Is Once's Seer Really Jafar? Should Rocky Horror Have Aired Live? Are Cisco and Winn Too Similar? And More Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Once Upon a Time, Lucifer, Jane the Virgin and Lethal Weapon!

1 | Which of SNL’s branded content sketches was worse: Burger King or Honda?

tv-qs-once-chalk2 | Is Once Upon a Time‘s Snow White using, like, giant sidewalk chalk on the blackboard here? (Perhaps a blind Mary Ingalls is among her students?) Also, the staff-wielding young seer that has visited Emma and now Jasmine is totally Jafar in disguise, akin to his big-screen masquerade as the old man, right?

3 | Should we just assume that everyone on Westworld is a robot, until proven otherwise?

4 | Has Masters of Sex so desensitized you to seeing naked bodies on TV that this week’s visit to the nudist camp seemed almost quaint? Also, isn’t it about time for Nancy and Art to quit the clinic?

5 | When is the last time Gotham’s Nygma told a riddle…? Also, was anyone else uneasy with carousing Jim and teen Bruce giving each other romantic advice?

6 | Are Supergirl‘s Winn and The Flash‘s Cisco essentially becoming the same person — fanboys who serve up comic relief as well as design and (handsomely) construct unprecedented tech in a matter of scenes?

7 | Did you get palpitations when it seemed like Jane the Virgin might go the amnesia route with Michael? And did Gina Rodriguez’s wig distract you during the season premiere’s flashbacks?

8 | Regarding Lucifer‘s highly entertaining Girls Night Out: When is the last time a non-Shonda show let four female characters just tv-qs-bull-flaghang out and gab, and not about boyfriend problems?

9 | Two questions for CBS’ Bull: Who wants to tell these rootin’-tootin’ Texans they’re flying the flag upside-down? And how did Jason’s notebook slip past CBS Standards & Practices? (Answer: just barely?)

10 | Is TVLine reader Vanessa right: Does Chicago Fire need a youthful firefighter? And as reader Mr. Sunshine suggests, is it time for a gay character to be added to the show?

11 | When Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. pitted Ghost Rider versus Hellfire adjacent to a fireworks store, was there any doubt whatsoever — as Coulson himself even quipped — how the sequence would end?

This Is Us12 | How is it that the sight of This Is Us‘ shirtless, chiseled Jack wasn’t drawing more attention from all the suburban moms during the family’s big pool day? And sure, Kevin is a bit flakey, but would he really have gone into that important audition so woefully unprepared? (The “Miss Maine” mix-up was a blunder too far.)

13 | When Sue’s financial aid fell through on The Middle, couldn’t she or Mike have sought out a loan? Wouldn’t that have made more sense than Mike selling his half of the diaper business to foot tuition?

14 | Can we all agree that the real star of the final presidential debate was CNN’s impassioned, eloquent, BS-clobbering commentator Van Jones?

Arrow15 | Arrow viewers, what is this on reporter Susan’s wrist?! Also, is Ragman — with his mystical, sentient robe thingy — kind of a weird fit for the new team?

16 | On Lethal Weapon, how was there no physical fallout (ashes, remnants… anything) landing near Riggs and Murtagh in the pool after the bomb was shot in mid-air? And didn’t it look like the buddy-cop drama (as well as the hostage scenes on Quantico) filmed in Sterling Cooper & Associates’ pre-renovation offices?

17 | On Supernatural, was Lucifer’s burning face some of the most grotesque but striking imagery the show has done?

18 | After Sarah Baker’s great turn as Better Things‘ frustrated Mormon mom (and, of course, that awesome Louie guest role a while back), isn’t it time for her to get her own series?Rocky Horror Picture Show

19 | Would Fox’s Rocky Horror been better if it were broadcast live, instead of filmed? Or at least taped in front of a live audience of fans armed with all the midnight-screening props? And how is that Staz Nair wore far more modest metallic briefs than Chord Overstreet did years ago on teen-targeted Glee?

20 | Does the ambitiousness behind Legends of Tomorrow‘s CGI offset the sometimes partially baked (Nazi Stretch Armstrong?) results?

21 | Is it well past time to put a fork in that Volkswagen commercial, where “On the Road Again” is repeatedly interrupted?

22 | Why didn’t Lady Gaga’s Carpool Karaoke air this week? Wouldn’t it have maximized viral exposure for both James Corden and Gaga’s new album “Joanne,” which is out as of today?

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other Qs you care to share!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Squirrelly says:

    I can answer #15 for ya…It’s the Triforce!

    Now we just gotta know if it’s the power, wisdom, or courage piece. :P

  2. CurlyGirly says:

    #10 Chicago Fire: So you don’t consider Jimmy young? What do you consider young?? [No Spoilers please!]. Also, they DID have a gay character – remember Lesley Shay?

    • Daisy says:

      In both cases, I believe they’re talking about replacements now that one is out of commission (young) and the other is long ago dead (gay).

    • Steven says:

      I’m gay and started watching the show because of the hot firemen, so they should definitely tap more into that demographic!

    • mikey says:

      I’ve been shipping for Cruz and Otis. I know it won’t happen but think they would make a fun couple.

  3. Which Bank would ever give the Hecks a loan?

    • Paula says:

      Exactly. And at least part of the financial aid package Sue had was probably loans, but you can’t get the student loans if you don’t fill out the forms every year.

  4. Gerri says:

    6. I had issue with Winn constructing that Kryptonite Absorbie thing. He is just a computer guy. That is way to techie for him. Way out of place. He can’t be a another Cisco. Don’t even try.
    12. Yes I would have been distracted.
    20 Terrible CGI. Terrible ambition. Glad Haywood got a booster shot so he can help the team more in the field. No happy with Reverse Flash. How is there not larger implications in the present with all his mucking around…. Did Hourman have kids??? p.s. Ger Rip Hunter back. But the only reason they made Stein seem like an trembling fool was so they could justify Sara taking the lead. Sara would be a terrible leader/captain.

    • Phun says:

      6. At first I had an issue with Winn constructing the Kryptonite reflectors but then I realized that he is Toyman’s son, so I felt it was feasible for him to construct them.

    • Jared S says:

      6. I didn’t have much of an issue with that. I do hope that in the coming eps he has more to do. His interactions with Clark were great, I just miss his involvement with Kara’s day to day life now that he’s with the DEO and not at CatCo, so he’ll be involved more with the Supergirl side of things. That being said, I do love that he works there. It gives him a place to really excel with his talents, rather than just being the IT guy.

      20. Truly awful CGI. Agree with you about the implications to the timeline, especially now the Time Masters are gone and there’s no one but the “Legends” to correct the course of history. Disagree about the Stein thing. I think they’ve shown in the past that he doesn’t make the best decisions (I mean the show started with him drugging and kidnapping Jax). And they kinda were setting up the Sara as leader thing last season when Rip started teaching her to pilot the ship. Also, really miss Rip. I hope they don’t drag out his disappearance for long.

  5. clintbrew says:

    2, the oracle is totally Jafar cus emma was told to follow the bird which was a red parrot (totally iago) which lead to the oracle also she weld the staff that looks like the snake staff with red glowing eyes

    • DD says:

      I keep thinking the Seer is the girl who was in the opening scene of the season with Aladdin and Jafar – but its hard to tell…

  6. Steven says:

    8. I think back to the Girls Night Out episode of Person of Interest with Root, Shaw, Carter, and Zoe. Probably my favorite episode.

  7. Jason says:

    13) I guess it’s because it just isn’t The Middle if the Hecks aren’t behind the eight ball somehow. Logic bedamned.

  8. BrightLight says:

    5. “Gotham: I thought Nygma told the Penguin a riddle this week in which the answer was “salt”?
    13. “The Middle”: I was more intrigued at the fact that Mike got the EXACT amount of money from the diaper business that Sue needed for school. He had nothing left over? Also, shouldn’t she have just been kicked out for the semester and not all year? I’m also assuming she doesn’t get Federal aid just state since the deadline was in March (Fed deadline for everyone is June 30). I’m pretty sure she should have been able to apply for federal financial aid even if the deadline had passed and she probably would have gotten a Pell grant to cover some of it (which she wouldn’t have to pay back) and possibly had to pay a little for the semester out of pocket but not the entire amount was told she had to pay.
    Of course, none of this would have been comedic, so they probably went with selling the diaper business to get rid of that storyline.

    • Liz says:

      A big yes to everything you wrote in response to #13. I work with financial aid, and I’m pretty sure the writers did no research on the subject. At most, if the school has super strict deadlines she would have missed out for the fall and been reinstated in the spring. Usually priority and state deadlines are in the spring, but you can continue to apply for aid up until classes start. Also, they wouldn’t have had to pay for a whole year of college up front, just a semester.

  9. 4. I don’t think Masters of Sex has desensitized us..I think all cable shows have desensitized us to just about anything…there is no shock value anymore. As far as Art & Nancy…they are as dysfunctional as everyone else and I cannot stand Art anymore so yes..they can go now. His lying to his wife about sleeping with Gini was gross. Also they are trying to steal patients and that is the something that Bill and Gini do not need! I cannot wait until they are back together! This season’s writing has been stellar. Also, poor Betty.

  10. Dr.Bombay says:

    19. Based on how bad the acting and singing were pretaped, there’s no way this should have aired live.

  11. Raymond says:

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again DEF. should have been broadcast live w. a studio audience (like Grease Live). It would have added excitement, and avoided the poor advance reviews that prob. decreased its viewership.

  12. Luis Roman says:

    8. The Bechdel test has fully taken hold of the entertainment industry.
    11. Two men on fire in a fireworks factory – wasn’t that the plot of a Laurel and Hardy movie?

  13. Tom says:

    3 | Should we just assume that everyone on Westworld is a robot, until proven otherwise?
    We’re all Cylons. Oh, wait, different show my bad. Sorry just had to go for the joke.
    8 | Regarding Lucifer‘s highly entertaining Girls Night Out: When is the last time a non-Shonda show let four female characters just tv-qs-bull-flaghang out and gab, and not about boyfriend problems?
    It’s been awhile so I can’t totally recall, but Parks and Rec Galentine’s day? Or was there boyfriend problems discussed, I can’t remember now.
    10 | Is TVLine reader Vanessa right: Does Chicago Fire need a youthful firefighter? And as reader Mr. Sunshine suggests, is it time for a gay character to be added to the show?
    Maybe it’s time we reduce the number of Chicago shows to two at most, do we really need four shows? Shouldn’t we stop the spread before we get Chicago Sanitation
    13 | When Sue’s financial aid fell through on The Middle, couldn’t she or Mike have sought out a loan? Wouldn’t that have made more sense than Mike selling his half of the diaper business to foot tuition?
    Maybe they didn’t want one? Maybe they realized a loan is a hard thing to pay back?
    19 | Would Fox’s Rocky Horror been better if it were broadcast live, instead of filmed? Or at least taped in front of a live audience of fans armed with all the midnight-screening props? And how is that Staz Nair wore far more modest metallic briefs than Chord Overstreet did years ago on teen-targeted Glee?
    I think it would have been harder to do what they did live. Granted it wasn’t the best thing ever and of course the original should be held in high reverence, but how was it different than a revival of a stage show for instance? Alan Cumming’s Master of Ceremonies is drastically different than Joel Grey’s but that doesn’t make one more valid than another. And please don’t remind me of trouty mouth, I had successfully forgotten him before that question

  14. befastordontbe says:

    6) You forgot Fefe Smoak. She’s 10x more obnoxious than Winn & Cisco put together, can hack nuclear weapons/conduct virtual autopsies with no medical knowledge and converted a Betamax tape to digital in half a second with no equipment amongst many other impossible feats. The only thing that keeps her from being “essentially the same person” as them is the writers listened to the Olicity shippers and made her the love interest.

  15. Hayley says:

    2) Yes to Snow White’s chalk, and yes to Jafar-as-seer. The fact that so many already have that hunch either means: 1. we’re too smart for this, 2. the writer’s don’t know how to drop sly hints without immediately revealing everything, or 3. we’re all being duped so they can pull a rug out from underneath us
    6) YEEEEESSS and it’s killing me. If I may, I would suggest having one (Cisco/Vibe perhaps) step up their game with combat training. I’d be impressed then
    9) I’ll be honest, I didn’t know Bull’s notebook said “Hit List” until that photo. I was perfectly content believing it was the other, so thanks for that
    15) Leave Ragman alone, he’s the coolest thing I’ve seen this season

  16. J says:

    1. I’m sure all the students with visual impairments are actually pretty grateful………

  17. Gregwp says:

    5. Ed has told Penguin a riddle each of the last 2 weeks hasn’t he?

  18. JH says:

    20) Since so many shows are dealing with time-line adjustments, are the fans supposed to not notice Hourman was killed before he went to the future to warn the Legends? Also, for all the other times when a speedster put his hand through a person, how did Hourman last long enough to tell Vixen a “time-traveler” killed him?

    I felt they wasted their budget on Stretch Armstrong Nazi, while not show us Hourman’s powers or even really introducing us to all of the JSA (Did Dr. Mid-Nite do anything in this episode? I had to look him up because I don’t even remember them naming him).

    • Jared S says:

      Let’s not forget that they completely negated their necessity in 1942 by making Einstein give his ex wife partial credit, which would mean that the Nazi’s didn’t get the bomb. So they were never in danger, and Rip didn’t need to send them away, which should make Nate irrelevant to them, because he never would’ve found that article and gone to Oliver. They just kinda gloss over all of that by saying that because they are at the center of the paradox they are unaffected. Yet, on the Flash, Barry was losing his memory and his powers after creating just such a paradox, even though he was at the center of it.

  19. Chuck says:

    Yes, RHPS should have been a live production to minimize the inevitable comparisons to the movie … which it never let fans forget existed. And I seem to remember quite a lot of controversy over Chord’s briefs at the time. At least Rocky’s singlet in the Floor Show almost made up for the shorts.

  20. PatriciaLee says:

    8. I haven’t seen it. I’m holding my breath on renewal, since it’s such fun to watch great female actresses being people. 9. Michael Slezak or Dominic Patten (remembering their reviews for Houdini & Doyle, here) 16. My mind turned off after there were no broken, splattered limbs or clothes from the accelerated impact, and just had fun watching braindead. 19. They made it sound like it was going to be live. I didn’t watch it, or the original, but it is a bummer they thought so little of the creative process not to have it live, at some point. Maybe, it was a non-fan that came up with the idea, showing it no love. 20. Yup! It has heart, and that is all that counts. 21. The husband says, “Uhhh, no it’s ok.” He’s the one that notices this stuff. 22. The husband and I love Corden’s traditional monologues, reminding us of Jay Leno. The karoake leaves the husband cold, and I just don’t have time for it. Obviously, we’re the wrong demo…haha.

  21. Jared S says:

    7. Gina’s acting is too captivating for me to notice something like a bad wig.

    15. Agreed about Ragman. And a question of mine: I don’t read the comics so I don’t know if this is an actual character or one made up for the show, but could they maybe give him a better name?

    20. That weird CGI took me right out of the show. I hope that’s the last we see of the roided up Ken doll looking thing. They should’ve either done prosthetics or cast a really buff wrestler type to play the super soldier version of the Nazi.

  22. Paula says:

    #13 Mike Heck is a true Old School Dad (and bless him for it). He believes the primary responsibility of his family falls on him. The Hecks already work numerous jobs but still barely live paycheck to paycheck. Tears ran down my face when he explained selling his half of Little Rivals by saying “It’s Sue… it’s Sue.” A father who adores and appreciates his daughter. I love the show and they are my all time favorite TV family!

  23. arial2 says:

    11 True, but I loved how Coulson and crew paused for a few moments to enjoy the fireworks display before leaving. So much humor in this show.

  24. cuius says:

    #18 – How long before Pamela Adlon gets promotion from “Honorable Mention” to “Performer of the Week” – she’s hitting it out of the park most weeks

  25. mario says:

    Do you have any news on if/when TBBT will be renewed for an 11th season or beyond?

  26. lena says:

    10. they absolutely need new, young characters, the crew is almost entirely made up of middle aged men. and they desperately need gay representation. there is not one gay character across Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Chicago Med. which is terrible considering there are 35+ characters.

  27. HAP says:

    21- I’ll take me some Willie whereever and whenever I can get it. He is an icon.

  28. DD says:

    Here’s another question: On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, how did Gina know in advance that Jake’s plan would involve roller-skates??

  29. cp1945 says:

    14. I agree completely about Van Jones excellent commentary post-debate, along with Gloria Borger, on CNN. The Trump surrogates appear to have watched a different debate.

  30. Mo says:

    22) think carpool karaoke has repeatedly increased sales-Gaga is going to have a big first week of sales-how do you get the next tier? you do Karaoke at beginning of week 2 good for Late late show because will prove it causes an uptick

  31. says:

    I’m a little late in the game here, but must chime in as a bona fide Theater Queen:

    Rocky Horror was just not compelling! It should have been LIVE. It should have dropped the distracting movie audience conceit. It should have been less slavish to the movie. It should have been SEXIER and EDGIER. And finally, although I appreciate the casting of Laverne Cox, did she really need to channel Tim Curry’s indelible performance? And it would have made more sense if Dr. Frank N Furter was a woman in drag as a man.

    As for poor, sexy Jeremy Jordan on Super Girl: He left Broadway for this thankless role???????

  32. says:

    There was A LOT of bouncing underneath Staz Nair’s gold boxers!