Once Upon a Time Spoilers

Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Pitch, Once, Lucifer, Timeless, Legends, P.D., New Orleans, Major Crimes and More

Is Pitch hurler due for a slump? Will things heat up for Once Upon a Time‘s “Snowing”? How soon into the future will Timeless spill its big secret? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

I’m really loving the dynamic between Pitch‘s Mike and Ginny. Any scoop on this relationship? —Stephanie
Well, somewhat related to your inquiry, I am hearing that Mike’s nascent relationship with Amelia will grow quite complicated once it becomes clear that it is affecting things with Ginny — both off and on the field.

Is anything coming up for Once Upon a Time‘s Snow and Charming? —Camilla
And how! With the Evil Queen poised to make a move on the person she hates most, “the shared heart between Snow and Charming comes into play,” series co-creator Adam Horowitz teases, “as they are bonded in this new battle.”

Might we see Belle’s mother again on Once Upon a Time? —Betsy
I presented your Q to the show bosses, and there are “no immediate plans” to revisit that character.

Will Criminal Minds get a visit from Prentiss’ parents and/or Mark during Season 12? —Jannette
Grab a seat next to Betsy, Jan — there are “no plans at this time” to revisit any of those characters.

On Lucifer, weLucifer Tricia Helfer Naked found out that the vessel of a recently deceased person is needed for angels and demons to be on Earth. Will we find out more about the vessel Lucifer is inhabiting? —Adder
Show boss Joe Henderson declared this a “great question,” and then explained: “Actually, Mom is unique — she was a soul without a body escaping Hell. Lucifer, Amenadiel and Uriel came to Earth in their own physical forms. But we will definitely be exploring the unique nature of Mom — jumping into the life and career of Charlotte Richards — a lot more leading up to our midseason finale.”

Any chance of seeing Lucifer with a love interest this season?—Addie
Lesley-Ann Brandt told me that just as “Maze is still obviously still trying to figure out her and Amenadiel’s situation, Lucifer is still figuring out with what his situation is with Chloe.” But Cupid may strike someone new. “Dan will probably start to explore something outside of Chloe,” Brandt reckoned, “now that they’re divorced.”

Can we getlegends-season-2-sara-shogun some scoop about Legends of Tomorrow? —Tania
Sara is going to take to her newly appointed role as the team’s captain like she took to bo staffs. “I have to give a lot of props to Caity Lotz,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim says. “As you start to see her become more and more comfortable with being the leader of this ragtag group, it’s so much fun to watch her. The character’s embodying the role of a leader. Caity’s performance really embraces it. It turns out to be one of the most successful things that we’ve done in Season 2. I’m super excited about it.”

Any updates on Major Crimes? — Jon
Rob Estes (Silk Stalkings, 90210) is set to guest-star in the midseason premiere as Clark, a shady, diamond-sharp law enforcement officer-turned-fixer for the super-rich and powerful, someone who is “willing to lie and cover for their sins as much as his own.”

Any word on TNT’s Cold Justice? It has been almost a year since any new episodes. Was it cancelled? — Renee
Cold Justice was iced by TNT a while ago, and though there was some talk about it seeking a new home, there has been no reportable progress on that front.

I would turn AIC for scoop on when we’ll be seeing Will Olsen (played by Jay Armstrong Johnson) again on Quantico! —Jaz
November sweeps would seem a pretty perfect time for him to return, yes…?

Is NCIS: New Orleans NCIS: New Orleansputting LaSalle and Percy together as love interests? I think that would be cool. You always see black male characters with white females as love interests, but not vice versa. —Lois
Although the lingering hug they shared in the season finale did trigger some awkwardness between the two of them, the driving force behind it has never been fully addressed. Yet. But it will come up again.

Is Chicago P.D. planning to introduce Lindsay’s dad this season? Any scoop about him/how she will deal with it? — Dayna
“All that I know so far is that [Bunny] tells me he’s in Chicago and wants to meet me,” star Sophia Bush answers. “A couple of facts that Erin thought she knew about her dad turn out not to be true. I don’t know when they’re going to meet, I don’t know who’s playing him.” But the actress does have some dream casting in mind for the role: Jeff Bridges. “I love him,” she gushes. “He’s my very favorite.”

Anything about Chicago Fire‘s Casey that isn’t romance-related? —Kim
As a matter of fact, Jesse Spencer says that in this Tuesday’s episode, “Casey gets trapped in a [forklift accident] — it’s sort of an off-duty thing where just happens to be at the warehouse — and he has try and save people using nothing. It’s sort of like a MacGyver episode!”

Hawaii Five-0‘s Dr. Madison Gray aka the Chess Piece Killer (played by Elisabeth Rohm) fled the game after trying to kill Alicia and Steve. Will she be back for a rematch? — Belle
Does a bishop move diagonally, Belle? As showrunner Peter M. Lenkov said at the start of the season, “We’re hoping the character will come back closer to the end of the season” — if not sooner.

You said it yourselves, Timeless needs to start spilling on Flynn’s agenda and the larger mystery. Tell me we won’t have to wait for the season finale…. —TJ
The 411 on the mysterious Rittenhouse “is going to get revealed sooner than anyone thinks,” says EP Eric Kripke. “I am not a fan of the endless tease in storytelling. I like asking questions and then, sooner than anyone thinks, answering the questions and then asking bigger, scarier questions. That’s what we do. As early as the Watergate episode [airing Nov. 14], we really start to reveal quite a lot more about Rittenhouse. And we do it again in Episode 10. In this first run of shows before Christmas, we’re going to get a pretty good understanding of who they are and what they’re doing — and why Garcia Flynn is doing what he’s doing. But that only opens the door [to] a scarier world and higher stakes.”

Any hints about what’s next for Jane the Virgin? —Nicole
Rogelio is going to need to change his relationship status on Facebook. “After he had that big dance with Xo at the wedding and realized they still have these really strong feelings, he doesn’t feel like it’s fair to bring Dina along if that’s not how he’s feeling about her,” executive producer Jennie Urman tells TVLine. “So they have a break up, which maybe didn’t happen in the way that Dina thought was respectful, and we’re going to see some of the ramifications of that.”

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  1. Roger says:

    Joe Henderson said in the midseason finale. Does that mean Lucifer has more than 13 episodes? I hope so.

  2. Val says:

    Nice to see Snow and Charming’s shared heart situation comes back. Look forward to Charming and his dad’s past too
    They are one of my faves couples along with Emma/Hook.

  3. Seun Fayiga says:

    Lmao @ Timless boss saying they’ll start revealing stuffs by Nov 14 episode.
    How many people does he think are going to wait until then? The ratings have kept dropping. Who knows that ratings will be by that Nov 14. There’s no time to waste. Keeping the mystery till now is not helping the show and till later will be more drastic.
    This is no Supernatural which he created whereby there was the mystery of who killed Jessica and Mary while Sam and Dean were fighting monsters every week.
    Thats a different case. Thinking they can go about chasing Flynn every week on Timeless without any sort of knowledge will not work as its tied to the overall mystery, whereas Supernatural’s monster of the week episode was not tied to the overall season story/mystery.

    • kitsunesaru says:

      It will be one episode in between now and Nov 14th’s episode. If people can’t wait through one episode then oh well.

    • lindsay says:

      I totally agree they need to speed up the reveal. But I hadn’t realized they were bleeding viewers. Timeless has so far been my favorite new show of the season, most of all for the characters’ dynamic so far. I’ve been seeing it as they’re trying to bond them before introducing twists in their missions that will test that bond. I’m definitely interested to see where they’ll take plot from here.

    • Troy1986 says:

      I’ve given up as the characters whining is so annoying.

    • VA Duncan says:

      People can’t wait one SHORT season before knowing who Rittenhouse is??? That’s pathetic. People have such ridiculously short attention spans these days. That’s exactly why anything of substance doesn’t last on television. Crimes have to be solved in one episode, reality shows have to be loud and obnoxious, and storylines can’t have any mystery because the mental capacity of the average person today is almost nil. Timeless is a GREAT SHOW! Each week is new and exciting while at the same time keeping the mystery and allowing our minds to create what we think will happen next. It’s thought-provoking, but I guess that isn’t something the network’s target audience does anymore. They’re spoiled entitled brats and don’t want to spend any energy actually thinking. It’s incredibly frustration when a great show like Timeless is on the bubble when in actuality there should be no question about it being a sure thing to be renewed.

      • Seun Fayiga says:

        I don’t think its about people being lazy or not wanting to think. Its more about the number of shows that are around right now. Theres just too many shows around to watch and keep up with. So anytime one isn’t really satisfying their audience, they move on. There is hardly any loyalty any longer. You can’t blame them. There are currently about 70 or more shows airing on broadcast TV this fall. Not to talk about shows on cable and streaming and other shows coming during midseason. Not to talk of shows that people are binge watching. Altogether i think we have over 200-400 shows on TV if i’m correct. So to stick with one is really hard. You just dump it and go to the one where you’re satisfied. Its not like people don’t love mysteries. But do so in a way that’ll still provide answers. And as at the time when this article was published, no answers had been revealed and it wasn’t a surprise the show had bled much viewers since its premiere. Even airing after The Voice couldn’t help it.

  4. sofia says:

    I don’t care about Mark, so, great!
    But I do want to see Prentiss’ mother again, and since they have talked about her father this season, him too.

  5. jtrattray says:

    On what planet is it appropriate to dress Caity Lotz in the costume she’s wearing in that picture?

    • Brenda says:

      Imagination Planet, maybe?

      • jtrattray says:

        Are there no actual Asian people on that planet?

        • Brenda says:

          I think this episode is set in feudal Japan, so I am guessing that there will be a lot of Japanese people there.

        • sporting4231 says:

          When a character goes to feudal Japan they dress as the feudal Japanese do to fit in. That’s not dress-up, nor is it taking a job from an Asian person. Had this been a new show and they cast her as a Japanese person, that would be wrong. Had she been going to an evening out in modern US and chose this outfit, that would be wrong. But there is nothing wrong with dressing characters appropriately for the time/place they are in.

        • Jeff Drake says:

          How about you actually watch the episode instead of making baseless ignorant comments.

    • JC1 says:

      Context is everything.

      • jtrattray says:

        The context being White Canary is an Asian character in the comics and whitewashing her is offensive?

        • JC1 says:

          The context being the actual episode that you’re judging before you’ve seen why she might be in that costume.
          And Caity Lotz is not playing the White Canary of the comics. If she was, that would be whitewashing. But Sara Lance is a completely different character from the villainous White Canary that was the sister of the Twelve Brothers in Silk. She’s only using the code name. It’s no different from several different people using the Green Lantern code name, or the Batgirl codename.

          • jtrattray says:

            It’s not the same, it’s white washing. It was bad enough calling her White Canary, but to have her wearing traditional Asian dress. It’s someone else’s culture, it’s not there for spoiled white people to use as dress up.

          • JC1 says:

            It is the same. Just because you want it to be whitewashing so you can bash Sara/Caity doesn’t make it so. It’s a code name. That’s all. She is not playing the same character.

          • dasein314 says:

            1. The episode is set in feudal Japan. If you’re wearing local, period correct clothing, that’d be what you’d wear.
            2. Maisie Richardson-Sellers (Vixen), Dominic Purcell (Heat Wave), and Brandon Routh (Atom) will also be wearing period clothing.
            3. I think the locals would be more scandalized by her skin tight white leather than they would be by what she’s wearing there.
            4. Most of the viewing public doesn’t know there’s a comic version of White Canary, and even if they did, it wouldn’t matter. This is not the same medium. Thereby different rules apply — the same rules that allow Iris West and Joe West to be African-American and Mr. Terrific to be gay. In my opinion, this doesn’t even rise to that level. An argument could be made that the Sara Lance version of the character is the preeminent version.

            Your mileage may vary.

          • JC1 says:

            ^^^^All of this. Thank you.

          • Normandy says:

            Anyone think jtrattray might be one of those “white people who feel an obligation to be offended on behalf of other people who never asked for his/her input”?

        • mooshki says:

          It’s not whitewashing, but it is cultural appropriation.

          • MAS says:

            Good grief. Where did this stupid idea of cultural appropriation come from? People have been stealing other culture’s dress, hair styles, language and food since the beginning of time. Are we now going to go all purist and say you can only do something if you are 100% of that ethnicity? What exactly does that mean mutt Americans can wear, eat or speak? Even English is a mishmash of languages and has evolved over time.

        • Temperance says:

          It’s not ‘washing’ anything. It’s a totally different character. Period. Get a grip.

    • Georgia Madman says:

      Oh jeeze, a SJW just parachuted into TVLine. Is no place safe from their madness???

  6. KellyMae says:

    Dan and Ella! Dan and Ella! Pleaseeeee tell me it’s Dan and Ella! As much as I loved Chloe and Dan together, I definitely think I saw a spark they were trying to put in that last episode!!

  7. dan the critic says:

    Timeless is the best new show of the season. Wake up people, and start watching it before the cancellation bear gets it.

  8. Naomi B. says:

    Matt, any idea on when we will actually get Major Crimes back????

    • Kathie says:

      It usually comes back on in Jan. for the winter edition.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        No, it usually returns in November/December, actually.

        • nblackburn01 says:

          Exactly, and now they are saying 2017. No further information. You seem to be “in the know” Matt. You hear anything more concrete on why they are being so mysterious about it???

          • BM says:

            I’m thinking they’re going to do what they did last year – they aired the five *additional* additional episodes in February. I read somewhere that they didn’t expect to get the 8 episode back order, as the showrunner said that the three last ones were meant to be stand-alone ones and not get a follow up which they will now. Usually they split their season in half, break at 10 and then air the other eight/nine in November/December. This time they had 13 episodes, aired them in summer and now have a back-order eight, like the back order five last year. Hence my conclusion that they’ll air like the five did last season.

  9. Luis Roman says:

    I’s like an explanation as to the name Garcia Flynn.

  10. Lala says:

    Thank you Matt for the scoop…..

  11. Cold Justice got quietly cancelled when some of Kelly Siegler’s less-than-ethical practices in previous cases came to light.

  12. Katherine215 says:

    Thanks for the Pitch scoop! Really love this show and hope it gets a bigger audience. I’ve been watching playoff baseball for the last 3 weeks and can count on one hand the number of commercials I’ve seen for the show. Wouldn’t this be the time/place to advertise for it?!

  13. fiberlicious says:

    Has your blind item about a major character being offed happened yet? I was thinking it might be the Jimmy on CF thing.


    In an earlier episode of Chicago PD, Lindsay’s mother and Voight were arguing and she said “you’ve always been the better parent!” I assumed Voight was Lindsay’s father????????????

    • BM says:

      Voight is what I would call Lindsay’s surrogate father. He and his late wife took her in when she was 15 because of her mother’s addiction and her father wasn’t around. She says in one episode in S3 that her dad was in and out of prison and when asked where he is, she says Albuquerque with a question mark. So, she doesn’t seem to be really sure. Voight’s the reason Lindsay didn’t follow in her mother’s footsteps. From several things which Lindsay has said I think she does consider him to her dad even if he isn’t her biological father. (She tells him in one episode in S2 that he’s her family and when Dr Charles says that we don’t get to choose our family in S3, Lindsay says sometimes we do. I don’t recall if Voight’s around and she looks at him but there’s no doubt in my mind that she means him)

  15. kjmorse says:

    I stopped watching NCIS LA because of the Kensi & Deeks pairing, I would hate to stop watching NCIS NO because of LaSalle & Percy hooking up.

    Why can’t a male & female just be friends????

  16. Val says:

    Now that we know when bones will be back for its final season, can we finally get scoops on the show as well?

  17. kirads09 says:

    Re: OUAT – I would love to see Snow and Charming get their old “I will find you. I will always find you” mojo back. Maybe this will do it.

  18. JaneBJane says:

    Am I the only one who finds Percy annoying on NCIS NO? Wasn’t really a fan of her last season but am struggling to watch this season.

  19. Trish Hughes says:

    I miss Rip. That is all.

  20. TheCheekyGirl says:

    Now that Once has had yet another week of their ‘lowest ratings ever’, don’t you think it’s about time to wrap it up so the actual good actors they have (Parrilla & Carlyle) can go and do a project worth their talent? I used to love the show when they wrote it for adults, but now it seems geared towards ten year olds.

  21. Nan says:

    Funny how TNT cancelled Cold Justice and no one knew….I also thought that Timeless was not doing well in the ratings…has anyone else heard this?

  22. Boom says:

    Ive watched the first 3 episodes of timeless and really enjoy it so thanks for the important scoop hopefully it keeps people watching who are afraid the answers arent going to come.

    I also like macgyver…so thanks for the scoop there. Those are my two fav new shows and better than anything in the last few years to come out of network tv.

  23. Patricia Angelica says:

    Seriously THAT was the most relevant question about Criminal Minds?
    That’s why I am sooooooo sick of all these Prentiss’ fans and the character’s return…
    There’s so much for us to know about the story lines… I am going to send all my questions to you, Matt, and I hope you answer some next time (I always send questions, but I never get answers). :(

  24. dman6015 says:

    Glad to read that Timeless isn’t going to stretch the major (perhaps not major) plot line to the end of the season. Just wondering what’s bigger?

  25. Bun Ho says:

    I can’t believe “once Upon a Time” is still on the air… it is so stale

  26. Grace says:

    Thank you for the H50 scoop, Matt! I love the serial killer storyline this season and can’t wait for Madison’s return. She was chilling!

  27. Mare says:

    YES! So excited about Percy and LaSalle!

  28. ZinniQ says:

    Loved the first season of Lucifer, but the second is boring me silly.

  29. Kathie says:

    I liked Chicago Fire last night. As you pointed out–very MacGyver-ish.

  30. Yvette Byrd says:

    Love seeing Rob Estes on Major Crimes! Will he be a regular? Certainly hope so.