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Teen Wolf Season 6 Trailer

Teen Wolf: Stiles Drops the L-Bomb on Lydia in Dramatic Season 6 Trailer

Ahead of Saturday’s New York Comic-Con panel, MTV on Thursday dropped a new trailer for Teen Wolf Season 6 (Nov. 15, 9/8c), and it’s all about Stiles — well, Stiles and Lydia.

The show’s final season finds Dylan O’Brien’s character in danger of being wiped from existence, prompting his friends to keep him alive in their memories. And while Scott is surely going to play a major role in saving his best friend’s life, it’s Lydia who takes the lead in this latest trailer.

“You’re going to forget me,” Stiles tells Lydia. “Find some way to remember me.” And in the trailer’s final seconds, he tells her something really worth remembering.

Showrunner Jeff Davis apparently wasn’t kidding around when he hinted to TVLine that Season 6 would satisfy long-suffering fans of Stiles and Lydia’s relationship.

Hit PLAY on the new trailer below, then drop a comment: What are your hopes for Teen Wolf‘s final season?

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  1. Lola says:

    Yep. On the floor. I can’t wait.

  2. *Stiles not Styles :)

    And yeees for Stydia! FINALLY!


  4. Lois says:

    We’ve done our waiting! It’s our time now! YAY!

  5. Dominique says:

    the problem with stydia, for me, is that we’ve seen 5 seasons of stiles being in love with her. that part is true, it’s there.
    but i’ve never seen that side of lydia. does she love him? yes. is she in love with him? i haven’t seen that. i know people will probably tell me i’m blind and that last season proved everything, but to be honest, it didn’t. this “relationship” has been one-sided since the very first season and i would find it very unbelievable if all of a sudden lydia decides she’s in love with him, despite not ever having seen any proof of that.

    • Wordsmith says:

      Nothing like having a guy friend erased from reality to finally realize that you have feelings for him…

    • Anthony says:

      YOU ARE SO TRUE AND RIGHT!! Like I supported it because I wanted Stiles to be with someone and Lydia been his crush since when they were little but she never showed interest she always dated the bad boy type. She gave us hope when she kissed him in the school hall when he had that panic attack but that wasn’t anything. Nothing progressed since then until what last season?!? I was happy when Malia came along because at least Stiles would finally be with someone instead stuck waiting for Lydia to want to be with him but hmm idk about this I want to see where this ends up going. Could be something to just make everyone tune in because everyone wants this but I’m still not over her not being with him. Should have happened a long time ago but nope things happened. Let’s see if anything is different when the final season starts I’m just meh about the whole Stydia thing after that whole kissing in the school that got me hyped but never matured into anything more after that.

    • Emily says:

      you have to be an idiot to think lydia isn’t in love with stiles. its so obvious from the way she looks at him. did you not watch 5×16?

    • kougie757 says:

      There have actually been hints of it since the kiss that you likely didn’t pick up on it. 3B was HUGE with hints. For example, when she was upset and doubting herself, she always turned to him. She would do things like grab onto his hand for support in 3×15, cling to him in 3×14. In season 4, when a situation was bad and he was there, you could always see her looking to find him in the room. The final realization for her though was in 5×16. She cares more about him being safe than herself being rescued and then when he saves her anyway she realizes that she does have feelings and she does care that much. Is it as strong as Stiles’s feelings? probably not. But they are there, she just hasn’t been vocal about it. She actually hasn’t verbalized feelings for any person in the show outside of once telling Jackson she loved him and that was when he was on death’s door. That’s when she realizes things.

    • kate says:

      im hardcore stadia BUT i agree with you…. theres not much evidence to say she loves him…. although i feel like she’s developed a strong love for him over the years and she’s come to realise it. so like, as he’s shown he cares about her so much she’s come to do the same and we’ll see what happens in the final season. IM SO EXCITED

    • Winter says:

      Yeah but this stuff is written by guys and they always want to believe they can work their way out of the friendzone.

    • Chloe says:

      I think you have to look closely at Lydia tbh, i don’t think Lydia really started to ‘like’ Stiles until 3b (galvanize is what made me believe she has got feelings for him) and by then it wasn’t the right time, he was possessed by the nogitsune. Then in season 4 and 5a he was with Malia, 5b the break up was still fresh. But now 3 months have passed since the end of season 5 and maybe we can finally see Lydia’s feelings for Stiles. And even though we heard Stiles say i love you doesn’t mean she does. (even though i think she does). I think you just have to understand Lydia as a character to see signs of her feelings towards Stiles. I will tell you one time- in 4×01 when Mailia and Stiles are having a moment in the jeep, look at Lydia’s reaction.

  6. M says:

    Screw Stiles. Scott is the main character yet if you never watched the show, they would have you believe basic Stiles is.😒

    • ScottJ says:

      The show is likely pushing Stiles because of Dylan O’Brien’s accident. There’s been considerable uncertainly surrounding just how much he’ll still be in the show. The first half of this season was always going to be working around his availability anyway, and the character’s absence looks like it will be one of the major storylines.

    • Hipper says:

      Teen Wolf has stopped being Scott’s show once Dylan O’Brien started doing movies.

    • Me says:

      I think a lot of people like Stiles more than Scott (don’t get me wrong I absolutely LOVE Scott LOVE LOVE LOVE) is just because Stiles is a more realistic character. Scott is literally perfect, like always tries to do the right thing, is kind and understanding and gives people the benefit of the doubt. All really amazing awesome qualities. But also all very unrealistic for one person. Scott doesn’t really show his faults and Stiles is the HUMAN. He’s supposed to represent US. We all make mistakes and Stiles it seems has made the most while not meaning too. He’s human and we relate to that. It’s harder to relate to Scott because he doesn’t make as many mistakes and is the completely wholistically good character and 99 people out of 100 will never achieve that sort of “goodness” that beautiful Scott McCall has. If that makes sense.

    • kate says:

      basic……………. r u srs…………… he is so important to the storyline. he’s literally so gorgeous

    • Winter says:

      Teen Wolf is Scott and Style’s story. The show is about the 2 of them they are both important.

  7. Finally Stydia! They deserve the happy endgame! I feel like Jeff could’ve done so much better with them after the kiss on S3, and then he kind of dropped stydia, they barely had scenes together in S4, which made me so frustated at that time, because i’ve always loved them and their dynamic, and finally we are getting stydia. Since it’s the final season, i hope we can see some cutest moments with them as a couple..and finally together!!!

  8. Jason says:

    Stiles and Lydia is my one and only desire for the end of the show. If they give me that, I’ll walk away happy.

  9. mia says:

    Finally. Been waiting for this

  10. Joe says:

    Speaking of Stiles, they’re going to drop another bomb… His name. I think it may be Aloysius. Think about this. The “M. Stilinski” thing on the ID card may be inconsequential because the prop department is often given free reign in things like that so let’s put that aside for now. The hints we’ve gotten straight from Jeff Davis and canonical elements of the show (dialogue, more or less) are that Finstock didn’t know how to pronounce it, it’s a distinctive and unusual name, and that it sounds like a word that describes Stiles. Check on the unusual part. Distinctive too. I don’t think I’d know how to say “Aloysius” either if I didn’t already know how to pronounce it so check on that one. And this is the most important one in my mind. The “sounds like…” line. I thought about words that could describe Stiles. And I found one. I knew Matt had to be the one controlling the Kanima because Stiles thought he was shady and Stiles is never wrong. Ever. Not once. He also said Theo was shady and has shown a few signs of being more like his father than he thinks. Stiles always suspects the shady people. What do you call someone like that? Suspicious, that’s right. Rhymes with… You got it. Stiles’ name is Aloysius.

    Of course I’m probably wrong. I know that. But I think it’s the best theory at this point and I don’t think anyone else has thought of it so if I’m right that will be pretty cool. I’m probably not, like I said, but it does seem to fit.

  11. Guest says:

    Praise baby Jesus! It’s finally happening! I’ve just melted into a puddle on my floor in happiness! Stydia <3

  12. Maria says:

    Finally stidia!!

  13. Goncalos says:

    When is the season 6 coming out

  14. Ella says:

    Dislike. Poor Malia. What a joke.

    • josie says:

      Malia doesn’t need Stiles, if they were still carrying on with the Malia can’t function like a human being without Stiles storyline then it would be ‘poor Malia’. but thankfully were seeing her character without a storyline that doesn’t revolve around Stiles.

  15. jordan says:

    so i guess no one saw Scott and Lydia kissing in the trailer. Its there at the exactly 1 minute and 27 seconds

  16. akane171 says:

    Lol, last time I checked it was Teen Wolf not Teen Stydia but all they do is promoting this one-sided-for-five-seasons-ship. I regret I started watching this show.

  17. Nugget Farm says:

    Oh my God those of you that are saying that the kiss at 1:27 is Scott and Lydia are SO wrong. If you pause right there its pretty clear they were trying to trick us. It was the kiss from season 3 with Stiles and Lydia. I was so pissed when I found that out though. So don’t give me that “Scott and Lydia are a thing” bs.

    And for those of you that are that are saying that Lydia isn’t in love with Stiles, thats bs too. Lydia and Stiles were meant to be together from the start. I mean she had a boyfriend, who was terrible to her (Jackson). And then her next boyfriend died. She even said in quote”I’m done with highs hool boys”. She just afraid to love again.

  18. Deliro says:

    Music when Lydia kissing Stiles – anybody know? C: