Agents of SHIELD Recap Jeffrey Mace

S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: Catch the Spirit — Plus, the New Director Is [Spoiler]

It may be September, but this Tuesday’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was littered with Easter eggs for Marvel fans.

This season, of course, introduced Ghost Rider, in the form of mechanic Robbie Reyes. And boy, was he surprised to find Daisy casually chatting with one of his coworkers so soon after their heated skirmish. Daisy has done a deep dive into Robbie’s past, passing her self as an old classmate. He warns her about getting in his business, but Daisy insists that she is just trying to find out what all he is about. Besides, they have something in common, as Inhumans — though he actually isn’t one, Robbie makes clear.

Meanwhile at the base, Coulson is enlisted by the new Director, “Jeffrey,” to help give some House Appropriations committee members a ten-cent tour, being the expert he is on SSR trivia and all. (Was Coulson’s reference to “so many [Peggy Carter] stories left unrecorded” a dig at Agent Carter‘s cancellation? Discuss.) The tour goes well enough, despite a few close calls — one involving the goons who got “spooked” by the mystery box last week getting out of hand down in containment. Speaking of which, May grew increasingly erratic, seeing that “spectral” face on everyone she looked at. Ultimately, when a concerned Coulson tried to lure her to the lab, she lashed out at her strike team members and Phil himself, until the Director intervened and proved himself impervious and superstrong. He’s an Inhuman, it is revealed — and Coulson knew.

Later, a chat between the Directors past and present reveals that Coulson stepped down from the post, with the proviso that someone America could trust was put in charge. Since Steve Rogers is “AWOL,” the current Director got the gig. But who is he exactly? I happen to watch TV sometimes with closed-captioning on, and he was identified in his first scene as “MACE” — as in Jeffrey Mace, who per 1940s Marvel lore was a Captain American groupie who went on to adopt the persona of The Patriot. A later rewrite revealed that Mace filled in as Cap during the late ’40s, while Rogers was in suspended animation.

The other Easter egg involved the glowy “ghost” that emerged from the mystery box last week. Lucy, it turns out, is one of several such incorporeal beings. She returned to an energy plant in Pasadena to begin releasing friends from similar boxes. Lucy, Hugo et al blame “him” — Ghost Rider? — for their fate, and now seek The Darkhold to help restore their forms. The Darkhold is a tome authored by Earth’s first practitioner of black magic and has figured into stories involving Doctor Strange and (Johnny Blaze’s) Ghost Rider.

(At a recent press event, Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb referred to writer Gerry Conway and artist Mike Ploog (who visually created the Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider) and hinted that longtime “Marvel Zombies” will have something to be on the lookout for in the episodes ahead.)

By episode’s end, Robbie saves Fitz’s life when a rogue ghost tries to kill both him and Mac. Afterward, he invites Daisy — whom he earlier had kidnapped, for being too good and persistent a snoop — to ride shotgun and help him possibly sort out his connection to the ghosts. Crazed May, meanwhile, was discreetly “handled” by the Director, who jetted her off in a straitjacket, to parts unknown….

What did you think of “Meet the New Boss”?

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  1. Ksmith says:

    I almost considered deleting SHIELD from my DVR this season, but these first two episodes have pulled me back in. The “ghosts” have creeped me out, I’m interested in the Ghost Rider story, and I’m liking the general feeling of SHIELD returning to a legitimate organization with the new director. Hope it keeps moving forward in this direction.

    • Aeol says:

      I agree. My viewing last season was totally inconsistent, but I am enjoying this season. Except for the ghosts. I freaking hate ghosts.

  2. sladewilson says:

    Do you know who needs to make a surprise visit to the new director? Nicholas Fury.

  3. Drew says:

    So the new director ships May off to parts unknown…. on the floor of the same jet carrying the congressional delegation that just toured the base? What does that signify? Mace earlier didn’t want the tour group to see the containment rooms because the occupants were ‘unstable”, yet here he parades a very unstable May in front of the same group. Something we don’t know yet about this…

    • Jill says:

      Noticed that too. Curiouser and curiouser…

      • Sheila says:

        Agreed. Came here to note the same. Those were the tour group folks on the plane, right? I even paused on the pic Ghost Rider snatched from the research facility to find out who is “he” the ghosts blame for their predicament. Did anyone notice anything from the photo?

      • xyz says:

        I feel kind of paranoid not trusting the new director who seems like a robot. Sending May off with the “congressional delegation” seems really wrong. Are they robots too? Secretly taking over the world?

    • Gerald Florence says:

      They were not the delegates. I rewatched, None of the people on the plane were in the tour. Also, They were on a Quinjet, The delegates wouldn’t have needed the whole “checking out the inside of a real Quinjet” tour if they were going to be transported by one anyway. I thought they were the same at first too, so it’s not like it was easy to spot, but they were different people. Don’t have a clue who they WERE tho. Lackeys most like.

  4. Steve F. says:

    The Darkhold?!? Hoo boy…

    • Noel says:

      YES!!! It will generate talk and help set up Dr. Strange and so many more stories. They are setting up a big bad slowly but surely. Dormamu?????!!!!?!?

  5. laurelnev says:

    I know May knows about Fury…I thought Coulson did too. And I can NEVER see Phil allowing the scenario described without Fury’s blessing. Methinks around movie-tie in time, we may get another Fury “cameo” in some fashion, and there has to be MORE to this new director thing than we know now. Of course, May was the one trusted w/ the hotline to Fury, so we know he’s keeping in touch with her, so I don’t think they can just lock her up somewhere. And somehow, I don’t think Phil is going to play along with this distancing from May and Daisy for too long…nor will Simmons, who we KNOW had to be Coulson’s mole in a way.

    And I don’t know how the uber geeks keep up with all the marvel lore. Can someone fill in a comic-lore-challenged SHIELD fan in on these zombie ghosts? Intrigued.

    Tonight’s ep was back to the balance that keeps this show at its best (with the noted exception of tthe Simmons stand alone.) It had just the right balance of character, mystery, and action. I hope this is the groove for the rest of the season.

  6. James D says:

    Sweet Darkhold and Mr. Patriot (must be a descendant though right?) lovin it. Quake trying to push GRs buttons and her whole guilt trip death wish not so much. This isn’t the CW clean that stuff up with the quickness please. I did love Fitz calling her out though. other than that I’m loving the direction of the new season can’t wait to see the next episode. May in a straight jacket on the plane with the House Appropriations group on board has me a little perplexed – what’s that about?

    • Aaron Evans says:

      Not a descendant MCU has brought in lots of characters from 40s and 50s to present day they just change things from the comics cause it’s not 1945 anymore but Mr. Patriot didn’t have super strength so they definitely are changin things up a lot

  7. annmargrock says:

    Not liking the ghostly/demonic fantasy direction because sci-fi never does it well. I much prefer the straight-up classic comic sci-fi. Never be as good as the ensemble cast beginnings. That was brilliant writing and dialog.

    • Sheila says:

      If you don’t already have access to season 1 and want to rewatch, check your local listings for syndicated repeats. Pilot and episode 2 will air tonight in my neck of the woods.

  8. Cynthia says:

    So many crazy things are going on! I miss the team being together. Coulson is not going to let May out of his sight for very long….
    Love Ghost Rider and Daisy finally working together.
    How on earth am I going to wait two weeks to see the next episode?

  9. ytedy says:

    Problem with bringing in Fury is he (Samuel L. Jackson) costs too much. They don’t have the budget for him, not with current ratings. I do like the new direction the show is taking though. I’d had enough inhumans. The ghosts and the ghost rider are interesting. Not loving the new shield. I wish it was more of a team, but I like everything else.

  10. Jim says:

    Ghost Rider & Daisy working together? I shall call them Shake & Bake!

  11. Joey Padron says:

    New episode was good. Surprised new director is an inhuman and it was Coulson’s idea to have an inhuman as a director. Glad Robbie and Daisy are working together now to find The Darkhold group that escape from the boxes. Sad what lady ghost did to May that she’s going crazy and got taken away.

    • DeborahLayne says:

      I just saw it once, but I thought I heard him being referred to as “enhanced” – like Cap. Is that the same as inhuman in the Marvel universe?

      • David says:

        Not as such. Enhanced can refer to anyone who has gained special abilities. Technically you can refer to Inhumans as being enhanced, but it also applies to Cap, Bruce Banner, the FF…..but only those with the bloodline containing DNA altered in the past by Kree that let them survive exposure to the Terrigen crystals and metamorphised are Inhumans.

      • Aaron Evans says:

        Ya David is right inhumans are born with their power in their blood but Jeffery mace aka Mr. Patriot in the comics didn’t have special abilities so they are changin things up a lil

      • Aaron Evans says:

        Inhumans are MCU substitute for mutants from Xmen cause fox won’t give them rights to the Xmen so they made up the kree coming to earth in the past and altering humans Dna

  12. Noel says:

    The Darkhold will help set up strange and they may even talk about him. They are leading up to some type of big bad I am sure….could it be Dormamu?!?! Could we see Nightmare? There are many possibilities. I love this show much more now!

  13. Shoe says:

    While I know that a Samuel L. Jackson cameo is pretty much impossible, I can still imagine him telling Jeffrey where to put his optics.

  14. Louise Auty says:

    Oooh loads of links to Doctor Strange without being as obvious as they’ve done before in the MCU hook ups on AoS.
    Seriously creepy bits, lots of fighty bits, Mack almost in tears bits! Loved this episode.