Roadies Cancelled No Season 2 Showtime

Roadies Cancelled at Showtime

It’s the end of the tour for Showtime’s Roadies.

The premium cabler has cancelled its Carla Gugino-Luke Wilson dramedy, TVLine has confirmed.

Showtime Networks CEO David Nevins addressed the series’ less-than-stellar start in August, saying that the series was “going according to vision” and that the network wold likely determine Roadies‘ fate “probably at the end” of its first season.

Series creator Cameron Crowe issued this statement shortly after the cancellation news broke:

Thanks to Showtime and J.J. Abrams for the opportunity to make the one and only season of Roadies. My mind is still spinning from the giddy highs of working with this epic cast and crew. Though we could tell a thousand more stories, this run ends with a complete ten-hour tale of music and love. Like a song that slips under your skin, or a lyric that keeps speaking to you, we hope the spell of “Roadies” lingers. It was life-changing experience for all of us.

So much appreciation goes out to the sensational actors and crew who lived and breathed these stories and characters with their whole hearts. We became a family, our own music-loving troupe. Thanks also to the musicians who lived so comfortably in the world of acting. And thanks to all at Bad Robot, and Winnie Holzman, great collaborators all. Big thanks to our fans for watching and cheering us on. We’ll see you soon with a new project… and many of the same actors, I’m sure. Here’s a little glimpse of the last night of filming. This is what every day felt like.


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  1. HAP says:

    Not surprised. Really good cast, but not an engrossing show. Been a very long time since Crowe did anything good.

  2. DJ PlaZma says:

    Oh, man……

  3. Amanda says:

    I had a feeling this was coming but still turned out to be a really great 10 hour Cameron Crowe film. Loved the cast and their tributes to Glenn Frey (the funeral in the season finale at the LA Forum was where Glenn’s memorial service took place), the Eagles, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. I’m glad it ended on a positive way too with not really any cliffhangers, so it works as a series finale.

    • Jim says:

      Pretty much. I liked the show but it didn’t need to come back for another season. Felt like it said everything it needed to say. Hope to see the cast on my TV screen again soon.

  4. Tahoe Mike says:

    Damn, another favorite gets canceled.

  5. Mari says:

    At first, I didn’t really like the show. It was just ok. But, unlike HBO’s Vinyl, I kept watching this show. The characters came to mean something. Their chemistry was excellent. The episode where Phil talked about Lenyrd Skinyrd really was excellent.

  6. Keith Robin says:

    I am so disappointed that this wonderful show won’t go into a second season. I thought it was wonderful and I looked forward to learning more about the characters every week. OK Showtime, that makes two knives you’ve driven through my heart (Penny Dreadful)…what;s next-Billions?

  7. Alexander says:

    I don’t write on comment sections, normally. But this cancellation really sucks! I binged the first season last weekend and loved it. Please Showtime, uncancel Roadies, pretty please with a Phil-Hat on top. This is coming from a fan im Germany

  8. christopher bee says:

    Yeah, that was as clear as water. You`ll get a show, that is gripping (see what i´ve did here), fantastic cast and crew, heartwarming and heartbraking stories… It´s the Road and it´s more than that. As a former Roadie/Stagehand for Genesis, Santana as the German TV live Show “Rockpalast” and as a Musician for over 35 Years… I salute Cameron Crowe and JJ for this Show.

    It´s unforgivable, talking to you Showtime; this is taking away a soulfull delightfull hour of my week´s schedule. Shame on You.

    • loriflori says:

      I agree with you on all points!

    • Spot on! A fantastic show and honestly one of the few shows I watch., ever, on TV anymore. Screw you Showtime!

    • C. DeMent says:

      No way! The only reason I subscribed to Showtime was to watch Roadies! I love Cameron Crowe and his engrossing tales of what goes on behind the scenes of music productions and tours. I’m so bummed! Unless you’ve been there you just wouldn’t “get it”.
      I guess Showtime execs are like DD when he first started the tour. If you don’t know how to feel the music and musicians, it’s just about the bottom line.
      So with that, I say Suck it Showtime, I’m out!

    • Gregg says:

      Then do something and cancel showtime like I did. Do you think they really care what you think if you are still giving them your money?????

      • Ronny Lee says:

        This is RONNY DACHS again. I’m cancelling Showtime too!!!@#$#@&+?!!%%$#\@#$%%%#@&%#@!!??😎 😬😈👹😠. And check this out. I know 10 other people, that I work with , are cancelling Showtime as well. Take that you _ _ _ _ ing _ _ _ _oles.

  9. Lori says:

    My husband and I LOVED this show, especially all the retro music – maybe because it was from our era? (We’re 60.). It was real “feel good” viewing. It did have the flavor of being a summer show, but we thought that fit perfectly with a different band’s new tour every summer! Darn it, we were already looking forward to next summer.

  10. Bonnie says:

    I really enjoyed Roadies and I’m sad to see it canceled. At the same time I’m grateful that shotime didn’t cancel mid-season, and I’m glad that it didn’t end with a cliffhanger

  11. Nancy Cardoza says:

    It’s the only show I liked on that channel.

  12. madhatter360 says:

    I guess you could say it was a *removes sunglasses* one hit wonder.
    But seriously, I enjoyed this show. At least it had a (relatively) happy ending all around.

  13. Cheryl says:

    So sad. One of my favorites!
    Thrilled to have watched the one &only season.

  14. RD says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed it. Looked forward to my fix each sunday. It was a unique and clever twist on a music-based drama and all the better for it. If you haven’t seen it you missed out on a good one-despite the reviews.

  15. Elizabeth says:

    The show sounded exactly like my type of show, but I could not get into it. I disliked some of the characters and gave up after 3 or 4 episodes.

  16. Richard Edwards says:

    Well there goes another good program. I am so (S I C K) of every time I find a program like “Roadies” that brings in small tall tales of what seems to be somewhat regular people along with the music and its artists someone comes along and for what ever reason decides to cancel it. After each episode I felt good because of the 60min journey I went on with “Roadies”.
    More often than not you big wigs get in your own way and the people who suffer are the folks that love the product. To Whom ever made the decision to cancel you are a quitter and you
    (S U C K)

  17. Luis says:

    While I have HBO and Showtime, I have not watched many of the original offerings. I was drawn in by the premiere episode of “Roadies” and I very much enjoyed the entire ten episode season. The easy chemistry between Luke Wilson and Carla Gugino. the lovely quirkiness of the crew members, the wonderful music of the artists featured on the show and, of course, the great Ron White. As the finale unspooled, I did get the sense I was watching a series finale rather than a season finale, and I wondered what Crowe might consider for an encore. I am sorry I won’t get the chance to see it, but I’m grateful to Showtime, Crowe and J.J. Abrams for giving us one very good season of “Roadies.”

  18. jb says:

    They didn’t break the egg.

  19. Kiwi3 says:

    Definitely disappointed to lose it but at least the season ending could serve (and now will) as a series finale.
    Liked the quirky vibe this show had.

  20. Cain says:

    i discovered halsey and reignwolf because of this show.

  21. MzTeaze says:

    Yeah, it really didn’t seem to stand out on it’s own. I watched several episodes but did other things while the episode played because it just didn’t hold my attention.

  22. HtotheB says:

    So sad, I loved this show.
    It had great chemistry.

  23. The concept and casting was fabulous. I think the writing was weird–like it couldn’t decide for realism or whimsey, and didn’t do a good job of blending them. Also, the dialogue was stilted at times, and seemed like Cameron Crowe was unable to remove his own voice from those of the characters. I really liked the acting, and the casting was excellent. MGK (Wesley) and Ron White were the most poignant characters, and the chemistry between Luke and Carla was good. This show should have been so much better, but I would have watched a second season.

  24. Caroline Thielen says:

    I loved it. It was fresh and turned me on to artists and musicians I would not have been otherwise exposed to. Not to mention a cameo of Eddie Vedder is always welcoming in my book. I’m sad to see go. I don’t get how shows like the kardashians or any other reality TV containing talentless assholes with duck lips and fake tans have longevity. I am hopeful for a reunion tour!

  25. Shari says:

    I will really miss this show. There was so much of Glenn Frey that Cameron did a beautiful job of incorporating into Roadies. His loss is so overwhelming to fans like me, and Cameron really gets it.

  26. Chuck says:

    Sad to see this one go. Crowe and company had another rock n roll hit churning. Anyone who loves music had to appreciate this well done show with a great cast. Phil’s tale of how he got into the biz may be the best hour of TV I have ever watched. Keep rockin.’

  27. Kelli says:

    Really wish they would have given it a second season to catch on. Even for just the music itself. I’m sad. Now I’ll just have to imagine kelly-ann and Regg ride off into the sunset together.

  28. drhenning says:

    Not shocked it got canned since the viewership was low even by Showtime standards.. However, it was an enjoyable romp. The Skynard episode was probably worth the whole season.

  29. Trish Newman Hughes says:

    Was afraid this might happen, but was trying to remain positive. My husband and I really enjoyed the show. Great chemistry and great music. Needed more time to catch on. Probably hurt it that it appealed to the 50+ crowd…a demographic TV likes to ignore–an epic fail, IMHO.

  30. TraciWellz says:

    In 2016 shows revolving around 60-70s rock music skew to a much older audience that cannot survive off those demographics on cable. Vinyl n now roadies. I actually liked Vinyl even though I forwarded the music scenes. Roadies was blah from the rip. Stopped watching mid episode 2.

  31. char sailer says:

    My Husband and I loved this show too…so disappointed

  32. How in the world could they cancel this show? It started strong, slowed for an episode or two but the last 3 episodes were riveting. Well I guess I will be dropping Showtime.

  33. C. DeMent says:

    No way! The only reason I subscribed to Showtime was to watch Roadies! I love Cameron Crowe and his engrossing tales of what goes on behind the scenes of music productions and tours. I’m so bummed! Unless you’ve been there you just wouldn’t “get it”.
    I guess Showtime execs are like DD when he first started the tour. If you don’t know how to feel the music and musicians, it’s just about the bottom line.
    So with that, I say Suck it Showtime, I’m out!

  34. Mary Noble says:

    Loved loved loved this series!!!! Hugely disappointed!!
    Go to Netflicks to see if they’ll pick it up… Please!!!!!
    Was a reason we kept showtime.

  35. Ronny Dachs says:

    VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!😑😣😞😫😤😟😖😩😬😬😈👿👹😳😵😡😠 RONNY LEE DACHS JR.

  36. Gregg says:

    Another typical and consistent moronic decision made by the empty suits who know NOTHING about what is good and what the people want. I am canceling my showtime ASAP.

  37. James Hutton says:

    Might as well cancel my showtime script. Roadies was a well done series. Loved mgk as well as gugino’s character

  38. Amanda says:

    This sucks!!! I loved watching this show; the storyline, the music, the actors, etc. Very dumb of Showtime to cancel a show that represented the people behind the scenes and showed a love of music that this generation needs. There wasn’t TNA or people dying, just a glimpse into the life and love of a band going through its trials and tribulations. Shame on you Showtime😣

    • pat says:

      I really liked this show. As a person that goes to quite a few concerts a year, it intrigued me. Some have said that it was not realistic enough. Who cares, it was entertaining. Maybe because it revolved around a rock band and not some rap artist. Or, maybe there was not enough fighting, robberies, violence ect.. Or better yet, not enough African-American, gay, woman or minority representation. When my renewal is up, I’m done with Showtime. My money is too good for this network.

  39. Hope says:

    Cameron Crowe, please find another network that will appreciate brilliant characters, wonderful writing, incredible music and loyal fans. Showtime doesn’t deserve you. I’m going to cancel my subscription in protest. You really need to find someone else who is smart and will let you tell more stories. I really will miss this show…for now!

  40. My heart broke a little today. I loved this show. I really, really did. It’s a shame others didn’t have the chance to see it. It was edgy, but still had a lot of heart, which is hard to find in TV now-a-days.

  41. livingny says:

    I was hoping it would come back! Every show I really like always gets cancelled! Damn it! They could have told so many stories and I loved all the characters. This was a well made show with multi-dimensional characters which we don’t get often enough anymore. Glad there was no storyline that left us hanging which is the only saving grace on this cancellation but damn…

  42. Bob Summerlin says:

    Roadies was my favorite show of the season! I am sad to see it go.

  43. Dave says:

    Very sad!, I loved the show and I only subscribed to showtime for this show I have cancelled and so have a few friends and family..EFFFFF off showtime and FAHQ!!

  44. drc says:

    Damn…this was a good show.

  45. Bob says:

    Best new show out there. It toOK to episode 3, but I was hooked after that. A reAL shame.

  46. Aightball says:

    Grrr…was very much into this one and spent Saturdays catching up episodes on Amazon. Wish they would reconsider.

  47. Mike Tone says:

    Absolutely gutted that Roadies won’t be running for season 2. First Vinyl and now Roadies.

  48. Dominick Cannone says:

    I’m disappointed the show was cancelled.
    The acting and story line were phenomenal.
    I can only hope it will resurrected.

  49. Ckelly says:

    Cancelled too soon. This is a big disappointment and a big mistake.

  50. Kate K says:

    When I was younger, I dated the road manager for a famous band. This show totally took me back to those crazy, awesome days. I will miss it.