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HTGAWM's Five Craziest Twists — Plus: Aja Naomi King Talks 'Horrible, Horrible' #UnderTheSheet Reveal

Maury Povich, you’re off the hook.

Thursday’s installment of How to Get Away With Murder gave us a pretty strong clue about the identity of who got Laurel pregnant — thanks to a steamy, episode-ending hookup with Wes. (Bye, Meggie!)

Season 3, Episode 6 also ended with Asher alive and well (and drunkenly boogying down), which leaves Connor, Nate, Wes, Frank and the consistently dreadful Mr. Drake as the remaining candidates in the #WhosUnderTheSheet sweepstakes.

The other big whoppers from the hour?

* Wallace Mahoney’s son Charles (AKA the Richie Rich whom Annalise defended in Season 2 flashbacks for allegedly killing his fiance) got arrested for his father’s death — and we learned it was Frank who planted the murder weapon in the dude’s trunk. (All together now, “Delayed karma’s gonna get ya…”)

* As Wes contemplated submitting to questioning by visiting NYPD officers who’d been tipped off that he might have been more than an innocent bystander during the Mahoney murder, Connor dropped by and gave him a stern warning to follow Annalise’s plan and keep his mouth shut. “You mention my name,” Connor hissed, “and I swear to God, I will kill you.” Knowing this pair of Middleton law-school students are still potential victims in the show’s flash-forward death sequence, I’m wondering if this scene should’ve been Rated F… for foreshadowing.

* Annalise came down hard — and crude — on Bonnie for colluding with the enemy. “Did Frank finally spread your legs?!” she raged. “Did you miss Sam so much you threw yourself at the next most disgusting man in the house?” Bad kitty Bonnie, though, returned from Coalport with a dead mouse, of sorts: Frank’s confession, taped without his consent, to being the triggerman who took out Mahoney. (Also, Bonnie dropped a perfectly placed “I love you” into her mentor’s lap — though her delivery wasn’t quite convincing enough to convince me she wouldn’t have abandoned La Keating and run off with Frank to a fantasy future in Oregon — had he not dropped her like a kindergartener with a Brussels sprout on his fork.)

* Asher danced to “Cotton Eye Joe,” but Michaela inexplicably cut the performance short — making me question her sanity, her humanity and the entire HTGAWM team’s sense of loyalty to its fandom.

* And Annalise, her license reinstated under strict oversight by the Pennsylvania Bar Association, found herself getting pummeled like Trump in a progressive northeastern state by ADA Renee Atwood (aka that Capital B who’s sleeping with Nate) — but managed to pull off a win (of sorts) for her case-of-the-week client.

Below, Aja Naomi King breaks down Michaela’s tear-jerking interaction with Asher, previews what to expect from upcoming scenes with her biomom Trishelle (Brett Butler) and teases the heartbreak of the show’s approaching reveal of which central character is taking that grim walk off the plank of life.

TVLINE | Walk me through the big Michaela-Asher scene tonight: Her look of shock when he tells her she’s not his woman, she’s his family. And then finally, the way she breaks and whispers, “I like you, too.” I found myself actually getting teary-eyed — and I can’t say I would’ve predicted that kind of reaction from a couple who, when they got together, were a little comical and ridiculous and crazy.
I loved that scene and I loved that we were able to get to that place, having a scene where Michaela and Asher could have that conversation openly and reveal what’s going on with both of them. The way I see it, Michaela had been really caring about him and liking him, but she has this fear of opening herself up again. We’ve watched her with some pretty big misses when it’s come to other guys on this show. [Laughs] She’s been wounded in the past, and it’s a scary thing to be really honest with someone about how you feel toward them. Hearing what you mean to them, too. For Michaela to hear Asher say that [about being his family] meant so much — because for her, family is this whole other thing. She’s hinted before — the people she grew up around, the word “family” isn’t a right way to describe them. It’s not how she feels about them. For Asher to say that to her, and what that could potentially be for the two of them to truly be family together, is huge.

Michaela constantly has to put on this facade and pretend to be something else, especially now with all this chaos happening in their lives. And the idea of being able to be open with someone and not have to hide anything is so meaningful and so terrifying. And because it’s so scary, it makes it harder to admit it. She’s really risking something opening her heart up to him in this way. You see Asher in these silly ridiculous moments and think, “Ugh, why would Michaela ever like him?” But then he has these touching, endearing, honest moments where you see where he’s coming from and what his needs are and how his life has been turned upside down. And when you look at all the craziness in their lives, it starts to make perfect sense that the two of them would be together. I loved that scene. We got to really take our time and expose ourselves to each other in a really beautiful way.

TVLINE | Sometimes, Michaela’s exterior is so convincing you forget how she was hurt by her last three love interests, or that we’ve gotten hints of her difficult upbringing. Last week’s episode when she dismissed her adoptive family as “trash,” it was such a harsh word. How much more of that family dynamic will we see in the weeks to come?
We are definitely going to see more of Michaela’s mom, Trishelle, and that’s really exciting. It’s going to give us a better understanding of what Michaela was talking about [with that comment] and why she admires Annalise so much. Thank about the way the episode ended with Michaela saying to her mom, “Don’t steal anything.” What?! That tells us a lot about what this relationship has been for her. To say that to anyone, but especially to your mother, it’s like “What is happening here?” [Laughs] We’ll get to see inside that a little more and how that informs the obvious reasons Michaela loves the idea of Annalise.

TVLINE | I don’t know why, but I was surprised her adoptive mom was white.
I know! That was something [creator] Pete [Nowalk] and I had talked about from the very beginning — that Michaela would be adopted, and her parents would be a different race. That excited me, because then it hints about cultural differences that may have happened growing up, and that makes the story so much richer. Plus, casting Brett Butler? Awesome.

TVLINE | The sex scene at the end of the hour between Michaela and Asher — you actually see her defenses coming down. He tells her how it turns him on when she says “I like you.” And then she’s almost giddy, repeating those words back to him. Like the Bonnie-Frank sex scene last week, this one almost felt like we should turn away, that this was too intimate a moment to be watching.
[Laughs] Because in real life I feel so close to Matt, these scenes become very easy. It’s super simple to say, “I’m gonna start over here.” “Then I’ll roll this way.” “Oh, yeah, you can touch me there.” We have a different director every episode, so I like to be a part of arranging what the choreography is going to be, of what that scene is and what it should look like, and how to start it, navigate it, where the camera should be. Because we’re not wearing a lot of clothes and we’re rolling around. [Laughs] You’ve got to make sure everyone feels comfortable. That way I can just live in that kind of giddiness and what that moment is for Michaela where the rest of the world slips away and it’s just them.

TVLINE | Michaela’s friends called out her “hillbilly side” last week — which is really in contrast with this tightly wound, hard-charging law student she likes to present to the world. Will we see more of that side of her character this season?
We will get to see more of that side this season, but a seed that’s been planted throughout each season of the show is that Michaela really does have a temper, she runs a little hot and can be just a touch violent. [Laughs] It’s something I really like about her — if someone’s going to make an assumption about her, she’s going to lose it and jump down your throat. She’s innately a fighter. It’s allowed her to survive and get to where she is. She really doesn’t take any stuff. But at the same time she can be graceful and polished and poised. It adds a nice dimension to her character.

TVLINE | We’re working up to a reveal of “who’s under the sheet?” How shocking, sad, over the top is that moment going to be? I know you can’t tell us who dies, but what can you tease about that moment?
We are getting very close now. All I can tell you is that in real life, I’m still grappling with it — and I’ve known for a little bit of time now. It genuinely breaks my heart to think about it every time, because it’s going to be horrible. It’s horrible. It’s horrible. And I feel bad for everyone else who’s going to find out when it happens. So, treasure these episodes before that knowledge becomes clear. [Laughs]

What did you think of this week’s HTGAWM? Did the Michaela-Asher scene leave you choked up? And #WhosUnderTheSheet? Sound off in the comments?

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  1. Amanda says:

    It better not be Connor. I can live without any of the remaining possibilities!

  2. briv303 says:

    For the love of god please don’t let it be Wes. He’s literally gotten the sh*t end of the stick every season

    • Lala says:

      Yes exactly… I like Connor but at this point….I am willing to sacrifice him & everyone that’s left for Wes. Wes needs to be alive and enjoy life for once without being blamed for everything.

  3. AB says:

    I don’t want it to be Wes or Connor, but I’m thinking it’s going to be one of those two 😢 Hopefully I’m wrong…

  4. chief1958 says:

    It better be Wes or NAte if its COnner I’m done

  5. AMB2016 says:

    It’s sooooooo Connor!!!

  6. abz says:

    I’m gonna be pissed if it’s Connor. Please let it be Nate, Wes, or Frank. I’m holding out hope that it’s not Connor mainly because of the way Annalise was screaming after she lifted the sheet. Clearly it’s someone extremely close to her which would be Nate or Wes or possibly Frank because their relationship it’s very complicated and I think part of her still cares for him.

  7. Garbo says:

    I’m only good with Nate biting the dust, nothing against the character or the actor, both are decent, but if I had to pick between his goody two shoes OR “fascinating Frank”, “male lead Wes” and “guilty pleasure Connor”, I would choose Nate to go. Every effin’ time.

    P.S. I won’t even entertain the Mr. Drake option. He is a footnote, the producers wouldn’t dare to build the months-long marketing around the death of a footnote.

  8. Kate says:

    I’m hoping it’s Wes. He sucks up a lot of screen time for someone who is really not that interesting. No matter how hard they try I just can’t get invested in him. Frank and Connor I would miss. Killing Frank wouldn’t have the same emotional impact now that they’ve basically made him a background character. I hope they find a way to bring him back into the fold because he provided a fun element since he was outside of the school angle. If it’s Connor I will be devastated.

    • Grey'sFan says:

      This is why I think Laurel’s baby father is Frank — if she loses it then Annalise could be indirectly responsible for the death of Frank’s baby (the same way he was indirectly responsible for the death of her baby).

      I just want Laurel and Frank back together. I think Laurel is using Wes to “play daddy” now that Frank’s gone. All of her phone messages to Frank lead me to believe she wants to see him so she can tell him she’s pregnant. Laurel has even been dressed in baggy clothes the past couple episodes.

      • Jbj says:

        Except, Frank has been gone 5+ months so Wes would have definitely noticed the baby bump even if baggy clothes could hide it.

      • ayamblessing says:

        And that time when her father visited her and gave her a cake?. Probably means she’s already preggy.

        • Isabella says:

          If it was Frank’s wouldn’t she have told him? She’s left him so many messages. And daddy listened to all of those and never mentioned her pregnancy.

          • JR9386 says:

            One of the issues that I’m having with this are the details of Laurel being in Annalise’ home.

            We learn that Laurel was in the basement of her home.

            Why was Laurel in Annalise’s basement to begin with?

          • ayamblessing says:

            She probably never mentioned it on the phone because she knows her dad is listening to her calls.
            I don’t know haha.
            She should’ve told him when she got her new number. Just a thought, why would she change her number if her dad also checks on Frank’s phone calls?

            Still hoping it’s Frank’s!

          • JR9386 says:

            Plot twist!

            It’s Connor’s baby! :P

            Seriously, I was somewhat expecting Connor’s new found freedom to open the possibility for a relationship between him and Michaela. I mean they have the least chemistry of the Keating 5, but I figured that at least in their case there was build up given their rivalry from the show’s inception. I thought that might be the case on the basis of the book he was reading when Annalise visited him (Marvin’s Room). However that makes me think he’ll be the body under the sheet.

    • laurelcastillo says:

      oh shut up. i hope its Connor. all he does is whine and blame everyone like a little bitch baby.

  9. Chloe says:

    I’m so glad it’s not Asher! I’m just hoping that it won’t be Connor, either. Wes has gotten to be super-boring so I’m hoping it’s him. Second choice – Nate. Nothing against Nate but better him than Connor or Frank. Frank may be a bad boy but we need his antics for the show. I can’t imagine it being that Drake guy. No one would care & Annalise certainly wouldn’t react that way. She doesn’t give a rat’s patootie about him.

    • laurelcastillo says:

      meh connor doesnt bring anything plotwise. like literally all he does is complain and blame annalise. im done with his character

  10. laurelnev says:

    With who’s left, I’d place my bets in the following order:
    1. Wes
    2. Frank
    3. Connor

    The only reason it wouldn’t be Wes is b/c tonight’s ep practically screamed it WAS him. ;) But with Laurel being the other victim, she’s closer to Frank and Wes than Connor, and it would make more sense it was one of them with her.

    • Grey'sFan says:

      Drunk Asher told Michela that Annalise had called him, Laurel and Connor to the house that night. (At the end when they revealed Asher alive.)

    • coconuts says:

      I think its wes cuz laurel is prego with his baby

    • coconuts says:

      I doubt its frank. he went through hell and back this season to die anyway? whats the point? if its frank then thats dumb. annalise already tried to put a hitman on him so it wouldnt be shocking or have any wow factor if he ends up dying as previously planned.

  11. Pocket says:

    I think it has to be Wes. Wes’ death would elicit that kind of reaction from Annalise and deeply hit everyone else. I think just from the amount of Drama it could cause.

  12. Claire says:

    Maybe Wes will be the one under the sheet and Laurel will have his baby.

  13. I feel like Frank & Mr. Drake wouldn’t elicit the reaction that Annalise had when she saw who was #underthesheet, Aja said she was still reeling from her costar that left the show, so I think that rules out Nate, so that leaves Wes & Connor…

  14. Donna says:

    Of all the 4 Wes or Nate would get the reaction out or Annalise. Frank is on her you know what list but even than he is still doing the dirty work. So they need him. Wes is the closest thing to a child she has. So I vote for Connor or Nate. Since they’ve both broken up with they are not as connected. Before the person under the sheets sex was mentioned I thought it would be Eve.

  15. Lee says:

    Unless all of the cast is lying about how devastating this death is, it really can’t be Frank or Nate. The Keating Five share very few scenes with those characters so how devastating could them leaving really be? Even Wes has always been a bit distant from the other four students. Connor is almost always present when there is a group scene – which has not been the case for Wes. Much as I dislike the idea, it very well might be Connor biting the dust. But the cast could also be lying about how “devastating” the loss of this castmate is.

    • jj says:

      Just because they don’t share a lot of scenes with Frank and Nate doesn’t mean the actors don’t spend a lot of time together behind the scenes. Also the Keating Five shared quite a bit of scenes with Frank last season.

  16. Sasha says:

    *Mild spoilers*
    Anyone else thinks Michaela spending time with her mum and Asher getting drunk in the dorm are some sort of “alibis”? Annalise must have told them to get around people to testify they were not somewhere else (like her house?)
    They way the police is treating Annalise also makes me think it could be Nate under the sheet, which would explain why the police is treating her like a “cop killer”?

  17. Eva says:

    All of the things pointing at Connor beingunder the sheet are STINKING of a red herring. And it’s possibly the clunkiest one on this show yet.

    • S says:

      That’s what i was thinking too. But then what if that’s what they’re hoping people will think and they actually do kill him off? Haha

  18. Lala says:

    At this point..I’m ok with losing anyone but Wes…Wes has to survive!
    I think Frank is safe, they cannot just redeem his character, just so they can kill him.
    I hate the direction this show has taken Michaela’s character. I’m sorry but she’s still so unlikable. I hate how she ticks all the ‘negative’ stereotypes associated with black women…and the show even goes as far as labeling her a man-eater in tonight’s epi. This season we’ve seen a major character development with Asher, it has made him more relatable & new fan-fav…hope to see the same with Michaela

  19. Linds says:

    Annalise’s reaction is so extreme I’m thinking it’s Wes. This kid was fine until she came back into his life and all she wanted to do was protect him.

  20. QueenB says:

    It’s Connor. I just know it I hope I’m wrong but it’s either Connor or Wes

  21. Sara says:

    I have a very bad feeling it’s Wes.

  22. JR9386 says:

    I’ve been rewatching from season 1 in hope of some hints for who might be the one under the sheets.

    Character development wise, I wanted to say that it’s Asher. Asher doesn’t really have any family left, and he wasn’t involved in the initial murder which brought Connor, Micaela, Laurel, and Wes together. He technically didn’t kill the DA, because Bonnie had to finish the job. For the most part, he’s redeemed himself as a character as the show has developed.

    However, that brings me to Connor.

    Connor seems to be the one character who has developed something of a conscience (He was initially the moral compass of the group when the murder took place.). He didn’t want Oliver to get caught up in Annalise’s mess, he confessed to killing someone (the guy from the office who committed suicide if we’re being technical), he got a woman out of jail, etc. There also seems to be a hint (at least I think it might be) with the reading material he has during the pool scene. He was reading ‘Giovanni’s Room’ which likewise features a murder and an execution.

    Personally, I think Bonnie is calling ‘Wes’ over the phone, which again leaves us with Connor being the likely victim.

    On the other hand, I wonder if Wes was the mastermind behind the meetup at Annalise’s home and may have very well set a trap for Frank given that Frank killed his father. However, Frank is a bit too obvious.

    I wouldn’t be fazed by Nate being killed off.

    I personally think towards the end of the series one of the Keating 5 will deliver a graduation speech in honor of Annalise where they cite that on the first day of law school she taught them how to get away with murder. It will end with Annalise being executed, in jail, or after having gone crazy after taking the wrap for all of them. It could likewise end with her faking her own death and watching from the bleachers as each of them graduates now being scot-free of any suspicion or blame. Wes being the only one who knows where she is who goes to visit her. The scene in the bathroom was just tragic.

    As to the fire, it’s not the first fire Annalise has experienced in her life. She might very well be taking a page out of her mother’s book. ;-)

    As to her new love interest, I think she might meet someone at the AA meetings.

    • Tanya says:

      Asher totally killed the DA,Bonnie throwing her of the roof was just trying to hide the fact she was run over

    • S says:

      He definitely killed the DA

    • JR9386 says:

      This whole time I was under the impression that it was Bonnie who had to finish the job for him. O.O

      So in many ways his killing of the DA differs from Wes’.


      File that under most forgettable murders ever.

    • JR9386 says:

      That said, I don’t think it’s Wes.

      He still needs to know the truth about Rebecca. Annalise might have “told” him at the end of the first half of season 2, but she later explained it away as using it as ammunition to get Wes to shoot her. Notice how West has been snooping around this
      season when he tried to check up on Laurel’s father. He and Laurel might Bonnie and Clyde this. That or they fake someone’s murder. :/

      • coconuts says:

        Nobody cares about rebecca anymore. the only reason why it might not be wes is because season 1 made it seem like the show revolved around him as the main main character. other than that… he would so be #1 for me. Especially since laurel is pregnant with his kid. Connor comes #2 for me, its almost as if oliver knew he was gonna die and broke up with him before it happened (lol jus kidding). #3 is Nate. hes too damn nosey. he probably went snooping and got himself blown up.

        • JR9386 says:

          It’s not so much Rebecca *per se* as it is Wes turning on Annalise in light of the news along with Laurel. Annalise lied to Laurel about sending a hitman on Frank. The fact that Bonnie took out his girlfriend is enough to send him over the edge. I’ve suspected that
          he and Laurel will be the two who make it alive after all of this is over.

          I’m not sure why, but neither Bonnie or Annalise seems to like Laurel much, so I’m curious as to what the deal is with that.

          The fact that Annalise had no scruples about getting Oliver involved during the night of the fire makes me suspect that it’s Connor who is under the sheet. It’s likely going to be
          Oliver who spills the beans about wiping the phone clean that forces Micaela and Asher
          (or at most Micaela…) to put two and two together regarding the plot to get rid of them all.

          I wanted to say that someone else orchestrated the even to frame Annalise with her own phone, but the fact that she told Oliver to erase her phone tells me that she was in
          on it. :/

  23. Lisa says:

    The first time Annalise wailed when she saw who was under the sheet….I first thought it was Eve–but we know it’s a male. I believe it’s Wes….I think she’d have the most devastating reaction if it was Wes. In second place, Frank; in third, Nate.

  24. Cherriyasz says:

    I cant believe some people actually believe there is a chance that it is Wes under the sheet. I will believe it to be anyone else but him. The show can’t just go about killing off their most central male character like that. And yeah his fate will be the last one revealed cause come on we all know Wes is always at the center of every mess, yet still he is a survivor. No way is it him otherwise the show will be losing one big fan here.

  25. Tanya says:

    Anyone seen the episode 7 trailer?who do u think is the rat?I dont know why but im thinking Laurel if it’s gotta be 1 of the keating 5

  26. Jessie Jane says:

    Wes is the only decent character on the show plus he is so handsome and hot if he goes I go.

  27. JR9386 says:

    This is as good a time as any to bring out the fan theories, so here goes.

    Who do you think Bonnie was on the phone with informing them that Laurel is pregnant?

    I thought that it might be Wes who went into hiding upon Annalise’s council,but now I have my doubts.

    Would Frank be capable of killing Laurel?

    Was the text sent to meet at Annalise’s home sent by someone else who was setting her up?

    Was Drake the one to do Annalise’s dirty work as payment for slandering her name?

    I suspect at times that Drake might come to replace Connor given that he’s assumed the
    role of Connor in his rivalry with Micaela.I’m not really keen on Connor’s storyline anymore, nor Wes’, so it could go either way for me in so far as who is under the sheet. I suspect that Annalise might feel massively betrayed by Nate, and sees him as a liability that needs to be taken care of (Note her face when she steps out of his car.). We never quite see a conclusion to Annalise threatening Drake, so I wonder if what she has on him results in his doing her bidding so as not to get expelled.

    I suspect that in the final episode the university president will be the one to Annalise’s defense based on the episode summary.

  28. Shanna Mitchell says:

    What do you think about this:
    At the end of “Call It Mother’s Intuition” Laurel was panicking and meggy gave her a notepad and she wrote Wes’s name on it. Maybe that was her saying the he was in the house. I also believe that the clips of Wes in “No More Blood” could be part of the flash back. Maybe Annalise found out about him trying to rat her out so she staged the whole thing.

  29. Rjrtist says:

    It’s Wes. His story is all sewed up so goodbye to Alfred. That’s why Analise asks Bonnie who is the daddy to Laurel’s baby. I read that they were focusing on the second part of the season on Ava’s character.

  30. Shanna Mitchell says:

    I was right! I am very sad right now. I have shed a lot of tears, not really sure i will continue watching this show.