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Arrow Recap Season 5

Arrow Boss on That Suicide Squad Cameo, Felicity's Secrets and More

This week on The CW’s Arrow, Oliver had in his sights the distributor of a designer drug dubbed Stardust, though new recruit Rene aka Wild Dog got antsy and took on the baddie, Derek Sampson, himself — in a way that “royally pissed off” new D.A. Adrian Chase.

Sampson not only survived his scuffle with Wild Dog, he walked away from his dunk in a chemical cocktail impervious to pain, emboldening him to brush off his first clash with Green Arrow and then plot to take on rising gang lord Tobias Church, by creating a “superhuman” army. Oliver thus needed his own “army” and greenlit Rene, Evelyn et al to help him make another, successful run at Sampson, earning them full entry into the Arrowcave.

Elsewhere, a guilt-ridden Felicity confessed to Rory aka Ragman her role in his hometown Havenrock’s tragedy, while Thea made a bad sitch worse by asking reporter Susan Williams to “walk back” a story on Quentin’s new gig as deputy mayor.

Meanwhile in Chechnya, Diggle’s imprisonment on fraudulent charges was further complicated by the “return” of Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot (played by Michael Rowe, not Will Smith). The presumed-dead Suicide Squad member, however, was merely a vision born of Diggle’s guilt over Andy’s death. In fact, so despondent is Dig that he implored Lyla to stop helping him — prompting his Mrs. to recruit Oliver to bust him out of prison.

Following a press screening of “A Matter of Trust,” Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim answered a few burning questions about Season 5’s early episodes.

BACK FROM THE DEADSHOT | Arrow somewhat famously phased out its assorted Suicide Squad characters, as their Summer 2016 big-screen debut neared. So how were they able to “resurrect” Deadshot? “It’s always a case-by-case thing,” said Guggenheim. “In this case, it was really simple. I went to the writers’ room, this was a pitch on the table, I shot an email off to [DC Comics CCO] Geoff Johns, I got a response back, and Deadshot’s in the episode.”

THE CHASE IS ON | With the introduction of D.A. Adrian Chase comes the waiting game, for him to segue into his Vigilante persona. “[Episode 7] is where we show our cards the most in terms of Adrian’s character,” said Guggenheim. And in an atypical manner, “We’re writing [him] with the knowledge that the audience has a certain amount of comic book knowledge,” in which case “you’ll probably interpret certain scenes in a very specific way, and that’s fun for us. I don’t think we’ve ever really done it in this fashion before.”

A TERRIFIC SUIT | Curtis and the other recruits for now are merely sporting “proto-costumes,” Guggenheim said, until they truly earn their stripes. Curtis specifically “has the farthest to go,” from tech whiz/”Mr. Fair Play” to Mr. Terrific. “That’s a big throw, in my opinion. So the only way to do it properly is to watch him try and watch him fail, and watch him fail, and watch him fail.”

TICKING BOMBS | Felicity Arrow is still harboring two secrets, one from each of the men in her life — Oliver doesn’t know that she has a new beau, while Billy has no idea she works for Green Arrow. “No secret stays secret on Arrow forever,” Guggenheim reminded, revealing that Oliver will learn about Billy in Episode 5. (The EP kept mum, though, on when Detective Malone learns of his girlfriend’s “night job.”) Also to be filed under Secrets Never Keep: Diggle and Lyla discovering they had a daughter in the pre-Flashpoint timeline!

What did you think of the episode “A Matter of Trust”?

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  1. Mike says:

    Another solid episode for Arrow! While it was a VOTW episode, there was lots of good character progression for Team Arrow! I’m glad these are just proto-costumes for the new team, but Mr. Terrific looked really cool! I like all the costumes except for Artemis’. Having Deadshot back was a treat, even if it was just a vision of Digs. I’m ready for Dig to be back on the team!

    • JCMR says:

      I would second guess that notion it was a vision. I say Floyd is alive. No one noticed in the end when Diggle is talking to Lyla and he mentions Floyd, and when he turns around to see him, we see two figures behind him and Lyla in gray escorting away a mystery man dressed in orange prison garb (obviously Deadshot). When Diggle turns to Lyla again, the man in orange has been escorted away and disappears. It is seconds. Very quick.

  2. Clau says:

    Let’s forget about Felicity’s nightjob-secret for a moment. What is she doing during daytime?
    What’s she doing jobwise? Or at least what’s the guy thinking she does?

    • taran63 says:

      You’re putting more thought into this than the show’s writers are. As the writers would say, don’t overthink things.

      • KT says:

        That’s good advice. I tend to question way to much on this show instead of just enjoying it for the goofy show that it is. It does really bug me that there is no more little Sara, though!!

  3. Making Arrow Great Again says:

    Not sure how the ratings have been like this season, but to me this season is a breath of fresh air. The show is so much more enjoyable without Oliver’s love interests. The back and forth last season with Felicity was worse than a soap opera.

    • Kim says:

      Ratings fell to a series low last night (though Flash is experiencing the same freefall). Luckily, they’re on the one network that doesn’t seem to care about ratings.

  4. Drew says:

    I’m not really sure I’m feeling the new Scooby Gang yet, but that last scene with Felicity and Rory was stellar. I remember the actor playing Rory from the CW’s “The L.A. Complex” and I can’t wait to see how he steps up on “Arrow”.

  5. Teresa Harry says:

    Not at all interested in the way the storyline is going. I started to lose interest when Oliver and Felicity were over. They’re so cold towards each other now. I’m a romantic and I keep hoping they’ll get back together… if they don’t, I’ll lose interest in the show, sorry

    • Jbj says:

      Cold? Wow! I think they have some walls up, but they are hardly cold. They clearly still care for each other, they just have to compartmentalize until they find their way.

    • sarah t says:

      Really? I thought this season was pretty strong so far and they have a lot of their old banter back which I love. I’m really liking S5 (definitely better than Flash S3).

    • Sasha says:

      Honestly all about Olicity in the first 2 seasons….now i just want them to be friends and no one have any romantic Drama….i can’t take it

    • Kim says:

      Wow, I don’t think they’re cold at all. It feels like we’re getting more “Olicity” type bonding/being supportive scenes this season than we did when they were together. I think the writers are building towards getting them together again, but after all the flack from last season’s over-the-top drama, they’re taking their time and putting the romance on the back burner for a little while. I’m fine with that (especially if we don’t have to deal with other love interests for very long — or at all).

  6. datdudemurphy says:

    This season is a vast improvement over last year….
    Exchange of the night was definitely Oliver defending the hockey mask.

    I’m not sure how long the Oliver as mayor thing will be stretched out….kinda curious where they go with it.

  7. Dominique says:

    this was a nice, solid episode, best one in the season so far.
    man ireally hoped deadshot would still be alive as a result of flashpoint. hope tat is still someow the case, we just haven’t seen him yet.

    • JCMR says:

      I say he is – you see no one noticed in the end when Diggle is talking to Lyla and he mentions Floyd, and when he turns around to see him, we see two figures behind him and Lyla in gray escorting away a man dressed in orange prison garb – that was Deadshot. When Diggle turns to Lyla again, the man in orange/Deadshot has been escorted away. It is seconds. Very quick.

  8. dancmh says:

    Huge improvement over last year. The flash backs are still annoying but at least they make sense in the context of the five year story. I’ve been kind of wondering how Felicity spends her days though. Her boyfriend Promethe….er…generic cop guy…would have to wonder if he didn’t already know through bad guy backstory and tea.

  9. Sasha says:

    I for one am glad they’re not doing the romantic angle. Oliver is best when he’s focused like this.

    I also think bland cop guy might be the baddie but who knows….i rather if everyone remained single and fought crime…i like drama just not romantic drama.

  10. brenna says:

    Another great episode. The fight scene with Stardust was excellent. Even the group action scenes were better. They’ve really stepped up this season. Can’t wait for Diggle episode next week. The Oliver/Felicity scenes have been wonderful as they always are with those two. I do like the very focused Oliver. I still want a future for Oliver and Felicity, I just don’t want the unnecessary drama the writers pour on them.

  11. Kim says:

    I don’t want to jinx it, but three solid episodes in a row are making me cautiously optimistic for season 5. Sure, it could all quickly devolve into an angsty again (I’m already side-eying the new reporter) but I like that the new recruits aren’t overshadowing the characters I love. Felicity and Diggle are even getting their own storylines (although Dig’s desire to stay in jail because he feels he deserves to be punished feels way too close to Roy’s similar arc). Still, looking forward to the prison break episode, and Felicity’s continuing fallout from Havenrock.

  12. Joey Padron says:

    New episode was so good. Cody did good in new episode as main villain in episode. Like they used his old wrestler name in the episode. It was good to see Deadshot on the show again. Hopefully Oliver can get Diggle out of jail in next episode.

  13. BeckyBoo says:

    This episode was ok, not as good as last week which had really great emotional beats / growth.

    I like what they’re trying to do with the season – no magic, more focus on Oliver’s skill / leadership, and the Mayoral story. I quite like the new team members, especially Rory and Rene. The stunts have been great and the fight scenes appropriately brutal.

    All that said, it does feel like something is missing for me. It’s like, all the composite parts are there and doing fine, but the show is lacking heart for me currently. The closeness, bonds and ‘would do anything for each other’ family vibe is missing. Hopefully it will improve when Diggle is back on the team where he belongs. Thea is a bit marooned on ‘Mayor-island’.

    I’m very ready for Felicity’s Havenrock story to really kick off. That was a fantastic scene with her and Rory. We need to get much more into how these characters are feeling for me to feel as invested as I normally do and I’m ready for some forward progress between her and Oliver – there’s lots of stuff from last season that was never properly resolved, and I’m keen to see those conversations finally take place. While I could live without the inevitable ‘drama’ that is coming because of Felicity keeping Oliver in the dark about her band-aid boyfriend, and the almost-inevitable fling with the reporter they introduced, at least once that ‘drama’ starts, they can move forward meaningfully. They’ve been treading water since February, and it’s getting a bit tedious.

  14. Gerri says:

    So Deadshot was not in the cell with Diggle, but they never did find his body. So he can still be alive. I assumed it was legit and that he was never killed because of Flashpoint. So it is possible he is still out there.

  15. JCMR says:

    Is it just me but no one noticed in the end when Diggle is talking to Lyla and he mentions Floyd, and when he turns around to see him, we see two figures behind him and Lyla in gray escorting away a man dressed in orange. When Diggle turns to Lyla again, the man in orange has been escorted away. It is seconds. Very quick.

  16. Lyla says:

    Can someone please explain to me how Diggle and Lyla now have a SON and not a daughter? I do not watch the Flash.. I would think they would have to explain this to Arrow viewers?! Thanks!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      It’s simple: because of Barry tampering with the past (twice), Diggle and Lyla wound up having a kid earlier, and it was a boy vs a girl. One of several small “changes” as a result of Flashpoint.