Supergirl Recap

Supergirl Recap: Refugee Crisis — Plus, Did Alex and Maggie Just 'Meet Cute'?

A flame-throwing assassin targeted POTUS Lynda Carter on Monday’s Supergirl — but her attacks were mere flickers compared to the heat between Alex and her new “partner.”

Kara’s sister was initially reluctant to team up with newcomer Maggie Sawyer — a detective with a soft spot for extraterrestrials, particularly pretty ones who frequent alien-friendly dive bars — but by the end of the hour, she was ready and willing to throw down for her. In fact, I dare say Alex seemed disappointed when Maggie made an early exit from the infirmary to meet her “hot date.”

We know that someone in the Arrow-verse is going to discover their sexuality this season, and after Monday’s Supergirl, all signs are pointing to #Sawvers. Or maybe #Algie? Look, creating ‘ship names isn’t one of my superpowers, OK? That’s for you to do in the comments section.

Elsewhere this week…

MISS MARTIAN, IF YOU’RE NASTY | Inspired by President Marsdin’s message of unity (“The Statue of Liberty will stand for aliens, too!”), J’onn paid a visit to the aforementioned alien dive bar. And who did he find slinging drinks? Why, none other than the “last daughter of Mars,” M’gann M’orzz — aka Miss Martian!

Supergirl RecapMON-EL HATH NO FURY | Though Kara and Mon-El’s relationship got off to a violent start — his first act upon waking was grabbing her by the throat and tossing her into a wall — they ended the episode with a handshake, which is as much as anyone could have hoped for considering the two are from warring planets. (Side note: I can already tell that Chris Wood is perfect in this role. I’m having glorious flashbacks to his time as Kai Parker, easily The Vampire Diaries‘ second-best villain ever.)

ROOKIE MISTAKE | I have a lot of thoughts about Kara’s first day as a reporter, all of which I’m going to express in the form of questions: Did she really think she’d get to interview the President of the United States for her first assignment? Shouldn’t she have been more excited about interviewing a huge name like Lena Luthor? What made her think she was supposed to interject her own opinion into a straight-new piece? And was Snapper Carr even that tough on her, considering no major paper would have ever run that story as it was?

Your take on this week’s Supergirl? Are we on the same page about Alex and Maggie? And who — or what — is President Marsdin, really? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jason says:

    if felt kind of odd James and Kara being so buddy buddy so fast. Did they ever even talk about how james felt over what happened between him and kara? shouldn’t have been upset or hurt?

    • Jason, Yes they talked about it. Both realized they were better as friends.

      Kara’s being assigned to be a reporter by Cat Grant probably gave her a false sense of what to expect. No, her article couldn’t go to print the way it was but Snapper seems to me to have it in for her and it appears to me he’s anti-alien which would affect Kara given her real identity.

      Maggie & Alex definitely had sparks. Time will tell if it comes to anything or if it will last.

      Loved the reveal of M’gann and J’onn.

      And I’ll close with: PLEASE not “shipper name”. I long for the name mashup days to come to an end. (pfffft to the person who started this who thing with Bennifer).

  2. MaggieAlexShip says:

    MagLex or Algie Ship…they already flirt at each other,lol

    • S23 says:

      This show hasn’t done love stories really well, yet. I think this show needs to do that, and if it’s with Alex and Maggie even better. They are both strong characters. Alex really hasn’t had any type of personal life and she matches well with Sawyer. The ship name is tough. You can go last name, like some have online and go with Sanvers, you could go Algie, it’s tough because of the X and the first name being a vowel. I do hope this relationship continues, it could be a good one if they treat it right.

    • fiberlicious says:

      I’m all for Algie, myself.

  3. It was great to see Lynda Carter again. Plus, I liked meeting Mon-El and Miss Martian. That said, we were back in after school special territory with the dialogue and over all story.

    Here’s the thing. They only made Kara an investigative reporter to mirror Clark and create conflict. If they were being true to her character, she WOULD BE writing editorials in contrast with Clark’s narrative. They should have also had her “ghost write” a column with Supergirl, because Supergirl would ostensibly trust Cat’s former assistant with Cat gone. James, as the new boss could’ve facilitated this, and we’d have a more organic story line.

  4. BrightLight says:

    I so want to see President Marsdin’s other jet but I bet it’s invisible.

  5. BoomKing says:

    Too many new characters who are one dimensional and added just to PC trendy. Too many poorly thought out combat sequences that make no sense. And really too much Smallville plot regurgitation. Bye, bye, Supergirl.

  6. M says:

    I love it when Lynda Carter is in a role and there’s always that subtle reference to Wonder Woman…lol.

    I too was having glorious flashbacks to Chris’ Vampire Diaries days as Kai. He definitely has been one of their best villains

  7. A more important question to ask, was Jimmy really going to assign Kara to interview the President?

    • syvyn11 says:

      Clark Kent’s big break is when he hustled a interview with Superman. Maybe James wanted to see if Kara could make her first interview rock.

  8. MattySi says:

    I’m loving all this LGBT representation on TV but I wish there was a little more G than there is.

    • Danny123 says:

      More lesbians than anything. Need more gay male couples but networks are too scared to do it because people have no problem seeing two girls kissing but the second guys do it they say gross.

      • Simon Jester says:

        Well, The CW isn’t “too scared.” The most adorable couple on TV in *any* combination is Darryl and White Josh on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

        • Ann says:

          And that’s their lowest rated show. It’ll probably be cancelled after this season unless it wins another major award.

          • Simon Jester says:

            The fact that it’s their lowest-rated show is a commentary on audience interest, NOT on the willingness of the network to embrace gay representation. Do you really need that explained?

        • abz says:

          I love Darryl and White Josh, but they’re secondary characters and they barely get screen time as a couple together and don’t have much too do with the overall story of the show either.

      • abz says:

        This is so true. Feels like a huge double standard. It seems like it’s always the easier route to havee lesbian characters than it is gay characters. I think it would have been great if they made Winn bisexual. Shows rarely tackle male bisexuality.

      • melaniedhi says:

        I generally agree with your statement there should be more gay in tv and the emphasis is on lesbian because it seems more accepted. However, I find the CW not being that bad compared with other networks which have way more ratings. I’d like to see more LGBTQ on NCIS, most watched show in the US… As for other CW show with a gay couple there is The 100. Although I don’t know the guys name and there should be more central figure gay characters that for sure.

  9. ALM says:

    This episode had some good moments, but the writers should have paid attention to their own advice for Kara through Snapper. And the execs should have something like, “Do you think this episode will be made with so much of your biased opinions in it?”

    • Mai says:

      @ALM – Yeah, this episode feels like one of those heavy-handed episodes that I hated from season one. I’m worried the show really hasn’t learned that much from it’s weak points from season one, and will start to preach and beat-us-down with its viewpoints on feminism, aliens being comparable to illegal immigrants, politics, etc. Might skip watching it live and just watch on recording, so I can fast-forward these parts…and James.

  10. Manu says:

    Blatantly obvious Alex would turn out to be the character coming out. Even in season 1 her gay could be seen from space.

    • Danny123 says:

      I never saw it but I see Winn’s every episode.

      • ChrisGa says:


      • MattySi says:

        Same here. I had a feeling it wouldn’t be Winn coming coming out because he was in love with Kara in season 1. He wouldn’t all of a sudden be gay. Alex had fliratious moments with that Lord guy but so did Cat. Makes more sense for Alex to be gay than Winn.

        • Amy says:

          It’s clearly not going to be Winn but his interest in Kara isn’t really why… bisexuality exists.

          • melaniedhi says:

            Agree with that. Personally I’m a bit unhappy they are teasing a “coming out” as the struggling issue, rather than a character being bi, Clarke way in The 100. She had a love relationship with a guy, and slowly the next season we saw a relationship develop with a woman. There was no question or comments about her sexuality, it was just business as usual which I LOVED! We shouldn’t have to make a big deal out of explaining how people and characters sexual orientation turned out LGB. Should just be.

      • Georgia Madman says:

        The less Winn the better….Cisco lite

  11. Shawn says:

    I see Maggie. I see Alex. I see a ship. I won’t try to come up with a shipper name though…not my super power either.

  12. datdudemurphy says:

    #Malex ?

    • Manu says:

      Sanvers. There are thousands Malex ships already, even on Supergirl (the three people that shipped Alex and Maxwell called them Malex)

      • Dominique says:

        believe it or not, there are quite a few people who ship alex/maxwell. just because you don’t like them and don’t see the appeal (and apparently want to tell EVERYONE this on here repeatedly), doesn’t mean it isn’t there. they were definitely fascinated by each other and they had their moments.

        • Manu says:

          Sure there were. All 5 of you.

          • Dominique says:

            you know, i just realized something; you’re acting like a very pathetic, upset 10 year old. that’s okay, carry on. you gotta get your happiness somewhere.

          • Manu says:

            You’re right, reading you embarrass yourself doez give me plenty of happiness. Try not to drown in your bitterness next time.

      • datdudemurphy says:

        Ha….completely forgot about that pairing.

  13. Did anyone notice that Kara put out the flames on her body by doing the “Wonder Woman Transformation Spin” that Lynda Carter did in the Wonder Woman TV Show?

  14. Alia says:

    I vote for #Aggie

  15. Danny123 says:

    This makes no sense. Alex has always been portrayed as straight even flirting with maxwell lord in season one. It should have been Winn. Everything about him screams gay. Maybe its just the actor. CW is ruining this show considering it wasn’t the best DC TV show to begin with. Superman is gone. Cat Grant is gone. All the best characters are gone except Martian Manhunter.

    • Manu says:

      Alex has never been portrayed as anything – there was no flirting with Maxwell Lord, only wishful thinking from your part. She is the only character on the show whose person/love life was deliberately kept in the dark – unlike Winn who was in love with Kara and had a thing with Siohban. She is obviously the DC TV character coming out this season and most fans saw that coming months ago.

      • Danny123 says:

        Rewatch season one. When Alex said she wanted to go on a date she was always talking about men not women. TVline even said they thought it was Winn coming out as bisexual. There’s an article on it. This is just CW way of giving my least favorite character Alex more screentime. I do like the cop though. She’s interesting.

        • Manu says:

          I just binged season one on Netflix, buddy. The only time Alex has ever mentioned men at all was when she said she dated some guys in college – which means absolutely nothing. The vast majority of lesbians have dated men in the past and hey, she could always be bisexual. TVLine article means nothing either as the comments on the article have mostly replied saying it would be Alex instead. And just a few days ago Matt Mitovich was “hmming” and Alex/Maggie picture on Twitter. Just because you didn’t want to see that the signs were there, doesn’t mean they weren’t. Most people saw it.

        • abz says:

          I wish it were Winn too. They should have made him to be the one to come out as bisexual. I watch a lot of TV, but I’ve rarely seen TV tackle male bisexuality. I feel like it’s still a bit taboo. It always seems to be the easier route for shows to have an existing female character be bisexual, or come out as gay.

          • Judi says:

            You would wish it was Winn. It’s not that deep of a show. What do you want from an 8 o’clock show?

      • I’m not sure I’d say Alex flirted with Maxwell Lord … but she did tolerate his flirting with her, probably just for the sake of the mission. She did seem to develop some begrudging respect for him by the end of season 1, and vice versa … it’s a shame he’s vanished.

        It could work to have Winn as a straight man who is perceived to be gay, if they wanted to play it that way. You see it in comedies — BIG BANG THEORY and ODD COUPLE, for example — less often in dramas or adventure series.

        My first thought based on the rumor was that it would be Winn. Alex was a surprise, if it’s her — though you’re right, as she said in the second episode of this season, she’s been so busy protecting Kara or otherwise hunting aliens that she has no obvious love life on display at all. Her romantic life is a blank slate.

        • KCC says:

          I saw the Alex/Maxwell relationship kind of like you did. More like she was flirting as a way to get closer to him for covert reasons. It was a great “in” because I think he did have interest her but it wasn’t really mutual. At least that’s the way I saw it.

          • Ginaboi says:

            That’s exactly what happened. Maxwell was interested in Cat. Him and Alex played a cat-mouse game. She never gave him the time of day.

    • Mai says:

      @Danny – Yeah, I thought Alex was straight too, what with that flirty vibe she had going with Maxwell Lord. Maybe they’re making her “bi” now? It seems odd to make Alex the gay one. It annoys me when shows make the strong female character on the show gay, like straight women can’t be strong and empowered or something. And I actually thought Winn was going to be “coming out” per se, as maybe “bi”.

  16. Joey Padron says:

    New episode was good. Like introductions of Miss Martian, Maggie, and Mon-El. Loved Wonder Women references. Lynda Carter did good in episode. Surprised the President is an alien! Can’t wait to see next episode.

  17. Azara Elmon says:

    I hope Alex is killed off. She’s just such a flat and horrible character. Whenever she is on screen, I want to turn it off. This episode also seemed to just be a political statement and I find that a big turn off also. If it keeps up, I’m done watching. Maybe this will get canceled after this season and they can do a Superman show, he was the best part of the first two episodes.

    • SupergirlKara says:

      not now Azara..Alex is the main character and i think if kill her off its kinda hard,btw she’s a great actress and have a great act,why you dont like her though..

    • Jami says:

      I love Alex. I am hoping she is coming out.Loved the cop. The episode was awesome.

  18. Conner says:

    I’m still hoping that Alex and Winn happen. Especially after last weeks episode! They have such great chemistry. Better than her and Maggie, besides I feel like they would be ripping of Sara and Nyssa. Also I am the only one who thinks Mon El will be a love interest for Kara?

    • ninergrl6 says:

      You are not alone. I sense a possible Kara/Mon-El pairing in the works. Of course that could just be because I have a massive crush on Chris Wood myself. I loved him on TVD and Containment.
      For whatever reason, I’m enjoying season 2 infinitely better than season 1. I’m not sure how much influence a network has over the running and writing of a show, but the CW is definitely doing Supergirl a solid.

      • The Carpooler says:

        Oh crap, that’s where I’d seen him…Containment. Awesome show.

      • Conner says:

        SUPERGIRL is doing great! I was nerves when I found out it was going to the CW. For you see I have watched Arrow and the other DC shows from the beginning of them and after last season of Arrow I thought writing had gone down hill, but Arrow is really good this season! I do agree Supergirl is solid! That’s my favorite of the four! The writing, the acting, and the whole show is just amazing!!! Or dare I say “Super” lol

  19. Shane says:

    I love Alex, i think she’s my fav character in Supergirl, and definitely between Alex and Maggie lots of chemistry…so may be they will be more than just a partners. As it’s happened in POI with Root and Shaw. By the way, Root and Shaw really deserve they own show.

  20. Paloma says:

    Did Kara never read a newspaper story before?

    On the other hand, her first pass on her first story didn’t read like a straight up news story, but it came awfully close to how many newspapers these days, and most “news” web sites confuse opinion with fact or intermix the two in what is supposed to be straight up reportage. But she’s supposed to be smart and I was disappointed by her first story.

  21. Jared S says:

    Am I the only one confused about how James got that job? He’s only been at CatCo for like a year – if that – now he’s the boss, I guess. Also what exactly is his job? Cat was CEO so I understood her delegating to all the others, but he was photo editor or something. Im sure I just missed this conversation, but I’d appreciate the clarification.

    • KCC says:

      I don’t think you missed anything. Cat just appointed him acting CEO. it’s Hardly realistic that a photojournalist would be made even an acting CEO of a what appears to be a major media company. Unless he has an MBA at least. The board of directors should have something to say about that. I’m selling all my CatCo stock.

  22. parstl says:

    I am pulling for this show to succeed but they need to slow down and plot better.
    they lost a major story arc with Cat on sabatical. Whether you liked it or not, the Kara James arc was a central theme now gone. The Winn infatuation with Kara was a major theme now gone. I have nothing against lbgt storylines but I think it’s being given a novelty treatment to gain the demographic. How about more emphasis on Kara’s parents again and her sibling story with her sister. I agree with others that they rushed the end of the Kara James arc. I also thought the production quality of this episode was lacking and direction was disjointed. Someone needs to shoot for major network standards again. Bring back Cat soon.

  23. David H says:

    The New York Times would have run Kara’s original draft. They’ve been editorializing in their news stories for years. And if Alex was gay she would have shot down Maxwell Lord’s advances by letting him know. I like Maggie and hope she’ll be around for awhile. But if they give Alex the Willow Rosenberg makeover just to score social justice enlightenment points, I will be very disappointed.

    • Manu says:

      Be disappointed (in yourself for not seeing the obvious), then, because it’s happening.

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      Alex slammed Max’s head into a table, called him an SOB, and threw him in jail for life. Not exactly the actions of someone in love with somebody. To me she was just tolerating Max before that to get information from him and to let J’onn sneak into Lord Tech.

  24. KB says:

    I really hope that Alex isn’t the one “discovering her sexuality…” I mean why can’t two girls just meet and be friends? Oh right, this is television and everyone has to be discovering themselves and otherwise thrusting the ideals of the producers, actors and such upon us. Whatever happened to just escapism television???

  25. Snapper was a dick as usual but his sexy ass is growing on me

  26. I loved the Easter eggs. Kara spinning so reminded me of the Wonder Woman spin and did anyone catch the President’s line at the end. Kara says she loved air force one but the President said, wait until you see my other “jet.” I screamed like a fangirl. Diana Prince is the freaking President. Now all we need is Bruce freaking Wayne.

  27. Stephanie Grohol says:

    Ok….there was nothing in the Recap about the President being a possible alien? Maybe she was kidnapped and replaced by an alien? And how many aliens are on Earth anyway? Good recap…but there was a lot of questions without these answers. And it seems to be a parallel between the DC and Marvel universes. Actually there is.

  28. A says:

    Lyda Carter’s character is a Alien too can’t wait to see it played out later i the season

  29. Gabby says:

    How about Malex?!

  30. Dominique says:

    i loved meeting mon-el and miss martian in this episode, can’t wait to see what they’ll bring to the table. really like maggie as well, she’s got spunk.
    no to alex/maggie tho. i’m all for alex being bisexual, hell i WANT her to be, desperately, but throwing one pairing under the bus to make room for a gay pairing so they can please the lgbtq fans is something more shows have done in the last two years, and it’s getting annoying. they need to do better.

  31. Phun says:

    I LOVED. LOVED, LOVED this episode. Pretty awesome having Lynda Carter in it and the nice references to Wonder Woman.

  32. Terri Slaten says:

    Alex and Winn should be the new relationship.

  33. Judiwb says:

    Why dio we always need to have a gay character on every show? We don’t always have a black, indian, or asian. Just saying.

    • abz says:

      Why not? Why does having a gay character on a show bother you? Every single show from the very creation of television and film has been predominantly heterosexual. I’ll never understand why people get so bent out of shape over the fact that shows want to include some LGBT characters, as if gay people don’t watch TV too and wouldn’t like to see characters that they can relate to/identify with and can enjoy watching.

      • Judiwb says:

        Why can’t a show just be a show? Most shows have been predominately white since the very creation too!! And don’t other races/nationalities watch tv too? There are more gay characters on tv than all of the nationalities combined..Just want it to be about Supergirl and her adventures. Not who Alex is sleeping with.

        • abz says:

          “Why can’t a show just be a show? –> That doesn’t make any sense. Why don’t you just come out with the real reason why you don’t want gay characters on TV? It’ll save us a lot of time.
          Every show has supporting characters and those characters have lives of their own too. The show is still about Kara/Supergirl. It’s about the missions she does each week, her love life, her professional life, her interactions with family and friends and yes, since TV dramas need to stretch material over ~42 minutes each episode, they delve into the lives of supporting characters because they can be just as interesting (sometimes even moreso) than the lead characters depending on the show.
          You say there are too many gay characters over characters of other races/nationalities? Well looking at this show in particular, there are two regular black characters (Jimmy Olsen, J’onn J’onzz), plus many guest actors and not a single LGBT character for the entire first season that I can recall so the complaints are just lame. And overall what I see is a lot of gay characters on TV that barely get much amount of significant and meaningful screen time compared to their straight counterparts and yet people like you constantly complain about it. OUAT paired Ruby with Dorothy and even though people knew the story was probably only for the one episode and as usual the pairing would be abandoned after that, there was still so much outcry and butthurt over it. The Walking Dead had that one gay kiss in season 5. People complained over it even though Aaron is only a small character in a huge ensemble. I could go on and on with examples.

        • Thanh says:

          “There are more gay characters on tv than all of the nationalities combined”….WORD, girl.

      • Jami says:

        Thank you. I am gay. I love the show. Gays been around for ever. We watch tv too. I am all in on Maggie and Alex. I am al in on Kara and Mo-El he is a cutie.

  34. Cyclone says:

    Is Malex too obvious? Or has it been too over used before?
    Dayers? Does that even make sense?

  35. Jamie says:

    Clark and Lena, and toughy rule: It should be their show.

  36. The Truth says:

    After a decent start for the season, this episode was a complete mess. Not only did the show restart its biggest weakness from last season, it is now following the typical CW formula.

    -Biggest weakness: Cramming its political/social view points down everyone’s throat. The writers need to watch Star Trek and Buffy on how to do social commentary correctly and effectively.

    -CW formula: How in the world is it common place for 20 something’s to be in charge of multibillion dollar companies? And how do these companies stay in business while being run by 20 something’s acting like 20 something’s?

    • Couldn’t agree more! James Olsen head of CatCo? That makes little sense to me. Also, when Kara couldn’t believe that people even voted for “the other guy,” you couldn’t deny who that statement was directed towards:/ BTW, Lena Luthor is quickly becoming my favorite character.

  37. chuckiechk says:

    I’m ok with Supergirl putting Maggie (a Lesbian from the comics) with Alex (someone who isn’t from the comics), what I’m not ok with is Gotham trying to turn Penguin gay and have him fall in love with the Riddler, as that has NEVER been a part of the comics.

  38. Jami says:

    Super episode. I am glad CBS moved SG to the CW .Alex is one of my favorite characters. She is bad ass and nanasty. I loved Maggie the cop, a lot of chemistry with Alex and Maggie. Wonder Woman was great. The show may be cheesy, but it is fun to watch. I miss Cat Grant. Melisa Benoist is perfect as SG.

  39. Gerri says:

    The Wonder Woman reference was spoiled by making her some kind of Alien. Couldn’t she just be a cool accepting president without also being an alien?? Too bad.
    I’m still not on board with Jimmy being put in charge at Catco. He’s been there for 1 year. What makes him qualified? It is just a way of giving him more screen time with all the shuffling that went on. Much like Wynn all of a sudden being the go to expert on all things electronic at the DOD. Doesn’t make sense.
    I’m loving Chris Wood. Can we ship him and Supergirl? Kara-Mon? Mon-Kara?

  40. Todd DeFelice says:

    To be honest, I like the show and so do my kids. I hope the writers are not going to develop a story line with Alex and Meggie. Situations like what they are hinting at are starting to get old and becoming a cliche. It seems like a lot of shows are exploring these type of story lines. It might be refreshing if they did not. I am more interested in the story of Super Girl.

    • Judiwb says:

      Me too!! I watch the show with my kids. This show is not a platform for this.

    • abz says:

      “Situations like what they are hinting at are starting to get old and becoming a cliche” –> What “situation” is that? You’re acting like “these type of story” are any different from any other similar story line with two straight characters having a meet cute and hinting at a possible romance (e.g., Kara/Jimmy).

      • parstl says:

        For those parents or guardians with children, these types of stories require discussing a myriad of issues that should wait in some instances until later in childhood or adolescence. We have a president who is the product of an interracial marriage and that is not the hot button it once was some places Though I think in reading comments here the past year, most of the anti James comments are racially motivated…if the actor was white here, they would still be an item. Back to the sexually issue, not every show needs to have that theme. Big Bang Theory does not have recurring black people nor does Once Upon Time. Supergirl can focus on simpler stories and women power without touching nontraditional relationships.

        • abz says:

          Well if they’re uncomfortable with talking to their children about it, that’s their problem and they shouldn’t watch it with them. The show is clearly more geared towards adolescents/adults anyhow. And chances are their children will learn about LGBT people one way or another, whether through seeing it on the news or TV, or having friends with same-sex parents, seeing gay couples in public or as they grow up having gay friends themselves, or they might even be gay themselves. Just because some of these people feel uncomfortable talking to their kids about this, that’s not the show’s problem.
          “Back to the sexually issue, not every show needs to have that theme.” –> I’m so tired of ridiculous comments like this. Do we need to have a show about an alien supergirl? Do we need to watch her love life, her story, etc? Do we need to have superhero shows at all? Do we need to have TV shows at all? Shows can and should include gay characters if they so choose to and I think the more the merrier. Every TV show is overwhelmingly filled with heterosexual characters everywhere and there’s nothing wrong with that, but yet when shows want to include some LGBT representation, it’s something that is not needed. So stupid.
          Also, here’s a tidbit, the creator of all of these CW superhero shows (Arrow, The Flash, etc.), Greg Berlanti, is a man who happens to be gay. Why wouldn’t he want to include some gay characters on his own shows?

          • Judiwb says:

            You have all the answers. In that case we don’t need tv at all. We can’t let kids be kids is all I’m saying. A simple show about good versus evil and that has to be the platform for gay rights? BTW–I have talked to my kids about it. Because it is everywhere. Not afraid to talk about it. Even have friend who are and agree. Hope you aren’t a parent.

          • abz says:

            “We can’t let kids be kids is all I’m saying.” –> What exactly is it about having a gay character on the show that prevents kids from being kids? Please enlighten me…or just come out and say what you really want to say and save us some time. Don’t bother with the “even have friend who are and agree” crap.
            The show is not trying to be a platform for gay rights. You’re the one getting bent out of shape over the inclusion of a gay character on a TV show and nonsensically complaining that there is no need for it and calling to protect the children.
            And if you have already talked to your kids about it, then what’s the issue. Your “concern” for your kids should be eliminated, that is unless your explanation to them was a negative, homophobic one and you’re afraid they’ll somehow turn gay or something by seeing a gay character on TV..

          • Judi says:

            You are so self righteous aren’t you? I am entitled to my opinion as you are to yours. No I don’t think or afraid that they will “turn gay” Did you from watching tv? What’s your deal? Why are you complaining? You have a lot of tv shows with gay characters. But you have no issue with poor ethnic representation. Are you this fired up about that? I am glad that you think it’s fine for 2 year olds to talk about and or watch shows with sexuality as a main topic. Enlighten you? Please. Get off your soapbox and let’s agree to disagree. Last time I checked, we live in America.

          • abz says:

            Last time I checked, this is the Internet and not all of us live in America. And what you see as complaining I actually see as being pissed that every time a show has a gay character on it, people like you constantly complain and say it’s not needed and yammer on and on about needing to “protect the children”. Please. You can have your opinion, but that doesn’t prevent your comment from being open to criticism just as the same applies to mine.
            “I am glad that you think it’s fine for 2 year olds to talk about and or watch shows with sexuality as a main topic.” –> Wow, could you be any more ridiculous? What two year old watches television like this that is geared towards adolescents/adults let alone has the cognitive capacity to understand the complexities of adult relationship? Also it’s a damn CW show too, not Showtime or HBO. And “sexuality as a main topic”? Talk about an exaggeration. Having a gay character on the show does not change the main plot of the show. It’s still about Kara/Supergirl and the fight between good and evil and her weekly missions.
            Where did I even say I have no problem with poor ethnic representation? Nice try. The topic at hand is LGBT characters (i.e. Alex’s possible romance with the new female character) which is why my comments are discussing that.
            “You have a lot of tv shows with gay characters.” –> It may seem like a lot to you, but from the many shows I’ve seen, few actually get meaningful and significant screen time compared to their straight counterpart (it’s better on some shows, but certainly not all), Many shows just have them as secondary or tertiary characters that are an afterthought (e.g., the captain from The Flash) and rarely does a show try to introduce a lgbt character/couple without having to deal with the childish backlash and outcry over including them.

          • Judiwb says:

            BLAH BLAH BLAH….I am so glad that you find me so ridiculous. :-) This is about a stupid tv show and you are so fired up!! You should be happy that you are well represented on tv and if anyone has a different opinion than you, it’s not wrong. Still won’t address the ethnicity issue but that’s ok. Agree to Disagree

          • abz says:

            Yeah, I’d expect nothing less from someone who has nothing worthwhile to say and can’t address the current discussion so they try to change the subject. And if all of this is just about “a stupid TV show” to you and it doesn’t affect you, then why are you here? You shouldn’t really have a problem with shows having gay characters.
            “…and if anyone has a different opinion than you, it’s not wrong.”
            Like I said earlier, you posted your opinion just like I posted mine, but that doesn’t make us free from CRITICISM over our opinions. You commented. I hit the “Reply” button. That’s what its there for. I personally think your comments are wrong and your reasoning for shows not needing gay characters is stupid and makes no sense. But whatever. Have a good day.

        • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

          Big Bang Theory does have a dark skinned Asian man that has dated some white women and it was implied he had sex with at least one of them. And even was shown in bed with one of the lead white female characters

  41. I'm in tech says:

    This show is really starting to just look like one big propaganda piece for Hillary Clinton. ‘Anti-Alien’ is just code for anti-immigrant, so that Supergirl can get a shot in at all of us in flyover country who have legit concerns about unchecked immigration. Not to mention Linda Carter wearing an outfit that looks straight out of Hillary’s closet.

  42. LK says:

    Having Mon-El call himself that seems odd… thats not his real name in the comics.. He is Lar Gand… and only was given the Mon-El name by Superboy when he mistakenly thought they were related. Seems odd for him to be using the El name on the show.

  43. Luis Roman says:

    It strains credulity that Kara, weeks removed from being Cat’s assistant, would be assigned to interview Lena Luthor, much less get a byline for the interview.

  44. Luis Roman says:

    The point of the name “Mon-El” is that it was given to the character by Superboy because he didn’t remember his own identity and because the rocket ship he landed in was identical to the one Kal-El traveled to Earth in, leading to the inaccurate assumption that “Mon-El” was Kal-El’s brother. It became a convenient alternate identity after Lar Gand recovered his memory and subsequently joined the Legion of Superheroes. Without that context, choosing the name “Mon-El” seems quite random.

  45. DixonSteele1on1 says:

    Everyone’s talking about this relationship that relationship and what a bunch of crap! The overall big over/undertones of this episode was politically motived about so-called illegal ‘aliens’!

    Supergirl/Kara saying under her breath when seeing a female president ala Killary – ‘why did anybody vote for ‘him’ aka Trump – was showing the true colors of a biased episode and more Hollyweird support for nothing they know of real facts about illegal immigration problems troubling the USA as a whole!!

    Only Jonn and Luthor’s sister had real solutions and lets take a breather here moments to say that not all these illegal aliens have a right to our freedoms and protections under USA laws!

    While watching this pro-Killary anti-Trump episode, I already knew in advance that Linda Carter (a registered Republican and supporter) was going to morph into the very same ugly and open border terrorist she was supposedly against but underlying supporting! She transformed into an evil-like Killary persona! And that’s the true message of this episode, but Kara supporters will not see the truth of this real election and real consequences to save their soulless bloody arses!!

  46. herman1959 says:

    (1) I called Alex as the person who comes out weeks ago, so that’s no biggie for me.

    (2) Linda Carter was so good as the POTUS, but I’m wondering if her character is a true alien or a shape-shifter who took over the POTUS’s body like Hank/J’onn Jones. Any thoughts?

  47. Georgia Madman says:

    Ship alert…..snore

  48. Puff piece propaganda for Hillary Clinton and open borders. One good moment was Lynda Carter referencing her “other jet.” What I really liked was after all the Hillary puff (SG’s obvious slam at Trump by asking how anyone could have voted for the other guy) and the pushing of amnesty for illegal aliens was having “Madam President” revealed to be a fraud and not what she seems as she walks away near the end. Almost made me think that an anti-Hillary writer snuck in a jab at her and her fraudulent ways.

    Overall it feels like the show is kind of dialing it in or trying to find its bearing.

  49. Ruby Vela says:

    The only ship name that I’ve heard of for Maggie and Alex is #Malex. Which is what I’ve been using since September lol!

  50. fiberlicious says:

    “Did she really think she’d get to interview the President of the United States for her first assignment?”

    Really? My first thought was “Gee, Supergirl can put in a good word for her…”

    And it’s not so hard to accept that a rookie reporter who didn’t go to journalism school wouldn’t know the difference between straight news and an op-ed.