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Nathan Kress to Finally Settle iCarly Love Triangle on Nick's Game Shakers

It’s been four years since iCarly ended its successful run on Nickelodeon, but inquiring minds still want to know: Which girl did Freddie really like more, Carly or Sam?

In fact, TVLine can exclusively reveal that this very question is the basis for an upcoming episode of Nick’s Game Shakers — which returns for Season 2 on Sept. 17 at 8:30/7:30c — as the Shakers literally track down actor Nathan Kress to finally get an answer. (Yeah, they’re not messing around.)

In addition to guest-starring as himself, Kress also serves as the episode’s director. He tells TVLine:

This week was such a blast for me. I never thought that I would have the opportunity to direct a project that I’m also acting in, at least so early in my career. I’m so excited for the opportunity to stretch myself on both sides of the camera. This week was very challenging but with the help of an immensely supportive cast and crew, I think we made a great show. The concept of the episode, and the little Easter Eggs we included definitely brought back the iCarly nostalgia. I even had the added bonus of getting to direct my wife in the episode, as well!

For those unfamiliar, Game Shakers — also created by iCarly mastermind Dan Schneider — revolves around a group of kids who run their own mobile gaming company in Brooklyn.

While we wait for the episode to premiere, let’s hear your thoughts on this delicate matter: Do you think Freddie was more into Carly or Sam? Drop a comment with your ‘ship of choice below.

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  1. I 100% believe Creddie should have been endgame. Seddie was an out of character trainwreck that I still loathe all these years later.

    • Rameena Rahman says:


    • Irenz says:

      NOPE. Creddie was never real, it was a fling and Carly and Freddie’s chemistry was nothing compared to Sam and Freddie’s. Freddie and Sam fell inlove despite the fact that they were complete opposites. Let’s not forget that Carly betrayed Sam in the last episode when she kissed Freddie. As Sam’s bestfriend she knows that Freddie was and is Sam’s true love. Seddie’s story was even continued in Sam and Cat. SEDDIE FOR THE WIN!

  2. Lois says:

    Seddie always has a place in my heart and I stopped watching after they broke up so it’ll be a nice little resolution for me if it goes that way.

    • Lucy says:

      Same here! It know alot of people hated it, but I thought they were weirdly and hilariously great when they were “together” (or thinking about it).
      I didn’t even know this “Game Shakers” show existed, but I’m sure my DVR can find it for this one episode at least. :-) Good for Nathan Kress!

    • I know how you feel. I hated how they destroyed Seddie with that arc. And even more how they made Freddie ‘interested’ in Carly again in the final episodes… They got better in The Killer Tuna Jump and I hope this will be a decent conclution to all this mess.

    • Lulu says:

      Seddie without a doubt. Carly only had feelings or whatever when it was convenient for her. Sam actually fell for Freddie.

  3. Brigid says:

    Definitely Carly!!! Look how handsome Nick is. It’s good to see a child actor doing well for himself.

  4. Belle says:

    I have always felt the Sam and Freddie coupling was the worst mistake; a real “jump the shark” moment. It was forced and made no sense whatsoever! It ruined the show :( Carly and Freddie till the end!!!!

    • Asia says:

      Yeah, after Sam and Freddie got together the ratings took a hit. I know I quit watching and I didn’t start back until after they broke up. The show wasn’t the same after that. Anyway, I never got how people supported Sam and Freddie. If a guy treated a girl the way Sam treated Freddie everyone would have been up in arms. But Sam got away with it.

      • JJ1246 says:

        Obviously sam hurt Freddie the most. Did you ever stop to realize that maybe she always liked him. Carly and freddie were never going to work. Carly was in love with the fact that he saved her. She even said it on the show.

  5. Spence says:

    He’s glo-up to the MAX wow….

  6. Jason says:

    so is he playing freddie? or….

  7. Nicole says:

    Seddie 100% always. I can go on and on for why I ship this and why I’m so against Carly and him. Sam have became such a better person since dating him and you can see they were clearly in love. Freddie flew to LA because he thought Sam was hurt for gods sakes. I can explain on why I ship seddie more and more if I want to..

    • Seddie For The Win says:

      I KNOW RIGHT! It’s because of Freddie that Sam changed. Freddie influenced Sam to be a better person. I think Freddie got over Carly after she went to Italy.

  8. Jared says:

    So is this playing this Saturday or some other day? I need to know so I can set my DVR to record

  9. mayara says:


  10. daniellepitter says:

    Carly never really was into him until Sam started dating him. So TEAM SEDDIE FTW!!

    • claire says:

      Exactly! Seddie is the right choice.

    • Marissa says:

      Thank you! You got that right! Carly never even loved him! One time when he saved her life, but that always made me think of the clingy aliens from Toy Story with their “You have saved our lives. We are eternally grateful” lol. Either way SEDDIE FOREVER!!! Even after all these years the Creddie fans still don’t know what they are talking about!!! Seddie was in love!!! How else do you explain them SAYING I LOVE YOU THEN MAKING OUT after they broke up?!!! Or their little moments of admitting their love in Killer Tuna Jump OR how Jade KNEW they used to date because Sam got jealous and if anyone knows jealous love it’s Jade!

      Creddie was just toxic!!!

      • Seddie For The Win says:

        I so agree with you guys. I never even shipped Creddie. Freddie was in love with Carly but I think in Season 4 got eyes for Sam since she got hotter in season 4 and was less tomboyish.

  11. john says:

    I don’t think he ended up with either one because carly would say please for me to get him to do what ever she wanted and sam would pyshically abuse him and emotionally by saying no girl will ever love him or they are crazy if they do if you remember I date Freddie and I lost m mind. so I think he did what sam did and left town and ended in l.a as well and ended up with a brunette from Hollywood arts.

  12. Michele W. says:


  13. Briy says:

    There are soooo many more fans for Seddie. We even voted and Seddie won. Dan Schneider even posted a blog on how the last kiss Carly and Freddie had was merely out of Friendship and nothing more (plus the infamous “wanna get back together” line killed me). And let’s not forget the big tuna jump episode. Seddie shall prevail. No more generic “Girl finally realizes the boy next door was the one for her” stuff.

  14. Jane says:

    SEDDIE! SPAGHETTI! Okay, but in all seriousness, team Seddie all the way.

  15. Beaky says:

    A lot of you Creddie shippers are saying that Seddie was too unexpected and that Creddie would have made more sense and been better since that ship was there from the start, the obvious choice. But consider another Nickelodeon show that definitely had it’s way in love triangle- The Legend of Korra. LoK’s Creddie was KorraXMako, which was set up from the start, had a hell of a lot of ship teasing, and was looking to be the definitive ship. Asami seemed to be there as an obstacle to that. And then came the end of the series, where the show went and paired together the most unanticipated of couples- KorraXAsami. Now, the fandom rejoiced at this. Yeah, it could have been because they’re bot girls, but the unexpected part of it probably helped a lot with that. I see Seddie as the same- a lot of people weren’t expecting it, and it was new and refreshing to see something different, rather than ‘first one wins’. Anyone get what I mean?

  16. Megan says:

    He was into Carly way more.

  17. Tony says:

    #Creedie ! I am the biggest icarly fan in the USA. I can’t wait to see this EP. I do miss iCarly

  18. Javier says:

    Seddie, it is just not how he looked with-one of ’em; following the plot history Sam & Freddie should end up together. All my hopes in Freddie’ words dont bother too much into any side of the fandom. (does these words been used for kids now-a-day?)

  19. Please, Dan, please. Whatever you do, whoever you choose to… Don’t ruin it. Stop playing with us and end this already. If this ends up being a trolling, I’ll never give one of his shows a chance ever again.
    And, seriously, Seddie came out of nowhere? Did we both watch the same show? Even Dan himself gave more focus on Seddie (Seddie’s episodes were written by him and most Creddie episodes don’t). If the Seddie arc was a fail was beacuse Dan didn’t write the episodes and they took Sam and Freddie OOC too much and give the couple a lot of spotlight. If they had left it just on iOMG and iLMM and then put back Seddie on as a supporting plot for the rest of the series, it’d have been perfect. But they didn’t and I hope they fix it with this <3

    #TeamSeddie <3

  20. Sam says:

    Creddie duh seddie was forced bythe fans creddie is Real

    • Seddie For The Win says:

      Actually, Carly never liked Freddie. Did you happen to know that Dan is A SEDDIE shipper. So even thought the fan didn’t force Dan, he would still have put Seddie as a couple in one episode.

  21. iMizmal says:

    Freddie was definitely more into Carly. I don’t care if Seddie fans say Creddie is boring. I think Carly and Freddie are adorable together and more realistic than Sam and Freddie. I just don’t get why Freddie would want to be with someone who, in his words, “constantly cause[s] [him] both physical and emotional pain.” But hey, everyone has different opinions. I feel like Dan Schneider is going to somehow draw it out again though and keep it a mystery as to what happens in the end.

  22. bela says:

    Seddie, like many other great ships today, are the typical love-hate couple that so many people love dearly. It may have bren like four years since the show has ended but I have to say, any news about the iCarly cast and show itself really really excites me. SEDDIE! SPAGHETTAYYYEE!

  23. James says:

    Sam and Freddie !!!!!

  24. Greta says:

    Sam, I think…

  25. Stephanie says:

    Creddie is my favorite!

  26. Zaynah says:


  27. Mew Supichya says:

    Sam and Freddie will be a very cute couple!! Seddie!!

  28. Tara says:

    am i the only one that liked both? i mean, i prefer seddie a little bit more, but creddie is good too.

  29. Cameron Stein says:

    Um… I don’t know. I always thought Creddie was cute, and I originally shipped Seddie until Sam and Freddie broke up…. I DON’T KNOW WHO FREDDIE LIKES MOST!!!!

  30. Shay says:

    Freddie and Carly always!!

  31. Sam and Freddie forever, I’ll ship them until i’m grey and old lol

  32. Kailey says:

    Honestly, I was a huge fan of seddie! I never quite liked the Carly and Freddie thing that went on, it didn’t feel right or look right compared to Sam and Freddie. It might be because it was such a surprise because know one expected them to get together!

  33. Darien says:

    Freddie and Carly

  34. Anna says:

    Neither of them are good pairings. Sam was abusive, and I hate pairings where the guy likes the girl and the girl doesn’t like the guy and he keeps pushing until she gives in.

  35. Seddie For The Win says:

    It’s obvious that Freddie likes Sam. In the “Killer Tuna Jump”, Freddie fly from Seattle to L.A. (960 miles) just to see Sam. If he didn’t even liked Sam, he wouldn’t have cared and left her hurt or if he just liked Sam a bit, he would have arrived like a few months after. And let’s not forget when Freddie saw that Sam called her. He said “Oh yeah a hey Sam!” in a FLIRTY TONE. So it’s obvious, he’s in love with Sam and got over Carly.

  36. K says:


  37. alyssa says:

    Definitely sam. Just saying.

  38. Corri says:

    Okay, lemme settle this. Creddie was creepy. They were started on the basis of Freddie having some insane crush that was never meant to turn into anything and started as a joke. He was obsessed with her. But eventually, he grew up and realized what he really wanted. While he was growing up, so was Sam. A lot of people look at the abuse Sam once did to him as unhealthy, but like I said, she grew up. She realized what she wanted and that happened to be Freddie, and he finally fell for someone that wanted him back. Carly was a lot more emotionally abusive than people realize, when she says “Please, for me” to get what she wants and toys with his emotions so he’ll keep doing stuff for her. Seddie, where they ended up at least, were a lot more mature because they didn’t start anything until they both had a chance to grow up and realize who they were as individuals. The case is now solved. You’re welcome.

    • Kelli says:


  39. Anna says:

    I think Freddy like Carly more!!

  40. Cheyanne says:

    Creddie! I mean he only liked Sam bc Carly said no to him.

  41. Anyae Parker says:

    I think he liked Sam the most bc like every well some relationships start with them hating each other then couple years later they fall in love with each other.

  42. Lala Bae says:

    Seddie will always have a place in my heart and soul.

  43. John says:

    How stupid! It’s as if the writers of “iCarly” were too lazy to spell this all out during the finale, so they rely on another show (that has absolutely nothing to do with “iCarly”) to “tie up the loose ends!”

    What an EPIC FAIL on Nickelodeon’s part! Whoever thought that this would be a good idea deserves to be fired!

  44. ddl10 says:

    Did this air already? When does this air? I want to know! I hope it’s Carly, he always liked her