Magnum Reboot

Magnum 'Reboot' Focusing on Iconic P.I.'s Daughter Eyed at ABC

Gas up T.C.’s chopper — a Magnum P.I. reboot is ready for liftoff at ABC.

The Alphabet network is developing a new incarnation of the classic ’80s Tom Selleck-starring detective romp that would center on the title character’s daughter, Lily “Tommy” Magnum (played in six episodes of the original series by child actress Kristen Carreira), Deadline reports. The potential new “sequel” series — which would be titled, simply, Magnum — would find “Tommy” returning to Hawaii to take up the mantle of her father’s PI firm. The gainfully-employed-on-Blue Bloods Selleck is not expected to appear (although should his long-running CBS procedural come to an end this season he’d presumably be available for a guest appearance or two.)

Leverage creator John Rogers and Eva Longoria’s UnbeliEVAble Entertainment (which is based at Universal TV, which owns the Magnum rights) are shepherding the project. “We knew no one could replace the iconic role of Thomas Magnum, so John decided to make the reboot a sequel and continue the adventure of a Magnum — his daughter, who was established in the original series,” Longoria told Deadline.

Magnum P.I. premiered on CBS in 1980 and ran for eight seasons. At the end of the series, Magnum was reunited with his daughter after the death of birth mother Michelle.

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  1. Jen says:

    No. No. No. No a thousand times. STOP THE REBOOTS. Is there no new talent / ideas? Good God, please stop

    • 51 Cards says:

      I said almost these exact words in my head (and shouted at my cat) when I read this. The reboots must stop.

      • TraciWallz says:

        Why? Just don’t watch them. Ive never seen them. Why waste the energy on hating popular things. There is much more content available these days.

    • susan1859 says:

      I feel the same way, but since AlreadyBeenCancelled is the network, it will probably be off the air before it gains traction…..

      • acurat says:

        Not true. Shows make it past the first year. Shield is in season 3. The Catch will return mid season and is in season 2. They renew on average one show a year. I don’t know which show this year will get that designation this year. I am guessing Designated Survivor or Notorious Maybe even Speechless.

    • Courtney says:

      I completely agree. The recent spate of reboots/remakes on network TV haven’t done well and I don’t hold out much hope for the new ones this season. It doesn’t bode well in my opinion for TV and movies when all we seem to be getting are reboots and remakes of shows and movies from the past. Where has the originality and creativity gone? Or as I fear, is it being drummed out of us so that no original thoughts are to be had anymore, about anything?

    • Mary says:

      But this isn’t really a reboot, since it won’t be about his character at all.

    • Bryan says:

      There’s PLENTY of new ideas around. And just because they’re original, doesn’t necessarily make them good.
      Same with reboots: just because they’re reboots/sequels/reimaginations, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad.

    • jericho says:

      While I agree, its not as much a reboot as it is a sequel. Its sad that they couldn’t get Selleck to participate even in a minor way. (Actors do this all the time even ones with popular 22 episode a year network shows like Blue Bloods.)

      All I can say is that all I want is a Sarah Shahi star vehicle and if this can be it… I will watch it.

      • Tomm Huntre says:

        My guess would be, Selleck can’t appear on the new show on ABC because he’s under contract for Blue Bloods on CBS.

        USUALLY, the shows appearing on different networks is the issue

        • acurat says:

          You are right. CBS has him for now. They probably would love to have him for the pilot and as a guest star to visit but it won’t happen unless Blue Bloods is canceled. That is not happening for at least a year and maybe more.

    • Larc says:

      New ideas require people who are capable of coming up with them. Those people have definitely been an endangered species bordering on extinction at networks for quite a while now.

      • Sonny says:

        History channel is all reality
        Discovery channel is same and that’s just 2 channels. Jesus Christ there are well over 300 reality shows. Survivor should’ve been 1 season. Naked and afraid–WHY?? Oh and by the way all those shows are 100% FAKE! Now back to the reboot.. again no! Nowadays you have to be politically correct. You have to be handsome(men) women have to have a big Rack and butt–FAKE again. The television shows that I watched ( Adam 12, Rockford files,miami vice,magnum pi,) were perfect. Plus it taught you a lesson and it was ok . This world wants to rewrite history with everything we watch and with everything you do! But whatever. And the only way I’ll watch a magnum reboot then it will have to have Tom Selleck!!!

  2. Jim Sullivan says:

    Bring it on. Anything’s better than all the realty crap.

  3. Judi Bollar says:

    I agree. There are no original shows or ideas! And good ones they cancel very quickly!

  4. Kate Garner says:

    Tom is employed now. However, Blue Bloods has been a “bubble show” at renewal time for three years. You never know, daddy might show up after all. ;)

  5. Steve F. says:

    Yeah… but will they ever answer the question about whether or not Higgins was Robin Masters?!?

    • dragons3 says:

      My theory has always been that Magnum wasn’t a real person but the hero of Robin Masters’ books, and that Higgins was really Robin Masters.

  6. michael bol says:

    Not a reboot, more of a continuity since it is just years later and using the same character. A reboot would have a new Thomas Magnum. But that said, this was the very best show on TV, unparalleled, please don’t mess it up. In fact, why make it at all?

  7. TraciWallz says:

    DOA just like Charlie’s Angels (abc) n Ironside (NBC). What’s next streets of San Francisco, Barnaby Jones, or whatever else my great grandmother used to watch way back when. Smh!

  8. Eric Lowmiller says:

    If Tom Selleck is not involved….NO FRAKKIN’ WAY. End of story

  9. claire says:

    No thanks, majority of these remakes of older TV shows have been flops.

  10. Mr. Smith says:

    NOOOOOO!!!!! Just leave the best shows alone! A thousand times no!

  11. kmw says:

    Wow another re boot. Once again can we please have some creativity on television and stop the re boot nonsense.

  12. Jack Wahl says:

    Whoa, alotta hatin’ goin’ today! I’m still waiting on Harmon Rabb’s adopted daughter to turn up on NCIS…

  13. bshaid says:

    yep, I would looooove that. Miss Magnum, go for it!!!!

  14. bshaid says:

    I watch COLUMBO every morning. I know there was a MRS. COLUMBO, short lived. I would love little Magnum and a Columbo link to hook up…

  15. rowan77 says:

    So why give the daughter a nickname she never had of Tommy? What’s wrong with calling her Lily? She doesn’t need a boy’s name to be a chip off the old block. The last name tells us everything,

  16. Cyn says:

    Can’t they just bring back Leverage instead?

  17. skrable2a says:

    I approve, as long as she’s played by Stana Katic

    • Robynn Turley says:

      Brilliant casting!!! Also TS would need to make guest appearances, or better yet reprise his role. That would be great!

  18. andrew hass says:

    I keep an open mind about this until this.However we knew Magnum had a daughter.So the show doesn’t have make up a daughter from scratch.

  19. mamalyn says:

    I’ll watch anything filmed in Hawaii. AND, I’m still in love w/ Thomas Magnum. ‘Rick’ is still there. He’s been in Hawaii 50 before.
    Michelle was beautiful (French/Viet Namese, I think) so the daughter should be gorgeous too.

  20. KayCeeCee says:

    I’d watch it, if it’s done well.

  21. Bella says:

    For the love of God, NO!

  22. Barb says:

    Sounds great as long as Tom is involved. I would watch almost anything Tom Selleck is on. He chooses great projects!

  23. christopher bee says:

    And then please be true to the title music from Mike Post feat. Larry Carlton on Guitar.

    Then we need a chopper, some Irak/Afghanistan veterans, a red Ferrari and a Mr. Higgins english Guy.

    So far, i like the Lethal Weapon reboot very much, so let´s see what´s it will be.

  24. Jamie says:

    I loved Magnum, and I’d give this one a try. Hope it’s done well, with the same combination of humor, action, and drama as the original. But a lot of the charm of Thomas Magnum was the way Selleck portrayed him; so, we’ll see…

  25. ScottJ says:

    At least its not going to be teen boy Magnum. I suppose that’s something. And it is just in development so it might not go anywhere. Only a small percentage of development projects eventually make it into production, and even less make it to air.

  26. pickles says:

    Let’s see will she be a single mother who drinks too much wine? That seems to be the storyline for female roles . No matter what they are always drinking.

  27. texmike says:

    Selleck would have to make some appearances, otherwise, no.

  28. Carol C says:

    I loved Magnum PI. It was clever and witty. I’m willing to give this a chance.

  29. MB says:

    You had me at “John Rogers.”

  30. clintbrew says:

    this should be on the CBS due to hawaii 5-0 they could easily crossover

  31. Rick Katze says:

    After reading just the first half of a new biography about Harlan Ellison, who wrote a lot for TV and the movies, one can understand why reboots are so popular.

  32. Writerpatrick says:

    A reboot/sequel with the main character’s child taking over. That really worked for Knight Rider.

  33. A. D. says:

    Eliza Dushku!

  34. ReneCat says:

    Why is this under Kiefer Sutherland news on IMDb?

  35. Eric says:

    As long as she has the signature mustache.

  36. Jason says:

    Could be fun if they do it right. Hawaii Five-0 has been good. I hope, like Five-0, they keep the original theme music. I would get a kick out of hearing that every week.

  37. Auntie Reboot says:

    I really wish the word reboot would disappear. It would be better to say that this was inspired by or loosely based on Magnum or whatever show is being pitched. Reboot has developed a negative impression so as soon as people see that word the response is “WHY?! NO!!”

  38. Jim J. says:

    Enough with the channel hops. Why does the “Magnum P.I.” reboot have to air on ABC? Why can’t CBS or NBC air this reboot? CBS is “Magnum P.I.”‘s original network, and NBC is Universal TV’s corporate sibling.

  39. Lol face says:

    I wonder if it will be as good as Kight rider (2008) or as terrible as Heroes Reborn

  40. John NYC says:

    Magnum sequel not reboot. His daughter was established do they’re just going with it.

    I wish them luck: the original’s sensibility could be a nice addition to the screen.

    Maggie Q? I suspect she could play the lighter stuff.

    • John NYC says:

      And she was born on the islands to a Vietnamese mom!

      And the kicking ass part she’s got totally covered.

      • Paul Eng says:

        Maggie Q as “Lilly”??? YES!!! She was awesome on Nikita and Stalker–which I wished CBS had given a bit more of a chance to develop a following!

        I think Maggie Q has the right balance to play someone that has intelligence (mentally as well as “intel” in terms of playing a “spy”), good looks and (hopefully) wittiness. (Think of the amount of bickering, playful banter and gags/pranks Magnum and Higgins and the rest had with each other!)

        Not to mention, she’s not hard on the eyes either. AND her good looks aren’t so over-the-top that if you put her in a bikini on a surfboard or paddle board or surf-ski you immediately think “cheesecake.” (Although, I’m sure some fans will say that the beach and water scenes of Selleck in the original were, ahem, beefcake shots… ;-) )

  41. Rob says:

    Ok, ABC, leave the Magnum theme alone. It was a good show, and it ended, enough said.

    Besides, he never had a P.I. firm in the series to begin with. Your reaching!! Stop.

    Come up with something original.

    Your going to ruin the legacy, plus, it would be silly to have a series on 1 network about a P.I.’s daughter from 1 past series, when the original Actor for that character is the lead role for another show on another network. Mmmm,…….let’s think about this for a moment.

    Does this make sense to anyone else?!?

    I would be really surprised if no one agreed with me, and very disappointed.

    Just sayin, think about it.

  42. jj says:

    No. Just no. No^infinty. STOP already.

  43. notfeelingencouraged says:

    NO! And, again NO!!

  44. Paloma says:

    If CBS wants to make a series about a female PI in Hawaii couldn’t they just do that without rebooting Magnum?

    And there are so many ideas floating around in the world, so many opportunities to be creative and come up with something new, special, unique, why always the reboots? I’m bored with reboots, and with superheroes. I want something fresh and different.

    Find some really good creative writers and put them to work.

  45. Carol_R says:

    I don’t see it working. Tom Selleck and John Hillerman were responsible for the success of that show. Their chemistry and acting is what sold it and not so much the storylines or premise. People were also interested in a show set in Hawaii since few people back then had ever been there; whereas today a large chunk of the population has vacationed there.

  46. Clara says:

    I find it silly how people complain about reboots and remakes or whatever, of TV shows and Movies! People saying can’t they come up with original ideas anymore? Do any of you complaining know that almost every show or movie ever made, was based on something that had already been done? Like a book or a short story or even a play, I mean nearly every Disney movie, was based off of a book! Even many classic movies were based off of books, I mean think of all the good horror movies that wouldn’t have been made if Hollywood decided not to ever do movies from books! Like all of the Stephen King movies, like The Shining!

  47. Paul Eng says:

    So, this is really a SEQUEL and NOT a “reboot”.. Which I always thought would be a SMART way to approach it!

    Think about the original ’80s “Magnum PI.” Sure, it was about Thomas Sullivan Magnum and his escapades as a private investigator. But it was also about his close circle of friends–a majority of whom spent time with him in the fire of combat in Vietnam. And it was in the final seasons of the show that we got a glimpse of the deeper backstory of Magnum, Michelle and Lilly.

    I could easily see this “sequel/reboot” developing along the same lines… In the beginning, I can see how we’re introduced to Lilly “Tommy” Magnum as a easy, care-free “surfer girl” in Hawaii, “mooching” off the good graces of a wealthy celebrity. (Perhaps the “security consultant” at the Hawaiian retreat for “Master Jonathan Higgins,” since at the end pf the original series, he became an established author of his own WW2 memoirs?)

    But then we come to see how she is really a smart, resourceful and caring character because her past was so troubled–the child of a mother and father that were caught up in the political espionage of post-Vietnam and Cold War ’80s.

    What’s more, she too could be surrounded by her own cadre of close-knit “buddies.” Perhaps they can give her a military or espionage background–like her dad—too! (The character of Lilly would probably have been old enough to have served in Desert Storm, and certainly old enough to have served during the various War on Terror campaigns.) and thus she could have “resources” to solve cases similar to what her dad had. (Chopper pilot for island hopping, an inside with Hawaiian PD and government intel agencies, and, of course, a criminal/underworld “connection.”)

    And, of course, the opportunity for other original series cast members for coming back on as cameos or recurring characters. Aside from Tom Selleck/Original Magnum… Rik (Larry Manetti) could be the sequel’s version of “Ice Pick”… And as mentioned, Higgins (Jonathan Hillerman) could be the new series’ version of “Robin Masters”–either “in person” or as a character always “heard from” but never seen (like Orson Wells did for the original series).

    If done right, the new sequel could work. IF the show writers are SMART.

  48. shena says:

    Please no no more remakes, reboots or sequels. Have they run out of original ideas? Magnum was a great show in 80’s a classic so why ruin it.

  49. S says:

    It was 11 years ago, you dumb ass liberals.
    So let’s talk about bill clinton