tending to like most of Adam’s team than other coaches (and to date the only artists whose outside music I’ve bought were from Team Adam-Matt McAndrew and Owen Danoff), but it doesn’t mean I won’t give other artists a shot. I’m not even a huge Blake Shelton fan, but I’ll still enjoy how he coaches his team.

      There’s definitely a bias present, and it isn’t fair to the artists at all.

    • JMark (formerly JM) says:

      A lot of us are frustrated with Adam and his choices. Not only that but his ‘praises’ sometimes sound like back-handed slaps. Like telling Michael and Aaron that he would never think their incredible voices would come from them by their looks. He might just as well say, ‘You both look like dorky nerds, but your voices sound great. Go figure.’

      • Lee says:

        @JMark: Another thin-skinned millennial-like comment. If parents and teachers didn’t constantly say “good job” to everything then maybe you wouldn’t have a problem with Adam’s comments. Get over yourself.

        • tvlover44 says:

          i’m far from a millennial – way older – and i can’t stand adam’s comments, his coaching, his bad decisions of who he eliminates, his song choices– really just his whole coaching style. i hate it when artists i like choose him.

  24. Temperance says:

    Sorry, Sa’Rayah’s vocal was as terrible as her performance value was great. And Brendan’s voice is all that matters – second best of the night.

  25. matt says:

    I’m really not getting all the handwringing over Michael’s elimination. Very goodlooking, sexy guy with great energy and strong voice, but his singing style-do we really need another Randy Newman? Too lounge lizard for me.
    My top 3 this evening were Dana, she had the most beautiful voice imo, despite a boring song she was stuck in, Sarayah and one-to-watch-out-for Josh.

  26. analythinker says:

    Swap Brendan & Austin’s place and I’m good. I don’t know what happened, Michael, but I don’t think you appreciate rocker guys as you used to. Maybe because they’re on team Adam…?

  27. luemeldane says:

    Josh Gallagher is being unfairly judged here. He is a very solid contestant and an amazing artist. His version of My Maria stuck to my head the whole week and had me looking for his videos on youtube. And then I discovered that he has some really, really amazing original songs. And he sounds way better singing them than he does singing covers. Which, to me, shows true artistry. If Adam and the producers let him do an original on the show (which I don’t think will happen, sadly), he’s a sure fire winner. His songs hit home, as simply as that. Look for “Make Believe” or “Overtime” on youtube and you’ll get what I’m talking about.

  28. Barry says:

    Pretty good night, really shocking If you ask me, I thought Micheal was a lock for the top 12 and there was no way Sa’Rayah would beat him. Really sad to see him go, but i’m not mad at Alicia for giving the win to her, that one was going to sting either way. Josh was hands down my favorite of the night, I loved him before but now he’s at the top of my rankings. I thought, while really good, that this was Sa’Rayah worst effort of the season, was the verse too low for her? And then I really enjoyed Aaron and Dana, she is unfairly low on this rankings. And I’m not feeling Darby and Brendan, I’ll put them right at the bottom.

  29. margaret gomez says:

    Michael would have been the winner of the voice, guaranteed. It was ridiculous that he is not continuing. That’s why Blake was so quiet. Real mistakes were made; goodbye “The Voice” am not wasting my time anymore. Get Gwen and Shikira back!!!! Not watching these girls anymore.

    • Mge says:

      Wait, seriously? Gwen is the most useless coach in The Voice history. I have nothing against her personally, but she focuses way too much on looks and stage presence and not nearly enough on vocals. That’s why Jeffery did so well on her team, he didn’t need hardly any improvement in the vocals, more in the other two aspects.

      • polarvortex says:

        Agreed!I always thought Jeffrey made it to the top four in spite of, not because of Gwen!

      • Lizzie says:

        Hmm, is Gwen the most useless, or was Shakira, or possibly CeeLo Green. Gwen and her “fashion” nonsense and focusing on the person’s appearance and stage movements, instead of their singing quality – ugh. Stage mechanics more than stage presence, hairstyles and costumes more than performance quality, it is really annoying.

  30. Hawkins says:

    Tonight is the reason I view The Voice as pro wrestling, and a little disingenuous to the people getting involved. Adam promising Nolan to help him go all the way after initial rejection, Blake wooing Gabe as the one he’s been waiting for, etc.
    Alicia picking Sa’rayah over Michael is smart if the point is to find the best singer or what she thinks is someone she can get under contract. It’s a misstep for winning the show, which caters to mostly young women and older white couples who would eat up Sanchez’s “Michael McDonald but a little more tryhard” vibe. It’s kind of the opposite of Adam’s problem with Riley, in which he has a package that doesn’t have the talent to carry the votes (it’s a move to get women who think he’s cute and old boomers and hipsters who love the Rat Pack and won’t work).
    Female black soul singers are great, but they’re not the demo for the show. Even the soul acts that won had to go “white pop” to get to the finals.

  31. Annie says:

    So very upset that Michael isn’t going to the lives. He is superb and a true entertainer.

  32. Sheryl79 says:

    I loved both Brendan and Nolan, but wanted Adam to pick Brendan so I’m glad he did. I get why he paired them. Going into Lives you don’t want 2 of your 5 artists to be so closely alike. I’m just mad that Alicia didn’t steal Nolan.

    Adam might know what he is doing, if I remember correctly a lot of people were questioning his decision to pick Chris Jamison the winner in the Knockout round, and a winner in the first Live rounds too and look what he did on the season.

    • Judith says:

      Alicia was waiting for Josh and considering he had the best performance of the night it was a wise decision. That said, it’s appalling that Nolan is gone and Riley is still there.

  33. JMark (formerly JM) says:

    Really speechless right now. Depressed that Michael and Nolan are going home, when there are so many singers going to the lives that pale in comparison. Don’t get the love for Darby (thought Maye was the winner of that battle), Brendan or Aaron. Aaron has a decent voice, but he doesn’t know how to sing. If it weren’t for the coaches spoonfeeding him advice and pushing him, he’d be gone. Josh was a revelation for me tonight. Wasn’t a fan before, but he really stole the night for me. Dana was good, too, but I agree that she was a little too restrained.

  34. Meme says:

    Michael Sanchez needs to be brought back and make it top 21! He never should have been let go!!

  35. Adam proved he doesn’t plan on truly winning this year. I swear he’s making these choices just to ensure he loses. Because Nolan was so much better.

  36. Jesmlet says:

    Are there bring-backs this season? If so, then I’d be shocked if Michael Sanchez didn’t get picked by one of the coaches.

  37. Alan Dvorkis says:

    Thought Sa’Rayahs belt it as long and hard as you can was more a screamfest without shade than a great vocal. It is the following morning and my ears have still not recovered.

  38. I’m hoping they stay on trend and let each coach bring back one contestant – and that one is Michael!

  39. Liam says:

    If Michael isn’t brought back for the lives I will not be watching for the first time in however many years the show has been on. Alicia is the worst coach I’ve ever seen. Im not one to make strong accusations but Alicia has a certain *style* of artists she clearly favors over others and just essentially ruined the show not having the most dynamic contestant the show had. Sa’Rayah is a dime a dozen. How many belting divas has this show had? She won’t make it out of the top 20. What a travesty to this show.

  40. Lizzie says:

    Sa’Rayah’s performance was so ear-splitting, that I could not listen to the whole thing. My guess would be that it only got worse as the volume and prancing increased. And who dressed her?

    • Judith says:

      “And who dressed her?”

      Good question. I’d say if their intention was to make her look like an 80s streetwalker they were successful.

  41. Cldahlman says:

    Does anyone know if they will have a comeback artist this year? It doesn’t seem like it – but I cannot remember when it happened last season – at what point in the season, I mean.

  42. Judith says:

    1. Josh Halverson, “Whiskey and You”
    2. Brendan Fletcher, “Soulshine”
    3. Aaron Gibson, “Die a Happy Man”

    8. Darby Walker, “Shake It Out” – Complete train wreck!

    Special mention to Sophia Aurista because what little they showed sounded quite good AND entertaining. Speaking of entertaining, shame about Maye. Maybe not the best vocalist but she was fun to watch. Dana also deserves credit for being the only female to actually sing in tune through her entire performance.

    Don’t get why people are crying over Michael. AWFUL song choice and if that’s a preview of his taste in music, I’m glad he’s gone. Sa’Rayah hit some great notes in the upper register. Shame the verses were flat, rushed and completely off the beat most of the time.

    • Temperance says:

      I agree with the exception of Darby, who was pretty great (if you like that style). Sa’Rayah was all over the place in pitch, tone, and style.

    • Lizzie says:

      I would vote for last place being a tie between Sa’Rayah and Darby, or whatever is below last place – like no place. Darby seems to have way too much confidence for whatever that is she’s got going on. I agree with your first 3, and 4th would be Dana whose melodic on-pitch singing was greatly appreciated at our house, just really peaceful and lovely. Maye was one whose ability seemed to really not rise up to the level of performance for this stage of the competition, where the delivery wasn’t right and the vocal ability just sort of medium.

  43. ICMongeese says:

    I really like Josh Halverson; I think he has a lot of character. I noticed he’s doing pretty good on itunes, and his video (on The Voice account) in youtube is gathering quite a lot of views too. I’m liking him for the long haul.

  44. BIG HUGE MISTAKE === Michael Sanchez should NOT have been eliminated. With one steal left it’s too bad Alicia couldn’t steal him from herself! Big mistake Alicia….big mistake….the guy could entertain me for days on end!

  45. juliegramm says:

    The only pleasantly memorable performance was given by Michael Sanchez. The rest were crap or meh to me. Disappointing evening.

  46. DonV says:

    I thought Josh gave easily the best performance of the knockout rounds. I was also impressed by Michael, Sa’Rayah and Austin. Aaron had been one of my favorites coming into this round, but I don’t think he picked the right song.

    For all the dislike here for Darby, her performance has more views on YouTube than anybody else from this episode – in fact close to twice as many as everyone else except Josh.

    I personally think that though Darby is a bit uneven and nowhere close to being among the best in the Top 20, she is a refreshing change from all these other singers who seem to think its a competition to see who can do the best 70’s and 80’s karaoke (even if some of them are admittedly very good at it).

  47. What!!!! Alicia what!!!!!? Michael was way better. Aaron Gibson and Brendan Fletcher are great!! Sad to see Gave Broussard leave, he’s really good for 15. Josh Halverson isn’t that great. Sorry.

  48. fiberlicious says:

    I’m so bummed about Michael. Perfect pitch, and he’s out?

  49. Elizabeth Rodgers says:

    Is Adam Levine intentionally keeping weaker voices on his team in order to clear the way for Billy Gilman?