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Vampire Diaries Video: Candice King on Caroline's 'Steamy' Future With Stefan, Lessons Learned From Previous 'Ships

The world as they know it may be crumbling around them, but Stefan and Caroline will still find time for each other in The Vampire Diaries‘ final season.

“These characters are in a great spot at the top of the season,” Candice King told TVLine during a recent visit to the CW drama’s Atlanta set. “I liked the tone they left Season 7 on — with Damon and Enzo and all that death and destruction — but coming into Season 8, there are some nice light, steamy moments to get you started.”

Of course, it won’t be all sunshine and rainbows. This is still The Vampire Diaries, after all.

“Their relationship will definitely be tested,” King added. “They have to balance some pretty adult things, in terms of Caroline and Alaric co-parenting these children and having this supernatural blended family. … Also, Stefan is so attached to protecting and saving Damon. He’ll always choose his brother first, and that’s going to be a really big thing for this couple.”

Generally, King said, “fans of this relationship are really going to enjoy the first part of Season 8. You’ll get to see this couple go through some hardships and figure things out, but you also just get to enjoy their relationship.”

And because this is the show’s final season, TVLine also asked King to reflect on Caroline’s carousel of exes. You can get her thoughts on Caroline’s past with Matt, Tyler and Klaus in the video below:

Hit PLAY on the video above for King’s thoughts on Caroline’s past relationships, then drop a comment with your own thoughts: How would you like Caroline’s story to end?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. M says:


    • Ally says:

      LMAO @ Stefan kissing underneath Caroline’s lips. That pretty much sums up their no chemistry paring.

      • bluebery says:

        at least they are kissing… I don’t even remember when certain COUPLE last kissed.. must be the CHEMISTRY they didn’t get any kissing scene..

        • Pina says:

          Or a spin off because the pairing really escalated the guys likability. Sorry, but I think Stefan has gone down and same with Caroline in terms of character since the spin off and them being together. IMO

      • Charlotte says:

        I completely agree with you. It’s like watching a brother and sister make out, creepy, very uncomfortable and creepy. Have to admit. This and Dulena are the reasons I stopped watching. Judging from the ratings. ALOT of people agree with me.
        Oh yeah, it’s funny and sad at the same time how Delena’s forced this show into the ground.
        By that I mean, constantly badgering people with the Dulena being together and now pretending Stefan and Caroline should be together. Geeze wonder why they want Stefan with Caroline. Lol
        Anyways, this show was GREAT when Damon was single and a player and Stefan was with Elena.
        Poor Candice, unfortunately she is not lead actress material. Much better as the annoying friend.
        Love the walking dead now. It is what TVD’s used to be, GREATTTTT

        • Jennifer McArthur says:

          I agree, the show was top notch season’s 1-3 putting delena together was fan servicing because all the girls loved Ian and Nina’s real life relationship which we can see how tht was a bad idea, so they couldn’t have Stefan being a pathetic third wheel so yay let’s throw him and Caroline together even though they are better as best friends, the writing is so sad at this point lol. Caroline should of been the new Lexi for Stefan. I to love the walking dead!! The writer’s actually know how to tell a story.

          • Jessie says:

            Ahem, well I loved TWD….until they brought out THEIR crappy spin-off. One of the most hated spin-offs on cable tv to date, it is awful and lots of peops want the spin-off cancelled, that’s how bad it is. I don’t blame them, it is disgracing the good name of TWD franchise and let me tell you, I started watching the Originals just to get my mind off it. The Originals is fantastic in comparison. I know zombies are the new vampires these days and all but I’m kinda getting zombie fatigue at this stage, it’s just too much overload and the new stuff is getting crappier, it’s already showing signs of running out of fresh ideas. It’s what happened to the vampires all over again except now I’m even missing the vampires a little. We need something fresh, the next fad, the new genre. We’ve had vampires, dystopias, zombies…what’s left that they could revamp again???

          • Ingram says:

            @Jennifer actually neither elena & damon nor stefan & Caroline’s relationship was fan servicing.They were always going to make her be with damon at some point. . Julie Plec said that elena was never going to be with damon until she became a vampire & that the idea of stefan & Caroline was thought of in season 2 when he helped her transition into be a vampire

          • Pam says:

            Putting Damon and Elena together was the downfall of the show. Sure they had amazing chemistry,but when real life bleed into the show it became painful to watch. And Steroline might have been an idea in s2, but in s6 when it actually came about it was awkward. If the powers that be planned it, they sure did a horrible job of it. Caroline is one of my favorite characters and her relationship with Stefan is horrible to watch. Her character has reverted back to the insecure girl in s1. This is why I could never getting behind them as a couple.

          • Hallie says:

            I agree it isn’t fan service because that would entail fans wanting them together and sadly for the show steoline was never a hit. Yes they thought to put them together back in season 2 but Steoline ended up being a complete disappointment. Clearly the show had little faith in this pairing since it took them 4 or 5 seasons to put them together and only once they had no one left and hoped the pairing would get traction only for it to be an epic fail.

          • Ingram says:

            It took them 4 or 5 seasons to put them together because that’s what the writers wanted. They wanted it to be a slow burn. I wish people would stop speculating & assuming they know what the writers did & didn’t do for this show. Instead just listen to Julie herself explain why she put certain characters together. I ‘m sure If u type her name into a search engine plenty of videos & interviews will pop up with her explaining her thoughts & ideas for the show. . . so there’s no need to guess or make up your own theory when you can get the truth straight from the creator’s mouth.

          • Ingram says:

            They didn’t put them together once no one was left. . .Caroline could have gotten back with Tyler. .they could have put her with enzo she could have met someone new they could put her with Kluas there were other options for her besides Stefan. Even her & Liam were hot. They put her & Stefan together cause that’s what they wanted to do. & there relationship isn’t an epic fail there r people that like them together(myself included). I think the fail is how the writers portray them as a couple

          • Plec says:

            Yeah Julie SAID she gave Stefan Caroline because he needed someone since Nina left while Elena was with Damon otherwise it would’ve circled back to SE. SC is just the poor mans SE and it shows.

        • Stacey says:

          Agree with all of you 100%, except for blueberry, who is acting like Steroline Team.

        • Alice says:

          Oh my gosh yes Jessie!! TWD spin-off is SO bad!!! The Originals is way more decent, it’s unreal!!

      • Stacey says:

        So true Ally! They were so much better as friends. There is no chemistry there, it’s like brother and sister. Apparently PW feels the same and it’s definitely coming across on screen. I loved him with Bekah and Katherine, those scenes had tons of chemistry, Elena too, before Delena happened.

      • Lauren says:

        Yeah SC is trash and hopefully die in the middle of the season.

      • Sophie says:

        AGREE Ally! I can’t stand SC they are very disturbing. It’s frustrating that this could be an ending for Stefan. I could care less about Caroline and her whiny insecure ways she could die for all I care but Stefan better have a better ending than a dull life with Care.

      • Q says:

        It’s the last season so it looks like the writers are forging forward with this zero chemistry pairing. Caroline was better off with pretty much every other guy she had hooked up with before this terrible “Stero-line” thing. At least the stories about Damon, Bonnie and Enzo will be interesting. I hope.

      • TARA says:

        No it doesn’t

    • Anna says:

      Please don’t act like the delena stans, there’s only room for one delusional fandom. I use to like Steroline but between no chemistry and rotten s/l for them I stopped. Now I just want them to go back to being friends like Slexie.

  2. Abbi Fortune says:

    Thanks so much for posting Candice’s interview! We’re so excited for Steroline this season! STEROLINE FOREVER! <3 #SterolineJuneWedding #TVDForever

    • Brooke says:

      Are you joking? LOL as other ppl have pointed out they are vampires who live forever, FOREVER. I can only imagine how lack luster their lives together will be. I really hope Plec isn’t that stupid she already ruined their friendship, I hope she won’t ruin their lives for fanservice. I didn’t watch 7s of this crap show for Stefan or Caroline to end up in a passionless relationship.

      • Christina says:

        because Julie Plec can make a vampire show but can’t make two people fall in love and be married.. coz that can’t happen … that’s totally a fanservice!

        • Lisa says:

          If it happens? Yes, yes it is fanservice. Only a small increment of people actually want them married and half of them are saved accounts. If DEers aren’t getting a wedding, then neither are you. It’s not logical and I always think Caroline deserved more than a mundane life married to a guy who puts his brother and EX gf’s above her.

          • bluebery says:

            yeah because she deserves a life living alone because she is a vampire or be with a guy who tried to kill her multiple times… it is a fanservice because she wanted it since the pilot and obviously he puts everyone in front of her because he didn;t actually died to save her in 5×21 or ran because he thought he was protecting her and her children..how dare he loves his brother? no one should love their brother..

          • Annamaria says:

            @BLUE Or she deserves the world, not to be stuck chasing down Damon for the rest of her life, you know, HER RAPIST/ABUSER who she sympathizes for bc of Stefan, yes she should be with the guy who let her be compelled and treated like a blood bag for a while, who STILL choses Elena over her, doesn’t give her the choices like he did with Elena, didn’t formally break up with her so started banging his ex, attacked her in season 6 (emotions or not, still happened), doesn’t give her the option to decide what she wants, ect. You’re right, she SHOULD be with a guy who treats her like crap :)

          • bluebery says:

            @Anna obviously he puts Elena first.. that’s why Rayna went after her not after Elena’s body and obviously he didn’t give her any choice because her life was not on the line..and I didn’t know she only deals with Damon bc of him .. not that her one best friend is in love with him and another one is BFF with the abuser.. not that Stefan actually caged Damon in season 1 after he learned that he was torturing Caroline..

          • Anna says:

            @blue You are forgetting all the times Caroline made it clear she wanted nothing to do with Damon and told Elena many of times that she should be with Stefan. YUP so right.

          • luna says:

            @Anna still Elena didn’t left Damon and Caroline didn’t broke her friendship with Elena or Bonnie.. do you really think if she wasn’t with Stefan she would give up her friendship with Elena and Bonnie and won’t help them if they needed her to save Damon?

        • Lexie says:

          I’m glad you can see that it’s fan service too. We all saw how the last fan service she did turned out. Can’t wait for this show and it’s rabid fans to be over.

          • Annamaria says:

            SAME. I will admit I’m more partial to Klaus and Caroline because I think from a character point of view, they are better together. She’s stronger with him, and doesn’t let him walk over her like she lets Stefan, was so mad that she forgave him for ghosting her like that. But I just watch casually, and clicked on this article bc it popped on my feed. I hope that she finds her backbone and someone who puts her first like she deserves.

          • bluebery says:

            yeah if we get a WEDDING as a fanservice I win’t mind!

          • bluebery says:

            except that she really never wanted to be with Klaus.. she said that over and over again.. but who cares about what she wants though

        • luna says:

          @Anna still Elena didn’t left Damon and Caroline didn’t broke her friendship with Elena or Bonnie.. do you really think if she wasn’t with Stefan she would give up her friendship with Elena and Bonnie and won’t help them if they needed her to save Damon?

      • Stacey says:

        Luckily KW is back, so I have a feeling TVD will end well. And Caroline called Stefan a Gemini, in the same sentence where she called for a June Wedding, when he’s actually a Scorpio, so it was just a light comic relief line. The cast and writers didn’t even remember it, yet JP remembered and quoted what Klaus promised Caroline in the S4 finale.

  3. Mery says:

    Klaroline Always And Forever

  4. Camille says:

    Can’t wait for our Klaroline endgame ;)

  5. bluebery says:

    i love #Steroline.. waiting for their June wedding!!

    • Haelsey says:

      …this is a vampire show. PLease god no

      • bluebery says:

        yeah because a wedding is really UNREALISTIC than a Vampire show!

        • TJ says:

          You obviously missed the point but from your other comments there’s a lot you’ve missed so…

        • Raspberry says:

          On a vampire show? Yes, it’s very unrealistic because it’s a SUPERNATURAL SHOW. If we wanted babies and weddings, I would have watched Twilight more

          • bluebery says:

            we are watching a VAMPIRE SHOW and apparently fighting about it.. i think it’s not that stupid wanting a wedding comparing to that

          • Renetta says:

            Oh gosh, you know what bluebery? You’re entitled to your opinion, but you’re going around and commenting on EVERY single post of people who don’t like SC and trying to one-up them. Like seriously, it’s a dang show. Some people don’t want a wedding because it’s not logical in the show IN THEIR EYES. And that’s their opinion. Let it go. Go read some fanfic.

          • bluebery says:

            if everyone is entitled to their opinion then why are you guys commenting on whoever wants the June wedding??

          • Anna says:

            @bluebery seriously girl chill out. you’re acting crazy over a fictional tv show that’s not even sub par. lmao

  6. Angie says:


  7. Danielle says:

    Thnk you for this interview also so excited for s8 and more steroline l hope so they will get steroline june wedding 😊

  8. Steroline Fans says:

    We love Steroline so much and really hope they get the happy ending they deserve.

    • JJ says:

      No we don’t. We think steroline is boring and dull. I love when Paul and Ian talk about how their like siblings, they’re not wrong.

      • jjjjjj says:

        Ian said Candice and Paul are like siblings and Paul said he thinks Nina is like her younger sister! NOT STEFAN AND CAROLINE ,,, get your fact check :)

        • Lexie says:

          Umm Paul has said that it’s like siblings and has even said working with Candice is like working with his sister just like he said about Nina. Maybe you should do your own fact check. :) :)

        • Stacey says:

          Have you listened to any of Paul and Ian’s talks? At multiple conventions he has said that his scenes with Candice are awkward because she’s like a sister too him. Ian said the same thing.

  9. Dominique says:

    i’m still bitter about they ended forwood, i feel like there was someone (or multiple people) in the writer’s room who just said one day “okay that’s it, it’s over. we’re gonna make tyler unbearable and focus everything in his life on klaus cause he murdered his mom, and let’s not have caroline, who’s usually so wonderful and understanding, get why he’s angry. and instead!! let’s have er have sex with klaus!”
    they could’ve done a much better job writing an ending for them. not to please another fanbase for just an episode, only to throw them under the bus as well for steroline.

  10. Resi Engelen says:

    Seriously, I think, Candice really doesn’t like Klaroline this much, but I think there’s a lot more Caroline learned from Klaus.
    She learned to enjoy herself and enjoy life. She learned, that being a Vampire doesn’t mean her life is over. She learned that she doesn’t have to be second choice all the time, that she deserves to be loved just as much as Elena. She learned to be strong and fight for what’s right. She learned, that some people make mistakes but deserve some chances to fix them. She learned that hate, rage and terror can form people and to not get into this circle.
    She learned that she’s worth something.
    That’s why I love their non-existent relationship so much. She made him want to become a better man, yes, she led him to a path where he can be fixed but he also changed her.

  11. bluebery says:

    give us the #SterolineJuneWedding please! they both deserve to be happy with each other

    • Kenzi says:

      They may deserve to be happy, but I don’t agree that she’ll fully be content with him. He’s picked so many people above her and she deserves better. I don’t think he deserves her

      • luna says:

        but she said that in 7×01 when she is with Stefan she is happy.. and he actually died for her in 5×21.. and why are you guys commeting on every SC comment.. we all know you guys are KC shippers.. we don’t go reply on your comments

    • AnactualStefan&Carolinefan says:

      You’re right they do deserve to be happy and sorry it isn’t together. Plec did a disservice to both of their characters when she forced them together. They both deserve so much better.

      • luna says:

        I don’t think they are forced.. she said was rooting for them since season 2… they are best friends plus lovers,,, that’s a pretty strong bond,,

        • Sara says:

          The only bond most of us see are siblings/best friend bond but you do you.

          • luna says:

            yeah because most of you can ignore the canon and most of you turned sdcc as the #SterolineJuneWedding show.. like it or not they are the couple NOW.. this is happening and stop attacking us.. we don’t go and bother you in your comments when you want two people to be together who are in TWO DIFFERENT SHOW

          • Lauren says:

            They are forced but don’t worry they’ll end by mid season.

        • Ingram says:

          @luna i agree. . i also don’t think they’re forced as a couple either. Their relationship is built on a deep friendship that evolved into something more. Their bond is strong & deep because they have been through so much together & have such a long history with each other. . it is not just about lust or passion though those things are there. . . Stefan & Caroline genuinely care
          deeply about each other on more than a platonic level. & I think Stefan & Lexie were more like brother and sister not Caroline and Stefan

          • Erica says:

            Yes their bond is strong and deep like the siblings/best friends they are. Glad to see them ending soon.

          • Ingram says:

            No not like siblings. . best friends but not siblings. I don’t kiss or look at my siblings they way these two kiss and look at each other. Their chemistry may be awkward at times but its definitely not sibling-esque

          • Plec says:

            Yes you’re right they are like siblings, siblings to the end

          • Marcus says:

            The only June wedding these two SIBLINGS deserve is the Red Wedding from GOT. That’s the ending we to them we need.

          • Kinsey says:

            I know Julie won’t have a wedding for Stefan and Caroline. Even she knows that siblings can’t get married.

  12. Leeah says:

    Let’s hope Caroline ends up with someone who truly can put her first. Can’t see that ever happening with Stefan as long as Damon and Elena will be around, sorry.

  13. Anne says:

    Klaroline please :)

  14. Benina says:

    LOL, they’ll have a happy first half but I hope Caroline kicks him to the curb. She deserves better and I hope she realizes that..

  15. Jasey says:

    Annnnd KLAROLINE

  16. Lou says:

    Steroline can have the first part of the season, Klaroline fans will be happy to get the endgame :p

  17. Jen says:

    I was always a fan of Tyler and Caroline

  18. lunaa says:

    What! Candice do you remember the Klaroline storyline at all? Thats all you learnt, please!

    All I learnt from SC that it’s OK for a guy to treat you like trash and walk all over you, but OK

    I hope Klaroline returns soon

    • Ingram says:

      When did Stefan treat her like trash or walk all over her somebody please tell me cause I’m confused. . i don’t remember this but i do remember Kluas biting Caroline almost killing her. . oh and i also remember him compelling her hybrid werewolf boyfriend to bite her which would have killed her funny i don’t ever remember Stefan trying to kill her. It so funny that you only remember the good stuff about a character when you love them and the bad stuff when you hate them. Y’all r so bias!!!

  19. Sharon says:

    #sterolinejunewedding is the stupidest idea. It wouldn’t even make sense for these two to marry. I can’t stand them as a couple, Stefan has always seemed like a brother to Caroline. He’ll never put her first, it will always be Damon. There is nothing steamy about steroline.

    Hopefully steroline fans can have the first half of the season and then that ship will sink and be over. The series should end with Defan.

  20. KM says:

    my favourite ships of tvd are:
    bonnie and damon
    stefan and elena or katherine
    caroline and tylor or klaus
    jeremy and anna
    matt and sarah salvatore,.
    on another note i hope shows would just tell their stories, without catering to some fraction of fans, because not everyone would be happy, we all have different tastes.

  21. Guest says:

    I ship Caroline with Death. She is just unbearable to watch now and for some reason, she has now become a whiny Saint that can do no wrong. Steroline sucks and Klaroline is ridiculous ship that people need to stop obsessing about. It’s Klamille 2.0 and jamming her with one man after another is what’s made her such a one-dimensional mess. I need Klaus to be a man again and not having these hypocritical basic b*tches ordering him around. Caroline, Damon, and Stefan need to be by themselves. I can accept her and Stefan riding off into the sunset – never to be seen again. Please, no Caroline in NOLA. No need to export more crap to TO. It’s bad enough with Hayley and the stupid baby.

  22. Pam says:

    Please end Steroline. The fact that he puts his brother before everyone will always factor in their relationship. Caroline deserves more than 2nd place in his life. She talked about how Tyler and Caroline grew apart, how Matt couldn’t handle what she became and how Klaus bought her nice things but was bad, how about just because Stefan is your best friend and lover doesn’t make it easy when one person is in it and the other is focus on something else. For the sake of sanity please end this relationship. Give me single and free Caroline!!

  23. Mel says:

    Klaroline Is the only thing that matters

  24. Stacey says:

    Well said that Stefan always chooses Damon first. Looks like it’s heading for a Defan endgame. I like that they’re together at the start of the season because that means at the end of the season they’ll be separated, according to all couples for the last 7 years on TVD. Start together, end apart or vice versa. Hoping for my Klaroline endgame, the only one who has ever put Caroline first! Can wait till SC breaks up in the second half of the season!

  25. Stacey says:

    Klaroline for the win! The only man that has ever put her first! Stefan should have listened to Klaus and let her go, instead he once again put Damon first. And Care has always been everyone’s second choice, except for Klaus.

    • Sara says:

      Klaus would always put Rebekah first, or Elijah. So how is that any different than Stefan? Both will prioritize siblings, and they should.

      • Stacey says:

        Remember the co, he put Caroline’s needs first. He killed Rayna despite putting himself and his family in her crosshairs. He saved Stefan because Care asked him too and since he thought Caroline was the one with the mark. He was angry when he found out it was Damon. And how about S4 episode 1, when Klaus was in Tyler’s body, he saved Caroline but not Rebekah, he left her chained up. And how about when he left his family in NOLA, to attend Care’s graduation and saving her from the witches, and putting Elijah last when he gave his daggered body to Marcel. If your going to make statements at least try to back them up.

        • Kristen says:

          Well said! It’s really amazing how many times klaus put caroline ahead of everyone. One minute he wants Stefan dead- the next he saves him all for Caroline. I just wish Caroline would finally see that but she never showed any appreciation for anything klaus did for her. She can’t get past all the stuff he did in season 2 and 3 before he fell for her. I wonder if the writers will ever have Caroline at least acknowledge what klaus has done for her and thank him.

          • Stacey says:

            I truly hope so, I really loved their scenes and chemistry. And if they are going with season 1 themes, one of them is that Caroline is never chosen first. Hopefully, she will realize that Klaus is the only one to put her needs first.

  26. Stephanie says:

    With TYLER!!

  27. Angelica says:

    Simply, I just want her to be happy! No matter who she’s with!

  28. I keep saying this…why Steroline whom have this brother/sister chemistry aka best friend and not Bamon whom have so much UST and insane chemistry??? I mean why not give Damon a real hard earned true love? They went through so much to be where they are at and he even let Elena go and Bonnie live! They teased it in season 5-6 and for nothing! Dulena ran the show into the ground especially when Ian and Nina broke up. Those irrational fans went nuts as if they were in the relationship themselves! They hook her up with Enzo??? They have no history and if you wanted to put the witch with a vampire, Damon should be the one. Not an irrelevant Enzo! Way to reach Plec and Dries! Anything to keep Damon forever chained to his past Katherine 2.0! I can’t wait for this to end…I know Bamon won’t happen so I rather Damon and Stefan actually leave together and find happiness w/o Katherine 2.0 and get their actual brotherly relationship on a real path!

    • zed says:

      So agree with you. If they went with Bamon, Carenzo (I love Klaroline- but being realistic here cos Klaus is in his own show!), and actually starting to built something with Stefan and Rayna – they would have had TVD up to season 10- but no- let’s continue with Delcoffin, Sterolinesnoozefest and Bonborenzo!
      Well, what is left- we know the pairings- there is nothing interesting really to watch- no suspense- they will go on for- how many episodes to save Damon- boring!

  29. Priscila says:

    Candice é ótima, sabe das coisas, amo Steroline mas não assisto série por causa de shipp, e isso que afundou a série pessoas infantis e sem noção que não sabem ver outra coisa na série que não seja Shipper uma pena, mas ainda bem que CANDICE sabe diferenciar um amor de vdd a algo duvidoso, Steroline é recíproco um amor que cresceu aos poucos, e como STEFAN mesmo cita na série, ” nem todo amor, é aquele amor louco que já vivemos, e sinto que esse pode ser muito melhor” quando se referem a caroline! Sterolineeee is EndGame

    • Morgan says:

      Steroline isn’t endgame. It’s like watching a brother and sister who shouldn’t marry each other. It’s sickening to watch them onscreen. Can’t wait for them to be over by mid season. It’s also funny that Plec said when asked about a romantic endgame for Caroline and she said “who said Caroline was getting a romantic happy ending?” LOL

  30. Used to be a Klaroline shipper but it apparently didn’t go anywhere after S4, I watched up till near the end of S6 and it appeared to be over. Did some searching and apparently Klaus and Caroline said their goodbyes. They’ve moved on. At least they got some closure, was starting to think after S4 things were becoming like it never happened.

  31. Liz says:

    Well apparently the best part of the season will be the end, when Steroline not together. Can’t wait!! Their chemistry is cringe worthy. All for Karoline endgame!!

  32. Sabrina says:

    She should get away from Stefan because it’s like he likes her cause it’s convenient and because he has no otherchoice and get her butt to New Orleans and be with klaus because he really dose love her no matter what

  33. nancylopez47.nl@gmail.com says:

    I think that stefan and elena should reconnect and get back together to wear they met. I believe that it will make a jealous change for damon.

  34. Gina says:

    They have fans? I thought almost everyone hated steroline cuz of the lack of chemistry? Lol. Don’t know why they keep forcing this couple? I guess laziness from the writers instead of giving her a new love interest. Or putting her with with who everyone really wants her with.

  35. Frtz says:

    Caroline should end up with Klaus. They have a beautiful chemistry on tv. Stefan and Elena also had great chemistry. They should have never have Elena falling for Damon. The tv show went down hill from there. I was hart broken for Stefan.

  36. Hallie says:

    Interesting she said if you are a fan you will enjoy the first half and that Stefan will always chose Damon first this tells me that Steoline will not end up together by the end of the series.

  37. Javaris white says:

    Stefan because was bff and u that they n love

    • Javaris white says:

      Stefan because they was bff and now they go together n I think they belong together because she wanted him at the start n they came to f to be apart

  38. marianneindia says:

    klaroline will happen.This everybody know…

  39. Paula says:

    I cant stand Caroline with Steph they don’t belong together like all the chemistry is not matching on the show now. I want Steph and Elena back together. Know Damon and bonnie I think wood make a good couple why cant Damon have a black girl. Why she is strong and she don’t play and she knows how Damon is. bonnie need clause now that is a good couple I just feel it its some thing there. Steph and Elena would make beautiful babies. I know its just a show come on let the season end right. Give them there future. What they got going on I stop watching.

  40. I have been a Steroline supporter ever since they started dating. Poor Stefan has always been through the ringer. His brother does the evil stuff and he is always the one that has to deal with the consequences of it. This final season is no differen;. With all the bad stuff that his brother has done he probably is going to get the happy ending. Stefan is going to lose everything. I just don’t think its fair! Stefan should get some happiness himself. Why show us the proposal to Caroline if the wedding is not going to happen. It’s just cruel that that wedding is most likely not going to happen. I want it to happen but I don’t think it will. Good luck Steroline