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NCIS New Orleans Ferlito Season 3

Vanessa Ferlito Hits NCIS: New Orleans With a Secret: 'It Ruined a Lot of Lives'

Almost a year to the day that her run as Graceland‘s Charlie came to an end, Vanessa Ferlito will again wield a G-man’s badge, having joined the cast of CBS’ NCIS: New Orleans as FBI Special Agent Tammy Gregorio.

Because as if Pride and his team don’t have enough to deal with in the Season 3 premiere (airing Tuesday, now at 10/9c), chasing as they are a sniper who targets crowded events, they will come to rudely realize that D.C. has sent Agent Gregorio to investigate their unique way of doing things in the Big Easy.

Ferlito shared with TVLine a look at Tammy’s return to New Orleans, how she will shake things up and the dark secret she is concealing.

TVLINE | Tell me about NCIS New Orleansthe circumstances under which the team first meets Tammy.
Well, they’re not expecting her. She kind of just creeps up on them and throws herself right into their world. They dont really know why she’s around, but once they find out, they’re not very happy about it.

TVLINE | I can imagine. Nobody likes a stranger getting up in their business.
Yeah, yeah — especially people from New Orleans. They’re very territorial. This is their place and they’re very proud of their city. It’s a very tight-knit community.

TVLINE | My understanding is that Agent Brody’s resignation, in the wake of the events of the season finale, is one of many things that raised red flags for D.C.
Brody (played by exited cast member Zoe McLellan) is out of the picture, but yeah — because of the way they operate at the New Orleans office, everybody in D.C. is a bit skeptical about Pride and his crew. If you’re looking in from the outside, it kind of looks like they’re always up to some shady business. They like to handle things differently, not “by the book.”

TVLINE | Look at the actual office where they work out of, for heaven’s sake!
Exactly! [Laughs] When I first got to the set I was like, “Wow, this is interesting…,” with the kitchen and everything.

TVLINE | Which of the team NCIS New Orleansmembers does Tammy rub the wrongest way? And who takes a relative shine to her?
Shalita [Grant]’s character, Percy — I don’t know what her deal is with Tammy, maybe it’s a girl/girl territory thing? But Pride is so lenient with her. I feel like he is very intuitive, that he knows Tammy is a good agent who is probably going to get really comfortable here and fit in well with them. I feel like Pride is very tolerant of her, how she is trying to not “call the shots” but tell them how stuff is supposed to be done. Even though she is investigating them, you almost kind of forget about that, because they work really well together.

TVLINE | How would you compare Tammy to Graceland‘s Charlie?
Oh, God…. [Laughs] So different. Though, you know what, Charlie is kind of by-the-book, too. She really didn’t break the rules much. It’s so funny, people loved Graceland and when you just mentioned that, it took me back for a second.

TVLINE | Charlie was very nurturing, almost like a mother hen to Graceland’s roommates. Is Tammy the same at all, or is she icy?
She’s a little icy in the beginning, but I feel like around Episode 6 she starts to show a vulnerable side. Here’s the thing: You don’t really know who Tammy is until later on, because she has this secret — and it’s really bad. It’s not really her secret, but she’s carrying the burden like it is, because she’s associated with this person and it ruined a lot of people’s lives.

TVLINE | Will Pride sense that she’s hiding something?
Oh, he knows. That’s the thing about Pride, he plays it real cool, and then he drops it on you — “I knew all about you! Did you think I would let you in here without me doing my research?” He knows that she has a history in New Orleans. I cannot wait for you to see that scene, it is so good. But then she breaks down a bit, because it is really hard for her to be back there. Really, really hard.

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  1. Bella says:

    They did this with the mothership, NCIS, too, although it was later in the series. Tom Parsons (Colin Hanks) investigated Gibbs. I’m kind of surprised they’re repeating this plot point, although maybe I shouldn’t be.

  2. Lame says:

    They exchanged the girl next door for a face that looks like she’s been around and seen things.

  3. MMD says:

    I’m really sorry that Brody is gone, I liked her on the mothership Jag and NCIS. If someone had to go I would rather it was LaSalle who irritates me and I can’t put my finger on why – which drives me crazy. I am anxious to find out what Tammy’s secret is.

  4. Ryan says:

    Did Graceland end *ONE* year ago?

  5. Jim says:

    Great, the only one from Graceland that I didn’t like.

  6. BM says:

    “because of the way they operate at the New Orleans office, everybody in D.C. is a bit skeptical about Pride and his crew. ” – Uh? Because Gibbs operates so much more by the book?

  7. Vic says:

    Don’t like new fbi chick. Doesn’t fit Isn’t what fits.
    Hope she’s not permanent or there will go another show not to watch.

  8. J. C. says:

    Already not liking the new agent. Is she even awake? Can’ tell if her eyes are open, closed, or just a druggy zoned out look? Her trying to “look tough” is comical. Poor actress. Bring back Brody! Or anyone with a personality that isn’t irritating.

    BTW: What’s up with Lucas? Is he sick. Is he going through the same weight loss program McGee went through a few years ago?

  9. Shirl says:

    Surely did miss Brody on tonight’s season premier. Not sure why the need to replace her. Seems they could have written a few interesting episodes throughout the season about her relationship with the “zealot”. Was not impressed with the new character tonight. She just doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest. Will give her a chance for a few episodes but if she doesn’t get any better I surely will miss the rest of the NCIS New Orleans crew and series.

  10. Heidi says:

    Watched it 2x- definitely DO NOT LIKE new female fbi character. Liked Brody, but if they felt the need to replace her, they messed up with the new one. Makes me feel it won’t be such a big deal to miss an episode.

  11. Becky says:

    Sorry to see Zoe Leave. Liked her character. She wasn’t playing a cocky jock like directors and writers seem to make female law enforcement characters. Her character was actually an intelligent female. Tired of loud mouth overbearing female parts.

    • Vivi83 says:

      As a retired female police officer, I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s really difficult to pull off being John Wayne when you’re only 5’4″ and weigh 120 lbs; so why can’t her character be shown as a woman who uses her common sense, street smarts, intelligence, and sense of humor (A BIG HELP IN REAL LIFE) instead of making her a cold, smug, cocky, know-it-all who thinks she’s a bad ass? Whatever happened to research and character development?

  12. Jan Beeson says:

    NCIS New Orleans added Vanessa to their team, I hope on a temporary basis. She sucks!!! Cold and snooty. Rewrite her part to show some bit of compassion or replace her. You lost a viewer for sure.

  13. Kay Keller says:

    Just turned off DVR for this show. Ruined the story from my perspective. Loved the chemistry. Been a loyal watcher. Never more. Sad.

  14. Pat Macdonald says:

    La Salle looks sick. What’s going on?

  15. Carolyn says:

    Lasalle needs some meat on those bones, was nice to look at now He looks like he cannot work a full day. Really cannot see why they replaced Zoe, Really liked her character. Guess the powers that be could not leave well enough alone. Start changing what clicks will only shorten the life of the show. McGee needs a few more pounds, Missed Michael Weatherby on NCIS, saw Bull but not the same drawing power. I will give it one more episode.

  16. Mary Thomas says:

    I do not like the actress replacing Agent Brody’s character. She annoyed me on CSI: NY and after watching her on the premiere episode last night. I do not think she fits in with the rest of the cast. It will be difficult for me to watch what used to be one of my favorite programs. I miss Zoe.

  17. Saige says:

    NCIS: NO was so much better when Brody.

  18. Saige says:

    NCIS: NO was so much better with Brody.

  19. Advo says:

    The NCIS spinoffs have always had dialogue that was too self-consciously snappy for me. Not only was the dialogue forced, but each and every character was carefully niched. While NCIS does this also, the spinoffs just work too hard at it.

    The new FBI agent was so obnoxious, I left after about 10 minutes of her on screen. I think my wife finished the episode. I couldn’t. Not only does she show up with a ton of attitude, but her presence at a crime scene is accepted with no more than “She has an FBI vest on – she must be FBI.” THEN she blames the agents for letting the sniper escape because she was on the scene with no warning. Bad writing, bad acting, unlikeable characters.

  20. Rynda McMurray says:

    I thought that I was the only one who noticed Lucas Black’s weight loss. He looked healthy and thin before. Now he looks sick. And so does McGee on NCIS. What were they thinking?

  21. Weazie says:

    Tammy acts like she’s better than everyone else! I don’t like her! I wish Brody was back she fit in so well with this team.

  22. Br says:

    Really am trying to give

  23. Lulu says:

    Really trying to give Brody’s replacement a chance but it’s not working! Just not a good fit for the show. She is NOT the “be all” they are trying to make her. Just unlikeable in with a cast that’s always been likeable. Seemed to me that Pride, LaSalle and Percy run things just fine with the help of the rest of the cast. Time for ALL the FBI to leave!

  24. Lulu says:

    Did enjoy Tom Arnold’s appearance on the show tonight. Easy friendship between Pride and Elvis. Hope they bring him back from time to time. Still a NO on Vanessa Ferlito though.

  25. sfcpaul says:

    Almost as bad as ncis la & Hawaii 50. Bad scripts, acting and characters. Make it more real. Get rid of duck lips and the smart ass other woman. Put the operation in a real environment. And actually have the navy involved. It’s was bad esrlt on, now it’s dumbed down.

  26. Jean says:

    Just can’t warm up to Vanessa Ferlito.. She sort of ruins the show. I sure hope she gets better. Miss Brody. Can’t believe they are investigating both LA and NOleans. Old story lines!!!

  27. Paula Duncan says:

    If they are keeping the female FBI actress I won’t be watching it this season. Every time she opens her mouth the nasty condescending bad acting is just annoy. I can’t watch.

    • Carolyn Zirkle says:

      After last night’s episode Tom Arnold was great, but I still cannot watch that FBI,agent. Guess she is turning a lot of fans off watching. Hope they put her back in DC.

  28. mallory says:

    I do not like the new FBI woman on here ,or that the FBI is involved as much as is …the show is called NCIS New Orleans …not FBI and NCIS New Orleans . !!!!!!

  29. Frank says:

    Don’t like the Vanessa Ferlito character. It is so bad it ruins the rest of the show.

  30. Joyce Cornwell says:

    I get that Brody had to leave because of the betrayal, it makes sense for the story line. But of all the actresses available, to choose Ferlito is a major fail. I hope the script writers and casting directors read these feeds and deep-six Gregorio before the show dies from lack of ratings. Give the fans a better replacement agent and we might watch again. Until then, I’m done with this show. (And I didn’t even mention the hideous duck lips. Ooops.)

  31. Jan Cinco says:

    By Season Two, NCIS:N.O.’s characters had become like family. Season Three, however, is unwatchable. I gave it two episodes. I will miss all the other characters except for the new FBI agent. The actress looks like a druggie, with glassy eyes and plumped up lips. Is she there for sex appeal?? Please bring Brody back! Say her time away was a temporary suspension, and now let her rejoin the team. Otherwise, although I love all the other actors and their characters, I not only won’t watch but can’t–it’s too painful.

    • Carolyn says:

      I agree, Brody added to the rest of the cast to keep NC IS N.O., interesting and something to look forward to each week. I will be taking this off my list .

      Sent from my MetroPCS 4G LTE Android device

      • Joyce says:

        Me they need to take off the new girl doesn’t fit in with the rest. To boyish, Brody was both, and fun. Off she goes

    • Vivi68 says:

      Hopefully the “Powers That Be” are reading these comments.

  32. Lulu says:

    Just cannot like Greggorio and the writers’ concept of what her character should be. Also think whoever does casting could have chosen better than Ferlito. On the other hand I still like the friendship and working relationship of the other characters. Percy is great and put a bit of weight back on Christopher! Dang, I just like all the characters from last season…good chemistry . Plus Pride’s bar looks like a place I would like to hang out! :)

  33. James E Davis Sr says:

    Tammy is one homely woman

  34. Lori says:

    I don’t care about her secret or her. Can we just write her back to NYC?

  35. Lulu says:

    Only 10 minutes into tonight’s episode (October 25) and already ready to change channels! Ferlito’s character has to go away real soon! Like now! Just doesn’t work. Of course the network powers that be obviously want her there . But why? On the bright side…good to see Percy back tonight and loved last week’s episode was all about Sebastian!

    • backroads523 says:

      I liked last night’s episode. But it seems I may be one of the few.The airboat might have been a little over the top. Agree about Percy!

  36. Judy says:

    Cannot stand looking at the disgusted look in agent Gregorio’s face she had all the time. Hopefully she is not a permanent fixture in the show or I will simply have to be one less viewer of NCIS NO

  37. Meladee Schmutz says:

    Sounds like I’m not the only one. Will have to stop watching if Vanessa stays. Get rid of her please

  38. Pamela Germany says:

    No one has still answered my question. Whay is Lucas Black on NCIS New Orleans so thin. He was built poretty good last year and muscular????>

  39. Karen Gatesman says:

    Poor decision getting rid of original female agent. Ruined your show. She was believable and a very good actress. She brought a lot to the show. Shame on you!!! Do not care for your new agent, too nasty!!!

  40. JIm says:

    I sure hope she isn’t permanent. I don’t think is fits well and her appearance bothers me. Don’t like the trout pout and her voice grates on the nerves.

  41. Holly mclean says:

    I miss broday and I don’t like the replament. Puffy lips and too much sexy.
    Because of her the show has lost its appeal.

  42. Wendy says:

    Sorry, Don’t like the new actress on the show. So much it almost makes me want to give up watching. So out of place and seriously annoying to deal with–appearance and character. Overacting to the extreme, and sorry but the stupid city tough girl accent is a turn off as well as eyes that make her look soulless–really unappealing. Not a good actress for this show, at least not as a good guy. Find someone else for this part.

    • Wendy says:

      I Cannot stand Vanessa Ferlito!!! She is the reason I stopped watching CSI NY, until they got rid of her. Please don’t ruin this show. ….there has gotta be other actresses

  43. Dolphin1 says:

    Ferlito has pretty much ruined NCIS New Orleans this season. She can not act. She plays one type of character badly and that is the character of a smart alec know it all who thinks she is sexy and she most definitely is not. I hope they write her out and find someone who will fit in with the team soon – or this show goes on the ones we no longer watch due to bad casting or writing.

  44. Vivi says:

    Okay……..I had actually stopping watching this series, but feeling optimistic I decided to give it one more chance hoping that it had improved. Honest, I tried – I really did. NCIS New Orleans was my favorite show from day one – the cast was superb, you cared about the characters because they were believable, likeable and drew you into the stories each week. They all meshed and interacted so well – the show had a real New Orleans feel – loose, easy and relaxed. And most important; the cast could act………until the FBI Chick came on the scene. Seriously – who decided to hire this “actress?” Well, after tonight, I’m done – – there’s got to be a better way to fill that hour rather than sit there and wince every time a word comes out of her duck lips…….and when she said, “Copy that,” I knew it was time for me to get out of Dodge…….

  45. Dr d says:

    You guys are retards. She does a good job and I think old lucas black is on that cracked rock…

  46. Susie says:

    I can’t stand to watch this program anymore. The new person is AWFUL. Used to like, will watch again when she goes!!!

  47. Carol sullivan says:

    Don’t like this Vanessa person….does not add to the characters of this show. Why her? Not a good fit!

  48. Dianne says:

    I hope they keep her I really like her on the show

  49. I have no problem with the Gregorio character. But can Vanessa Ferlito do a scene without looking like she’s posing for a selfie with duck lips? a dozen or more times each episode, duck lips. It’s really quite hard to watch anymore.

  50. Mary Davis says:

    I do not care for the new agent at al….