Aquarius Cancelled

Aquarius Cancelled After Two Seasons

The age of Aquarius has set at NBC: The Peacock network has cancelled the David Duchovny-fronted summer series after two low-rated seasons, TVLine has learned.

The show’s fate was all but cemented in early August when NBC announced it was relocating the Charles Manson-themed period drama from its Thursday perch to the TV cemetery known as Saturday Night. At the time, entertainment president Jennifer Salke conceded the series faced “tough” odds of seeing a third season.

One potential silver lining for Duchovny fans: Aquarius‘ demise could make scheduling The X-Files‘ inevitable 11th season easier. Last month, Fox entertainment president David Madden confirmed that “significant talks” were underway with Duchovny and co-star Gillian Anderson. “We would obviously love to do another season [but] schedules are hard,” he conceded. “We’re working hard to get this done.”

Were you one of Aquarius‘ few loyal fans? If so, weight in below with your thoughts on the show’s demise. 

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  1. twcairns says:

    This makes me sad, but saw it coming. Loved Duchovny in this very overlooked show. Really belonged on Netflix or HBO rather than NBC. Very smart TV, and strong performances by all the cast! Sad to see it go, but if it means more XFiles, then maybe silver lining time.

    • Absolutely agree. I loved this show and it was intelligent TV. I wish HBO or Netflix would pick it up. I love David Duchovny. Some of the best performances on TV were on this show.

    • Wanda says:

      I thought that from the beginning….why it was on NBC and not HBO, Showtime or Netflix. I love the show! I really hope they can be picked up by another network, but it sounds like they aren’t trying to be to me…SAD SAD SAD!!!!!!

    • Adam roxieo says:

      Well said

    • I totally agree, the cast and story line of this show made it comparable to other high rated series such as Mad Men or The Sopranos. Should be picked up as an HBO or NETFLIX series. Not enough quality series like this one worth watching!!!

    • Frank knows says:

      Man – somebody smarter than Trump (not hard) realizes Aquarious is a knock out that gains as time passes. Netflix, since NBC is blowing it, would be smart to produce season 3 at least. This one has longevity as it moves beyond Charlie by then telling the story of the players leading the fascist republican coup of the US Democracy.

      Footnote: historically accurate but names and other changes were necessary to protect the innocent like Baron or even Michelle. Obama choked over and over – his downfall – but the audacity and self righteous republicans and the party of the 1% is why this great show must continue. This show is far more factual than the Republicans want you to realize. The Bush and Trump story needs to be exposed! Time and again, the Republicans don’t disappoint, they only destroy people’s lives of the commoners to enrich the crooked oligarchs!

      Season 3: Prelude to the revolution that takes down Rump!

  2. Diane says:

    Figured, but I still liked it.

  3. BlueNote says:

    Sad to to see this one go. Really loved it. I hope it is picked up by a network with more balls than NBC….which should be easy. At least it paves the way for more X-FILES…and that is a good thing.

  4. Rae Noelle chan says:

    Too upset to comment right now…I love this show ; this is the show I watched other than the xfiles s10… So I need a long moment to recover… Bye.

  5. maregolden says:

    I’m not shocked. I canceled it for myself three shows into season one. I am sorry for all the people that did like it, though.

  6. Mona says:

    It was a good show and deserve to have third season sad it got canceled.

  7. scullypoodle says:

    There were way more than a “few” loyal fans! NBC gave the show no adequate promorion & changed the day & time slot to kill it off for good. How can people be expected to watch a show when they can’t even figure out when it was on?!
    I want another season of The X-Files more than anything, but I sure hope another network or someone like Netflix picks up Aquarius.

  8. datdudemurphy says:

    So he’s free for more X-Files

  9. Sam Hodiak says:

    What a huge mistake! The show was much better than the boring X-Files revival with much stronger performances by all actors. They should not air the show between in the low ratings summer time. Hope for a 3rd season with a smarter network who did a better marketing

  10. Allison A Barbieri says:

    Bummer! I really liked the show!

  11. L.E. Crowder says:

    This is a great show. The network always took it out of the line up for Olympics and had us wait for return. It is hard to follow when you go weeks without it on somewhere. Such a shame you are cancelling it. It had beauty and great history. Politics of the time, the Race Riots etc… it wasn’t all about Charlie.

  12. Connie Gehring says:

    I was a young girl when the Manson murders happened and was so intrigued by the whole back story. Very sorry to hear of the cancellation.

  13. Sammi Beckett says:

    Too bad. It was a good show. Some of Duchovny’s best work. The show might’ve drawn a bigger audience had it been scheduled as a winter show. A heavy drama seemed a bad fit for summer.

  14. HAP says:

    I say reboot Californication.

    • Adam Walker says:

      Is terrible to know that there won’t be a season 3. The show was good with commendable characters, and internal conflict, with a beautiful touch of historical content.

  15. Schatzi49 says:

    Of coourse they csncelled the series because I loved it. More and more I’m watching no commercial shows. NBC you suck big time. Netflix are you watching this????

  16. littlebird84 says:

    Saw this one coming, but I’m still bummed. Would have loved to see a lot of the stories wrapped up. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Netflix will back another season or two.
    That being said, one big step closer to X-Files S11!!! I can barely contain my delighted squeals.

  17. anonymous says:

    this is good news for originals fans :) more rebekah! yay

  18. Mary says:

    I knew this was coming when they started dumping the show on Saturdays, what a shame such a great show😞

  19. Lisa says:

    I loved Aquarius. Who wouldn’t as it is based on history. So sad that it is canceled.

  20. Chris says:

    I stopped watching this show after the first two episodes of season 2. Did the show end on a cliffhanger?

    • Jim says:

      Yes. Well, if you consider the discovery of the Tate murders to be a cliffhanger. I would. This was a really good show airing on the completely wrong network. I’ll miss it, but I won’t miss it terribly.

    • Nancy Miller says:

      An awful cliffhanger: how was Stafe involved in the Tate murder. And why did he call Sam from the Tate phone saying he messed up really bad. Did he arrive with Charlie and Emma and why???? Anyone want to guess the answers to those? I’m bummed. I loved the show

  21. Donna Salvi says:

    They wasted two seasons getting to the storyline people watched for in the first place.

  22. Sarah says:

    Not surprised; this show was doomed the minute NBC tried to go Netflix and released the entire first season online before airing it on the TV. Nice experiment, but you’ll notice that none of the broadcast networks have tried it again – why bother watching it week after week what you can binge-watch in a weekend? And why bother advertising during a show no one is going to watch? It’s too bad this show wasn’t really given a fair chance – it wasn’t the best show on TV, but it was better than it ever got credit for.

  23. What a shame! I believe it’s cancellation is politically motivated. The radical right does not want anyone to remember the hope for change that existed in the 60’s. Civil rights was actually a real possibility and equality was just around the corner. They want to kill any hope we may have and they are doing a great job of it.

    • John says:

      It’s a nice thought but the reason it was cancelled is much simpler: no one watched it. It should have been on cable where it would fit in better and not be expected to get huge ratings. The demographic that would enjoy this show probably didn’t even bother with it since it was on NBC.

  24. Lynn Williams says:

    Stinks! This network cancels every show I start to watch and get interested in! Rethink your decision and advertise when the program is to be televised!

  25. Charlene says:

    I am absolutely going to miss this show. I thought is was very good. And didn’t get the chance it deserved.

  26. eessee2c says:

    I enjoyed the 1 st season – streamed it on Hulu. But the 2nd season was only on NBC app, with all the commercials. Not for me. Same reason I don’t watch Blacklist any more . I don’t have cable or on demand.

  27. Mary King says:

    I love this show. It addresses so many issues we are still battling today and it’s please let’s stop repeating history kind of message. It’s a great culmination of significant events that were happening at that time. I love historical fiction and this was during my life time and people I know were affected by these events. Please tell me it will be available on Netflix or Amazon

  28. dizzysyd says:

    Make it a Netflix series. They can’t let it end like it did!

  29. Les Cohn says:

    This was the year of my 50th class reunion and as somebody who actually LIVED (both literal and figurative) during those times, I can tell you that the series was incredible writing, acting and casting. I was that young female cop who was sent underground and constantly insulted, threatened and propositioned by my employers while actually learning to sympathize with the students position. Like Duchovny’s character my Dad was a WWII vet but he stayed in and was one of the latter day generals who knew what was going on WRONG in the waging of the Viet Nam war and spoke out only to find out that Eisenhower’s parting comment about “beware of the military-industrial complex” was oh so true. My uncle’s friendship with the Assistant Secretary of State would later get me to Washington and to come a go-for with CREEP. So you see my young and even younger friends, this show is REAL history wrapped up in an incredibly plausible fictional set of parallel characters and storyline,
    Even I was surprised on how accurate the Manson line was. The news of everything going on during those times was never released in such detail. This show had me researching the plot lines against the Internet data (the Internet alas, was THEN in it’s infancy unavailable to the public but being developed by a bunch of University people and the military at DARPA. My, how time flew since when Nixon first ran for Vice President and the vacuum tube run UNIVAC, the huge set of machines on several floors of a building, miraculously and “speedily” counted the election votes!) about the Manson trial. Back then there was no newspapers or programs to tie everything together.
    This show is superb, excellently cast both for the real or fictional characters and story lines!
    WE REALLY NEED TO HAVE THIS STORY CONTINUE AT LEAST UNTIL THE END OF THE MANSON LINE. I agree that NBC gave this series terrible treatment. I can see where they THOUGHT that putting the first season on Internet first might grab the attention young people, but if you have seen it ON-LINE why stay home on a summer night to see it again? Besides, it’s the older audience that will instantly grab on to it. I guess you would say that this type of presentation was about as effective as scheduling a short series on the kidnapping of Lindbergh’s baby on a Saturday night in 1967 to a Baby Boomer. So to whomever runs the networks: CONTINUE WITH AQUARIUS!! And if they are total jerks, then PLEASE have the show PICKED UP ON ANOTHER VENUE!
    I promise to buy whatever service one needs to view Season 3 and 4 just for Aquarius alone! Please, somebody pick it up!

    • Ali says:

      What a fascinating life you describe, congratulations and thankyou from women everywhere!! Please write to netflix with your insight, they need to hear from someone who knows what they are talking about!!!!

    • The show captured, in a tiny one hour-sized sliver, the chaos that was the 1960s and peeled away the glamour to show the dark dirty underside in all its glory. I loved every minute of the show, feeling at once the siren call of nostalgia and the echo of fear as one who lived on the verge of both the Vietnam War and the race riots.

    • KMA-367 says:

      As an LAPD copper for 37 years 1964 to 2001. This show was very accurate. It was as the term used to be HATS and Bats when you got out of your black and white at 3am for disturbance in a back yard. No hand held radio. Becoming a Detective in 1973. Yeah the show was real. It was a violent time in America. We did what we had to do. Brought back lots good memories. I will miss the show.

  30. NC says:

    Sorry to the people who liked this show. Cancellations are always tough. Maybe now Claire Holt can come back full time to The Originals on the CW. I really miss her character.

  31. Kaylin11 says:

    I couldn’t get past David Duchovny’s haircut.

  32. Ann says:

    If they knew, which it sounds like they did, why didn’t they wrap it up? I thought it was smart and had some great characters. You cannot invest your time in any shows on NBC anymore,

  33. Ryder Johnson says:

    Would love to see Netflix pick this show up. Just started watching it, very underrated. Disappointed to see that it got the final axe on the same day I picked it up.

  34. Jbj says:

    Aquarius struggled to find it’s focus this season , but it was well worth watching.

  35. Gail Davis says:

    Omg I cant believe its cancelled. Really amazing show & awesome stories mixed in with history….very sad

  36. kmw says:

    Not a surprise but sorry for the fans who enjoyed it. As for the question of what this means for The X-Files? Remember there is another actor involved, not just Duchovony and I would assume Gillian Anderson’s availability is still an issue. Once she is available then X-Files will get another season. I am sure we will see another season of X-Files( because FOX certainly needs it right now) but when is the question

  37. SteveV says:

    This wouldn’t happen to be the program that was described in the July 5th blind item about the show that was already cancelled, was it? If not, was that blind ever revealed?

  38. S Smith says:

    Oh no!! I totally loved this show and David as always did not disappoint. Hopefully someone may pick up and deliver a third season as it would be good to see how it ends.

  39. John says:

    NBC could have done a better job promoting the last season. I have a few friends that liked the first season and when I told them I was enjoying the second season, they weren’t even aware it came back. I myself never saw any commercials for it after Season 1.

    • Tim says:

      Totally buried by NBC and then shifted to the graveyard slot on Saturday nights. Frankly, none of the programming decisions on this series made sense from the on-line availability to the “limited window” on putting the eps On Demand. A real shame because it was damn good tv.

  40. Emily Franklin says:

    I liked Aquarius, I’m sorry to see it go. The story line was interesting to me & I’m a huge David Duchovny fan but maybe he’ll have time now to do a “proper” X-Files.

  41. Holly says:

    I really enjoyed the show & hate to see it go. It probably would’ve done better if they had done the same binge watch format they did with the first season.

  42. Diana says:

    Despite de low rated season 2 NBC should have been more respectuful of the audience that is waiting a conclusion from season 2.

  43. Sue says:

    Sad to see it go. It didn’t help that NBC abandoned it for at least 3 weeks this summer due to Olympics. These networks really know how to screw their viewers. I’ll stick with cable, premium and Netflix.

  44. Holly Hamilton says:

    Not happy about this. Agree it has dragged on at times, but I have always looked forward to the next episode. I hope that before it is cancelled off, the show is able to come to a “conclusion” that satisfies the viewers. Too many shows cancel without a “conclusion” — makes one not want to start another “show”.

  45. Sally Paul says:

    Love it

  46. Nichole says:

    Considering how the show ended this last season, with not one but two ongoing story plots and with that last shot, it is really really annoying that they have cancelled it!! Perhaps a TV movie can be made to rap the show up in a satisfactory manor, or a cable network picks it up, but that’s unlikely, so please please please give us a movie to finish it off at least!!

    • Bad Code says:

      OK Nichole, that kind of answers my question. So there is much more story to tell I’m guessing and you are right a TV movie would be a great idea to wrap it up.

  47. Nikki Pope says:

    I loved this show. I don’t watch much television, but I found this one so engaging! Very disappointed!

  48. Angus says:

    didn’t see the point of the show. Duchovny needs to front an x-files reboot. The story is far from over.

    • X-Files is a tired old chestnut that should be cherished in our memories. As much as I loved the show, as long as they were not wasting time winking and nodding (you know what I mean? know what I mean?) that Season 10 is a perfect example why any idea of reviving it should be put to the sword.