Once Upon Time Captain Swan Spoilers

Once Upon a Time's Colin O'Donoghue: Hook's Lie 'Weighs On Him Heavily' — Plus, Watch Captain Nemo's Debut

This Sunday at 8/7, ABC’s Once Upon a Time is heading 20,000 leag—, er, many fathoms under the sea, as Hook crosses paths with another famous seafarer — while in present-day Storybrooke, the pirate grapples with his decision to deceive Emma, by holding onto the magical shears with which she might ultimately excise her Savior status.

“He loves Emma and is obviously very concerned for her. That’s his whole reason for keeping them,” Colin O’Donoghue explains to TVLine. “He sees this as a way that he can protect her and save her from dying,” should she choose to abandon her role as a seemingly damned Savior.

“Hook knows that deep down, he’s sort of betraying her,” the actor continues, “but he’s doing it in his mind for all the right reasons — much in the same way that she kept him alive when he said he wanted to die, in Camelot, rather than become the Dark One.”

As Hook conceals his guilt, he will flash back to his first boarding of the Nautilus, the submarine helmed by Captain Nemo (played by American Crime‘s Faran Tahir), as revealed in the exclusive sneak peek below:

“Nemo wants to try to enlist his help for something. And Hook being ol’ Hook, it’s very difficult to get him to go anywhere without forcing him to do it!” his portrayer observes with a laugh. “That’s why he is brought there at harpoon-point.”

Once properly introduced, the two captains arrive at “a weird sort of mutual respect,” O’Donoghue previews. “Hook, who at that point [in his life] is quite a selfish person, sees that Nemo has a way about him that he respects. So he ultimately wants to ‘honor his wishes’ in a sense.”

As for these flashbacks’ overall purpose, “There is somebody on Nemo’s crew that Hook has a history with,” O’Donoghue teases, “and that speaks to the bigger picture of why the Nautilus and Nemo are on the show.”

Meanwhile in Storybrooke, Hook’s complusion to keep a secret from Emma could not have come at a less opportune time, given the to-Hell-and-back strides they have made in their relationship, most recently culminating in the decision to live together. “It’s something that will weigh on him quite heavily, but he’s doing it so that he has a ‘get-out clause’ for her if worse comes to worst.”

Whether or not this deception marks a longterm setback for Hook and Emma, O’Donoghue has been quite pleased with Killian’s growth since first crossing paths with the Storybrooke heroes, especially as he does what he can to right his (many) past wrongs. Case in point: the olive branch he recently extended to Belle, who on more than one past occasion was assaulted by the pirate.

“For this version of Hook —Once Upon a Time for the Hook who wants to try to be a hero, who wants to try to do his best for Emma, who wants to be integrated into society — [the détente with Belle] was very, very important,” says O’Donoghue. “The way they’d written the scene was very good, and I always have fun with Emilie [de Ravin].”

Alas, such developments are cold comfort to the “Captain Swan” fans who for so long have hoped for a truly happy ending, and now must sit and wait to see if Hook’s lie sinks their ‘ship. To that fretting following, O’Donoghue can only offer this: “If you watch on Sunday, you’ll see how things come to a head… and perhaps get resolved.”

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  1. JenE says:

    May not agree but understand where Hook is coming from. He has already watched one woman he loves die and the journey to come back from that to try to redeem himself literally took hundreds of years so far. He adores Emma and just came back from the dead so I dont think he is thinking clearly. She is everything to him and like he said in Camelot: I’ll never stop fighting for us. Adam and Eddy already said no breakups and they were just filming together a couple days ago so long term they are going to be fine.

    • Nicky says:

      What A&E did said about no break ups might turn into another lie I the end just like they did about Emma letting go and moving on or about Neal and Robin’s deaths. And since what Hook seems to be doing like what Emma did last season might lead to a major death in the end. And this time l, there might be no resurrections cause it it was already informed it was a one time thing.

      • Nicky Aiuto says:

        I forgot to inform that A&E lied about that no one is born evil. Because Cruella turned out to be born evil. Never trust a word they say, because some of the things they seem to spoil turn out to be lies in the end.

  2. Val says:

    I adore this man. I think Colin is so fantastic as Hook. What a actor.
    I totally understood why he kept the shears. Its one thing that could save Emma and its an option, if they do not find another option.
    I love Emma and Hook together. Cant wait for his centric.

  3. DeeM says:

    I do not know a single Captain Swan fan who is fretting even a second over this and we have no fear of our ship sinking. I would love these articles so much more without that kind of doom and gloom commentary at the end. The interview was great and I appreciate the sneak peek. This Captain Swan fan is excited for Sunday and the new layers of this already amazing relationship get unfurled.

  4. Ian says:

    I’m just enjoying looking at the pic of Colin…

  5. denny says:

    Where is the logic, please tell me.
    The man keeps a plan B in order to save Emma in case the visions are true. But please explain to me why dying as a Savior and leaving a child is better than living s a normal woman.
    Honestly I don’t understand certainly dynamics any more. This is angst for the sake of angst and Emma decided to go through this fate without even discussing her decision.
    Sad. Lazy writing.

    • aaj says:

      Plus one. So much stupid contrived angst. Why not “I really don’t want you to die – why not figure out more about this prophecy before we throw away the thing that can save you??”

      • denny says:

        Thank you! It’s like they didn’t even put some smart thinking in it while they write a plot. They never asker why Emma saw her future, never talked about the Oracle. Jeez, it takes just a little chat with Aladdin, but not, let’s agree with Emma when she decides top die as a martyr. Really, it’s not even funny. It’s stupid.

  6. Katie says:

    Love love love the sneak peek. This episode looks amazing! I really hope Hook can hammer out his issues with Henry and Emma. He deserves a family after everything he’s lost in his life. Even though he makes mistakes, I truly believe he has the best intentions in this case.

  7. plebcinema says:

    Love that sneak peek! Very excited for this episode. Captain Nemo is great!!

  8. Nicky says:

    If Hook was responsible for Charming’s father’s death (which seems to be hinted in interviews), then what would he know about family if he screwed up a six year old’s childhood like what he did to Liam 2?

    • denny says:

      Apparently every villain in this show know about family. Rumple has one. Regina has Henry. Zelena kept the baby.

    • Val says:

      No one has hinted in interviews what is it. Fandom are making assumptions and speculations for now.
      And IF Hook being involved (but not responsible) or whatever does not divert from what the past was and what the present it.
      And we do not know what happened to Liam 2 yet!

      • Nicky Aiuto says:

        We do so know what happened to Liam 2. His father was murdered by Hook (his so called half brother) and left him an orphan, that’s what happened to him.

        And for your information, it was hinted in an interview by Josh that something would affect his relationships.

        • Val says:

          We do know SOMETHING will but we do not know for sure. Hence that means speculation at this point by everyone.
          We also do not know what became of Liam in the sense of the aftermath, in terms of where he could be or not, thats what i meant.

  9. Marina says:

    Captain Swan fans aren’t fretting, wth????????????

  10. Becca says:

    Finally a good sneak peek!! 😍

  11. Claire says:

    If I have to watch The Regina Show, at least Hook gets a backstory ep this week. Even rescuing him in the Underworld was more about Regina than it was anyone else.

  12. Preacher Book says:

    Hmmmmmm, maybe Hook could use the shears on someone else? The Darkone, perhaps? Evil Regina? Regina’s mother would be an excellent candidate for oblivion.

    • Nicky Aiuto says:

      Maybe on himself just to save Emma just like he did last season. After all, it is like a reflection from last season.

  13. Val says:

    Also like to say no one really that fretting about this ship – THEY ARE TRUE LOVES!!! they have battled so much and fought the evil darkness and hell to come back to each. We know why he did what he did. But we also worried that him and Emma did not talk to each other and it needs to be discussed making decisions together. They are in a relationship, living together, building a home and a family.

  14. Nadia says:

    I absolutely love Hook and Emma!
    Colin is a great actor, he really shows great depth as he transforms as Hook from villain to hero. I hope the Captain and Emma will continue to grow into their happy ending, after all is true love!

  15. Nicky Aiuto says:

    Hook having a history with one of Nemo’s crew members? I wonder who that could be. Probably someone we once knew or something. Whoever it is, it probably was not a pleasant history.

  16. Clau says:

    “Whether or not this deception marks a longterm setback for Hook and Emma” – So if Emma keeps a secret it’s all fine, because she’s Emma; but when Hook keeps a secret it’s destroying the relationship??
    It’s not like he killed someone and kept it from everyone.

  17. Joe says:

    20,000 Leagues is still my favorite Disney film and this show loves using those movies. So, technically, I’ve been waiting for this episode since the first season. Nemo’s costume could do without the epaulets, but otherwise the visuals are excellent. I only hope that…
    A: they don’t fundamentally alter the character like they did with King Arthur
    B: they don’t kill him or something else that keeps him from returning to the show

  18. Rumple says:

    Notice how every hook centric makes him a better person and every rumple centric makes him awful ?

  19. Laney says:

    Thanx for the sneak peek of OUAT with Hook & Nemo. I think Hook & Emma will be fine through this lie. It was smart of him to hang onto the sheers just in case they need them. Looking forward to Sundays episode.

  20. Katherine says:

    Funny how when she kept the secret about saving his life, she was begging his forgiveness but when he keeps a secret from her it’s justifiable. Also, I think it’s interesting that Neal let Emma go SO that she could save the town and fufill her destiny (and CSers, don’t start with “he left her to rot in jail” because A & E have said a thousand times that was August) but Hook is so selfish that he would keep her from it. Ugh, cannot stand him, and am definitely not interested in watching an episode with him at the center. If he was truly a hero he would understand that, frankly, the good of the many outweighs the good of the one.

    • Rose says:

      But neal did it – he left her to rot in jail. It’s a fact.

    • Val says:

      Both August and Neal did it. And Neal was also running away from his father, (you know Rumple) like that was his biggest reason. And i really do not want to rehash Neal fiasco.

    • Denny says:

      I’m sorry, but without talking ships or fan favourites, are you really telling me that Emma’s life it’s worth nothing?
      I still can’t believe that Hook’s the only one who desagree. Henry, her parents. Nobody tried to make Emma change her mind. Using logic maybe it’s better be alive than a dead Savior.

    • Nicky Aiuto says:

      His secrets justifiable to her? Well not quite true. In season 3, when he kept the secret from her about Zelena cursing his lips to take away her magic, it wasn’t justifiable to her (especially when it put Henry in danger and almost got Henry killed). It only seemed justifiable to Charming when he stated that Zelena backed Hook into a corner.

      Why for Emma, Charming not telling about his dreamshade poisoning seemed justifiable while she tried to reason with her mother about it. When Emma finally realized and learned the truth that her parents were only trying to protect her and her welfare in season 4, she now found it justifiable when realizing she misjudged and wronged them as she apologized to them for her behavior and actions (mostly to her mother). And she found it justifiable when telling Henry that Snow only trying to protect her family (even though Cora died by her, even though it was really Rumple’s fault as far and Snow’s friends and family are concerned).

      • Nicky Aiuto says:

        I forgot, when Emma finally realized after just seeing her destroyed would be nursery, she found it justifiable as well as understandable that Snow gave up everything she owned, everything she planned loved just to save her child by putting her first. And she is still doing that as Emma tearfully stated.