The Vampire Diaries Recap

The Vampire Diaries Season Premiere Recap: What Fresh Hell Is This?

And just like that, the final season of The Vampire Diaries is upon us.

In a much-appreciated nod to the CW drama’s pilot, Friday’s premiere opened with Damon and Enzo engaging in a time-honored vampire tradition: tricking an unsuspecting pair of young lovers into thinking they hit you with their car, then feeding on them when they get out to check on you.

Only this time around, the vamps weren’t the ones doing the feeding; Damon and Enzo were merely picking up dinner for their former vault-dwelling master — kind of like a supernatural Seamless, if you will. (“I don’t particularly want to kill you,” Damon told a Matt Donovan look-alike, before dropping him into the creature’s vat of bloody water, “but sometimes we have to do things we don’t like.”)

But it wasn’t until the end of the gory, doom-laden hour that we finally learned who what was on the receiving end of those deliveries: Ladies and gentlemen, Damon and Enzo are under the spell of a siren (presumably Sybil, played by UnREAL‘s Nathalie Kelley). Little is known about the motives of this bad-ass bloody lady, but thanks to the trail of clues Enzo left for Bonnie, Team TVD is already working hard to figure out what makes her tick — and how to free Damon and Enzo from her claw-like clutches.

Elsewhere this week…

The Vampire Diaries RecapLOVE SHACK, BABY! | Despite the world basically collapsing around them — or perhaps because of it — Stefan and Caroline have decided to live together. (“I’m not trying to rush us,” she told him, but considering we only have 15 episodes left after this, I would encourage everyone to start rushing.) I can’t say I’m totally surprised that Stefan and Caroline decided to take this major step in their relationship, but I’m a little surprised that it was all Alaric’s idea; after Virginia broke into Chez Forbes and nearly killed the twins’ new nanny, Ric proposed that he move out of his crappy apartment to spend more time with the girls. (On behalf of the fandom, I thank him.)

SLICK RIC | Speaking of Alaric, Caroline may be concerned about her baby daddy falling for Seline’s “hot nanny charms,” but I think she should be more concerned about his new intern Georgie. While inspecting a secret passage in the Armory vault, she told him he had hot brains — I might be paraphrasing — and was really disappointed to learn that he’s “closed for business.”

‘DEAR ELENA…’ | Just as executive producer Julie Plec foretold, Friday’s premiere was jam-packed with Elena shout-outs. Not only did Stefan and Bonnie keep up their journaling for her, but Damon delivered a passionate monologue about his feelings for her — or lack thereof. “Elena doesn’t matter to me anymore,” he told Stefan after revealing that his humanity is permanently in the ‘off’ position. “I ripped the switch off the wall. There is no switch, Stefan, because there is no hope. … My path and Elena’s paths, they’re not the same. Her great beyond is a decidedly happier one than mine.” But fear not, “Delena” Nation: As revealed during a subsequent conversation with Enzo, Damon only flipped his switch so that Sybil wouldn’t know who he cares about, thus protecting his loved ones from her wrath. Phew\!

Your thoughts on TVD‘s final season premiere? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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  1. Stacey says:

    Happy to see the recycled Delena scenes, I miss ND. And I can’t wait for Sterobore to derail. She had a way worse day, and she’s the one comforting him? Girl has to open her eyes and see that she deserves more. She’ll always be 2nd to Damon. Stefan should have listened to Klaus, when he told him to let her go since Damon will always be his priority. At least Klaus puts Caroline’s needs and feelings first and foremost.

    • Pam says:

      So agree. I can’t wait to mid-season when everything goes up in flames. I remember Caroline writing in the journal, saying that they worked things out but it looks like the same exact bad habits as last time. I hoping for Klaroline, but I will settle for a single Caroline. That’s my endgames.

    • Sara says:

      Klaroline or single Caroline as endgames work for me! I would much rather that then this terrible Steroline crap.

    • what happened to this show??????? says:

      Lol, forgot tonight was the return. Just read the recap. Glad I missed it. The brother and sister hook up. (Stefan and Caroline) yikes, creepy. They are and I am not kidding the most uncomfortable couple I think I’ve ever watched on TV.
      So this is what will happen this season. Damon will be the hero. Stefan will hold Carolines purse and praise his brother who has ruined his life. Fast forward 60 years, Bonnie dies and Elena wakes up and goes to Damon.
      Remember how great this show was season 1 2 and 3. The line ups to see the actors, the red carpets, the excitement.

      Then Delena happened and the show hit a wall and the fans walked away.

      • Katie says:

        Your comment made me laugh. If the fans walked away after season 3, how did it make it 5 more years?

        • what happened to this show??????? says:

          That was the start of the decline of TVD’s. Stelenas, Klaus and Caroline fans, SINGLE playboy Damon fans hung on to hope the show would turn back around and be the GREAT show it used to be. It didn’t and fans just gave up on the show. Ratings proved it. The cw eventually had to admit the once great Vampire Diaries being on top is gone. The show hasn’t been on top for a long time should had ended a couple of seasons ago.

          • Darin says:

            Vampire craze is over. Super heroes are in. Originals to go if they don’t remove Marcel’s super vamp status.

        • Penny says:

          Look at the ratings from seasons 1-3. Then look at the ratings from seasons 4-7. MANY people walked away, including EP Kevin Williamson. When Plec took over is really when this show went downhill

          • what happened to this show??????? says:

            Kevin went to do another show. I do agree when Plec and also her side kick Dries took over there crush/obsession on Ian and turning the show from TVD’s into the Damon/Delena show was the start of the decline of TVD’s

      • Lauren says:

        Agree! borenzo, sterobore and dullena is what tvd is ending with. Look how far tvd has sunk.

        • Stacey says:

          I agree with all of you above! Delena could have been great but unfortunately JP ruined it. Seasons 1 to 3 were the best. I’m glad that KW is back. Last night was good with the exception of Sterobore.

  2. Jeremy White says:

    Damon reading 50 Shades of Grey was the highlight of the premiere for me!

    • CLSiemens says:

      I took it as a call back to Damon reading Twilight in Season 1. Fifty Shades was originally fanfic for twilight. Made me giggle when I saw it.

  3. Tracy says:

    Loved the inside fan jokes about the vampire craze being over and Ian reading Fifty Shades of Grey (a role many wanted him to play). Great episode! Don’t want this show to end.

  4. Scarleth says:

    Everything was amazing until recycled Delena trash happened . I love Damon’s scenes , stefan & bonnie was great too .Sadly , Julie’s obsession over the actress who left, and most toxic ship “delena”, don’t let me enjoy the show how i wish

    • Aly says:

      I don’t understand. This is the final season and this is what they present the fans with? REALLY? WOW, what a horrible way to go out honestly.

  5. Luli says:

    Georgie is Mandy from Drake and Josh!!! And I’m done with DE… Please move on. They are still boring as hell.

    I hope to see more Caroline with the kids!

  6. S.q says:

    We love Steroline

  7. Abbi Fortune says:

    Really loved this episode! Definitely worth the wait, and all of the beautiful Steroline scenes are a dream come true. Hoping to see more of them together and happy, especially now that they’re living together! And it wasn’t Ric’s idea. He just pushed Caroline to make the decision she’s been wanting to make for months. We know that Stefan and Caroline are going to be facing some very adult obstacles, but let’s just hope they can overcome them and come out the other side together, stronger. STEROLINE FOREVER! ❤❤

  8. Kathy says:

    I loved this episode so much! Steroline was amazing I’m still crying over all the feels they gave me.

  9. Katie says:

    LOVED the episode, thought it was amazing. I was so glad that they came out strong. Nice to see some happy Steroline, and I’m always on board for Delena moments. And even more than that, I thought the episode in general was fun and interesting: from Stefan and Bonnie having some bonding moments to Enzo’s messages to Bonnie. I get that a lot of the negativity about Vampire Diaries is bitter shippers who know they aren’t going to get their preferred ending, but regardless of all that, this show really hit its stride last season, and this one is already shaping up to be even better. I still really love this show, and I’m so excited to see what happens in the remaining episodes!

    • Val M says:

      If you look tje episode is well rated, people is only complaining about thw parts tjey didn’t like aka shipping stuff (overall Steroline) aka the part that Julie wrote, you can see what Kevin wrote vs what Julie wrote, therefore what people liked vs people disliked.

    • Katie says:

      Well looking at the ratings there’s not many that agree with you.

      • Stacey says:

        Actually most people can’t stand Steroline! Back in the early seasons, TVD was averaging better than Flash numbers. Once SC got together the ratings went down too. Enjoy it now since they’ll be broken up come mid-season, since Stefan can never put her first.

  10. Hallie says:

    I can’t wait till Steoline crashes and burns we know it is coming probably the worst pairing and I don’t get why Ric isn’t living with his kids I think I will wait till the show is over and see if if is worth watching

    • Stacey says:

      I am with you! Thankfully, it looks like they are breaking up mid-season because Stefan can’t put her first. I really don’t want to see the adventures of co-parenting with Care, Alaric, Stefan, and the new nanny. Looks like the siren or some other nefarious creature is after the twins. At least that part of the SL could be interesting.

  11. Great episode, love the Steroline scenes, love that Enzo left clues for Bonnie,, the episode was definetely intense, but intense in a good way, i have High hopes for this final season, and while Steroline might hit a rocky road i’m sure that they’ll find their way back to eachother by the end, and last time i checked they aren’t siblings. I’m interested in seeing how Enzo and Damon will break free from the hold that the Siren has on them.

  12. soulsouthfan says:

    Season 1 I think I was shipping heak out Stefan and Bonnie JP stop giving them air time the moment KW left. JP was doing everthing to make Caroline likeable .

  13. Darin Price says:

    Lots of blood. Hot new babes. They only need to turn Bonnie vampire so Elena can return for the last season. If Bonnie dies, Elena wakes up. And face it, she isn’t a witch anyway. So why not?

  14. Denise Rambo says:

    Damon reading “Fifty Shades of Grey”. PERFECT!

  15. Tamika McKennies says:

    I actually liked the premiere. I think it should have opened up like this last year when they promised a darker Damon and we didn’t get it. I am not a Steroline fan and it’s hard to get interested in any of her couplings when she has been with practically every man in their group. So, there’s that. I did like what I saw between Damon and Enzo. I also loved the flashbacks of Bonnie and Enzo and enjoyed Stefan telling her for once that she’s the strongest out of all the girls. Which she really is. I just hope we don’t have to watch Bonnie be lonely for half the season.

  16. That is a great series with great actors, but do you know who else are cool? Root and Shaw are incredible characters and they totally deserve their own show! It’d be so nice to watch a Person of Interest spin-off with Amy Acker and Sarah Shahi.

  17. Liv says:

    Alot if things happened this episode, but the one thing that really made me mad is when Caroline moves in with Stefan. Because as a mother, I would definitely leave my kids to go be happy with a guy, like seriously. I understand she loves him, cool. She is a vampire and someone is coming after her children so the natural choice would be to move out so the human dad could take care of them. Are the writers 5 years old? No sane adult would make that choice. The writers are catering to a certain ship and not sticking to a story. And yes this is a vampire show, but this show has always proclaimed to be more about the human elements than it’s counterpart the originals. So someone please tell me the logic in this? Caroline has been downgraded from this strong character, to a lovesick schoolgirl who can’t get enough of her crush. This is why Stefan/Caroline will never go anywhere because logic apparently doesn’t apply when they are together!!

  18. Sara says:

    Sorry to say but I don’t believe Steroline will be derailing at all. So just get past it.

  19. Selina says:

    I want Stephan and Elena together in the end as it should be . Am I the only one ? Caroline needs to be with Klaus.

  20. 514ED says:

    Who cares about TVD these producers are turning this show into a soap opera show & this new villain she’s whack all she does is take control of people minds, replacing memories boring!! & I don’t understand why are still putting Elena name so much in this forget about her move on jeez. The originals is way much better than TVD. Am still waiting for Finn & mikeal to come back as series regular.

  21. Brian Wilson says:

    I would like to see vampire diaries Move to the walking dead season 7 on Netflix

  22. Brian Wilson says:

    I would like to see vampire diaries move to the walking dead season 7 on Netflix . vampire diaries team. Up with walking dead rick. And carl grime.