The Voice Renewed for Two Seasons, Gwen Stefani to Return as Coach

NBC on Tuesday announced that it has renewed The Voice for Seasons 12 and 13, ensuring that the reality juggernaut will remain on air through at least 2017.

The Voice - Season 9

The Peacock network also confirmed that newest coach Miley Cyrus will sit out Season 12, with Gwen Stefani returning alongside Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Alicia Keys. Cyrus will resume her coaching duties the following cycle, debuting in Fall 2017.

“We can’t wait to experience the unique chemistry and energy Gwen, Alicia, Blake and Adam will bring to Season 12,” Paul Telegdy, NBC President of Alternative and Reality Group, said in a statement. “With Miley returning for Season 13, we’re truly ecstatic about the unmatched musical know-how and talent coming together in our coming seasons.”

Are you excited for additional seasons of The Voice? Happy that Stefani will be filling in for Cyrus this spring? Sound off below.

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  1. Grace says:

    I hope season 13 is the last one. Can’t stand Miley, starting to hate this show more than I already did.

  2. abz says:

    I haven’t had a chance to watch this season and I probably won’t get around to it. I’m so over the endless sob stories, the incredibly annoying Carson Daly, the repetitive song choices, the predictability, the endless spoilers before every commercial break, the judging critiques, etc etc. Plus I miss Christina Aguilera (I know. Not many people like her, but she will probably forever be one of my favorite singers).

    All that being said, can anyone recommend any standout Blind Auditions/performances that are worth checking on YouTube? I still enjoy some of the musical performances on the show. Are there any contestants worth checking out?

    • Ethel says:

      I so agree with everything you said

    • SaraPo629 says:

      I agree with literally everything you just said. I DVR it and fast forward through about 75% of the show. The sob stories, constant recapping, Carson Daly existing, it’s all too much. I like the blind auditions and SOME of these battle/knockout rounds. I usually jump ship once all that is over, one of the big reasons is the repetitive song choices. There’s rarely anything fresh or new. Such a waste.

      • abz says:

        Yeah, I bet you at some point someone will sing It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World (ugh I cannot stand that song every damn season), I Put A Spell On You, And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going, Hallelujah, House of the Rising Sun, The Thrill Is Gone, Wrecking Ball, etc. And what’s even more frustrating is when the coaches give these songs to them knowing how much they’ve been done to death on the show.

    • Rita says:

      We McDonald is worth checking out. All of her performances are worth seeing.

      • Erika says:

        I wont watch without Christina Aguilera she was my fave

        • Jill says:

          YUKE..Christina with her over inflated ego…rude to contestants Christina? Yuke

          • Sydney says:

            I love Christina too. Ya know, what I miss most on this show is the coaches ‘OBJECTIVITY’. I love Christina when she says it like it is HER OPINION. The problem for me with this show (season 12 perfect example) is all the coaches are not more like Christina. They are not objective. And I can’t stand the blinds as they are too long and drawn out..I fast forward those. But its all worth fast forwarding if all the coaches have endless – that was so good, you are great, what a great artist…blah blah. Christina would nail her opinion and of course, we all love it when she spontaeniously sings. I am not a fan of Jennifer Hudson’s songs (not sure what they are) but Im hoping she will atleast bring some objectivity back. Adam and Blake used to critique. Blake used to be real hard on country..this season was sickening..he spent more time batting eyes at Gwen and playing footsie. Fans that get upset when a coach is giving their opinion is the reason this show is so boring now…”lets not offend anyone” are so mean (aka rude). That is so childish. Grow up

  3. Rose says:

    I like Miley. ..she’s fun…would rather watch with Miley as a coach..probably won’t watch without her being on the show….

    • The Beach says:

      I agree. I didn’t expect to like Miley but she has been delightful and invested. She has introduced an energy that was waning with each season and she has picked some very interesting and often obscure songs instead of the same ol same ol we always get. I think her choices have been far superior to Gwen’s. And FYI, this is not coming from a teenager. I am 70 years old but continue to listen to and enjoy all types of music…yes, even contemporary.

      • Beth says:

        The tension between Xtina and everyone was interesting but she is really self indulgent YET the last go around for her she seemed to be more into it (quit boozing on set?) I love Blake and Adams bromance and Pharrell was great as well. Miley surprised me – breath of fresh air and very kind to evweyone- glad she’s coming back I love Gwen but Alicia Keys is a bit too agenda driven with her GO FEMALE EMPOWERMENT agenda.

  4. LADY_in_MD says:

    A lot of people were hating when it was announced Miley would be on this season but I love her and think she is doing a great job as a coach she really cares for her team and is genuinely invested in them
    I do hope when Gwen comes back her and Blake keep the mushy stuff to a minimum

    • Sydney says:

      I have not watched the voice for the last 2 or 3..starting back for this season (12). I could not believe how much this show has faded to have Blake and Gwen be on their so blatant about them dating..they were totally mushy..ridiculous especially during the blinds..the camera men couldnt stop filming her and he gaze at was so not my thing. None of the coaches were objective anymore..but then to have to watch those the contestants to each other – so not fair…seemed like they bounced contestants to each other..if one was weak..the other one would get it. How many times did he click his buzzer when she did and vice versa.. Like a competation? He used to barely turn around and was really critical with he turns when she turns. So nauseating.

  5. What happened to Christina Aguilera, Usher and Pharrell? Were they all not asked back or did some of them quit on their own?

    • Rumors (take them for what you want):

      Christina Aguilera had some clashes with staffers, and one possible dustup with Adam. She also had a high salary so it’s not surprising she isn’t coming back at the moment.

      Usher/Shakira had mixed reviews of their two seasons on the show. They both do a lot of touring and work on other projects. Shakira’s US profile has fallen off a bit recently, so I think it was probably a mutual decision by both parties for them not to continue.

      Pharrell: He did 4 seasons, and probably wanted to get back to music. As a lead artist he really only had 1 hit song, so he’s not as visible as a mainstream music star as the show might want. There were also rumors of tension between Adam Levine and Pharrell as well.

  6. MAS says:

    Very surprised, but I do enjoy Miley. In fact, I like all the coaches this season. They seem to have a different chemistry. It has been a laugh.

  7. Brenda Drumm says:

    I could do without Gwen, let Miley stay. It will be a term oil between Blake and Gwenn, she already is to jealous of everyone. I just don’t think it will work. My personal opinion. Other then that I LOVE the show in itself.

  8. Ethel says:

    Would love to see one season with all female coaches

  9. Rhonda Guess says:

    Glad Miley is leaving for the next season, I have not been watching her this season never missed a season until this season, watched the first couple shows, DO NOT like Miley, It is a shame the producers brought her on Family time Family show….

  10. marie baker says:

    Stepfani, sucked as a coach. To busy changing way contestants looks. trying to change way they sang, remember her last season as coach , her mini me that majorly back fired. half her team she tired to change them some how. never really could understand how she got to be coach not that many hits.

    • Michelle A says:

      That was Christina, not Gwen.

      • abz says:

        No it wasn’t. It was Gwen Stefani. That was her thing for both her seasons. She focused mostly on the contestants’ fashion/aesthetics and the performance aspect and a little less on the vocals.

      • Sydney says:

        What? Of course that wasnt Christina..Christina has so many hits we can’t count. She is the best woman singer that CONSISTENTLY tranforms all genres of music. She never id dull..can sing and perform amazing. Gwen on the other “predictable”..she has a certain funky/punky way about her and I agree tried to tell a big gruffy guy to be more emotional when he sang..he did take her suggestion and he came across “weird”. She needs to stop critiquing men to be like her. He was doing fine with his emotion..he was a big guy..they dont express like a bleached out blonde barbie would

    • Sydney says:

      I actually agree with this to some extent..Ive never been a fan of Gwen. So many people tend to be it seems..I never saw her as an “iconic” singer to be cast a a coach people are excited about their opinion. I like Alicia Keys but agree with the commenter she has some kind of agenda..I was really upset the way she continued to yell out and make a complete scene before her “babies” finished rude to other singers and even the other judges. It is as if she trys to influence from the chair too much (not in a good way). I dont mind spontanuity..I loved it when she sang a few times to the contestants..just when they were performing it was so out of context to keep hearing her girate grunts and Hey’s all through the performance. One duet with Jack Cassidy and her pet Vanessa was so embarrassing the way she completely ignored Jack and was almost jumping on the tables for Vanessa. Then Carson had the nerve to ask Alicia what her choice was (they were competing) .. AND even more ridiculous – she actually played like there was even a chance for Jack. She crucified him before the other judges could even tell us what they thought.

  11. matty says:

    I haven’t watched this show in years as none of the contestants ever really became huge singers so it all seems pointless.

    • Peachy says:


    • Sydney says:

      I agree with this too. I only watched in beginning because I love Christina. I am thinking if they dont get her back I may not watch anymore..espeically after this season 12. Again, the coaches are so predictable..95% of the show is Carson asking the judges what they think..and we have to go through weeks of “…they are great”..everyone is great. Everyone is an artist.. What happened to objectivity and letting the contestants know ..I was so angry how much they would do this when I was thinking the total opposite..they dont have to agree with me but point out some they certainly were not perfect.

      • Roland says:

        Agree I love Xtina. Always and forever and even though I love Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys if Xtina doesn’t come back. I’d rather not watch anymore.

  12. Peachy says:

    Certain people are excited now.

    Wait until next season when they find out 13 year olds are competing on “The Voice.”

    The 30+ year old contestants don’t have a chance.

    The teen contestants will find themselves under pressure and underdeveloped for the show.

    The coaches will continue to plug their own CDs and careers.

  13. toba7 says:

    LOVE Miley! I’m surprised, but I think she’s smart and funny and a great coach.

  14. Martha says:

    Gwen is nice person but not a good coach at all.she is here as Blake wants her.Christina should avoid this show and make he rowntree music and take care of herself. It’s high time she starts doing her own stuff or ppl will forget her soon.even today her songs along withe Whitney and Maria are most sung in global talent shows.The voice biggest drawback is it has not yet produced a single star. Hope Soon.X factor was not a hot show buthe 5th harmony is such a big name now and thanks to Simon ability to play a crucial roles in making not just winners but careers beyond talent shows.carrie Kelly one direaction leona and 5th harmony are all his aluminium. VOICE needs promote their artists more after show.

  15. Roland says:

    Am I glad Gwen is coming back. Sure!! Gwen is great but in my opinion the original is better. That’s right Christina Aguilera needs to come back. Sure Shakira, Gwen and Miley are Great but Xtina is FANTASTIC!! Maybe it’s time for an all girl panel. Lead by Christina, Gwen, Alicia and Miley. Let Adam and Blake sit out for once.

  16. Kathy sharpe says:

    I really enjoyed Miley Cirus this season she is a bright beautiful inspiration to everybody. I will miss her next season.
    Icant wait to see her in fall of 2017.

  17. Erika says:

    Sorry but i will never watch the voice again. What you did to christina aguilera was not nice. She is the only reason i watched the show. Your show has gone downhill without her. She is gorgeous amd i just love her.

  18. Erika says:

    This show sucks without Christina Aguilera. Will nit be watxhing until she comes back.

  19. Iva says:

    I didn’t watch The Voice this time around because I can not stand Miley Cyrus!!!!!!! Glad she won’t be on the next one but will not watch when she returns!!

  20. Cindy purdy says:

    I really liked the voice last year !! It was exciting & entertaning! Don’t know about Gwen coming back!i guess we’ll see ! Don’t think her & Blake should work together on This show! Just saying!!!!!

  21. Susan says:

    Loved Miley! Never really listened to her music because of the bad press. Took the time to (kinda) get to know her from The Voice. I think she brings a fresh face to the others (that I already love) on the show. She and Alicia bring so much energy that I did not even notice was missing, until it was served up. Thank you for all of them. Cannot wait for season 12 &13!

  22. Lynn Van Gilder says:

    Miley Cyrus can remain OFF the Voice.

    • I agree. Between Miley and Alicia, they can’t seem to keep their mouths shut while the contestants are singing. We don’t need cheers from the coaches during each song. Very annoying.

  23. Lynn Van Gilder says:

    Carson Daly is really getting on my nerves too – he comes across as someone with a huge pole up his butt and a complete phony. YUCK

  24. Tina says:

    The Voice has always been one of my favorite, not to miss shows. I didn’t really watch this season, however, but I didn’t have much time to either. I wasn’t thrilled when I found out Miley was going to be on, but she did a good job from what I did happen to see. I loved when Gwen was a coach because she has always been one of my favorite artists and people in general. I have been a huge fan of hers since the 90s. I also don’t think her dating Blake should have an impact on her being on the show as I don’t think they are too “mushy” on the air.

  25. lperrydarling says:

    No no no to Gwen Stefani!! She is an awful talent, wears ridiculously too much make up. Is wildly insecure and clearly only there again because of Blake’s leverage. Miley brought so many fresh elements to the show.

  26. THERESA says:

    Hate Cyrus! Didn’t watch last season at all because of her. I don’t like the changes, I like Pharrell, Usher, Christina and Gwen. But not thrilled with new changes.

  27. If they bring Miley Cyrus back I’m not watching. What an obnoxious, mouthy, vulgar, non-talent! Please, anyone but Miley!