Ratings: S.H.I.E.L.D., Flash Dip to Series Lows; This Is Us Again Tops Tuesday

ABC’s Tuesdays-at-10 curse continues?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this week drew just 2.3 million total viewers and a 0.7 demo rating (per finals), ticking down on both counts to series lows and placing a distant third in the time slot.

Opening ABC’s night, The Middle (6 mil/1.5), Fresh Off the Boat (4.1 mil/1.3) and Real O’Neals (3.1 mil/0.9) each fell three tenths, while American Housewife (5.8 mil/1.7) was down two tenths.

Elsewhere on the night….

CBS | NCIS (14.8 mil/1.8), Bull (12.2 mil/1.6) and New Orleans (9.6 mil/1.2) all held steady.

NBC | The Voice (10.5 mil/2.5) dipped a tenth and This Is Us (9.6 mil/2.6) slipped two tenths, though the latter again both built on its lead-in and led the night in the demo. An eventful Chicago Fire (7.4 mil/1.6) dipped two tenths from its season opener.

THE CW | The Flash (2.7 mil/1.0) dipped to series lows, while No Tomorrow (810K/0.3) ticked up a bit.

FOX | Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2.1 mil/0.9) and New Girl (1.8 mil/0.9) each held steady, while Scream Queens (1.4 mil/0.6) ticked down to new lows.

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  1. Jon Willis says:

    Called it. Nothing survives tuesday at 10 on ABC nothing

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      It is literally salted Earth. Scary.

    • joe says:

      They should have stuck with Body of Proof

    • peter says:

      they had body of proof a while back and cancel it was better”in ratings ” than everything that came after

    • Stephanie says:

      Seriously – worst slot besides Friday night on Fox.

    • AMG says:

      Forever did, and ABC cancelled it because it’s produced by Warner Bros!

    • Ben says:

      And yet, AoS is so good that people SHOULD be watching.

      • NoName says:

        Everything revolves only around Inhumans and what it’s like to have superpowers since season 2b. In season 3 Inhumans took over, Skye transformed from likeable, capable hacker and agent in this self-righteous, arrogant Johnson-thing and powered people became irrevocably what the show is about.

        I loved Agents of SHIELD for what it originally was in season 1 and 2a, a show about regular Agents and heroes without powers. I dropped season 3 because everything revolved around Inhumans.

        I tried season 4 and dropped it again because it’s the same old story about powered people, revolving around Inhumans and what it’s like to have superpowers. This time with less humour and more blood and violence, because the show wants to mimic Marvel’s Netflix-shows.

        It’s every week the same story since Inhumans popped up in season 2b. That’s neither entertaining nor good in my opinion, just lame.
        I’m no superhero-fanboy, just general audience who likes mystery, spy-shows and crime-shows, therefore a show about powered people revolving around Inhumans and what it’s like to have superpowers in every episode is not my cup of tea.

      • Aeol says:

        I stopped watching last season, but I’m newly recommitted. I’m loving the Ghost Rider, even if I’m not really loving the ghost lady. Theres something different about AoS this season and I like it.

        • NoName says:

          The only difference I noticed is that the Inhumans-show is focusing even more on powered people and wants to be a Netflix-show, I dislike it.
          I loathe Inhumans and I couldn’t care less for Secret Warriors and Reyes. This show is not for me, therefore I don’t intend to give it another try.

  2. Eric7740 says:

    I’m sorry but these last two Flash episodes have bored me to no end, I have been on my computer while they were on and not paying any attention at all, I have yet to even finish last nights episode!!! Bring my good Flash back please!!!

    • sarah t says:

      I agree, I don’t know if it’s the same S3 curse that hit Arrow or what but I’m just not feeling this season. The “big bad” isn’t that scary. I don’t care for Flashpoint just nothing. I’ll stick with it but it’s just meh.

      • jericho says:

        So very true. The show went from Arrow’s fun and upbeat counterpart to Arrow’s darker more boring partner. Widening the cast with Wally and Jesse and taking away the focus from Cisco and Caitlyn was a mistake and it continues to be one. Here’s to hoping they can right the ship before it gets too bad like Arrow has.

      • bj says:

        I never thought I’d say thiss but I agree. I’m really having trouble watching it this season. I was also on the computer when it was on catching up on some work and just listening.

      • Totally agree with you about The Flash. I missed last week’s episode & haven’t even bothered to watch it on the CW app. The “big bad” this season is boring, too. Bring back Grodd! At least Tom Cavanagh has returned. He’s always fun to watch:)

  3. Hipper says:

    Those FOX numbers are almost CW-like. Yikes.

  4. Drew says:

    Low ratings, and no Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. review here at TV Line this week? Hmmm …

  5. wrstlgirl says:

    I bailed on AoS a couple weeks ago. Any time I find myself easily distracted by other things I know it’s time to cut the cord. I’m hanging in here with The Flash but it needs to turn itself back around.

  6. btm says:

    The quality of NCIS remains high. The injection of the new cast members is refreshing. Tuesday’s Quinn-centered episode was excellent, with the welcome return of Henry.

    Those comic book show numbers are putrid, especially SHIELD for a network show. It needs to thank its lucky stars it has Disney-parent-company synergy with the MCU films, however tenuous is that link. I find the ghost Rider character compelling, but not the LA-based story line.

    Flash doesn’t need to make the same numbers that a network show does, but the Flashpoint arc is playing out in a surprisingly boring fashion, and that’s despite the welcome reappearance of Wells and introduction of a new hero. Of the Berlanti-verse shows, I’m enjoying Supergirl and Legends most right now. Mopey Barry Allen is bad Barry Allen. Like Supergirl, that show needs to be sunny (however difficult that is to pull off in Vancouver).

  7. Dominique says:

    Aos hasn’t really managed to capture my undivided attention this season so far. it’s too much of a mess, no real “team” feeling there anymore. also, it would be kind of great if they could focus on some other characters for a change, instead of making daisy the main storyline again. the rest get the focus for maybe an episode or so, but the major focus is always on daisy. maybe switch it up to fitz or may or simmons for a while, since we know they can carry such storylines.

    • Katherine215 says:

      I agree with everything you’re saying! I’m SO tired of Daisy. She’s never been my favorite character but I’ve reached Daisy overload now. The first half of last season was probably my favorite, with the focus on Fitz and Simmons, as well as having Hunter and Bobbie around for some comic relief. Everyone is so grumpy and mopey now, it’s depressing to watch, and I don’t see how this ghost storyline is related to what Shield does.

    • Big Cheddar says:

      Yes! I agree! Daisy is great, but every A storyline doesn’t have to be about her. The show doesn’t need to revolve completely around her just because she’s an inhuman and has cool powers (therefor cool special effects.)

  8. Kevin K says:

    Truly enjoy This Is Us. The series is always emotional.

    • herman1959 says:

      Yes, it reminds me so much of Thirtysomething, which is no surprise considering Ken Olin is directing. It’s my favorite new show.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Same here, I’m loving it!!!

      • MMD says:

        I absolutely love This is Us and I also missed Thirtysomething when it ended. This has so much more depth to it than pretty much anything else on tv. I have to be in the right frame of mind to watch it though because I find it pulls on all kinds of different heartstrings.

        Anybody else feel the same?

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I feel like I’m supposed to enjoy This Is Us more than I actually do. I’m already watching it as more of an obligation (because so many people rave about it) than out of a genuine interest in the characters. In that time slot I’m much more likely to watch No Tomorrow live and save This Is Us for days (or weeks) later. I’m just not feeling it.

  9. Iakovos says:

    SHIELD just never seems to know what it wants to be. Gave up soon after it started. Later time slot does not make sense for this series. SHIELD would be better Sundays at 7 or 8, or Fridays at 8. Worth a time slot shift test. not sure why 10 PM Tuesdays is ABC’s black hole. Does Shonda have something to offer? Please, no SHARK TANK ‘encores!’

  10. Nero tTVfiddler says:

    Good news, bad news. This Is Us has to be making NBC feel good right now… any show that builds on the lead-in demo… that’s always good news.

    Bad new – AoS and that notorious 10pm Tuesday slot for ABC. The problem is two-fold…what to put in that slot to succeed (build on demo), and where to place AoS? Would it make sense at this point to move AoS to 9pm Sunday? OUAT and AoS are both Disney franchise properties, maybe some synergies there? Move Secrets to 10pm, and Quantico over to Tuesday at 10pm? At this point, what harm would that three-way move make? Might hit pay dirt with at least one of the three.

    • AMG says:

      That might not be a good idea.

      Consider this: After Body of Proof’s cancellation in 2013, ABC went through Lucky 7 (1.69M L+SD, 4.3M L+7D), Killer Women (3.4M L+SD, 4.976M L+7D), and Mind Games (2.63M L+SD, 3.5M L+7D) in 2013-2014.

      Forever (4.93M L+SD, 7.034M L+7D) came along in 2014-2015 and SURVIVED the “death slot”. Toward the end of the season, various entertainment writers were asking creator Matt Miller and star Ioan Gruffudd about Season 2 plotlines. (If you don’t believe me, search for them. I know of 2 interviews from April and May 2015 on here on TVLine alone.)

      There was just one problem for Forever’s renewal. WB owns the show, and ABC wanted to own the rights to all its shows in 2015-2016. As a result, Forever was cancelled, and fans are STILL upset about it and want it renewed.

      Anyway, the slot went back to being a “death slot”. For 2015-2016, we had Wicked City (2.464M L+SD, 3.793M L+7D), Of Kings and Prophets (2.875M L+SD & L+7D), and a lot of Shark Tank and Beyond the Tank reruns (average 2.6M L+SD).

      So, for this season, AoS was brought in to shore up the ratings in the Tuesday 10PM time slot. The above article is proof that the strategy isn’t working.

      • Nero tTVfiddler says:

        Excellent research and data – good work. Fair enough… perhaps there is no easy answer to what ABC might do at 10pm Tuesday nights, and I completely agree, both BoP (I watched and think the world of Dana Delany!) and Forever (my top 2-3 favorite show of that season) were ABC’s best chance at success.
        That said, ABC has to schedule something for that hour. What options do they have? Perhaps (something to consider) placing a new series in that slot may not be the answer? From the list you noted, all of those shows were new series… from Lucky 7 to Mind Games to Killer Women to Wicked City… all new series. Maybe that’s the pattern?
        Perhaps ABC should consider placing an established show in that slot? However, I guess they tried that with AoS, and we see the results. The strategy ABC is using isn’t working at that hour on Tuesday… maybe a Shondaland series?

  11. Phil says:

    Wow, Scream Queens. At this point, what does FOX have to lose swapping Pitch into this timeslot?

  12. bluji says:

    Sad that No Tomorrow isn’t working out too well on the CW, personally found it to be really funny and smart. :c

  13. Eric says:

    Geez, Fox… I love all your Tuesday shows, but those numbers… Woof!

    And why are all the best shows on ABC doing the worst? American Housewife beating Fresh Off the Boat, and even The Middle in the demo? What??

  14. Dabro11 says:

    The flash after an ok first season has been awful. There seems to be no cohesion and it often loses my attention. If you can watch the first 5 mins and last 5 mins of a show and not miss anything then you have problems.

  15. HAP says:

    This is Us = Best show on network TV= Probably the biggest NBC success story in a decade.

  16. I think people need to give AoS a break. First of all, they are not ghosts, they are the result of a science experiment gone bad. They lost a huge part of their cast last season, Hunter and Bobbi, Lincoln, and particularly Grant Ward – his loss particularly has left a huge hole in the show because for some of us there was always that tiny, though woefully misguided hope of redemption. The HIVE story last season was amazing, and there is going to be some comedown from that, and AoS is kind of having to find new footing and starting in a new place. I’ve been there since the first episode and will be there til the last, even though some of it has been hard to watch.

    • Carla Krae says:

      Me, too. I never get the nitpicking. Some people would complain about being hung with a new rope.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Nitpicking “looking for small or unimportant errors or faults, especially in order to criticize unnecessarily.” Nothing about he direction of this season is small or unimportant. The entire story line is off the rails :-)

    • Protege says:

      Too bad i never cared enough about ward to even consider redemption. I didn’t watch shield last year, but i understand that daisy went to the dark side with him. Now i’m not sure why she’s in the outs with shield, but i don’t think i care either. Ghost rider needs to say something,and hiss origin needs to be told. Don’t really care about the aida plotline.

  17. kmw says:

    Too bad for Agents of Shield and actually too bad for ABC’S whole lineup. Good that This is Us is doing really well and building on The Voice. It might be a small victory for FOX that B-99 and New Girl stayed the same but really how low is FOX going to let Scream Queens go? just bad numbers that would get a lot of other shows cancelled

  18. herman1959 says:

    So, can we call it now: The Real O’Neals is toast!

  19. ladylavinia1932 says:

    Good-bye “Agents of SHIELD”.

  20. KatsMom says:

    I’m a pretty loyal viewer of AoS, but I haven’t seen it in two weeks because we’ve been watching the Cubs. I wonder if some of these other drops are baseball related too. Chicago and LA are pretty big markets. . .

  21. Lala says:

    Whenever TVline bashes a show in it’s reviews I go and watch it because chances are it’s really good…and I’m glad I checked out American Housewife because it’s silly and hilarious.

  22. nabocane says:

    This is what happens when you take a winning formula, tear it up into a thousand pieces and scatter it in a thousand directions. It’s sad, what these showrunners and writers have done to the tight, cohesive universe of S01.

    Blame the time slot all you want, and that may play a part; but this program today is *not* what I signed onto in S01. Not even close.

  23. Boiler says:

    And yet Nashville and Castle are gone while admitting Castle should be unless Beckett was back. Also love Body of Proof mentions. This was likely Paul Lee’s biggest screw up. Never underestimate the power of Dana Delaney

  24. Norma Sheer says:

    Longtime NCIS view, but, this year it is unwatchable. Should of ended it when m.w left

  25. It could genuinely be the best writing on TV at the moment and it would still tank cause of the toxicity of the last two seasons. Too many people have already switched off. Also its far from the best writing on TV :D

  26. I'm in tech says:

    So basically they’re trying to kill Agents of Shield? AoS should never be later than a 9pm timeslot.

  27. acurat says:

    I thought this was the end for SHIELD when this was put on the schedule at 10 pm. It appears this is it as for some reason, 10 pm is the death slot on Tuesday. Last show to last more than one year was Body of Proof. And it lasted only two years. To think Marvel would do any better on Tuesday was just crazy!

  28. Carolyn says:

    I find it so annoying that we continue to get ratings the night after a show airs. Most people watch via DVR or some other format, and these numbers are so inaccurate!

    • Protege says:

      Frankly, i could do without hearing about the ratings for all the super hero shows. I enjoy them a lot more when i don’t have to worry about them getting cancelled.

    • Andy says:

      But the live numbers are the ones that matter and predict a show’s chances of renewal because the live numbers, not the DVR ones, are the ones of people forced to watch the ads (i.e. where the network makes the money).

      So really, these are the accurate numbers. DVR numbers matter so much less when evaluating chances of renewal.

    • kmw says:

      They may be inaccurate to fans but they are not to the advertisers who go by these ratings. Yes the ratings system needs fixed but so far nothing has come to make this system better and more accurate and fair

  29. Shoe says:

    I think I got tired of AOS during the Inhumans and all Daisy-focused stories. The funny thing is I think they’re actually doing a better job of exploring the ramifications of the Season 2 terrrigen dump now that the show is not so focused on making us love the Inhumans. For me, the few minutes of James told a more complete story of the damage caused by Hive than the three previous episodes of Newly Goth Daisy moping around LA. I honestly feel if the show had backed off of the focus on Daisy and focused more on well, the agents of SHIELD, it might be better off today. I love Coulson when he’s being an agent. Also, we need more May. Ming Na Wen is a treasure. Oh well, at least four seasons will get it into syndication. I hope that Coulson gets re-integrated into the movies. Clark Gregg does so much for Marvel – he deserves it.

    • He kinda got replaced with Martin Freeman. Who did a great job :D

      • Shoe says:

        Everett Ross can run around with T’Challa all he wants. His character was part of the comic book adventures, so he’s really nothing new. And, until he takes an Asgardian shiv to the back, dies, has his name invoked by Tony Stark in the final battle with said Asgardian, comes back to life, and sacrifices personal happiness and half his arm to save the world, he’s no replacement for Phil Coulson.

        • Movie Coulson was amazing. Season One Coulson too.

          Then they forgot how to write the character, he became super unlikeable and lost all his relatability and now I wish he’d stayed dead.

          • Shoe says:

            I disliked Coulson as a director. It wasn’t a good fit. He’s much more suited to being a field agent dealing with weird stuff. Seeing the suit this last episode gave me hope that he’s going to be more like movie Coulson.

  30. Rich says:

    I totally and unequivocally (respectfully) disagree w/many of the reviews here.

    I love Colson as an agent again and that marvel-light is perpetuating the inhuman storyline and tying (however loosely) into the MCU arc.

    I have always felt that the biggest deficit marvel would face w/this grand design of a series of films set in phases culminating in an epic confrontation is that the “everday” of the universe created as a byproduct of great storytelling would be lost from exploration.

    AOS really enbodies this world as a global intervention agency. More so than the small scopes that limit any of the Netflix’s series (as good as they are).

    The show introduced us to the inhumans, now magic/demons which is optimal timing considering Dr. Strange is only weeks from opening. However, the show is in dire need of a Avengers cameo and generally deeper tie-in’s into the feature films. A couple of mentions here and there feels cheap…..just my .02

  31. grys03 says:

    Still enjoying The Flash but there is definitely a lot of ‘déjà vu’ about each episode/arc. That particle accelerator certainly is responsible for a lot of speedsters…
    AoS has been fun with Ghost Rider but with more focus on the action there has been less interaction between the main characters. Daisy’s ping-ponging between hero & vigilante is getting a bit tiresome. The show needs May back & not lounging around being half dead. The only thing that is working for me is FitzSimmons.

  32. Well, it’s been their worst season start yet. I’m not surprised at all. They’ve put a huge emphasis on a totally new character.

  33. Andy says:

    Honestly, AoS is such a terrible show, it’s only because it started with so many viewers/Marvel hype and then syndication that it’s been able to survive this long. I watched the first season, liked it and the Hydra twist got me interested and then season 2 was such a mess. The writing constantly contradicted itself! It felt like they could never decide what story they wanted to tell, especially with Ward who had no clear characterization, or really motivation, ever and got 100x worse in season 3 where they basically said “screw it, he’s going to be a plot device that disregards his established season one characterization!” Then everyone else got equally unlikable because the writing no sense so they always contradicted themselves and acted like idiots.

    I don’t think the writers know where they want to go ever, it’s like they take each episode as it comes and don’t care if the characters’ actions make sense. That .7 is well deserved and reflective of the show’s quality.

    • NoName says:

      I agree, Andy.
      In my opinion what you wrote and the focus only on Inhumans since season 2b is why Agents of SHIELD’s ratings are so low.

  34. Erica says:

    I go to bed early one Thursday and then it all hits all down hill?! Have they counted counted DVR views?

  35. jericho says:

    Do overnight’s even count anymore? Most people I know don’t watch shows until at least the next day. Can we wait til DVR #s come in before calling these shows dead in the water/

    • Andy says:

      The overnights are pretty much the only thing that matters when it comes to renewal actually; answered this above but here- the live numbers are the ones that matter and predict a show’s chances of renewal because the live numbers, not the DVR ones, are the ones of people forced to watch the ads (i.e. where the network makes the money).
      So really, these are the accurate numbers. DVR numbers matter so much less when evaluating chances of renewal.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        If we want to get into specifics, C3/C7 ratings — the average commercial minutes viewed, including DVR playback — are what stir the drink, but we’re only seeing minimal increases vs. Live+Same Day ratings. So yeah, the overnight finals are pretty relevant.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      In a word, yes, they matter. See my reply here elsewhere re C3/C7 ratings (which are what actually get looked at, versus Live+3/Live+7).

  36. Writerpatrick says:

    I think these shows are suffering from superhero saturation. There’s just so many superheros on prime-time TV now (not including Netflix) it’s hard to stay interested in them all. When Wonder Woman, Lois and Clark and Smallville aired they had practically no competition. Now there’s Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and SHIELD. Netflix has another three or four more of it’s own. One can now pick and choose which ones they want to watch.

  37. Cindy says:

    Not surprised at this. Dumb show. Maybe it will be cancelled.

  38. einat162 says:


    ABC should have kept Forever.

  39. einat162 says:

    ABC has bad Karma.
    Forever re-runs on the same “death slot” had better numbers and it was cancelled because of ownership (co-op with Warner Bros owning the rights).

  40. Nancy Besowshek-Tait says:

    i’m just wondering if the drop in ratings for all the CW shows is due to the switching the channel from WGN/CW to putting the CW on its own channel. Comcast has moved the CW to a non HD channel and the picture quality is horrible. I now wait to watch the programs the next day on Demand where I can see them in HD…