American Horror Story

American Horror Story Season 6 Premiere Recap: Was It Scary Good?

After American Horror Story spent months serving up enough red herrings about its Season 6 premise to open a seafood restaurant, the FX anthology series on Wednesday finally revealed all — well, some, at least. Did the gamble pay off? Were you more frightened, having tuned in as blind as Coven’s Cordelia after being splashed with acid? Or would you have been just as terrified if you’d known beforehand the who, what, what-the-hell, why and where of it all? Let’s go over the key thrills and chills first, then you can vote in the poll below and hit the comments with your first impressions.

WELCOME TO ROANOKE | As the episode began, we found ourselves in a documentary feature called My Roanoke Nightmare, in which expectant, modern-day L.A. marrieds Matt (Andre Holland for real, Cuba Gooding Jr. in recreations) and Shelby (Lily Rabe for real, Sarah Paulson in recreations) were attacked on the street by thugs playing the knockout game. In the aftermath of the missus’ resultant miscarriage, they fled from the big, bad city to rural North Carolina. Enjoying a day in the woods, Shelby reported, “we found ourselves in front of the most beautiful old farmhouse,” which they promptly outbid some pissed-off locals to purchase. Unfortunately, “from the very first moment,” Shelby said, “I felt danger there.” (And they hadn’t even gotten the danger discount!) Matt, on the other hand, felt right at home.

THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT | Shortly after moving in, the Millers were making love one evening when they heard noises coming from outside. Investigating, Matt had a garbage can hurled at him and assumed that it was racist hicks. The next day, Shelby was shocked to discover teeth falling on the house like hail (which was exactly what Matt assured her that it had been). When he subsequently left on a business trip, she had scarcely begun savoring her alone time before she saw a pair of (were those) nurses strolling through the hall?!? She couldn’t even chillax with her wine in the hot tub without being nearly drowned by someone she later described as wearing old-timey costumes and carrying pitchforks.

CALLING IN REINFORCEMENTS | After hightailing it home, Matt tried hard to act like he bought Shelby’s story — which was no mean feat, considering that the police found no footprints near the hot tub, much less pitchforks. That night, Matt again heard noises outside and this time discovered a slaughtered pig on their doorstep. Convinced that the local “ZZ Top wannabes” were trying to scare them away, he set up security cameras before his next trip and, to stay with Shelby, called in his sister, Lee (Adina Porter for real, Angela Bassett in recreations). Once upon a flashback, Lee had been a policewoman who lost her job, marriage and pretty much her child due to an addiction to painkillers. Back in the recreations, Shelby was unnerved when the knife with which she was chopping veggies moved — into a piece of meat — while she wasn’t looking. For her part, Lee, trying hard to remain sober, was unnerved by her sister-in-law’s drinking. That evening, at spookytime, a bottle of vino rolled into Lee’s room, and she naturally assumed that Shelby had done it. Just then, a mob of pitchfork-wielding intruders showed up on Matt’s security cameras…

INTO THE WOODS | While Matt watched helplessly, Shelby and Lee were too busy arguing to answer his frantic calls. They finally stopped when Lee heard a door creak open. In the basement, she and Shelby discovered a television playing a home movie featuring the same noises that had so often disturbed the Millers’ sleep as well as a freaky shot of… was that Seinfeld’s legendary pigman?!? Emerging from hiding, Shelby and Lee discovered enough Blair Witch-y stick figures to supply a dozen movie sequels. When Matt returned home, Shelby pleaded with him to leave. Since he wouldn’t, she did by herself. “There’s no shame in getting the hell out of the way,” she reasoned. But she didn’t get far before she — and her car — ran into a woman (Kathy Bates). After following the woman a few feet into the woods, Shelby found herself lost — and surrounded by more stick figures. Also, the ground was moving. And there were the pitchfork-wielders. (Was that Wes Bentley among them?) And… and… that was the end?!?

So, what did you think of “Chapter 1”? Once you’ve stopped shaking enough to type, grade it in the poll below, then hit the comments with your review.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. d4h8a15r16m23a42 says:

    I actually really enjoyed it. It was slowly paced but for the first time in a long time it actually felt like a horror show. It wasn’t just a bunch of weird sex bs and being insanely weird just for the sake of being weird.

    • Andrea Coates says:

      I completely agree with you. It had the creepy atmosphere that really good horror movies have. I look forward to seeing if they can keep up the pace and atmosphere this season.

  2. Scott says:

    not sure how i feel about the set up, lets just say it was different

    • agreed. im not buying the “real” one on one interviews. bad acting. doesn’t seem “real”. Lily Rabe did OK, but I think they needed to more of an effort to make the one on one interview aspect seem like a documentary interview that is “real”.

    • Jim says:

      It’s weird to me that Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding Jr are much older than Lily Rabe and Andre Holland, and look it, and the older pair are playing the re-enactors of something that happened in the past to the younger pair. Unless maybe there’s a reason for that? Guess we’ll see.

  3. tobin says:

    At least the was no token gay people with no development so far.

    • Rainbows says:

      Yeah those damn gays!! What the hell is that suppose to mean?

      • JabbingJay says:

        That he is wrestling with his sexuality so gay people make him uncomfortable.

      • Q says:

        The gay characters on this show usually aren’t very well written.

        • S says:

          How could anyone not understand what Tobin meant by that statement? Stop looking to get offended. Q gets it.

          • Rs says:

            Denis O’Hare’s character in Hotel was amazingly well written and my only reason for watching. I can’t tell you how many times his character touched me on such an emotional level

          • Lucifer says:

            O’Hare’s character was not gay in Hotel, though, he was playing a trans woman. Look back and you’ll see that gay male characters on AHS have poor development or are just killed in really brutal and degrading ways.

      • Mike says:

        Ugh, it was pretty clear what Rainbow meant. They are not saying gays bother them but that the writing for gays is terrible. Which it is and there is usually no character development. Their only purpose to be the token gay which is offensive. It is like how they always write Angela Bassett as an angry black woman as if al she can do is be sassy.

        • Terry says:

          I totally agree with you.. I thought that Angela Bassett’s character in hotel reminded me of a 70s TV show when the black female characters where straight out of stars my and hutch.. Superfly.. but I figured it was intentional but I totally think they have overused the angry black woman. Even so I have loved every season so far but I wasn’t crazy about the intentional bad acting in the season 6 opener and I was disappointed however I trust the creators enough to keep watching.. I hope episode 2 is better.. I really hope that they didn’t jump the shark this season

    • Spence says:

      I understand what Tobin is trying to say, but I’m not sue it’s entirely accurate. Denis O’Hare in Hotel played an LGBT character to perfection and was easily one of the most developed and strongest characters that season. Sarah Paulson as Lana in Asylum was also powerful and was given lots of depth. Freakshow, Coven, and Murder House are really the only seasons I can think that didn’t have adequately fleshed out LGBTQIA+ characters, so I’m not sure that argument is entirely valid. Also, this is only the first episode. I’m sure we’ll be given more characters and their backstories as the season continues.

      • KillurRabbit says:

        Actually, Freakshow had that one woman with a…You know. She was the one with three boobs. Murder House had the gay couple that lived in the house. I don’t remember anything about Coven though.

      • Lucifer says:

        I said this above, but O’Hare was playing a trans woman and Paulson was playing a lesbian. Aside from them, all the gay male characters have weak development and are viciously killed. Murphy has done this on Nip/Tuck as well, which leads me to believe he may have something against good-looking, young, gay men.

    • Kevin says:

      Oh there will be . Next episode

  4. katedfw says:

    I love the documentary style and the reenactments, Quite suspenseful and loved not having any spoilers and just going into this blind. Looks like a fun ride!

    • agreed. im not buying the “real” one on one interviews. bad acting. doesn’t seem “real”. Lily Rabe did OK, but I think they needed to more of an effort to make the one on one interview aspect seem like a documentary interview that is “real”.

      • Laura says:

        It is terrible. Not interested in watching the rest at all. Also, the interviews portend everyone is still alive and well, which takes any suspense out of it. Really badly done…what happened?

    • Laura says:

      What? Do you work for them? Terrible. Not suspenseful or intriguing at all. I hated it so much I avitally had tp comment here. The acting is so awful, I had to shut it off. Blech.

      • katedfw says:

        No, I do not work for FX or Ryan Murphy but I wouldn’t turn down the opportunity. It’s your opinion to turn it off but it is my right to watch and like whatever I want. Cheers!

  5. Matt C. says:

    That was one scary hour of television, so major props for that! I don’t know how to feel about the fact that there’s still no official theme in the title, or that there were no cool credits. The whole season can’t just be these “dramatic reenactments”, right?

    • Jerry says:

      The commercial breaks said “My Roanoke Nightmare” so… i don’t know. I don’t feel like I can trust anything right now!

    • rockerrick says:

      You were scared by this nonsense? Come on man!!

      • Laura says:

        It it shaping up to be the worest series ever.

        • Erin says:

          Agreed. I just started catching up online and I’m confused by what I just watched. This wasn’t the edgy AHS I’ve come to love. This was some campy Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activity esq nonsense that was not scary in the least. It felt more like an eighties or nineties horror attempts then the contemporary horror drama AHS has been so far. I’m going to try a couple more episodes but if they keep going with this documentary style story telling I don’t think I’ll make it through the season.

    • Terry says:

      I’m hoping not.. they have to be going somewhere with it

      I can’t sit through much more of the purposefully bad acting and a fake documentary.. I guess we’ll have to trust the creators and go along for the ride !


  6. Jerry says:

    This would have been pretty good – without the documentary angle. I’m not liking that everything we are seeing is a “dramatic reenactment”. As of right now I’m not really feeling it. And are they going to keep this same story the entire season like this, or switch to different “documentaries”? Ugh

    • yup same here. ugh indeed! disappointing. hopefully it will have a purpose later on? and the stick people reminds me A LOT of the stick figures hung in the woods in the Blair Witch Project – so much so that I kept thinking about that movie everytime I saw them. I like how Angela Basset’s character has room to be a bad@ss though!

  7. M says:

    This premier sucked. I was bored throughout the whole thing. We know that they survive it seems. It just sucked. That house is beautiful though.

    • Jerry says:

      Yeah that’s the other thing that bothered me! We know all these people make it.. so where’s the suspense? I was hoping they would wrap up the documentary part in the first episode and switch to actually following them, or something.

    • rockerrick says:

      I agree!!

    • dumomt says:

      And yet you watched the whole thing…

      • Terry says:

        I didn’t like the season opener at all either but I watched the whole thing and I will tune in next week because I trust the creators and I hope that they are going somewhere with this.. but I do agree that it got off to a bad start in my opinion

  8. Cori says:

    I want sold on the documentary setup, but I enjoyed it otherwise. I jumped twice and gasped more than that. It was genuinely scary, which was good. There were a lot of similarities to Murder House. I’m ready for some Evan Peters though!

  9. American Horror Story’ Season 6 Episode 1

  10. CK says:

    The scariest this show has been in seasons. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. They’ve thrown the campiness of the past out and the window and have embraced silent terror. I’d give it an A.

    • Mary says:

      The only thing that was odd was that the document is telling story but then Cuba & Sarah are older and they’re playing the characters. So what’s up with that?

      • Mary says:

        What I meant is the characters doing the action are older than the ones being “interviewed.” Cuba, Sarah are older. Then the cop Angela Bassett plays is younger version in her story while the actress (was on True Blood) is the older version in her “interview.” Any ideas?

      • CK says:

        I think that’s more of a meta thing. You watch enough of these shows with dramatic reenactments and you realize that they don’t pay that much attention to the physical traits of the person that they need portrayed.

    • Rubbersoul says:

      Disagree. They should throw the show out the window. Very predictable. Give it an “F”.

      • Rs says:

        Oh man….Rubbersoul has spoken…..very predictable isn’t exactly the best critique I’ve seen on here. If you hate the show THAT much, at least explain why

      • Laura says:

        I agree. Terrible. So terrible. Plus, if they are giving “interviews ” you know they survived so how stupid is that? No suspense. Geez

  11. hanna atkins says:

    Love the stylistic “ghost encounter” manner. I can’t wait to see how they tie in the mystery of the Roanoke colony. A true American mystery.

  12. Mary says:

    Now I know why they built it up so much. Only weird thing I noticed is the younger versions of 2 stars of show are played by older versions. I am VERY let down by the premiere. Here’s hoping that it starts to be interesting next week. Kathy Bates’ arrival will surely help. It’s something about Croatoan-word carved tree of the missing members of the coastal NC island. Maybe time travel? So far I’d give it a 2.5 out of 10.

    • Hailey says:

      What does age have to do with reanactments? The dramatizations on tv RARELY match the actors with the actual people being interviewed. A lot of the time they don’t even look alike. They don’t need to be the same age. If anything, it’s true to a real tv dramatization. Sucks that you were let down. But plenty of people weren’t.

    • Terry says:

      I’m thinking the reason for the younger and older actor situation may be to play on how poorly these documentary’s are usually done like they did with the purposefully bad acting.. that’s just a guess but it’s possible.. I agree with your rating.. this was not a great start

      • Heather says:

        I agree, it was a horrible season premiere! I’ve watched every season so far & literally couldn’t wait till every single episode would come out but AHS is known for their “shock factor” as their first episode. This almost reminds me of a combination of the Blair Witch & season 1. And they really need to get rid of the pigs…enough of the pigs. I really hope it gets better or I might have to sit this season out.

  13. Matthew says:

    I thought it was very different. I’m not sure if I liked it or not though. The documentary angle was weird and I feel like a waste of Lily Rabe. I think we needed more than an hour to get a feel for what this is going to be. I agree this felt the most traditionally horror than its been in years.

  14. DOUG LINER says:

    I get Turn of the screw meets the strangers meets conjuring meets insudious meets real life horror of both alcohol and opioid addiction and maybe a dash of scary found footage monster movie meets Japanese horror. I feel like AHS common thread is a decade by decade refresh of the horror tropes of the time combined with real horrors like rape incest addiction slavery etc… woven into each season.

  15. codepink1908 says:

    WTF; Snooooooze! I hope it picks up cuz it was boring and that’s not like AHS.

  16. Denise Dallas says:

    Definitely much different from the past 5 episodes, which I found superb. Season 6 premier caught me by surprise with its delivery system of a reality show, adding the episode was fragmented and I felt award for the actors, poor flow.

    • Denise Dallas says:

      Meant past five seasons. The first episode of season 6 was horrible. I actually get excited when they announce the forthcoming date for the new season. This was a disappointment in many ways.

  17. Seth says:

    I liked all of the other seasons but this was just terrible. At no point was it the least bit scary. With the documentary format it is not likely to improve. So far the whole point seems to be forcing liberalism and sjw talking points down everyone’s throat.

    • Rubbersoul says:

      Agree. So far this is the worst of all the shows. I think they ran out of ideas after the first
      2 shows. If you think screaming and loud noises is scary then continue watching season 6.

  18. Jen says:

    It feels like a brand new show. I quite enjoyed it.

  19. Olivia55 says:

    I’m really disappointed. I was a huge fan of the first three seasons, but didn’t get in to 4 or 5. I was hoping to get into season 6. But it was really a let down–so slow and boring. I’m not a fan of the documentary style show. It seems unnecessary. It also seems like they are borrowing a lot of ideas from other seasons and other shows. It felt like there was nothing original happening. I’ll try again next week, but am really underwhelmed so far.

  20. abz says:

    I’m not gonna dismiss this season over the first episode. It was okay. It was different and while I wasn’t a fan of the interview format, I’m still intrigued. Felt a little like The Conjuring at times. I want to see how the other actors fit in to the season.

    • same here. im going to stick with it. they might have intended to have a slow start to draw us in. I can see things getting interesting. I was probably just too excited and expected too much out of the first episode. it wasn’t horrible. just ok given my high, and likely unreasonable, expectations

      • abz says:

        Agreed. I think I hyped it up way too much for myself. I was just so damn excited and the fact that it was coming back a month earlier than it usually would have made me even more excited.
        There’s something about this show. Probably the anthology format. I still look forward to it each and every season regardless of how I ended up feeling about the previous season.

  21. Krissy says:

    I love all the other AHS seasons. This was ok. I do hope it gets better as the series unfolds! I will definately keep watching and hope to see some good stuff!

  22. Lance says:

    You people have no imagination. I thought it was fantastic! Really kept me wanting more. I really liked the documentary angle because that adds its own suspense. Honestly, just wait for the next episode before you start saying this is the worst season ever. There’s still season 4 after all.

  23. Season6derelictsmyballs says:

    Really like we need another Blair witch project or a failed attempt to pump up a remake

  24. Seasonsixfail says:

    Come on now they were playing the oj chase scene while Cuba was in the hotel watching the house get broke into by the Blair witch

  25. Dr. Rocker says:

    Stupid, derivative, silly, predictable, and just plain dumb. Anyone with any sense would have left 5 minutes after someone attempted to drown them in a hot tub much less after seeing ten thousand Witch statues in their home. Who the heck gets out of their car and follows a crazy woman into the woods after leaving their witch statue filled home? This show had one good season – Coven – and the rest have sucked remarkably.

  26. rockerrick says:

    I hated this derivative piece of dumb melodrama. This show has sucked so bad recently that I can’t believe it hasn’t been cancelled. The “Coven” year was pretty good but the Hotel and the Freaks were simply awful. This one will likely follow the same path off the road into meandering silliness. Hey let’s put Blair Witch totems in the house and see if that scares anyone. What?!

    • Matter of opinion. Hated this. Loved Hotel and Freakshow. Not a fan of Coven. Please don’t respond with an assault on my demographic, because you’d likely be mistaken.

      • Lee says:

        I loved Asylum, Hotel and Freak Show too. I think fans of Coven & Murder House would enjoy Ronoake. I see the tastes split between fans of the show. What’s scary to one group of friends are boring to the other.

        • I agree, Lee. I would never insult someone for their taste in a great show like American Horror Story. Now if someone were trying to debate the aesthetical merits of Alaskan Bush People, I might get my little hairs up…nah, probably not even then. To each that individual’s own. I was going to type his or her own, but I just read about the genderless info in Oregon today. The world is changing again, and we can thank AHS in a small way for that. lol.

    • Rubbersoul says:

      I completely agree with you about season 6 but disagree with Coven being the best. That
      would have to go to Asylum. Rubbersoul.

  27. Spence says:

    It was a slow-burn thriller, it was a brand new style of filming and storytelling, and it all worked perfectly. I think we need to just wait and have the season play out for more answers to be revealed and for the vision to come to fruition entirely, but the first episode was a rebranding for AHS- one that it desperately needed. If you went into it with hightened expectations, you were bound to be disappointed in the end, but I greatly enjoyed it for what it was, and I’m excited to see more!

  28. Trundle The Great says:

    I really wanted to enjoy this episode but like the majority of people i feel the interview aspect they decided to go with was a terrible choice. Suspension of disbelief is a powerful thing and any show that can succeed in completely pulling you in their world has succeeded in creating a captivating show. However, every time they would cut to the “interview” of the “real people” my suspension of disbelief was broken and I found myself becoming bored rather quickly. The one thing AHS has always been GREAT at doing is creating worlds that we find ourselves completely immersed in, no matter how impossible, but so far episode 1 leave a lot to be desired. Hopefully next week will be an improvement but if not I fear the worst for this once great show.

    • Cari says:

      I personally thought that the interviews were people acting while what’s being called the reenactment is the actual event happening. Sarah Paulson mentioned earlier this year how she’s never died on the show. This could be the season for that to end.

  29. Ry says:

    I fell asleep during EPISODE 1 super terribly boring

  30. Lucio says:

    I miss the opening credits.

  31. Matthew B Lawler says:

    I’m sorry but this mix of Syfy channel 0 documentary haunting in Connecticut paranormal activity and Blair which was a total and complete snooze fest and now I can see why they spent so much time and effort hiding the theme from fans because nobody would’ve turned in if they had known what the actual premise was there was not a shred of originality in the entire episode it was all been there done that better 1000 times before

  32. Reavaria says:

    I think this show lost its mojo. This episode was so boring I was falling asleep. I loved seasons 1-4(3 was alright) ,but its gone downhill since.

  33. Debbie says:

    I enjoyed it. It was understated instead of the usual lurid pastiche we’ve come to expect from Ryan Murphy and AHS. The acting wasn’t bad, it was spot on for the sort re-enactment show it is modeling. The many homages to popular horror movies were many and varied and at the end of the episode, it left me wanting more. I haven’t always enjoyed this show and left two seasons before they were completed, never once regretting doing so. So far, this one has promise. Let’s hope it doesn’t go too far afield before the season is through.

  34. Et al says:

    I liked it. The dual cast concept is very fun (and very true to those endless Destination America shows) It was a nice, simple, clean return to a scary house not (yet) bogged down by high concept.

  35. Mark Jeanfreau says:

    Freaking awesome!! AHStories are the best shows EVER! For real… if you guys need extras, hit me up. You don’t even have to pay me!

  36. Sarah says:

    Did anyone else remember episode six of season one when Eric stone street gets killed by the pig man and tells the story of pig man. Just saying that it’s a link from season one to this season

  37. Troy Rison says:

    The story itself is great, and a nice break from the gore-porn that was “Hotel,” but the weird format is an unnecessary distraction that adds nothing and feels contrived. It’s hard to maintain suspense or horror when you keep cutting away from the story for “interviews.” Maybe it’ll grow on me, but I’m just not feeling it.

  38. Lucie Müller says:

    I was very disappointed by this episode as it contained so many clichés . I mean the couple, which moves into a new home isolated from mankind facing monsters or mysterious noises, the woman, who sees scary things but no one believes her and the figures made out of sticks, which is taken from The Blair Witch Project, has been portrayed in multiple horror movies. Therefore one could predict the whole plot. Maybe this is on purpose but I just hope it gets better.

  39. Tom says:

    I hated it. First of all, it’s a reenactment so it’s not scary in the least since in the show it is not real – its a filmed reenactment. Also, the real people are alive since they are telling the story in the apparent documentary so its not like they could die suddenly – we know they get out okay. There is no suspense since the “show” is reenacted. Second, even if it was played straight I don’t think it is scary or interesting. A spooky house in the woods with boring people reenacted. I also think even though she loves him dearly, if she felt the place was “dangerous”, she would say so or there would be some discussion. That just seems dumb and not realistic.

    My guess is this thing will take some weird turn or at least I hope it does because as it is now for me it is the worst start to an AHS season so far. The secrecy about the season they maintained before the show was also annoying. I mean so after all those annoying dozen trailers + we get some colony disappeared in the 1700’s done in some “stylish” and clever documentary format? I hope I’m wrong and maybe it will get better as the show often does as the season progresses but based on this first episode esp after all the hype so far I think AHS may have jumped the shark. I’ve no problem with being different and clever but if you are going to do that don’t forget that ultimately it should be scary and at least interesting. For me it is tedious.

    • Rs says:

      That’s some pretty strong sentiment from one episode of a show re-inventing itself. Like you said, as early as next week there could be a twist no one could have ever seen coming or thought of except Ryan Murphy. I think people are getting too tied up over the reenactment. No matter your opinion of the first five seasons, we know the writers have something up their sleeves, other than, let’s just make this season look like a ghost hunters episode

      • Tom says:

        Good point. I guess I just felt like a wasted an hour on it and the show wasted a whole episode. Reflecting more on it, It’s not just that it was a reenactment, I also felt there was zero chemistry between any of the actors in any of the roles. I felt nothing for them.. maybe a general dislike. I think as others have pointed out is that even when the show is not scary and maybe a little weird there is always the people and the performances and the characters you can enjoy and get into. Also, the “horror” of the moving ground, the blair witch stuff in the house, the falling teeth… I can’t get into any of it since it’s all a reenactment but even if it were not, it all seems so bland – unlike a few of the trailers which suggest something very disturbing, nightmarish and evil. Yet some reviewers found some of this scary which i just don’t get.

        I also don’t get the fascination with this particular form. It has been done to death and often so poorly too. It’s seriously old. I don’t find an ID discovery show format mixed with blair witch revolutionary or interesting. Blair witch itself was awful back in the day. This episode instead is a hell of a tedium. I do think it probably will change up and maybe the current actors will be more involved in the story or maybe the first episode is just about the documentary and then it will get more in the moment immersive with much better acting etc or .. but I’m not sure that will happen and or that even if it did.. will that really be so interesting? For me I’m not even sure throwing away a whole hour episode for that setup is worth it. I know that if it is more of the same on the next episode I will be done with the season – which will be a first for me as I’ve watched all 5 seasons and found something to like in all of them even when the scares and weirdness weren’t happening- there was always the great/interesting performances of Jessica Lange, Sara paulson, bates, evan peters etc and the connections between the actors which were brewing from the first episode on.

        I thought lady gaga was “okay” in hotel and I thought the season itself was just okay at best. Honestly I thought LG was a little stiff but it mostly worked and I think the role helped a lot. For me, it wasn’t a disaster. But I don’t think she was great or on the level of the other actors. I think Lange was a big loss, She had a certain campy weirdness that anchored everything around her… though there are of course other great actors on the show. If the current season continues like this, I think this format direction will be the second big knife in the show, the loss of its smart creativity.

  40. Very dissapointed says:

    That whole documentary style stuff sucks and the plot is stupid. This season will be the last season of ahs because the show is so bad now and they made us wait so long its like a slap in the face. I predict the rating dropping massively by the 3 episode and either getting cut before the season ends or the show will be discontinued after this season due to poor writers. Its crazy how they made all these good actors feel so crappy this season. I was really, really expecting a lot more based on how great the last 5 seasons were.

  41. Carol Schmitt says:

    I watched for about 30 minutes. Turned to another station

  42. ok i loved it, it had some amazing horror scenes , loved the reference (spoilers) , but i have to say that this year i was succesfully avoided ALL the promos for this season and i think that it was a right desicion, my only concern now is if this is the story of the season how long will it last before falls apart like the last 4 seasons (even asylum was like in the 2 final episodes “oh for the love of krom end us ” ) . Either way though we will have some amazing scenes again and so everthing is good.

  43. Mike says:

    I thought it was a decent start. I am glad it is not just blood and sex because it really was not scary. I did find the constant narration kind of distracting and killed some of the tension. I know it’s supposed to be filmed like a docu series but it was still distracting.

  44. Terri says:

    watching the ending credits and cast names…No Lady Gaga

  45. Rexprechaun says:

    I don’t get it so far…it deviates so far from what I have in my mind that is American Horror Story. IMO, there’s nothing wrong with being self-referential…it’s that uniqueness that we’ve all grown to love in series.

    We’ve only been introduced to a grand total of 3 actual interesting or unique characters so far, with none of them being particularly “out there”). I also don’t understand the point of having an “interview version” of a character; it may be explained later, but right now it just seems like a useless utilization of actors that were hired for the mere sake that they give better monologue than the actors playing the actual character. I appreciate Lily Rabe being there, I just wish she had been utilized for something more.

    There had better be an actual title sequence on the next episode…that’s another thing I’ve come to expect, but it kay not come until the 2nd episode, as it has in past seasons.

    So far…..4/10

    I’ll continue to watch to see if all these changes are worthwhile, but as of now far, and based on all 1st episodes, this is my least favorite season.

  46. brownin329 says:

    It was not scary. It reminded me too much of The Blair Witch Project. I didn’t feel any kind of chemistry between the actors, which is weird because they’ve worked together before and there was chemistry before. I think they overhyped the show with all the teasers. I will try and watch the next show because I am curious about what happened to the ‘Thriller’ looking woman (Kathy Bates, I presume) that went into the woods after being hit by a car.

  47. So boring! I waited for this? In Hotel we had a World’s Fair serial killer, The Hotel Cecil, and music from Peter Murphy all rolled into one. I watched that season on a loop. Maybe they just reached the top of the mountain with S5. I had all of these crazy ideas running around my head for S6, and in the end, it was so bad. They are far too brilliant to think we wouldn’t see the Blair Witch thing, so that has to be tongue in cheek, but it was so bad that I don’t know if I can hang in there to find out the inside joke.

  48. Lori says:

    This show can’t go wrong love it!! I do miss Jessica Lange in the newer versions but Gaga delivered in Hotel and I’m sure she can do it again in AHS: My Roanoke Nightmare! I also have family from Roanoke so it makes it even more appealing to watch!

  49. Matt says:

    I am in denial and keep telling myself the next episode will reveal that the first episode was just a tv show within the tv show so I don’t have to sit through that format for the rest of the season.

    “Turning the show on it’s head” and being “unlike any other American Horror” may make good sound bites, but as those concepts were actually applied feels more like an outright betrayal to the shows fans.

    Part of what made all the other American Horrors so great was the character development. As the show is, I don’t even know which characters to be invested in (the people the “story”happened to, or the actors playing those people), never mind how I am going to care about what happens to them.

    Additionally, all the AHS seasons (so far) have told us truly horrific stories so well that you become vicariously consumed by those stories (feeling as more of a part of those stories than as someone to whom those stories are being told). However, having people tell you the story with the visual aids of actors (playing the roles of actors) is far more distancing than merely having those actors playing the role of the people in the actual story. This season has changed AHS from a story that shows to a story that tells, and showing beats telling every time!

    We’ve all been waiting to find out the new “theme” of the show; to which the American Horror formula will be applied, but what the shows creators have done here effectively changes the actual formula.

    WARNING A VERY OUT DATED ANALOGY WILL CLOSELY FOLLOW THIS WARNING: This season is to “American Horror” as the episode of “All in The Family” where Edith gets raped is to that show. Every show is a formula, and all the different plot lines, characters, twists and turns, and peaks and troughs all operate as variables within the general formula of the show, and the shows fans eagerly await to see as different variables are plugged into that formula. Changing that formula isn’t creative or revolutionary, its a slap-in-the-face betrayal. If I order Steak, then the Chef can get creative with how that steak is prepared, but he can’t intentionally bring me fish instead. If we’re expecting to laugh at Carrol O’Conner being frivolous and non-PC, then don’t try to make us cry about the Man’s wife getting rapped; and if we are expecting a engrossing drama shown in the present tense, don’t give us a faux-documentary told in the past.

  50. Leisy says:

    Since waiting anxiously for this season to start, I didn’t know what to expect. Since the beginning, I liked it! I think the characters are as they should be. The story line is bad ass as usual, so I expected nothing less. I found myself from time to time covering my eyes bc old houses with noises and ghosts moving around terrifies me, so the first chapter did its job by keeping me on my toes and wanting more! I think its too early to determine if this season is a win or lose! But I am a faithful fan and will continue to watch! I mean, how could I not? AHS is absolutely addictive!