Murder in the First Cancelled

Murder in the First Cancelled at TNT

TNT has shipped Murder in the First off to the county morgue.

The cabler has pulled the plug on the Taye Diggs-Kathleen Robertson crime drama after three seasons, TVLine has confirmed.

The Steven Bochco-produced anthology series chronicled a different case every season. The 10-episode third season concluded in early September.

The news was first reported by our sister site Deadline.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Every time this was renewed I was surprised so I’m glad for the seasons we got.

  2. msstargate says:

    Ok show but when are they going to make a decision on Major Crimes?

  3. Anne says:

    Now Taye Diggs can go do something awesome

  4. KLS says:

    This was the summer blind item, right? 3 out of 5 main characters had new projects months ago. Taye Diggs leaving was a big sign.

    • MMD says:

      I think it was the blind item as well and was just waiting for the official news. Just because some cast members had other shows didn’t mean anything because it was only a summer 10 episode filler show. A lot of people do a couple of shows.

  5. Rachel says:

    I thought the first season was slow but it picked up in the second season…excluding Emmanuell Chriqui. I hated her character. I also like the 10 episodes formula…bomber its canceled now.

  6. Kevin Mac says:

    No surprise. The story line was a road map to wrapping up the show. Liked the show, but it is time to move on.

  7. Malissa R. says:

    I thought this show was great. I really enjoyed and looked forward to it. That leaves two shows on TNT that I watch. At least I know The Last Ship will be on for 2 more seasons.

    • I’m looking forward to The Last Ship returning, though the news that Eric Dane has been having some problems, recently, has not been good. I hope he is able to get the help he needs to deal with his issues, for the sake of the show, yes, but far more importantly, of course, for his sake and that of his family and friends. All my best to him.

  8. sladewilson says:

    Damn. I liked Murder in the First. But when Taye Diggs started doing Empire, I figured MitF would suffer the fallout.

  9. bobbi6484 says:

    I am going to miss this show. Really sorry it has been cancelled.

  10. Trent Williams says:

    It was a decent show, but they like most shows start down an uninteresting plot rather than stay with what the show’s purpose initially. Had they stuck to police work and the actual cases, rather than 2 partners having love interests, I think they’d survived awhile longer. Great shows like Law & Order (original not spin offs) stuck with a simple format, police working a case and the legal system prosecuting them, none of this sleeping around stuff or personal lives of characters. We only knew the basics,characters had a little history on the job, but we never went home with them.

    • mag says:

      Yeah, same for me…no personal lives. Like Columbo he always talked about his wife but we never saw her, which was alright with me. It’s a crime show,

  11. dman6015 says:

    So, what established network show can Diggs go on now? That seems to be his trademark.

    • mary says:

      Not really. He’s guested on shows since having Murder in the First. Otherwise he’s starred in plenty of first run series. Maybe he’ll go back to Broadway.

  12. Imzadi says:

    Actually I found season 3 disappointing. I thought the Mario Siletti story was much more interesting than the dead quarterback story. I know that Rafael Sbarge is back on Once Upon a Time and Ian Anthony Dale will be returning to Hawaii Five-0, so I hope Currie Graham finds a new show. Season 1 was the best, with Draco Malfoy–er, Tom Felton–as a millionaire murderer.

  13. Whatevah8 says:

    Now there is one. Major Crimes is the only show I will watch on this sad channel.

  14. Too bad. That show was actually good. Now they will replace it with crap

  15. Mara says:

    Disappointed in TNT. This was a very good show. So much for quality over quantity.

  16. MMD says:

    Not surprised. I enjoyed the first season, didn’t bother to finish the second and the third was just ok and I hated the Siletti story-line but I did finish it.

  17. kbm says:

    I thought it was an ok crime show, to me they messed up when they kept trying to put the partners together, it make it more of a romance drama than crime. And Taye Diggs announced months ago that he was going to the show empire.

  18. BevyJo says:

    Really enjoyed the first two seasons, but got turned off by the female lead and that story line of a romance between them. She just doesn’t come across as a very “lovable” person

  19. Mary Gedde says:

    I loved this show. Murder In The First is cancelled but other crap stays on so this is another station I won’t watch.

  20. drhenning says:

    Not too shocked since I was shocked that it got renewed at all.. The writing was on the wall this season IMO.. Interested to see what else Kathleen Robertson does.. Diggs always gets work and already has..

  21. Charlie Bear says:

    I stopped recording it a few months ago. I did not like her character and I think she is not the best choice for this role.

  22. Brenda Johnson says:

    I loved the show hate to see it end. Maybe it will come back

  23. trishtlc says:

    It wasn’t the greatest show but I really prefer dramas to these silly immoral comedies they have on right now. AND the reality shows. I’m grateful to TNT for the dramas they’ve had on.

  24. sunshine says:

    The first season had a terrific satisfying ending to a good crime story. The second season I didn’t even make to the third episode, everybody was so flat and boring. I heard this last season was really dull and didn’t watch, they should have tried to get a guest star that sizzles in an interesting crime like the first. Just having the two leads together was a disaster.

  25. Marianne says:

    Sad about this. One of my favorite shows.

  26. HAP says:

    TNT is ridiculous. This was a very good show. Robertson and Diggs had great chemistry, and Currie Graham played such a great villain.

  27. Patsy Gorman says:

    It was great at first but keep the romance out, that’s what ended the show.

  28. Norma says:

    Of course it was! It was one of the best shows on TNT. Programmers keep crap on and cancel the good ones.

  29. mildred mcgunigle says:

    sorry 2 hear that; I really enjoyed the show & liked how they finished each season & than started another;;didn’t keep u hanging until next season

  30. TDXI says:

    I will no longer be distracted by her eye.

  31. Pat C says:

    that was one of the best shows on tv. darn i really am gonna miss it.

  32. Paula frassica says:

    No no no. It’s one of the only shows to watch.

  33. popeye013 says:

    Am i the only one that knew about this 2 months ago?
    I swear i read that it had been cancelled on this very site back then! So how has it only ‘come to light’ now??

  34. John says:

    Bummer! Very disappointed TNT. My wife and I were faithful viewers and enjoyed the acting and the story line. Guess I will need to get my “Kathleen Robertson fix” in another show.

  35. Bev says:

    That sucks, TNT!!

  36. Nancy Millich says:

    Maybe another network would pick this show up!!!!! It’s AWESOME!!!!

  37. Eric Smith says:

    I loved murder in the First.

  38. I have watched the three series, and can’t understand why you would pull the plug on a winner, you people must surely have ratings that tell you this is an awesome series, I could not wait to watch the next episode and was truly devastated to find you were not going forward with Number 4 – this is one f the best series I’ve seen in years. Pamela H Street – Australia

  39. carol frausto says:

    loved Murder in the First—bummed it was cancelled

  40. M says:

    Not happy! Enjoyed watching this show! Bring it back!

  41. Jane Belous says:

    Again another show I liked is cancelled.

  42. Ribyn Marshall says:

    Well, crap. I love that show

  43. T says:

    Aww man that was my show .. I didn’t know it was canceled. I was looking forward to the new season.

  44. Shelby Bracken says:

    Please don’t cancel Murder in the First this is such a great show ,I love all the actors they have great chemistry. I was so looking forward to season 4….please reconsider

  45. Kathy says:

    Why cancel the good shows

  46. Sharon says:

    Loved murder in the first the suspense from wk to wk kept u coming back…not everyone likes vampires you know….guess ill be reading more now……

  47. Tammy says:

    you need to keep murder in the first its a very great show

  48. Meg cunningham says:

    I really love this show. Is there any hope of it being picked up by another network? The storylines have been great and I actually like that we get to see more then an hours worth of a character. This is just great writing as usual please put it back on

  49. Carla says:

    Most tv shows are trash, this one was first class and is cancelleded? What moron decided.
    I watched TNT only for Murder in the First.