BrainDead Ratings

BrainDead, American Gothic Not Returning for Season 2

CBS wound up 0-for-2 with this past summer’s new offerings, as neither BrainDead nor American Gothic will be returning for second seasons, sources tell TVLine.

The fate of BrainDead — which had a four-season plan, moving the buggy action to Wall Street, Silicon Valley and then Hollywood — was foreshadowed last month when it was announced that the show’s creators Robert and Michelle King American Gothicwould be taking the showrunner reins on the forthcoming Good Wife spinoff.

BrainDead debuted to a disappointing 4.6 million viewers and 0.7 demo rating, and after four Monday airings got bumped to Sunday nights; its final hour did barely 2 mil and a 0.3.

American Gothic meanwhile premiered to 3.4 mil and a 0.7 rating, and by its finale had slipped to 2.6 mil/0.5.

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  1. Jimmy says:

    Not surprising, both were terrible.

  2. Tracy288 says:

    I didn’t watch Brain Dead but I did watch American Gothic and it being cancelled is no surprise. Megan Ketch (Tessa) was not a great actress and the whole story was just dire.

  3. Gary says:

    Sad for braindead. I really enjoyed this show

    • Joanne says:

      Me too!! I think that the people who didn’t like it, didn’t get the satire. I thought it was a great commentary on the absolute lunacy of Washington. I looked forward to it every week.

      • rudsta says:

        So right! But I guess political satire when over viewers head (pun intended). Plus the acting was excellent. Would have loved to see it takes on Wall Street – even a Bernie Sanders role. Maybe an another channel will revive it.

    • dan says:

      I enjoyed Brain Dead. The Washington satire was hysterical and the bug storyline got better each week. The cast was great! With that said, however, I’m not surprised it won’t be back.

  4. OMG I wanted to see the rest of American Gothic I liked it, something different. so tired of shows I like being cancelled it’s bs. And ppl are always gung ho about shows like the big bang theory and games of thrones. GOT is ok but not even close to TWD. And I am sure there are others I just can’t think of right now

    • Anne says:

      I agree, TWD is leagues better than GOT.

      • Dyskord says:

        Correction TWD is leagues better than GOT from s5.
        GOT started declining in quality from s4 but s5 was terrible and s6 was just a medieval Macguyver, lot of action no substance. A fun hour but nothing to be thrilled about.

    • LOL GOT is miles better than TWD. Not to mention AMC fired the original creator season 1, and extended the episodes to make more money. Season 2 is terrible. Not to mention TWD hasn’t killed any MAIN characters. At least GOT has the Cojones to kill off characters that people love. I like both shows but GOT and TWD are not even in the same league.

  5. Netflix please finish off American Gothic

  6. Midnight says:

    I enjoyed American Gothic as a silly fun little summer show, and I thought the ending was pretty good. It didn’t feel like it left much open to a Season 2 anyways so this is fine by me.

  7. Kevin K says:

    BrainDead and American Gothic were CBS’ biggest disappointments over the Summer.

  8. Leanne says:

    Didn’t watch briandead. Anything with Tony shaloub is a loser. If he hadn’t bee in it I might have watched it.

  9. Rick Katze says:

    Never saw any episodes of either. Just did not appeal to me and I suspect a lot of other people, based on the ratings.

  10. cuius says:

    Both were natural one-season only shows – it’s good news that CBS haven’t been tempted to spin them out into multi-season. Perhaps networks have learnt something from the “Unreal” debacle

  11. GuessWhat says:

    both looked so bad
    glad i watched NEITHER

  12. Morgan says:

    Knew a second season of BrainDead was unlikely, but I still want to whine about it for a little bit. Boo.

  13. parstl says:

    I enjoyed Brain Dead. It was funny and we’ll written. I think people were tired of politics and perhaps didn’t want to see it for entertainment.

    • vzsgabe says:

      Enjoyed BrainDead too! I thought the chemistry between the characters (and not just the romantic leads) were great. It was light and fun and perfect for summer viewing. Sorry to see this go.

    • the cookie queen says:

      You are right. With all that is happening in the news and a major election coming up, people get tired of using their brains.

  14. Marie says:

    I loved Braindead. Completely crazy, so much fun. I’m sorry there won’t be a season two. :(

  15. fiberlicious says:

    Why’d it have to be bugs? I hate bugs!

  16. Meghan says:

    I really enjoyed American Gothic but I never thought there was going to be a season 2. It was billed as a “13 part mystery” so I always thought it was just for that amount of episodes. would have been cool to see the premise return with another story. I feel like that story was resolved.

  17. Jason says:

    Not a surprise but I did enjoy Braindead. Luckily it had a satisfying ending so I’m not left feeling like there is unfinished business.

  18. Malissa R. says:

    I really enjoyed American Gothic and looked forward to it every week. CBS billed it as a 13 episode mini-series type thing anyway. I think they wrapped it up perfectly for that format and it was something different to enjoy for the summer.

  19. the cookie queen says:

    I loved Brain Dead I watched it from the beginning and truly enjoyed the story line. I’m giving up on this whole tv season of shows. Including my favorites.

  20. craig says:

    BrainDead was a really fun summer show. Also was satisfied by the wrap-up of the series.

  21. JEF says:

    Damn, I really enjoyed Braindead!

  22. Aline says:

    It actually felt that American Gothic was made to be a one time thing. They concluded everything. Of course there’s room for more with the ending, but I was pretty oka with it all.

  23. ninergrl6 says:

    Expected it but still sad about Braindead. I loved seeing Aaron Tveit in something comedic. Hopefully there’s another series in his future… Or maybe a return to Broadway?!

  24. jp says:

    I loved Brain Dead. It was different and fun especially the song opening each week. American Gothic had promise but just was not very great

  25. sunshine says:

    I thought both of these were a one time summer show anyway. Where else would you go with Gothic since it finished up nicely, I got tired of bugs and didn’t finish it, and my personal favorite thing is these new one and done summer shows. More of those please.

  26. Cari says:

    I’m disappointed BrainDead won’t be returning (I could see it doing better on hulu), but I figured it wouldn’t get renewed.

  27. dman6015 says:

    BrainDead was an appropriate title for the show. It reflected the creator’s vision. Now they get to go ruin the Good Wife spin-off.

  28. Leanne says:

    Good. I wouldn’t watch Braindead cuz I didn’t like the title and Tony Shaloub was in it and he is the worst ever. actor, No but he gets parts for doing bad acting.

    • TVGirl says:

      Leanne, perhaps you should go back to school and learn how to write a proper English sentence, before attempting your own brain dead half a** insult that’s not even close to an insult. What is “cuz?” Is that your own language or something?

  29. MMD says:

    Didn’t watch Braindead but enjoyed American Gothic as the limited summer series that it was. It never occurred to me that it would come back.

  30. Teresa says:

    Can’t renew BrainDead. It was a one year show. It was funny and great but was meant to be one year.
    Stupid article.

  31. Peggysue says:

    Thank God. Both were awfull and way to dark.

  32. 4 season plan? BrainDead looked pretty wound up to me at the end (character-wise). I loved the show, but I didn’t need more than 1 season of it.

  33. cogrady53 says:

    I enjoyed both of these shows a lot – thanks Amazon Prime, nice an easy to get here in the UK! Still, one season is about right. They got to tell their story and I’m not sure further adventures of the bugs from outer space or a family/serial killer mystery would have worked that well. These days there are so many great, innovative shows, just ones that are ‘good’ like these and ones with such low ratings were never going to be back.

  34. Stephen Clark says:

    I loved Brain Dead. It was so funny. I hate that it’s being cancelled. I hope it goes to another network.

  35. Tom says:

    Not that I saw this new show, but I’m sure the mid-90s “American Gothic” was better. Thankfully, I recently got it on DVD, so I’ll be watching that instead.

  36. Juan Carlos says:

    Too bad for Braindead. Because it was very funny. But if they were planning to make an anthology series is for the best then. I only watch it because Mary Elizabeth Winstead was on it.

  37. TVGirl says:

    I loved BrainDead! Seems to me like the people at CBS are just as brain dead as the folks at ABC. They always take away great shows and keep the garbage I know this wasn’t a serious show, but we all need a show like this to get away from our everyday troubles and just enjoy a silly show. Such a shame. And let’s put it this way. BrainDead is the first CBS show I have seen in close to 30 years. CBS shows typically stink. Now I’m mad!

  38. MASTEROFMOJO says:

    Discovered Brain Dead by accident and then remembered that Tony Shaloub had a new show coming out so started watching it. LOVED it immediately. Funniest thing I’ve see in ages and Mary Elizabeth Winstead is smoking hot!! It is spot on with regard to what’s going on in Washington and it would have been great to do Wall Street and Hollywood. Cannot believe people would not give this clever show a decent chance. CBS will probably sink money into another truly brain dead reality show. Hope someone else picks it up and continues to breath life into it. People I have recommended this show to are loving it! I am so completely disappointed that this has not been given a decent chance.

  39. Don Aldo Trumpatore says:

    Braindead cancellata????????

  40. Don Aldo Trumpatore says:

    Prima mi cancellate BrainDead… e oggi votate Trump! Non per fare il complottista; ma non è che siete stati infettati anche voi?

  41. mickeykelley says:

    those bastards… can I complain to the network? I loved brain dead and American gothic. why take those off and put on some dumb sitcom? errrrrrr

  42. Elaine Snyder says:

    Please consider continuing BrainDead. With Trump in power, we desperately need this program to help with the constant depression and fear. This program give us an outlet to get away from the demise of our democracy.

    • The Sceptic says:

      Not exactly the demise of democracy, we always lived with an oligarchy. However, it’s good shows like BrainDead that make me feel less suicidal.

  43. Diane says:

    I thought Brain Dead was clever and had good things to say … also I liked the ending of Season One. I wish it had more seasons.

  44. Lynnie Griffin says:

    Gosh Darn guys.
    This was a GREAT series. Sell the rights to Brain Dead, to one of the other satellite companies so they can keep it going.
    This show made me laugh, and way out there on originality.
    I would LOVE to see Brain Dead come back from the dead.

  45. Billy says:

    Lol, Braindead was another Lil’ Bush. It was nonsensically trying to make Republicans look bad by pointing out everything Democrats do and saying Republicans are doing it.

    But I’ll tell you why it was actually canceled. The Democrat woman that got infected acted way too much like Pelosi and Warren. Democrats and their liberal supporters are far too fascist to let anyone among their own go that far off from what they’re allowed to think.

    • Leanne says:

      You do know that liberal is the opposite of fascist, right? Fascist = right wing
      Socialist = left wing. No wonder progressives think conservatives are dumb.

  46. Ruth says:

    I am totally upset with the cancellation of Brain Dead. 🤤😲😢 It was smart, well written & acted. I found it completely hilarious & really looked forward to EVERY show. R & M King; PLS reconsider?

  47. Leanne Hildebrand says:

    My two favorite shows from last summer gone. And yet the Kardashians are still there, vapid and pointless. I give up.

  48. Mery says:

    Is there anyway to watch the Brain Dead series now even though it was cancelled. I loved it and as so sad to see that it was cancelled.