Caste Series Finale

Nathan Fillion on Castle's Polarizing Series Finale: 'It Wasn't the Beautiful Send-Off' You'd Hope For

Still bummed that Rick and Kate weren’t given a more satisfying farewell? Nathan Fillion is right there with you.

In a new interview, Castle‘s former leading man concedes that the the ABC drama’s series finale — which featured a tacked-on coda that leaped forward seven years and confirmed a happy ending for Rick, Kate and their three kids — was less than perfect.

“It wasn’t the beautiful send-off that I think maybe you could hope for,” Fillion tells the New York Post, before citing the series’ abrupt, 11th hour cancellation as a factor. “It’s the entertainment industry, it’s a business, I get it. I don’t take it personally when a show gets canceled — I can’t take it personally, all my shows gets canceled! Look at my resume, it’s a long list of canceled TV shows.

“The fact is, I made a lot of great friends on a really great show,” he continued. “I’m really happy for everything that that show has done for me.”

Fillion — who kicked off a multi-episode arc on Modern Family last Wednesday — expressed a similar zen attitude about Castle‘s fate over the summer at Comic-Con, positing to TVLine that it’s tough for any long-running show to truly have a “proper send-off.” Check out that video below. 

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  1. DarkDefender says:

    Hollander’s Woods was a near perfect season finale.. unfortunately, the series finale was lackluster. If the “happy Castle family” montage had some dialogue and lasted longer than a hot minute.. It could have been better.

    • peterwdawson says:

      That’s really the thing, Hollander’s Woods was more or less a decent finale (I dunno about near perfect but it absolutely would have worked fine), giving virtually everyone something to do as the tale wrapped up and while not offering a huge amount of closure it wrapped up the last of the show’s big mysteries and left things on a somewhat ambiguous yet optimistic note. Season 8 doesn’t exist in my book, there’s maybe 2 episodes that are worth it and that’s not enough.

  2. Mark says:

    The show had a wonderful send off with the season 7 finale. Too bad we all had the same fevered dream that was season 8. I, for one, will be pretending season 8 never happened and season 7 was truly the end.

  3. anonymous says:

    Nobody to blame but himself. He should take his cue from Stana Katic and just keep his mouth shut about anything Castle related at this point. Anything he says just comes off as phony or completely disingenuous. It’s clear from the Season 8 debacle that he and his cronies Hawley and Winters wanted the Kate Beckett character and Caskett relationship so deemphasized…to the point it killed the show. No amount of CYA now will rehabilitate his image as it relates to this. Absolute shame how this once great show ended. Embarrassing really.

    • Temperance says:

      Really? That doesn’t correspond to anything I’ve ever read about the subject.

      • Greg says:

        Because you have your blinders on the whole time. Keep up with the program & you’ll finally see the light.

      • rowan77 says:

        And that would be because there was only one uncorroborated story some online tabloid came up with using an unnamed source, then several other online tabloids ran with the story without bothering to find confirmation. So, now some fans believe that the one is gospel even though, again, there were no other stories to back it up. This is what it looks like when fickle fans turn on you when the show doesn’t do what they want. This is akin to a child stamping their feet or throwing a tantrum on the floor.

    • BM says:

      I guess, that depends on whether or not you choose to believe the rumors that are nothing but rumors and unsubstantiated. I, for one, have lived long enough to know that nothing is ever what it seems and that it takes two to tango and that just because someone says something, it’s not true.

      The leads may not have been friends but I have a hard time believing that it’s all Fillion given that he seems to be well-liked by so, so many others in the industry. So, I choose to believe that it were either the showrunners (they still haven’t spoken to anyone about the cancellation of their “fun” season, have they?) or ABC who meddled with something in a way they shouldn’t have meddled.

      • Kitanakat says:

        I should have read your post before I posted mine, much better and less preachy.

      • Amanda says:

        PLEASE it’s staring at you square in the eye! Focus. All the signs were there for the enlightened to see. It’s all Fillion.

        • rowan77 says:

          You don’t know that. You read one story written by a no one who never was able to come up with any evidence or confirmation of their allegations. That was yellow sheet journalism and you fell for it without a second thought. The only people who know the truth were there.

        • CG says:

          So, you know all the answers and EVERYTHING that happened? Yeah, sure you do–give me a minute for my eyes to stop rolling. PLEASE, the only thing staring me square in the eye is your bile and ignorance. SMDH

      • shir says:

        Yes!!! ABC did have a hand in it. What a shame.

    • Grey says:

      Amen “anonymous”! I couldn’t have stated it better!!

    • Patrick says:

      Nobody with any type of legitimate site/reputation has asked Stana for her opinion. Because no one who matters in the entertainment industry cares what she says. At all.

      • David says:

        Legitimate news know Stana Katic is discreet, has class & will never say anything bad about the show she loved & was part of. EVER. The Ego Fillion however laments to the nth degree & the gossip mags will continue to ask him coz he’s a big mouth & it’s everyone’s fault which the rags love publishing. Continue doing your Cons, mr. Ego. That’s where you’ll be found forever & ever.

        • Auden says:

          LOL. Bitter fan much? The bitter peeps are well known in Castle fandom. Always the same old peeps. Of course when SK’s PR leaks to Us Weekly, it’s always legitimate news lol. Fillion has never said anything bad about Castle or Stana ever. But her fans ignore that. Nor does his team go to the tabloids.

      • Just one thing says:

        Oh, Patrick. It’s so cute how you assume to know who has asked Stana Katic for her opinion.
        Once again, with a claim like that, I’m left to assume that you’re the same hack journalist Patrick who stirred the pot last year for clicks.

    • Kitanakat says:

      Ultimately we the viewers will never really know what happened, everything you know is just hearsay on websites. You can google the topic and find “insider info” proclaiming either one as the instigator. The rumors range from an early affair to a long simmering feud. Imagine if random bystanders were watching your worst break-up/firing/co-worker feud and judging you, along with the anonymity and harsh view of the Internet. To be clear, I’m not talking about posters getting fired up about the ending, but the ones attacking the character of actors they have no real clue about. Sorry for the soapbox, I like both actors and think the truth is probably much more complicated, like everything in real life.

      • Patrick says:

        Mostly this. I get the sense that acting in general, and TV acting in particular, is a very boring and monotonous affair. I think Nate and Stana are two people who seem to have fairly incompatible personalities. It is not that one or the other is better, they are different, and it seems like the kind of different that will eventually lead to a rift. We all have coworkers we don’t get along with. Most of us can, largely, avoid those coworkers. Nate and Stana could not avoid each other. For huge stretches of every day. And it got to the point where there was no amount of money that could make it right (I mean, there was absolutely an amount of money that would have worked, but the show couldn’t afford it).
        IMO, neither party handled this well, going back years.

        • David says:

          Nate? Only family & friends call him that. It’s mr. Ego to you.
          Stana handled her firing with class & dignity. She kept & will continue to keep her mouth shut! She gave life to Kate Beckett, one of the best characters on TV period! that little girls & females in general can emulate & admire. She’s moved on knowing she did a great job.
          mr Ego just like his shortlived other show will continue to lament. Sad.

          • Patrick says:

            Is it really keeping her mouth shut if no one asks (or cares) about her opinion?
            Here is a good test for actors, and everyone else in every job field, ever. Do current and former co-workers (co-stars) want to be friends and work with you again. In Fillion’s case, the answer is yes. All his former directors, co-stars, and producers cannot wait to work with him again. Stana’s former coworkers never seem to say her name again, much less want to work with her again. My friend, the proof is in the pudding. People who work with them once work with Fillion again. Not so with Stana.

          • Caitlin says:

            Stana’s former coworkers (cast and crew) have said wonderful things about working with Stana, that’s also a fact. And who says she hasn’t been offered to work with them again and simply refused because her heart isn’t in it at the moment?

      • karrie pittsburgh says:

        I agree with your ‘hearsay’ POV, but the fact that it was all over the place just really took the shine off a show we’d watch reruns of all the time. Now we can’t stand to watch them, feels like we’re watching a couple phonies, no matter how ridiculous we know that is. The writing started to get really off in season 6. And it just continued a downhill slide. Writing, rumors, have taken away all that was special about a fun, creative show, at least for us. And, we didn’t see two ‘stars’ in CASTLE, we saw an ensemble, and feel the other actors should have been treated as such, equally important.

    • shir says:

      I hope Nathan wasn’t behind the ending. Karma is a nasty thing and so far it seems to be showing it ugly head now. Nathan is doing quest spots. Stana had a tv movie shown. What the others are doing we don’t know it. A lot of people were effected by some personal feeding.

    • Pat says:

      AGREE, AGREE. You said it

  4. ChrisShut says:

    Season 8 has just started re-airing on weekends overnight where I am. I started watching them and then just gave up. I don’t think I ever want to watch them again — the show ending with season 7 works for me.

  5. Kaylin21 says:

    “I was a little jealous, little jealous. A lot jealous. I’m jealous.”

    Loved that!

  6. T says:

    Just another reason why he’s wonderful

  7. andrew hass says:

    Nathan Fillion has gone through his series been cancelled before.So he could gripe about ABC cancelling Castle but he may know there’s nothing he can do about it but move forward with his career and remember the good times he had doing Castle

  8. Kelly says:

    Castle season 8 was horrible. Personally, I’m choosing to forget it ever happened and pretend that “Hollander’s Woods” was the end of the series.

  9. kmw says:

    Yes Castle got cancelled at the last minute but wasn’t that the case with the previous season as well that they didn’t know if they were coming back? The difference between season 7’s finale and this years series finale is season 7’s was done with respect to their audience, not the complete wrecking the Castle writers did to both characters prior to the finale which made the so called happy ending they got all the more lame. Whatever the reason for how and why Castle veered off the course most fans loved it Nathan Fillion’s statements are too little too late. However he is right that it is hard to satisfy fans especially of long running shows the proper exit they deserve( I haven’t seen too many lately that have done that) Tacking on a ” happy” family scene at the end of this episode was sloppy and was done in a hurry and a shame really for all the Castle and Beckett fans who deserved better. ABC had a good thing with this show and for whatever reason went way off course. Obviously I think it was a mistake to let Katic and Jones go and I don’t believe for a minute Beckett less Castle would have worked but even as expensive as Castle had gotten ABC probably wishes now they hadn’t cancelled it

    • georgee says:

      This whole thing started in episode 11 of season seven, Castle PI a trial balloon was floated to see how the fans would react to the separation of Rick and Kate. Not a whole lot made of it, and it only lasted for 3 episodes. Hawley running with that in season 8 separated the two again with a BS story line, his mistake it ran for 22 episodes. The BS story should of been over at the end of episode 4, and he knew that after losing a large part of the fan base, but still refused to change, he had to put his own stamp on Castle. For what ever reason he had, he never had a full understanding of what the fans really wanted. I’ll always wonder why the new president of ABC did not look into why the rating fell so fast and large, but she did not. I do not care if he was a bully or if she was a dvia the only thing that is sure million of fans do not have the wonderful love story of Castle anymore. For 7 seasons they never failed each other, never giving in and never ran out on each other. The show is missed and yes ABC blind sided to fans with the firing of Katic and Jones, will Ken Sherwood say they made a mistake, I do not think he has big enough balls to do that. ABC must be a little concerned about the season opener of Modern Family with fillion in it the 18-49 group rating were in the area of 2.4 to 2.7 the opener this season was 1.1. I have not seem anything in tv line about that. With the payroll that show has that could be a major problem. After all they fired Paul Lee for low rating and they fire Katic because of budget problems .It would of been great to have a good closing in a short 13 episode season 9, instead of two minute at the end of episode 22 season 8. Worst ending ever.

    • Debbie says:

      You’re right about ABC having good thing with the Castle show. (Like most viewers, I didn’t enjoy season 8.) For me, it wasn’t the same show when they chose to focus on Castle, Alexis and Haley in season 8. The relationship between Castle and Beckett was the heart of the show. Castle lost its sense of direction as well as its heart when there were so many episodes where Beckett was hardly present at all. I don’t watch DWTS or The Bachelor/Bachelorette, so with the cancelation of Castle, ABC lost me as a viewer.

  10. Vanessa says:

    Who is he kidding?! The beautiful send-off Nathan Fillion wanted was Kate Beckett Castle dead, and him and his old love (Kyra) riding off into the sunset with Alexis and Hayley. Fans didn’t get the send-off the show deserved because Fillion decided it has to be all Castle PI with very little “Beckette”. Season 8 stank, and it was ALL his fault.

    • Temperance says:

      Contrary to all actual evidence…

      • S says:

        Keep sticking up for him!! All the signs are there but you are blind

      • Amanda says:

        Factual? Again you are delusional if you think Kate Beckett will still be alive had Season 9 continued. And Fillion signed on for THAT. What an ego! That’s actual evidence coz his contract signing had been published. No denying. He’d have continued on as PI Castle with the rest of the ingrate cast members not named Stana Katic.

        • KatsMom says:

          So? That’s not proof of anything. As someone who actually negotiates contracts for a living, it’s very possible the negotiations went something like, “Mr. Fillion thinks it’s an enormous risk to continue with the show, given how popular the recently fired actresses are. He and we think that perhaps it’s time for him to explore other options.” Studio responded by backing up the money truck because they think they need the titular character in the show. “On second thought, Mr. Fillion accepts your offer and will do Season 9, if the show is renewed. . . ” Signing the contract could have been a purely financial decision, as employment decisions tend to be.

          • Kelsey says:

            After all they did have an extra $12 million + whatever Tamala’s salary was to throw in his direciton

  11. c-mo says:

    I still really miss the show, my Mondays just aren’t the same. I like both Stana and Nathan and wish them well in all of their future endeavors. I hope our paths will cross again in the form of another long-running TV show.

  12. ….Season 8 of Castle to me is forgettable! Fillion& Co.( SS, MQ, Toks,SD) couldn’t care less
    what happens to the KB character. But l do, as a fan of the series since season 1. I’m glad it’s
    cancelled. Hopefully, STANA will have a new show soon that l will follow & enjoy…. Don’t miss Fillion & co. at all !!!!!!

  13. So let’s get to work on the sequel to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog!

    • Auden says:

      Hear, hear! And we can finally get some fans with a sense of humor.

      • Just one thing says:

        Yes, all 12 of them.

        • lkh says:

          Ha! Greetings JOT! I knew you’d emerge here eventually. Hope all is good and you are well–have missed your humor. I’m still trying to re-gift my DVDs–can’t find anyone I want to get even with yet…

          • Just one thing says:

            Howdy! Hope you’re well, too. I think you should give the first four seasons to someone you like and the last four seasons to a stranger – white elephant style. 😎

  14. truecat says:

    the direction of season 8 was bad and ruin the show that I had stop watching reruns .Those writer knew that it was most likely the last season and still change the story line . I will not watch any show with those writers on ………..

  15. KB says:

    So he is grateful what the show did for him, it would have been nice if he showed his gratitude until the end. He stopped doing his job years ago and still take advantage of Castle fans. Every single word in this article is about him and only him, he is not that great of an actor and he should really be grateful for all of his colleagues on Castle.

      • KB says:

        I don’t care with whom he get along or not or if he liked the direction the show was taking, his job is to act but he showed his dislike on screen. In my opinion that’s a bad reputation for an actor and he isn’t a good one the show Castle and his colleagues made him look good. That’s my opinion and I was a big Nathan fan once but I don’t look at him the same way anymore for all the reasons I mentioned and not because he maybe don’t get along with Stana.

      • BK says:

        I don’t care with whom he get along or not or if he liked the direction the show was taking, his job is to act but he showed his dislike on screen. In my opinion that’s a bad reputation for an actor and he isn’t a good one the show Castle and his colleagues made him look good. That’s my opinion and I was a big Nathan fan once but I don’t look at him the same way anymore for all the reasons I mentioned and not because he maybe don’t get along with Stana.

        • KB says:

          Sorry I posted twice and with different anitials because it didn’t let me post the first and I tried it again by changing my initials.

    • ndixit says:

      Sure! Keep telling yourself that!

    • DP says:

      Lol, uh, you do know that the interview is about him/his career, right? They asked for his thoughts and his opinions. But I suppose if he talked about anyone else, you’d be complaining that he’s speaking for other people.

  16. The finale was bad, it was a large cast that we had 8 seasons invested in I would like to what happened to Martha Alexis Espo Lanni Ryan Jenny Haley not Just Castle and Kate, also I noticed she had to keep fit and trim and Nathan didn’t.

  17. si says:

    The end was bad because of his request to work with SK only two days per episode. If this is a way for abc to taste the waters for a spin off, they should rethink that. We won’t accept it and yes we are still mad.
    I wish him good luck in his career FAR from Castle

  18. si says:

    Why there isn’t an interview with stana katic? I’d like to read her opinion

  19. sharminina says:

    I just really miss the show.When monday comes I feel really sad and cant stop thinking about that horrible finale and yes I believe the truth behind the scenes is much more complicated and may be even ugly than what we know and which ultimately ruined the show.Stana has a very different personality from all of her other co workers.I don’t know Nathan,Molly,Sussan they acted as a a family and they even are close offscreen.They even send good wishes to each other on their new shows.But none of them never have wished Stana this year specially.That just seems odd

  20. rocky-o says:

    from all accounts, everyone loved nathan and everyone disliked stana…that’s why she was the one who was fired…don’t forget that fact…

    if castle had continued, it would have been without her…

    • DuniaMartínez says:

      Considering that the creators of Castle loved and pray Stana and unfollowed Fillion on TW when SK was fired, i don’t buy your “by all accounts”.

      • Auden says:

        Can you check your facts? TM continues to follow Fillion. There was no unfollowing. No wonder you got blocked for sending hate to NF.

        • Kelsey says:

          You are correct. It was only AM who couldn’t unfollow him fast enough and wrote that he was “in exile”

          • Auden says:

            AM and NF haven’t followed each other in years. But AM actually tweeted a thank oyu message to NF after the show was canceled to thank him for his leadership on the show all these years and said he couldn’t wait to see what he did next.Get your facts straight.

    • KB says:

      Even if Stana is a horrible person and it’s all her fault doesn’t change the subject he wasn’t able to do his job. Personal feelings and opinions shouldn’t be seen on screen but he did and that’s what he is to blame for.

  21. jj says:

    Before Castle, I was a fan of yours. But I like you less and less with each season of Castle. You always try to promote Firefly. Newsflash, that was not the show that gives you a job for 8 years.

    • femmefan1946 says:

      NF makes about $80K for a weekend at ComicCons, about a dozen a year. He does voice acting for video games (Halo) and animated movies (GL, Wonder Woman). He has done cameos in several SF/horror movies. And many of those jobs came from his work on Firefly and other Whedon projects.
      These worked around his Castle schedule. Castle did put him on MF and BBT and may lead to more ABC projects.

  22. dman6015 says:

    He and the showrunners wanted Katic gone. Very evident throughout Season 8. She would have been smart to have just said no to the last season.

  23. Auden says:

    Nathan has always expressed gratitude for Castle all these years and continues to do so. He has been kind to so many Castle fans who have met him. But nothing he says or does will be good for some prejudiced people who really need to move on with their irrational hate. It’s not healthy. People should just be grateful for the show we had and wish both Nathan and Stana well in their careers going forward.

  24. Whats unbelievable is a hit series like Castle would be canceled for financial reasons,they were going to get rid of two of the biggest stars,and go on if it wasn’t for the outrage shown by the fans they would have ! I’m glad the Fans forced them to cancel,they lost a bundle !

  25. Mr. Smith says:

    They should have ended it at season 7. Period.

  26. Witsel says:

    No kidding Sherlock 😒

  27. J Meyers says:

    My guess is that the producers decided that the show had a good run, that continued production expenses weren’t worth it and believed that if they sat back and simply syndicated reruns of the show, they’d be better off financially. Towards the last season, they took steps to cut expenses with the vague hope that the cuts wouldn’t damage ratings, and if they got another two seasons or so out of, fine and good. if they didn’t, that was okays with them too. So their decision to get of the Beckett character and let their writing team be decimated was something they figured was worth the gamble, since they had nothing to lose either way. The result of their decision, especially the pathetic writing and stupid plots, wound up destroying fan interest, but again, they didn’t care. As Fillion says, it’ was “just business” to them.

    • Caitlin says:

      They were oblivious to the fact that Kate Beckett was the engine that drove the show.

      • rocky-o says:

        she was a stalled engine from the start…they never really clicked as a ‘couple’…if they remained friends, it may have been more palatable…and yes, i liked the show itself…i watched it for castle and espo and ryan and lannie and gates, etc…but i cringed every time beckett appeared…(and if you really want to see how bad an actress she is, check out her very small role in the movie ‘cbgb’…but don’t blink or you’ll miss her…she was terrible as genya raven…thank god they kept her role to a slight minimum…)

        i would still love to see ‘castle p.i.’ come to fruition…it would definitely be far better than the last few seasons of castle were…

  28. Bun Ho says:

    ENOUGH! How many of these stale and tiresome “Castle Ends” stories must we endure?

  29. Teri says:

    Too bad Nathan cannot think of a favorite memory after 8 seasons.

    • CG says:

      Oh Good God–rent the movie Frozen and listen to “Let It Go” on a loop–or go hold your breath until you pass out……

      • georgee says:

        are you talking about firefly fans?

        • CG says:

          No, I am talking about a select little group of bitter fans who, despite claiming to “know everything that transpired behind studios doors” , know nothing. But, continue to assume and make suppositions. No one has the details, but ABC and the executives–but, making claims against one person and blaming one person when there were many there is ludicrous. Castle is gone, it is cancelled, but whining about not remembering one singular favorite episode, (when there may have been many), is some people’s sad little mantra–yikes, I see something sad all right…perhaps people should just grow up.

  30. Seriously? The Season 7 finale Nathan wanted was Kate dead on the floor and Castle moving on without her in Season 8. So glad that never happened.

  31. Teri says:

    Nathan never wanted Caskett together and it showed in romantic scenes. His character kissed what was supposed to be the love of his life like it was his sister. He never bought in to the love story like Stana did and that is why she and her character became more beloved. Nathan”s affection for Castle when he managed any, appeared aloof at best. He wanted Castle silly and funny, not serious. That played into the demise of storylines in my opinion. Also, even remotely thinking the show could go on without Beckett/Stana was the dumbest thought ABC has ever had. They lost a great show and fans deserved better.

    • femmefan1946 says:

      I adore NF, but frankly he is terrible at love scenes. Watching him making out with Keri Russell is embarrassing.
      He can do angst and drama with the best of them. That “I’m the father” line in Hunt was amazing. And he is a lovely comedic actor, funny without being a clown. But romance– he brings a pretty face and feminine lusts have to fill in the rest.

  32. Heather Long says:

    I always wanted season 8 to end with Kate putting down a manuscript and glancing over at the worried Castle and saying, “This (Season 8) is crap. You can’t take their story there.” He sighs, and nods. Then they toss it in the trash can and he rolls over to give her kiss, then says, “How about…” And it fades to black on their laughter.

    • KJohnson says:

      Ooh, I like that. The other one I heard (in the comments from another tvline Castle article) was one that still had them getting shot. Then fade to a hospital scene. Beckett’s lying still on a hospital bed, Castle sitting off to the side with his head in his hands. The door opens, Alexis and Mama Castle walk in, Alexis holding her baby sister, who is named after Beckett’s Mom.

  33. Jim Kennedy says:

    I did not watch the last episode because I just knew that it would be a rushed frustrating ending and it appears that I was right.

  34. Evilene says:

    I find it hard to watch the old episodes now. The end and the conflict between them soured the entire show for me.

  35. The Librarian says:

    I was a huge fan of the series watched from the start right until the bitter end that was Season 8. Season 8 Rick was a frat boy who had an amazing amount of dumb luck. No way the season 8 version of him is the guy who could take out 3XK. Kate was forced to take back seat to Alexis and Haley. Once the series ended I canceled my pre-order for Season 8 and don’t regret it. Trying to do Season 9 without Stana was one of the worst ideas in the history of Television.

  36. L HYAK says:

    Was a fun show to watch over the years but like all things time takes a toll and good stuff ends……thanks for all the great entertainment…..

  37. I disagree with Mr. Fillion. For all that Castle did for the network, it would behoove them to bring the band back together and write a more satisfying ending for that interim 7 years. Current fare in that time slot could use a brief break. And if you do, bring back Beckett. The way it was deep-
    sixed, soured my taste for syndicated reruns. Or jump the shrk and do a series about Nikki Heat and Jameson Rook.

    And while I am at it, bring back Agent Carter.

  38. Faye Wells says:

    This was supposed to be a detective show where murders are solved, but somewhere along the way it became sort of like a soap opera with the Castle and Kate romance. I for one watch the show for Castle; I could care less about his romance with Kate. There was something kind of phony about her. I would’ve watched the show even if she were not on it.

  39. skrable2a says:

    I think your headline (props for the clickbait, btw) is misleading. He never addresses the “controversy.” The controversy was the firing of Stana Katic, not that the show was cancelled.

  40. shir says:

    It’s the first time Nathan has spoken a word about the ending since the series ended. Good of him to do so. I was wondering how long it was going to take for someone to speak up about it
    We fans were left” out in the cold.” sort of, by an ending where we deserved better than we got.

  41. marcus starkey says:

    he’s a giant @sshat, show should have ended at 6 seasons

  42. Mari says:

    The day Castles car veered off the side of the road on his wedding day was the end for me

  43. majma15 says:

    The acting between Nathan and Stana sizzled on screen for the first 3 seasons. The want/unrequited love was palpable. The $64,000 Question remains: What the hell happened? Nathan didn’t want Castle and Beckett together and said so in many interviews. He began to take a lax attitude and phoned his performances in by Season 5. Castle seemed angry at Beckett when he proposed to her. The writing in Season 6 was uneven at best.The disrupted wedding at the end of Season 6 was unforgivable. Was it because Fillion developed issues with Katic? Who knows? I noticed a difference in his acting towards Stana the year she won a Peoples Choice Award and he did not even get a nomination. Stana would ask fans to vote for him, but he never wrote anything kind about her on Twitter. When live tweeting the show, he would purposely misspell her name . Did Marlowe and Miller leave the show because they had enough of placating them and their issues? Again, only they know. The fact that Marlowe went into exile and said he was heartbroken when Stana and Tamala were fired, may be circumstantial, but it confirms to me that he was pleased with Stana and saddened by his creation being destroyed by Nathan’s plans to go solo, or so low, as Richard Castle.

  44. Jody says:

    Hollander’s Woods will always be my ending. I haven’t even been able to bring myself to rewatch season eight again, and I don’t think I ever will. And don’t even get me started on the pathetic 30 second time jump.

  45. En says:

    “………don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour”.
    What’s “frakkin'”?

  46. TJ. Church says:

    As he notes, he’s been on TV a long time on many shows… So he (silently) knows the reason it wasn’t the big sendoff is it will get revived on Netflix, Amazon, cable, or a big network special again in a decade.

  47. Pat says:

    Nathan fillion is a bully, that was one of the best shows on TV and due to his personality it left fans without a program, Bullies are old hat.