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Once Upon a Time Emma Dies

Once Upon a Time Bosses Talk Emma's Future Shock, Rumple's New Obstacle

The following contains spoilers from Sunday night’s Season 6 premiere of ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

Who saves the Savior?

The Season 6 premiere of ABC’s Once Upon a Time left Emma and viewers wondering that very question, when in the course of trying to find and help the refugees from the Land of Untold Stories, Emma experienced hand tremors and fleeting visions of a nighttime street fight. She eventually split away from Hook and followed a red bird (per an imprisoned Hyde’s instructions), until she ran into a former oracle. The young woman begrudgingly revealed more of Emma’s vision, of her future — and in it, she winds up on the wrong end of her unseen opponent’s blade.

You can change the path to the destination but the destination is the same, said the oracle. On the day you saw, in the battle you saw, you will die.


Or, will she….? “The show remains a show about hope,” Once co-creator Adam Horowitz allows. As such, “Our characters are going to fight the battle to see if that is a fate that is immovable.”

Of course, that would require Emma sharing her bleak fate with someone — anyone — which she is not yet looking to do, concealing it even from Hook. “It’s a lie that’s coming from what is a good place in her mind,” says Horowitz, “but he’s probably not going to feel that way if he finds out.”

Surveying Emma’s private plight — as Jafar snarked to Aladdin in the cold open, Saviors never get happy endings — cocreator Eddy Kitsis says, “Now that she said I love you [to Hook], we thought, ‘Well, if you’re letting that wall down and all those good things in, all the bad things are going to come in,’ and that push/pull is what’s going to be driving them” in Season 6.

As for Emma’s eventual slayer, the hooded person’s identity will continue to be a mystery — though it very well might be someone we have met before.

Elsewhere once-belle-morpheusin the season opener, Rumple traveled to the Temple of Morpheus to insert himself into Belle’s dreams, where in a scary, Upside Down-y version of his castle he recreated the moment they fell in love, in the name of waking her. But just before he was able to do so, Belle was reminded of just what kind of scalawag her husband is and all his “unbroken promises,” by the aforementioned Morpheus — aka a grown incarnation of their unborn son! So even when she was woken, by her son’s gentle forehead kiss, Belle made clear to Rumple that she would not repeat past mistakes and wouldn’t be sharing a home with him back in Storybrooke.

“Belle really is kind of in a place where she’s given up on Rumple,” says Kitsis, “but they have a child and that makes things messier, because you actually have to put aside your own feelings and put the child first,” no matter how “severely disappointed” she is in her mate.

Rumple meanwhile “truly loves Belle, he truly wants that child and truly wants to be a good dad,” Kitsis adds, “but he is a gangster and he’s not giving that life up.” As Horowitz notes, “When they’re in the dream world and she asks if he would change for her and he says, ‘For you, I would be the best man I can be,’ it’s a very carefully chosen set of words. He’ll be the best man he can be, but he can’t quite get to that place of actually being a good man. [T]hat’s the push/pull in that relationship, because she does love him and see the good and the bad in him and sees the potential, and it’s that frustration that continues to grow.”

Will Morpheus continue to play a role in his parents’ predicament? “Yes, we’re going to see him again,” answers Horowitz. “This was a taste of an introduction.”

The premiere’sonce-season-6-regina-snow other emotional story found Regina announcing to Snow White that the “story” she had been living up until now was over, and that she was ready to start living a new one in which the Evil Queen plays no role. (Ha, little does she know with whom her dissed sister Zelena is having cocktails at the farmhouse!) As Regina and Snow walked away, a feather from one of dearly departed Robin’s arrows floated down onto the bench where his soul mate had just sat.

“When [Regina] explains that she chooses to have hope and believe that Hades was lying, that’s her taking a leap of faith into believing he wasn’t obliterated, that he went to a better place, he moved on,” says Horowitz. “And when the audience sees the feather come down, that’s telling [us] she was right to have that belief.”

What did you think about the start to Season 6?

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  1. aaj says:

    ehhhhh . . . . a bit underwhelming but not bad

    • kris says:

      Very underwhelming…evil queen season and the character is not shown until very end, I really don’t care that much about Emma, I think Hook is just annoying and I am kind of sick of hearing about Robin. The scene with Regina and Snow was good, but the characters that really have the best scenes when together are Regina and Emma, so wish it had been something more showing of their friendship. Everything was just kind of blah.

      • Daniel A. says:

        don’t you know that love doesn’t just go away. Regina will love Robin for the rest of the series he was her one true love. I love…love and i thought they did an ingenious job; not every scene has to be epic

        • kris says:

          Well, they cast an unfortunate actor for her *love*, not good looking enough, no class whatsoever, and really just a bore. I read today he will be back, what a shame, he wasn’t up to par for someone to be paired with her, not even close. Again, this show strikes gold when they have Regina and Emma scenes, they have the best chemistry, however, if not, I really REALLY would prefer Regina/EQ without the boring Robin, he is just not believable as her love, they need to find her another more believable love interest.

  2. Lindsey says:

    I didn’t care for the episode. I honestly don’t care about Emma, I ship Rumbelle but hate their kid, and I find it pretty pathetic that ONCE AGAIN Regina is learning that “things could have a different outcome.” I’m done with the show for now.

    • Heather says:

      Yeah, I made the decision already not to watch s6 but was still open to reading recaps and reviews of other viewers sticking the show out. So far, I am hearing about nothing that makes me regret my decision.

      I don’t care for Emma but I don’t believe for one second the writers would kill her.

      And the main accomplishment made by the writers for Rumbelle that I see around is dividing this poor fandom in two, with some defending Rumple, others Belle, after all the crappy writing inflicted against them.

      Regina is my favorite but I refuse to sit around another season and endure repetitive plot devices for her OR endure whatever other miserable scenario they can conjure up for her whether she’s being good or bad.

  3. Ian Clabon says:

    Those apple martinis! Delicious! The Evil Queen is fabulous!
    Thought the premiere was meh. Very oddly cut episode. Not sure about this season’s storyline. But Colin is always a pleasure to see be just as sexy as one can possibly be. And Hyde’s saying of the word “dirigible,” and the Morpheus stuff all just made me think of Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland. The references felt too strong to be a coincidence. I LOVED that movie growing up, along with Rock-A-Doodle-Do. Now that would be an Untold Story I’d be obsessed with watching. Screw Aladdin.

  4. Lola says:

    Belle should’ve been done with Rumple like two seasons ago. It’s sad that she needs her unborn baby to tell her so. Dollars to donuts Belle will take him back by mid season. When does one half of a couple stop being sacrificed for the other? The character of Belle is pulled into the gutter for the likes of Rumple. The pairing is extremely unhealthy. Belle looks like a fool to keep going back to that monster. Anyway, boring episode. I nearly fell asleep.

  5. JenE says:

    I think the “prophecy” was a trick which they will all figure out if Emma would just confide in everyone instead of putting up those walls. Everyone will figure it out when she finally opens up. Hopefully soon. And hopefully she and Hook can have a little bit of peace.

    • Nicky Aiuto says:

      Visions always seem to lead to one’s destiny, but not the way we thought. And since the prediction of one of the regulars going leave the show was revealed, it could be related to what we saw in that episode. But Emma may not be the one. It may not be Regina, cause it be over to soon for the Evil Queen. And after all, she seems to be the new major villain for the whole season. Remember?

    • Scribe says:

      Ten to one, that Prophecy was the handiwork of Jaffar. That red bird is to Iago for my liking. And the two glowing eyes look like they came from his cane.

      • Marcie says:

        Very astute!

      • ninergrl6 says:

        I thought the same thing about Iago. Didn’t the girl say that she USED to be an oracle? That has to have something to do with it. Maybe Jafar manipulated her into doing his bidding, or maybe she’s not real at all.

        • hopemullinax says:

          For those who didn’t watch OUAT: Wonderland, Jafar has a spell to change his appearance. He spent an episode pretending to be Alice’s dad. I’m 99.9% sure the Oracle was Jafar in disguise and planting lies into Emma.

          • Lambsilencer says:

            And that spell can easily be used to explain why this Jafar doesn’t look like the Jafar in OUAT in Wonderland. After all, it IS the same universe. Still looking for Emma Rigby aka the Red Queen to make an appearance…

      • Jennifer says:

        when my 12 year old can figure that out, you know it’s time to leave the show. The only reason I’m watching this season is to see Oded Fehr as Jafar.

      • Nicky Aiuto says:

        Except the staffs look different. Anyone magical can have a staff, remember? Maleficent has one. Besides, the Oracle’s staff is not golden headed like Jafar’s and it is not so big headed like the snake staff. I double checked.

        • Jennifer says:

          If it’s an illusion, why can’t the staff change form? It’s got the glowy eyes like Jafar’s. If the Oracle can be Jafar (or a trick of Jafar’s), why does the staff have to look the same?

          • Nicky Aiuto says:

            That’s just it. It doesn’t look like Jafar’s staff. But even though it has glowing eyes, it still does not mean it’s the same one.

        • hopemullinax says:

          It would be different. Watch Wonderland. Jafar’s original staff was actually a woman named Amara and she was freed.
          In the flashback, it had to either take place before Wonderland’s plot or he changed someone else into the staff.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      In Greek mythology oracles are notoriously tricky, revealing information in the form of riddles that are often misinterpreted. Not that OUAT has a good track record with mythology based on 5B, but I suspect Emma’s prophesy is some kind of deception, intentional or not.

  6. abz says:

    The episode was okay, but definitely underwhelming/boring for a premiere.
    Yawn at another regression arc for Zelena. Not that I really care for her to be redeemed, but having her regress back to evil again is boring. Ditto to Emma as well. She’s opened up so much. I’m not interested in watching her putting up her walls again and shutting Hook and her parents and Regina out.
    I hope they don’t bring back Robin. Let him stay dead. The actor wasn’t great in the role any way.
    Belle needs to stand her ground. She should have left Rumple long ago. She’s usually such a bore of a character, but I’ve enjoyed her a bit these past two seasons when she’s stopped taking crap from Rumple.
    I liked this Morpheus character/actor. I wouldn’t mind seeing him again.

  7. Heather says:

    Yeah, okay. Lol.

    I don’t believe for a second that you writers will ever kill off Emma. Not that I care, I lost interest in her character awhile ago. But this future revelation sounds to me like a writing set up, another red herring, that will lead to a bait and switch for some other poor main character. Just like with Hook and Robin Hood last season. I have long suspected they would off Regina by series end since they make everything in her life about loss & misery, whether good or bad, it won’t surprise me if they make Regina die in Emma’s place. As a Regina fan, I will save myself the disappointment and quit while ahead. And if not Regina, maybe Rumple. Or both; who knows, the writers seem to like screwing around with them and their TL relationships at any turn possible.

    Lol, so a light bulb finally went on after the Robin & Outlaw Queen fanbase tore into them last season about destroying Robin’s soul? So now it’s conveniently written in that Hades ‘might have lied’ all along and an arrow feather appears? Whatever at this point. We all know we’ll never see him again to get real confirmation or closure. And this doesn’t make me want to continue watching either.

    Congrats, writers, on also dividing the Rumbelle fanbase into the Rumple camp & Belle camp. Damn, you must hate them almost as much as you hated Outlaw Queen.

    Oh, and let me beat certain readers to it, lol. Because there is always one. YES, I do feel the need to comment & critique a show I am choosing to no longer watch. Got it? No, I don’t care what you think about that.

    • Laura says:

      By the comments on this page and my opinion (for what it count lol) we all pretty much agree. This was such a good show, good concept, too, but the last 2 story-arcs were soooo bad, I was willing to give it a try again because they said that they were returning to the one story per episode, which I liked in season 1, but I didn’t like this episode at all, well, too bad! They lost a fan, not that they care, though

    • Nicky Aiuto says:

      That vision sounds so related to this page of the prediction with one of the regulars leaving. But I don’t think it is Emma or Regina. For Regina, it would be too soon for the Evil Queen when she was spoiled as the main villain of this season.

    • Nicky Aiuto says:

      It might not be Regina or Rumple. It might be Hook who might fall this time. I mean they did this sort of thing with Neal and Robin gone either faked died or left Storybrooke, until after they returned either alive or something, they later die in the next season. Yes, it can even happen him or anyone.

      Also it sounded like in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D where Lincoln took Daisy’s place after she had this vision of one’s death fate by a inhuman who accidentally had people see death coming to them. Daisy’s was a puzzle, but when it looked like it was her who dies, Lincoln took her place.

      And like MIB 3, “When there is death, there will always be death” (quote from MIB).

  8. James D says:

    Meh… same story different year. I’m sad to say it but this show is getting tired; and that makes it harder to watch. I’ll stick with it though because I’ve come this far might as well see it to the end.

  9. jhall1ny says:

    I was hoping for more out of this season premiere. Emma’s story felt underwhelming compared to season 5 premiere. I liked the idea of Regina coming to terms with her past misdeeds with Snow. The writers often forget that Regina was Snow’s stepmother and had a large impact on life’s direction. I hope they explore their relationship further this season. I also liked the plot twist involving Morpheus as Rumple and Belle’s son. Fortunately Belles has finally evolved past blind forgiveness towards Rumple. He has lied to her so many times– he doesn’t deserve her forgiveness. Good for her for putting the needs of her unborn son first. I had a feeling the wicked witch wasn’t gone for good. It makes sense to pair her with the evil queen. I think the writers need to remember that as much as they to try to separate Regina from the evil queen, that the evil queen IS in fact Regina– just her darker half. Regina will always have a small part of the evil queen in her, I would say we all have some darkness inside of us. Regina just spent too much time indulging that darkened “the evil queen”, that she has a harder time seeing the goodness within herself. I think she needs to acknowledge, embrace, and forgive the evil queen, then she will be free of her. In spite of an underwhelming premiers, I’m looking forward to season six.

    • DonnaMedici says:

      “Moved past blind forgiveness of Rumple” and ran smack into even blinder forgiveness of Hook and Zelena, two people who have actually hurt and tried to murder Belle. Four times in Hook’s case.

      • Val says:

        Even Belle says TWICE to Hook! (But guess what they are friends now, since thats what happened development and moved past it) . Whilst Rumple has tried to murder everyone more then that and keeps on doing it. But hey lets blame everyone else except poor old Rumple

  10. Laura says:

    Rumple needs to go! Stop it already, Belle needs someone who cares about her and by this point Rumple is too irredeemable

  11. The writing on this show has become abysmal. Emma suddenly having physiological problems is a rehash of her ‘magic gone haywire’ problems when the Snow Queen appeared (and the symptoms went away with no explanation). Instead of her telling Archie about them, or making an appointment with Whale, she goes to the new Villian of the Season for advice. Regina is still whining about her life and her past choices (for which she deserves a life sentence), Zelena is annoyingly overacted, the Charmings are running in all directions, and now that Killian is officially Emma’s love interest, he’s stepping into the same ‘in the background boyfriend’ role formerly occupied by Robin. Belle is still angry about everything Rumpel ever did, conveniently forgetting that she threw him out of town (with no money and no cane) and cheated on him with Wil. And now we have their newly conceived child with a clear (omniscient?) understanding of his parents relationship, personalities and goals? Nothing past season 2 is worth watching.

  12. Kimberly says:

    So the audience is supposed to believe that Robin DID move on? And what? Robin’s says “Hey Zeus, I was wondering if you could help me like you did Hook because I was killed by your psycho bother leaving my soulmate behind and orphaning my two children. One who’s been taken back to an ogre infested, no modern medicine forest, and the other is being raised by the woman who murdered my wife.”

    And Zeus was like “I know I gave Killian his life back cause he found some papers that helped defeat my brother (after he murdered Merlin and caused the dark ones to come back to earth) and that you’ve been a hero for a long time but NOPE, that was a one time only deal.

  13. Jennifer says:

    I could watch Regina/Zelena and Regina/Snow scenes all day. And I’ve been wanting Emma to get some therapy for five years now so I’m glad about that. I just hope it pays off. Would’ve liked more Henry in the ep. I love how messy Rumple and Belle’s relationship is because sometimes love isn’t enough. Great casting on Morpheus, btw- strong resemblance to Robert Carlyle.

  14. Gabrielle says:

    Reminiscent of ‘Charmed’ with the whole son came from the future to warn the Mom about Dad or whatnot storyline.

    But still Captain Swan fans got jacked, Rumbulle fans got jacked, Snowing fans got literally nothing and really, I liked the Zelena/Regina sister thing they had going but I see where they’re going with that.

    At least there was no unbelievably cheesy Henry scene, so “A” for me.

    BTW Hyde casting, delicious. OUAT: Wonderland Jafar was better. New guy has big shoes to fill.

  15. Lin says:

    I could have went without Rumple going off to save bell their whole love chase scenario pretty much burned me out last season although the idea of her having a son is interesting but he isn’t even born yet so he can’t really add to the plot. At any rate, had the show incorporated more of the evil queen that would have been excellent seeing as though the evil queen is the reason most of us are tuning in again.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      Not me. I’m tired of the evil queen. She’s very one-note. I’d be more tempted not to watch if there was more of her.

    • Penny says:

      I actually fast forward through the evil queen stuff. We had it for 5 seasons… let’s move on from it. It’s no longer interesting and at this point feels repetitive. The Rumbelle stuff was the most interesting part of the episode for me. I like the twist of her unborn son being true loves kiss to wake her.

    • kris says:

      Lana playing 2 parts this season is the only reason I am tuning in.

  16. laurelnev says:

    Do I smell a shark?

    The fact I watched this on “West Coast Time” just shows I already knew I’d be disappointed in this season. This show lost its focus when it became about stunt casting rather than character. Rather than The Land of Untold Stories, I’d like to see them visit The World Of Dropped Plot Lines for a season or two. Whatever DID happen to Dopey Tree…or Dorothy and Red, or Cinderella, or Hansel & Gretel, or the Hatter… (well we know the Hatter somehow ended up the Winter Soldier, but I’d still like to know the how. ;) ) It was especially meh for a season opener, and will most likely not addict any non-viewers. Unless they are looking for The Love Boat for Disney Owner Characters. (Why am I STILL not ready to give this up though?)

    • Cheryl says:

      Haven’t watched it yet. But you seem to be pretty spot on. Glad The Mad Hatter is the awesome Winter Soldier and can’t wait to see Robert Carlyle in Trainspotting 2. Time for another awesome actor to move on! Everyone else in the cast seem to be caught in a never ending storyline. I’ll watch, with my finger on fast forward most of the time. Sad, it started as such a good show.

  17. ninergrl6 says:

    Good balance between all of the storylines. I didn’t miss the flashbacks at all, though in true “Lost” fashion now we have flashforwards. I’m SO proud of Belle for standing up for herself and her child. I hope she doesn’t do a 180 any time soon. Rumple doesn’t deserve her. I’m glad there’s friction between Regina & Zelena. Their reconciliation last season was way too sudden. I really hate that Emma is keeping her secret from everyone, particularly Hook who point-blank asked her on several occasions to tell him what was really going on. Bad move, Emma, especially after all that progress they allegedly made last season. I loved Emma & Hook’s opening scene, though. “I like the red leather jacket.” Ha!

  18. Mark says:

    It wasn’t an episode that grabbed me, but I still enjoyed it. It was very focused on setting up the arcs for this season. I’ll have to see what the pay offs are since sometimes you do need some set up.

    Emma keeping secrets felt forced to add more drama to the show. I had no problem not telling people when she didn’t know what was going on, but at the end?

    I’m glad that Belle stood up for herself. I know it won’t last, but at least in this episode I liked it.

  19. Ben says:

    Rumple is an abusive so and so and should stay as far away from Belle as possible.

  20. Val says:

    Emma will defeat this, i refuse to believe this is her ending and fate.
    Tell her Killian and her family. Love is strength

  21. Becca says:

    And just in time for the Beauty and the Beast big anniversary reissue, they managed to get the dance and the theme song into the season premiere. Yes, a cynical statement, but come on!

  22. Chicken says:

    I wish rumple would just kill everyone and get this lost cause over with.

  23. Pat says:

    Well, after reading the comments so far, most seem to be unhappy ones. I must be in the minority, because I liked it. Yes, there were a few things that bothered me but Storybrooke is not a place of totally happly ever-after scenarios for anyone that lives there. If it were, that would be boring and I like to see that happen in the series finale. Do I like what Emma is doing, hiding a secret from Hook, about what is going on with her, heck no. Do I trust that dream with Belle and Rumples son, again NO! So I will continue to watch and enjoy, which I am sure will have its ups and down moments but I expect that to happen.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I’m with you. I liked it too, for the most part. I’m surprised by so many negative comments since, according to the poll results right now, over 75% of voters rated the episode as excellent or very good. Maybe those who are unhappy with the show are more likely to post complaints than those who are satisfied are to post compliments.

      • LADY_in_MD says:

        I really enjoyed how they set up what will be happening this season I don’t get all the negative comments either

      • Mel says:

        The battle that Emma faces will occur in the second half of the season. At the end of the first half, you’ll see who is under the hood. Regina isn’t under the hood. She isn’t present either because she dies before the battle. Her monologue about having a different ending is foreshadowing her death. Regina will die at the end of 6A to protect Zelena and Snow from the EQ. She realizes she can’t live without the EQ and because of that she chooses her family over her life. The person under the hood is pre-Storybrooke Emma. She’s trying to kill savior Emma because Emma never truly wanted to be the saviour. The Oracle is CS’s future child. We’ll see her more and it will become evidently clear that it’s their child after Emma and Hook consummate their relationship. Emma and Hook are working as a parallel of both Rumbelle and Aladdin and Jasmine. The first half they parallel Aladdin and Jasmine. The second half they parallel Rumbelle because they’re trying to protect their future child.

  24. Rex the Wonder Dog says:

    It’s not Scorpion or Under the Dome bad enough that I want to drop it, but still just of those shows I just watch on momentum rather that because it is all that good or entertaining anymore.

  25. ali hassan says:

    emma is going to die by her evil/dark side’s blade

  26. MelissaJo says:

    I love these stories. They are a part of my childhood that I didn’t realize was there. Who knew all these child tails had so much mystery??? I love love love it. I can’t wait to see who else papers in Season 6

  27. PFitzDC says:

    I’m still with the show, but I’d hardly characterize last night’s episode as having “OMG” moments.

  28. Kate says:

    I’m surprised at so many negative comments about the season premier. Although it was a little dull compared to previous season premiers, I enjoyed it.

    I think they used this episode to set up a plot line to follow throughout the season. This may have taken away from their first episode but I am hoping they didn’t mess up and lose too many viewers. I would hate to see this be the last season of Once Upon a Time due to a lack of views.

    I am hoping Captain Hook and Emma get a break from death and have time to maybe start their own family (baby captain swan [I’m swooning]). Tired of Emma hiding everything from Hook/The Charmings/Regina and Henry.. She was just starting to open up and I am not liking the fact that she is avoiding telling everyone about her hand..going back to season 1-4 Emma Swan doesn’t appeal to me for her and Hook’s sake.

    The only thing I didn’t like from this episode was the feather that is now “Robin,” but Robin died without a soul? So how is this possible? Not a fan. Also not a fan that they took Robin’s son into the woods, he should have stayed with Regina.

  29. What would help me enjoy the show more is for Rumbelle to finally work through their issues. They need to take steps forward, and not backward. It’s gotten very difficult to watch, especially when I don’t enjoy most of the other characters anymore, which is also incredibly said because I used to love all of them. I am still hanging in for Rumple and for Rumple/Belle to figure things out. It’s sad that I don’t feel that the writers will give the characters any of the happy stuff associated with expecting a baby. I know there is no show without drama and conflict, but that’s all there has been with Rumple and Belle. I don’t know if they realize how much their fans need the relief.

  30. hopemullinax says:

    For those who didn’t watch OUAT: Wonderland, Jafar has a spell to change his appearance. He spent an episode pretending to be Alice’s dad. I’m 99.9% sure the Oracle was Jafar in disguise and planting lies into Emma.

  31. Jane Carter says:

    I didn’t watch the episode after reading about the stupid “twist” with Belle and Rumple’s bratty kid on Twitter. From some of the comments here, it looks like Emma was possibly misled about her vision/prophecy, so maybe Morpheus isn’t really Rumbelle’s kid, either, and some nefarious person/force is trying to manipulate Emma/Belle/Rumple for their own purposes.

    I love Rumbelle, but I’m tired of the constant separations. I’m also tired of Belle (who is supposed to be smart) instantly trusting in stupid crap like some weird-alleged-vision of her grown-up baby. She’s so wishy-washy now. “I love you Rumple. It’s never too late. Do whatever it takes to save me and our baby.” Then a few episodes later, after Rumple has done all he could to save her: “Just kidding. I don’t want to work things out.”

  32. Mel says:


    The battle that Emma faces will occur in the second half of the season. At the end of the first half, you’ll see who is under the hood. Regina isn’t under the hood. She isn’t present either because she dies before the battle. Her monologue about having a different ending is foreshadowing her death. Regina will die at the end of 6A to protect Zelena and Snow from the EQ. She realizes she can’t live without the EQ and because of that she chooses her family over her life. The person under the hood is pre-Storybrooke Emma. She’s trying to kill savior Emma because Emma never truly wanted to be the saviour. The Oracle is CS’s future child. We’ll see her more and it will become evidently clear that it’s their child after Emma and Hook consummate their relationship. Emma and Hook are working as a parallel of both Rumbelle and Aladdin and Jasmine. The first half they parallel Aladdin and Jasmine. The second half they parallel Rumbelle because they’re trying to protect their future child.

    • Nicky Aiuto says:

      Battle in the Second half? I don’t think so Mel. More like before winter break. Why? Because A&E informed we will see who the hooded figure will be before winter break. So it clearly means that we may see the battle Emma faces before Winter break. But it may not be her who dies, it would probably be someone else who would sacrifice himself or herself to save her.

      And with Rumple and Belle’s newborn son coming, they would probably name the baby after a major who passes.

      And this seems related to this prediction.!22/undefined/

  33. gm says:

    Post-mortem is a good word to use for Once. Wow, that was dreadful.

  34. Moria says:

    Glad to see I agree with so many here. I actually gave up last season & missed the last few episodes but decided to give the show one more try mainly for Oded Fehr. I guess it isn’t a good sign that I couldn’t even remember if I watching the show yesterday because I couldn’t remember most of what happened – that’s why I had to look up the recap. It really is the same things happening over & over to the same characters. Agreed that they will never kill off Emma so it’s not like there’s any suspense. I like Rumple & Belle separately but agree their relationship is pretty unhealthy. I’ll try this season out for a bit but don’t know if I’ll finish it.

  35. SuperHuman says:

    I believe that the girl was Jafar in disguise. I believe this because the red bird looks almost too much like Iago. If this is true, then Jafar is trying to make Emma feel like she is going to die, so that she accepts her fake fate and die. Anyway, if Emma is going to die then they totally wouldn’t have said this is the first episode. Then you would expect it. Hope you understand this THEORY. It’s just a theory don’t hate on me if she does die. So, just want to say, #CaptinSwan.