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Jane the Virgin Recap

Jane the Virgin Boss Talks Rafael's Love Life, Jane and Michael's Sexy Moment

Warning: The following contains spoilers from Monday’s Jane the Virgin

Prepare for sexy times, Jane the Virgin fans!

After getting the all-clear from Michael’s doc at the close of Monday night’s episode, Jane and her hubby ran off to have sex — and do the deed they will, in next week’s installment.

“There’s so much pressure on Jane to make [it] the perfect moment,” executive producer Jennie Urman describes. “There’s so much pressure on us in the writers’ room to make [it] the perfect moment. And then that made me start to think about, ‘Is anybody’s first time perfect?’ … I feel like we’ve integrated our own anxiety and Jane’s anxiety” into a “really, really fun” and “different” hour.

Urman was “happy to let go of” all those expectations and finally answer the mystery of when Jane would lose her virginity. Similarly, “it’s almost a relief for [Jane], like, ‘Oh, we got that over with,'” the EP says.

The milestone also brings about another big moment: a title change. While “Jane” will always remain, “Virgin” will be crossed out and topped with a descriptor specific to the episode, like Jane the Guilty Catholic or Jane Who Doesn’t Like Her Mom’s New Boyfriend. “It’s a way, to me, of identifying that people are so much more than sex,” Urman explains. “[Jane] is a person with so many different identities and so many different things that make her character interesting.”

Meanwhile, Rafael’s joyous declaration that he’s finally over Jane will cause “a lot more complications and difficulties” for his baby mama.

Jane the Virgin Spoilers“Things are a lot easier when everybody’s wanting to win your heart,” Urman notes. “Co-parenting is difficult no matter what, but it hasn’t been as difficult as it could be for Jane, because [Rafael] has always wanted to please her.”

The dynamic between Mateo’s parents will get an added twist when Raf starts to move on with “a really great, surprising love interest” who has a connection to Jane, Urman teases, adding that the mystery woman makes her debut in Episode 5.

As for those still riding the Rafael/Jane ‘shipper train, Urman confirms that romance is over — for now. “I would say people should still hold out hope, because things get complicated,” the EP hedges. “But we’re not playing it. It’s there underneath.”

Are you excited for Jane and Michael to finally do it? And who do you think is Rafael’s new lady?

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  1. niloofar says:

    dragging out the triangle to the point where you want both guys dead👎
    scandal, TVD… not exactly JTV genre but even in an american telenovela adaption, pick one and stick with it. the show cn be so much more than jane going back and forth

    • Pumpkin says:

      The writers (and everyone on the show really) have done such a great job with the show so far. So I want to trust them, and we obviously don’t know the whole story, but I wish that the love triangle would die forever. I also worry about cheap and repetitive drama.

      I agree the show is much more than Jane’s choice between two men/love life. I hope it explores all of the characters’ relationships and other issues through the lens of family as the series progresses.

    • Zee says:

      Never have and never will be a fan of love triangles

  2. Kar says:

    the triangle needs to be done

  3. Carol C says:

    So glad the triangle’s really over and everyone can more on.

  4. JDH says:

    This isn’t about the show, but every time I look at this site on my phone, it redirects me to a different site or the App Store…. Is it a glitch or a virus or something??

  5. Carmen says:

    I personally don’t mind the love triangle, probably because I’m more pro Rafael and the show didn’t go in my favor, but after all the previous comments from Jennie Urman I’m pretty sure she’s over it. I don’t hold out any hope for Jane and Rafael because Jennie sank that ship already, I don’t believe her and I feel like Jane and Rafael is hopeless. Maybe if she hadn’t been so vocal to begin with I might have thought differently, but that’s not the case. Which is fine, it’s her show and she can say and do whatever she wants with it. Some fans will be happy to keep watching and unfortunately others will tune out. I’m still on the fence, but everyone who I used to talk about the show with quit so I’m stuck reading comment sections like this to see what everyone else is thinking.

    • Mariam says:

      Exactly how I feel! Maybe it’s because I wanted to Jane to end up with Rafael but I’ll be sticking to the comments section for a few episodes.

    • Skittles&Bits says:

      I agree. I quit in the middle of season 2 when Jane stomped all over Raf’s heart and chose Michael. I’m not the type of viewer to go all nuts campaigning and harrassing showrunners when my ship dies unlike the bizarre fandoms of some other CW shows that will not be named. I just tune out simply because what drew me in (Jane & Rafael) is no more. The show will go on as Jennie Urman dictates and the Jane & Michael fans can enjoy it.

    • Muffy says:

      Then don’t remake a show about two strangers coming together in a non traditional way. I still believe J/R are endgame, but watching a ship you’re not a fan of (Jane/Michael) can be hard.

  6. Bianca says:

    I like both couples, but I am glad that the love triangle is put on the back burner. Honestly, it’s good that they’re focusing more on other storylines like the co-parenting between Jane and Rafael. They’ll always have love between them; just familial love as opposed to romantic love.

  7. Marci says:

    “As for those still riding the Rafael/Jane ‘shipper train, Urman confirms that romance is over — for now. “I would say people should still hold out hope, because things get complicated,” the EP hedges. “But we’re not playing it. It’s there underneath.'”

    I hate these kinds of statements, or threats. If Urman does anything to upset Jane and Michael’s relationship, I’m out. I’m tired of being jerked around.

  8. Carmen says:

    Not excited with Jane and Michael they have no chemistry as actors. It would have been a lot more sexy with Rafael. As far as raf new love interest I’m happy with that I want Jane to feel what raf felt when she picked Michael . I think it’s Luna her best friend that would b great . Let her get real jealous I would love it.. I would like to see that side of Jane I think it would make a good story line. End game Jane and Rafael

  9. cherriyasz says:

    The look on Jane’s face though when Raf said he’s finally over her spoke volumes. I won’t be holding onto bated breathe waiting for the showrunners to ever get them back together but them not definitely closing the doorto that ship also spoke volumes. C’mon its so obvious that Jane and Raf have much more chemistry than her and Micheal will ever have ( being sickeningly sweet and romantic to each other no matter how cute it is can never replace that all hot passion and attraction). The passion they even fight with is out of this world. Bottomline, Raf challenges Jane and i still believe that they will be endgame if the show runs its course instead of being horridly wrapped up in cancellation. For now am going to chill and enjoy the fun aspect of the show cause there is never a moment which dont get me cracking or grinning but oh boy the next episode is gonna be hell for me to watch. might as well skip it and read the comments first before watching….

    • Muffy says:

      Since it’s on the CW, we may get at least 5 seasons. I don’t know if the show is owned by CBS because those usually get enough seasons for syndication. I’m glad Raf will be getting a new woman. He won’t be crying over Jane/Michael. The show should have never been remade if J/R are not endgame.

      • Parker says:

        Rafael was apparently Jane’s first kiss. Although, she lost her virginity to her husband – which is much more significant. I still and always will ship Jane and Raf, the sparks are too real when they’re together. So glad they have Mateo, that is one thing they’ll always share, one thing Michael will never be able to do the way Raf can, one way he will never be able to replace Raf. Perhaps Mateo will bring his family together. #teamrafael

  10. Gwendolyn says:

    I read another article where Jennie basically straight up insulted Jane/Raf shippers and said if you don’t support Michael/Jane’s marriage you’re diminishing them, and then tried to placate them by saying something superficial like, “don’t give up hope.” Jennie is either and idiot or a liar. I’m guessing the latter. CW writers have a habit of stringing along shippers, particularly ones involved in triangles, see Brucas from One Tree Hill and Olicity on Arrow. In reality, when showrunenrs try to keep shippers on the hook so they don’t lose ratings, they just alienate a huge fanbase and are insulting and demeaning to people who like a ship they want to destroy. I stopped watching Jane the Virgin when she kept stringing Raf along. I have literally no faith in Jennie and I don’t believe anything she says about Raf/Jane being a potential endgame ship. The fact that Michael was even an option for Jane, when the actors have zero chemistry just proves to me that Jennie has no idea how to write good television. And I was double offended when she insulted Jane/Raf shippers because they liked a ship she want to end.