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Jane the Virgin Recap

Jane the Virgin Boss on Michael's [Spoiler], Sin Rosetro Twist and More

Warning: The following contains spoilers from Monday’s Jane the Virgin premiere

Jane the Virgin fans, we’ve got good news and bad news about Michael’s future.

First, the upside: Jane’s new hubby survived a risky surgery during Monday’s intense Season 3 premiere. But is he truly out of the woods? Let’s not forget these ominous words from the narrator: “And for as long as Michael lived, until he drew his very last breath, he never did” stop believing that he and Jane were meant to be together. So should viewers continue to be worried that the detective will meet an untimely end?

“I will say it’s a reliable narrator, and we’re going to be dealing with that,” executive producer Jennie Urman teases. But for now, Michael is alive and well, although not without some challenges as he returns to everyday life.

“The healing and recovery from such a traumatic event is something we continue to play [with],” Urman previews. “It has lasting ramifications for the character, which you’ll start to see [in terms of] when he can return to work, if he can return to work, how his life is changed as a result of this. It takes him in a new direction.”

Michael’s recuperation also puts a serious crimp in the married couple’s life when he and Jane move in with her family for support.

“I liked the idea of a newlywed having to live with her mom and grandma,” Urman says. “Their relationship doesn’t have the traditional newlywed takeoff.”

Read on for scoop about the love triangle’s end, Rose and Luisa’s surprising whereabouts and more.

Jane the Virgin SpoilersMOVING ON | With Michael and Jane embarking on their new life as husband and wife, Rafael won’t continue to play the romantic foil. “The series made a choice to have Jane get married, and I wanted everybody in our world to understand what that meant and to have it count for something,” Urman explains. “I also was, frankly, sick of playing the love triangle.”

The shift in Raf’s character has “opened us up to having more drama,” the EP continues. “What happens when [Rafael] dates someone Jane doesn’t like? What happens when that person wants to get their hands on Mateo?”

THE SOLANOS | Even though she was actually Anezka, Rafael “meant it” when he rejected his ex-wife “Petra.” “That was also pretty good for Rafael’s character that he doesn’t feel the same thing for the impersonator that he does for the person that he was actually married to,” Urman says.

UNDERWATER LOVE | After revealing that Rose and Luisa are in a submarine in the premiere’s closing minutes, the show will pick back up with the dysfunctional twosome in Episode 3. “[Rose] got the money back, she tied up some loose ends, and she really wants a relationship with Luisa,” Urman describes. “So can this love story between this villain and a slightly less stable but ultimately well-meaning woman work?”

Jane the Virgin fans, what did you think of the season opener? Grade it via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!







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  1. Perfect episode. Jane/Michael are meant to be. I am convinced more every time I see a new episode. And I loved that Raf felt something different with Anezka than Petra. I want Petra and Raf to re-build their relationship.

    • suznewbie says:

      I agree! At first, I disliked Petra. Intensely. But she’s become one of my favorite characters. There hasn’t been one person in her life, except Jane, who hasn’t betrayed her in huge ways, especially her mother, her sister, and Raf. It would be wonderful to see Petra finally be loved by the one person she’s every truly loved, Rafael.

      • jbj says:

        I agree, last season they did a great job at redeeming Petra. Having Rafael recognize that he did not have the same chemistry with her twin makes me optimistic about their future despite the current situation.

        • Jared S says:

          I really disliked Petra in the beginning, but now she is one of my top two faves on the show. Season 2 really made me grow to love this character, which I didn’t think possible in season 1. I want her to be happy and get what she wants now. Especially after everything she has been/is going through.

  2. Erika says:

    What is wrong with Jennie Urman? She does realize that screwing over most of the show’s fans isn’t a smart way to run a show, right? Also, does she even understand how telenovelas work? What a moron.

    • suznewbie says:

      Are you talking about the Jane Rafael relationship?

      • Pumkpkin says:

        If so, I think a lot of fans would disagree with the notion that 1) Jane and Rafael are who they root for and 2) that the romantic aspect of the show is enough to screw over fans. Jane is more than who she dates.

        • Erika says:

          1) Romance is the heart of telenovelas, so that shows how much you know about the genre. 2) Many fans do root for Michael. The majority, however, are Team Rafael. Jennie Urman has even admitted that. 3) It is screwing fans over when you squash all hope for their side in a love triangle after only two seasons. Someone who is sick of playing a love triangle after only two seasons really should never have agreed to helm a telenovela. Also, sorry, but does anyone in the writers room or on Team Michael remember how truly awful he was to Jane in the first season? Or how little he encouraged her to take risks or chase her ambitions? For writers who pride themselves on being feminists, they sure have made a very anti-feminist choice in pairing her with Michael.

          • bigdede says:

            Thank you!! I think the falling ratings show there aren’t a lot of Jane/Michael fans. Jane and Rafael have great chemistry and a baby together. Rafael encouraged Jane. Michael is not a rootable character.

          • Emily says:

            that’s a personal opinion. i see a lot more love for team Michael than Rafael these days. And Michael wasn’t awful to Jane at all the first season. He’s always loved her completely

          • june says:


            and emily, don’t know what show you were watching, but he was horrible to her. from trying to to guilt her into an abortion, trying to get her to surrender all rights to the baby, to the hissy fits if she speny time with rafael, he was a bully.

            and if jane loved him as much as the showrunners would have us believe, she wouldn’t have been interested in rafael. happy people don’t go there.

          • Nell says:

            Exactly! The whole problem I have with Jane and Michael is it was so rushed and they’ve totally started pretending he’s some saint with no flaws. They had to completely change his character to put him back with Jane and totally disrespect the Jane and Rafael relationship and I can’t watch anymore. I remember watching in Season 1 and thinking, when Jane goes back to Michael, I’ll be okay with it. I preferred Rafael, but I felt for Michael. So, it’s not that they got back together that bothers me. It’s the way they did it.

          • Sara says:

            Please let the writers be to move the storyline as they wish. I hate when the shippers petition & force the writers to a separate direction. I don’t care if she ends up with Michael or Rafael as long as the story’s good.

          • Tricia says:

            Yes! Exactly what I was thinking. Everyone that I know who watches the show, is Team Rafael. And seriously, what is a good soap opera if it doesn’t have love triangles?!

          • CR says:

            Yes! So true, Michael lied so much and went behind Jane’s back in the first season. How is an audience suppose to forget that? Why marry her off so young? Without exploring herself or life more?

          • Lisa says:

            Thank you…. I liked this show at first but Jane and Michael turn my stomach. He was not supportive and he did not want Mateo. Mateo’s arm was. It due to michaels absolute lack of concern for Mateo… good luck I’ll no longer be watching

        • Bella says:

          A huge assumption that most people are Jane/Rafael fans, I for one have been a Michael/Jane fan since day one. Love Petra too.

    • Karina Smith says:

      Couldn’t agree more!

    • Jbj says:

      That sounds unnecessarily rude! I am totally Team Rafael, but I’m actually glad the triangle is dead. I’m even more glad that we won’t have to suffer through a fauxmance with Petra’s twin. There are plenty of telenovela tropes to mine without keeping the characters on a repetitive merry-go-round. There is room for the characters to grow. That said, I have no idea why Jane and Michael HAVE to move in with Xo and Alba, given that they did buy a home nearby and Michael appeared to be up and about in the previews. Hopefully, that premise will be short lived.

      • Erika says:

        Urman’s been dismissive to us since last season, so I think it’s fair to be done with her BS. The only telenovela tropes she ever uses are the crime elements, which, again, do not factor into the heart of what makes a telenovela. Michael and Jane don’t grow when they’re together. There’s also no point to the Jane and Rafael relationship ever having happened if we’re essentially back where we would have been had Jane and Michael never broken up in season 1. It’s sloppy storytelling. Just like her claims now that the narrator is reliable, when she seems to have conveniently forgotten half of what the narrator said while Jane was with Rafael.

        • I think the point she’s trying to make is that Jane is a lot more than the romances that surround her. I’m sorry things didn’t turn out how you wanted, but that’s the way it goes. You should give props to Urman for following her gut with HER story and the message SHE wants to send off instead of dissing her for not following whatever fans want. The fact of the matter is that no matter what she does, somebody is going to be upset and question her talents, which isn’t fair. She clearly doesn’t have poor story telling skills because of well the show has done thus far. As for her “not staying true to telenovelas” remember that this is NOT a telenovela. It’s a mock telenovela. Remember that Ugly Betty did the SAME thing (yet only a little more subtle) and hardly had romantic aspects with Betty, especially ounces of this caliber. Also, there will be romance. There will romance within Jane and michaels marriage, with Xo and he suitors, and with Rafael and whoever he decides to date. Urman gets you invested in all the characters for a reason.

          • Pumpkin says:

            It should be noted that telenovelas are not just romantic comedies. As you can see from even the plot lines with Rolegio on the show, telenovelas are like novels: they can be romantic comedies, sci-fi, mysteries, historical dramas, etc. Romance can be important, but it’s not the end all be all.

            Also: Urman clearly is interested in playing with generic conventions and subverting expectations.

          • Nell says:

            The show’s ratings tanked last season. So, no, she hasn’t done well. I would have been fine with them going back to Michael, but they didn’t have to trash Rafael and pretend Michael was perfect to do it. They made Michael a totally different character from the first season, and that’s just lazy writing.

          • ani0227 says:

            i should note its not HER story. this is based on a real venezuelan novela called Juana la Virgen by perla farias. juana/jane is 17 in the novela and was an aspiring journalist who gets accidentally inseminated with a rich married guys baby. she loves with her mother and grandmother. Rafael’s counterpart is named Mauricio De la vega the father of the baby. he owns a magazine and is married to a woman named carlota (petra). the “rafael” from the novela is actually a little kid. rogelio is evil and “petra”s father. Juana runs away with Mauricio into the mountains after he was framed for murder by rogelio. Michael doesnt exist. just saying…

        • Muffy says:

          Why even remake a telenovela if you’re not going to follow it?

    • Muffy says:

      It’s now a vanilla sitcom. I don’t know why she chose to do an American version of this show because J/M are just your typical vanllia couple you see on every show. It defends the purpose of the show. I don’t know if she’s misleading the viewers or not but a boring marriage is hard to get through on a show like this. The show is not supposed to be that.

  3. Pumpkin says:

    Loved this episode. I’m so deeply invested in every character in this show that I want all of them to have happy endings.

    Also: Michael being a cat person solidified my love for him.

  4. Chris says:


    • Emily says:

      if you think being a nice guy is bland and boring, you have problems

      • Bigdede says:

        And if you don’t think he’s bland and boring you got problems

      • ani0227 says:

        people only think michael is the “nice guy” because hes not as hot as rafael. but lets get the facts straight here rafael is the nice one here. michael is the one who has been pressuring jane from day one to not do what she wants to do. he tries to guilt her into an abortion then tries to make her give up the baby to petra, plots behind her back with petra, allowed the escape of a criminal, then attacks rafael for snitching on his ACTUALLY ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES which endangered his baby not that he suffered any consequences because his firing was fake all along even though he insisted on making a drama about how rafael set him up. IT WAS A FAKE FIRING! HE WAS JUST LOOKING FOR A REASON TO PUNCH RAFAEL IN THE FACE! contrast that rafael despite his drug addled partying ways and his six-pack has been the nice guy despite what TV tropes has taught you hot guys dont have to be douchebags and the boring bland funny guy can be an asshole. rafael has been nothing but supportive of jane’s decisions and constantly encouraging her to pursue her dreams. oh and did i mention the part where rafael breaks up with jane to keep her from doing something she will regret (sex before marriage) and dragging her down with his depression??! yeah no youre right he’s the absolute worst.

  5. Juan says:

    Gina Rodriguez is such an amazing actress!!! I missed Jane the Virgin.

  6. Jorge says:

    Hahaha Rafael fans are hilarious! Jane and Michael <3

    • Guy says:

      I know. They’re so pressed! 😂

      • june says:

        i don’t think you understand what pressed means. most of us stopped watching, which is causing a steady ratings decline. stay misguided!

        • If “most of us stopped watching”, then why are you commenting in an article based on the season three episode?

          Shouldn’t you just be glad that since your mass exodus as a group, that the ratinga have dropped, in your misguided hope that suddenly the series creator would shift back to developing and furthering your wishes for Jane to end up with Rafael?

          • june says:

            i didn’t know i couldn’t express an opinion, oh god and overlord of tvline forums. i don’t care if they don’t get them back together. i’m not watching. i came to look at some of the comments after a friend told me that some of the comments were ridiculous. is that allowed or do we need your permission?

    • Kate says:

      Haha. I love it.

  7. cinthia148 says:

    Rafael and Jane!!!!

  8. Amy B says:

    Thanks goodness. I thought Michael was going to die….then I’d have to quit watching!

  9. Melanie says:

    Name one show with a love triangle that actually ended successfully, one in which the whole fanbase accepted the outcome? Urman can end the love triangle on the show all she wants, but good luck to her if she thinks the fans will remain quiet. Especially in a love triangle where both men are actually good guys. And are both still on the show. I missed the episode tonight and think I’ll just wait to binge watch it next summer. It’s better that way, and I have little interest in watching a show weekly with no hope for Team Rafael.

    • Love triangles get dull and repetitive the longer they’re stalled without resolution (see: The Vampire Diaries), and it was a bold creative choice to end it last season. Jane made the right decision “picking” Michael, and it the only reason people were watching the show was because of TEAM RAFAEL! then they were watching it wrong, because it was never all about that. Put that anger to rest, guys, let the show grow and expand and find new storylines for its characters without the need to retreat the same stuff over and over again, enjoy the ride! (or maybe stop watching if all you’re gonna do is whine that your ship has sunk, because it most definitely has)

      • Dee says:

        Name one other show though where the creator hasn’t changed course based on how actors play off each other or how they are received by fans? The only show I can think of that did that was How I Met Your Mother, which is why the series finale is widely hated, because it feels as forced as it is. The Jane/Michael relationship feels forced down our throats and the dismissive, condescending comments from Urman don’t help.

        • suznewbie says:

          Not to all of us, and I think that is the point. I don’t believe for a second that Jennie picked sides, which team will “win”. What I do believe is that she has a story to tell, one that has been mapped out from the beginning. I also believe she has a huge end goal in sight that goes far beyond what guy Jane is with. This is her story to tell, right?

  10. Dani says:

    I really don’t care who Jane ends up with. Frankly, I just don’t see Jane being with anyome other than her mom, abuela and her kid. Given the show’s name, I think she will be a celibate single mom for the rest of her life in the end. It’s the only way to end the show without upsetting Michael or Rafael fans

  11. dean says:

    I give it a B. A for most of the show, but have to minus some for the stupid Rose parts. I hate her. I wish they’d left her dead, let Susanna be real, her own person, and let Luisa be happy instead of keeping this toxic relationship.

    • suznewbie says:

      I came to like Susanna too and was sad she was Rose!

      • carmen says:

        I just read that the writer of the show said that Jane and Michael belong together. So why the hell did she make Rafael the main carrecter this makes no since to me. She also said that she was getting tired of the hole love triangle between Michael and Rafael. So why is she bring her ex boyfriend into the show. Sam, really the show needs new writers because she will lose a lot of fans. She belongs with Rafael after watching the first show for season three I can’t stand Michael the guy is so boring to me and silly I don’t find him funny at all. Rogelio he is funny I love him. I hope Jennie is reading these comments from the fans if she wants a season four
        remember the ratings for season two we’re not as good as season one.

  12. Mac says:

    Probably not a ton of overlap here, but did anyone else notice the fakeout when Michael first wakes up in the hospital was straight out of The X-Files?

    I love that scene and Mulder and Scully, but I am decidedly not team Michael so that was an odd moment for me. I feel kind of violated.

  13. Lauren says:

    so excited and happy Michael is okay!!! I was getting really scared when Jane was picturing their lives together. I love them separately and together so much.
    Cry me a river, Rafael and Jane fans. I almost felt for you before I read the comments.
    Excited for this season, I hope Petra is better sooner rather than later, I miss her already! Yael is killing it though.

  14. Carmen says:

    Haven’t been enjoying the show very much since last season but I still love Rogelio so I’ve kept watching. This episode and the comments from Jennie Urman have made me consider dropping it and just catching it on Netflix at some point in the future.

  15. T says:

    Funny everyone I know who watches the show are on team Jane/Michael so I don’t know where people get the stat that most people are team Jane/Raf. I guess I assumed it was split fairly evenly as I wouldn’t assume that just because I don’t know anyone on team Jane/Raf that doesn’t mean a lot of people aren’t.

    • Nell says:

      That’s because the ridiculously rushed Jane/Michael reunion last year and the whitewashing of Michael and suddenly making his character a saint made a lot of Jane/Rafael fans stop watching the show.

    • Same. I haven’t met one person who prefers Rafael/Jane over Jane/Michael. Multiple people at work and in my friends circle all are Jane/Michael fans. And when I went to the Austin Television Festival, the crowd for Jennie’s panel was overwhelmingly Michael.

    • Melanie says:

      Everyone I know in real life who watches the show is/was Team Rafael. It’s interesting how that all works out.

  16. KLS says:

    I`m so happy Michael is okay! I`ve been rooting for Jane and him since the beginning, and I would`ve been upset if he would`ve been killed off before they even got a chance to explore their relationship as a married couple. I was so mad that Petra didn`t get a chance to get help–we were this close! I`m glad Raf doesn`t have feelings for her sister, that would have been weird and too much. All in all, I`m super happy with this episode and I can`t wait to see where this season takes us! I hope Xiamora decides to keep the baby, though. I`m glad she is sticking to her beliefs, but a part of me wants her to have that perfect family with Rogelio that they never got to have! Fingers crossed! So excited!

  17. Carmen says:

    I didn’t like it at all I hate that hole Jane and Michael. After seeing how they stared dating I really don’t like Michael now. I hope they give Rafael more story lines because it’s all about Michael which I don’t understand Rafael is the main carrecter on the show. But they give him almost no air time . I love the show but I hate Jane with Michael!!!!!

    • Pumpkin says:

      As someone who really likes all the characters, I’m very excited about the plans that the writers seem to have for Rafael. I hope he gets his happy ending, especially since last season his family turned out to be even worse than we thought.

  18. Ann says:

    “And for as long as Michael lived, until he drew his very last breath, he never did”
    can´t this mean that they lived a very long life and then he died at 95?

    I really love Michael

  19. carmen says:


    • T says:

      Really you are that invested in this that you have to resort to screaming. Any way …who has a poll and what exactly is a “presentage”? If you are going to scream and call people losers … I am going to resort to snark!

  20. Valerie Tower says:

    Loved this episode!!! So happy that Michael is okay and they can continue their relationship.

  21. dude says:

    I really like Rafael and Petra together so I hope when the real Petra comes back that’s revisited in some way

  22. CR says:

    The show got a following because of the Jane and Rafael love story. We can’t forget how Michael was selfish and willing to let Jane give the baby away to Petra knowing she was in the apartment the night her lover was mudered and knowing her and Rafael were not a couple anymore. Michael also keept the secret that Petra was cheating on Rafael from Jane. He even covered up for Petra by retrieving her jewelry so she wouldn’t get caught as a murder suspect. Then once Jane made her decision to leave Michael he never respected it. He followed her around constantly and jeopardized her relationship with Rafael. Rafael who had an upbringing that lacked love, found love in Jane and finally had someone in his life that was authentic. Michael then lied about loosing his job on account of his obsession with sin rostro but never admitted Rafael never truly got him fired. Then Michael hurt Mateo with his angry outburst during that situation. So how is an audience suppose to forget Michael’s constant lies and a major physical outburst that led to hurting a child? Jane’s character is about honesty and family. Loving someone that can hurt your child just goes against the character they set her up as. He was a foul character in the first season then in the second they expect the audience to pretend he’s been honest and the nice guy the entire time? Rafael is a more genuine character. He was emotionally damaged by being abandoned by his mother, unloved by his father and so his history of course affected the way he loved which wasn’t perfect but it didn’t keep him from jumping in to be a good father immediately. The show has had a tendency to stomp on Rafael’s character with plots against him, constant drama and an ex wife who has done very malicious things to him. He doesn’t get a break. A character that has a hard upbringing shouldn’t be thrown so many negative set backs in almost every episode. He kept his love for Jane to himself on her wedding day because he knew he truly loved her and had to respect her decision. That is the true character of love. So why are we as an audience suppose to ignore Michaels behavior and lies and pretend his character is now a flawless good guy? Jane was created to be someone that is honest but Michael’s character has consistently lied for his own benefit in every season. The way the storyline has changed has been a disappointment.

    • Muffy says:

      It’s only the third season, so J/F may still be endgame. I was upset too , but maybe they are meant to be. Jane/ Rafael.

    • LadyP says:

      Well said CR.
      I’m patiently watching and waiting though. I truly believe the whole Jane and Michae thing will come to a head in some form or fashion. I’m not a supporter of divorce so I’m really curious as to how the writer of the show plans to do this, but I do believe Jane and Michael are NOT endgame. All the qualities you listed about Rafael articulates my own thoughts on him as well. The way the writers did a 180 with Michael’s character to now make him appear saintly and perfect is truly puzzling. They are really trying to push the whole Jane and Michael storyline while discrediting Jane’s relationship with Rafael and it makes me wonder why? So I’ll watch and see.

  23. carmen says:


  24. Sana Rani says:

    It is actually ridiculous and extremely worrying to see how the Jafael fandom works.
    The more I regard, read and observe, the more it has become crystal clear that they are not rooting for Jane’s happiness at all and they are definitely NOT on Team Jane.
    It is ALL about poor Rafael, his happiness, his heartbreak and how hot and ‘inspiring’ HE is for poor, clueless Jane who needs that from a man. The fake feminists (i.e mostly pre-teen/adolescents) that emerge and fake outrage about Michael being a BULLY who doesn’t support Jane are laughable, especially when they vehemently and naively idealise Rafael for supporting Jane without question.
    Now let’s state some facts, which is what the Jafael fandom abhor because it completely discredits their whole love of an abusive and toxic relationship.
    Now to start with, I am not for one moment stating that Rafael is an abusive man, but he is manipulative and very selfish regarding his love for Jane. The girls who are mooning over the fact that he let her get married without ruining it with his own feelings, are completely overlooking the fact that he was ACTUALLY considering telling her on her wedding day, he was willing to ruin her special day because he was too much of a coward to bring it up virtually at ANY OTHER TIME. Michael however loves Jane so much that he was fine with her being late to their wedding and to potentially miss it, just for the chance of her attaining her dream because THAT is how much he loves and supports her but I digress…
    It’s actually fascinating how many times Jane has rejected Rafael after their relationship but the fandom has deluded themselves into thinking they know better than Jane, because it’s not like she’s a grown ass woman who chose to MARRY, not date but marry another man. Her mental faculties must be lacking because the first time she chose Rafael, it made sense. He was new, hot, charming, she was young, pregnant with his child and inherently religious with pipe dreams of a nuclear family which Rafael of course took full advantage of, because he loved the idea of family too. HOWEVER, as soon as she grew out of that, she realised that she truly loved Michael and that Rafael could never make her feel as loved, as protected and as cherished as Michael did and all those things are important to HER. They may not be to the fans but it is about Jane and her personal preferences.
    Think about it, Michael stayed away for over 6 months in the second season while Rafael was consistently throwing himself at her and she STILL didn’t want him. How deluded are the fans that they want to force Jane with someone she just doesn’t want, I mean I get it he’s hot and they have Mateo, but he also h but Jane lights up around Michael, she wants to grow old with him and she wants to have children ON PURPOSE with HIM. Are you guys really so stuck in your own mind set that you want her to be unhappy with Raphael instead of having a shot at happiness with Michael. Sorry, but Jane CHOSE Michael and she doesn’t take that lightly, so praying for a divorce just so you can watch Rafael and Jane screw is not only disgusting but absolutely disrespectful to her character.
    I have countless other examples to illustrate how Michael is the man for Jane but honestly, nothing is as powerful as the realisation that it was her CHOICE and belittling that or complaining about it is just plain childish.