Post Mortems
Last Ship Finale Tex Dies

The Last Ship Boss Breaks Down Finale's Big Death and [Spoiler]'s Exit, Teases Season 4 Time Jump

TNT’s The Last Ship has docked again for the hiatus, but not before dealing the Nathan James crew a big win… followed by a couple of blows.

Yes, the team was able to surgically strike at the individual regional leaders, though Roberta Price proved to be a slippery one, sneaking away to collaborate with mastermind Allison Shaw on one last attack on the James. Shaw, though, wound up putting a bullet in her ally’s bean, before escaping the White House to play the final ace up her sleeve — kidnapping Chandler’s kids.

As such, though Slattery’s team had Shaw dead to rights, having intercepted her at her getaway jet, Shaw successfully bartered the traumatized kids (who had just witnessed Grandpa getting killed!) for Chandler himself. While Slattery endeavored to appeal to Colonel Witt and the turncoat soldiers’ loyalty, Chandler inside the jet came thisclose to putting Shaw down in cold blood, devastated by his dad’s demise. Tex, though, urged him not to cross that line. In the end, after Tex succumbed to a fatal bullet wound sustained during a crossfire, Chandler killed babbling Shaw.

The final casualty of the intense finale, though, was Chandler’s CNO status. Having stood so strong for so long, only to have lost Rachel, his father and now a good friend, he resigned his post and deboarded the James for a final time.

Here, showrunner Steven Kane fields TVLine’s burning questions about the finale’s big twists, and the Season 4 fallout of Chandler’s decision. (Note: The interview occurred prior to the show’s “bonus” Season 5 renewal.)

TVLINE | This season, there have been episodes, like last week, where you almost had to catch your breath. Were you pleased with how easily, it seemed, the storytelling unfolded in Season 3?
It’s funny — at the end of every season or when I’m breaking a new season, I always think, “God, last season was so easy.” But it actually was anything but easy. We had a lot of strands to kind of weave together. Previous seasons were more about a hunt and they were challenging in their own way, but this one was more about conspiracies and plots and hiding the ball from the audience without making them feel frustrated. We’re really gratified with the way it came out.

TVLINE | Yeah, the only seam I might have noticed was the “radio interference” thing on at the White House with Kara. That was perhaps something you wish you had been able to get to quicker.
Well, it’s one of those things where we gave it a bit of screen time just to keep it in the air, and then what we thought was cool was that the persistent problem which we thought was technical turned out to be the root of the entire problem. But yeah, sometimes you drag things on the-last-ship-season-3-karaa little too long and people start saying, “Why are we watching this still?” That’s the risk.

But I think people took a little time to adjust in general to the season, because it was the first one without Dr. Scott, and it was also splitting storylines among as many as three or four different plots at one time. Just judging from my anecdotal experience of the fans’ reactions, it began with a little frustration and it ended with a lot of satisfaction.

TVLINE | Talk about the decision to not give Chandler a happy ending. It was a bit sad seeing leave the Nathan James for the final time.
We felt that in many ways the season was about the price of leadership, and we thought that of all the characters who could have had some sort of breakdown or just felt the most burden, it would be Chandler. He has been there for everybody else and hasn’t really had a shoulder to cry on or a person to talk to, aside from a few trusted advisors, but he kind of says it himself: “The world keeps falling apart and we keep having to fix it.” He began the season as this icon on a wall, a meme for everyone to see as “the most famous man in the world,” someone who just wants to serve, and we wanted to take him through this journey where by the end he sort of crosses the line for himself and says, “I need a break.”

We gave a lot of closure in the season, a lot of things are wrapped up and there’s basically a happy ending, so we thought it’d be great to sort of leave Chandler in a place where you wonder, “Where’s he going to be next time you see him, when we come back for Season 4? And can he ever get back that feeling he had that allowed him to stay this rock for everybody for three seasons?”

TVLINE | Judging by that one speech toward the end, it seems like he’d been backpocketing his guilt over Rachel’s murder all season long, and then once he finally got to catch his breath, it surfaced. And that, coupled with his father’s death, really dealt him a wallop.
Yeah, how do you keep getting up, putting on your uniform and getting out there into the fight when everything you love and trust keeps getting taken away from you? You try and try and try, yet you still can’t protect those you care most deeply for? That’s a heavy burden. Even George Washington, after two terms and 45 years as a public servant and as a general and founding the country, was like, “You know what? I’m done, I’m going to go back to my plantation and sort of take stock.” So in some ways, Chandler is the Founding Father of this new country and no one begrudges him to a certain degree his desire to disappear for a while. But at the same time, there are still a lot of people who count on him as a Founding Father, so it’s not going to beLast Ship Recap Tex Returns an easy transition.

TVLINE | Why did you think it necessary to have Tex die at the end there?
You love all your characters and you don’t want to see them go, but we were building on the story for Chandler, as I laid out to you, and we thought that after his father’s death, watching his close friend who came back into action to help him die would be sort of the last straw. What was also interesting for us was that Tex before he died was saying, “Don’t [kill Allison Shaw]. This is not who you are.” He’s trying to remind Chandler of all the things Chandler’s having trouble remembering in the heat of passion. Right before he passes away, he says to him, “You’re a good man” — as in, “Don’t do what you’re going to do” and also, “Don’t hold yourself accountable for everything that’s happened, because you are a good man.” That’s going to echo for Chandler throughout the future of the show.

TVLINE | Do you have a sense of how much time will have passed when we pick up with Season 4?
I don’t want to say too much, but it would probably be well over a year.

TVLINE | Did you have any kind of alternate ending in the bank, on the off chance you didn’t get renewed for Season 4? Any alternate footage to wrap things up differently had it been a series finale?
No, I kind of throw everything I have into every season. We know that if the series had ended [last summer] with the shooting of Rachel, it would have been a really shocking and awful way to end a run, but at the same time we felt like there would be some closure — they brought home the cure and the audience can sort of suppose what life would be like in the future. Similarly, if we ended the show now with Chandler going off, I guess it would be sort of a farewell, as I said, to one of the Founding Fathers of the new country and the audience would have to speculate, “Gee, I wonder where he would have gone?” But at least the problem of the season was solved.

TVLINE | Was there any scenario where you allowed Chandler and Sasha a roll in the hay before he took off?
[Laughs] No, all we were going to give then in Season 3 was a couple of kisses. It’s very hard, when there’s so much going on to save the world, to stop for the smaller indulgences.

TVLINE | These are two people who probably need to decompress, if only for old time’s sake.
Yet I wonder if they had “fully decompressed, would he have still left the ship?

TVLINE | Was there anything you had to cut that didn’t make it into the finale? You got in that Danny/ Kara/baby moment, which I thought was a really nice touch.
We didn’t cut anything that we felt was important. We always end up with a little bit of extra stuff if we’re lucky, so that we have choices, because it comes down to rhythm and the musicality of the editing. I think maybe we had some moments in the end where you saw Kathleen by herself mourning her father [Tex]. But we felt it was actually stronger to have Sasha tell Chandler, “You haven’t even spoken to Kathleen,” and he kind of goes into, “What am I going to say to her…?” So yeah, we’re happy with the way it all cut together.

TVLINE | Speaking of Sasha, is it too early to say if Bridget Regan will be back next season?
Yes, Bridget will be back.

TVLINE | I have to say that at one point in the finale, I was wondering if you were heading towards Chandler ending up as President, and I was kind of hoping you wouldn’t because that would limit you. It’s one thing for the CNO to be a part of “Vulture Team,” it’s another thing for the President himself to lead a ground mission. So I was actually relieved when he was, like, “It’s not going to be me to lead this country.”
Yeah. It was never our plan this season to have him take that role because you do want to see him with his crew on the ship doing what he does. They always announce people of high rank when they arrive on the ship, so if you’re the Captain, they call you the name of the ship — “Nathan James arriving!” But if the President walks on the ship, they ring the bell and they say, “United States arriving!” That would have been a bit much to have to have the President running the ship from now on.

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  1. ScottJ says:

    I stop watching shows that resort to time jumps. Its sloppy, lazy writing and an insult to the viewers.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      So.. no time should ever pass in between seasons of any show, by your oft-repeated rule…?

      • Couch Mom says:

        You tell him, Matt. Love your recaps.

      • taran63 says:

        I’m fine with time jumps when nothing important happens, just people getting older, rebuilding or recovering from things, time passing before the next crises. Because the world can’t be ending every day.
        But I’ve started to get sick of the time skips that randomly reset every character and every character relationship. If all that important stuff happens, I’d rather watch it happen instead of lazily being told it happened in a 5 minute scene. That trend has started to happen a lot more lately, and I do think it’s usually (but not always) bad or lazy storytelling. Just my opinion, your mileage my vary.

      • icephas says:

        You go buy a brain too.

    • Katherine215 says:

      That’s a dumb generalization. There was a time jump last season, which was needed. I didn’t want to watch 6 months of them slowly rebuilding the government. Time jumps work with good stories.

    • Jim says:

      Time jump gives Kathleen time to join the navy. Although I don’t know what her father would say about her playing for a different team.

    • George says:

      You don’t get to know everything every character does, because sometimes it’s someone else’s story that matters. They did not immediately address the power vacuum in China, either. There’s a lot you don’t know, because a television show (or a novel) is a window. And even the clearest, largest window doesn’t show you the whole world. That’s not lazy writing to me, just a limitation of storytelling.

      Now, if they came back in season 4 and we learned that during that year or longer, Tom Chandler and Mike Slattery and Sasha Cooper and all died. Somehow. We’re not going to say how, THAT would be lazy writing.

  2. Kevin K says:

    I give The Last Ship season finale an A. Very sad about Tex’s death and I was shocked Tom Chandler had to resigned his post as CNO of the Nathan James. Also I’m proud they burned the blonde witch Allison Shaw down for good. Wonder what will happen next in Season 4 and what are the chances The Last Ship should end after five seasons.

  3. Len says:

    Excellent. I never like Elisabeth Rohm on L&O and was glad to see her character get a bullet.

    • drhenning says:

      Can’t blame the actress on the Lesbian card at the end of her run on L&O. She got the L&O role when she was in her mid 20’s… He role on this show was the first one where she was evil..

      • NRQ says:

        I liked her on L&O but I thought she was ill-cast as the “villain”. I think a better choice for Shaw would’ve been someone like Lucy Lawless, who can play cold and conniving with amazing class, or even Jaime Murray, who was awesome and elegant yet vicious when she starred on “Defiance”. Glad this less than interesting season is over with because I missed the better stories from season one and two.Season three all but jumped the shark with all of the heavy handed characters and subplots. Oh yeah….bummed as hell about Tex. He was my favorite character.

  4. Tex was the only bright spot in a subpar season to me. Without him, I guess I’m passing on future seasons. F from me.

    • Violet says:

      Agreed, for me this season lost a lot of gloss with out Dr Scott and was harder for me to watch. Now that Tex has been killed off i think this brings this show to an end for me. F from me also.

  5. Mr Smith says:

    Great show that continues to grow after three seasons. Better and better!

  6. A. D. says:

    So pissed they killed Tex!

  7. Lynn Exsley says:

    One of the worst seasons for any show I have EVER watched. Tone def producers, they have killed everything that was going for them, splitting up the team, killing the most popular characters, replacing the female lead and creating a love interest with a character that has been immensely unpopular. I for one won’t support this show anymore. Horrible writing, will just pretend show ended with season 2. Only good thing is that by the time season 4 starts in 9/10 months, won’t even remember this disappointing show existed.

    • Shaun says:

      Immensely unpopular?Get real

    • PatriciaLee says:

      Bummer, man…I guess I won’t be doing catch up, after all. I’m not into masochism (don’t watch Game of Thrones), and I wish USA would bring back at least half of their shows blue sky, again.

      • grazelled says:

        Well that would be nice too for USA but the Last Ship is on TNT.

        • PatriciaLee says:

          Yah, but USA’s former focus is a great blue sky metaphor, a good example what I’m going for on all the stations, at least some of the shows. Everything should not be dark and/or gruesome. TNT cancelled some of the best shows, ever, and they should bring them back as blue sky tv movies, since the characters are fantastic with fun back stories.

    • Katherine215 says:

      I like Sasha. A lot.

    • Zoe says:

      Agree. Dr Scott, Tex , CNO are the heart of the show. When Tex appeared back onscreen again with his daughter the whole tone changed and brought the show up a level. Sasha as a character had very little screen time and added nothing to the show.
      Some how the show ended the same way The 100 ended last year. With Clark / Tom leaving his / her people after killing someone/people. And another time jump .
      Tip: take interview with grain of salt since like last year producers say things that might turn out untrue.

    • Ron says:

      There’s a reason this is called The Last Ship. This was never supposed to be about the “Bold And The Beautiful” set on a naval destroyer. This is an action series. Ladies, please, if you love the touchy-feely chick flick variety of Tv shows, then by all means watch them. There’s plenty of them out there.The Last Ship isn’t a chick flick, although I will say the writers of TLS use too many female officers in ranking position just like Battlestar Galatica did.

      • ginar369 says:

        Is there some military rule limiting the number of female officers? And you can still have action ( I love movies and shows where crap blows up) and have some touchy feely in it too. Why else do people fight? To protect their loved ones.

  8. Steve says:

    The show is nothing without Chandler

  9. marlene meads says:

    Not Tex :-( He was the character that added a spark to the show. He will be missed. I will still be watching next season.

  10. Evelyn says:

    So sad to see Chandler go, :(( hope he comes back in season 4 and 5. He’s the reason the Nation keeps fighting, his beliefs and the crew are the heroes! Don’t take him away!!!
    Sad for Tex , I was so happy he came back, to see him die:((
    Can’t wait for next summer!! Go Chandler!!

  11. Terry Miller says:

    Not happy about killing off Tex, he was a great character. Drama shows have went down the path of killing off great characters…sick of it. Rachael didn’t need to die either.
    I’m done watching have better things to do with my time.

  12. Kevin Fowler says:

    If Chandler doesn’t return as CNO next season I will not watch the show.

  13. Babs says:

    Bummer. Tex was too cool for skool and Dr Scott got very annoying. Really liked Eric Dane as a Naval officer I hope he comes back. Kinda his show to me. In a great capacity too.

  14. Shaun says:

    Well,I guess this creates space for some new characters.

  15. Pam says:

    Loved season 3, can’t wait for season 4! Wonderful tapestry of storylines weaved into a fantastic finale! Great writing. Interesting show. One of my favorites!

  16. Sam says:

    Is there any way that Tex didn’t die but almost died and we can have him back again? He was a definite favorite. I love this show and look forward to it but it definitely was better when Tex came back.

  17. Tim says:

    Wasn’t thrilled by them killing off Tex but if there is no Chandler as the CNO next season then I may not be watching this show again. He was the person u root for, u pull for. His people fought hard for him and with him. The Nathan James will not be the same if he isn’t back. I know not one person makes the show, but in this case Chandler is why the show has so many followers and people who rooted for him and his crew. This has been a great show and I hope it will continue with Chandler. I fell in love with this show and with the story line, but like I said taking away Tex and Chandler will be devastating to retaining ur current followers if Chandler isn’t back for season 4.

  18. mattzweck says:

    Last ship a good TV series but I don’t like when they do like other TV series. kill off other actresses and actors. That everybody likes.

  19. Jason says:

    Considering the fact that Tex was slated to die very early in the series, he had a good run. I hope Kathleen enlists so she can help keep his legacy going onboard the Nathan James.

  20. Michelle T says:

    I really hate it that they killed off Tex. I liked everything else. The Last Ship is my favorite series. I just wish it had a little bit longer season.

  21. Linda Hebert says:

    Without Chandler the show would be nothing. Don’t get rid if him. He is your show.

  22. Yvette J says:

    Wow, absolutely love love this series. Stumbled on it a couple years ago while working an overnight shift. Since then my co worker, family and almost every one I know have been tuning in. Great staff and the plots have been nail biters. Looking forward to next season!

  23. Jay says:

    love the show, loved the season 3 finale! Sad that Tex was killed off, even sadder that Chandler resigned his commission. He is integral to the Show, hope to see him with a significant contribution in season 4 and 5.

  24. Eugene Perry says:

    Sorry but, no Tex, no reason to watch, anymore.

    • Normandy says:

      So you skipped every episode in the first season until Tex joined, then skipped every episode in season 3 until he returned?

      • Yeah, pretty much right for me regarding season 3. I watched a couple of the early episodes and barely recognized the show from past seasons. Half the ones I liked were dead, too many newbies, the crew separated. I skipped the rest until Tex returned. Guess I can forego future seasons now as well.

      • Anonymous Groton says:

        Tex first joined the show in 102 “Welcome to Gitmo.” Shame he died. Mike Slattery is technically the Chief of Naval Operations following Chandler’s resignation.

  25. Deb says:

    I love this show. I have watched it from the beginning and will continue to watch it. I hope that Chandler returns because the show wouldn’t be the same without him. PS. Glad he killed the bi…. Shaw.

  26. Clau says:

    So, first they kill Rachel. Then we don’t get to see Tex all season. And now he’s dead, too.
    What the hell!!!!

    And don’t anyone tell me to be happy that I don’t have to wait until next year to find out, if he really is dead.

    So much for ‘Yay, Tex is finally back!!’ and ‘Yay, there’ll be another season.’

  27. Monica says:

    There is way too much time allotted for commercials. 4 to 5 minutes of commercials at every break is boring.

  28. Monica says:

    Hopefully next season will have split stories showing the Nathan James as lead ship in rebuilding USA defenses and whoever becomes the President of USA and newly elected Congress focusing on strengthening the country in a peaceful coexistence among all citizens.

  29. N says:

    Um correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Kara leave her baby and mother with the Chandler family for safe keeping. Why didn’t Kara freak out when she found out the Chandler family was taken, as I assumed the baby and mother were still hiding out with them. They may no longer have been with them, but I don’t recall hearing the baby and mother were no longer with the Chandlers. We were confused at my house.

    • NBo says:

      There was actually a very clear mention of this; on the James when they’re prepping for battle there’s a conversation in which Kara tells Danny that the last time she was in touch with her mom she learned that they’d split away from Chandler’s family. Kara was trying to reassure him that her mom would find a safe place for her and baby Frankie to hide out on their own.

    • Chrissy says:

      She mentioned in the episode while talking to Danny that her mother and Frankie broke off from the Chandlers a few days ago (or something like that).

  30. Steve says:

    For some reason I kept think all season that Rachael Scotts Death was faked and it would be revealed in the season finale that she being held somewhere, and that would set up next season but Was clearly wrong.

  31. David says:

    I guess I always assumed that ‘The Last Ship’ was one of those series that would slowly fade away into the sidelines and be forgotten as more seasons were sanctioned. Glad to have my cynical mind disappointed. Season 3 gets an A from me; the writing, the introduction of fresh characters in the story and the emotive arresting bombshells. I therefore pocket the irrevocable opinion that the series will only keep soaring and that my fandom is secured. Can’t wait for the fourth Season.

  32. Dave Calla says:

    I just watched The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 13. About 24 mins in, the Nathan James is off the coast of San Diego and our Commodore is on board speaking with the evil white house lady via her sat-phone. She is in a jet on the tarmac at what we can only assume is the St. Louis airport, has his kids and is surrounded by his team and her army support. In the next scene, still daylight by the way, he is has somehow been transported 1500+ miles and everyone is still standing exactly where they were. Running out of time is no excuse for lousy continuity!

    • grazelled says:

      I wondered about that myself. Maybe they had very fast planes at the Air Force or Naval base in San Diego that could travel over 1,000 mph cutting travel time. Side note, just saw an air show that had 5-10 y.o air force planes at 700 mph that were so fast.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Yeah, that really was some… TV magic!

    • Katherine215 says:

      I wondered about that, too, but it’s just a 4ish hour flight from San Diego to St. Louis. The rest of the teams joined Slattery and Wolf and they said they did some recon, so I just assumed they had a bit of a standoff going on for a few hours.

    • David Katzner says:

      YES!!! Finally, someone is calling that out. OMG, talk about jumping the shark. That was INSANE. I loathe when Show Runners, writers and producers get that lazy and discount the mental capacity of their viewers. I was literally screaming at the TV.

  33. Maggie Hunt says:

    Very sad Tex was killed off. Upset bc the fans were THRILLED of his return. I think it was a lousy thing for the writers to do. I love this show but with the killing at the end makes me want to end watching it. Too much death is not the answer :((. So disheartening.

  34. Neil says:

    You killed the best character on the show (tex). I think it’s R.I.P for the show now. Way to screw it up !

  35. carmablue says:

    This season was hit and miss for me. It just didn’t hold my interest causing me to watch infrequently. I still didn’t see the justification (or need) in killing Rachel, Sasha brought nothing of value to this season, and now, I’m extremely disappointed to have Tex return and then killed off. I actually thought I might watch (religiously) again when Tex re-appeared. Finally and sadly wrongly, I thought they’re returning to the original premise and characters. Even had a glimmer of hope that maybe Rachel wasn’t really dead and she, too, would reappear. But I only set up myself for disappointment. The pivotal and interesting characters have been destroyed and replaced with nonsensical characters.
    For me, this season was simply a disaster–plot lines drug on too long for my taste instead of really continuing the original storyline. The POW episodes lasted too long as well as taking down the White House “baddies”. I have to agree with the poster(s) and the time jumps–simply lazy writing which most showrunners seem to gravitate because they can’t be bothered with actually writing and developing interesting characters.. The Last Ship needs to end now while there’s still a modicum of some fan goodwill.

  36. Chelsea K says:

    I love this show and look forward to it every season. Kudos to TNT and the show for their tribute to the military during last night’s finale. Also thought it was fitting that the season ended on 9/11.

    My biggest criticism about Season 3 (and probably the reason why people kept thinking that Rachel would show up again) is that we were never given a chance to see the immediate aftermath of Rachel’s murder. After spending 2 seasons investing in her relationship with both Tex and Chandler, we were denied seeing their reactions and providing context for their actions in Season 3. Who found her after she was shot? How did the crew (partying hard at Michener’s Inaugural Ball) react to the event? 10-15 minutes in the premiere or in flashback when Tex and Chandler were reunited at the end of the season could have provided better closure and set viewers on a solid footing for the crazy and often confusing ride that was Season 3. Time jumps don’t bother me, but tossing away such important character development in a few quick lines of dialogue irked me through the season. It’s better to show than to tell.

    Looking forward to seasons 4 and 5… and Chandler will be back.

  37. Harvey says:

    The amazing time jump to me is how Chandler got from the ship off the west coast to the airport in St. Louis in like 15 minutes.

  38. tilleryterry23 says:

    Love this Show! Have not missed a show in all 3 seasons. BUT saying that, with Tex dead and Chandler leaving his ship, if he doesn’t comeback next season in some form, I think this show will unfortunately will not be the same. Hard to Replace a Leader and Chandler was the reason many watched. His Leadership and the way he lead by example and how he lead his Crew made the show!
    Thank You from a guy who dreamed of joining the Navy to follow on his Father’s footsteps but could because of having Polystic Kidney Disease, kinda let’s me live that dream each week!

  39. Kar says:

    I loved it but hated their decision to kill Tex. He was the best character, different than the others.

  40. keith gault says:

    Love show.production. actors.crew.thanks for three great seasons.with more come..also awesome tribute during commerce of 9/11 an our service members. God bless an have a great offseason.see yall in 2017.

  41. Bob says:

    Love the show. One if the most exciting well crafted on TV. It’s like watching one long movie at the cinema. Dane is terrific and has an amazing support team. Can’t understand why it doesn’t get millions more watching. Women should be on board as well as guys. It has everything.

  42. Barbara Rader says:

    What about slattery family? And admiral Halsey?

  43. GeekWithFanGirlSkills says:

    I’m just going to go ahead and say it. I’d have rather they killed off Chandler than Tex. Tex was always the more interesting character, and John Pyper Ferguson the better actor. But it’s Eric Dane’s show, so Tex dying makes sense. For the impact it pretty much had to be him or Baldwin and I can’t see them killing off Slatterly. Will I watch next season, sure, but as with other shows that have killed off favorite characters I’ll have a tough time letting myself stay/get attached to other characters now. That could lead to me losing interest with the show after a few eps as I almost did this season before they got Slatterly back on the ship and Tex (and Tex, Jr) showed up.

  44. Kate says:

    All of us are devastated that Tex is gone–any possible way he lives?

  45. Greater Good says:

    I’m sorry, but Chandler must be the next president to bring America back to where it was before the virus. That had been his whole mission to bring America back, since then we have nothing but evil people “Allyson” that didn’t care about America.

  46. krissy coon says:

    i love the last ship it is so awesome cannot wait for next season. my new favorite tv show.

  47. Cathy Graf says:

    Loved season 3. It was always very exciting. Can’t wait for season 4…

  48. Linda B. says:

    Writing Rachel Scott out of the story ruined the show. She was at least 50% of the show and perhaps more. You don’t kill that much of a show off without damaging it. And you owe your viewers more than a stamp. By not allowing the fans to grieve with the characters over her loss, i.e. the shock of finding her dead in the hall, the funeral, the ensuing pathos, etc. you insult the fans. Simply giving her a stamp and referencing her occasionally, in an off hand way, was a cheap dismissal of Seasons 1 and 2, and shows a lack of appreciation for the connection fans have with the characters. Further, you have spent the year killing off one character after another… one was “immune.” Ergo, as a fan, I will no longer invest myself in your characters or your show. It has become incredibly depressing to watch. Your writers must be a bunch of guys. They like action but find emotion tedious. I no longer want to invest my time, my emotion, and my interest in this show.

    • Zoe says:

      They have a survey on their Twitter page where you can tell them what you liked and did not like this season. They even mentioned a new night for the show. I filled it out and voiced my concern. I too was disappointed in most of the season. This season really took the show down. The new actors this season where not on same level as past 2 seasons. Every time Sasha appeared all I saw was her fake eyelashes. I kept thinking 90% of world died and people don’t have food to eat but she must put on the eyelashes and hair spray. Compared to Dr Scott – she looked like she didn’t take showers and wore same clothes for weeks.

      • jonnbenny says:

        ^ so much this. I laughed when they introduced here as the love interest for Chandler. Dr. Scott and Chandler worked because of their differences but having the same work ethic and direction. Having Sasha try to fill that role (which dominated in the first two seasons) fell flat and the obviously realized it when her screen time kept going down each episode. Make-up Marine for the loss.

  49. Bryan says:

    Great Series to wait a year for season 4 not good. Can’t wait. Excellent.

  50. Kevin In CT says:

    I think that chandler leaving the ship is kinda like Gibbs “leaving NCIS” a few years back to go live on a beach with Mike Franks, he’ll be back. I too was in the camp that thought Rachael would make a comeback in the season finale.