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Arrow Episode 100: Robert Queen (and Laurel?) 'Resurrected' for 4-Way Xover

Arrow‘s milestone 100th episode, which lands in the middle section of the CW superhero series’ four-way crossover event (also involving The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl), will feature at least one and probably two dearly departed blasts from the past.

As revealed on Thursday in an Episode 100 table read photo (tweeted out by showrunner Marc Guggenheim), Jamey Sheridan will be making an encore as Oliver’s father Robert, who of course famously died in the Arrow pilot. “No Flashpoint, no flashbacks,” the EP noted, leaving wide open the option of time travel courtesy of those Legends of Tomorrow.

And now, it looks like Laurel Lance will also be a part of the trippy crossover event, given the photo Katie Cassidy shared on Facebook on Friday morning. Cassidy, who was killed off Arrow last spring, now has a series regular deal across all the CW hero shows, specifically Arrow, The Flash and Legends, and has already filmed a (flashback) scene for Arrow‘s season opener.

Is this growing roster of unexpected guest stars making you “super” excited for the #FlarrowgirlOfTomorrow crossover?

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  1. R says:

    Since Supergirl is involved and it’s a crossover, I’m thinking about another earth situation. It would be like a what-if episode. Combined with the appearance of Robert Queen and the dialogue tease “thea we can’t stay here”, it’s the only scenario that makes sense. Would LOVE if they brought back Susanna Thompson.
    I’m not thrilled about Laurel coming back but Cassidy has been part of the show for almost 4 seasons, she deserves to be there.

    • jj says:

      just because it’s the only scenario you thought of doesn’t mean it’s the only scenario that makes sense.

      • R says:

        It’s the only scenario that makes sense [TO ME, even though it’s not what I envisioned for the 100th episode of my favorite show but I’m basing my SPECULATION on the spoilers we got SO FAR]

  2. Summer says:

    I wonder. Are we getting the original Arrowverse Laurel? A Laurel from another universe? Black Siren?

  3. Ws says:

    Just use Flashpoint to resurrect Laurel… undo a poor creative choice.

    • Tony says:

      Completely agree.

    • 134sc says:

      Completely disagree

      • yvonne says:

        agreee…and its boring with this all time travel story,i love this show please dont make it complicated..
        im stopped watching Legends because the story its flat,to much time travel story (boring) and they need a new charmed character beside White Canary (Sorry off topic)..

        • J-Arrow says:

          I think you made a point there!! It will not be a bad idea if another charming character comes in!!! With that I think it will make Felicity smock jealous and accept Oliver’s wedding proposal.

        • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

          I liked the time travel stories when they went into the past. The old west one with Jonah Hex was the best. Also liked the 1970s one with the Captain and Tennille music. Hope we see more of those next season.

  4. JC1 says:

    With Supergirl being involved in the crossover, I’m leaning more toward it being an alternate Earth, but it could definitely be time travel also.

  5. Compeer says:

    Now i have another reason to watch the arrow part of the crossover.

  6. Joey Padron says:

    Great news Oliver’s dad will be back on the show in 100th episode. Can’t wait to see the episode with crossover episodes in December!

  7. Luis Roman says:

    So glad to see Jamey Sheridan get to drop in, I was sad that “Arrow” has never managed flashbacks involving Robert.

    • herman1959 says:

      Ditto: I’ve enjoyed him from the time he was in Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Plus, I think the show has been missing a degree of emotional grounding since the death of Moira.

      • Lex says:

        My best friend totally agrees with you on Moira; Joe West as the “grownup” on The Flash really grounds the show; he provides the stability needed for Barry to bounce back after going on his own adventures. Joe is in a good place in his life, so he can help Barry and Iris without having his own issues cloud the emotional field.
        Sure, Arrow has Quentin, Malcolm and now Donna, but I would say the closest thing the show has to a “grownup” is Diggle, but he’s not quite where Joe is in his hero’s journey; Diggle’s still gotta figure some stuff out for himself, and can’t be there for Oliver every time he needs someone steady and stable to have his back while he’s going on off on a manpain blitz. Diggle’s got his own s—- to deal with.

  8. Azerty says:

    Non Flashpoint no flashback = another Earth. I hope for Earth 2 since in this one Robert is the Arrow and Laurel is Black Siren. I would love a cross over involving Oliver’s Arrow, Earth 2 Robert ‘s Arrow and Connor Hawke’s Arrow.

  9. Liz says:

    It’s probably just Earth 2 or Earth 3, especially as Supergirl is involved. I have to say none of this is enticing me to watch. I’ve not really enjoyed any of the spoilers so far. Hope it improves or I might just nope out of the show for a while!

  10. Phun says:

    Looking forward to the crossover event!

  11. Clara says:

    I just wish they would bring back Laurel. I feel Marc’s ego will refuse to admit it was a mistake but her death leaves me still pissed all these months later. She was fridged. Killed by a man, to get back at a man, and to propel a mans story. She didn’t even go out fighting. She was frozen and unable to move while an arrow was stabbed into her. Such disrespect to a legacy character.

    • Sara says:

      I don’t think legacy character means anything to the show’s primary audience i.e. the audience who knows nothing about their comic book counterparts. Laurel was as much of a hero as any other character on Oliver’s team because she hasn’t accomplished anything spectacularly heroic besides being a vigilante. Where you talking about fridging when Moira died? Killed by a man to make Oliver suffer. Or Shado? Oliver was literally forced to choose between two women, one of them was shot in the head behind her back and you didn’t drop the show then? Every character’s death on Arrow has to propel the main character who happens to be a male. This is the oldest trope in the world. Robert died to give his son a chance to survive. Tommy died so that Oliver would have motivation to stop killing. Moira died so that Oliver learns not be driven by revenge. Sara died to propel Laurel’s arc as black canary but it also helped Oliver realize he didn’t want to die alone in his cave. So I have a feeling that even if Laurel took out Darhk by killing herself, you still would have seen a disrespect because you lost a character you loved. No shame in just admitting that instead of ignoring the show’s history when it comes to character deaths.

      • Clara says:

        Olicity fans have several seats. I called out Moira’s death and amandas death and shado’s death thank you very much. But my anger continues to lay with the way Laurel was handled because she was a comic book character that was treated like utter crap. And FYI I wasn’t even a shado fan.

        That a character that was there since the pilot, a character with decades of comic history, the lead female, was not only fridged but then went out pimping a stupid ship.

        Your fandom wants to ignore the sexism with her death and the bull crap involved because you didn’t like her. But don’t come at me with your bias crap

        • Sara says:

          “because she was a comic book character” says it all, thank you very much.

          I don’t think we should talk about lead female when there has always been one lead + a supporting main cast and when Diggle and Thea had more screen time than Laurel in season 4, prior to her death. Same thing can be said for season 3. I don’t think the olicity ship needed pimping out from Laurel when it’s been up and running since season 3 and when the reason they broke things off had nothing to do with Laurel, as is their entire relationship. If you want to believe anything I said in my previous comment leads to me not liking Laurel so that you can dismiss my opinion, run with it.

          I don’t need to ignore the sexism in the arrow fandom, I see it every day when people pity Felicity and Laurel against each other when the only thing they have in common is a man. What a borderline hypocrite thing to say when /your fandom/ celebrated the mid season finale when they thought Felicity would be dying, many comments that were quickly followed by “well now Laurel can take her place back on Oliver’s [explicit]”. Also visible when I see the harassment and name-calling towards the actresses, harassment that is encouraged because of the clear divide in this fandom over – admit it or not – a fictional love triangle fabricated by comic book fans when they chose to ignore every canon but the ones where olliedinah divorce/Dinah dies/they don’t even meet. But go ahead and dismiss this comment too.

          • Sara says:

            FYI I’m not even an avid comic book reader. I brought up comic cause she has decades of story and history to use. Lol shipper bias speaks again. Your pathetic obsession with Katie and Laurel is laughable. And I know you are equally bitter over the negative reaction to her death. And even more bitter that the negativity has moved on to Felicitys character.

            So Katie aka who came second in credits and had a separate arc from the male lead that didn’t need to be tide to Oliver was the female lead.

            But all you did was prove once again you only care about sexism and negativity when it’s towards your fav. Like I’ve said before have several seats with that bull when you wanna ignore the harassment Katie and her character went through. Trying to come here with *facts* and just end up looking bias.

    • Katie says:

      I’m usually the first to criticize a show for fridgng a female character just for propel a man’s story (like Moira), but I don’t think that was the case here. Her death affected everyone on the team, as well as Sara. It seemed to me that they just couldn’t figure out what to do with that character anymore. Now that she’s guest starring across all the shows, maybe she’ll get interesting things to do again.

    • Lex says:

      I didn’t think Laurel got the end she deserved, either. This wasn’t a heroic self-sacrifice, but just Laurel being in the wrong place at the wrong time. There was no agency about her death; she was just a victim. The fact that she was a “legacy” character didn’t matter; what did matter is the terrible send-off she received didn’t match the role she had on the show.
      That being said, I always felt like she didn’t have any thematic purpose on the show after season 2. Like it or not the show is Oliver’s narrative, and any place Laurel once had was filled by Felicity and Sara: the show didn’t need Laurel. The very best solution would have been to write her off; put her on a bus to Gotham and have her start a new life as Harvey Dent’s ADA. Maybe even give a throwaway line about her “new friend Barbara,” just to include a taste of Birds of Prey.
      The way Laurel died wasn’t fair and was rather disgusting, but Guggenheim’s in charge, not me, and he thought the stupid idea about the “unidentified grave” was super cool. They needed someone to die who’s passing would have a ripple effect on all the other characters, and Laurel no longer had any real impact on Oliver’s “hero’s journey.” Laurel’s death was distasteful, but I think she’d already overstayed her welcome.

      • Sara says:

        Laurel didn’t need to be tied to Oliver because as the female lead she had her own story. Don’t assume your OPINION as some how being fact. Judging by the negative reaction fans believe there was plenty more for her to do.

        • Lex says:

          I’m amused that you think the statement “it’s Oliver’s narrative” is an opinion. His name is on the box; it’s his show.

  12. Liri says:

    Love Robert Queen and Laurel coming back in any capacity, probably an earth 2 scenario. I did drop Arrow it used to be my favorite show but this news and “getting back to season one ” might get me to watch again.

  13. Butch says:

    So frustrating that CW shows don’t start until October. Let’s get to the story already.

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      They want to wait until the hoopla of the other networks shows die down and maybe some of them will be flops so people will want to see something new.

  14. LT says:


  15. Pia says:

    Ugh don’t make me watch Legends and Supergirl. I have too many shows as it is.

    • herman1959 says:

      It’s just for one week.

      • S says:

        That’s what I thought when I started watching Flash…now I’m watching Arrow and Legends too😩. But I’m determined not to watch Supergirl unless there’s crossovers.

        • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

          Why not? Supergirl is the best one. Certainly better than Arrow anyway. If you want to limit the shows you watch, drop the rest of them and watch Supergirl instead.

          • Chelsea says:

            Supergirl is the best one! Then Flash. I started watching all the cw superhero shows, but my schedule got crazy. Supergirl is the only one I kept up with, though I can’t wait to watch season two of the Flash on Netflix in a couple weeks.

          • S says:

            Can’t drop Arrow…love Felicity and Curtis too much (that’s how bad Arrow is, I’m keeping it on my list for Curtis). Can’t drop Legends either, not when Patrick J. Adams is on this season (LOVE Suits). Or Flash cuz I’m a huge HP fan and Tom Felton just joined and Cisco is too funny.

            I watched the Supergirl-Flash crossover when it came out but it doesn’t feel like my type of show. I might consider picking it up when I drop something else but right now I’ve got waaay too many shows.

  16. Ninamags says:

    Ugh, looks like I’m gonna have to watch this for the cross-over event.

    I wasn’t planning on it.

  17. Ann says:

    Keep the main characters as they are. Stop messing up their story lines. Don’t need super girl I a very big part.

  18. Lyla says:

    I can’t see what was creatively wrong with killing off Laurel. It was, in fact, brilliant, if you truly look at it from a creative, artistic, story-telling perspective. She was important to everybody on the team (some more than others). It was an emotional blow to everybody. And YET it didn’t affect the show so much that it couldn’t go on as it did. Laurel was a background character for 1.5 seasons, people. If you look at it, that is approximately as long as people (comic book fans) have been saying that ”she has improved”. So, a female character is suddenly likable when she mostly keeps her mouth shut and stands in the background? SMH. Anyway, they had a ”big death” on paper, without truly losing a big player at all. They lost a big player when they killed off Sara in the beginning of S3, because she was basically the female lead of S2. Talking screen time, people. They lost a big player when they killed Moira (but, ok, that was bound to happen). Laurel? She wasn’t important on the Arrow SHOW anymore. TV evolves. Changes. It’s based on comics, but the comics aren’t ”the Bible”, at least if they wanted the show to succeed.
    Other than that, I think Katie Cassidy deserves to be present (in some capacity) in the 100th episode, since there was a time when she was the female lead. Good for her.

  19. soonerborn says:

    Judging by the stupidity of the people controlling the DC TV verse it’ll be dumb and angst driven and it’ll have no impact on the rest of the shows. Last season the crossovers were the foreteller of the ruination of season 4 of Arrow. So I expect it to be just has bad and probably ruin season 5 of Arrow.

  20. Ms Thang says:

    Skipping Error not only on the crossover but on its entire run. Flash-Supergirl-Legends rule!

  21. Lex says:

    We’ll be seeing Katie as Black Siren… and I thought she was delightful as the Bad Girl, so I’m pleased. Katie’s always been best in the HBIC roles (see Supernatural and Melrose Place), but Laurel was supposed to be played straight. She’s a Heroine, not a HBIC. Unfortunately the writers never wrote to Katie’s strengths, so Katie’s Laurel always ended up being… just a B.
    *Quick lesson in archetypes* When you’re the Bad Girl, you can be as narcissistic, as entitled, as bitchy, as self-righteous as you want… you can be Cordelia Chase, kinda mean and snarky when she was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. All this changed as Cordelia grew up on Angel, showing a more mature, selfless side appropriate for a Heroine. So, Bad Girl on Buffy, Heroine on Angel.
    Laurel was supposed to be a Heroine, not a Bad Girl, and the writers never acknowledged that the behaviors she displayed were those of a Bad Girl. The audience would see Laurel blaming everyone but herself and making decisions that are always in the best interest of Laurel; to make Laurel feel better. This is never commented on by the characters, and even after the shouting match she and Oliver had in 4.05 she still got off scot-free in the end. What were the long-term consequences of raising Sara from the dead? Nothing for Laurel, though Oliver did have to clean up the mess by calling Constantine.
    Show, don’t tell, is very important here. The audience was seeing a Bad Girl when they were told they were watching a Heroine, hence all of the negative reactions Laurel received. You could argue Laurel was an “antihero” in the vein of Walter White and Laurel’s all about Feminism and such, but this was never the intention of the writers. If you want a female antihero, go watch Jessica Jones. And Laurel is certainly not a Jessica Jones.
    So we’ll see Black Siren and we’ll the version Robert Queen from Earth 2, who became the Arrow instead of Oliver (remember that pointed radio broadcast back in season 1 of the Flash)? Earths will collide and Supergirl will be brought into the CW fold. Still exciting, and I think Katie deserves to be involved in the 100th episode. I just wish the CW would get on the ball and find a better project for her. They take care of their own, and maybe she and Robbie Amell could be on a show together? Just a thought.

  22. yvonne says:

    its time travel,do you have another creation beside this story..i love this show but please don t make it complicated and confused the audience..

  23. Protege says:

    You know, after hearing about the proposed plotline for the crossover, i have to wonder how they’re going to do it in a way that makes sense for the two ressurected characters to be a part of this.