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Supergirl Recap

Supergirl EP Breaks Down [Spoiler]'s Rude Awakening, Cat Grant's Exit, Superman's Future and More

Monday’s Supergirl bid a fond farewell to Kara’s Kryptonian cousin (for now) and left viewers with a million burning questions about the Girl of Steel’s pod pal — though I use the word “pal” loosely.

It’s too soon to say whether Mon-El will prove a friend or foe to Kara — whose throat he grabbed upon waking at the end of this week’s episode — but it sounds like we’ll have a heck of a time exploring the duo’s dynamic.

“How he and Kara come together by the end is, hopefully, pretty clever and interesting,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told reporters at a recent screening. “We’re going to explore in our universe the idea that Daxam and Krypton were sister worlds, but they didn’t really get along. There’s a lot of innate hostility that Mon-El and Kara have for each other simply because of their backgrounds.”

Read on for more Super scoop from Kreisberg…

SUPERMAN RETURNS? | We were all sad to see Tyler Hoechlin fly back to Metropolis after the Metallos’ defeat, but fear not: When asked if we can expect to see Superman again this season, Kreisberg replied, “We’re working on it. We’ll see.” (For what it’s worth, Hoechlin was also present at the screening, and seemed very interested in returning.) As for Clark Kent’s better half, Kreisberg said there are “no real plans” to introduce Lois Lane anytime soon, adding, “We’re happy we have Superman.”

THE CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG OFFICE | First thing’s first: You haven’t seen the last of Cat Grant. “We’re still trying to work out her schedule,” Kreisberg said of Calista Flockhart, who he hopes to have back for “as many [episodes] as we can get.” And although CatCo will function without its head for a bit, there will be no shortage of girl power this season. “The strongest ‘feminist’ thing about the show is Kara herself … and the challenges she’s presented with, and how she overcomes them, both physically and emotionally,” Kreisberg reminded reporters.

HORRIBLE BOSS | Kara’s excitement over her first official day as a reporter was quickly smothered by Snapper Carr (Cougar Town‘s Ian Gomez), her new no-nonsense boss. “Despite her not-exactly-warm personality … Cat is devoted to mentoring people,” Kreisberg said. “Snapper doesn’t give a crap. I think he believes in the written word, he believes in facts, and he believes in, ‘Are you good at your job or not?'” Kreisberg added that we should look forward to a particularly dismissive scene in which Snapper doesn’t even look Kara in the face.

JEREMIAH WAS A [SPOILER] | This week’s episode heavily implied that Cadmus might have done something to Kara’s adoptive father, but if you’re hoping for scoop beyond that, you won’t get it from Kreisberg. “We want to keep the mystery of who and what Jeremiah is alive,” he said. “He’s been under Cadmus’ control for the past 12 years. The Jeremiah we see might not be exactly what people expected, just to complicate the story for Kara and Alex. It’s too good to spoil.”

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Hopes for Supergirl‘s future? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Was Clark talking to a “Mr. Wayne” on the phone at the end? I heard it multiple times but my friend thinks he was saying White. Now I’m not sure. And Hoechin is absolutely amazing as Clark/Superman.

  2. ALM says:

    This show is quickly becoming my favorite of the CW DC superhero shows. (Don’t like the term Arrowverse as that show has become unwatchable for me.) Also, this episode shows what it can be without James…better. I am concerned about Cat being gone a lot (and James becoming the Guardian – cringe) but I am excited about this season.

    • peterwdawson says:

      I’ve Jeremiah either playing a modified version of Cyborg Superman (maybe have the real Hank Henshaw’s mind in Jeremiah’s body due to psychic shenanigans?) or somehow used to create a version of Brainiac. Hoping for a surprise though.

      • Nickey Boyer says:

        Yo, now THAT would be sooooo cool! Especially since everyone first speculated that’s who “Hank Henshaw” was all alone, but in actualality, he’s none other than J’onn J’onz. Which I prefer. Next to Supergirl herself, he’s easily one of my all time favorite characters in both the DC comics & show as well. James is another one of my favorites, too. Yet, I’m still having a little trouble accepting him not as Superman’s pal, Jimmy Olsen. Just isn’t the same without the red hair, freckles & bowtie. But in all honesty, the bowtie night be pushing things too far. Oh, well, no accounting for taste.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      While I think I’m going to miss Cat terribly, I didn’t miss James at all this ep. I like the shift of having Winn at the DEO instead of CatCo. It gives him more to do (and more great one-liners). I *may* miss the Winn/James office bromance, but I loved the Winn/Alex scenes so maybe not. So glad season 2 nixed the James/Kara romance from the beginning. This season is already infinitely more entertaining (in tone, plot, action) than last season. Thanks CW!

  3. Jason says:

    This show wasted no time in treating james like most CW shows treat MoC sidekicks this episode..

    • wgsecretary says:

      And that would be how? With things at CatCo shifting and most of the episode not taking place at the office, what would you like to have had happen? James just got a promotion. No, he wasn’t in the entire episode, but it’s not the first time that’s happened to him or other characters, who were not MoC. Not everything is race related and the CW is one of the more culturally diverse networks. We have enough issues in the world. Let’s not create them where they don’t need to be. So, James wasn’t in this episode a lot. But, he did get screen time and he just got a promotion to take over Cat’s job while she’s gone. in what way is that negatively stereotypical?

      • wgsecretary says:

        Also, it looks like he’s going to get a pretty big role here soon. I don’t like spoilers, and don’t know any specifics. But, it looks like he’s going to have a bigger and different role very soon.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        +125 TVLine Power User points (no cash value)

        • Patrick says:

          “No, he wasn’t in the entire episode, but it’s not the first time that’s happened to him or other characters, who were not MoC. Not everything is race related and the CW is one of the more culturally diverse networks.”

          I’ll buy whatever you guys are selling if you could just name a SINGLE, SUBSTANTIAL, MULTI-DIMENSIONAL black character on the CW. Just ONE. I’ll wait…

          • ndixit says:

            Joe West on The Flash.

          • Wordsmith says:

            Marcel Girard on the Originals
            Bonnie Bennett on TVD

          • Wordsmith says:

            Clive Babineaux on iZombie

          • Wordsmith says:

            Also, Jaha, Lincoln and Indra have all had some complex, meaty stuff to do on the 100.
            As have John Diggle on Arrow and J’onn J’onzz on Supergirl…

          • Wordsmith says:

            Really, CW is probably the most ethnically diverse network after ABC, so unless you’re one of those cynics who feels that their shows have no substantial, multi-dimensional characters at all, then your time is better spent pointing the finger at CBS…

          • wgsecretary says:

            Well, I was going to respond to your request for just one multi-dimensional black character on the CW, but everyone else did it for me. For the record, I was going to go with Bonnie on TVD and Marcel on The Originals. I don’t watch all of the CW shows, so I can’t speak for The 100. But, Bonnie and Marcel have been very well developed. They have gone through many changes since their characters were introduced. Both of them also began as sort of side characters. Bonnie was the BFF of the main character and Marcel started out as just a foil for The Originals. But, they both developed into characters with as much weight to throw around as any main character on their shows.

          • jtrattray says:

            Lol at all the replies and no one is a multi-dimensional character.
            Joe’s nothing but Dad, god forbid he ever have an actual life,

            Bonnie fans can go for miles about how she was erased for a white girl.

            Clive is in the stereotype sidekick, because like Veronica Mars god forbid that Liv be romantically interested in any of the decent men of colour, no we must pair he up with white murders instead

            Marcel on The Originals was on ever used to further Klaus or his sister’s storyline.

            Diggle on Arrow it just an Olicity cheerleader.

      • Nickey Boyer says:

        You go, girl!!!! Amen & hallelujah, to ya!!! Keep on preaching on!!!

        • Patrick says:

          I don’t watch iZombie or the 100 so I can’t really speak to that but for the other shows…

          Joe West, multi-dimensional? Since when? All he gets to be on that show is the nice,cool dad to Barry Allen. That’s it! And speaking of the ‘Flash’, everyone knows that if it weren’t for the very vocal Candice Patton fans on Twitter, Iris West would have gotten the ‘Laurel Lance’ treatment a long time ago. She was sidelined for the entirety of seasons 1&2 and several fans and media outlets started advocating for her erasure by pushing the #Snowbarry fandom. When fans on Twitter realized what was going on, they formed a movement, the “Iris West Defense Squad” and started hounding the writers on social media about the lack of storylines for the black female leading lady. This year, there were obvious changes made for the better: Candice Patton’s screentime in the “Flashpoint” episode alone is an illustration of that. There’s also a Vanity Fair article that recently revealed that Greg Berlanti himself gave specific instructions to the writers to better utilize The Flash’s leading lady as a journalist as well as the protagonist’s girlfriend. Whether or not they deliver remains to be seen.

          Marcel Gerard, on ‘the Originals” was a substantial character in Season 1 RIGHT UNTIL the only black writer on the show, Diane Ademu-John, left to go write for “Empire”. Now, he’s only featured for a few minutes per episode and serves no real purpose anymore.

          And Bonnie Bennett,…oh dear! The poor thing is the embodiment of the asexual, Magical Negro trope whose sole purpose is to prop up white characters and provide the magical quick fix to all their problems. She always sacrificies herself for her friends who don’t give a crap about her. She didn’t lose her virginity until season 5, she’s been killed countless times on the show and her friends only notice about a month later. She’s LITERALLY and FIGURATIVELY a Magical ‘Negress’. Not to mention the fact that Julie Plec openly humiliated the actress by revealing on Twitter that Kat Graham BEGGED her to keep her job and not get fired all those times she killed her off.

          The moment I learned that “Supergirl” was moving to the CW, I knew the writers would completely abandon the Kara/James ship and that the character would be sidelined. The CW is widely known in some circles as the ‘Central White’ network. The second a black character is cast, they magically lose their storyline. The first part of my prediction came true, and now let’s wait for the second one to materialize as well.

          There’s no point really to diversity and inclusion if it leads to tokenism.

          • Calista Flockhart says:

            What??? And the fact that you mentioned “the Laurel Lance treatment” proves the behavior is not exclusive to a certain category. Just stop…please.

      • Plllover says:

        I don’t know, I think he’s on to something. It’s like…frosted flakes, THEY’RE GREAT, but we go coo-coo for coco puffs.

    • sporting4231 says:

      What? Taking him out of the category of boy toy for Supergirl and giving him a substantive role in running the company? Yeah that is different for the CW, usually they’re all about the romance garbage – it is how they ruined Arrow. In this case I think its a positive for the character and the actor, not a negative. He should have a chance to expand in this role with substantive story lines that don’t depend on Supergirl’s romantic life.

      • jtrattray says:

        Showing a black man as a good love interest for a white woman is not reductive. It’s not something that’s usually done on TV. The CW likes to show black people of not being capable of romantic love. I think DC had to fight to keep Barry and Iris a romantic relationship on The Flash. I think they would much rather they were just friends. SHowing James get a promotion is a way of sidelining him.

        • wgsecretary says:

          But, see, not everyone considers race as a factor when looking at storylines. I think it’s good for the character to be more than just involved in a love story, no matter the character’s race. He’s going to actually have a whole different role that will help flesh out his character according to some recent articles. Giving him a chance to do more will be good for the actor and the character. He’s going to get to do more than he did previously when all he was doing was being an object of affection for Kara. He’ll have a storyline apart from her. Isn’t that was people are complaining about here? We need more character development, and we’re about to get it.

          • Jill Rattray says:

            But this is about race, just because you don’t want it to be, doesn’t mean it isn’t. James is the only black human on the show, you can’t ignore that just because you want to. You can flesh out his character while remaining Kara’s love interest, making him a black sidekick, one of the most longstanding racist stereotypes going is not character development.

            And if you think they way we see people on TV doesn’t affect how we see them in society, Mehcad Brooks was at an airport a few days when he sat down the white woman next to him pulled her bag closer. A successful black man is still thought of as being a criminal because of the stereotypes about black people. That’s the problem with Supergirl enforcing them.

          • wgsecretary says:

            I get there are stereotypes. I’m not saying there aren’t. But, I think people make a bigger issue out of these things than there needs to be. I don’t think that making him not a love interest anymore isn’t a big deal. He can be developed in other ways. Let’s not forget that Kara was attracted to him while he was in a relationship with the successful Lucy Lane, who white. So, does the character development and trying to negate stereotypes only count if his white love interest is the star of the show?

          • wgsecretary says:

            Correction: I don’t think that making him not a love interest anymore **is** a big deal.

      • James says:

        Without romance then we are not human. That is what makes literature what it is.

        • wgsecretary says:

          So…no one can be anything if they’re not in love? Wow…there’s a great lesson.

          • jtrattray says:

            Do you know why I know it’s a big deal? Black people tell me it is. They get to say what is racist, and white women don’t get to tell them otherwise. It’s a CW show they know what happens next, James gets sidelined, white another white man gets more and more screen time.

          • wgsecretary says:

            So no character of color can ever be anything but a main character or dating the main character without it being considered racist? I’m not sure how I feel about defining any character of any race solely by their relationship status. You seem to forget that he and Kara dated for a total of 30 seconds on the show. I don’t see how them continuing to be friends, like they have been since the show began, is racist. Plus, he’s about to become a superhero himself! I don’t know the details, but from little bits of interviews I’ve read, James Olsen is about to have a BIGGER role on the show. I think that speaks more to negating stereotypes than he and Kara no longer dating. He’s going to have more to do. He just got handed control of a huge company and you’re telling me that all people care about is that he’s not a romantic interest for Kara anymore? And, I’m pretty sure I’m not saying that I get to tell black people what’s racist. I’m saying that in this instance, James wasn’t in the show as much as he had been previously for one episode and everyone is freaking out. Maybe give it a couple more episodes and see what becomes of his new status before crying foul simply because he and Kara aren’t dating anymore. They never even really dated! They’ve been friends for the entire series. Are there issues with too few minorities on television? Absolutely. But, I do get to have an opinion that James Olsen is not being sidelined and that his character’s status is not being diminished in this particular instance. I’m not talking about TV as a whole. This is a conversation about Supergirl and James Olsen. What’s changed for him? He gets to be in control of a major corporation. That’s it. He and Kara are still friends. You don’t know what’s going to happen next and nothing bad has happened as of yet.

  4. “Jeremiah Was A [Spoiler]” GOOD ONE 👏🏼

  5. Phun says:

    What an AWESOME episode! I’m hoping they get Cat Grant back for more episodes. I already miss her. :(

  6. SassyAF28 says:

    now that james is gonna be the new cat and he’s gonna become the guardian, i hope he doesn’t get sidelined like he only had like 4 minutes of screentime in this episode wtf cw

  7. jrex says:

    Ok, what is up with Winn? Mixed feelings about seeing Cat less often, but I hope they remember that she has two sons, a young pre-teen as well as Adam (Melissa’s real life husband) who is Kara’s age. If Cat is recurring they should be referenced. Also what happened to Maxwell Lord? He just seems to have disappeared with no explanation.

    • Nickey Boyer says:

      Oh, don’t worry. The man you love to hate (whose smug arrogant face is just waiting to be punched) will be back. Because If you recall a specific scene between him & General Lane in the season 1 finale (those who even cared enough to watch it) where Max was turning over some kinda alien technology over to Lane. Calling into question just whose side Gen. Lane is actually on. Answer: his own. So, whether we except it or not, M.L. will be back.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      “What’s up with Winn?” He’s the awesome fanboy voice of the audience and probably my favorite character on the show.
      I, too, have wondered about Maxwell Lord. Not even a mention this season. Hope we see him again.

  8. Sam says:

    I actually really loving thus new season. Tyler Hoechlin was a wonderful superman and hopefully they temper James’s character and make him closer to Jimmy, get rid of pretentious James and we may just have a show on our hands.

    • parstl says:

      How’s he pretentious? He’s been a devoted friend to Kara and many others on the show.

      • Sam says:

        For me he comes off as entirely too suave and has this I’m too cool for school thing going on. It turned me off his character and made him less interesting. Hence the pretentious. So I’m hopeful they make him less I’m too cool and more just cool.

  9. Luli says:

    I’m so sad that Cat will have a reduced presence on the show. I totally cried when Kara and Cat were saying goodbye… My favorite dynamic of the show beside the sisters, which also had pretty great scenes this ep.

    I had absolutely forgotten about James until he showed up in the last minute! Not sure if I like that he’s the new Cat. He is just not a compeling character.

  10. KayCeeCee says:

    Superman spin-off with Tyler Hoechlin!

    • Patrick says:

      That is a hard sell because its already been established that he’s WITH Lois. That takes out a lot of the narrative possibilities. I’d rather see him with one of those Universe wide season regular gigs where he shows up in all the shows, but mostly in SG.

  11. parstl says:

    Decent episode. The Cat world will be different without Cat but it’ll be interesting to see how James does…he’s at least part of the Kara support team. I don’t care much for the Kara reporter angle…would have rather she been an executive. She’d be great in public relations. Hope they continue to emphasize Karas relationship with her sister and don’t feel like they have to keep coming up with master villains. Glad to see Superman go back to Metropolis for a while…it’s her show. Supergirl and Flash are the best shows on CW.

  12. Joey Padron says:

    New episode was good. Tyler did great as Clark/Superman. Good to hear that he’ll return to the show later in the season. Glad he and Jon/Hank are good now. Not good Jeremiah will be a different person next time he’s shown on the show. Season 2 been really good so far. Can’t wait for next episode!

  13. Robert says:

    2 questions, 1st why make a big deal that Clark and Kara never hang out. They’re super and can visit whenever they want. 2nd when did Winn actually get fired from Catco and start at the DEO?

    • Paloma says:

      Winn didn’t get fired from CatCo. He was offered a full time job at the DEO near the end of the season premiere last week. That is a good fit and the only way they would reasonably be able to give him some good screen time.

  14. Red Snapper says:

    I’m really liking this season so far. I hope that doesn’t change without Cat and Superman next week. I really loved Tyler Hoechlin as Superman and hope he comes back for more episodes. They did a good job of having Superman without having him detract from Supergirl. Cat Grant’s absence will be felt and hope they find a way to work with her schedule. I am excited for Mon-El to finally be awake next week. Also, I didn’t even notice that James was missing until he showed up at the end. The character has never really clicked for me and I am not excited about him becoming Guardian. I just think that they don’t really know what to do with him anymore. I am happy that they’ve given up on the Kara/James pairing and really hope they don’t go back to it.

  15. Dominique says:

    another amazing episode. i know this show is about supergirl and i would never want her to “share” it so to speak, but damn, i want tyler hoechlin to become a regular so bad. he’s perfect as superman and his chemistry with melissa is fantastic.
    i’ll miss cat, calista flockhart brought a wonderful, empowering vibe to the show and he relationship with kara was one of the highlights.

  16. jtrattray says:

    Lol at Cat being a mentor. She’s a bully who treats everyone like they are beneath her. Peak white feminism, women can be crappy humans too.

    This wasn’t the best show in the world but moving to The CW it has taken a nose dive. I think, David Harewood and Mehcad Brooks will be gone soon. They’ve barely been in these episodes. I mean who sidelines their best talent and brings in lesser talent white boys?

  17. Horse says:

    Wow these last two episodes where better than the entirety of last season, good Supergirl actually be getting good?

  18. yuka says:

    Just wondering if Mon-El will have lead sensitivity like in the comics.

  19. darkangel200 says:

    It’s not “girl power” that I’ll miss with less Cat. It’s her humor and great mentoring style.

  20. Rockie says:

    They are ruining the show with all the changes. Sometimes it’s best to leave well enough alone. I’m not sure I’ll even watch it anymore.

  21. Unknown says:

    I wasn’t to happy with Alex getting a little jealous that Kara was spending time with her cousin who is just like her and to say that he abandoned her I didn’t like that I don’t think he abandoned her at all…. I swear some times it’s like they prop superman up and then try to take him down …. Still love the show and I think Tyler was a great superman and it was a great first two episodes I personally like James and Kara I’m all for interracial relationships on tv so I hope they just taking a break I mean it’s not the first time two characters was all about each other and the timing was off so they stayed friends and then decided they should be together all and all good start to season 2

  22. Kelly says:

    I hope we get to meet Lois and Clark does come back. I wish they’d use Jimmy more too. I will miss Cat but they have ALOT of girl power in not only Kara but Alex too. Kara&Alex’s bond is my favorite relationship in the show.

  23. Ash says:

    I don’t know why but I have this feeling that the mysterious unconscious stranger could become a possible future romance for kara (yes despite him trying to strangle her during the last episode). It would be interesting atleast.And I can’t believe cat is leaving the show. It’s always fun watching cat’s attitude and her inspiring speeches.Besides kara needs someone to push and shove her most of the time.

  24. BMoK says:

    Mon-El? EL? Really? Is El the Smith of Kryptonian/Daxamite names? No one. Notices. Anything. If. The. Script demands it! He should have been questioned by Kara, “Hey, my dad is an El too!? WTF?”

  25. BMoK says:

    James is not just Superman’s Pal. He was DC’s go to for several odd super powers, being Elastic Lad, Turtle Lad, etc., and finally the source of the AntiLife equation.

  26. BMoK says:

    When they kill off Jamie Chung on Gotham, she can come back as Lois Lane. There are zero strong asian females leads on TV anywhere, since Law left Arrow. Oh, there’s Lucy Liu, but her super power is being santimonious.

  27. Daniel Phillips says:

    I may be wrong, but I would love to see Jeremiah emerge as this universe’s Doomsday, created by Cadmus rather than Krypton, and played by Cain.
    What better way to celebrate Kara and her power than to allow her to face off against Superman’s deadliest for?