The Blacklist Mr Kaplan

The Blacklist Recap: Fool Me Once

You win this round, NBC marketing department.

Promos for Thursday’s The Blacklist warned viewers not to miss the last five minutes —  but the hour’s climactic twist had nothing to do with the Great Elizabeth Keen Rescue Mission of 2016, as we were led to believe.

In fact, as the episode neared its conclusion, Liz and Tom actually reunited, with baby Agnes on her way to safety. It was — spoiler alert!  Mr. Kaplan, Red’s longtime confidant and fixer, who didn’t survive the outing. Or… did she?

Mr. Kaplan’s demise was hinted at throughout the episode, as she and Red exchanged terse words about her plan to fake Liz’s death. “I’m not sorry for what I did,” she admitted. “I betrayed you… to keep Elizabeth safe. Just like you asked me to all those years ago, when you first put her in my arms as a baby girl.”

But her attempts to justify her actions had no effect on Red; at the end of the episode, after Liz had successfully been rescued from Alexander Kirk, Red took Mr. Kaplan to a remote acre of land he’d acquired years ago and shot her.

“You presumed to decide what was best for me,” Red told his onetime friend. “Even if I resolved the anger, the pain you caused, I can’t trust you. Ever. I’m standing before a stranger.”

With that, he gunned her down, seemingly with a bullet to the head — but after Red had walked away and left Mr. Kaplan in the middle of the woods, the final frame of the hour lingered on her hand, which suddenly curled into a fist and grabbed a patch of grass.

Regardless of what Mr. Kaplan’s real fate is, Blacklist creator Jon Bokenkamp did warn us that Season 4 wouldn’t be kind to the character.

“Red has her number in a way that’s going to be tough to deal with,” Bokenkamp told us last month, when asked if Mr. Kaplan’s backstory would ever unfold on the NBC drama. “In Red’s eyes, she betrayed him. You’ve seen how he’s handled betrayals in the past. It does not sit well. We’ve got a really difficult, and yet compelling, run of episodes for Red and Mr. Kaplan that are going to be hard.”

So, what do you think will become of Mr. Kaplan? Are you hoping she’ll pull through — or is her death warranted? Hit the comments with all of your thoughts on Thursday’s episode.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jason says:

    Red is such an unlikable character now he makes me enjoy the show less..

    • John says:

      How can people be posting at 8:02PM when the show wasn’t until 10:00PM?

    • niloofar says:

      Unlikable is true, at least writing justified Walter’s deeds not some secret agenda/connection to Jesse. I’m sure the reveal won’t be worth it.

    • Tim says:

      Same here. Red is dead in my book. At the end of this episode he showed himself to be the ultimate narcissistic paranoid sociopath. She betrayed him doing exactly what he asked her to do, but omitting him from what HE wanted for HIMSELF, so no matter how many times she saved his a** he declared that he couldn’t trust her and murdered her in cold blood. What’s next, he kills his black sidekick because he smells funny one day? It doesn’t matter if she survives, Red is a psycho not to be trusted by anyone, and like a rabid dog should be put down immediately. I’m done with Reddington as the protagonist. He needs a bullet to the head, and they can keep his contract in tact by resurrecting Spader as Red’s “nicer twin”.

      • same.. red should learn to figth.. he should grow and feel rmorse and not shoot evrything becaue he hasnt been in a fight sicne lie ever.. the other dudes have fought so im tired of ths quens upper side treatment.. thats the godam point of the show.. moving on rd sucks..

        • S.M. Breathitt says:

          Sadly, a true narcissist won’t mature and can never see outside his own best interests even if they are immoral. To him, they are not immoral.

      • Jason Watson says:

        Sidekick works fine. No need to point out the black part. It is 2016 after all.

      • Rick says:

        Did you miss the last three seasons? Of course Reddington is a narcissistic paranoid sociopath, that’s the core of the character. He uses whoever he can, including Elizabeth, who he claims to truly care about, to get what he wants. I don’t think he’s exactly meant to be likeable, and he’d kill Dembe in a second if he thought he had been betrayed by him.
        As far as Me. Kaplan is concerned I’m quite sure she’s alive, and knowing as much about Raymond Reddington and his past as she appears to, she could be the one person who could bring Red down. Reddington just made a potent enemy in my book.

        • Tim says:

          Yes, you are right about Red. We just like Spader, so we want to like his character. The writers/producers know that. The logo of the show is Spader not other characters. I guess we’re supposed to get our dark anti-social alter-egos on before watching so we care about him and want him to survive week to week.

          I think this is a bit of a dangerous trend in media. US media breeds much of the violent behavior we see in society, especially violence involving firearms. We see this in the trends of types of guns that are popular each decade. A certain show or star starts using that gun, and that model or mfg sales go up. Gansta rap? Naaa, that doesn’t influence anyone’s behavior. Yeah, sure. Well, I guess it does help clean up society in a way. I could give you the history of it, but it’s too long for this venue. (LOL, then liberal producers donate millions to anti-gun media campaigns, and design many anti-firearm ownership themes into their shows.) Again, the list is long.

          “Your mind is totally controlled,
          It is stuffed into their mold,
          And you will do as you were told
          Until the rights to you are sold
          I’m the tool of the government
          And industry too,
          I’m here to rule and regulate you,
          I’m the best you can get,
          Have you guessed me yet?
          I’m the slime oozin out of your TV set!”
          -Zappa ciria ’72

          • Rob Horan says:

            This is a show made for adults – adults who should have the ability to determine the difference between right and wrong. People may like Red because he’s entertaining to watch; that doesn’t mean they find the character to be 100% likeable. It doesn’t mean they admire those qualities. When you watch a movie with a really compelling villain, does that mean you want to live up to that kind of villainy? It shouldn’t. Claiming that the media is controlling people takes the responsibility of making life choices away from the individual. If you find this disturbing, the best option is to discontinue watching.

          • KCC says:

            You seem to be immune to the mind control Zappa sang about. How is that? What makes you special and the rest of society lemmings? People that point to the arts/media as the reason for other’s actions are, by making that argument, elitists. They “know” the “truth” and are not fooled by the media while everyone else is being manipulated. The reasons for anyone’s actions are the culmination of everything they experience in life, not just what they see on TV or in the movies. Personally, I think I’m far more the product of what my parents taught me and the friends I have. TV has very little influence on my actions. Of course, I could just be thinking that because the media wants me to think that. Damn they’re good.
            As far as the Reddington character is concerned, he’s a sociopath. He has always been portrayed as such. Expecting him to change because you like Mr. Kaplan would be a betrayal of the Reddington character. If they want to redeem him they will have to show reasons for the change. If they want to be realistic, a lot of therapy and some medication would be needed. Or maybe have him watch only wholesome TV. Shows from the 50’s and early 60’s: Leave It to Beaver, The Andy Griffith Show, Father Knows Best, that should change his behavior for the better.

      • Anna says:

        I really like watching blacklist, and I liked Red but he has gone to far. It is all about him. He should have not been so wicked and evil to Mr.Kaplan. She is caring and loving. She was faithful to Red and Elizabeth. I don’t know if I can watch this show anymore because of the evil of Red. I do like Elizabeth and Tom. I hope at the end of blacklist and blacklist redemption that they end up happy married with Agnes and another child, too! Oh and free of Red, maybe he will turn to the good side, doubtful after the evil deed of Mr. Kaplan!

      • Kimberly says:

        his “black sidekick”? He has an name. Shame on you.

    • says:

      im sik of him.. always shooting plp like he doesnt even care to let em go andd eal with the rest and i jsut hate guns.. like u r entitled to anything just becuse you cant dela with it ad be a ma.. instead got to just do it the esy way.. coward… godam it.. pisses me of that plp like his chaarcter.. i hate him now and never chnging that

      • Joan Mettler says:

        I think that I will simply watch him as a character study (without loving him anymore) and see how his character is developed….Perhaps the point is that someone like him can be very loving, charming, and even wise, under the right circumstances… but it doesn’t change the fact that everything remains ALL ABOUT HIM and ALWAYS WILL…

  2. Kate says:

    I’m envisioning she briefly gets rescued (hell Kirk could have her rescued because he likely knows who she really is and figures until he can get Liz back that he needs a family member, who is likely family, for the baby) and we get a full flashback.

  3. DonnaMama says:

    Are they trying to make Red unlikeable. Wow I am floored and she knew he took her there to kill her. I don’t know what to say

  4. Could the shot have been purposefully non fatal?? Sounds kinda dumb, I know, but it was close range and Red’s hardly inexperienced when it comes to gunning people down…. Perhaps he couldn’t bring himself to finish her off completely?? Not that she’s going to forgive him….I will miss their partnership though.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      That’s what I’m thinking. It has been done in another show, i.e. Legends of T

    • I agree. She knew it was coming and accepted it, but also said that she wasn’t going to make it easy for him. Red is an expert marksman; he could hardly miss at that range. I don’t think he could (or would) actually kill her; instead, he wounded her enough to teach her some kind of lesson. Hopefully, they will find their way back to each other again….

      • Tim says:

        Nope, I’m a shooter and ballistics nerd and that is implausible. You can’t intentionally only wound someone when shooting them in the back of the head with a 9mm at 15′, which is what I think he was carrying. Also, the through and through shot in the plane is highly unlikely. I think that was a Walther PPK or a Sig 232, both 380s which are wimpy rounds that don’t pass through. In fact 9mms don’t pass through a torso either, especially with hollow points. The revolver on the boat could have been a short barrel 357 mag which would go through regardless of FMJ or HP but if it was only a 38 special, well a shoulder shot might go through but it wouldn’t have the effect on a guy like it did on that fisherman.
        Thank you Hollywood for keeping the violence by firearm excitement going. It makes us realize how important the 2nd Amendment is. Creeps abound, and good people need good defense systems of their own. LOL, notice that no cops showed up at the surgery center when Red & Co. marched in and took over at gunpoint. Send money to the NRA folks, unless you think the cops can be everywhere they’re needed instantly. It took them 50 minutes last week to show up and shoot a mentally disturbed guy in El Cajon. Oops, off topic.

        • Jodtami says:

          I almost think it was a planned fake death. He told her she could live their for eternity. He doesn’t want her around, but couldn’t kill her. Maybe he used a blank bullet.

        • Kimberly says:

          Did you not watch the show, Mr expert? He didn’t shoot her in the back of the head. They were face to face and they didn’t show where she was shot. Stop pretending to know what you’re talking about. You’re not impressing anyone.

          • Marie says:

            You’re correct; she was facing Red. It had to be deliberately nonfatal; 1thing Red knows is how to kill someone.

    • Lauren says:

      I think Red did mean to kill her. She tells a story about Nikos staying by her side and her head torn open. I’m guessing he happened to shoot her in a metal plate or something.

    • Tim says:

      No it couldn’t. See my detailed post on ballistics.

    • Joy says:

      I suspect the shot was deliberately not fatal. Red couldn’t fail. I’m certain she survives.

    • Mary A Theisen says:

      I agree somewhat. To kill her he would of shot her in the head. So I don’t know. Thinking she would eventually die with no one to help her and nowhere to go.

  5. mooshki says:

    Very disappointing. The Red I know and love would have been smart enough to eventually realize that what she did wasn’t a betrayal at all, but showed he could trust her more than he could trust himself.

    • Ben says:

      I agree. It doesn’t feel true to the character.

      • Lisa says:

        I agree also. She almost seemed like a mother to him. And I don’t like the direction they’re taking his character. When he’s calmly killed people in previous seasons, it always seemed somehow more justifiable. (E.g. He was keeping Luz safe, he was disposing of a long-time enemy, etc.) I’m shocked and saddened that he has apparently lost any redeeming qualities this season. Mr. Kaplan did not deserve this. I hope they bring back the old Red soon. I don’t like the new one. I did read somewhere that the character of Tom may be getting a spin-off show. Maybe Mr. Kaplan could go with him if she survives. She and Red will never be able to forgive each other now.

        • Penny says:

          It’s not a ‘maybe’ on the spin-off, it’s called Redemption and is premiering mid-season. Tom Keen is the star of it.

        • Marie says:

          U gave Red those ‘redeeming qualities’ because in spite of fact we were repeatedly shown he was a monster, we chose not to believe it. He was a brilliant, erudite & charming monster & we believed what WE wanted to believe, not what we were shown & told! I love that we are finally (perhaps) having to face the truth abt our choice–no one to blame but urself, friend. Kind of like our political choices this election. I still say Red/Spader is incredible and the Kaplan twist is brilliant. If it’s moral hi-ground you’re seeking, why on earth are u watching Black List? Self-deception is a very slippery slope.

      • Emily says:

        I disagree i think it makes perfect sense for Red to shoot her. He is hurt. He feels betrayed by everyone he cares about. Kaplan and Liz and now Constantine Rostov is back. He is going off the rails, his world is upside down so it makes sense for him to get carried away and we all know that Kate is his ”better half” but she betrayed him. She is the one who pulls him back but he can no longer trust her, so he shoots her because she is the one who knows every little dirty secret about him and if she betrayed him once thinking it was best for him, what’s to say she won’t do it again with one of his secrets. I know it’s not pretty but it’s no different than cutting off that man’s head and i believe it’s very in character for him.

        • fiberlicious says:

          Well said! Totally agree.

        • Mike Davis says:

          Agreed Emily…this is Red!

          I saw the movie the Suicide Squad and one of my complaints was that they made the characters likable even though they were suppose to be the worst of the worst,

          Afterwards I thought “They characters should have been like Raymond Reddington!”

          You think he is nice, likable, a good guy even…until he does something so reprehensible, so wrong, that you remember “This is a bad man, a very bad man”

          One minute you warm up to Red…the next you realize “This is why he was on the FBI’s most wanted list…this is why even other criminals fear him”.

          Hims hooting Mr Kaplan…yep right in character!

    • PatriciaLee says:

      After all, she’s always been his cleanup person, so it fits for her to straighten out a mess he made, or prevent him from making one.

    • KCC says:

      I think you’re giving Red qualities that aren’t there. As non-sociopaths we can understand where Kaplan is coming from, but someone like Red would see her actions as a betrayal. Perhaps he would have come around if she persuaded him it was best to fake Liz’s death and then it would have been his decision. But she made that decision, not Red. As the master manipulator and final authority on everything in his life, that would be intolerable to him. That’s the very reason Kaplan wants to get Liz away from him. They’ve shown his basic MO as being: tell me what I want to know, do what I what I want you to do, etc. or suffer the consequences.

  6. Jason says:

    It would be one thing if she betrayed Red for nefarious reasons, but this was on Liz’s behalf. Even though I’m sure she isn’t done yet, I hope they have a scene between Liz and Red about her possible demise. If she finds out that Red may have killed Kaplan, she’s going to be seriously pissed off.

  7. PatriciaLee says:

    I love the character, so she had better be in future episodes! Hopefully, it will be the rerun of Cold and Heat Wave’s forest scene in another show.

  8. If I could read your mind Gordon Lightfoot final song, appropiate

  9. Altamahamama says:

    Red has lost the few redeeming qualities he once possessed. The new season has underwhelmed so far.

  10. Nani Tavares says:

    This is ridiculous. The fans KNOWS the world Red lives in. Loyalty is everything. Remember in The Godfather when Tessio asked Tom to get him off for “old times sake” and Tom said no can do even though Tessio was one of three people who helped the Godfather build his empire. They went way back, but if trust is gone, then EVERYONE is at risk. The fans need to ask themselves who they want to survive: Red or Mr. Kaplan. If it is the latter, then stop watching, move on. If Red had allowed her to live, she would ALWAYS be a danger to Red and his world.

  11. Barbara says:

    Red never misses. It was either planed or Mr Kaplin will come back to tell everything she knows about Red. I loved her, but I love Red more.

  12. skrable2a says:

    Since they showed her in the previews for next week being carted off on a makeshift stretcher, why is there even a question about her being dead?

  13. Olivia says:

    Why did Red shoot her? It is making him less likeable..I thought he would never do that to those he trusted.. :( I hope she she isnt dead..and I really do hope they go back to catching the bad guys and can Liz become an FBI agent again..

  14. Joseph says:

    Kaplan is alive just look at the promo for the next episode

  15. Oliver covington says:

    Red doesn’t see straight when it comes to Liz and people forget at the heart of it all Red is a criminal he’s not supposed to have endearing qualities and I think this will be the season to remind us of this as far as Mr. Kaplan goes she’s not going to play the victim so easily and who’s to say she didn’t do something to the bullets or the gun to make sure she wouldn’t die. She knew. She even said I’m not going to make it easy

  16. btm says:

    As usual, NBC’s awful previews that air not two seconds after the end of an episode remove all tension or doubt regarding acts their shows have just finished broadcasting.

    “Oh! Will Kaplan end up… whelp, no reason to wonder, I see she’s in the previews for next week, spry and well. Great, I guess.”

    Why would any NBC showrunner ever film scenes at the end of episodes intended to prompt speculation and doubt on the part of the viewer, at least before season-ending cliffhangers? This is standard NBC practice.

    • flutiefan says:

      i would hardly call being on a stretcher with limited vision “spry and well”.

    • Marie says:

      Duh. U don’t get it at all. You’re not supposed to wonder if Kaplan’s dead…you’re supposed to KNOW that she’s not!!! Do u really think NBC would blow it for u? Use ur noggin, for pete’s sake.

  17. Kevin In CT says:

    Has anyone made the connection to the movie North by Northwest yet? In the movie, Cary Grant’s character is mistakenly identified as a Mr. Kaplan who is involved in a big spy/smuggling operation.

  18. Laur says:

    I was yelling at the tv when Red shot Mr. Kaplan.. and now I am wondering something. Kaplan spoke of the baby in her arms and Kirk is making Elizabeth think she was at the summer palace older… so what is the reality?

    • Lisa says:

      I caught that too. And why does Liz remember another reality of shooting her ‘father’? I feel like there’s some implanted memory stuff going on here maybe. I mean, Red DID wipe out her memory once, supposedly to help her not to remember the trauma of shooting who she thought was her father. What else has he, or others like him (Kirk) done to Liz’s mind? Well, since this show is known for all it’s twists and turns, we know nothing is ever really as it appears, so I’m thinking her memories of the “summer palace” are false. Because Mr. Kaplan did say that Red put Liz in her arms as a baby, so…

      • Tim says:

        True, and a hilarious aspect of all of her mind bending experiences is that the FBI would never continue to use an agent so damaged. At least I don’t think so, but then there WAS JE Hoover.

  19. Couch Mom says:

    It could be that Mr. Kaplan is alive and goes on to be Tom’s fixer in Redemption. There are sure to be cross-over episodes between Redemption and Blacklist where we can see her again.

  20. John says:

    That was probably the biggest surprise in television history. How do you eliminate a trusted coworker so easily. Especially one that has done so many things in your name.

  21. Paul says:

    I hope the producers aren’t dumb enough to turn the Red we all know and love into a REAL monster. I think it will turn out that he just couldn’t kill her and vented his anger by shooting her but leaving her alive. At least that’s what I hope.

  22. Lynn says:

    I don’t quite get what people expected regarding Kaplan. She said it herself, he knows what he has to do but he wanted her to make it easier for him. So even she knows he doesn’t want to do it but has no choice. Red said even if he found some way to get past it he could never trust her again. So what was he supposed to do? He can’t let her work for him anymore and he can’t let her go because she knows too much about him. Even if she didn’t try and use that knowledge against him one of his enemies could get to her and make her talk or she could go to Liz and tell her everything. I do agree though that it’s highly suspect that he didn’t kill her when he shot her at such close range. It may not have even been on purpose, maybe subconsciously he just couldn’t do it. Another interesting thing, did anyone notice Lapland’s said Red put Liz in her arms when she was a baby which means she was around since Liz was born and probably knew her as a child.

  23. Kevin K says:

    The ending blew me away like that Breaking Bad moment when Walter White shot and killed Mike.

  24. A. Slaughter says:

    Think, people! Red didn’t get this far as a master criminal by being stupid. If Kaplin betrayed him once, she would do so again. He can’t afford to take chances. He has an agenda, and it involves Liz. What did you think was going to happen to her??

  25. Connie Whittaker says:

    Why is she named “MR”. Kaplan?

    • CM says:

      I read somewhere the character was originally supposed to be male, but someone high up in the production team knew Susan Bloomaert and liked her acting style. So she was hired but they left the character as ‘Mr’ Kaplan.

  26. Joan says:

    I think she pulls thru. Red never misses, so I think he intentionally did this

  27. Tim says:

    Spader is an amazing actor. Now we hate his character. Yes, HATE! He’s a Nero wannabe. The only way he can regain viewers’ graces is if Ms. (not Mr.!) Kaplan survives and Red sacrifices his own life to save hers in some future situation because he realizes he is a bug just like the rest of us. Like I’m doing to the real life SF 49ers because of their support for Kaperksht in disrespecting America and the National Anthem, I am now boycotting “The Blacklist”. Too bad, but there are more shows than I can watch available on the many streaming and live platforms out there.

    Bodenkamp really has his work cut out for him now!

    P.S. “Talk smart about TV!” How about getting the gender right in character references? Duh.

  28. Loue Bennett says:

    I’m beginning to lose my love for the show. Not enough real details surface to maintain my interest. Losing Mr. Kaplan might mean losing this viewer also. The show has degenerated from a “procedural” to a “soap opera”.

    • Jennifer says:

      Agreed. I’m finding Red’s obsession with Elizabeth more and more creepy, and much preferred the procedural element. I’m not sure where this is going but it’s why I stopped watching Scandal and Suits as well

      • iyakay says:

        I agree, My addiction to the blacklist is almost in total recovery. The blacklist has disintegrated into a ‘short-shot soap opera’. What a shame.

  29. Allan says:

    Are the writers trying to close the series down? First they turn Red from a sort of antihero into a nasty old man and then they bring in a bloody baby. Babies spoil shows. Proven time and time again. Kill the little thing off and let’s back to some action. This season is very boring. It’s getting harder to stay with the show.

  30. Carole Williams says:

    This is the ONLY show I watch on commercial TV. Very unhappy about plot twist and I don’t like the character, Red, for killing his life-long confident. I love the Dr. Kaplan character and the strength she conveys and symbolizes. If Red, indeed, killed her, then this darker dimension of Red’s character reveals a deeper depravity and pathology that is disturbing. James Spader plays so beautifully the contradictory dimensions of Red’s character–quixotic scruples, ruthlessness, irony, melancholia, opportunism, possessiveness. How could Red’s character not forgive his life-long confident? They shared the same goal.

  31. Tim says:

    Red should have just shot himself instead, and hoped “Mr” or “Ms” Kaplan (what’s up with the confusion there) would clean up the mess without vomiting. His life is worth no more than anyone else’s. He is a narcissistic sociopath. Looking forward to seeing him set on fire some day. I’m really disappointed because I watched this show from the very beginning. Oh well, back to streaming Boston Legal reruns. Much better writing and I didn’t see them all.

  32. Montana Blue says:

    I was having problems watching the episode online at, and I didn’t see the final frame of Mr. Kaplan’s hand clutching the grass. I’m very glad I came to this recap page to learn she had survived, before I unleashed a torrent of negativity about how cold and unlikeable Red is (he is, isn’t he), since Mr. Kaplan has become my favorite character.

    I think it could to be a show stopper season if the Hunted becomes the Hunter, as in Mr. Kaplan being behind every roadblock that befalls Red, as he will assume he did the deed and eliminated her. Red deserves to be “gaslighted” and suffer the indignities and damages he dishes out to everyone else, and I’m all in for some juicy vengeance against Mr. Reddington at the hands of his once loyal and presumed dead clean-up woman. Hail to the Ghost You Can’t See!

  33. Some Guy says:

    I liked them using Cape Breton, and the Gordon Lightfoot song was a nice touch. Someone was paying attention to Canada there, and did their research. Except of course, USA police invading a private property in Canada guns a’blazin. Not possible, or legal. Kind of a colonial view of Canada, like we are some poor country that doesn’t have a competent police force of our own, and that our sovereignty can be willy nilly overrided by gun toting US police.

    • Tim says:

      Yeah, more than a little suspension of disbelief is required here. LOL, the FBI can’t take a pee in other countries. I know this first hand. I called the FBI to report people overseas trying to run scams on me by sending forged bank Cashiers Checks from the Bank of Omaha, and they said they couldn’t do anything about it. The bank had a message on their website warning of forged Cashiers Check with a serial numbers range. My checks were in that range so I didn’t try to cash them. The FBI couldn’t even catch the Tsarnaev after the Russians warned them.

      I’d like to see a TV show that shows all of the bad guys getting away with everything and making law enforcement look like those 3 monkeys of the saying “hear no…” like they do in real life. That’s real life. I would guess 1/4 of the economy is underground illegal commerce. But no, the media wouldn’t want to give anyone ideas. Unlike showing 20 shootings every night. (Then the Hollywood liberals lobby against gun ownership in America, contending their violent offerings play no part in role modeling while they go home to their Beverly Hills, Encino, and Brentwood mansions. Hypocrites.)

  34. Joy says:

    I think Kaplan will survive, which will not be a surprise to Red. I’m curious of what role she will play in the future.

    • Marie says:

      I’m with u, Joy … This post & others of yours as well. Thk God for a kindred spirit (or rather, a similar point of view).

  35. arial2 says:

    Given the ratings, you’d think the writers would not kill a character as beloved and pivotal to Red’s ability to stay free as Kate. If she’s dead, then he’s become the evil thing his enemies try to make him out to be. Unless they’re planning to make this the last season, I would hope they’re smarter than that. If this is not another subterfuge, then I’m gone because Red no longer interests me; he’s become just another evil criminal. Sorry, Red, but she was the one who loved you freely, not because she owed you her life. If you’re too stupid to see that, then you’re not the man I thought you were.

  36. Mr MJ says:

    I Love Mr Kaplan SO MUCH!! when Red shot her-I screamed as most probably did -NO!!! Mark my word Mr Kaplan will come back to haunt you Red.

  37. tyswalk says:

    This is my fav show; however, it has some problems. Many characters seem to have VERY short memories. That aside, LOTS of characters are getting shot, and left for dead, but are NOT dead. THIS is happening over and over and over. Is there a 6 year old writer at NBC that just can’t get enough of that stuff (or what!?). Obviously they intend to use this same TIRED old *thing* re: Mr. Kaplan getting shot. Red has no problem killing people MOST of the time. If he *really* wanted her dead, why not walk over to her and empty the gun in her head (front and back) and then check for any signs of life? MOST times Red will shoot so and so TWICE . . . right in the heart area. THAT usually does the trick. It would be so easy to take a show with so much potential and ruin it with crap or shopworn mediocrity. Someone get on the horn (at NBC) and consult with A. Sorkin!

  38. Tim says:

    LOL, Bodenkamp is really gonna have to make Red suffer and eat a lot of crow to get us back. Maybe a face peel with no anesthetics, loosing some fingers or nearly dying while saving her after she “comes back to life”. Great final frames of her grasping the some dead, some green grass though. (“We are but blades of grass in the summer sun.”) Even if she doesn’t make it, that is a great cinematic statement. Grasping at the grass, embracing Mother Earth. It’s a shot that could stand on it’s own in many different stories. Almost like something out of a Felini, Lang, or Wells film. Simple but gritty, and inferring something much greater than the picture itself.

  39. I am so sad how Red has turned out. I think maybe Mr. Kaplan is alive. I hope this show gets better and gets back to its original story.

  40. elliot moritz says:

    Give her some chopped liver. She’ll survive.

  41. Kimberly says:

    I’m not upset about the episode’s ending and I don’t think Red has become less likeable. To me, he was never likeable in the first place. Red is entertaining. Red is often congenial. But, he’s not truly likeable. He’s a stone-cold killer and he’s borderline insane — two things he’s always readily and gleefully admitted to. He’d also be the first to say that anyone fooled into thinking his ability to tell a jolly story in any way makes him a decent person, deserves what he gets.

    Mr. Kaplan was an interesting character, but she really deserved what she got. It’s not because she disagreed with Red, it’s because she lied. Dembe would have told Red to his face he was wrong, not deceived him. Dembe has stood up to Red in the past and I think the honorable and honest way he has is why he’s alive and Kaplan isn’t.

    I thought Kaplan was clutching a last bit of the beautiful surroundings as she died, but it’s possible she survived. I’ll be happy if she shows up again or if she doesn’t.

    • Tim says:

      Good points. The problem is the viewer now must confront the fact that Red is the worst kind of sociopathic killer, a paranoid one. In real life there are people like this. El Chappo for example. Joseph Stalin. Adolf Hitler. The heads of crime gangs. These are people you really don’t want to know or be associated with in any way. Best to try to kill them if they come into your realm because you just can’t trust them. Their compass can spin at any moment.

      Time for Red to die.

      I wonder if Spader is paranoid when he goes to the market in Brentwood or Malibu now. People think this stuff is real, and sometimes act on it. I used to date a soap opera actress, and people (women), strangers in real life, would hassle her over what she did on the show when we went out places! But hopefully the viewers of this show aren’t as deluded as female soap opera fans.

  42. Devon says:

    Read several comments about the part where Mr. Kaplan talks of Red putting Liz in her arms as a baby. Red also calls Mr. Kaplan “Kate” from time to time. Liz’s mother is Katarina Rostov. Anyone else wonder if Mr. Kaplan is Liz’s mom?

  43. Clearly he didn’t shoot her in the head (she is spun around way to much for that) and besides she’s been working against him since the start of the season. When she didn’t shoot the woman taking Agnes out of the house (clearly she let them get away) To when she made eye contact with Mato when taking Agnes back (clearly a pre-arranged accident) and then again when she stepped out of the car so Mato could try and get away at the little niko’s. Should have shot her in the head and double tapped to make sure.

    • Tim says:

      We saw the blood on the back of her head. It was a 9mm. Depends on where in the head they’re hit if they spin or jerk around or whatever. Yes, a direct center shot to the back of the head at close range (3 ft) in line with the spine should send someone straight forward and down. Animals and people do all kinds of things when shot in the head. Sometimes they just drop. Sometimes they spin and cavort around for a while before completely expiring.

      FYI, as the FBI has published in their ballistics / wound analysis documents, falling down after being shot by a handgun is actually a learned reaction in most situations. Yes, a learned reaction. I was surprised too. Only a specific shot placement will cause them to drop the like a stone. This is part of why cops unload their gun on a subject. If you’ve ever shot wild animals, you know that they sometimes run for a few seconds even though they’re already dead.

      Rifles do different things because of the high velocity and what is called “secondary cavitation” which is the wide wound channel created by the energy field around a supersonic bullet. It is basically a sonic boom inside the organism. Exponentionally more devastating. Falling down is not a learned reaction in that case, it’s because of massive hydrostatic shock to vitals and instant loss of blood pressure. A rife round the head causes the brain to turn to jelly.

      • That is interesting information, I’ve never looked into it myself and never done any hunting, but I remember shooting one person directly in the face shield while paint balling and they dropped like a rock (flat out on their back) as if they had actually been shot so what your saying sounds legitimate to me.
        But had Kate been shot in the face (being as she was facing Red at the time) would she be able to grip the grass afterwards, surely a head shot at that range would be a pretty quick death and make a mess of her face (which you can see most of when they pan over her body).

  44. If you could read my mind, love
    What a tale my thoughts could tell
    Just like an old-time movie
    ‘Bout a ghost from a wishin’ well
    In a castle dark or a fortress strong
    With chains upon my feet
    You know that ghost is me
    And I will never be set free
    As long as I’m a ghost that you can’t see

    If I could read your mind, love
    What a tale your thoughts could tell
    Just like a paperback novel
    The kind the drugstores sell
    When you reach the part where the heartaches come
    The hero would be me
    But heroes often fail
    And you won’t read that book again
    Because the ending’s just too hard to take

    I’d walk away like a movie star
    Who gets burned in a three-way script
    Enter number two
    A movie queen to play the scene
    Of bringing all the good things out in me
    But for now love, let’s be real
    I never thought I could act this way
    And I’ve got to say that I just don’t get it
    I don’t know where we went wrong
    But the feeling’s gone and I just can’t get it back

    If you could read my mind, love
    What a tale my thoughts could tell
    Just like an old-time movie
    ‘Bout a ghost from a wishin’ well
    In a castle dark or a fortress strong
    With chains upon my feet
    But stories always end
    And if you read between the lines
    You’ll know that I’m just tryin’ to understand
    The feelings that you lack
    I never thought I could feel this way
    And I’ve got to say that I just don’t get it
    I don’t know where we went wrong
    But the feeling’s gone and I just can’t get it back

    I have loved this show, and Red….but this episode was so hard to take…
    I think that I may hate the character now.

  45. AfroSage says:

    I find it weird that people are shocked at Red’s actions. That is classic Red. What I am looking forward to is a Vengeful Mr. Kaplan. Now that would be interesting.
    Really what I’m really shocked about is how after 3 seasons Mrs. Keen is still very stupid. Now do you choose to get into a gub fight in a flying vessel!? Sigh!

  46. Tim says:

    I’m not going to watch this “epidemic of gun violence” inducing show any more because Hillary and the Democrats are right- We shouldn’t allow guns in America (“An Australian type ban is worth considering” -HRC 2/16), or for that matter shouldn’t show any guns on TV and movies since we know behavioral modeling is one of the primal forces in human psychological development. If we took away everyone’s guns, the cops wouldn’t even need them, and we wouldn’t need a BLM movement. Just think, a gun free, violence free society. Everybody would get along and there would be no crime. Kumbaya. If we could only get rid of those damn guns.

    • You can still buy guns here in Australia and lots of people still have them they’re just under stricter control. You need a legitimate reason for wanting a gun here (i.e your a member of a gun club is the easiest way) but we don’t have any access to assault rifles and all our high powered rifles can only be bolt action (which is fine for target shooting). They also have to be stored in a safe and the ammunition stored in a separate locked box effectively making them completely useless in a home invasion type incident.

      • Tim says:

        Interesting, thank you for the clarification. Aussies I’ve met here say it’s practically impossible to justify to the government you have a “legitimate reason”. They have told me if you own and live on a farm or large rural property where a shotgun or rifle might be needed for animal control you can have 1 and only 1 per property, and yes no semi-autos. If a gun club is the justification then as you say, they must be kept in a safe with ammo locked up separately, and when transporting you must be on your way to the gun club range or returning home via the same direct route. We’ve seen the video clips of the govt collecting and destroying them. LOL, can’t and won’t happen in the US. My cop friends certainly don’t want it that way. They know they cant protect us us, especially with all of the miscreants our government’s social/economic policies have created. The govt is creating more restrictions every month, which isn’t controlling anything, but only creating criminals out of otherwise law abiding citizens. Semi auto rifle and ARs are rarely used in crimes. Banning them won’t affect any crime statistics. We own millions of them. So although Hillary will try, she won’t win.

        Meanwhile wealthy producers and huge media corporations make billions on shoot em ups, while they support anti-gun pro-confiscation organizations and tell us we don’t need them and shouldn’t be able to own them. I wonder if Bodenkamp is against firearm ownership. Harvey Weinstein certainly is and donates millions to have our 2nd Amendment struck down.


  47. katedfw says:

    I think she is a part of the new spin-off, along with Tom. So I think she will live. But it will be interesting to see how they get written off to join the other show.

  48. Rick says:

    I think it’s kind of insane that people are complaining about Red’s behaviour as if he has any kind of moral compass. Red has never been anything but a cold-blooded murderer. He may have q connection to Liz and he may hold the key to her past, but it doesn’t change who he is. Tom and Elizabeth recognized that, as did Mr. Kaplan when she helped them to escape. His attempting to murder her in cold blood because of her betrayal is in keeping with the character. Raymond Reddington is not a hero, he’s a villain and we are not meant to admire him. The hero in The Blacklist is Elizabeth Keene, and she knows not to trust Red 100% no matter how many times he has kept her safe. Reddington only does so because it’s in his interest to do so and she knows it.

    • Marie says:

      Well, Rick, I surely agree that Red is a cold-blooded murderer (see earlier posts), but hardly agree that he has “never been anything but” one, or that “we are not meant to admire him.” He is SO much more, and we are beguiled & compelled to admire him, in spite of our better angels (most of us, anyway). We are meant to be confused, conflicted & ambiguous regarding our feelings & reactions to Red … EXACTLY as we are !!! But I think you’ve got it right about Elizabeth being the heroine. The age-old dilemma prevails & is perfectly demonstrated here: Evil is more attractive, & certainly more glamorous, than good. Not much about us has really changed since time began.

  49. bigref says:

    Red is a major bad guy. He is finally acting like it. I think it will make for a more interesting season. I am so tired of so many Hollywood tropes which are not born out by the realities of the world. Raymond Reddington did not become the powerful international criminal he portrayed to be by being a swell guy whose character is defined by saving Dembe and caring for Elizabeth. The FBI are not always good people – ask anyone ever targeted by them for something other than committing a crime. Google Richard Jewell for a lesson in the FBIs propensity for gross misconduct and then reflect on the recent behavior of Comey. Agent Navabi has become as self- righteous one dimensional character which is closer to the reality of the FBI.

  50. Norm says:

    Usually, when Red offs someone, there are several quick shots if in the body. This was only one shot and not in the head or her hand wouldn’t have been clutching grass. Maybe he just nicked her. Wherever he got Mr Kaplen, she will never forget it and if they get together again, she will not lie to him in the future even if she believes she should.