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Vampire Diaries Boss Previews Elena's 'Very Strong Presence' in Final Season

The Vampire Diaries will not be lacking in Vitamin E(lena) when it kicks off its final season this Friday (The CW, 8/7c).

Though the object of Damon’s affection is still catching up on her beauty sleep at the top of Season 8, executive producer Julie Plec promises that Nina Dobrev‘s character “has a very strong presence this season, in the entire season, similarly to how she did last year.”

“We set up at the end [of Season 7] that Stefan had kept up with writing in the journal to keep [Elena] up to speed with everything they’ve been going through,” Plec reminds TVLine. “We really keep that up in the beginning of the season. Everyone has their turn telling their stories in the journal. With that, we’ve gotten to both keep Elena’s character alive, but also return to the nostalgia of Season 1 when ‘Dear diary’ was a thing.”

Plec describes Season 8 as a “year of finallys,” explaining that, “because it’s the last season, we get to deliver on all the things we’ve been keeping a nice Santa’s wish list of.”

One of those “finallys,” of course, is the long-awaited return of Dobrev, who hasn’t been seen in new footage since May 2015. (Dobrev did record new audio for the Season 7 finale, but that’s as close as we’ve gotten.)

On that front, there’s no news to report since CW president Mark Pedowitz confirmed in August that Dobrev was in “discussions” to return for Season 8.

What are you hoping to see in The Vampire Diaries‘ final season? Drop your own “Santa’s wish list” in a commet below.

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  1. Mary says:

    Steroline June Wedding is definitely in my Santa’s wish list!

    • Erin says:


    • Charlotte says:

      Oh Mary honey, you do understand sweetie that Delena is why the show is being cancelled and Delena’s saying they love Sterolines are obvious.

      Sadly, this show is just a joke and has been since mid season 4. Lol, it’s too bad the people who comment don’t watch the show. Lolllllll

  2. spindae2 says:

    They are half through the season shooting wise, they will start prepping the final scripts soon so I expect news about Elena soon.

    Can’t wait the season to start tomorrow. Not sure I’ll be able to handle it without falling apart.

  3. Abbi says:

    Really hoping Steroline’s happy ending and a potential June Wedding is on there Santa wish list! STEROLINE FOREVER! ❤️ #SterolineJuneWedding #TVDForever

  4. wrstlgirl says:

    So they will continue to talk about Elena, Elena, Elena non stop. Got it!!!

  5. A says:

    My wish is a Steroline June Wedding. Stefan and Caroline deserves a Happy Ending together.

    • Smiles says:

      Nope. My wish is for a June wedding between Stefan and Enzo. Stenzo forever!!!! Relax, crazy, I’m just pulling your leg here. :-)

  6. Ella says:

    Yeah, I’m betting we see the return of the love triangle in some capacity. TVD will be remembered as a show about two vampire brothers in love with the same woman so no way they don’t circle back to that. I’m thinking all 3 end up human but we’ll see! I really only care about Caroline and Bonnie at this point so I hope they get out of MF and get to do something awesome after YEARS of being dragged down by The Salvabros.

  7. ILoveTV says:

    I figure Nina’s either agreed and they’re just waiting to announce it for maximum publicity (tho I would’ve thought this would be that time???) or she’s refused so they’re delaying admitting it as long as possible. Bc considering they were ‘having talks’ with her 2+ mths ago, and considering they’re due to wrap in Feb and usually have ep 16 written before they break for Xmas, I can’t imagine it’s still up in the air. Imo, they know one way or the other.

    It’s weird I like Elena but spending soooooo much time talking about her blah blah blah in S7 was really boring to me, JP saying it’s gonna be the same in S8 isn’t great news for me lol.

    • Ella says:

      I agree that they definitely know. I lean towards her returning and I’m kind of expecting the announcements to come when they take a break in December. Kind of like what they did with the crossover with TO last season. They’ll use it to drive interest in hopes of people tuning in for the final stretch of episodes. They’ve gotta hope they can muster more than 1M people given it was once The CWs #1 show.

    • Cassie says:

      Ofc they know. They just don’t want to admit that she won’t be seen until the last episode because honestly how many ppl want to watch a repeat of s7? I know I don’t want to watch sterobore and borenzo nor do I want to hear how Damon can’t live/isn’t a good person without Elena again this season. They know this because of the ratings for s7 but they wrote themselves in a corner so what else are they going to do until Nina comes back? At least I know now not to watch until 8×16! lol

  8. Briana says:

    DAMON & ELENA ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    • nikki says:

      Hangin’ in there for DE the truly iconic love story.

    • TBH says:

      LMAO! How exactly are they epic? Is it how Damon kills and hurts Elena’s family and friends when she doesn’t play his girlfriend and hurts his little feelings? I would call that epically abusive.

    • Briana Mestas says:


      • Gwendolyn Finley says:

        I agree with you .. all the way!!! Beside this what it should have been all along… with Elena And Damon and Stephan and Caroline have their happy ending . It should be totally vampirontically romance awestruck.

  9. Stacey says:

    I want to see 2 things. Steroline breaking up and a Klaroline endgame. That would be the best!!

  10. Loila says:

    A Klaroline endgame is definitively on my Wish list for this last tvd season.

  11. Sthe says:

    I wish she can bring Klaus for 1 or 2 episode I want “Klaus & Caroline together :)” for the Final Season

  12. lorena says:

    Ugh! Julie and her Ele/nina obsession is seriously annoying , for god sake send the stupid coffin to the hell and give us a good storyline and a decent end.

  13. Leah says:

    It’s called fanbaiting. It’s been going on for a couple of years now. It’s a shame the actress who plays Elena has made it clear she has moved onto bigger and better things and really doesn’t seem too interested anymore. It has stunted the rest of the storylines by keeping her tied to the show with the coffin. Hopefully Nina can manage one episode for them in her busy movie and vacation schedule. Good luck with that!

  14. TV viewer says:

    Unless it has something to do with Bonnie and Damon, or any way in which Damon and Bonnie could finally become an item before this show is over, I’ll be watching some other thing.

  15. Lisette says:

    This show should end with the brothers walking off into the sunset, literally. No corny, predictable ship endings.

  16. luna says:

    my wish is for Steroline to get married! #SterolineJuneWedding!!

  17. Chanrin says:

    Ugh just let her go already. Don’t those people have a life beside Elena ?

  18. Wendy says:

    Damon and Elena end game riding off in his blue convertible! Or getting married in the most beautiful setting! Everyone LOVES a happy endings! Please give us a sweet happy ending for them. It would be amazing closure for those 2.

  19. Kern says:

    STELENA ❤️❤️❤️ true and epic love.. please make it happen again.. its on my Santa’s wish list.

  20. Selina says:

    Stephan should end up with Elena!

  21. Virgil says:

    All of the characters dying my Enzo and Damon’s hand throughout the season. Perhaps end the series with Damon ripping Caroline’s heart out at their wedding and then fade to black with Damon laughing and Stefan in complete misery. Yeah that would hit the spot….one revision. I want Bonnie to survive as well and have the greatest life of all time. Maybe a flash forward montage for her….

  22. Blatantly Optimistic says:

    Are we placing bets? If so, put me down for everyone ends up human in the end…At least all the main characters. Caroline wants to raise the twins so in order to be a legit mom she will become human. Damon will do it for Elena and Stefan will become human because he’s always wanted to. Idk about the future for Bonnie and Enzo. Somehow I feel that they will probably kill Bonnie off. I mean she’s died like 45 times already. And then Matt will be all chummy again because everyone is human…The End.
    A humorous alternate twist for Matt: He becomes a vampire and likes it so much he doesn’t “take the cure.” My warped sense of humor.

    • bobbysgurl says:

      How can you be blatantly optimistic with killing off a character that has been a core character since s1? Everyone gets a happy ending except Bonnie. Geez, Louise.

  23. TJ says:

    Katherine coming back!

  24. TJ says:

    Okay pretty sure they’re going to kill Bonnie and I’m actually going to scream. Or Elena. AGUHG.

  25. omri koresh says:

    I really want a musical episode. i know it doesn’t make any sense but they can totally pull it off.

  26. Ru says:

    Delena endgame all the way! They’ve been through so much don’t just break them up after everything that’s happened!

  27. Lan says:

    Elena needs to end up with Stefan!! I’m counting on them so much! The series won’t be a real success unless Stefan and Elena have their happy ending.

  28. Messa says:

    I stopped watching the show once I heard Elena was not going to be in it anymore.. if she does return, that is worth watching.

  29. CIRLENA TRAGEL says:


  30. Bonnie says:


  31. Lauren says:

    Damon and elena
    Stefan and Caroline
    Enzo and bonnie

  32. harshmanick says:

    elena must return to vampire diaries

  33. Shelby says:

    I really really hope that Nina returns as Elena just so the ending of the show could end way more better with here in it! I’ve been watching this since I’ve been in high school graduated basically with them. It would be very disappointing if it didn’t end with her…💔 Because that’s all I’ve been hopping for every week since she’s left:/ And that’s why I think it would mean a lot to me as a fan of Elena/Nina! She is also a really great actress and I feel that most people would agree that she should do it:)

  34. It should come down to a last second decision to have to change Bonnie into a. Vampire, which means she is dead. Elena will come back and bring Damon back his humanity and there will be a triple june wedding of steroline delena and bonzo, happy endings PLEASE

  35. Courtney says:

    I would LOVE to see Elana come back on s8 to be with Damon again!

  36. Charlie says:

    Elena has to wake up at least in the last episode if not what was the point of keeping her preserved if it ends with out her being in at least 1 waking up in will be so disappointed

  37. sandra says:

    Delena❤ delena❤ delena❤ delena💖

  38. sandra says:

    My hope is that STEROLINE and again Elena hace DELENA FOREVER my desire is DELENA and STEROLINE❤💖💗❤💖💗❤💖💗❤💖💗❤💖💗

  39. ruthanna says:


  40. Thato says:

    Stefen and elena end up together with their happy ending and damon with klouses sister

  41. Isaax says:

    Elena and Damon and Bonnie and Enzo !

  42. Aasiyah says:

    I want Elena to cum back so badly I miss her with all the attention even though before I didn’t like her having all the attention now I just wish she was back . It would really help since it is the last season ever . Everything will come together great with all the drama and action I think it would be really dramatic for her if she knew what was going on this pass season .

  43. I want Elena to return because if she doesn’t it will be pointless cause the show is basically based on her

  44. Jer says:

    Bring Elana back She CAN help Damon come back from the edge Caroline can help Stephan

  45. Amber says:

    If I don’t see Damon and Elena together in the end of this finale season I’m going to be VERY disappointed that I ever watched the show. If this season doesn’t get better soon I’m gonna stop watching before the finale episode.

  46. Savannah says:

    I just think that at the end of one of the seasons Stephan and Elena should get married and have kids. Damon should get with Caroline and get married and have kids too. So should Bonnie and germey.

  47. lia says:

    Well, look…delena’s relationship was a big deal…they’ve been through many things together, and seeing them dealing with the situations as a couple not only stimulated our interests about what would happen next, but it also inspired us and kept our eyes on the screen. Personally, it was the main reason why I had once been really interested to watching the series..But the truth is that by the time elena’s presense’s missing, I barely watch the vampire diaries..As for Stefan and elenas relationship…i dont think so..i mean that…come on guys haven’t you experiences the boredom dominating in the film…the way they talked most of the times to each other was not okay…it was something like ZOMBIES RULLING THE PLANET…

    As for delenas relationship, WOW.
    Didn’t you all fall apart since their break-up
    mystery is gone, imagination is gone, big expectations are GONE with the wind
    what really keeps us going on watching is the hope that damon and elena reunite


    this is my wish list and some things to remember…

  48. From the first time i started watching this series, stefan and elena had that great awesome acquaintance story and thus the writers got twisted so the audience would have the puzzle ans speculative thoughts what will be next? What happen to the love birds after those ups and downs, new characters so forth and so on hence elena died and reincarnated maybe so she could go back to the finale but i guess they should still attache to the love birds stefan and elena from the start though they had their former story (katherine and stefan) sp why would it be like that to be the love birds again.stefan and elena, bonnie and enzo or who ever she will be with, caroline and damon.

  49. Courtney Slocombe says:

    For Elena to come back and her and Damien get together

  50. Joe says:

    What happened to Katherine