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Chicago P.D. Preview: 'Linstead's' Investment, Voight's Grief, the Unit's New Duo and More Season 4 Scoop

Chicago P.D.‘s Voight may be a killer after last May’s finale, but his unit will be on the side of the grieving father and protector — except for one member of Intelligence.

Having actually seen Voight at the crime scene, Lindsay is “torn” about revealing what she knows to Commander Crowley about her boss’ act of vengeance following his son Justin’s death. The rest of the team, however, is “a little conflicted, but less so than you might imagine” when Season 4 premieres this Wednesday (NBC, 10/9c), executive producer Matt Olmstead says.

“They’re not excusing anything that Voight did, but they’re also a little bit appreciative,” the EP explains. “Because when it all went down, he had them go [on] a goose chase across town to seal them off so they wouldn’t see anything. In their minds, he protected them, and then he did whatever he did. So for the most part, the unit is back to work, albeit on eggshells a little bit.”

At the same time, Voight is carefully watching Lindsay to see what actions she may or may not take against him.

“Obviously, he cares for her. He doesn’t want to pressure her to do anything she doesn’t want to do,” Olmstead describes. The sergeant recognizes that his detective protégé “needs to make her own decisions,” so if her choice comes down to “cooperating with the ivory tower on what she saw or didn’t see, then he’ll have to roll the dice. But he would never collude with her or tell her to go one way or the other. So his state’s really in her hands.”

Click on the gallery to the right for a character-by-character Season 4 preview, featuring scoop on Lindsay and Halstead’s romantic future, Intelligence’s new partnership, Olinsky’s past and more.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ‘Cause Ruzek needs a love interest. He’s probably one of the most underdeveloped characters on the show. Come on showrunners, give him more than that. I do like that he’ll be partnering up with Atwater, though.

    • Lily says:

      All of the characters except Voight, Jay and especially Erin are without significant story lines. (Burgess gets some too). And here AGAIN it is mainly about Erin. The entire cast is too good to focus only on a few. PLEASE PLEASE writers, this year give us more interesting things involving all of them, and it does not always have to be romance.

      • Vlada Gelman says:

        There are some intriguing teasers for the other characters in the attached gallery.

        • Lily says:

          We’ll see how it plays out; hopefully more time is devoted to these other story lines as suggested and they will not suddenly be dropped like last season or not exist at all because we need to see Linstead buy another couch or pick out their wall color. Sorry to sound like such a whiner but if you are NOT really invested in their romance, this show does not offer much for viewers like me unless you are into Voight’s rampages (which I am not). Love my hometown city of Chicago and do not want to lose interest in the show;hopefully this will be a better season for people like me.

          • Patience My Dear says:

            People get so bent out of shape because the MAIN characters of the show get the bulk of the storylines. All things are rarely equal in a cast, so there will always be more focus on certain characters. Don’t get me wrong, I like the entire cast (especially Platt who never gets enough screen time IMO) but understand that some characters aren’t going to be front and center all the time. There was strong chemistry between Erin and Jay in the pilot so it was inevitable that they would end up a couple. Personally, I could use less crossover from Fire and Med at Molly’s to give them time to give personal/backstories on ALL the characters, not just Linstead (although I do like them). Those precious few minutes are wasted because they want to be sure that you are invested in all the Chicago shows. I thought there was far less Voight rampages last season but I would expect them to increase in season 4 given the circumstances. Guess it is hard to please everyone…

          • Lily says:

            Not bent out of shape; just expressing an opinion like a fan has a right to do. Also not asking for some characters to be front and center all the time – just want to see a lot more balance than exists now. But no big deal . . . if I lose interest because I’m not gaga over Linstead or a fan of Voight’s brutality which are both now the primary focus, then there are other shows to choose from or better still, a good book. : – )

  2. Jess says:

    please please dont give ruzek a new love interest…..that is all he gets…..for once i think he should be single

  3. ndixit says:

    I wish Jay would get a story independent of Lindsay. He’s an intriguing character and we get only tiny hints about his past. This show has a bad habit of raising intrigue about something and then dropping it. I mean what about Jay’s PTSD related breakdown last season, or Olinksi’s daughter etc….

  4. Jeni Imhoff says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed watching Ryan Imhoff cast as ex-marine Conner Wix. Very believable character! Would be great if he appeared on the show again (when he is released from prison!)