The Vampire Diaries Recap

Vampire Diaries Recap: 'Who's Elena?' — Plus: A Shocking Twist for 'Steroline'

The Vampire Diaries‘ new Big Bad may identify as a siren, but since we’re talking about a world where hybrids and heretics are possible, might I suggest that Sybil is also part troll?

Friday’s episode proved Nathalie Kelley’s character capable of probing her victim’s memories and using their strongest emotional triggers against them — no matter how hard they attempt to throw her off course. Case in point: Despite Damon attempting to hide Elena’s existence from her, Vanessa Lachey’s evil doppelganger was able to not only discover their connection, but also replace her. (I swear, if this chick starts walking around in Converse, writing in diaries…)

Enzo also tried to keep Sybil from going after Bonnie by convincing her that his true love was Sarah Nelson (aka Sarah Salvatore). As you can imagine, this didn’t turn out super well for the last of Stefan’s living relatives, who died at the hands of Sybil’s brooding vamp-slave.

Elsewhere this week…

CROSSING A MAJOR ‘STEROLINE’ | Ladies and gentlmen… Stefan Salvatore and Caroline Forbes are engaged. (Excuse me for not making this the focus of my recap, but truth be told, the big moment caught me completely off guard.) He popped the question — though it was really more of a statement — after showing her the room he’d prepared for her twins, and telling her, “You are my family now.” Color me crazy, but it looks like the ‘shippers might get their #SterolineJuneWedding after all.

‘YOU HAVE TO LET ME GO’ | Speaking of surprising relationships, I have a confession to make: I never really felt Bonnie and Enzo’s connection — not because of their lack of chemistry, but rather that we didn’t get to see their bond form — until this week. Their back-and-forth about her not wanting to lose him again, then him telling her she has to let him go… it all felt very Elena-and-the-Salvatores, and I’m 100 percent here for it.

‘SHUT UP, GEORGIE’ | Having a crush on your boss is one thing, but Alaric’s new intern is so unabashedly thirsty, I’m surprised she doesn’t wear a bib to work. Honestly, I feel more sexual tension between them than I have with any of Alaric’s previous relationships — a list that includes his ex-fiancée and the woman who bore his children. That said, it’s probably good that Ric is insisting on keeping their relationship strictly professional, especially if she does have a “PhD in hell.” (Don’t text and drive, guys!)

OK, we’ve got a lot to talk about — from Georgie’s freaky hell tattoo to, you know, Stefan and Caroline’s engagement — so drop a comment below with your thoughts on this week’s episode.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mery says:


    • Chelsey says:

      I was a fan from the beginning. First episode I fell in Love with TVD’s. Loved the Epic Love Story of Stefan and Elena. Loved the badboy big brother Damon. Loved how he flirted with Elena. Loved the friendship Bonnie and Elena had. Loved Matt, Tyler, Alaric. The whole show was great.
      It’s really sad how/what they’ve done to the characters.
      Stefan and Caroline have zero chemistry. Honestly, get the impression “Delena’s” are pretending they like this, “ship” for negative reasons.
      As soon and Damon and Elena got together they were boring. Elena was a mattress and Damon was just boring.
      Turning Caroline was fun to watch but then she too became the human mattress for every guy on the show.
      I could say a lot more but unfortunately the show is as boring to watch as writing in frustration how disappointing this show has become.

      Tonight’s episode was a smack in the face to, “Stelena’s”
      Smack in the face to Damon fans
      Smack in the face to TVD’s fans

    • Penny says:

      I’m with you Mery! ALWAYS Klaroline!

    • Pam says:

      I can’t wait for the Steroline ship to finally sink. Because it will! If this proposal happened in the middle to the end of the season, I would be worried. But this early on, spells doom for Steroline. And seriously, that was how he proposed? He was just crying about being the last and having no hope and then segway to I want to marry you. Talk about rough timing. Team Klaroline for the win.

    • Stacey says:

      Yes, However long it takes! Can’t wait until this ugly ship breaks up! Sterobore is disgusting and Klaroline is beautiful and full of light!

  2. elle says:

    oh hey caroline i’m all sad damon is gone there’s a ring in here okey…. how romantic

    also steroline is done everybody knows nothing good comes from getting a ship moment early on…,

  3. Ben says:

    I will never understand the appeal of Steroline. Is there an ex of Elena’s that Caroline hasn’t dated? It feels like they tried too hard to make sure Stefan doesn’t end up alone

    • Chelsey says:

      I stopped watching but continued to read recaps. Watched an episode here and there. Two things killed this show.
      Delena, Stefan the cheer leader for the “epic love” Elena to be with his brother and pairing two of in my opinion, the most uncomfortable “couple” of TV, Caroline and Stefan. I totally understand why people find them brother and sister creepy. LOL

    • Lexie says:

      All of this Ben! Well JP did say SC were together because she didn’t want Stefan to be alone since Elena was with D so how romantic is that? lol I also found it uncomfortable that Caroline is writing about how happy she is with Stefan and moving in with him. Come on, who writes to their best friend about their ex? SC whole relationship is a hard pass for me.

  4. Mary says:


    • Bree says:

      I doubt it the engagement is happening too early in the season for it to last something is going to break them up

      • Stacey says:

        The rumour is that Care breaks up with Stefan because he can’t put her first. Plus he gets enchanted by the siren. So SC will thankfully soon be over and it looks like they’re heading to a Defan endgame.

    • Jason says:

      They won’t make it that easy. In the end, I’m sure they’ll be together, but it wouldn’t be Vampire Diaries if they didn’t make us sweat for it.

  5. Scarleth says:

    I’d wish Damon could forget Elena forever but I know that’s not gonna happen because Julie is obsessed with Nina and she lives to please disgusting delena fandom. Steroline makes me feel weird i don’t know why. But Bonenzo is by far the worst thing , simply horrible Kat and Malarkey have zero chemistry , this relationship only exists to keep Bonnie away from damon, once again to please DE fandom.

    • Olivia says:

      Found the bitter bamon fan!

      • Busterbabs says:

        So, why is this person bitter if there is an explanation/reason why they aren’t crazy about the current ships? Bitter can be seen throughout ALL the fandoms and is expressed in different ways. Your comment can be seen as bitter because you (and an other individual) can’t accept the fact that a majority of the Bamon fandom still support and ship them even though they aren’t a couple. Bitter because they aren’t willing to jump onto whatever ship you are shipping or that’s currently out there…Bitter became a norm and a curse for this show when the writers began to fan bait and the fans were too young or too immature to grasp this concept. So, LOL all you want and embrace your own bitterness (whatever it may be) and enjoy life…

    • jbj says:

      I don’t I’m bitter, but it is hard really take their tragic romance too seriously when Bonnie has had two great relationships that took seasons to build, and all we get to embrace Benzo as The One is a single episode filled with flashbacks of a three year period during which they were trapped in a cabin. I have to wonder if it’s love or Stockholm Syndrome.

      Also, it’s a little gross that he thought of Sarah Salvatore as a Bonnie mental placeholder.

      • I don’t remember her being in a relationship with anybody other than Jeremy and … Jamie was it? Doesn’t seem like she’s had a lot of lovers, or I’m just forgetful ;P

      • She had two great relationships? LOL. Nope. Not if you mean romantic ones.

        • Busterbabs says:

          Ok, food for thought, even if they weren’t romantic, they were considered “great”by those who didn’t want her with a lead or popular male character. It was also considered “great” by some of those fandoms who were and are still negative towards Bonnie…individuals that have allowed life outside of a tv show to pass them by. And for the individuals that mock her relationship’s history, some of them are the believers of what the writers’ define as an “epic love”…the same writers who are choosing to write Bonnie in these “great” romances, along with ALL the current canon relationships that are either toxic, forced, lacking in chemistry and/or just boring…

          • I’m not sure I follow. I looove Bonnie, but I’m not in the camp that thinks she needs to be with a lead/popular male character to somehow “win” the show. I just don’t get the Bamon thing, sorry, or any sociopolitical arguments around the lack of it. This is probably influenced by the fact that I don’t find either of the leads particularly alluring, personally, or as a love match for Bonnie.

            I have to admit…I’m a brown girl and I identify with Bonnie and somewhat find myself at least interested in whoever she’s paired with, even if I find them kinda pointless (though I did quit when Beremy descended into BS). But I’m not attached to Damon or the idea of a woman’s worth being wrapped up in whether or not some HS quarterback type finds her sexy.

            It’s just been great to have Bonnie paired with a near-lead (close enough for me!) character I find legitimately appealing and compatible with hers, who also happens to be played by a fine actor – someone gorgeous, charming, that works well with Kat Graham. Come on – he’s great and they have fabulous chemistry.

            Not gonna overthink it… That’s really all it comes down to for me. I don’t ship nonexistent TV relationships and there is no principle I subscribe to that makes deviating from this actual-“canon” relationship make any sense to me. As far as I’m concerned, Bonnie is on track to “win” as she is…

      • Bored says:

        Bonnie had one great relationship – with Jeremy – that took seasons to build.
        Her friendship with Damon happened EXACTLY the same way her romance with Enzo happened – in one episode, through a series of flashbacks – and then reinforced via a handful of rather forced interactions which payed lipservice to a hollow-feeling relationship we never saw developed onscreen. Prior to that, they had minimal scenes which were entirely based upon plot, and no emotional connection of any kind. At this point, she and Enzo have had significantly more meaningful dialogue and development than anything the writers threw together in S6 for Bamon out of necessity upon Nina’s impending exit from the show.

        Clearly, you prefer the idea of that relationship being romantic to the one she’s actually in, which is fine, but you can’t actually make it into something it isn’t. Bonnie and Damon were never anything but two people who tolerated each other for the sake of Elena at best. Now, they’re “BFF’s” as they’re so fond of telling the audience 50x per episode but there’s certainly no more connective tissue to that relationship than there is to Bonenzo.

  6. Olivia says:

    I’m neutral on Steroline but that was the worst proposal I’ve seen on TV. Terrible dialogue, bad timing–right after Stefan was crying about his brother being “gone forever”?–and it was even similar to that imaginary Stelena proposal in season 5. I have a feeling that’s going south soon because it’s only the second episode.

    • Lexie says:

      LMBO! That’s right in the ‘perfect life’ that they both saw Stefan hid Elena’s ring in a drawer too! Does SC have any original material? lol

  7. annalise says:

    Stefan: I’m all alone and sad now will you marry me?

  8. A says:

    This sybill has got to be the worst villian, ever. So annoying.

  9. Well at least one pair are on track to get their happy ending. It’s not my favourite pair or my number one choice which is another pair of different characters, and truth told this worries me about them, but I’m not here to be bitter, bash or crap on anybody else’s parade. Given in the “Truth and Lies” spoiler video with the cast where they teased spoilers, confirming and denying some things “A fan favourite pair will finally get together – No” “There will be not one but two weddings – No” well there we go.

  10. Sharon says:

    Omg that was the lamest proposal ever! I mean first Caroline invites herself to move in and now this! Hahaha so sad! It was pretty much I have no family so I guess your it.

    Loved Bonnie calling out Caroline for being a crappy friend. Bonnie deserves better and I just want to hug her.

    • Stacey says:

      Lame proposal for a lame ship! Glad it will be over soon, it’s disgusting! Good for Bonnie, I agree with her completely! Care used to be my favorite, but now I can barely stand her. They really done a disservice to her character.

    • Helen says:

      “Do I really need to say it?” – Jeez now that’s a man in love! She’s such an easy going gal why bother making her first ever engagement special, it’s just Care-pal

  11. cindy says:

    they are engaged! he was preparing it when she moved in.. he calls her his FAMILY.. in spite of all the things happening around him Stefan is not brooding once in his life,, because he has someone to hold on to,, they are best friends in love.. I LOVED the proposal!! BEST SCENE ON TVD EVER! BEST SCENE THAT ANY TVD COUPLE WILL EVER GET!!

  12. Abbi Fortune says:

    I HAVE NO WORDS … EXCEPT STEROLINE ARE ENGAGED! STEROLINE FOREVER! ❤❤❤❤ #SterolineJuneWedding #SterolineForever #SomethingEvenBetter

  13. Amanda says:

    Welp, Steroline is perfection and they make me smile and they are a powerfully committed couple who have been evolving since S1. I’m so thrilled for #SterolineJuneWedding.

  14. J says:

    Loved this episode!! The STEROLINE proposal was such a great surprise! So adorable, have to give mad props to Paul Wesley and Candice King for that one. They played perfectly. Kudos to Julie Plec for keeping that secret! Awesome episode! Can’t wait for more!

  15. Halkie says:

    The thing is that since the engagement is happening in episode 2 and not episode 13 or 14 tells me that this is the beginning of the end for them

  16. Luli says:

    There is so much negativity about the Steroline proposal in this comments… I actually cried happy tears, and loved the proposal. I don’t think its a good sign for them to be engaged this early in the season though; that means there’ll be trouble ahead, but in the end they’ll be together.
    I was once a Stelena shipper, but sadly that ship has sailed… and sunk.

  17. Delilah says:

    Am I the only one bothered by the ‘huge Steroline twist’ happening right after Sarah Salvatore’s murder? Instead of the pop song to celebrate the legitimately well done scene between Steroline, I couldn’t stop hearing Sarah gasping for breath as the soundtrack for their engagement. *Chills* Another black woman murdered on TVD. No big deal.

  18. kla says:

    Okay, even Caroline and Enzo had more chemistry that caroline and stefan and bonnie and enzo. Remember how he always called Caroline “Blondie” and he would get really mad any time he found her upset? Bonnie should get back with Jeremy, Caroline should be with Klaus/ or Enzo, Elena should be with Damon and Stefan should be with Valerie or some new chick

  19. spu says:

    I’m on team Steroline! They’re so lovely and I hope they’re end game! I love them.

  20. I hope we learn more about Sybil’s motivations soon. She’s entertaining, but the puppetmaster thing isn’t going to that fun much longer.

    Stefan & Caroline remain terrible together, oof. The only consolation is that they seem to be building them up to tear them down.

    Bonnie & Enzo meanwhile gets better. The actors deserve all the credit – their writing is as shaky as everyone else’s, but they sell it completely. They are my only reason to watch.

    The deletion of Delena seemed pretty significant, right?

  21. Nelly says:

    The whole preposal was really stupid writing..because they are creating such a predictable plot with it..i mean we all know the wedding it is not please spear us the romance drama just this season..or leave it for the last 2,3 and damon losing his memories about elena..soo original..i mean they just copied the season 6 and changed the it really that difficult to write something new

  22. zed says:

    You know what would be a twist- Bamon happening, which actually is natural progression!!!!! OMG- just as I thought that this show can’t get any worse- it just did. Ah, well, we will always have Paris- ahm-TVD 1, 2,3 and 4.18…

  23. Guest says:

    The only reason I started watching this season was because 1) it is the last season, watched from the very beginning might as well see it to the end but the main reason now I keep coming back is 2) Enzo and Bonnie. I freaking adore them! I was super upset last season when we go no closure whatsoever when it came to Bon and Jer buuut not now :) great acting from those actors! I get the feels every time they’re on screen together.

    Besides Bonnie/Enzo, the episode like all episodes have been for the past few seasons sucked. That was one of the worse proposals I’ve ever heard, but that could just be my preference since when I get proposed to, the guy asking better say “I choose you pikachu” lol

  24. Katie says:

    Everyone is talking about they’re “obviously setting Steroline up for a massive breakup because he proposed like 14 episodes from the end.” I think you guys might just be in denial. This is the last season, so if course they’re going to start setting up their happy endings. We have barely gotten to see Stefan and Caroline together so it makes perfect sense to me that they would go ahead and have them completely commit themselves to each other. Marriage ain’t no joke when you’ll literally live forever.
    I felt really bad for Sarah Salvatore. They haven’t dealt with her in two years and then boom, they bring her back to kill her off. I’m LOVING the Defan this year, and was glad when Stefan was able to get through to Damon to begin with. I adore Delena, but I would never want her to be the only reason he has any good in him.
    All in all I’m excited for this last season. I agree that the proposal felt a little weird, but I’m glad they’re giving Caroline some happiness for a change. (and I do like Klaroline but I’d say that ship has probably sailed)

  25. Liz says:

    I wouldn’t have minded Steroline getting together if they had actually worked out their problems. But no, they were apart for 3 years and no one every talks about his relationship with Valerie and how Caroline feels or if she even knows. Honestly, the lack of communication between these two is ridiculous. Then Caroline feels a thaw because she was thought Stefan was going to die, ok. Still no communication. Then season 8 starts off only a few months later. The entire time they have been trying to located Damon and Enzo. She basically had to ask Stefan to move in with him. And now we get a lackluster proposal after he comments on being a alone and without hope. And a copy of what Stelena would have had in season 6?! Their is no originality with the writing for this couple. Everything is copied off a previous relationship on the show. And BTW this is a vampire show, when did this become all about normalcy. Like I miss the days when supernatural would just happen. Now, we are getting a modern family vampire scenario we just doesn’t even make sense. Come on writers step up the game!!

  26. Georgie dying and going to Hell and coming back is a major plot hole. It has been said a dozen times that once you go to Peace/Heaven or Oblivion/Hell, you can not return. THats why Henrik is not able to return, same with Jo, Liz, Jenna, Katherine, Kai, Mikael. If you didn’t go to the Other Side, Prison World, Ancestral Plane or Phoenix Stone, you couldn’t come back. There is no return from the afterlife of peace or oblivion. Jeremy at the end of season two was resurrected before his spirit had time to move on to the afterlife, he was in limbo not the afterlife.

    So unless this Hell she supposedly went to is actually something else entirely, then anyone in the show that has ever died can just come back, no matter what. So who cares if Sarah’s dead, she’ll return. Go ahead and kill Bonnie to wake Elena, she’ll come back to. Liz can come back and go to Steroline wedding because death no longer means anything.

  27. QueenB says:

    Bonnie and Enzo are the only couple with chemistry currently on the show. I liked her with Jeremy but that was never going to last or work. Hopefully she gets her powers back before the end of the series

  28. KM says:

    sorry, but Jeremy was like this annoyin little brother for Bonnie, so a big NO to them getting together.
    Bonnie has mad chemistry with the Salvatore brothers, especially Damon, and it’s sad for the current couples we’re having, because they’re just boring.

    • Maria says:

      Agree KM

    • Busterbabs says:

      Agree with you as well. The lack of chemistry amongst the current couples is under whelming. It’s almost as if the four main actors are either phoning it in or over acting to compensate for this loss of natural chemistry. It’s sad to watch a wonderful friendship get ruined and the potential of a beautiful relationship (with growth) wasted on fan services. One silver lining, the writers and producers will always have their names tied to a show that they helped ruin.

  29. Sorry, I still don’t get the contrived, nauseating Enzo/Bonnie connection. I think they have zero chemistry, and it is so forced I can’t bear to watch or listen to them. It’s almost like they hooked Enzo up with Bonnie because there was no one else in the cast to choose. Bonnie deserves much better than a spineless turncoat that spent last season fixated on sucking Dameon’s mother’s tongue. Quite frankly, watching Bonnie act all stupid, breathless and needy for this guy turns my stomach. Bonnie is my favorite character and I am disappointed that she has to go out like this.

    • zed says:

      So agree with you. All female characters are written like the needy types, who completely lose themselves when with a guy. Plus they paired Enzo and Bonnie because just cos of their obsessivness over Delena. God forbid they concentrated on character development and do Bamon relationship and Damon working out that all with Elena was a sick thing. It is such a shame the writing got so bad.

  30. Helen says:

    Caroline to Bonnie: “I should’ve thought what it was like for you” (to see her and Stef all cuddly while Bonnie is all alone. And 10 min later Caroline is engaged with Stef. Talk about timing, Care puts Stef before her children, before her best friend, her character is all about Stef now. At least I still enjoy watching Bonnie and warming up to Bonenzo

  31. VampGirl says:

    I loved the proposal as much as I love Steroline. I can’t believe Caroline Forbes is the only woman Stefan Salvatore has proposed to in his 170 years of existence.Wow!! They truly have the slowest and greatest development on the show. And honestly, neither of them have ever seemed happier, I hope they get to have their #SterolineJuneWedding and their happy-ever-after together, they both deserve it so much.