Stana Katic Return TV

Castle's Stana Katic Eyes Return to TV, as FBI Agent Entangled in a Murderous Mystery — Get Details

Stana Katic may brandish a badge yet again.

The Castle alum is in final talks to headline Absentia, a crime thriller that has received a straight-to-series order from Sony Pictures Television Networks’ AXN (which previously has commissioned Crossing Lines and Hannibal).

Per our sister site Deadline, the series — which has yet to be shopped to U.S. networks/outlets — follows a female FBI agent who, while hunting down one of Boston’s most notorious serial killers, vanishes without a trace and is declared dead. Six years later, the G-woman is found in a cabin in the woods, clinging onto life and with no memory of her missing time. Returning home, she not only discovers that her (stupid, stupid) husband has remarried, she also finds herself implicated in a series of murders.

Absentia is the perfect blend of crime thriller and character-driven drama for the AXN audience,” Sony Pictures Television Networks EVP Marie Jacobson said in a statement. “With a strong lead, Matt [Cirulnick]’s writing and Oded [Ruskin]’s direction, we have a signature series packed with suspense, surprise and emotional turns.”

The 10-episode series will begin filming early next year, to premiere sometime in 2017 on AXN’s worldwide channels. Once again, a Stateside home for the series has not yet been pursued/secured.

What say you, Katic fans? Sound like a great fit?

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  1. Aleks says:

    This is a great news, I’m curious about it

  2. Courtney says:

    Congratulations Stana! Awesome news

    • Mike says:

      Great News? I think the opposite. Stana was a major network star for years. Comments about her carrying movies, and being so talented was all everyone talked about. Now we have a dud of an indie movie and this show which does not even have domestic distribution. If this is all she can get which I doubt because she is talented fine. However, she is better then this, unless she wants to show she is a real dramatic actress, in which case she is hopefully she is better then that. She should have a major network show in a year or so not this.

      • Julia says:

        Major network doesn’t equal phenomenal show. Stana is the kind of person who will choose something she feels is a quality role over something subpar a major network would use just to get ratings. It’s precisely because Stana is a serious dramatic actress that she probably chose this show over something that would flash her face all over billboards just for ratings. Just because a show doesn’t have US distribution doesn’t mean it’s not any good. You are making assumptions about something you clearly know very little about.

        • MMD says:

          I totally agree with you Julia. Most of the worst shows are on major network tv in the U.S. and contrary to popular opinion there are many excellent networks that I watch shows from like ABC (Australian) BBC, ITV, Channel 4 (UK) BBC Northern Ireland, BBC Scotland, CBC, CTV, Global, (Canada), not to mention shows from Norway, Sweden, New Zealand, Germany,etc.

          Just because this show isn’t being shopping in North America doesn’t mean it won’t be excellent or that it won’t end up here eventually. There are all kinds of hidden gems out there if you know where to look and I think that is what Stana is looking for – quality.

          • MMD says:

            oops – shopped

            Forgot to add that I’m thrilled for her and will be looking for her new show.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Once again… it WILL be shopped in USA, it just hasn’t been yet. There is a process that must be followed.

          • MMD says:

            In my defense Matt I did say it would end up here eventually. My point is that there is a lot of good tv out there that doesn’t necessarily originate in North America or on the major 4 networks.

      • Audrey Arthur says:

        Are you kidding? Have you seen the many films she has made? She will have the lead and I’m sure Sony will secure a cable network like Lifetime.

      • Lynn says:

        seriously! you think that just because a show hasn’t received domestic distribution yet you are negative? Firstly it is just announced, they have not asked for distribution yet and from those who seem to be associated with it, it has quality people and talent involved. Apparently you didn’t like one of the “indie” movies. I saw sister cities and it was excellent. Rendevous is just being shown . Perhaps you prefere the rubbish that is on most of the tv stations . Let’s face it the “major network” shows you are raving about hardly exist anymore. Perhaps some people prefere quality work . Anyway to each his own.

      • tvdiva says:

        Not all the great tv shows and movies in the world are created and shown in the US. Quite the opposite. The best in the world are from other countries.

  3. Anne Normandin says:

    Great! Love Stana, would watch her in anything.

  4. ndixit says:

    So is this a limited series or is this just a 10 ep per season show?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      The first-season order is for 10 episodes.

      • Teri says:

        JUst like Castle was in 2009!

        • Just one thing says:

          It’s unlikely that a series like this would go beyond 10 episodes per season, even if a US network picks it up.
          Either way, sounds great.

          • Mary says:

            She’s not hurting for money, so I can see where she prefers quality over quantity. I can also see where she might welcome a 10 episode season after the grueling schedule she had with Castle for the past 7 years. I’m in-you GO Stana!

  5. Most definitely! I hope a stateside network will pick it up. She is one of my favorite actresses indeed.

  6. Linda says:

    Sounds like a perfect fit! Stana is a strong actress and she can really bring the right mix of drama, adventure and angst that this character will go through.

    Good news for Stana- Congrats!!

  7. missy says:

    Sounds a little ‘Blindspot’-y(which lost me early on), but whatever gets Stana back on my screen ASAP :D

  8. Mariana Vidal says:

    FANTASTIC! I am thrilled for this awesome actress and glad to be able to continue enjoying her undeniable talent. The story line sounds intriguing just my cup of tea.

  9. andrew hass says:

    That’s great for Stana Katic but i would have thought she would want to play a different kind of character after Beckett and not play another law enforcement officer.

    • Mariana Vidal says:

      Hey Andrew, work is work and what an actor wants is to continue working. Furthermore, she already proved how convincing she can be playing a police detective. I for one will be very happy to see her again.

      I was very dissapointed when the producers of Castle did not renew her contract. It is their loss.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Plus, from simply reading the above, it sounds like her character won’t be handling standard-issue day-to-day case work, but caught up in a bigger, messier thing.

        • Lynn says:

          Right, I really hope she gets the great writing her talent deserves and that the storyline allows her to stretch her tremendous acting talent for our enjoyment! Sounds like the people involved are very talented and should put out an entertaining show!

      • shir says:

        Mariana- you are so right.

    • shir says:

      Inn regards to Andrew. Could have been she enjoyed playing Beckett but not so much some of the people around her.

  10. darkangel200 says:

    “stupid, stupid husband”, LMAO. Seriously, what an idiot though! This is exciting news. I’ve been hoping that Stana would return to TV in something that compliments her talent and intelligence. Thanks for the scoop!

  11. Randy says:

    Only excited if it shows in th USA!!!

  12. Brenda says:

    I will be on the lookout for this, sounds good. I wonder who else will be in the cast?

  13. …Best news yet …. Congratulations Stana!!! Ready to watch Your Show anytime, anywhere ….l feel better already, thinking l’ll be seeing You again and soon.

  14. Kathy Bergeron says:

    This is good news! I hope a US network or cable streaming service will be interested. I would definitely give it a look. My gripes about Castle towards the end were never with her- she is a terrific actress with a lot of class.

  15. Caitlin says:

    This is great news. We need more Stana on the small/big screen.

  16. Absolutely GREAAAAAT! Go get’um Beckett.

  17. alieh86 says:

    It sounds cool but I think I’ll always see her as Kate Beckett. Her “ex” better not look anything like NF because that would screw with my “seven years later, three castle babies ” canon

  18. nancy says:

    Somehow this sounds a lot like the TV show Blindspot, where a woman with amnesia and doesn’t remember who she is, ends up working for FBI agents to solve cases.

    • Cat says:

      Then you obviously didn’t read the article correctly, this character remembers who she is but is missing a particular period of time, totally a different idea than Blindspot.

  19. Audrey Arthur says:

    Stana’s thousands of fans worldwide have been waiting for this sort of announcement of her return to TV in a starring role. Given the chance to watch, we will support her work!

  20. looking forward to your return to tv ms. katic. sounds like a good role for you, fits your talents.

  21. Teri says:

    Great fit for Stana, but those odd networks are iffy for audiences. Hope Stateside network picks it up, otherwise Stana’s talents will not be viewed by many.

    • Cat says:

      I hope Netflix picks it up, then it will have a chance of airing in Australia too.

      • Audrey says:

        Netflix…yes, please! You hear that, Netflix? Please!

        • Nero tTVFiddler says:

          I was thinking the same thing – some sort of streaming service, like Netflix or Amazon might pick it up, and then it would have the distribution channel satisfied quickly.

          Congratulations to Stana – she is talented and has star power… that’s half the battle. Now, let’s hope the writing and scripts are good… then we have something big to look forward to! :)

    • lurker says:

      You do realize that there are billions of people watching their own TVs outside the US of A? Some of those people have watched the show “Castle” on their own TV networks and stations. And some of those people will watch this new Stana’s show also.

  22. Oh, yes! I’ll watch it! Wouldn’t miss it for the world! Stana is perfect for the part described in the article! Hurry up, Sony! I really want this one!

  23. Liz says:

    And Who will be the lead actor?

  24. lkh says:

    I’m not smart enough to know if this will be filmed in English…

    • jbo50 says:

      I’ve read this three times and I’m still not entirely sure.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Or, simply look at AXN’s previous projects (cited above) — Hannibal, Crossing Lines….

      • johnhelvete says:

        Or the fact that the show appears to be set in Boston?

      • lkh says:

        ok-good. So those (AXN) for outside the U.S., i.e. Asia, Europe, NA (Mexico), SA(Brazil) are always dubbed? Also, I was just thinking about all the languages she speaks and her ties to other countries. Thanks.

        • Caitlin says:

          In some countries yes but just in a few. Series are rarely dubbed.

        • Mary says:

          In my country (Portugal) series and movies are never dubbed, we have subtitles:)
          But in Spain everything is dubbed; a few years back I was there in vacations and I caught Castle airing – it was so awful to ear (knowing the real voices) I had to take off the sound of the TV, lol!:)

          • J. says:

            Hahahahaha LOL. True, here in Spain EVERYTHING is dubbed, but you get used to. I loved Castle both in Spanish and English.

            Awesome news, congrats Stana! And AXN airs here :).

  25. Tennisnsun says:

    Fantastic fit for Stana! Hope it screens in US. Yaaaay!!

  26. ndixit says:

    I’m assuming it won’t start airing until the next fall cycle. I don’t know how AXN shows work with scheduling. I am assuming they will find a stateside network for the show.

  27. Patricia says:

    Sounds a little like
    Body of Proof + Castle = Absentia
    Excited that Stana is getting a new series!

  28. Luis Roman says:

    Sounds like a story from the mind of . . . Richard Castle! (Tell me you weren’t thinking it!)

    • Kathryn says:

      I was thinking the same!! The story line where castle went missing and could not recall what happened.

      • lurker says:

        Then I guess Blindspot stole the amnesia thing from Castle, or maybe they both stole the amnesia thing from Bourne movies, and Bourne movies stole the amnesia from ….

  29. Bianca says:

    Best news of the year. I hope the writers dont screw it up. She deserves the best of the best.

  30. lindag413 says:

    Cannot wait she will be great

  31. Great idea, would love to watch the show

  32. Sierra says:

    She’ll be amazing, for sure. Stana does justice to whatever role she does and I can’t wait to see her in this!

  33. SKFan1 says:

    YAAAS! I hope this show proved to be wildly succesful for Stana Katic’s career. #AllTheBest

  34. sharminina says:

    COngrats Stana!!can’t wait to see you again :D hoped for a castle reboot,but never mind :D eagerly waiting for the show and hope that it will be available in my area :D

  35. shir says:

    So glad to hear Stana is coming back..Hope it gets picked up.
    She always proves herself.

  36. Celin says:

    She will slay for sure she’s perfect for that role. And especially in the emotional scenes. Can’t wait.

  37. Schatzi49 says:

    Really hope it comes to US soon, sounds fantastic.

  38. Sammy says:

    Great news! One of the best actresses on primetime television.
    I’ve said for a while now (around s7 of Castle) that Stana’s next role should be a shorter season, cable based drama. I hope the show is picked up by AMC, TNT, USA, Amazon, or Netflix.

  39. Manuel.Schuster says:

    I am so happy for Stana. Wonderfull news!

  40. SJ says:

    Yikes! You would think at this point in her career she would be able to get a lead on a network show, or on Netflix/Hulu/HBO/Showtime. AXN just seems like she’s trading way, way, waaaaaaay down.

    • Just one thing says:

      I’m sure Sony Pictures Television has the means to work with Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.
      Your genuine concern is duly noted though.

    • KCC says:

      Does she even want to be the lead on a network show? My guess is her decision was based as much or more on the people she will be working with and how much input into the show she’ll have than the amount of exposure the show will get in the US. Anyway, I’m certain it will be distributed in the US in 2017.

  41. Loretta Belfiore says:

    So happy to be able to see her again. Not sure what channel this is…..but if’s on stateside, Florida, I’ll be watching for sure. Congrats Stana!!!

  42. Carol C says:

    I hope she comes to a Canadian channel.

  43. gretchen thad says:

    So she’s going to play Beckett with Castle’s memory wipe? Art over finance – not.

    • Aleks says:

      What the … ? The character could be competely different from Beckett, this comment doesn’t even make sense

      • lurker says:

        Oh, it completely makes sense just not in the way you’re thinking. Look at the last sentence of the comment. If you’re familiar with some fandoms at all, it tells you all you need to know.

  44. Peggy OBanion says:

    I am hopeful.

  45. Shannon Casebeer says:

    Can’t wait!!! You guys need to put Javier and Ryan in there working with her again somehow…that dynamic was incredible!! Who needs Castle…😉

  46. kmw says:

    Good for her I hope it gets picked up here somewhere

  47. Justin Turner says:

    Can’t wait! She’d be great in anything she tried! Hope it works out!

  48. Great news but we want her stateside so we can see it. What is AXN can we stream it in US. This is a perfect fit for this great actress. Congratulations Stana.

  49. Great news. Congratulations Stana. Hope this comes stateside. All her fans here want to see it. How can we fans get the ball rolling together the show to come to US